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Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android)

Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android) for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by HomeBrew Games. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I downloaded this game and my phone stopped working. I had to shut down and re open my phone and it kept this cycle going for about 20 mins. Please don't download for your phones safety. I don't want to say that this game is a 1/5 though because it might be a glitch but at the same time I don't want the phones to be tortured. Sorry opsu!!
If U are. Bigginer and how to download the song and play it it's simple go to the download and find ur new song and then simply Double tap it will download if is eror means the song is old and if is not it will download.after download press to play on star opsu and select difficult and try practice and that's it (also U can't think about memes like among us and they didn't put in the game xd)
For those of u having blacks screen issues it's probably because the developers of osu updated their version of osu. And the google play version has not received the update yet which means patience is required. I only rate 2 stars because when I try to download beat maps. Some of them download and some dont if someone has a fix for this please let me know. And at the moment of making this review only one download server works. Otherwise it would be 5 stars.
Love the app, having trouble because some tracks are double downloading and duplicating, cluttering my song list but love osu and opsu, please bring back bug song list instead of having to search to see anything
Well I give 5 stars for the controls, 4 stars for the graphics, and 3 stars for the gameplay, well I may say that it is good it impressed my friends by the way i play but there is no... I dont know Aspire V? Storyboard? I dont know what its called but hey this game is pretty good but I feel like I cant play Aleph-Ø in this app, sorry Mr./Mrs. Publisher.
There are errors EVERYWHERE. Not sure what that means when there are apparently more than 20 errors the moment I launch the game, but I'm pretty sure that's BAD. Downloading is a pain in the ass. To download just 1 song requires you to SIT & WAIT until it's finished or else it will just cancel. Downloading starts fast, but then it progressively gets slower until it just stops halfway. i sat still for a full hour waiting, just trying to download 5 songs. JUST 5. guess how much finished? NONE.
I'm done, compared to osu!droid it's not lagging when it comes to reversed slider. It's crashing so often. Sometimes, when you exit you will see nothing but black screen. Skins lag the game(just 8mb skin, what??). You will barely see follow points, and it's hard to play without it. Also, it's hard to spin. Well, we will see if their is an update coming😏
Game is good but there are some Major Problems. This Game doesn't support more than 1 finger taps, you can't make a really high score just by tapping with 1 finger at a time (make it at least 3 finger taps). Plus when installing a skin, the settings is disappearing so I recommend moving the settings on the Menu when you open the game just like the Original game.
this game is pretty good, but i suggest you dont use the BTMC FREEDOM DiVE skin because i cant change skins nowbecause all of the menu setting are all mashed into 1 spot, not allowing me to change my skin back :(. otherwise, awesome game.
decent but needs alot of improvement, the gameplay itself is fun but tapping is quite hard when the circles are stacked and if its a high star map. Another issue is that when you livestream Opsu! on omelet arcade, the audio cannot be heard, I tried using other apps if omelet is at fault but it was Opsu! Itself is the problem. I hope this issue will be fixed since I'm looking forward to this game and I see potential here.
When I downloaded it , I decided to play easy first and the go to normal one but when I finish the easy and start the normal..it didn't even show the leader board and if want to see ur normal replay u have to reset all leader board to watch it
Make the ignore restart and report buttons bigger also can u add an option that doesn't show error logs they are kinda annoying . Some skins have the circles small its a bug i guess only some skins have it . I'm not sure if this is make by the same guys who makes osu! but it has the potential . There are not so many players as i can see on the online scoreboard . I hope if you are not related to the osu! creators you can talk to at least use the name like osu! mobile and the logo of the game .
Its good, but i cant add skins, ive seen videos of people playing this with a skin and i just cant figure it out, my hits dont register as being on time half of the time, but every map ive tried works, all there needs to be is an easy way to get skins imported and fix the hit delay and its 5 star
The only problem I have is the error screen that pops up everytime I download beatmaps, but it doesn't affect the game so don't worry. Btw, skins make this game a lot better because the default skin's kinda ugly for me.
The game is pretty much a desktop ver. If u like osu! enjoy. But i found a bug, almost everytime i leave and come back to the game the sprites go nuts, they go black and gets unplayable unless u clear cache and data, making u have to login to ur acc again. Also a opsu! Mania would be cool.
It seems like a good concept, but I frankly got no explanation on how to play it. The tutorial just tells you how to download and import songs. I'm on mobile and all the controls seem to be for pc, I literally cannot play the game because I have no idea how this works on mobile.
