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Oopstacles for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crystal Pug Pty Ltd located at 59 George St Beenleigh QLD 4207 Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is the cheap version of fall guys . It has the same obsticles over and over and you never get new ones .
This game is worst I ever seen in my life, It doesn't deserve one star also there is no option to give 0 star that why . This game is copied fun race game there control like touch to run and don't touch it will stop running . This is the worst game !!!
2 star because it doesn't have multiplayer mode what men u have to add the multiplayer mode then we will play with friends over all 2 star only for multiplayer mode is not in game. Please add.
Its a good time killing game. But according to ke there should be custom room or you can able to invite your friends and family to play with you. And there should be big maps and some different controls not only just to tap on screen wo run but there should many controls to moves left , right , jump .
I kinda kime it.... but the game is kinda lame, and if i want to stop my character my character still walking a little bit. Im sorry to aay this but i say no... i dont like it.
It is sooooo bad it won't even let me jump plus it sooo hard and It just get harder and it said hold to jump and it doesn't even jump Plus the graphics are bad and gameplay is bad and to play with someone else you need to pay your money just to play with someone else again it sooooo bad don't download.πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΏπŸŽƒ The game do something the is a bug ok🌷😁😏
It is awsome but it gets harder and harder and that is the isue but not really you just have to keep trying and trying and trying then you'll get better and better at.it it is one of the best games i've ever played this is 2nd the first best is ROBLOX I Lovvvvvvvvvvvvve that game sooooooooooooooooooo much both are the best IMO (in my opinion) that's what that stands for btw, I made it up unless i am wrong idk. that is all i have to say you can comment on this review i did this was my opinion!πŸ‘
Really gud but therebshud be a shop in which u can buy things with coins or jumps but not for actual money
I'm giving this a two star rating because there aren't many obstacles and you can only move forward and you can't jump.
I rate this game 5starsβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† because its awesome and enjoying for adults and kids,chidrens for everyone and the best part is like the modes and its awesome so it's not hard for anyone and we can play with friends and family I love it THIS GAME IS COOL and the best part is the character's beacuse if you chose the carrot the theme of the game changes its colour for the carrot its yellow,Orange and for the yellow zombie its purple and baby purple .
This is a very fun game! I'm only on level 190 and there are already so many cool obstacles and (I bet) more to come! It's so fun to see what will come next. Some obstacles are hard but they get easier as you do them more often. I also love the amazing character's that you get for only 500 coins which isn't alot as you get to higher levels with more coins. I also love when you get a character the color or climate changes like fore example; Elf- changes color to blue and it even snows! How cool!?
Fall guys developing team thank you for finally releasing mobile version! Graphics and characters looks a bit different from PC... oh wait a second this isnt fall guys
Improvements required:- β€’ add more level diversity. β€’add multiplayer(not just the versus). β€’knock out animations are not as striking as they should be.Speed of hammers etc should be increased...it doesnt feel natural at alll.. Hey guys ,your game is awesome just needs a little icing on the cake ....πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
SUCKS! no offence but uuh this is a versus play and not royale, I it was a royale and you get to a actual goal of winning over everyone else then I would say ye this is good but, overall graphics and controls are still good enough that the game is playable.
I'll give it a 4 star. Not a perfect game because it does get repetitive after trying the same levels over and over again. Hopefully new levels will come in the future! But overall it is a good and fun game!
I just found this game as of 1/23/20 & this's pretty fun! My only comment which may sound sadistic is that I wish the characters had more rag doll physics if running into an obstacle to make the game that much sillier & funny. ( I end up cracking uplaughing if my character doesn't make it as is. Only thing other than that is some kind of "boss" obstacle to heat every so many levels & maybe different music for different levels. Other than that, this game is pretty cool.
I found this being silly looking for games like fall guys. This is like a single player fall guys but not as fun. Still fun just not as fun as fall guys. It repeats a lot before changing after 10 levels. Fun on the pooper tho
Its so good but i have some isues but i still give it 1 stars bc the thing of its offline and i wish it was not auto jump bc i kinda like getting me challenge and who ever made this can you please do something about the auto jump?And thats all i just like the game bc i can use it for traveling in the future but not right now bc of corona virus
It's all good about this game but there are some thing that you can include like: 1st) We can have an option to play the game with friends and even have the obstacles harder. 2nd) You can even include some races having random maps and practice areas. That's all I will be waiting for an update including both the points.
Great app! Therses different modes and stuff. But sometimes it gets glitchy and a little slow. But other than that i recomend the app
It's really really fun it takes a little while to get the hang of it but that's not a problem . Love it ! !!!!!!!
Its amazing! Theres different modes amd you can even change your character by winning them! Or you can use real money to them... but this game is litteraly awesome.
