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Orboot Earth AR by PlayShifu

Orboot Earth AR by PlayShifu for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by MobilizAR located at HN 11, 31A Main, HR Layout Sector 1, Bangalore, KA, 560102. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Been unable to download it to 2 out of the 3 tablets, Amazon fire 7s. For some reason its appeared on my phone. Went on amazon app store downloaded it to one tablet but cant download it to the others. Potential to be a good app if I could actually get it.
Packed full of interesting facts, but updates could improve it greatly. Overall, it's a very good product. However, many of the smaller countries do not have narrated information included, so I would hope that some things could be added in updates. I don't care for the fake accents that change per region either. In English it sounds a bit corny to me. Either way, I've learned lots of cool info myself just watching my daughter play with it! Great app, even without the globe by the way!
Useless. App runs far too slowly on the tablet it was sold with, camera is too dark to make anything out even in a well lit room, had to also use a torch. Once we eventually got started the app would crash and go back to the desktop. Tried installing it on my phone, app worked much faster, but the camera was unable to focus on the globe so couldn't get any further. Nice idea, but seriously need to go back to the drawing board with this. Don't waste your money on it just yet.
5 stars for the 3D image. Very impressed but could be improved. At the information about each countries section, it could be cultural and animals info, also a bit about the geography of the region like mountains and waters. It will be really a complete knowledge about a particular country, instead of going onto separate sections about animals and culture, which are really very poor in information and its not by regional dependency. Maybe in the future.
I love this app so like so my cousin can learn the world and I just want him to explore around there and I want him to know what's out there there's like so many things out there he would love to explore he loves everything in the world he wants to know what's out there
I love orbit and I sure this game because this is the best I see animals Maps others is the best or Boot and I want to keep it no matter what other people have it
pointing at the object and matching outline feature is not working and is quiet annoying as it hard for an adult let alone a child....fix this or i would like a refund on the globe as this seems like a scam....and furthermore,when i am trying to contact through in-app email feedback its not letting me submit without my email nor is it letting me enter my email....wow...nice way of restrictibg feedback! U shldnt develop apps if u dont want to tale feedback! Super unhappy and annoyed!
My kids love the Orboot globe. It's a great way to learn, is fun and it is also very interactive. The graphics are excellent. I believe that more content has been added since we first bought it.I am gifting one to my nephew too! I have to definitely mention about the after sales support. My son broke the globe stand and the Service team (Mr. Chetan) was extremely approachable and shipped out a spare stand free of cost within 24 hrs of me stating the issue. Excellent service! Highly recommend this
Not so interesting. Orboot globe is just wastage of money. The stuff quality of globe is very poor. Completely made by cheap plastic. Equator is not drowned properly but a transparent shallow tape is used to show it. This tape is not properly sticking the stip marking the equator. Figures which are appearing in explore section of orboot app is not havng appropriate angle. Top view of animals are there. Thats not reflecting the complete shape of thm. Its also taking much time in buffering.
My 6yr old daughter received the orboot globe for Christmas as a gift. We were accidentally provided two French Passports instead of one French, one English (a legal requirement for products sold in Canada). We contacted the company and they sent an english version with extra stamps and stickers right away. So far its a fun, educational toy that our daughter is enjoying playing with! The app didn't work great on her tablet (poor quality camera) but it works great with my phone.
The app finds it hard to detect the stars in the water bodies while in the same lighting conditions it is easy to detect the stars on the continents.
This is a great product because the younger generations need to not only learn about our world/earth but they also have to become accustomed to using technology. This does a great job of pairing both learning & technology. Graphics & controls could be better. Not sure if it's the app or my devices, but the loading can be long & controls delayed (even my new Samsung Galaxy S10 has the same issues; but not as bad as u may think) This is a minor set back. Overall worth the purchase.
Hi This app is not working, showing same start screen only. Very Disappointing. Total waste of money.
It has been a massive hit with my 5 year old son. He loves the facts about the animals the most at the moment & enjoys the little quizzes.
I have Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. I purchased Orboot Globe too. But its not working on it. It is not capturing outline of Tajmahal after installing of App.
App asked to line up outline of Statue of Liberty. The outline is approximate (fine) but the distance between the Statue and the star is too big and the app won't recognize it. Had to disappoint my kids that they can't use their new toy
I am so impressed with this, it's brilliant, great interactive learning, keeps kids engaged. I wasn't so sure whether it would interest my 3.5yr old, if he'll get bored or was too difficult but it has kept my son busy for over an hour at times. The game play is adjusted according to the child's age, the concept is simple, he loves solving the mysteries, love the stories and graphic and it's absolutely perfect for homeschooling, you also get boarding passes, passport and a stamp - fantastic toy!
