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Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Organ Trail: Director's Cut for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC located at 3701 N Ravenswood Ave. Unit 206 Chicago IL 60613. The game is suitable for Teen (Blood, Mild Language, Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Although I haven't even bought the expansion yet, I'm blown away at how clean the controls are. There's whimsy, challenge, and quick fun anytime you need to burn a couple of minutes or an entire hour. My only complaint is that there seems to be a bug where sound cuts out if I receive a notification. Outside of that, AMAZING!
As an 80s kid this game is speaking my language. A truly worthy love story to the best game of my childhood. This might just be the best thing the Play Store has to offer!! 10/10, would get Dysentery again!
Bought the game on Galaxy S20. It won't even open. Says its for older versions only. Please update and i might revisit then. Wanted to try it after youtuber Let's Game It Out played this game. Alas its impossible.
controls take a bit to get used to but all in all a good game. I have it on the vita and its great. Using touch instead of a controller makes it harder. Also there is a bug where the sound cuts out. hope it get an update to fix this and maybe controller support.
I like it, but I also hate it. It seems unnecessarily more punishing than it should be. Oregon trail wasn't even this rough. Not bad though. The visuals are nice.
A fantastic clone of the original experience with enough freshly zombified content to keep you entertained for hours. Light reading required.
Gangster af. Only big problem is if you have a part member bit by a zombie you can't kill your party member it selects a member only and never the one you pick eventually they turn and bite someone else and you cant kill them it just selects the same person whether they are alive or dead
Please, please make it possible to save the game. Its border line maddening to grinnd hours on this game only to have everything suddenly restart. For that reason this game gets ONE star. Fix it, and I'll change it. Please!
Shouldn't have to pay to get the rest of the game, but aside from that, nicely done. Good substitute for The Oregon Trail.
Its actually pretty good but bugs destroyed my experience. I got to the end of the game after i finally get to the safe haven i do the part where you get the gas to the generator i pass but then when i says "touch anywhere to continue" the screen froze up this happened on my past two play throughs of the game, so i close the game and load it up again now im at the end again so anyways i screw up and die and then i remember why i stoped playing this game. If any developers see this please look into fixing this end of game screen freezing bug it ruined many of my play throughs of the game.
As much as I love this game it would be great if I could save my progress. It's a waste of my money if I have to restart everything every time
This is a great recreation of the original Oregon trail but with a dedication to detail to the zombie and horror genre that makes it a refreshing game and owns up to it's theme all on it's own.
This game is incredible. Before you buy, know that it's available on steam as well if you wish to play on PC. The only flaw is that a notification (at least on my device) will mute all sounds in the game. But I have no friends so this isn't a problem.
Spent too much on add-ons and the game is not even worth it I spent way too much time on it just to find out it's a pos got to New Haven and they wouldn't even let me in so in my opinion the game is a waste of money and I wish I could get refunded because I'm so done with this game very unsatisfied games a rip off
There's a bug with the saving function?? It's keeps restarting me everytime I leave the app. My husband has it on his phone and says his saves so idk??
So they randomly have your characters die through an arbitrary dialogue that you can't control near the end of the game. "Character X has wandered off and is gone." It just happens and you can't do anything, which makes unlocking vehicles impossible. Game just decides to not let you achieve things to unlock items. I do not recommend buying this or the extra features.
i just paid for this game and it wont load at all. it gets to the menu screen and crashes after picking play. please help
It's alright. Definitely has a nice retro feel and art style, but the gameplay is like 80% walking around shooting and gets boring quick. Wanted more decision making etc.
I love this game and have had it for a long time but sadly I am experiencing the same S21 bug that some below are, I do hope the devs work quickly to resolve this so us S21 users can continue to enjoy, cause the game is great
it does everything but suck ur d. You even get to execute your buddies when they get bit. Comes with undocumented drinking game where u name party members after drinkers or drinks. "Hey it says fat Mike broke his leg, so Mike takes a shot." hey "everybody take a shot" just got dysentery... Like all things best when drunk. (unless you are underage then stick to cough syrup and tidepods)
This game is absolutely fantastic! One of the best concepts I've ever seen. I'm totally addicted. For the creator of this game 100% on the creativity I love it. Shaun of the Dead, Ash from Evil Dead. And that's just the beginning I haven't even begun to unlock everything. To anyone out there who likes zombie games and is into Retro games this is perfect for you. Especially if you love George Romero like me. Its worth every dollar. Even for the upgrades. Stay frosty
Amazing. This game is a funny, challenging, and overall well-designed throwback to the original PC classic. I would recommend this to anyone who was a fan of the first game, and to anyone who is a fan of video games in general. Truly a sleeper hit, and it costs 2.99. You do the math.
