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Ophidia for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by MassDiGI Games located at 61 Sever St. Worcester Ma 01690. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has interesting spiritual implications. I beat it after numerous attempts. It's difficulty makes it worthwhile, although I would have appreciated it more if it had been longer. Art and concept are brilliant.
Everyone complaining about the controls and the "impossibility" of beating the game have zero patience. I played it on phone. I BEAT it on phone, within half an hour. It is challenging, yes, but seriously, who wants a game where they're handed the win on a silver platter? Yes, a joystick control might help some people, but I found the controls easy to use. As for the graphics and music, absolutely breathtaking. I loved the Celtic theme ( world serpent, Celtic design, the music). I loved every aspect of the game, and hope to see more like it. Keep up the good work!
The game looks amazing, it's like playing ancient art. The sfx and music are great and the gameplay is really fun, circling things to eat them and is Very challenging. The controls are frustrating since you use your finger and can't see past it at times and the game Is kinda short, but is well worth it and I would love too see more. There was a cutting out problem with my old phone but I was still able to play the whole game. This is one everyone should try and I hope for a sequel
This has the potential to be a phenomenal game, but it's ruined by a horrendous control scheme. To have enough control to actually hit your tail you need to govern your snakes movements with a finger at all times. However due to the small size of your target half the time you can't actually see where your tail is because your finger is covering the screen. If you choose to use the tap controls rather than the continuous hold then you can kiss your hopes of being able control your snake goodbye due to the angular nature of the snakes movement. This is a very beautiful game with a solid concept. However, the controls are so infuriating that I'd rather just not play.
As others have said, this is a game about patience. There isn't a problem with the controls, because making a challenging game is the point here. Even if you're not a very good player, like me, you can still beat the game if you sit down and play patiently. Don't blame it on the controls if every time you lose some progress you start ripping out your hair. That, you can blame on yourself because this game IS beatable
Although a good idea for a game. By making the snake follow the finger means it is hard to see where your actually going, for me this made the game quite unplayable. With a different control style I think it would get MUCH better
as many said, the poor gesture control destroys everything. Have your PM played this before publish to store? BTW, a star is for the fine art and the concept.
Very short game, but it was very well made and a lot of fun to go through. I did encounter a glitch in the last level that made me have to restart a few times though.
Beautiful looking but incredibly frustrating and ultimately boring. Did not even complete 1st level as similar but harder was a bleak prospect.
This game is artistic on a level that many games today simply fail to meat. The visuals and tracks being relaxing and charming, while the touch controls having a hypnotic flow and sense of freedom for the user. Ophidia is extremely satisfying to play and I would strongly support the expansion of its content or the development of a new title.
Ophidia looks like a gorgeous game with an interesting concept. I wish I could give a better rating but the game crashes at startup. I'm on Samsung Galaxy s4.
I almost beat it, my phone broke. Forgot about the game for a while, came back to try and play it on my new phone, and it never gets past the loading screen for the level.
I have played it on the pc and it was amazing. But when I tried to play it on my tablet, when I'm on the home screen and touch the screen to start, it exits out of the game completely every single time.
Loved this game, loved everything about this game. The graphics were absolutely beautiful and so uniquely unusual, as was the game play itself. My only complaint is it was way too short, I beat it within an hour, please make more levels or a second edition!
You can only get 4 stars from me! Only 4 levels!? In this Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful game i ever played!? You better add more levels or my rating will fall on 3! ;) (or 500000000000 if you do what i've told) :)
This is probably the best mobile game I've ever played, and I'm constantly browsing the play store for a good game. However, I would recommend turning the volume up on the last level, as it is near impossible and gets quite frustrating but the music helps.
Great game but the touch to move concept is the worst control system ever when you move around the bug your fingers cover half of the bug therefore resulting in you eating yourself
I would give 5 stars if I had the option for a joystickon the corner of the screen instead of finger follow
Great idea and great execution. Trully indie with beautiful graphics and good although hard to master controls. Took me half an hour to complete so it isn't a time consumer. Good luck with future projects guys :)
The gameplay was made really difficult at times even with a stylus, felt like some control issues. Otherwise a really great looking game.
The game only has four levels. There are also some frustrating bugs with movement - getting rebounded and then eating yourself entirely, losing all your prior progress. Otherwise a great looking and sounding game.
It's beautiful and I hope more people see it in the future. The controls are fine by me; had a litte trouble with the sudden bouncing when you are too close to an enemy. I hope that more levels will be available in the future but even so I still loved it
beautiful game WARNING - you must guide the snake with your finger in circles - problem being in certain positions you cant see the snake for your hand and often times you will eat your body... poor design
It's short, but the art style is interesting. Some might find it difficult, but nothing you can't master with some practice and patience. Would recommend it for those who are new to mobile games.
