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Oppa doll

Oppa doll for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Zzoo located at 서울시 중구 다산로 46길 17, 2403호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app would be 5 stars, if not for the ads. I love the characters and designs, but I keep getting inescapable ads! I'll even click it, and it won't go away. No X. Nothing. Then I have to restart, yada yada. The app is great, just fix those dumb ads and I'll make it 5 stars. (Btw these aren't the ads I click to unlock new stuff, this is just pop ups)
Good game but I really installed it on a new phone reconnect my game account and all I had unlock is now lock again even the special one I payed for with real money
Right when I open the game it says download Google Play games and if I don't download it it just blinks around and doesn't work
I love this game, because you can make unique characters. But! Beware, there is a flaw to this game. When I played it for about a week-ish it started crashing whenever I was trying to open it. Pls do something about it
Its super cute 😻 I don't really know why a lot of people don't like it. It's just because they think it's not cute. I actually love it
I love that game! The ads are quite annoying and you have to watch them to unlock certain items, but... Who cares?
Awesome game it's fun easy and free I hope this game will be here forever and I. Hope more people gets this and thank you for making this game ┏(^0^)┛. ヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ
I liked the game so much. If there were just more long hair designs, maybe Simon would prefer. Please respond to my comment. I am addicted to this game. Very nice, sweet and beautiful.
Personally, I love this app. I've downloaded unniedoll before this and it's amazing. It makes my creativity go crazy and I like to make stories for the characters I make! 100% recommend this app! (My opinion does not apply to everyone) Some people like it, some people don't. We all have different preferences :)
Asbi said with innoe doll, it'ss a verybintertainingbapp for me, while this pademic I'veee been making a lott of characters!
Oppa doll is a game that has 100 characters, including clothes & more, which it means that you dress up, including pets & other items, including wallpapers and chat bubbles, and buying more clothes, and ads.
wow....i love dis app 😎 and i really love that u make like haikyuus hair like hinata, bokuto, kageyama, suna, kenma or kuroo. Tq so much 🙂
I install the updated version of this app but only one problem that I see... The get items after watching ad didn't function, I continuing pressing OK in 1 hour now and no ad show, it is freaking me out and irritated. Please do some developments about this.
Nice i made BTS character out of it, it's just there's no acsescories like hat and bag for free, I mean.. I can just draw it, but this app made us need to pay $5
This app is really cute and helpful when you want to create an OC but you can't draw. There's a big range of different clothes, skin tones, accessories, facial features, and much more. I have been playing with it all evening and I can safely say this is a cute, fun avatar creator with wide range, infinite combinations, and a lot of room for your creativity.
So. This game is alright. But the reason I gave it three stars is because when I opened the game and clicked on the screen. It made the cursor on the screen go down. It's quite annoying and I just gave up trying to play when I couldn't scroll back through the decoration options to touch up on something. 3/5 Maybe would recommend?
I love this app for reasons! one reason is that I can customize however I want to make my character, another reason is that is I have a friend doing chemo and she/he doesn't have hair, I can look at the bright side and imagine how they would look like with hair, and the last reason is that it has realistic content and cartoon content. (plus I don't really care about the ads and such Haha uwu) and thank you for reading my review!
This game is good i just added a 4 star cuz it doesent have the black jacket of gaster from undertale
This game is so good i love it so much when i was little i like to dress up anything now i diden ,t have to do anything but this app is a life saver one of my friends this gamre so i decided to try it to and now i play it everyday this is a life changing game please try it anf comment about it please try and don't forget to comment about this game love bandana please try
Very cute boy doll maker. I don't usually find good dollmakers with men, so this is great. I will say that sometimes it lags a lot. Anyways, pretty good dollmaker in general, would recommend.
Meh, i would really like if there was facial hair, as well as an option to include hair in the back of the head (like braids and stuff) i wish there were more diversity in bang styles, and i wish you could change whuch side of the face that the bangs can lay on. I also wish you could edit eye color. Definitely needs improvement, but it has a lot of potential to be awesome.
I like the game but you have to wait 3min until you can open the app.l gave it 4stars because it was not bad,pizz give us more oppa doll games and pets doll games and the other rest!🙏l am sooo thankful
You should add a feature where we could edit the colors of the clothes and we can edit them.I hope you guys add this old do
This game is too good and I like this app and I play this game all time. This is too interesting game
Cute graphics and lots of choises. The chibi characters are so fun to make! I also recommend unnie doll and pet doll
This the best game i have ever played!!! yet it has its flaws, but every game does! I have not even had this game for mire then 24 hours and i can't stoo playing it! you do have to watch a ad to get somethings but at least you don't have to pay for them. I really do think this is a great game and that most people should play it. i love how you can make scenerys and make a witch ( yes I have done that many times 😂). but over all I don't see any big flaws with this game and hope you have fun! 😁
I would totally recommend this to people who love just sitting relaxing, oh yeah, I just think that this would probably be the best app for me because I always pressed, and I'm always mad, and this just helps me calm down, so if you're like me, and you have any issues now, I totally recommend this to you but you should get more clothes and maybe go a little around, the prices so yeah, I didn't that I love this app
I think this game is amazing! There are so many clothing options to choose from and it's so much fan making, and designing my own characters. One thing I've been seeing repeatedly is, "You can't even make a girl!". And because of that they are giving it one star. It's called "Oppa Doll", which is referring to the male. So the title is literally saying it's a boy. If you want to make girl characters try the app, "Unnie Doll". This game is very good in my opinion.