It is a true homage to the original game "The Oregon Trail" (1985), and I love the retro graphics and "zombified" revision of the game with the additional sense of humour. BUT. Game got boring too fast; mini games are not appealing enough to me. Just wanted to finish it as early as possible. It is not I expected more for the couple of euros I paid, but I felt a bit disappointed by the supposedly best indie game of 2013.
I love this game been playing for about a year now Only problem is when i started i get a message telling me it was made for a newer device i think and then after i have been playing all the sound effects would stop and the game would just be silent. Still five stars regardless
It's fun but after buying expansions and changing devices, my purchases aren't restoring. So that irks me.
It would be a great game if it would actually save my progress. Save yourself the frustration and don't buy this unless they fix the game.
The game itself is an absolute masterpiece, but I haven't been able to save my progress. I'm playing on an S10, I purchased both expansions, and whenever I go to play the game I have to "restore purchase" and start over with a new game. Any solutions would be appreciated!
Not a bad game overall. Biggest issue (which is why I'm giving the 1 star) is that it doesn't save progress. So each time you play you have to start from scratch.
I've probably bought this game on all the systems I have and overall, this game is a BOP. With all the choices you can make and the feeling of desperation when you run out of gas is amazing because it feels like your in that environment and in that situation! Trying to take care of other people to survive. This game could use some updates with new features and more attention towards this masterpiece! I would HIGHLY recommend this game to anybody! 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️😖🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
I was playing my first game and enjoyed it untill I had to put the second person down, at first I thought it was an accident, I put down the wrong person, but then in a new game it happened again, but this time the same thing happened ecept for this time I waited because I figured out the models relation to the people, I tried again, same thing, I decided to go ahead and shoot, nothing happened. It started affecting the medkits, it's made the the game very difficult, otherwise it's a great game
Great game, glad I downloaded it! Has a neat retro feel to it and a Greta way to pass the time, you don't have to wait or deal with adds so definitely give it a chance!
This games was a lot of fun, smooth controls and a lot of random events making you wanna see what comes next
Best $3 ever spent. My only gripe is that if a notification comes up, the audio cuts out. Still 5/5 stars. Amazing 5/5 stars. Buy it. Now.
Organ Trail is likely one of the best indie PC games ported to Andriod. Organ Trail's brilliance lies in combining 2D side scrolling shooting, with resource management simulation gameplay. Organ Trail features a post-apocalyptic horror setting with an element of human survival that makes for a very dark and addictive game. I spent about $5 USD on Organ Trail, and I have easily gotten my monies worth with easily 75 hours of gameplay so far. I highly suggest purchasing Organ Trail.
My son bought this game without my knowledge and ive been unable to get my money back, how would i go about doing this?
Beautiful fun RP game! The reason i say 4 stars is because even in the full game there isn't enough in my opinion. Reason for is you should have the option to adopt a dog for example. So all im saying is add more please! But great game over all.
I wish i could give this 5 stars but the controls are horrible on a small phone screen its almost impossible to hit enemies, And im aware u make fun of us complaining about controls via the stranger dialogue while resting and on some forums which is pretty disgusting and I could have refunded the game but i didnt i still have some faith in you devs and i hope one day you do something about the controls only then i might consider getting the expansions, peace.
Its awesome. I remember the oregan trail on big floppy discs lol. The zombie twist is fun. Few fixes need like, When i answer a phone call and go back theres no music. Or go out and return to the game.
Love this game!! I bought the expansions and do not regret it! One problem though. Any time I get a notification on my phone, the game sounds, music and all, completely stop working. I honestly can't figure out why. I have to close the game completely to get it to work again.
very fun game only reason i gave 4 instead of 5 is because i think there could be a bit more to do in towns or mayb some more diversity to the jobs depending on what region you are in
The saves are broken, if I leave the game then come back, the games I've saved aren't there, I also have to restore purchase every time, so the game doesn't seem to save anything, pls fix. The game is fun.