First of all, great port of Osu. Everything's good except for one minor problem. There's this thing where when I use a different skin, the UI kind of sinks and gets smaller, and some parts bigger. I can't even open the "Other Options" tab when I switch to a new one. So far I've used 4 osu skins, each downloaded from a secure website. Only 1 has worked for me without the UI clunking, and it's getting kind of boring. My point is, pls fix the UI change when new skins are applied and I'll rate 5✨
A bit good and realy impressive on how it works although my osu skin had problems and many, many error screen and I got no problem with ads but please can you avoid the ads showing up during gameplay because while I'm playing on a 6⭐ map and an ad show up isn't pleasant at all
•there is a tutorial for downloading songs but not how to play. •The Timing only goes to the song 10% of the time. •They could have made the notes time down as a target that moves into place instead of an enclosing circle around the note. •notes are 95% slides •no easy mode on almost every song •it is phisicaly impossible for your 2 hands to move in different directions at different speeds at the same time •still no profile •levels don't transfer if you make an account •no reason to make an acc.
It asks for acess to my photos and files which I dont understand why they would need, so I deny and all I get is a black screen. I gave it acess and it opened correctly. But when I try to make an account, I cant click username or password. I managed to somehow get through. maps are callenging for starters but it was what I was looking for.
I really liked the concept of the game, but it seems that there's timing issues between the music and the circles. I thought it's just that I suck so much because the first songs I played were super fast, so I took the time to search for easier and slower songs to play and then I realized that my hunch was true. Please fix this. I would love to give 5 stars for the game afterwards.
I was playing the Opsu! and it's really amazing but there is a problem, I went to play Opsu but j can't not play because there have some issues, can you help please. I just hope you can resolve the problem. Thank You
I have the full game of PC so I know what to expect of this mobile version but the way ot is pulled off is honestly quite disappointing. The download menu is frankly confusing and for the many songs I've attempted to download, they haven't and I have constantly found myself being unable to play the songs I've downloaded due to a labeled file error. I wanted more from this but it's disappointing on mobile, since i love the pc game I'm being generous with 3stars as i can see room for improvement.
I love this app but there are a few problems first, most songs don't work unless it's on the ranked section .Second,if you wanna put skins on it you'll have to find one capable with this app (since it's all cramped on the app). I really love this and I hope it gets some updates that can fix these issues I would give it a 4.5/5 🌟 also if the developer's are reading this can you please do something about the profile button cause it keeps saying coming soon
The game is good, just sometimes when you're looking for a beatmap it crashes. I wish there were more beatmaps, like i think there should be a feature were u could download a song and a program can make a beatmap for it. Other than dat it's very good
The game is good.. uhmm the only problem that is bothering me is when using skins.. some skin beat sounds is laggy.. all in all this game is great:) so I'll gibe it a 4 stars, 5 stars if you fix this problem..
It worked well as an osu! Alternative, ny only issue was the error screen popping up often whil i was trying to download beatmaps. Not too big of a deal since you can exit out of it manually, but a little annoying.
It is fun and quiet enjoy. The most I like is you can download song you like at osu official page at google and play it in the app.However,the opsu skin maps need to fix cause I cannot use the function button at the bottom while I install the opsu skin.Hope it can fix it immediately.
This app is so great and very worthy to play but the issues are some beatmaps are cant be download and some servers are not available, this app need to improve for better quality of the game.
I appreciate what the dev is trying to do here but I have a pretty good phone and the game is still glitching all over the place. The "circles are stuttering in and out" is the best way I can describe it. Unplayable.
The game is really fun but since the last update I lost some of my scores and I can't hear any sound except the music I checked the setting and Everything is at max and disable all sound effects is off
The game is great and all, but the only complaint I have is that after I played one song, my touch feature was turned off out of nowhere. I can still use the main menu, but when I play a song, I cannot pause the game nor can I tap the circles to play and always end up losing by default.
I had a lot of fun playing the game at first but then I imported a skin and it basicaly broke the whole game. Now the game didn't crash but everytime I click on the other setting menu it brings me to the mods area and now I can't remove the skin.
It's alright. Opsu! has many problems many because of how a bunch of menus work(?) I guess. It has many problems and I can never find any beatmaps to play. I'd gladly raise this review once there's more updates.
This game is amazing for a game on andriod. The skins work well and the osu! beatmaps i've installed work perfectly! I even tried connecting my tablet wouse and it workedpretty well. Overall, it is ana amzing game to play when i cant play osu, only problems ive ever had were fps drops from time to time, but that was about it.
