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OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Galactic Slice located at 1533 West Cleveland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53215. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only just passed the first cave, and wow already this game has me hooked. The enemies and their attack patterns and the upgrade and leveling system are all fun and engaging, the game is fast-paced with the psuedo auto-scroll level design, goodies are paced well and incentivize planning routes for all the best loot, and so far the game is a solid 10/10 for me. One thing I'd like to ask about, the enemy's health bars sometimes appear in random places on the screen? Just curious if that is intended
Sure it's fine. But you have to spend several hours to get to content that isn't painfully straight forward. The idea that there might be more content kept me playing rather than compelling content itself. Then when I figured out I'd seen both dungeons already I uninstalled. Not bad. Not great either.
Add a name change option for characters (should have a very cheap coin cost or free, as character names aren't that important), then it's five stars.
Minimalistic roguelike. Pretty rough and unfinished still -but it is truly free, without ads and no pay-to-win scheme at all. Old-fashioned fun which should keep you busy for while.
Great game, it would be cool if the heroes had more skills, a defense buff for the warrior and fireballs for the pyromancer and other skills in that way, it would be cool for enemies to have skills too, would make the player be more careful and not just keep advancing against the monsters (This skills would be cool in the same format as the skills of bosses) , it would also be cool to have new enemies as well as traps and ambushes in the rooms.
I am rating this game simply because of the main menu music. I play every mobile game with not sound but i turn it on for this game. OSK /Denji, I believe is their name, has made such an awesome energetic track that perfectly blends 8 bit retro sounds with contemporary beats and I honestly cant get enough! The games pretty good also!
First off, this game does seem like it has potential, maybe its just my fault because im a lazy prick who didnt give it enough of a chance. The style is very nice if unoriginal, theres no ads, the controls are good, and the menus arent too confusing. The main thing that put me off was how absolutely god-awful the "combat" is. The way it works is that you walk into the enemy, damaging both of you, until the enemy dies. On the plus side, there is an abundance of healing items so its balanced.
My experience with the game hasn't been bad, something that I would put in the toturial for new players would be how to put on the equipment. toke me a long time to figure it out😅 would like co -op And new characters. Love to see where this game takes off 🚀
Excellent Very adventurous and good gameplay nice This Is my type of Game Easy to play good concept Actually I like this game enjoy full game I rate this game 4.5 Rating and you?
Amazing game. I like playing new indie titles. If i were to give some feedback i would say give each class abilitys as they level up they dont feel that different right now and i think each one having some abilitys would help. Also more classes. I would pay some real money for a new class. Also the whole key system seems a little flawed. I would say either take it out completly or maybe make it so every time you get a chest it gets but on the home screen and you use a key to open it then.
The game is really fun but it is not optimized for 21: 9 screens, part of the content as life gets cut off and makes it a bit difficult in the game, please update :)
I've been playing this for 5 minutes and THIS is how you make game. The aesthetic and the gameplay are deliberately chosen to make a good Game, instead of trying to pry money out of the player's hands. I've looked over the in-app purchases and they all seem reasonable. Mostly cosmetics that don't effect game. I definitely plan to buy some of them myself.
Great game. It has a nice simple art style with interchangable themes, The combat and leveling system is great. The game is in no way pay 2 win. It is hours of fun. There are also 5 unique classes with a secret 6th that can be unlocked. The Developer actually listens to feedback and actually responds to bug reports. Overall great experience!
I love this game! I love how it tells you when you have low health, so that you can heal up. In addition, I also love how you can use different characters, and the retro style. It's an awesome game that I highly suggest.
I can't review this game highly enough! It's the perfect balance of fresh and nostalgic, and every playable class is a unique and exciting adventure all by itself. This game is deceptively simple, and it is so much fun working out the little twists. All the progression is extraordinarily well balanced! My single suggestion would be a feature for coins -> gems, as you end up collecting far more gold than you can realistically spend. A genuine pleasure to play :)
Man i reinstalled this on my phone and lost my account because i dont know my cloud id, why not just google play games...
This is a very good game overall.It has a decent amount of different characters but some more would make it a bit better.It takes up only around 55 megabytes of storage which is good if you have a phone with low storage.I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs.
A very simple game, but there is one flaw. If you play through as the warrior, the game doesn't tell you that the maximum coin boost is limited to +2. The game also doesn't stop you from wasting your skill points to the coin boost once you hit the limit. There is no description of the skills or warnings. I had to search this on Google to find out that I wasted points on something that doesn't do anything. Also, what are coins used for? I never got that far in the game to find out.
