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Onet Puzzle

Onet Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Sophia Games. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played for half an hour, and the most intuitive feeling is that this game has invested a lot of energy in art. It may be because the game itself is irresponsible or even simple, so I have done a lot of work on art, which I guess is the case. I like the warm and sweet style very much, and it has a casual mood.
I got to 200 on my phone and can't open it to apply to cash app but on my iPad I got your 260 was able to open it easily and apply the money to cash app...so whats up with the app on the phone
I just started this game and got to $80.00 and the videos are not loading please fix it and I will give you a better rating
Not able to earn enough money fast enough to check out like the add says. Can you update the rewards part of the app?
I downloaded before I read the reviews... Then immediately Uninstalled it when I did... Before wasting time... Go to Google Play and see how to report them... Paypal wants folks to send this kind of thing to their FRAUD DEPT. With screen shots... Let's eliminate moron developers like this.
This puzzle would be more enjoyable if the demand for a commercial is met by it toward getting a prize. For every round at least 8 out of ten turns will say " commercial failed to load. Try again later. This game # 321 tested.
I did enjoy this game until I reached $985 and then Cash out is 1,000 but to my surprise thinking this was a legit game it quit giving me any money so therefore I am uninstalling this game due to the fact that it is not a legit game all is good for is taking storage up on my phone plus there's way to many ads to enjoy the game. Maybe if they fix this then it would be a good game for someone to play
The game itself was okay but when you try to transfer the money that you win to paypal it won't do it and paypal definitely no help. I in my opinion feel as all of these games are a SCAM..every time an add opens the developer gets thousands of dollars while the player gets zilch. Still waiting for 1,500.oo or more to be delivered to my PayPal account.
The gameplay of this game is very simple and easy to understand. Even a game idiot like me can easily become a master after playing it for a while. If you don't believe me, let's see who can pass more levels!
Fraud! You're lucky to get and ad for a penny after you reach 150. Can't cash out til 200. Half of the time, the ads won't play, and when you hit no thanks, it plays the ad. Terrible that these games are advertised to make real money. Why doesn't someone actually make a game that pays you for playing it when they say they will? I won 2 whole cents and it didn't even add it to my total. What a crock!
Smooth running game here, I like all of Onets stuff. Thank you all from big to small. Keep up all your good works. Any doubts well come on now and check it out for yourselves. Thanks again, peace out.
You need to correct the word "hander" with "HARDER" than it looks in the intro. I'll change my rating when I see what the rest of the game has to bring.
Okay I'm going to give you a five stars still like the game all right but I'm not liking how you forcing the ads on me like I can't even get the game done because you got so many ads on this when I signed up for the game it said we don't have you don't have to watch ads I game doesn't allow you to watch ads but here I am watching all these ads and cant complete my game fix are the stars will go down
This game sucks you get up so high then it stops giving you money you have to cash out at a thousand and mine is 989 for weeks now and all you get is coins what a joke. I have given this game chance for 3 weeks now the only thing I've gotten in three weeks is $0.04 what a joke
You need to let people know that after you get the amount that you can redeem money from the app.you have to watch any where from 50 to 1,000 videos in order to get the money sent to your PayPal account. Otherwise your being dishonest with us and we won't play your games at all
I never really liked putting puzzles togeather untle I down loaded ths game. Puzzles are alot more fun when your earning cash. Another Exellent chance to Win Big 🤑👊
I played the game until I reached 969.09. Then the game quit paying out money. I played 5 more levels and no money. But the stuff they replaced it with you could not collect it either . You would hit the button and it would tell you the video won't load try again later , but if you hit the no thank s button to get out it would go straight into a video. This is a nother one that won't let you when. Another case of false advertisement.
This game is bulls**t. I got ready to cash out and it said i had to be online for 400 days before i get my cash. These money apps are fake. This is my second one and they are a waste of time.
Do NOT Open this APP. It MAKES you continuously watch ads and pays pennies. It starts off slow and drags on and on. It sucks!!!!!!!
Too, too many ads can't enjoy cause I spend more time watching the ads than actually playing the game.
Nice game.. interesting game play..But Not a game you can make Money with!! Just lot of Ads. But No Money! Like the company want to advertise in their Ad,, Just another SCAM... Shame on YOUS!! MAKING YOYR MONEY On a LIE. TO us the people's who play the games!!And watch the ads to make the Money to Help our Family!!
Fun so far. I'm at $990. Hopefully I'll be able to get another $10 to cash out. Well,I moved it down to one star. I got all the way to $999.28. Think I could make the 72 cents to cash out? No. Not a single penny to be had. Then it quits loading videos. See theres a lucky spin...so I spin.AND IT DEDUCTS $5!!!! So now instead of 72cents to cash out, I NEED $5.72 now to cash out. I'm DONE!!! DELETING APP
Where do you go to cash out? There's no place to see how many puzzle pieces you have accumulated or anything related. Please advise. I must be missing something.
Nice game challinges the brain. To many video breaks; it feels like for every 5sec you play they hit ou with 5mims of video. All the moveing of the tiles make it a good brain game. And I like that.
Frustrating as unable to cash out with paypal. They said they did not receive funds. No one will answer, I like playing the game, but do not string people along.
I been playing this game and needed 2 cards to get the car and had several cards 1 away to collect a prize and almost enough to cash out and the game froze up and froze up in Google play store.
