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Orcs X - Idle Clicker RPG

Orcs X - Idle Clicker RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by David Zobrist located at David Zobrist Koppenstrasse 21 10243 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fast paced game, yet so simplistic and funny to hear all the orks cheer on as they work. A very enjoyable game for people who want to drown themselves out from their problems or laugh a lot, as well as quick having quick battles or easy rehabilitation for wood. This game deserves a five star rating from me.
Couldn't play. Forces you to accept completely unnecessary permissions through your google account. To their credit, they don't hide why: for ads. If you don't sign in, it'll just prompt you over and over.
Great game until I needed resin for quests. I was connected to wifi, but after a few days, I never got daily resin from the wood pile, and yes, I did upgrade the amount of resin I get daily.
Super funny game love all the orc jokes and its a great time killer! i just wish you can do a little more in the game. When you are around around the 20th level you need that stupid resin to go any further, if only there was some kind of little skirmish games you can play in the meantime while you wait cause i enjoyed the game alot in the beginning now i find myself only comin back for a few mins to do a quest and feed the wolf :/ my upgrades are beyond good so theres not much else to do now :/
love this game! best clicker game there is! the story is good, listening to the orcs cracks me up, even better than the first game! even tho I still play that too. and the sides games and challenges you have to do to keep progressing keeps the game fresh and awesome!
Every so often when I start the application, it will be fine with some music and frames per second. But later on, the game starts lagging on me, with the game also freezing the screen but with music still playing. Trying to navigate my orc base, it loads super slow and is hard enough to not click the chat box and type nonsense when my screen can barely chug a lot of icons. It was fun until the problems opt to go every single day.
Brilliant game, quite funny without too many pop-up ads being annoying. Definitely one of the best I've found in a while c:
5 star because my brothers love the sound affects and the bit were you attack the humans this game is really fun you should down load it too
Been having a wonderful time with the game, even once it gets hella grindy. Its pretty entertaining and I still can't believe I am semi-invested in the... 'plot' of a mobile game. Or the wondeful sidestories with Captain Jon. Only two real issues I have is the random racists who just spam the chat with slurs then pribably delete the game. And suddenly as of today, the game crashes as soon as it attempts to load the cloud save.
the sound is excellent, the gameplay is horrible. It is extremely slow paced, and a massive waste of time. More so than the normal idle tapper. Impossible to play without spending money. Also the n word is uncensored in global chat so that is all anyone says.
I love this game so much because it has so much to this game and since I've played so many games like this it isn't like it because it has more Adventure and more quests and stuff and also if you didn't know there's something I didn't know for so long and it was that I could sit and do something and actually beat the game almost I'm not coming to that yet but I've never figured out how to do something called tap on h ship
Doesn't actually shove ads down your throat like games these days and quite addicting and charming. Definitely a download
iit's hard to describe back then people accualy made games for fun but now they make it for money it's not a 5 star because nostalgia can only bring a game so far any time I see it in my games folder it puts a smile on my face also there is a glitch were everything but the back round is pitch black
a great game for one at the front page (since most are up because of bots) and the creator is very responsive and active to make the game better. there are not any bots or fake accounts that I found which adds to the genuineness of it. a great change of pace when compared to others and isn't just a game created purely for profit and shoving adds in your face. absolutely the best game on the app store I've found 10/10 would rate again.
im not gonna lie orcs x is like orcs but better graphics also think of it as orcs but better like its really all you wanted for the last game multi-player more things to do less boring even more funny lines and even more i have not even got to score 1000 or unlocked the mine thats how much theres to do in the game so i suggest you check the game out but thats your choice.
Well, if you updated it I can't tell. I don't think any of us can, so many people complaining about the jump button in chat. I've been stuck for days because it won't jump most the time for me. Close to quitting, which is sad because I really like the game other than the platformer part not jumping.
Its a pretty awesome time waster, after awhile it becomes a grinding mess tho. Would play again. (Reply for David) Oh yeah its still a very enjoyable game, it's one of the best clickers ever made :D I'm just not a grinding kinda person.
This game is super fun to play, you can really feel that you're advancing and it even makes you think about philosophical things such as what is tree, really and if the smith should swing his hammer harder or faster.
Silly little game. Really appreciate the references to Warcraft II, and this game doesn't have intrusive ads like 99% of the mobile market. Really nice time killer.
This game is just so AWESOME! The graphics also the gameplay and the controls are AWESOME! So a give this game a 5 star because these orcs talk so funny i cant stop playing its a great game. Also when i see other peoples comments that dont like the game i was like "Huh they dont like but i'm gonna try it and it was Awesome its a so fun game i think you guys should install it to btw my warrior orc is lvl 10 and quests are so easy and my archer is lvl 10 i don' like him so much but i'm so happy.