Really enjoyed the game, however, I have a few gripes. I feel like it's important to hint at the fact that reaching the safe haven doesn't automatically mean you're safe. The twist is great but I was not prepared at all because my playstyle was scavenging at low horde times and avoiding fighting at all costs because of how janky the controls are. Therefore I didn't stock up on ammo. I feel the shooting controls also need some serious reevaluation. The drag and shoot may work on a PC but not on mobile. It's too difficult on such a small screen. It took me three hours of straight playing to get through my first run and successfully saving all of my party only to be hopelessly murdered at the end. That's not compelling for me to try again nor is it very fair. You need to plant a Chekhov's gun or something early on. Give me a warning that ammo will be necessary at the very end and then let me choose whether or not to heed it. Mobile combat is too janky for surprise fights like this.
Game is really great but the control is kinda janky? Don't get me wrong, I brought the steam version as well and I really liked this game so far but can you add another control method like a virtual joystick or something? Not really a fan of "tap and go" kind of style
No bugs as mentioned by other reviewers. Bought the expansion pack, wasted a day. Played this game maybe 15 years ago on the computer, really nostalgic having a go again.
just when you thin you beat the game NOPE you gotta collect 8 fule cans and the last can is IMPOSSIBLE to find whie a huge hord of zombies chase you.
Fantastic game! Excellent time killer! The retro graphics combined with the survival mechanics are brilliant! The game is fun as the basic edition but with the expansion packs it has lot more to offer. The replayability is low, but I enjoy the challenge of surviving as long as possible on "Endless Mode" which is apart of the expansion.
Does anyone have a fix for the broken saves? I tested it to see if I had the bug early on, and lo and behold I do. It'd be a good game if it worked, but it doesn't. There's also some odd lag and minor issues with the GUI. I like to buy the same game on multiple platforms, but this save issue is ruining my enjoyment. I don't have it in good faith the steam version is going to be any better maintained. Cute concept ruined by lack of maintenance.
Devs have abandoned this game. Most recent update was from 2017, and with newer versions of Android save feature no longer works, making this game basically unplayable.
Great twist on the original Oregon Trail. Fun survival type g ame with a variety of different missions and mini events where you defend from zombies or take out bandits, bikers, and other scavengers stealing loot. Worth a few bucks easily. Best part is having to put one of your party down. Sometimes bc they are bit and sometimes bc they just keep doing stupid stuff like loosing gas and sitting down too hard.
Love the gameplay, an absolute gem. Survival at your own pace. Great tutorial to start things off. Just wish their were an option to explore buildings and sneak around town, but all n' all an amazing game.
It 2ould be better if you had more interesting features. Perhaps future update?. And online 4 player is neccessary for this style of game play
I love this game but I just got an S10+ and it says its built for an older version of android. what gives guys? I cant play anymore :(
ive had this game since it lived on my old iphone 5 and i still come back to it every so often... wonderful :)
Not optomized and no longer supported. I used to be a huge fan of this game but it has issues running and doesnt run full screen. Wish I could recommend it, but it looks like this one is lost to time.
I always come back to this game. Any other game i play on the mobile is very repetitive and i eventually lose interest but not this game. You can tell the creators were big fans of zombie movies. Love it.
This game is very well done i love the music and the pixel art, very well done. The developers should add genders, what i mean is when you name your partners, you can give them a gender so during the journey they could have a baby, wich will also effect your score.
I feel bad for rating this game only three stars, but having just attempted a run on the hardest difficulty, there's a few things I noticed that I hadn't before on my multiple enjoyable runs on the lower difficulties. The biggest issue I ran into here was the rediculous rate that bad things happen. Upon starting my playthrough, one of my party members was instantly bitten, meaning that the rest of the run was extremely difficult. Along with that, I constantly had party members losing up to four fuel cans at a time. This meant that I not only lost dozens of fuel cans, but also all of the items I sold or traded in order to aquire them, which eventually killed my party in the end. I also came into an issue where party members would constantly choose to stretch their legs or stop to look at scenery, all the while being out of food and consequentially starving. I really think this game would be five stars all around if the devs made a quick final pass over it and really polished it up. In its current state I can recommend the base game, but would not recommend sinking any more money than that into it, merely because repeatedly playing on normal is boring, and playing on the hardest difficulty is unfortunately unbalanced and luck-based.