I FINALLY hit the $1,000 cashout amt & go figure, I attempt to cashout & I receive a message stating to "cashout" I need to watch 100 videos, I'm sorry but if the million videos made to watch during the game play isn't good enough then I honestly don't know what is, anyway after finally completing ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS ASKED OF ME (and this is after playing for what seems like years) I waited a very long time for the money to be deposited and nothing. Another case of false advertisement
I'm actually having a great time with the game I just one issue and it is the game is not playing the daily reward video
Loading video always failed, can't solve the systems...or fake money making geim as usual.....hard to get rewards and real cash money....or never
The easy-to-understand connection type games are a piece of cake for me. By the way, I have to say these cakes look so delicious!
If I could give zero that would be the rating for this APP. The cash out limit is $1000 but when you get there you can't cash out. I have reached the $1000 limit to cash out now it says that you have to be online for 400 Days to be able to cash out. This APP is Fake and 100% Scam. Don't waist your time. You can't even contact them. They don't respond.
What I like about this game is that it is simple to play, and you can continue to play it without much thinking. It is perfect for those who want to relax during the break time. At the same time, it is rich in content, such as treasure chests, magic bubbles, etc., as well as other unique gameplay, which is highly recommended.
Originally I thought that simple gameplay like this would be boring, but this game gave me a surprise. In addition to the regular improvement of scores, there are also opportunities to increase scores multiple times, combining luck and wisdom. Those who don’t care about the score can play for a while to kill time, and those who care about can work hard to improve the score, so that different people have different clear goals. This is a good place for this game. Worth of recommendation.
Looking at the delicious cakes while playing this game not only made me feel the joy of clearing the level, but also made me hungry.
The warm colors and delicious cakes, comb6、ined with relaxing music, can't help but remind me of the feeling of first love. I feel that all the troubles have disappeared at this moment.
There are annoying pop up ads to deal with along with a timer on each round. Probably doesn't pay anything either.
Another BS fraud game. Can't even get through one level without seeing 20+ videos, that doesn't even pay out cash. Got up to $162+ and no more cash. Only coin that you need a astronomical amount to get a $50 amazon credit. That and it keeps freezing up and wants to restart, especially when you might get a cash video, for a couple of pennies. The video that was advertised that this was such a great game to get cash, was just fraudulent like the rest, obviously. I will be giving 1 star.
It's false advertising. Every one of them. You get to a certain level and bam it changes. I'm still waiting for one to have my money available.
The treasure chest is on a tile how do you get it off when all of a sudden video doesn't work an it stays that way.
Your stupid messes the actual game im playing up cause it takes an extremely long time to put an x in the corner if it puts one there at all!!!!! Fix this its annoying
Fake lies you can get money till after you get 300 $ but all it gives you after you play is nothing but coins
I like playing but you have to many ads and I have plsyed for 3 days and had not won any money I am 73 years old and would to win at least a few dollars
Fix your ad I shouldn't have to be kicked out of the game I want to play to be forced to download an app I have no interest in there should be an an x at the top of the ad for us to be able to back out.. it's ridiculous
Every reward there is need to waych vedio but there is no vefio available so difficult to get rewards andnplay the game then what is garranter that you vl pay the rewards pl reply Rewards gain by scraching cards is never added to won prize daily resuming game awards also not getting for wants of vedios and no one attending the querry
Get close to being able to withdraw the money you win. You want let it go any further. PEOPLE do now play its a fake game
It's cool! Lot of commercial.Need to let me focus on winning money.penny pitching the money slow.come faster please with big bucks.
You get to make one move then a 40 sec commercial, the commercials are 9 times the length of your playtime, you can't even enjoy the game
I start playing this game 2 weeks ago and hit level 4. The only problem is too many add I am not like otherwise love to play this game also you can win real money I hope soon and possible I got some and back to give 5 stars😍
Ive been playing and have $618 but when i tap on it nothing happens. Another rip off game? Thats whats going through my mind. "You have a BIG cash payout!!" Where?
This game is not what was expected I was supposed to receive $100 just for downloading never received coins money nothing then they said payout is instant no it's not and you have to make it to 1,000 before you can psyoutfun game still freezing videos won't play sometime
I've been playing this game for awhile now and I'm waiting to receive my thousand dollars PayPal pay out and why does the game stop giving money and only coins I like the game but getting frustrated
All is good until you hit $150+. Then it's all boosts or coins. Isn't it convenient that your cash out amount is $200 or more? Needless to say,"I hate wasting 1 1/2 hours of my time for something that's never going to pay out. Fix it or just remove the financial inscentives. Because a lie is just a lie. Make 7 up yours!!!
Great grafik onet..but are you sure about cashout money or coin? If not reply my comment I'll uninstall soon.
It's boring and keeps going to commercials, just too many of them. That what makes it boring have to wait too long to make another more. Different tho, keeps your mind going when popups dont interup.
Like playing the game. The only problem is too too many ads. You can't get through the game without ads popping up after you match two of them. It gets annoying after a while. Even when you have one a certain amount and you push no thank you to get back to playing the game another ad still pops up.
I was playing and all the suit froze and it won't work now .right when I could pull money out so now what?? If I unistall and reinstall I won't be able to get money like before