First the chamber's need a function rather than saying you've completed it and raising your score like a perk the machine could make the goblin have shorter producing time etc. Shenshort is really powerful gives lots of wood in the beginning but but when everything cost _MM amount of wood he's useless even with a autoclicker. Gather rubble is hard too. But most importantly the game needs new content doesn't have to be big just something new to let us know you still care about it.
I like this game alot, altough the grinding factor is quite high. An update of the game resolved the issue that it requested me to give contacts permission. Great job, developer :)
I find the game really funny and entertaining, i find it worth it to break my arm just to get wood. But ehh... The Quests were Boring, i can't do anything other than feed meat to my orcs.
At first it seems like a decent clicker game, but fairly quicky the prices scale up to the point where you're forced to either pay, or click for hours to buy a single upgrade. And thats just gor the gold upgrades, they also have "resin" that you get 1-2 of per day, several of the upgrades you can buy with resin cost 50-100+, so you either buy it (20$ for 60 resin), or you wait weeks. Then there the missions, halfway through they change them to platform jumpers, with massive amounts of lag.
Absolutely loving it so far guys. Pros: + Voice acting is amazing. Thanks for the references and Arnie voices + Progression. + Simulated combat/gameplay which is more enjoyable rather than clicking, IMHO. + Basic graphics suit the games casual look and feel. Looks great. Cons: + I don't mind microtransactions but this has some relatively pricey options for me personally. + Navigation isn't very smooth between stations. These "cons" are extremely minor and takes nothing away from the game.
I played the original Orcs game back when it was a thing and I never knew an upgraded version was available! The one thing that I hate about this game is the location requirement though, should've atleast gave me an option to deny. I also have problems with a few other things But other than that? Nope! Everything else here is perfect and upgraded! Way way more better and fluid animations, a lot of bugs ironed out, and more! If you like the original, get this! I wish I'd known of this before!
It's a great game but It is really grindy but I love how you took the idle clicker and spiced it up with some combat
I remember the orginally orcs, and even talking with the developer, he was awesome and I enjoyed the game, I like to of thought I have helped him troubleshoot a few bugs in the original orcs game. Hopefully this app continues to get more updates and grows bigger. Keep it up, great game!
Quickly becomes pay to play... Resin drives the game and is impossible to get... i get three per day... it costs 100 to initially upgrade some things and 2 per mission at quest 24. All of the upgrades become way too expensive way too quickly and the cost of anything makes playing not worth your time... Pay to play game. I shouldn't have to wait over a day to level up my dog one level, just make it cost more... fun at first, but very poor design, you will watch 100s of ads per week...
Game is great. However i recently purchased one of the in-game packs and did not receive what i paid for. Contacted the developer via email on 02/10/20 and have yet to get a reply and/or receive what i paid for.
This game is great so far, although when I reach the 7th orc house upgrade it costs 220B or so, which is a huge leap from the previous upgrade, which I believe may be around 10B, im not totally sure, its been so long sincd I upgraded. This is such a large gap that it seems the only way to reach it is to upgrade the orc carriers and leave the game running overnight, which ruins the experience at that point. Any insight as to why this upgrade is such a large difference from the previous?
Unfortunately this cute little game doesn't work with Bluestacks very well. All the visuals will be completely black except the background, like a silouette. It's an entertaining enough clicker, the quests are a little dull, but I cannot fairly review it as graphically it did not work at all. Maybe some day it will work better and I will try again and fix this review. If playing with Bluestacks, I'm sorry, but I have to recommend avoiding this.
Yo remeber me david love the game maybe just a change is it possible for you to make you fight with your orc without auto battle but you also have skills and there are turns i know this seems alot but please the game would be much funner if this is possible
I played this for 2 days, I hate it! I really like pixel style games, but that you need to tap that stupid tree a billion times just to be able to battle for 1 minute, it really burns my nerves.
There is a bug in your game I'm stuck at level 20 and my allies can't helpe because they're stuck at some point, camera angle is off place and my orc king is on top of the back ground this need to be fixed because if not I'm going to delete this when it starts to anoy the heck out of me
It's a fun clicker game, but I dropped my initial 5 star review after playing for a while longer. I understand having ads to generate income, but good lord, this one is obnoxious with them, and they're also very loud, which seems to be a recent development. Typically, if I like a game like this, I'll go ahead and pay for the feature to remove the ads, but Orcs X is different. In order to remove the video ads, you have to have spend $130 worth of in-game purchases. I doubt I'll play much longer.
this game wants my email address just incase I decide to make an account? that was the first thing I saw and knew I had to scrub this from my phone because if that is the first thing it asks then it only gets worse. editing yours to look better? as I told and showed you in email that is a lie. you can't skip it and it is not from Google. it is in your game under your terms.
The games alright, there is not a lot of ads its like an usual tapping game but it has more things to do other than tapping your screen. there's a story, but its combat is kinda bland you just watch your orc fight and heal him when needed. i was hoping it would be like rock paper scissors where you can choose to block or attack. I don't think that there's anything you can do to affect the aim of companions. It would be better if there was stuff you could do during combat other than abilities.