From the reviews, I was excited to play this game, but it keeps exiting/crashing before I can even play it. I crashes after I tap to start and the "Loading" screen appears. I have tried a bunch of ways and turned off my other apps so my tablet runs faster, but it's not working. Does anyone know a fix for this? If I get help/figure it out myself, I'll leave a more honest review.
Great concept and art style, terrible choice for the control scheme. Please add a joystick function. I can't see through my finger, and unfortunately that's the only way to guide the snake.
This game is amazing. The artworks, game mechanics and soundtrack is breathtaking. Wish that the devs could produce more games that are so simple but so great like this.
The ultimate "try to draw a perfect circle on a screen that keeps scrolling" simulator. I can't handle it on the phone, but the tablet screen estate is much more forgiving.
Beautiful game, except for one problem- the game. I can't play a game where half the time I can barely see what I'm doing because I have to make tight maneuvers using a big, fat finger to cover half the screen. A joystick pad would be nice...
Perfect circle drawing simulator. Controls are not bad, but your finger gets in the way while trying to look at the screen. Interesting game but feels needlessly tedious
This game looks beautiful, but is unplayable thanks to its frustrating controls. The game requires that your cursor be visible at all times, which is not possible with finger controls since your hand will inevitably obscure your vision at a crucial moment. It's a shame because it is clear that a lot of effort went into creating a unique aesthetic and interesting gameplay, but I was unable to get past the second level without rage quitting when, just as I was about to envelop some object, my snake bounced off some obstacle and cut segments off its body for the umpteenth time because my fat finger was in my way.
Nice art, and game idea but you should add a snap feature when the head is close to the tail-end. It's quiet frustrating especially since your hand is covering the screen most of the time
Beautiful game ruined by atrocious control. It's hard to make good play while there is a big finger over your screen.
This game looks really awesome, but it doesn't even start. I tap on it and then it says Ophidia has stopped. I re-installed It and it says the same. I have a Samsung Galaxy J2. If you could figure out what happened I would rate it ☆☆☆☆☆. Good Luck.
I got too frustrated on the last level and cannot beat it, but from the levels I did play, I love it. The Celtic art is beautiful, the music is lovely, and all the creatures are really pleasing to the eyes. I really love the ice level and its boss. Great job on making the game! I hope you keep making more and continue to get better
This game is phenomenal!! The art is fantastic, the levels are perfectly challenging, and do not regret playing it. However, the fact that you had to use your finger to guide the snake was very difficult because you end up not being able to see where you are going. Well done
Great! I like the visuals and musics here. The levels are short but nice. But the controls is is what I don't like the most, but that depends on the phone's screen size. Anyway, I wish the game has more levels soon!
Really enjoyed this game!! Presented a great challenge while also being a good activity to help unwind at the end of the day. Once you get the hang of the mechanics its super satisfying to defeat enemies and beat the levels.
Amazing tone, looks and well chosen music all create an excellent atmosphere. I could spend ages playing around with the little illustrated worlds. Sadly let down by poor mechanics, control of the avatar is a little loose and it is extraordinarily easy to damage yourself and lose all progress in a level due to near imperceptibly wrong manoeuvring. Mechanics would work in a game with a hardcore do-or-die atmosphere but are at odds in the cheerful illustrated world of Ophidia and only serve to irritate the player when a simple task is made infuriatingly tedious. Worth looking into, not worth keeping in your device.
The game looks awesome and does something highly unique from the majority of mobile game drivel, but controlling the snake with your finger on the screen just does not work. My finger is on the snake's head, so I can't see where the snake is. And having to bite the tail and nothing but the tail is needlessly fiddly. With such fundamental flaws I'm surprised you put as much effort into the game as you have, but kudos for doing something so different.
The game art is simply breathtaking. Love the story and idea behind it. The levels may not be many, but they are difficult enough to keep you occupied. Sometimes the game does glitch though, where the snake breaks up into pieces and moves like it's stuck. It's a bit challenging to me to play with fingers, but it's part of the difficulty, I suppose. Could always try a stylus.
Good job. Simple controls with a neat concept. I like that it was more a test of planning and patience than of reflexes; I think this allowed the difficulty to increase without creating anxiety. Absolutely loved the art style and music. Not too short, but a few more levels could have been nice. Also, for mobile devices, make sure that the game can detect interruptions such as "low battery" pop-ups and pause automatically in response.