It's a great game, just like it's PC counterpart. Most certainly enjoyed playing it and had a blast playing through those beatmaps on one of my fav anime op/ed and other songs in genral. Though there were some bugs and the game crashes at times, but it does not happen very often and might be my phone's own problem. It usually happens when downloading maps and sometimes when playing any of the maps, the screen goes black. One can just restart or change the device. Thanks for this great game!
I actually played opsu! before venturing into osu! What I first thought was a non-problem started when I really played and understood PC osu!. The way the beatmaps were converted was pretty weird that the beats are off by quite a lot of ms. It throws off your default sense of beat, messing up your game in opsu!.
I've noticed that as of late that once I choose a beatmap and I'm in the gameplay screen, it won't let me select/tap anything.(i cannot tap anything on the screen, I can only move the cursor that's it) So I'm kind of disappointed because I can't play on the app anymore because it doesn't recognize that I'm tapping/selecting on the screen even though my cursor is moving which renders me unable to participate in the beat maps/gameplay.
It is cool that u guys bring this game on mobile ver. but it is buggy as hell but its ok i still enjoy it. main issue right now it seems i cant backspace if i misspelled a word if i want a search a song using keyboard and blackscreen ui. make sure it fix for the next update.
Ok. Definitely the pc version is rly good than this version. It didn't put much effort to this game. Not much effects, and more stuff that I cant explain. It even had SFX that is not same to the pc version. But anyways, just make an effort to this app or so. I love osu but not this version.
Good game. Lags sometimes. But i tried clicking on one song it freezes and does not respond i tried playing another song worked completely fine. Maybe its just my tablet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
to the one retard in the back, it needs access to your photos and files to load beatmaps and custom skin image files. second retard, its not that confusing to navigate. it gives you a short tutorial how to download songs. third retard, it doesnt need a tutorial on how to play since this is targeted to the audience who has osu! on PC. go get it on pc or just search up the tutorial beatmap on the beatmap downloader thing. use your head, jesus christ..
This game is fun but, the server is always crashing and I keep on getting this "error loading beatmap" and "null error" ruins my experience in the game. My expectations was high till si experience this. My disappointment is imeasurable.
There're lots of problems with this app like how you can't download beatmaps and also some error that pops up your screen almost every time but aside from those it's alright. I hope you can fix it soo. For now I'll give this app a four star rating
Well... I like the game and is so addictive to play but my problem is, when im searching for a new map the error will pop up and when im ignoring or restart it the game it's still popping up. Please fix this and i hope you add more maps in this game😊
it was good . I guess so . Just need some improvements here and there . The server . Whenever i tried to download a beatmap from a server , it always says error even though I have a good internet connection . Other than that is uhh well...idk if it's bcs of the app incompatibility with my phone or what ( My phone is on Android 10 ) but whenever I pause and resume , it always turns black . Everything . Not only that , sometimes when I open the app , everything is distorted.Fix these please .
Can't get a single beatmap to download from the two server that would load (( ripple, can't connect account)( yasonline) please fix this. I physically can't play until you do
This is sooo convenient , compare to the osu droid , like u can download skins n beatmaps without even goin through sites or beatmapservice , thumbs up devs , keep it up Edit : after i tried osu! droid and get deeper analysis on to it ; opsu is great for newbie's n has a clean ui n as i said convenient but it was pretty terrible when it comes to performance , unlike osu! droid , if u want to get competitive at this game , you should try osu! droid
Its amazing and I love that you can use whatever you find on the osu website as well. The only problem I have is that I cant figure out how to add custom skins. If there was a tutorial or something for how skins work that would help alot. There are the ocasional errors when playing but they never really affect my gameplay. Overall it is still a great game.
Amazing... I sometimes get errors but I dont mind. Its a great game,it helps me concentrate. So much love in this game. I was inspired by the people who plats this game they were cool.
my honest response.. this is really beyond my expectations, everything runs so smoothly.. there are times that the video background won't run but it doesn't bother me.. I have only one problem, when I try to download new beatmaps only Ripple and YaS Online works, the other 3 servers don't work at all, I don't know if it's just me though.. Also I can't create a new account which is sad...
It's very good and a great alternative to OSU. However, when using this application on a Chromebook, you cannot go fullscreen without it distorting. Other than that, it's brilliant!
It's a really fun time killer with lots of potential but really bad about not picking up touches and also I'll hit it dead perfect and itll give me a 100 instead, but like itll tell me I'm not even touching it when i hit them 3 in a row, definitely needs to be better optimized
So saw these on the internet and thought if I show play this game, and obviously it turned out for me playing this game. Now this isn't a bad game itself but I'm just so confused on how it works. So I would just sit there waiting for the game to download the music but then not knowing how to play it. Maybe if there was tutorials or just small instructions it could be better. Second thing, I looked at the reviews seeing a lot of errors happening, and as I went into the menu it error-ed a lot.