Very fun game. My only problem is that I bought both expansions, and whenever I start the app I have to restore purchases which clears my saves meaning I have to finish in one run.
AN ACTUAL GAME, not a cash grab like most mobile games. I wish there were more games like this. I would gladly pay up front for a quality game, I refuse to be a fool that gets hooked on a game and then you hit a wall where you have to pay to progress. -The omage to a classic computer game was nice. Great retro look and feel. - Difficulty levels and variety of in-game choices add replayability. - controls were solid but sometimes you'll start something (like a hunt) on accident and can't go back.
This game is great, except for the fact that some rng can totally screw you over. Like one event where a party member wanders off and then they instantly die.
I really do love this game I can't rate it higher than a 1 if save files are deleted every time the app restarts. Oh and I have to restore my purchases each time too, pretty disappointing sadly
Paid for the complete edition but have to restore purchases everytime I open it. Save game not working either. Please fix!
Only been playing this game for like 20 mins and whenever I get a notification the sound cuts out. Only fix I've found is restarting the app.
i want my 3 bucks back. awful controls, no tutorial to really help, the most broken random encounters almost always end up with the death of a party member. waste of time and money.
guys,this game is amazing and addictive but when someone wanted to trade one of my survivor,i can't decline.there was a "pull to reveal more options" thing but it doesn't work,hope you guys see this.thanks for reading
Can't save. There are four save slots however every time I leave the game, even after I select quit, my progress is lost. The game play itself as a lot of fun, but isn't worth it if you can't save your progress.
I've heard that the shooting controls used to be tap and shoot instead of drag and shoot, it seems as that would be an easier process, please either replace or add a second option as I think I would find it easier. Other than that the game is perfect just the right amount of fairness and difficulty
An excellent roguelike retro-esque zombie apocalypse simulator. What's not to love? Lots of replayability and even more options with the expansions.
This game is incredible, and I love it! it is great game if you are into strategizing and managing resources. I love the variety in encounters, boss fights, and the tombstones that open up for more playthroughs.
I love this game, but the save feature is completely broken. Every time I attempt to save my game and exit, I return to the game and it acts like I've never played it before. I would give this game a five out of five if the save feature was fixed.
Horrible controls on mobile, game can't tell difference from shooting or moving. Reload should be automatic. Also constant stream of everything going wrong at all times when on the road for no reason or explanation, just someone sneezed and broke a leg while riding in a car I guess.
came back to play on a new phone and cannot restore my purchases. it's a shame too because i really liked this game
I bought this game years ago, and its thr only game thats stayed with me consistently through three different phones. I love it, and never get bored of playing through it. More than worth it. if they made a port for the 3ds id easily pay at least $20 for it, more if any features were added, but im likely just dreaming.
When I exit to the menu I can see the saved file but as soon as I leave the app the save file disappears completely and I have to start all over again. Very annoying and makes it unplayable.
It looks great and I'm excited to play it, but it is not compatible with my note 9 yet :( Devs, is there an eta for an compatibility update? Thanks in advance.
You couldn't ask for a better game on mobile. It has awesome retro graphics that throw back to the game that inspired it, "The Oregon Trail." The story and theme of the world are interesting and captivating, and it leaves you wanting more explaination... The mystery of the, "Why" and, "How" are perfect for this game. You get tid bits of story from passersby, which is really cool. The game play is difficult in all the right ways. It is a lot of fun. Highly highly recommended. STILL GREAT IN 2021!
I love this game and everything it's about but there's one minor technical issue. I have the Galaxy S21 Ultra and this game is quite outdated now for the version of Android I run. As a result the game is unable to keep saved games, making me have to reduce my rating from 5 to 1. If the devs are out there somewhere, please update the game for newer versions of Android!
easily my fav mobile game. I bought it probably 6 years ago and they have updated it making it even better. great mobile dev.