I say it's nice the only problem is that it's super laggy for me and every level is like copying but it's very nice
This game is trash first of all you have to buy characters and you can't even jump yourself there is a auto jump don't play it please
Fun game once you got the hang of it. Although the forced screen rotation is annoying (better to make it an option or only portrait) and the online ranking sucks. I can't beat my high score because almost all my opponents die after a few seconds..
Exeded my expectations When I downloaded this game I expected it to be an ad filled fall guys ripoff but its not. This game is an infinite obstacle course game where jumps are automatic and you hold down to walk and when you stop it stops. The games doesn't throw you to level 1 when u die on challenge mode it puts you on the one you died on. Its simple and fun but I have some suggestions and critiques about it, maybe make a 4 player versus mode and its a bit buggy other than that its fun.
It is a really good game and really challenging. There is some glitches like when I complete a level I will still be on the same level.
Easy to use, I am a fan and it's fun to play in lockdown! Cool music is played in the background and it's a really good game.
This game is so much FUN except the versus mode because sometimes you have to wait like 10 minutes to find the player its fun i guess
This game is actually pretty lazy. Controls don't feel very good, and it fails to engage or make you keep playing. I don't know, there's just nithing all that special in here. You go through these Wipe Out type obstacles by either walking or not walking and that's pretty much it.
This Game Is Very Fun! I Totally Recommend It! And I Only rate it a 4 star is because when your character gets knocked over it lags sometimes. But other Then that this is a great game! I say You should at least try it! Definitely one of my favorite games ever! <3
It seems kinda like wipeout but its actually its own game. its not a fall guys ripoff. fall guys probably liked this and had its own version.
This game is kinda boring not gonna lie.....but theres room for improvement so dont get discouraged please! Concept is good but it needs tweakin most definitely.
It's a really great game, but you should put more obstacles because it gets boring when I have to play the same obstacles again and again! Also people keep saying that this is a copy of fall guys or a rip off but it's not people!!!! This game was made in 2017 and fall guys was made I think in 2020!!! So people stop saying that this game is a copies of fall guys!
This is a really good game, but it gets repetitive because there are like 5 levels that just repeat over and over. I also think that people shouldn't have to buy new characters, they could earn them. It also would be fun if it didn't have auto-jump and we could control more than just the running. I do like that there are different modes, most games don't have them.
Bad game most of the items you have to buy with real money i see you need money but don't make all of the items you need to buy with real cash to be blunt this is just a fall guys knock off
I love it although I can not play fall guys so this I perfect. I would definitely recommend this game
It was a lot of fun playing it,but I wish the character that we get were more flexible and there would be more game modes.Overall I think the game was worth my time.
This game is nice but it shown that, there will be multiplayer gameplay but when you play and choose the option for multiplayer gameplay it will first ask you give about 500 coins, that you have collect by playing single mode, then when you spend your 500 coins and play multiplayer gameplay, you will see there will be only one player against you and also they take both player's 500 coins and who will win will get the 1000 coins, this game was interesting but there we didn't have many players. 🀬
Didn't liked this game at allπŸ™ƒ.. The photos seems very different as per the game😞.. After seeing the photos i was very excited to play this but its very different gameπŸ™πŸ™.. This game is a little bit like run race 3dπŸ˜‘..
I think this game is good for 7+ to play in a long car journey! Over all I like it some times its takes a while to load but it is good!
Its cool and all but whos gonna pay 1$ for a skin make challenges to unlock them or like a battle pass
This game is really great, hoping this game can bind with google or fb account so that we can open our progress and skins from other devices, also must have multiplayer, customize to battle with friends and more players are playing in the game, must have elimination with group of players. Hoping this also have landscape mode for wider gameplay. So far I really love this game and hoping my suggestions will add by the developers soon.
This game gets boring easily. It's okay if you want to kill 5-10 minutes of your time but nothing I would play even every other day. The multiplayer isn't great either since there's no one to play with. You'll get an online match every half hour if that. I'm still waiting on fall guys so if you think it's anything like that walk away.
I love this game. Very relaxing and fun. Love both the offline and PvP mode btw sometimes you have to reopen the game to find an opponent beside that there is no big problem. Most importantly there is no annoying pop-up ads, you can watch ads by "your choice" to gain coins. Thanks for the kind developers.❀️
It's okay, but highly repetitive and in versus mode it doesn't work because I collapsed randomly every time and the game would never end. Overall this game is exactly average so 3 stars
its really fun to play especially when you're bored. the only reason im giving it a 4 star is coz it can be a little slow
Very basic touch to move forward style obstacle game. As long as you can stop moving and wait for an obstacle you can beat this game easily. I played for maybe 5 minutes and felt as if I had seen all the game had to offer. No major bugs that I noticed, and ran smooth. Gameplay was just a bore
Great game, graphics are good but I thought you could like Vs against people but you can't and you do the same obstacles over again
I don't like this game very much I have some suggestions for you 1)We can play with our friend 2) make good graphics 3)we can play with many other online players and 4) this is not a suggestion I am telling people who are saying this copy of fall guys so for your kind information fall guys is new and this game was made on 2017 means 3 years ago
It's a pretty good game the 4 star though is because the same levels keep coming throughout the game and kinda annoying though I still like it. It's cool
This game is fabulous.when you jump on those opsticals that's the best part.And if you loose then there is a button below ,and if you press it all the actions will happen fast.And that won't even waste your time.i mean it hardly takes 2 seconds if you don't press it.so if you don't want to even waste 2 seconds so you can press the button.
this game needs some more hype tbh but we really need a invite mode for people and there family members.
