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Otome Game - High School Love

Otome Game - High School Love for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Hanabi Media located at 24 BEACON ST RM 2, BOSTON, MA 02133. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved this! The story was short, simple and cute, and the best part was that there was no ordeal of tickets/diamonds or anything like that to progress. The music and artwork were pretty good, and all the characters were realistic and likeable. For me it was Tetsuya all the way (I love awkward bantering guys πŸ˜‚β€οΈ) but now that I'm finished I feel like replaying to check out how the story would've gone with Naoki πŸ˜› Excellent job, devs! I'm gonna check more of your games now ❀️
I love the story but it's ending is horrible it ends with me thinking what will happen next and I don't know what happened between my character and tetsuya it needs to have a more reasonable ending so I can actually fall in love with the story and that is all I have too say
i think that this game is really fun to play and it lets you follow up the story of whats it is going on and it also brings a joy into hearts to the players as they are reading the story.
This is my 3rd time playing this game but it's really good and keeps pulling me back to it if a previous otome game left a bad impression.The story is appealing,The MC isn't generic but has a life goal AND common sense!?(SPOILERS) Both the male leads and side character BFF have their own realistic sad backstories which can be both heartfelt and sad.It makes you feel more connected to the characters as a whole which is something rare in other otome games of just plain gacha games and checkpoint.
Well I don't know if there's any second part of this game but I enjoyed it till the storyline was. The story is like an anime series itself with handsome male leads and a trustworthy best friend. I like this game. πŸ‘πŸ‘
What kinda ending is THATTTT??? I really enjoyed playing this, the storyline, graphics and the music are just perfect. And even the ads weren't that bad, least I didn't have to pay. I'm really excited for the next stage, yay
I had an absolutely amazing experience with this game I loved the story lines and the art work it's like you just get sucked into the game
I like every choice is free, you don't need coins or tickets. The story I soooo good. I like both guys even if they both have different personalities so it was really hard for me to choose but it was so exciting! CAN'T WAIT FOR PART 2! πŸ™πŸ˜­β€οΈ
I love the creativity and the character are soooooo😍 but i rate it 4 star because it's not finish and there's no second part for this story, it end like there's a part 2 of the story but it haven't
I love this!! I wish it can have part 2, everything was going interesting! And the best thing about this app is that it doesn't take internet or i would get scold by my mom πŸ˜‚ It end Fast but i still like it! (ÚwΓ™) please make a part 2 i am interested in this game ( Γ™wÚ) πŸ‘πŸΌ
This game is really amazing, I enjoy playing it.. I only have one small essue that my role doesn't have a picture that represents me
I really loved this game in the beginning but then the next day I tried playing it again and it said game file not found please start a new game. And so I went through it all again but then it said the same thing again. But good story.
best game ever! so glad I downloaded it :D I honestly can't choose between the guys both are hot haha but the storyline and the art style is amazing! I enjoyed playing it and I would love to see more
The story is good but its not finished yet... It just cut midway saying "whats going to happen next etc etc" I'd give 5 stars if they finished the story... There's also no CGs. I was really looking forward to that... but the characters and plot are amazing.
I personally really like the story itself but what dissapointed me was that is has been 2 years since I read finish this story. It seems like you guys have been offline or something since you haven't produce any app for one year or so. I always searched for this app to see if you guys actually released a sequel to this game itself. I really hope that you would released it this year. Thank you!
I really like the story and characters, I really Like this game I think I have played this game over 35 times ~_~, This game really suits my interest.
I've played this game for countless times already~ Aight, i'm waiting for the continuation of the story. Such a cliff-hanger lol (4 stars for that) I meaan, I really need the continuation!
Ohhh...this game is very amazing.I like playing otome games.But I was disappointed when I cant play it now.I tried it many times but it wouldnt work.Please fix this.I want to play many times..please...but thank you.bye
Hi there. Love it when u doing need to wait tickets everyday. But just wonder,no ending yet? I've always stuck on Valentine's Day at the park then no more!
It's good.....but short!! It would have gotten more stars if it wasn't short........ I only played for 1 hour and 30 minutes 😭😭
Ok i find this game interesting and nice i love the characters and there is no money or hearts It just to slow and and so many ads
I have a great time playing this game. I fell in love with Tetsuya, i love his smile. Naoki character was also very nice, and the bff she was very kind, not to forget the music. I really love this game
This game is AMAZING. Its nice and sweet. I don't see anything wrong with it and i like it these type of games are always the best.
It's really a great game, The quality, the music even the illustrations but then again it doesn't have a part 2 thats kinda sad to hear since the story was really really good, please please make part 2 of it.