This game is really good controls are really but there is something that i don't get this game is suppose to be for mobile i don't get why the map has some impossible things like a really fast slider impossible combination of mods and hackers in leaderboard i just don't get the point of trying to go in the leaderboard if there are hackers just boosting there account in the leaderboard
Great port however I did get this glitch that doesn't let me listen to the song before I download it. I'm going to try and reinstall and see if the works but I hope that gets fixed soon
I love it, but there's so many issue. When I'm searching something to download a beatmap, the error is always gonna pop up.
Whenever i try to search for a song it automatically tells me theres an error.i thought it needs more space so tried deleting most my un-used apps and reunistalling it but didn't affect the problem didnt affect at all idk if its my phone or my storage:{ (my English is kinda bad)
Build quality of app seemed decent enough, and I had no problems, but I only downloaded this because my pc isn't capable of running the game. But to make an account, you have to have the game installed on PC, therefore meaning I can't play it at all.
Fix the searching box. My typo wont appear in the box. Had to use voice to search. Generally its just osu but portable, heavily require sensor pen to play smoothly, ur finger wont work and sometime it painful to play on a long song.
The timings for the beatmaps are difficult to sync properly with the music. If they were to add a type box to enter numbers instead of just sliders, it would be much easier to customize. Additionally, the menu sidebar tends to click different settings when scroling, so a fix to prevent changes when scrolling would be nice.
I loved this game, I always tried to beat my friends scores, until something happened where it's like I'm spectating, and I can't even tap the circles so I fail all the time. I tried reinstalling, and it didn't work. Until this is fixed, I'm rating this one star. Please fix this.
So much fun. Honestly have never had this much fun in a mobilr game since i played Mindustry and Geometry Dash. Amazing OSU port. Ads do get a little annoying but they are easily backed out of. I love what you guys are doing and I hope you make it even better! If you dont get that input bug at least,like i did.... Edit: I'm dumb so part was removed
The screen was small so i decided to uninstall it and reinstall it again, but now when i try to play a map it says the sliders arent responding and at the bottom pops up with, ignore and continue or restart opsu, i try pressing continue but it doesnt do anything, so i restart opsu and try again and the same thing pops uo
This is my first review to the game because of a BIG problem and decided to comment. Few days ago Opsu is working fine and then when I open the app again, the app is just stuck on a black screen but the music is working fine in the background tried to reinstalled the app a few times, thingking it might solve the problem but it's just not working, don't know if it will be fixed soon as if the devs will fix it, that's too much too ask for because the project is probably dead now.
so far i think this app is great, the only problem i have with it is the delay on tablet movement, its nearly a second off (which is not good in songs like big black) and it upsets me. thats my only problem though Update 4/28/2021: Please make a way to remove skins. I downloaded a skin a while back, and i noticed that i couldn't change my settings due to the skin overlaying with the settings button. i fully reset the game but it still held on to the skin. It's still a good app, but needs fixing
The game is okay but when I got one of the songs when I cleared replays and after playing again, it doesn't save replays. Instead it uses two different replays that were also deleted. Reinstalling doesn't fix this either so can you fix this? I'll change this to five stars if you do.
It won't work on my phone. It lacks of direction. But because I saw someone played it, it looks so fun and enjoyable so I was thinking maybe it's my phone that has a trouble. I'm looking foward on playing this game💖
Well this is a great game, good for players who dont have computer to play osu, but there are still problems, i dunno why there is error when downloading a map, i also had trouble downlaoding since i did not know what to do when i started the game but eventually started to learn by my self, i know there is a tutorial for that but i also did not know how to downlaod it. Also i tried to figure out my self how to spam and click circles.
My problems with this boil down to gameplay and latency. Gameplay: I don't know if you've ever seen that one top player that uses a touchscreen tablet but you'll note that it's absolute. Meaning, the cursor moves instantly. This isn't like that. Having the cursor take time makes it impossible. Latency: I can't download the offset song, so I can't set the Universal Offset right. This makes playing maps painful, and impossible. I want to like this, but with those issues it's mediocre at best.
First impressions of the game, its looks good but the gameplay is a bit of because im playing this with 2 fingers and a stylus pen and the circles and the slider keeps getting in the way. The not so good feature of the game is the errors, the errors keeps coming when im about to download any map and this error pops up, usually in osu! there are no errors because the songs are downloaded from the website. And there's my first impression of the game!