I love the interactive components of the globe and all of the information. My kids really like the virtual component. I don't like how this globe does not include interactive information for ALL of the countries in the world. It is really week on non-Western countries, especially if they are small. I wanted to expose my kids to World geography. So if you are looking for inclusion of the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, Eastern Europe, etc, you will be disappointed.
We have the dinosaur orboot globe but apparently the app doesn't work with that globe. It keeps asking us to find the statue of liberty and our dino globe has no statue of liberty. Pretty upset that the globe is total garbage with the app not working.
A very good app to children for education, my father showed me this and it was for the first time I got interest in education. Thanks, PlayShifu
AWESOME APP I have learned all the animals in this app You can ask me any questions you want from the quiz whizz
Best app for my daughter she has no interest in geography but now she top in geography thank you shifu
I installed the app.. It opens and stuck on screen let's spin... I have updated android version already... Nothing happens.. Where should I go next?
I love this app my kid had solved all the mysteries she always uninstalls this app and then wait and install so she can play mystery again she also ordered a stylus for this app love this app I got it from Amazon well u should take the globe or u can also play without the globe in the app
I dont like the constant music backround. I wish it had an option to put music of like other apps do. Its a total distraction to actually listening to the information or pay attention .also it requires a few skills to use a tab which your child might not beable to do if he is small.the infomation is good but honestly after 15 min my head is sore with the constant music so we switch it of. And Once u use the books up , u cant It, so would be super if we could order others or download n print it.
Orboot globe is just wastage of money. The stuff quality is very poor. Completely made by cheap plastic. Equator is not drowned properly but a transparent shallow tape is used to show it. This tape is not properly sticking the stip marking the equator. Figures which are appearing in explore section of orboot app is not havng appropriate angle. Top view of animals are there. Thats not reflecting the complete shape of thm. Its also taking much time in buffering.
Loads pretty quickly considering all of the software it has. Beautiful pictures and great information.
we bought the globe for Christmas best present ever. My granddaughter has special needs this has been an incredible way to help teach her geography as well about animals and different environments globally. Very cool tool.
I deleted almost everything off of my tablet put everything on a SD card it's still not working correctly now it's not even coming up late we're dancers you some math question that's not a good pop it up and on the side it don't even say help anymore that's blank to all I see is a picture of you know when it first pops up that's it and the music
My girls ages 8 and 5 received Orboot globe from Santa this year. After downloading the app they had lots of fun! I have to use my phone, unfortunately my older iPad will not download the app. I've seen other reviews mention, and I have found on my own that it seems like you have to update the app every time you open it. Please work on this! In conclusion, the kids love and I think it's a pretty good learning toy.
The app and product is fantastic but the offered language with this app are limited. My nephew is from Hindi medium and he is yet to start learning english. I would be really happy if this app support content in Hindi language too, as it would be difficult for students to cop up with app and understand the language and content taught.
A powerful learning app but with some serious problem on the handling and controlling. As soon as we try to click on any animal/bird/monument that appears to learn more about it, obviously the tablets/mobile moves a bit, and all the objects disappear as the star - camera placement has moved too. This is really a big show down, It defeats the whole purpose of having the globe & learning using it. Request developer to try to mitigate this UI issue and make it more fun than a huge task.
Not great on even 3GB Ram tab. Other is good. I think camera is good on others while not on orboot app
It works ok unfortunately I bought two. I also am waiting on the dinosaur one. To be honest if it wasn't such a hassle I would return these. When it is on camera mode they just gave you a small circle to pint to it. If your camera doesn't zoom in. Then it will not pick it up. I installed the app on my Alcatel android and also on my phone it worked much better on my phone. As for the 4 year olds I bought this for we would have to play with this toy together. It was hard for me to use! Buyerbeware
Tried on 2 different mobiles, as soon as the app is turned off, mobile becomes unbelievably hot, please fix asap, as this is a grave risk, especially when children are using the app
It was extremely hard to validate our son's name ( likely a bug as there was no way to validate button or anything ). Forcing registration to use a companion app to a paid product is quiet disappointing but once you finally manage to register you do have access to all the features. The Ram requirement is quiet high and it was very hard to find a device on which to run the app ( didn't work on our ipad or ipad air, neither on 2 of our older phones due to Ram requirements .....) For an app supposed to be used by children, handling older "lower specs" devices should have been a priority. Some nice features once you get it running but overall quiet disappointed by the app quality especially since it was the deciding factor for buying the globe. Edit : However once you manage to get the app running ( which can get very frustrating ) the content is nice and interesting.
I like this app because when we buy it's globe we can learn and play as well.I like this app and the globe as well
I don't like this game so much I don't know y 🤬 I am seriously not absest with these games too I thought it's nice but no it's not I hate it 😠😡 I really don't like this game at all I like the other games more than orboot