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Open House

Open House for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Integra Games Global OU located at Tornimae 5, Tallinn, Estonia, 10145. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Waited for almost a month for update and now that I have updated 2 times, it still the same inside the game. I am now deleting this game.You all should not let the players wait😠
I love this game! It's so fun! The furniture is so cool and colorful. The choices are awesome. I've played a lot of match 3 games and Open House is one of the best. I actually spent money on this one and I hardly ever do that on games. But I didn't have to, I just wanted the great deal they had. Every level is beatable without the powerups. You just gotta be good at it like me ; )
I have been playing the levels but haven't been and to remodel or design anything because there is no day 15. SMH!!! That's the whole point of playing, being able to design... I've been stuck here for over a week now... if you don't add more levels to design I'm deleting app. It was great upto this point.!!!!
Nice when you have nothing doing but every update takes you back to a level you've already passed. You never getting anywhere. This update sucks
So far it's a okay game, just wish choices were better for furniture and decorations. I like the main character.
I just love this game. I have completed day 11 and I am eagerly waiting for new levels. The story line is sooooo good. I totally recommend you to play this gameπŸ‘
A great game just wish you could choose your own colours for deco I'm a bit ocd and nothing matches lol x but other than that excellent game and graphics x
I dont see any problem with the game. The difficulty level of each puzzle is fine but i would like to request to pls give some bonus boosters. Like unlimited life for an hour and free boosters every successful level in a given time cuz I play offline. I always rely on my boosters in which currently is running out. So pls pls pls 🀧
I love this game very much. I have been addicted to this game. But I hope to have more levels. I have played upto 290 levels. Update it as soon as possible
I really like this game very much. If I compare with the others, this will be the top one. Thank you for creating this game and I hope you will be able to create more gamesπŸ‘
Love the game up until level 96. I have been on this level for 2 days now used all the boosters I had which were a lot and still can't pass it. Uninstalling it now. Don't download
The game levels are absurd as the level of hardness in each level & ridiculous number of moves.. and then 800 coins for extra moves.. why can't u give watch an ad option & after that 800 coins? There is no free coins or free boosters given. worst of all game suddenly freezes..This developer is unfortunately a thief in disguise.. u are forced to loose. There's no moves.. there's nothing free. U HAVE to spend money. Otherwise uninstall the game bcoz u can't continue.. so will uninstall...
I love the story but not anymore. The character of Jimmy shows frustrations instead of hopefulness. In making furniture, Oscar still needs the help of the lady which shows male weakness. Levels become difficult that it will take long before finishing it so I might as well take this time to play other games. Hope to visit it again someday if there are improvements.
Not too bad! I'm enjoying the commentary,.?Oscar and Laura are great, and the parrot is totally kick butt cool! No problems with gameplay, nice graphics!! Nice :)
Very good game, I had ever seen, but there is no level to play after level 392. I want to play more levels. I parsonally requesting integra games to make more levels. i need more levels
I really liked this game but I'm uninstalling because every time the internet is on a message pops up saying the app is running on another device and you have to restart and when I restart I loose my progress. This has happened more than twice and it's really frustrating!! 😀 Other than it is a good game which occupies less space and with easy controls. The story and characters are also good.
I like the game, I've already finished Day 15, but I hope there will be few Days might be developed soon...
Terrible game. Keeps crashing. Like most games that take money from you for so called season boosts, then it just keeps crashing. Don't bother downloading this game people you will be very disappointed.
Great game.. I love it made to the last season at level 495 I just wish there was more to the story, however the levels are still going up you just want be able to finish the story out. But overall it's a great game. You will enjoy playing this if you like puzzle plus story telling games.. Thanks to y'all had an hand in making this app. Pls add more I love it.. Thanks Open House Crew
Why do the creators of these games quit updating them? This was my favorite game, just the right difficulty, fun to decorate. Finished day 13 and waiting over a month for update to day 14.