I haven't really gotten into the heart of the game since I've only played for an hour or so (so rating might change), but I'm addicted. The controls are extremely simple and I love that the game doesn't hand hold you for every single thing. The music and the style remind me of my time playing dragon quest and I can't get over how fun this is. There's just something about advancing... floors? Lines? That make me want to climb higher.
Simple rogue like design. Earnable special currency through weekly rankings. Main menu theme song is awesome, good job to whoever did that. Colored themes and different classes. No ads. Controls can be a little hard to get the hang of but there are options to change position and size. Well done !
I rarely ever rate or do any reviews, but for what this game is, I love it. I think that it would be cool if you guys had a custom build option though. A summoner would be really nice too because summoner is my favorite type if character to play in all RPGs. Can you.guys make a summoner? Please. 😶
Crashes everytime i break a crate. And btw the update that you claim fixed it did not fix it. It still crashes everytime i pic up items
I don't normally gush. I've beaten every civ on deity with a desert start. Finished every Black Isle and Bioware game a dozen times just to hear the dialogue. Stardew Valley made me misty. Broderbund? Yup. Also warred on fallout76 'cause I'm sick of greedy, lazy companies like Barfesta/Zenitlacks. This is an excellent, simple game, made the old school way, by an obviously old school dude, and I love it. Play it. Sid would be proud of you. (F U Scroogle for < chars). Kilroy was here ;)
I tried this a week or so ago, just like the first time the game did not 'log in' so I once again picked the offline option. This time I started with a warrior instead of a Wizard. Last time the game wanted 1000 coins to create a wizard, maybe then warriors were free but that was not obvious. The music is a bit loud and the game is simple, but I wanted simple. All in all, I reccomend you try it. I will keep it installed this time. It finally logged in, no clue why now.
Couldn't retrieve my old save cause I didn't have my cloud I'd which I didn't even know existed before. I won't play cause I don't have that data but I will say it's an excellent game, probably one of my favorite rogue likes.
Pretty cool, minimalist roguelike that'll always have you looking forward to your next level up and/or gear progression. Consumables work based on percentages so they're always effective no matter how strong you get. The currency system is also quite generous, you get plenty of coin just by playing and consumables always cost the same. Did I also mention there are like no ads? Gameplay is a bit repetitive but, it'll keep you entertained for hours until you get bored. What more could we ask for?
Like the old school style but the greyish color scale and play is bit to old school. Feels like this is what they built before the first zelda game old school
Really like this game. The liner paths don't require a lot of thinking and are often repeated. It's a good game to take your mind off things. I just wish there were more than 2 dungeons and that the Necromancer would be able to use the abilities of the creature they morphed into.
Pretty neat little casual, retro-styled distillation of the Diablo concept with a couple of ideas of its own, like the infinite vertical maps. Great for mindless unwinding, and not greedy. Needs a few things: 1. Many more themes, as only a few of the existing ones are nice to use. 2. Much more variety in the map generation, it gets repetitive very quickly. 3. More character classes; there's definitely room for a speed/stealth class. 4. More interesting and varied objectives, more enemy types.
Simple but challenging enough as a casual RPG game, cant believe this dungeon crawler reminiscent of Diablo and Path Of Exile but in a simpler yet challenging enough to keep me entertain on the go!!! I just wish that the game would be easier for us to earn some diamonds instead of buying it or doing daily task. I might buy some diamonds just to donate to the developer then as a way of saying thanks.
Hello, hello.. Could add one or two more arcade-ish tune so that I can change it in setting menu when I play the game, a quick simple suggestion 😂😂😂😂😂
I think this is one of the best Rogue-likes I've played since Pixel Dungeon. However, I'd compare this game moreso to Diablo 3 rather than a traditional Rogue-like just because it isn't terribly difficult to play the game and the most fun I had with this game is with the unique builds of its characters especially with the new professions that add more unique and expandable gameplay. I'd love to see where this game goes in the future and I'd highly recommend it if you love building strong characters. I'd love for this game to benefit from stronger AI and more diverse professions in the future in addition to a save function for hardcore just because some of the Adventures take up a lot of time. It's a great game to pass time with but one wrong mistake and I often find myself starting again from the beginning!
Extremely fun and easy to learn rougelike. I have played other games similar to this on the play site but none of them felt as ind depth or fun as this one. I also do have a suggestion for a theme that, if implemented, I would be willing to buy VIP for. The theme would be the screen borders having a soft neon glow, not a neon color like a neon green shirt but rather neon as if it was coming from a neon sign, purple or another cool color would work and give everything just a comforting neon glow.