What the f! Whenever I open this app it shows me 0.1% battery symbol and the whole screen start to bink, DO NOT INSTALL PLEASE
the game is really cute and i like it. i hope there are more choices of clothes tho since there's no black button up shirt. or maybe we can choose a color for every outfit. that'd be good too.
I was playing a game in this game popped up so I pressed it and it said download so I can download it when I put dying who are trafficking pretty fun so I can game and I was like oh my God this is a fun game
Nooooo I love this app but these days the screen freezes 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
I think it was great ! The colour options are very wide but most of the good items are locked or need an ad or real money to do but I am fine with what they have for free now 💜
I really enjoy making these characters, but I was a bit disappointed about we can't color the outfits. Other than that, I was surprised to find most Haikyuu!! hairstyles, like Kenma's, Kuro's, Hinata's, and a lot more. I find that very interesting.
This is my one of my favorite Game after all and it was so easy to choose styles so I didn't gave to be choosetive but it is a really good game 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁
Its really fun designing those characters. A great way to kill time and surprise someone with a cartoon of them! I just have two suggestions: 1. Make unnie and oppa doll a single app or at least design a trade so that we can exchange characters and have both male and female character on a single screen. 2. Introduce some more options to clothes and accessories even if they are available only after ads.
Overall Game is easy to use and fun to play. It brings about a fun-filled sensation in creating the characters. What's more is that it allows users to save their creations and share them with others! However it would be better if some functions could be added, such as: 1) Undo / Redo Button 2) Pinch to resize objects 3) Upgrade menu graphics quality 4) Add more colours!!! 5) Chat Bubbles could have an invert function
I like the game but there wasn't many options for the hair that didn't have to watch an ad and the other thing I couldn't find any long hair (that I liked) it's a pretty good game tho!
almost entirely perfect. the reason i had to uninstall it was that at some point after a little while of playing, the music for a split second got really loud and glitched out, resulting in an earrape sound, then continuing with the regular cutesy music. it was only a minute or so in, and it freaked me the hell out not gonna lie. besides that, 5/5 game
Ok this app is not good on my phone.. cuz i try to download it then if i open it its literally backing... i don't like it.
This game is amazing, it really helps my imagination flow, and it gives me ideas on what to draw as well, as for feedback i would say that there could be more to it like different effects you could use when setting up an image. Or the possibly enabling the characters to interact with one another to make a small movie Thank you so much i think the app is amazing
This is a great game its a bit glitchy at some points but its soooo funnn ! I rate it 5 stars its sooooo good occupying and fun u should click that install button and play away its 1ns again SOOO FUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSTALL NOWWW!👍Bye have a great week
I love this game cause it soo fun and amazing and I also love the idea and and the dresses I love to dress up and make them look like BTS cause I love BTS thats why 😅💜💜💜
The art style in this app is the best among the others. I think you can make a chibi version of anyone with this great app. Keep updating devs!
Cool App I Can Name Them Too I Add All My Frends In It Thanks Its Offline Too So Guys Have Fun To This App😇😇
This game is nice but it tells that we can watch an ad and buy a certain item but when I click on the button I can't buy it. So plzz try that we can get all the dressing items
Its a good game. I give 5 star because this game in offline mode. So i can play this game. Because my internet so slow. Thank for this game. Hahahaha
This sucks i had it once but i deleted ot because i got bores. I wanted to re-install it again and i did but when i clicked "Start" it says "Oppa doll keeps stopping." So i can't even play this.Fix this please and i may change this review.
This help me make characters and a great way for me to relax needs abit more options like more separate section like piercings and more clothes options I like trench coats alot
A great app , ther is just one thing i would love to have , its the possibility to create a character then saving it as a pnj , like to include it in videos without having to cut all the vackgroung your self , maybe you can make a spesial mode for this kind of characters🙂 please reply 🙏
very good game but just a heads up FLASH WARNING to download google play games app before this (it should be obvious but i didn't) the screen rapidly flashes on the main menu until i downloaded it
It's a fun game just like unnie doll but in my opinion unnie doll all is better because you can make boys and girls but this one mostly has boys so I would get unnie doll app.
I love this game unniedoll and oppadoll and I will watch ads forever...😉😐😑😐😑😐😏😆😉😉😉😉
that game is hacked i cannot save if i save is deleted but the game is fixed :) and i make friday night funkin
Its very good you can use your imagination as their outfits and cute looks but one problem the ad thing I keep on pressing the ok button but I doesn't buy that's why I gave 4 stars
This app is amazing I doet BTS and army girl is very nice this app try it now is amazing I loved this app 💜💜
Nice game ,good cute avatar 🥺♥️, we can also make are own avatar good* game for relexing good game 🔥👍👌 🌺 Good game for relexing and but its little boring 😒😣i dont like boring games its little boring game because we need to make repeated avatar "s so its boring😣🥰❤️make this game relexing and cute 🥺 try to dont make it boring huh?🙁😣🤧 Thanks for making ❤️💕🔥😍🥰🤩