Love this game, by far one of the best match 3 games there is based on story line. My only grumble is the fact that you have to hang about for weeks on end to get the next story line as the producers add more levels. Its a little frustrating. Its worth waiting for, just you kinda loose track of the story a little in the mean time.
Some levels are so hard to beat..its been 4 days on this same level..i paid for a one time offer but it does not show on the game..not the coins or my boosters..its a good game but it gets very hard to beat and then you have to spend money to go forward.
I love this game but the problem is about updating the game. I always waited for how many weeks just to continue the game level last time and now the story of oscar and sarah..
I really enjoyed this game... I was completed 446 level ; but now I cannot continue the game , the tasks are not available after day 13.... Could anyone please tell me...
This game is robbing...even though im waiting to update it. I still want to open some space so that i could update it....but it has robbed me for the second time now. Where is my reward which i have played for???? Can i please have my reward or im gonna delete it. I have played it so well...i will just rate it with 3 stars cause you didnt give me my reward. WHERE IS DAY 15. HOW MANY DAYS MUST I WAIT?? PLEASE REPLY!!
The game's really good. The graphics are way better than most games and the levels are just the right amount of difficult. BUT it sucks that there's been no updates after level 290 and I really wanna keep playing. I wanna know what happens next!
This game is worth spending time but developers should create storyline for day 14 ahead ..dont keep players waiting. Overall its a nice game and addictive too..
Weird dialogue. Just like all others the further you go the more difficult it becomes. Weird options for decorating. Not fun anymore 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻
I was going to try this game out but it want even start so therefore I am uninstalling it.I like this type of games but if they want start get rid of it.
I like it but it would be better if there was a game to exit the game safely. I don't understand why Sarah always hard the scared expression when she talks. So many difficult levels mean I can only play for short periods, but it's a nice game.
Great Graphics, Enjoy alot. Please do add a option to form groups with those whom have this game. Hold events that can be completedindividualy, and events completed aa a group also. . Please add extra details around the house, the house looks like as if its the only house, and no one else is there. Add shops, park, swimming centers, and so on , make all these in new updatesπŸ˜πŸ‘ Add side mini games and add a option to form clubs /team ,put events that as a team earn points and get rewards!!!!
I love this game, one of the best of its type. The graphics are cool, the match 3 screens just the right level of challenging, and the story line and writing is fun, zany and relatable as you follow Oscar and his human and otherwise friends bumbling through a ramshackle beachfront home to make it livable in all while following their dreams. Some puzzles are hard but none are impossible even without spending, although I've enjoyed it so much that I've been happy to buy the odd little pack.
The game is good but it would be better if the puzzle is not too difficult because all the lives spent wasted and yet can't able to pass the puzzle. It is difficult to decorate the house because of limited star given from the puzzle. it is much better to give more free star and more than one star after passing the puzzle.
I love this game, I am big on the match 3 decorating games and this one is definitely in my top 5 favorites. I do really wish there was an option to buy +1 and +3 moves because alot of the times I know I can get it in one move and hate wasting so much coins for one move. Other than that this app has GREAT furniture options, normally I look for furniture that matches so I love how each room has 3 different sets that go with each other!
Very nice to play this game but the game was too short. It says that day11 available soon. How long can this game will be available. Please make it fast. I'm excited to play the season 2 of this game.
The game is amazing. I really loved it and i passed all the levels. Please update the new version "the day 13". It's a hard request to you πŸ˜„
Awesome game but now a days the buying and decorating option is not working otherwise it's my favourite
Okay, level 232...there are balloons that come up with a 1, a 2, and a 3. If you get the 1, you get 1 extra move. If you get the 2 or 3, sometimes you get 1 extra move, sometimes you don't get anything. Shouldn't you you get as many extra moves as the balloon says? What's the point of the numbers if that's not what you get? So glad I'm past that level but had to ask.