Wow the gaming expirence is good and it is very intresting an d fuuny no dought proper game no issue from this game
Its like fall guys. But i rated 4 because its not fall guys, i really want to play fall guys, so i found this :)
I think it's a fun game and similarly to crossy road and five guys and it's similar to the TV show Wipeout but it's really fun you guys should i download it !!!!!😌😌
I guess i kinda like the game, but i would give it five stars if it could move left and right, i like it because when you get knocked down you dont get any ads, also this thing keeps on popping up in my face saying "click here to follow me" and then i click it and go back to the game and then it automatically gives me 360 coins, so this is why i gave it 3 stars.
I really enjoy playing it and it has great graphics , gameplay and controls worth gettingπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ if this comment helped you your welcome.
The worst game ever.....worst gameplay,worst graphics,worst control. Even Nintendo switches are better than this......mario kart is better than this. Waste of time. Do not download this if you're going for it for the first time. Literally the worst ever
Always there are same levels. Just the level names are different. But yes there is no ads. But it also take too much money for many things. The graphics are very nice. The game developers should add more features.
I got this game a while ago, and came back after the Fall Guys craze. This game still holds up. I just wanted to leave a review to let unsuspecting people know that this isn't a "Fall Guys ripoff"; this came out 3 years ago. If anything, Fall Guys might've gotten the idea from this game, with the similar style and gameplay.
This game is cool even tho its a rip off of fall guys lol! Plus its detail is like better than fall guys so the game is perfect!
Great game, I just wish that the rotating things were never possible to be in sync because it's occasionally impossible to pass, and the Wipeout style balls are a little harder than they should be in my opinion.
Wonderful I specially dont like these type of games but this game is so fun that i cant stop playing it. The problem is that we get one character to play. We have to buy other characters with real money. Otherwise the game is superb.
Not at all a multiplayer game and very bad controls . Manual jump is not there . Tap and hold to run and release to stop. Waste of time. I would have given 0 stars if there was a option
This game is being a copy of fall guys but fall guys came like 2 months ago and this game came out 3 years ago
Great app. Parkour is a bit easy but every obstacles are sometimes the same you can easily notice that. I prefer you to add more inteseting obstacles to make the game fun. I gave this a 3 because it has some problems. It lags even tho its an offline game. When i stop the obstacle will give you a game over even tho i stopped. Maybe ill give it a 5 or 4 stars if this game will improve. Sorry if i sounded mean but its just my opinion.
Dont get me wrong this is a fun game but it boring very quickly.. I downloaded this after i saw the fall guys game and realized u cant download that on mobile or at least what I know of, this us a really cool game and the graphics are super cool but the game is to easy and repeats itself, personal I think it would be more fun and I would re download it if you could play against other people I feal like that would bring more excitement to the game but I guess that's what u get for using mobile:/
This is a really good game - not to many ads which is nice. If you are looking for a game like Guy Falls then this is the app for you. I enjoy this app but I only have it 3 stars because it is a bit repetitive.
Its awesome! It's not like the others that rip offing fall guys! This game has original gameplay! The graphics are good too! ❀️❀️❀️
The game itself is fun! But uh..all the characters I see require real money.. that sucks. But why dont you make the characters as prizes for some challenges? That would be fun! Or just make them like 500 coins per character or something..but still! Fun game and I would totally recomend it. 4 stars because of the character thing tho.
It's ok, I guess. I tried to look for fall guys but this was what came up The reason I put 2 stars though is because the levels always repeat, and you have to pay for basically all the skins but the boy and girl, plus, I just dont like the game in general. ⭐⭐only srry
The camera angle is weird the graphics makes no sense and the game only has 7 levels after which the levels start repeating itself. And the player has no other job than to press the screen to run(like watching a video) P. S i finished the game in under 5 mins.
I used to let my child play thus,, but it is impossible for him to navigate since the changes. The game seems to be multi-player only now. After the first level is done, the 2nd level never loads, and it takes forever to try to find an opponent. You have to restart to get it to play again.
A pretty fun game. Similar style to Fall Guys, basically copied. The obstacles are super easy though, which I guess is good for young children. However I wish there was a harder option where the obstacles were more challenging. I also wish you didn't have to pay for practically everything. But other than that, a good game.