The game is sooo amazing!!! It made me fall in love with tetsuya and i really hope u will update it soon. I am looking forward to it and i will try ur other games too. It's really inspiring to play.
It really good game , cause it free and can use offline, but the only things that annoy me is the ending,
I love the story I'm hoping there's gonna be more to it where we go and perform and whether we become good friends or what, hoping there will be a second addition to it if there isn't already
All around Marvelous, I love the music and the art. The trivia game was fun, the plot is rather nice, the characters are cool, the art looks fantastic, and I love that it's offline. Makes it a lot easier on those with limited data.
I love this game and it's graphics are really awesome I think I really addicted to it and it has a great story
I love this game very much,i can relate to it and there was even a moment where i felt I was really INSIDE the story,and some parts made me feel happy and it has a very romantic twist
Really good story! Unique and interesting. Hate that it ends without a resolution though!! Is there a second game?? Also there were a couple times the wrong character was in the frame. But the bugs werent bad at all. Overall moving story and gameplay!
The ending is weird. I never got the chance to make things work out between me and Naoki😱😱😭😭i never even knew what happened to our contest and everything😩😩no kiss...And the picture (graphics) of the characters are sometimes wrong their uniform/clothes and the person in front is not the one in the dialogue box and the words are sometimes not finished. It was cut. But overall the story is sweet. Where is the part 2?😞😞
I've repeated this game twice and although there was a cliffhanger, I love the story plot and the characters! I really hope that there's a next part..
It was amazing Otome Game,I feel that I'm also in that story,with the other character. What I just did,is rewrite the name of the main character and I used to write my real name,so thats why I feel that Iam also acting in that story..😊 AND I LOVE THIS GAME!!! BECAUSE IT IS ALSO A ANIME MANGA STORY LIKE A COMICS BUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO IS THAT,IN THIS Otome game the every character are eventually moving thier faces like how they shows thier expressions..😊😚
The game is nice.but why the story isn't complete?is cooler if the story has completed ,what happened after the call?plzz put some update about it, atleast complete the story 😭πŸ₯Ίplease.please pleaseπŸ˜”
Actually I love this game. It is a sweet storytelling and l am really like this game. It gives me much pleasure. It seems to me very existing becaus their is many character. That was very nice game.Really good story. Unique and interesting. Also there were a couple time.Hate that it ends without a resolution though!!Is there second game ?? That story is nice . I fell I was really inside the story, and some parts made me feel happy. I love this game very much.l really loved this game in holed
really exciting but it stopped in the middle and say me to start new game what's wrong with this I can't understand what's going on in this game suddenly. it is really owefull to me. I played long time and it says me 2 play the game again is really tough so just give me a solution about this I am really A fan of this game and I don't want2 play it again I am not going to uninstall this because I like this game very much so help me I want to play the game plz
I actually don't have words to express my feelings about this game...but actually it's just amazing...I love coz it doesn't require any gems.or we have buy anything. ..it's just story which we keep on reading till we want....just want to read the story further...it's amazing eagerly waiting for it...
Best game ever ! I am glad that I downloaded. But I really want to know what happens next. Please create season 2. We are waiting for it.
Its a shame that it ends shortly thou it REALLY did make me blush and experience love with both of the guys but my problem is first, I can't see my own character second, there were some lines that skipped and lastly why did the music teacher have to cut their special moment?!! Why does it have yo be so cringing waiting for the next chapter?.. I was really hoping I can see myself... Well, I'm hoping you guys update soon i'll just leave it with 4stars for now. I will really recommend thisπŸ˜™β€πŸ’•πŸ˜
Wow! I like it. Characters are so awesome and I like the story also. It would have been fun if there were another episodes. I wish u would do your best to make new games like this one...... Thank you.
I hate the fact that other character had to be ignored and turned down every opportunity to spend with one of them which made the game a little less enjoyable i like the arts i had played other games of yours too its the same like this you had to ignore one of them it is also completely free which also nice
I really like it , t don't have so much ads and you can play it freely not like the other games . You should try this :-)
I loved this game it was really sad though when it finished but I loved Tetsuya he was mean but I ended up falling in love with him lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Personally, it think this game was great. Though some parts of the text were cut off and I wasn't able to finish reading them, I still had a great time playing this game. I'e played it twice already, giving both of the Valentine's chocolates to both Naoki and Tetsuya, so I hope the next part of this game comes out soon!
it's a great game, no need for tickets or jewels so it makes the experience more enjoyable. the music, characters and the art are wonderful and par to paid games. but I guess the game is not really finished? feels like a Demo, I wouldn't mind to actually pay for the whole experience. hopefully the story can be continued because finishes in a cliffhanger without any development of conclusion to neither the story or the romance
i don't care about the ads. The plot was amazing, so good that i cried. It made me blush so much. IT'S SO GOOD MUAH BUT 4 stars because of the cliffhanger (it wasn't a bad one tho) I'm super satisfied. Ily guys
I love it!!! The story, the background music, the characters, everything!!! But is there a part 2 w/ this?