Great little game. The mechanics are very basic but it's through that simplicity that magic is born here. The game feels fair in terms of grindiness and microtransactions. I think the dev just wanted to make a good game and if he could make money on the side, so be it.
Great game Easy to pick up and put down, only issue I had was with one of the perks. Thick Metal, I sent in an email through the website. Other than that great game, can't wait to see if my characters are added
Great game, although not five stars because it's quite unfinished! By that mean, it lacks a bit more content.
Not perfect and not for everyone but I as someone who loves RPGs and plays D&D almost every day, it is one of the ones I have downloaded. it is a simple and easy to understand for beginners, looks great, takes up only a little bit of space, and can become complicated for the hardcore players. I love that it gives you time to think about your next move. If you are looking for a good RPG, PLEASE give this a try.
From what I've seen, do not swipe and you will be okay One thing that is bugging me that u use the Minecraft font and it's not even the right one.... :P
Love it. It reminds me of Pixel Dungeon when it first came out and it's retro af but also way more polished, if that makes sense.
This is a wonderful not terribly complex game. It's gameplay and controls are very tight and with it's boatload of content it is overall very good.
Love this game but the diagonal swipe in the latest update has killed me more than once. Please add an option to disable it.
Excellent game time! Love the concept, makes ya wanna play instead of putting it down. You gotta try this out folks!
This game really won me over with its simple mechanics and absurdly fun gameplay. There are a lot of classes and they each bring their own awesome features. Honestly this game has had me hooked from the start and I love it.
If you looking for a game to pass the time with, this is perfect for you. Easy to play, literally not that hard to learn. I would like to see what else there is to be made from the creators for this game
I Love this game it looks simple and that's not a bad thing and I don't think anything needs to be changed maybe add in a few enemies and character sets... It's just a really fun game
Really fun, awsome chip tunes,and the 8 bit Game Boy style graphics and limited color palette i are done really well.
It's good but repetitive and there's some chests you can't open no matter what and you cant go back to get them. There are zero keys TO open chests.
Fun turn based games. It's like... Turn based, top down, but you only control one character. Really fun but I have a few nitpicks. For one, I think stationary enemies like those plant turrets shouldn't be moved by shield bash but should take a lotta damage from it. Also bats can get stunned on walls and that doesn't make sense because they can fly above walls
Light on content (perhaps twenty hours of original gameplay) but ultimately very reasonable. Everything in this game is 100% accessible without spending money or watching ads; spending money will let you rush upgrades, but this game has good enough gameplay that you'll want to play through. There's strategy in the combat and choice of weapons, and even severe mistakes can be recovered from. A good game. Shame there's so little to do.
This game is incredible. For one, it's appearance. Every other game I've tried that has a Prestige function, has a color pallet that looks like a Sega Genesis threw up. This game has customizable color themes and they're quite simply beautiful with the retro graphics. For two, it's turn based without the menu gauntlet. I love how I can tap the screen to spend a turn standing so the enemy spends their turn moving so I have 1st attack. I could go on, but there's a 500 character comment limit. LOL!
This is a really funny game to play. The characters are just right, the graphics, the music, the gameplay, the bosses, everything about this is a good game. I've personally redownloaded this game multiple times on evert phone I've had.
This game is really great. I really can't think of a good way to describe it other than that, I'll still try though. The professionalism behind the development of this game, in the sound design, the game play, the writing and the large amount of content all over the place that has no scummy micro transactions is honestly jaw dropping. I look forward to seeing where this game goes in the future.
The game is nice, but whenever I pick up an item off of the ground or lags and gives me one thousand. Tha's not an exaggeration, it gives you exactly one thousand. This makes it impossible to find all your different armors. EDIT: thanks for the fix! I've updated my rating
Although I've only only played it for a while, it was a continuous while. Meaning that I got pretty engrossed in this seemingly simple game. I've been looking for a good game with pixel graphics and I'm very glad to have found this! I hope to be able to see more of the games you guys make. :)
Very addictive at the first few hours. After a few more hours, the game got repetitive. Would've been better if there are more bosses, monsters, and areas.
Very simple and nice game. I liked the simplicity of it. Not a cash grabber, allows you to play offline and easy to play, very good for lectures.
A little unimpressive, it might last you a few hours. Very stale and repetitive after that. A pity, as I like the simple graphic style.
