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OpenArena for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by pelya. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Extreme Violence, Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The default mod of open arena runs smooth. When I add the quake 3 2020 mod from pc game , mouse lost control in my mobile, but it works well with keyboard. Thanks pelya for giving us very nice game, even better than pc mod.
This rating will go up if you can make it playable with Chromebooks---currently, the game crashes when I start a game. Hope you guys can fix it!!
Very addictive game but needs a fix to combat the random fps lag. I noticed that the frame rate went down alot whenever multiple enemies are in the field of view and they happen to be shooting, it makes the game barely playable in such situations. I'm using a Nokia 6.
It's open arena on phone. Fantastic. Although I recommend everyone turn off gyro and swipe rotation. Then tweak the controls to your liking.
Good, and very addictive, but can you please fix the controls a bit? The look controls still get in effect for half a second when you swipe fast, and the jump button is in a very uncomfortable place. Also, the controls are a bit too small. Can you please fix these issues? If so, I'll give 5 stars for controls. Also, add chromebook support as it crashes on my Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11.
so i started playing this a few weeks now on the pc and it was great. this mobile version is pretty great too but the thing is the jump button and the other buttons on the right side of my screen disappeared and i cant seem to edit the buttons to move them around. im on Oero os and have 1.4GHz snapdragon 425 quad core w/ 2GB ram. an update to fix this issue would be appreciated
Im playing this on a chromebook, for some reason, when ever i start a game in it, the app just closes. I've resized it, allowed permission to files, deleted it and reinstalled it again, but nothing works.
I have been waiting to try this...and I really love it when I have more time I'm gonna play it more but this is freaking awesome! I highly recommend this game if you like quake like stuff and the best part is it is compatible with game controllers..I have issues with my hands and stuff and the controller doesn't make my hands hurt as bad. Keep up the great work on this game guys and girls and squirrels
Very difficult to control with just a touch screen/gyro. But put this baby in VR and get a decent ish method of controlling actions and you're in for a unique and entertaining VR FPS experience. You can also adjust the game speed if you get motion sick, but I never had to do much with that since I have an iron stomach.
the controlls are horrid you jump when you dont need to and you turn when you dont need to like man are you trying to sabotage these players
Quake clone! Great recreation and plays almost the same.. Jump sprinting is a thing, rocket boosts work but are difficult.. However no one seems to be playing currently leaving the servers with a few bots to play with.. This game definetly needs more exposure.. Though, id imagine if QuakeLive ever went mobile this game may become obsolete, its fun for now though
The controls are confusing for beginners, on my phone the button doesn't show for some things like shooting, jumping and zooming. Maybe make the screen more wide and fix the buttons for Nokia 5.3 and other devices that has this problem. But overall, this game is really fun, if you are a youtuber I recommend this game to you so this game becomes more popular and I don't have to play alone.
It's great on Android TV! It's like I get to play Quake 3 all over again :D There are some minor issues using a controller - the UI doesn't always like it and menu selection isn't always intuitive (again, with a controller) but the end result is well worth it! Now I just need to see if I can fiddle with some of the settings...
Fun, but the controls are a bit finicky. You can't move them around. Also, if you lift up your aiming finger but leave your movement finger touching the screen, and the touching finger is out of the joystick bounds, then you keep turning in the direction you were turning when your aiming finger was on the screen.
,I remember playing this game about 3_4 years backon my galaxy tap 2, and I just installed it again on my Lenovo 2, but when I try to go into any kind of match it just crashes, can you please fix it?
The physical button mapping is awesome! I mapped shoot to volume up and that makes shooting while aiming really easy.
Thats what im like :D oldschool shooter , Is little hard play with pc players but hey is old classic PVP
Back to the good old days of arena shooting. It was awesome enough that the devs made this free on PC, and having the ability to play it on the go is great fun. The performance issues i encounter are only due to having an old phone with rather weak RAM, so i have no real complaints. ( am still eagerly awaiting any updates from both OpenArena devs and the porter :) )
Love the game. Wish it had more players and had maps that used the nail gun, chain gun, and the bfg10k
The controls are awesome after doing some tweaking in the settings. Fast paced gameplay just like quake and the weapons are top notch. I just wish there would be more players on this masterpiece of a game.