First of all, i absolutely love the design and the furniture choices! The levels are quite challenging, but it's possible. also the house seems a bit small compared to the other house decor games, so if the levels were too easy we'd run out of things to decorate. The game works great, on one scene after Jimmy hangs his dream catcher, oscar said "good thing we hang it high enough $ {pet name} can't reach it". Other than that, everything's fine. You should add teams and events too.
I love this game. I'm at level 443 BUT can't go any further than day 12. Does the game have more days? I'm getting bored racking up points (stars) and not being able to use them.
Pretty fun, with a hilarious story. The down side for now is that the story is not finished, so I'll have to wait every 1 or 2 weeks for a new chapter to appear.
My complaint is that the earned explosives are not very intelligent, the don't help by going where it's needed, and in some other games they do.
I love this game. Its graphics are very good and it is very good to play. But the game is too short. The game started and ended. I didn't really like the end of the game when the real fun started. Games have a limitation of playing for only 10 days. Why not the next one? This game ended with a bad suspense. And the biggest thing is that only 290 levels can be played here. No updates since then. And for such a small game, I couldn't give this game a five star.
I've played a lot of games like this one(Homescapes, matchington mansion, etc.) but none of those could match this one's level! . . This is a great app with wonderful options. I'm addicted to it. ❀️
I like this game...graphics, colors & gameplay are good...very enjoyable..Love the storyline & the variety of different boards. Thanx developers!
I love it a lot, even though I struggle with a lot of the stages. I have to rely on my extra lives and boosters a long the way.
Good game , but so bad when u update it go back , like I was about to finish d kitchen decoration but when I update it went back to d living room. I have played more than 10 times but still end up going back when I update , For this 1 star.
i hate you game, Because whenever I go up to level 25, I find the update again and then if I update with the data, it brings me to level 15, then it gets very annoying, so fix the bugs & update again
Nice game but when are you going to update it . it stops at day 13. I hope you update it soon because it is the only game i have ever kept for this long and not uninstalled
Why don't the creatures or support dept answer any questions about updating day 14? We all love to play this game!
Don't say there is a new chapter with you're updates because I am stuck on chapter 13 now for months. And keep on updating the app.
Here, get to the point I am at level 290 and this game is AMAZING. Talking about story line, I am speechless(good story line). When you stick to a level and it seems harder, don't give up. You can overcome within 2 or three days. But still I didn't give 5 stars cause the house could be decorated more beautifully. The decorated stuffs are ok but in my opinion when you upgrade it plz improve the decorated equipments AND OF COURSE BRING SAHAH BACK! She's a sweet character don't end up her πŸ˜•
One of the best match 3 story games. The stories always run out before the games are complete. Hoping Day 14 is added soon. I currently have over 60 stars, and can't wait to spend them sprucing up the house and beach.
I have been playing this game for a few months now. I am utterly addicted! It really is so much fun, relaxing and at times frustrating especially when you have difficulty with a level, trying like 10 times to pass it, and then suddenly sheer chance and you made it. The best part is joining a team, helping each other with lives, chatting and team tournaments. Good for playing online or offline. Thank you developers for a top notch game!!! :)))
I really love this game! It's relaxing and I love the storyline! No negativity to it!I love the challenges and power-ups and sending and getting lives to and from people all over the world! It's nice to meet new people to chat with! Thanks for creating this game! It is my favorite:)
Really not enjoying this game anymore. You wait weeks to move on in the story and then the levels are impossible to beat. It took me a full week to pass a level because I refuse to pay for more coins out of principle. I understand that this is a free game and they need to make money but with how hard the levels are to pass I find it just pure cheekiness.