Excuse me, I really, really love this game, so why did you end it so suddenly? The game can't just end there! Isn't there a part two or something that can complete this game? It is too interesting to end. pls reply and make a part 2 Thank you
Wow!! Literally this game is so much fun..I m love with it..the story is so good and the graphic r also so good..this story goes so smoothly..really loved it!! And I can't wait fr the second part pls release it soon..πŸ’œπŸ’œ
This game is very nice l love the characters 🌹the music is on point and best of all it's free and offline l don't have to wait for the next chapter to load this is the best
I LOVED it the graphics great, simple but thats what makes it special!!! There should REALLY be more opptions though... but I would definetely recommend to a friend ! :) also after you play it who did you pick in the end? Naoki or Tetsuya? I chose Tetsuya! Oh and also please add a secont part THANK YOU!!!!!
It has a magnificent storyline and everything but short!! The worst part is how it ended 😭😭 I thought it would continue but it left me hanging 😣 please produce part 2..... please!!!πŸ™
the game is seriously amazing.. love the storyline, graphics, music and everything.. but one thing that's a bit disturbing is that everytime I open the app, the button to start the game at the beginning didn't appear.. so if I want to play, I have to reset the app and then the buttons appear... thus, I lost my progress... please fix this...
I love it! There is quite a few ads but besides that the story is great! It's quite entertaining! But, The cliffhanger is something I hate. Of course, That doesn't take off the game. But, I feel it would have been better if there was another episode or something like that. Possibly a side story. But, It's a really great game!
It was great game but naoki and tetsuya character mixed up during valentine day. I hope you fix that. Also the episode ended too soon. I wish you guys update it fast. Thanks again. I really enjoyed playing this game
ThisπŸ‘isπŸ‘myπŸ‘favouriteπŸ‘gameπŸ‘everπŸ‘ it's so cute and well done, i love that they're no tickets or anything like that and its just a lovely, relatively short game that will keep you captivated all the way through. I don't think any improvements could actually be made, its pretty much flawless but there could be things like customizing your character and stuff like that. Most importantly though, I nEED A SEQUAL OMG PLEASE, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH AJSBSNAJA pLEasE AMWNSN I NeED iT,,,
I love it! Like, seriously, I was going for Tetsuya all the way and I like it, when it came to Naoki and it was decision time again, I was torn because of his smol hope, why must this be a lobe triangleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't chooosee, how am I supposed to go forwaaaarrrdddd, urghhhh. Welp, it was a good experience, making me decide who to choose, I was troubled tho. I'll wait for the next oneee.
Its a really good story, amazing, i've always liked Hinabi media stories, it is heartfelt and gives u a great feeling that makes u feel as though u r in the story itself.
I played this and I like how you can read the story without having to wait for tickets or the next day to continue. Maybe some minigames to add as apart of the game would be fun, like if it was story about a videogamer group and the reader is good or new at playing them? Sometimes GPlay says your games are unavailable for me though. It was letting them install, but now, only some of the games I tried I can replay. Can that be fixed?
Well, I'm giving this 4 stars because that is how my excitement got stuck too😭😭✨ I really sad that this story haven't finish yet and I really couldn't wait to reach the end of the story. I hope you guys could update in the nearest time 😭I love this game so much!❀️
This game is amazing like your all games. Everything is free,no need of diamonds. The story is really amazing and the characters are so beautiful.l just love your all games.
Loved it! I cant wait for a second one.....I love the Choices and the way you could chose who you wanna be with. I also love the way i didnt cost me anything to read this wonderful book and i didnt have to use gems to make choices. if you havent read this yet please trust me when i say it will be worth your time and effort!!!😍😍😍😍
AMAZING! This game is so lovely...i love that this game doesn't need any diamond or anything to go to the next chapter...its completely free...and i like this so badly...the boys are so...UwU...it fills the emptiness inside my little heart...i hope the part 2 come up soon..PLEASE Hanabi<3..Love this...i recommend this!
This is amaziiiing,the best^^ I remember playing it in 2019,and I'm re-playing it now bc I missed the story sooo much. Though I'm sad cuz I'm still waiting for the season 2 T~T devs,pleaseee pleaseee create the season 2,many of us are waiting for iiiit