Out of the box ... No, but tweak the gyroscope settings and whatever else? In settings. it's fun. if you have no gyroscope it's probably not that fun. Other ppl review this app too critical, don't seem to realize this is ID softwares quake 3 ported to Android
I have a chromebook( a fairly new one) , and the game crashes. I open the game, and I press fight. the game just continues to crash. The chromebook I have is an R11 chromebook, which is powerful enogh to run a simple game like this one. Please let me know what I can do to solve this problem. Thanks.
While using claw play style + gyro, controls are easy, but sometimes camera view jumps strait up and I need to aim again. I've found out that happens when you aim and shoot at the same time, sometimes shooting finger moves and camera goes wild. It would be nice to get an option to turn off aiming on area where is fire button. Other than that, it's Quake 3 on android! :)~
Love it, one thing to improve is to improve support on wider aspect ratio displays. But still very well done and fun to play.
i love this its just mouse and keyboard are not supported. rooting is not needed for mouse and keyboard you can just buy an adapter for your phone and then plug in a mouse then boom you see the cross hair and no its not illegal its in android 7+
I think this is a pretty faithful port of the game... I recommend binding a bluetooth controller to this though.
The Satanist agenda continues. STOP WITH THE PENTAGRAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again they just can't seem to stop ruining good games with occult imagery. I would give a -1 star rating if I could, for that one reason. Some truly lost pathetic souls have been working with ID Software for a long time. Or maybe the developer here is to blame.
A Good Classic of Old Games Never Dies... Get Ready For Twisted Worlds of Multiplayer Battles & Fun To Play On or Off-line)
I feel like it is safe to say that i am one of the very few who played this on pc but i am happy to see it on android. Play it in first person for a much better experience. Tweak the settings and you have definitly one of my top 3 fps games! Also no ads and no in app purchases which is extremely rare for a free game. Thanks for letting me relive some of my childhood memories!
I played this game when I was 6 or 8 and well it would say it's great,Even though it takes long to download i,d still play the game either way
Best fps on android and cross platform multiplayer with PCs. Supports gamepads. Requires a descent tablet for a good experience. Frame rate is a bit slow on Amazon Fire Kindles, even the newest ones as of this writing, but playable and silky smooth on nVidia K1 tablets. Graphics is about the same as on PCs. Characters could use a graphics upgrade. Effects could be better. But a great game.
It's decent. I'd love to play more, however it's impossible to move, aim, and shoot at the same time. Need a game pad.
But that last update killed it on android 4.4 please fix it Thank you for fixing it can't wait to play in vr
horrible controls. Once you sort out a mouse turning (like in any other FPS game) compatibility issue, I rate it 5*. otherwise, it's a shame you lot have a good game without a propper controls.
The controls are absolutely dire, and clumsy.. Reconfiguring them is also not intuitive.. This just doesn't lend itself to touch screen control. Sure, if you plug a keyboard or mouse into your mobile it's great, but who seriously does that!?
This is a REALLY good game but the controls are hideous and its impossible to play this on the phone,which is a shame because it's one of the top notch free games you can get on the phone.I hope the developers care enough to fix it.
Thats a game worth playn... classic quake3 arena style. Still heaps of fun. Still have it on my 2005 PC - xp laptop. But more handy to play on my phone. Lots great memories.
I have to say this is a very good port of a very great classical FPS game Quake 3 Arena and I am very happy that it has controller support even though you can't put the controls in specific points with an Xbox One controller having to play it with an Xbox One controller can get some getting used to but the controls are there and you can adjust the sensitivity in the menu all in all very good port of the great quake 3 Arena game and one that I can take on the go and have a fun time๐Ÿ‘
I would really love if you would allow us to move the touch buttons around then the game will be playable. Right now I will need mouse and keyboard, just because we can't move the touch controls around
This is a great game. Touch controls are implemented, but it really isn't playable on a phone. Better for controllers... ...which means Android TV supports it well. All it needs is local multiplayer (e.g. splitscreen) and it would be perfect.
Guys i love this game but when i want to chat it and i type and i press done to send it it exit and loads the map again and the same with name change it kicks me back to the main menu please fix and i love this game
im gunna say the game itself is fantastic but when you hit female character it sounds like ohhhhh so like she gets you know what, so i just want to update fem character hit sound
It's good on the computer sucks on the phone tho, if you have a controller connected to your phone then you'll be fine. Definitely don't recommend for the phone, but highly recommend it for computers or PC's.