I finished day 13. Now still waiting for day 14 to start. Day 14 started and I reached day 15 and know back to the same problem. What's the problem with the game. Can I please get some feedback what the problem is or just delete and look for something better. Don't even want to give any 🌟 at this moment. Very disposition
Love this game so much, the interaction in gameplay is a plus, totally addicted , hours of fun , looking forward to new levels
, add more rewards and free boosters plz. Concept and characters are excellent, I would like to see some neighborhood and grocery etc. shopping places, as it looks lonely . Wish to see more level added. Different and exciting game, although somelevels are too difficult
This was a fantastic game.The graphics was too good.I love Sara, Oscar,Jimmy,Ellie and all the characters.But sometimes the level are so hard.But I couldn't giveup.So,guyz please don't giveup this game.If the level is too too hard you can be finishing in two or three days. I love this game😍😍😍😍
I like the game very much because it is so interesting and of less memory. It is my favourite game i have ever played. It has good quality and very interesting levels.the best thing is that it is offline if you don't have internet then you can play it whenever you want. I always wanted to play that type of games but the other games have very much memory. I love the game please update it , i wanted to play more interesting levels
It's a really enjoyable game. I highly recommend it if you like to design houses and play puzzling games.
Very good game, I had ever seen, but there is no days to play after day 13 I want to play more days. I am personally requesting integra games to make more days. i need more days.Or i will suicide.I will case against integra games.I had become crazy for it. OMG!!!!!!! I am serious!!!!
This game is perfect and nice not that hard to play too but improvement needed on daily challenges and events we need it please try and add so the game is more interesting
Having loads of fun! The boosters help a lot when the game gets progressively harder. You just have to figure out which booster to use each time. But don't give up! So far I've been able to beat the boards even when if takes a day or two. Cute graphics. Funny story line with kooky characters.
The game is really good, BUT it's a CONSTANT battle to just so much as get into the game, because it keeps on saying the game is "not responding", even when I have closed all my other apps AND uninstalled EVERY other game I had!!!! It's annoying. I'm uninstalling the game...
I aleady updated the game.but why still keep saying.."day 14 available soon"until when we wait??give exact days or weeks when the day 14 would start...
sme Levels toooo hard no boosters and the stars u shld give an ad u watch to atleast to get a few to boost the settingup of sme small things...and what is sarah scared of all the time....its getting bit boring on my side candy crush is even better...as long as u are online u can watch an ad after ur lives are done and continue playing.Here l have to wait or buy lives...lnstead of the matching stuff...why dnt you use ONEWORD PUZZLE for places and things n objects ..smething new and educative.
Great game but have to uninstall it at the speed of new mission is very poor and too slow ran out of missions week ago and now I have over 100 stars built up so when there was an update I would run out of missions and have to wait again very disappointed
Love the game gave 2 stars because i can't keep on playing at level 351 now says to continueπŸ˜” would love to be able to carry on, very made now the game went back to level 270 i am not gone do everything over uninstalled the game😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
this is a great great game but since Christmas eve day I reach level 666 and it keep saying that more level will come out soon it's been a month and no more level hasn't come out yet.
The reason I am only giving one star is because everytime the game updates, it goes back a view levels. I am suppose to be at the kitchen now but when the game updated it went back to the tree that needs to be removed. I would give this 5stars because I love this game, but nit before you give my levels back. I have already purchased the gas stove, now I have to go back. This is not fair. You have 24hours to give me my levels back or I will delete this game. 😭😭😭😭😭
It was a very amazing games until I was asked to update it and it stopped working "saying this game has stopped " u need to fix this
Good game so far, the puzzles are not that hard but I'm sure they will get harder as I level up. Would like to know how to invite people to play the game.
I give it three stars because it sometimes get back to past levels and shows due to server down it shows restart the game
I really enjoyed in renovating the house. Some part of furniture are way toooo much stars, for example lamp is 2 or 3 star, or some flowers wich u cant choose. Top of it every 3rd or 4th level is difficulte level.. guess soon ill delete this app cus it should be a game to enjoy not to get upset by levela of the game..and dont reply on this like you are sorry for this and send me a link for support..dont need it..just make game playable EDIT: 3 days playing one damn level..deleting app