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Otome Chat Connection - Chat App Dating Simulation

Otome Chat Connection - Chat App Dating Simulation for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SEEC Inc. located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is super cute! It's a great way to just take some time to relax if you like otome games, it's super easy to navigate! The game play and stories aren't limited based on if you pay for anything either, and anything you pay for is only there to make the gameplay faster. I paid for two of the permanent items and they were super cheap- $8 altogether. The wait times for hearts is super quick and there are plenty of ad chances to watch videos and gain more. I'm really enjoying this game!
It's a really fun game!! I like all of the characters so far! The stories are also very cute TwT Needless to say I am enjoying it quite a bit :)) If you are bored you should definitely try this game out too!
It was good but y does it suddenly delete all my data abt that person? Even if the choice that I choose is good/excellent? It's just frustrating
I really like this game! Its a good otome game. And the characters are really cool. I also like how my two favorite characters are related.
I love the game so far the characters are great but waiting for a text takes a while and I'd like to get texts faster but overall the games great
I really like this type of otome game. It's simple and to the point. Actually I also play one of Seec's otome chat game in japan region, SimxChoice: Darling. It's a great game and the User Interface are more cute than this one. Not only that, there are some checkpoint system where the player could retry from the middle story, not retry from the begining if they're failed. Well, I only hope that Otome Chat Connection would upgrade few part of the game to be more like the SimxChoice: Darling's.
The game is amazing i can't stop playing it but the ad always popped out infront of my screen i hope you can do something about that it always bother by the way this game is excellent and amazing love it by the way😄😶😍
It's the first time I ever felt it's good to write a review and if u found this app then look no further it's great to pass the time... Easy to use no complex mechanism... And u can refill the energy by just seeing ads no longer than 30 seconds and its optional too.... I have no problem so far
It's very easy to understand and doesn't require you to necessarily purchase something in order to go further. It definitely earnee plus points with the story. It's pretty straightforward and cute and I'm sure you all will like it. Keep making games likes these. It's fin to play!
Great game especially if you're really into Anime and feels like being one! Hope there are more ways of getting hints or candies.
Its fun and I like the characters, but its way too difficult to finish a character route. Having to restart over and over almost makes me want to uninstall.
I love this a lot. Though for some items we must pay for it, but overall it's pretty nice. The voice cast lineup is somewhat new to me, but they all did a great job with voicing the characters. Please keep up the good work! :D
It is really fun to play. I was sad and maybe angry at first because l had to redo the conversation many times because l really suck at texting but in the end its a good game
Edit - stars removed because it's WAY too short, would love to see additional stories and characters added. Also once completed, nothing happened with my fav guy!! Why? Love it!! Ads are minimal and all the characters are super cute with great voice actors. The ONLY negative is that it's a little hard to figure out which choices to pick, so it's easy to get a bad end. But I can restart without much trouble, so it's not so bad. Thank you so much for NOT making another lazy pay-to-win game!
I just downloaded it today in the Morning, Everything is very nice so far, the voice actors are very good in getting me immersed in the scenes and i love how the art has simple animation in the special scenes
This is a really cute game, and a lot better than a lot of mobile otome games in that you can actually play it without tons and tons of micro transactions. I do feel like the endings can be kind of abrupt, but the chats are entertaining, so it's a minor complaint.
Well,how do I explain nicely...I love the art/the voice acting, but the gameplay itself? The stories are way too short and it's grindy. The items are incredibly cheap though so that's a plus, but they get used up pretty quickly if you're looking to 100% the game. I just started maybe 2 hours ago and have already cleared almost 4 of the character stories. Improve the backstories and make the chats longer, more interesting. Give me a reason to want to come back and play more. 2 1/2 out of 5 stars
They always got upset i already give a try to reply the first 3 character but when the percentage are higher than 50% they suddenly got upset and starting from the beginning of the conversation it looks like i need to please the character its a bit tirring.
Really an amazing , Interesting game I love the way it gives many options to have a quick play but I wish the developers can create more hint available freely and explain what's the use of toffee in the game ,overall its best for someone who doesn't like to date in real life but want some experience and fun I think it's a great game and it's more fun if someone likes anime and watches anime being an otaku ,infact I have played endlessly without giving up to read the date story, really good game
Very nice game. I like it better than regular otome games since there is minimal use of the shadowed characters and all of the characters have distinctive personalities. Thanks for the great game!!!
I love this game! I've been addicted on it for a while now. I recommend downloading this and there's also NOT many ads!!!
The voices are just so good! I love hearing them all over again. Im just a bit confused about what should happen next after you choose the guy you like. Nothing's happening on mine but I finished already all the stories 😢
I love it! I'm hooked 😳 ..at first I failed every guy so I deleted it..but I kept thinking about how I could beat it all day, so I had to redownload the game again🤭🤣🤣❤❤
Great game! Its cute and wholesome, not too slow or fast paced and most the ads are optional. The game is free to play but if you want to buy extra things you can. Theres plenty of characters, i kind of wish there were girls to chat with though. Thats not inherently bad though, so no reason to remove stars. Great game, worth playing.
Yesterday i just finished it, liked i finished all chat,i was a bit sad...i wish this had more episodes like Halloween, Christmas,and Valentine's day...
One of the only games where I haven't felt like I'm missing out if I don't invest money in it. Super addicting with quick response times from characters but no timed limit for responding (unlike mystic messenger). Cute, lighthearted, easy to play.
Great app! The ads aren't overwhelming and most are completely optional. It can be played totally free, or you can spend a bit of money to speed up progress if you don't feel likewatching an ad or waiting a couple minutes. There aren't any withheld stories if you don't want to spend money, which is more than what you can say for most otome games.Best one I've played in a while.
I just love this game! It's challenging and amazing. You get to chat with some guys and make happy endings with them– not to mention they have a great personality. The graphics rock! Is it fun? Boy it is! You really must try it.
I love this game! It's so deceptively simple. And a the characters have surprising depth to them I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for how annoying it is to avoid bad endings (make a mistake, start all over. And I have bad memory... so I can't remember the right choices) And then for how much more annoying it is to aim for the really good endings. But other than that (Which are only minor inconveniences) it's a really good game.
Honestly one of my favorite games to play! the talking the pictures and the characters personalitys. please make more games related to this particular one,