Game is very fun, doesnt feel as fast as the original quake 3 but it's still a worthy quake port. The controls arent that good, but good thing theres full controller support.
its my fav game on PC but the controls makes it almost impossible to play i think u should get inspiration from PUBG..it has best controls..
install an aiming stick on the right side with a separate button to fire. couldn't shouldn't a thing, controls are awful.
this game is amazing great job it's quirky go control on mobile so I won't be playing it much,its great perfect remake of port of quake 3arena great job, it's good to see this exist I recommend this game to everyone
No option to turn off double tap to jump. I use a black shark 2, which you have no choice but to use their screen mapping program because the controllers don't appear as Android hid devices like most gamepads do. In this game since there is no way to turn off double tapping the screen to jump with your left thumb, it results in a lot of accidental jumping when you are trying to move using the left thumbstick. Release left thumbstick to neutral position, then press other direction, it jumps.
I would really love if you would allow us to move the touch buttons around then the game will be playable. Right now I will need mouse and keyboard, just because we can't move the touch controls around. I prefer a quake port coz they got controls I can customize and aim properly on touch
Move should be on the left and camera view on the right otherwise right handed people, like me, can't play. That's a majority of the population by the way.
ACTUALLY ONE OF THE BEST PORTS!!! Comes with quake 3 arena gameplay, with cool characters. Gibs fly everywhere in fast paced skirmish. Can be laggy, but you can mess around with the settings. Haters are dumb. Its so fun, and it shouldnt be free. Its better in first person view, which you can change to in the menu in the top right corner. Get it while its still free. Although no one even is playing it. Play bots on skirmish.
This is like the Quake III of mobile. Bringing back the old classic old arena shooter vibe is amazing. There were some really cool maps. Fast paced matches, and just pure fun. Age Review 15+: Bloody violence, Moderate swearing
You give us the option to play with pc users but no keyboard and mouse support. Gimps a great port overall, make lobbys for Android users like you have and then have keyboard and mouse servers. Doom supports it and the quake ports do as well. Now I have to install something else for my TV box to get it to work.
Brings me back to the old days.. I love how it feels like a quake game.. The graphics are not as good yet but the game play is really on point.. I would help support this game if there was a payment option..I haven't tried the VR setting in it yet. I'm sure it will be a nice experience.. Thank you for taking the time in making this game I will play it everyday..
Old school gaming revamped! Great controls, INVERTED AIM! Best FPS online shooter. Amazing grafix, only thing that would make it better is maybe a story mod for offline play. Very few newer games have inverted aim, its because the none inverts are deeply afrade of playing with a invert. Because of our old school ways. Thats why devs dont include inverted aim in most games.
Ok it's pretty good, for those who like to screw with the controls, heed this. DO NOT SCREW WITH THE LOOK CONTROLS
Wow !! Multiplayer game style against bots on Android TV :-) im very happy. The game run fine on Shield Android TV . Missing mouse support , keyboard is already supported , if i have full mouse support i will play this game alot more and will give a solid 5 stars .
this game is great in all aspects! but yu know it kinda freezes while playing plz look into that.. coz im using a really powerful device and changing the graphics does nothing much
this seems like a good game but everytime i try to use mouse aim it does nothing and the mouse wheel to change weapons dosen't work
I'd give five stars if keyboard and mouse supported (game pad is... ) under single player mode. Also needs to let user map button locations and a quick center view button or by triple tap.
Moto G5 Plus/Ipega 9021. Great old school fun. Great graphics for it's time, still good gameplay after all these years. Good controller support and still an online community.
It's very nice game. Addictive and fun. Nostalgic player models are a welcome addition to it. However sometimes the turning controls would not work. I could not turn my character, which is a HUGE disadvantage. Please fix that. Also please add separate jump buttons. Apart from that, it's a very good game. Keep it up๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“
very nice game but I have not played it I am just see the the photo and telling . This game is is of to much mb . The mb is 460
Updating my review after having some time to play the game a while and it his playable it's not the same game obviously using touchscreen but it will suffice when you are on the bus or something heh