Its good almost same experience as osu cause i use mouse and keyboard, hope developers put hit sound and disable the main cursor (the cursor of the phone i mean) when using mouse its a bit distracting that way its better if the the default cursor will be hidden during the game so it'll be only the circle cursor it would be perfect.
ive download a skin,id apply the skin to the opsu,but when i was playing,the circles the sliders buttons are so tiny!?,i tried downloading other skins but they have the same issue,i couldn't play well with the skins cause the sliders and the buttons circles are so tiny i couldnt press it i tried turning on mods,but it maked it more worse even the easy,normal,it didnt helped me,please fix this skins issue,i couldnt play it with my favorites skins,and its making me sad and more angry😭😭😡😧
Great game, it's fun but I have some issues with it. One. Latency, the cursor moves a couple hundred mili seconds behind where your finger or mouse cursor is making it difficult to play harder maps. Two, the leaderboard system hasn't ever worked, for me at least, I click on it and it just says "coming soon" three, the settings for the game should be on the home page, and four, the devs haven't updated this game since August 1st 2019, in all honesty I think they have given up on it...
I really do like this game, but one day when I went to open up the app, it wouldn't load and it was left on a black screen. Even when I uninstall and install it again it will leave me on the same black screen!! If I wait long enough, I can start to hear the music but it's stuck on the black screen so I can't see anything. If this is an issue in the game it needs to be fixed!!
No issues! But- there was this time where all my points resets- i..i was so upset..i had like- 104M. i ended up deleting it..now i'm re-downloading it again Cause it's fun! You guys should try playing this for those who haven't!
opsu is a great app, but i took 2 stars off, because 1. the background videos are too early, if you could kindly add an option where we can set the video delay ourselves, or you can just fix this issue yourself, and 2. the circles are too small, that my fingers are blocking my view. please enlarge the circles a bit. it would mean a lot to me since osu is my favorite rhythm game. thanks.
First of all, Errors. As soon as you enter the game there's errors. Not sure what those are, but there are also problems in downloading the maps. Either stopping halfway, or it crashes the app. Third, scores sometimes doesn't save if you're offline. Fourth, some of the skins are missing. Like the hitcircle/sliders overlays not appearing in the game. Also in the selection menu for some reason the cursor automatically clicks resulting in wrong setting config. Overall the app has potential.
Overall it's a good game but the % system is totally wack. I was going at 100% for a while and then as soon as I get a 100 instead of 300, BOOM. Down to C rank.
ok so im playing on chromebook with mouse and keyboard and the game is just like the real thing!! i love how you can also use any beatmap just like osu! now im so impressed that im not gonna take a star away, but anytime i use the x or z buttons to click, my frames start to drop down and (rarely) freeze my game. :/ so getting used to clicking with mouse was pretty easy to get used to, but i would LOVE to see this fixed!
This game is good but there are problems that are really bothering me. First is when I play, the game crashes and it keeps on saying that there is a problem, this often happens now especially when I'm ig. Second is the background video. Before, the background works but now it doesn't, i didn't do anything about the settings, i dunno it keeps on saying error loading the video. Third is my record, i usually play online but sometimes my games aren't recorded
I don't know why but, I tried singing up for it on the app considering this is my first time downloading something like this and went i went to try and put a username it kept adding it to my password instead so I closed the app, and opened it again still didn't work so I tried restarting my device, same result then I deleted it and downloaded it back still was a no-go. Don't get me wrong this app seemed like it had a lot of potential, this was just my experience. :(
I really like the game and the songs but i have a problem. When i beat a song, if i beat it again the leaderboard score doesnt change and beating it in another difficulty doesnt give me a leaderboard score at all. Idk if im doing something wrong or nah
This game is awesome my first try of this games was very very hard but now i can play things like .Attack on titans sasageyo. And Tokyo ghoul .The puzzle. I love this game Its just upgrading your reflexes everytime 5 stars
I love this game but one problem. Why is it when I go to play a song but then I can't interact with anything. So I play a song and then I can't yap skip, I can't tap the pause, and I can't tap the notes. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.
Excellent mobile version of osu. You can play all standard osu beatmaps on it (not mania, taiko or the catching fruit thing though) and you can use your fingers to touch and drag the circles or on most android phones, you can plug in a mouse and keyboard to play just like if you were playing on a pc. It even has a section in the app where you can search for and download beatmaps but you can just as easily do so in an internet browser. It's also a great alternative if your pc is too weak.