A great game, the lack of ads makes it awesome. The addition of proffesions made it even better. Would suggest more weapons (I am mostly getting clevers and longswords) and a sign of decaying health ,usually I die without even realising my low health. Keep up the good work.
Very good game I LOVE IT. but, some things aren't clear like what does mana do and I can't see my rank in the leaderboard. Everything else is just perfect.
Tedious and uninstalled. I lost interest after about 2 minutes. Don't bother Don't believe the higher reviews either as they removed my first review
OneBit Adventure is a neat survival game which involves collecting coins and equipment, fighting monsters, and the intrinsic goal of going as far as possible. It's a simple vertical scroller with its main focus being the utilization of the various character's abilities. With no end in sight, the black-and-white pixel environment alongside the adventure bit-music can be tiresome stimulus. I wish there was more content, such as different environments and music after a certain number of steps. 3/5.
It gets frustrating after level 50.. enemies are stronger/faster, you hit them once they already hit you 10 times... and you play in the same area/map... EDIT: its a great game but after a while it gets boring (lv61) think its time to move one.
Fun & Addictive gameplay, great time-killer, nostalgic vibe, challenging bosses, but audio seems to much bass boosted its really painful to play it while using earphone
Excellent casual roguelike. Has the pacing of an ARPG like Diablo but turn-based combat that makes it perfect for mobile sessions. Also builds upon its core gameplay loop with satisfying loot and rewards, and is generous with its currency. All in all, an easy game to recommend for anyone who wants a turn-based roguelike they can play for a few minutes or for longer sessions too if they want.
Super fun, super simple, great to play for a few minutes here and there, or sit down with for an hour to level up and progress. Great game that I'll be playing for a long time!
I enjoyed this game, but I would like to know how can I continue my progress, because when I tried to login the username and id on my other device it shows an error and I ran out of attempts.
Feels slow and grindy. I like the pixel-art feel but the color palette looks off. Also walking backwards too far will insta-kill your character.
Tbh the game is good but the controls set me right off. It feels slow to respond, like I'll be saying to turn right but my hero is still going forward from a few inputs earlier. Could benefit a lot more from d-pad movement instead of joystick.
It's an ok game, good feel, good UI and fighting is not too RNG, but the basically nonexistent level design just makes it boring. You follow a linear path with no obstacles but the monsters, which are mostly just some pushovers, combat is just running into monsters and hitting them until they're dead. You get a few keys, but run past 10x more locked doors with no way to tell which will give you better loot, which feels very unsatisfying. Something to kill time, but not much more.
Its great, no in your face monitization (everything is fair) and it truly cares about its community. Hardcore is a bit lacking tough, since I sometimes work my ass off in the mines and never encounter a second blacksmith before I inevitably die. I actually felt like I could be on top of the weekly leaderboards for once, and game changing updates are still getting released, unlike other pixel graphic indie games I actually feel like this one has an artstyle
Pay to play, can't say much to the entire game, seemed interesting but if you die it's a long long wait to play again or spend cash. So I can stare at the game for 10 min or pay. No thanks.
Great game, it has a really nice concept. Although sometimes my necromancer would accidentally kill the summoned undead, as the undead kept getting in the way. It would be nice if the undead stays diagonally to the character.
Its great and please add multilayer mode because every thing is prepared for it the accounts are there so u can do it if I play with another person with a different character it is going to be really good and relaxing that someone got your back
Its fun and its a game you want to try if you are experienced with RPGs . I'm just hoping that Devs will notice it and maybe patch the thing where the skill points are being used even though some skills reached the cap already so you won't waste skill points anymore and not waste coins to save for respect every time you misplace or mistook or maybe put warning like you did with the item lock so that it can notify us users to know it already reached cap. Either way its a great game thanks Devs
Sir/mam, can you make any class that can heal themself? Like a priest or druids... Will happy to see your development in each updates! This is amazing games tbh
I greatly enjoy this application, and the developer(s) makes it easy to reach out to them. It is also made easy to find information about upcoming updates. As for the gameplay, it can get repetitive after awhile, but switching between saves/characters helps mix up how you play and approach the game. Looking forward to the future of the app!
I really admire this game for it's combination of effect and simplicity. Progression is paced well and I haven't found myself bored with it yet. However there is one mechanic that bothers me and that is regarding the base-stats of equipment. I would like to be able to view the base-stats of equipment that I have upgraded, so I can more accurately compare new equipment to the rest of inventory. I think it would help players overall to know a bit more about equipment.