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Operation: New Earth

Operation: New Earth for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoyed the game mechanics, especially the tac map view of ground battles. I didnt enjoy how easy it is to get utterly smoked by people willing to drop large sums of money in upgrades. Fun game, but unbalanced p2w aspect made this game unfun for me.
Great game. The game play is great. It is easy to pick up this game and understand what to do right away. The tutorial is easy to follow and really gets the game going. One thing I would change is the attack feature. When choosing to attack another player it defaults to raid whenever you log out. This is very frustrating. I would give it 5 stars if the option stayed where you put it or defaulted to destroy.
Yall have a great game , prices on shards are high for what you get . Regions are over controlled by alliances . I dont understand why i get so many things for my hero when i cant use them , and all the aliens ie dark forces ships bugs covert etc allways seem to be overpowered , im lvl 39 Hero and cant win , Excellent game many good people . Thank Yall for all yall do And my microsoft pc version no longer plays
Not worth playing. No level playing field. a level 50 can destroy you at a level 2.. and the only way to build a base of any substance is to pay real money for fake money to speed up upgrades.. Also Alliances that you want to join with your friends. . Will kick you out if your a newbie.. Just do yourself a favor. . look out the window. . There's a whole big beautiful real world out there.. Go outside. . Meet real people. Don't waste your time on a game like this..
Can't win..big spenders make it futile to compete .at the mercy of people with unemployment and retirement checks with free money to spend and wreck havoc on the weak who can only buy the occasional package or none at all. Time to upgrade is impossible without spending and because you don't spend there's no way you can compete with players that do spend.games should be fun and at least have the opportunity to be competitive
So the game is fun however, it's only fun if you can get in a powerful group, pay to obtain the special vehicles and even then you have to worry about the game stealing your shards and not giving you anything at all. Its completely rediculous trying to do anything just for this game to force restart you and make you lose your currency.
Pay to win game. Long waits and people will just pay to beat you. Than you need to wait months for troops to heal just to get attacked again. Dont bother.
I would i give this game 4-5 stars but i did not because of the ridiculous pricing. New Earth is like star craft MMO style, and I've been playing for a few months now. I like that this game rewards the player and your alliance for working together, however, it takes some time to upgrade your base, and another player on the server mustve spent over $1000 on the game. He has almost as much power as my entire alliance alone, and it's not fair that hes always top of the leaderboards.
There are no any boundries in classification, the game is set up on bulling basics. Any time someone 1000 times stronger can come in, wipe you out and teleport away without leaving any trace and chance to get back to them. Remember there are kids playing this. Besides you are given a chance to buy bundles to speed up a progress, which is completely unprotected at this point, everything you have been paying and working for is at risk to be taken away by uncomparebaly stronger opponents.
Truly underrated. It has an amazing theme, gameplay, and progression. However, upon zooming in on something occassionally what you're looking at is pixelated. Overall great though.
When a billion+ power player can accurately track multiple players randomly teleporting to separate locations and be next to them to attack within 2 or 3 seconds of their arrival. That's just not humanly possible. It takes a while to scroll around and scan the map. There's obviously a cheat/hack/exploit or a dev. Numerous support tickets have been written about this and one other player yet nothing ever happens. You get an email stating they will look into it and you never hear from them again.
Have to say am lovng playng ths game on androd compared to Windows.Like beng able to watch a few ads to pick up thngs used in-game :)
Good game but after playing it a few years 2 stars is the best I could give. Still just terrible build requirements and time. 365+ days for such low levels. Money doesn't go anywhere as far as progression still...what a shame.
the deploying of troops and ships to go fight and search things is to slow. if this were to be sped up and keep it that way i would keep the game. need to be able to move buildings too. when their stationsty it sucks. cant organize. other than that good game
Wasn't sure at first to be honest. I joined DEFO love this alliance! That changed my opinion I can't get enough! Can I make a suggestion though. 2 to 3 days for updates on some things I find redundant, and if you do update on these you can't update anything else until it's complete. The game is slow to begin with, please change this. Also it would be great if you could expand sectors, and can you add more avatars or allow the user to create their own. Great work developed. A shout out to DEFO!
Good easy going game. Like others there are those that have to prove they are "tuff". Does take time to upgrade, the higher you go. I wish they would have high shard caches for lower prices. Get a good alliance and it isn't a bad game.
This isn't a bad game but when you have a Hospital and you can't use it because everyone is dead. What's the purpose of having one. Your enemy are too powerful for being level 1s and 2s and for that matter even lv. 3s. You want people to spend money on your game. Don't make it too hard to play. If there aren't any changes done to this game, I won't be spending any more money. 1 more thing about Armor for my Character, if you intended on letting us make some Why make it so EXPENSIVE>
Yet another money pit, where victory is bought, not earned. Spend yourself to the ranks of the elite, and you'll never be attacked. Fail to do so, and you'll regularly be wiped out. Good game idea. Too bad it's implemented as a revenue stream, not a game.
love this game met my best friend through this game just one thing would be great to make it easier for people who can't afford to spend money on the game to build up but still ba five star
This is my favorite game. But it has glitches constantly, server is slow to keep up with data transfers. Accounts easily get lost. The shard reactor doesn't work with Facebook or google, only Steam works. There are multiple platforms and each one delivers a completely different experience. The admins take too long to provide updates or remove harassing players. The game play can sometimes be inconsistent due to these issues.
It's a game you can leave running while you do other things. A great game for bullies who wish to spend.
Lost 180k shards (game curreny) equivalent to about $40. Opened a ticket over 3 months ago and still not resolved. I know 2 other players that lost game currency and never got their issue resolved
I gave this game a 4 star becuse Most games hype up the game at first and then get so hard to continue you have to spend money to make it fun . In my eyes is no fun! We'll see if this is one of those games. Other than that it is a fun game.
Lots challenging parts... You need to make logical decisions through your series of actions...... No short cuts or u lose big time..... Well written and thought thru game.... It is long term, year or more but worth it. I Best game I have played so far... I have so much fun I get to talk with new friends all around the world......
Great game lots of fun can do well without buying stuff, but buying will speed up your progress if you do t want to grind
It's a great game for your time but it's disappointing when there isn't a solution for the glitches that end up costing you.
This game has alot of strategic downfalls where you cant defend or protect troops or overcrowd medbay,still has alot of potential if the bugs were worked out for better gameplay since this is a "defender" style game
A good strategy game. This game is not as pushy to get people to spend like some other games. You can enjoy the game with spending very little.