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One Thousand Lies

One Thousand Lies for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Keinart Lobre. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really, really interesting story. Its more of a Kinetic Novel than a proper Visual Novel (because of the lack of the routes and choices) but its storytelling is on par, I'd even say better than the most popular VNs out there. Its rather short compared to proper VNs but in that short span of time it delivers its story so god damn well. It made me care about the characters, their narratives, relationships, the mystery, everything in just a span of a couple hours. Story - 5/5 Music - 5/5 Art - 5/5
When I first started reading, I knew that it was gonna be good. And honestly, I still cant tell which one's better, the music? Or the story? When I reached the ending though...pretty unexpected, took me by surprise. I am soo glad this is free, but either way, this game would've definitely been worth the money if it wasn't. I can understand if some people don't like the complex words and deeper meanings, but hey, this story holds a special place in my heart from now on.
Loved it. The plot twist was so good. This was very sad if you read it and truly understand the meanings of the conversations they were having. The lies were all over the place. I hope to read this type of things in the future!
not just simply cheap written stories , author have some unique way to write the story and its amazing and the dedication the writer did definetly show up , endings and plots sure surprising in a unique way of twist that let our jaw drop sometimes , worth the 5 star and the time.
I passed a lot of time reading, and I loved the story, if you have the Patience to read it, you will have a good time
Absolutely wonderful. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. I found so much of it very touching, and it was impossible not to fall in love with Claire. There were hysterically funny moments that had me laughing to the point of tears, and depth of the insight into human experience that taps directly into the enigmas that we all, as people, must struggle with. It was an amazing ride. Thank you for this.
The characters are lovable. Also I especially liked the comedy aspect in this graphic novel. Would definitely play this again!
The story is nice the plot...but you only read it you dont lead the story.....the background music makes me comfortable to read this visual novel.... ANIME ADOPTATION..THIS GAME WOULD BE A GREAT MASTERPIECE IF THERE IS AN ANIME VERSION OF IT.....
One of the best visual novels that I have read till date, especially considering that its free to play. It has well-balanced themes, diverse characters and a fairly gripping plot.
CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HERE! Played this game on Steam, and fell in love with it so hard I even began translating it to Portuguese. It's incredibly amazing, and left me completely shook! You should play it, if you haven't yet!
I like it because of the deep talking,but i'm still bugged about the part rhat i make my first love angry and the main character didn't make up.I mean that girl didn't do anything harm at all,i still don't get it
Played it since i have nothing better to do. If youve finished the game for first time then click "one hidden truth" in the menu after the credits. Youre welcome.
I honestly love visual novels and this is one of the greatest I've ever read. The story had everything you wanted. It had comedy, sorrow, joy, passion, and most importantly character development. I've read over 30 visual novels in my life and almost all of the ones I disliked had bad character development. I feel as a writer you should make your characters develop and grow as people. doing this brings life to your story and makes it easier for other to relate to. so enjoy fellow readers.
Pompous writing style. Couldn't get past the first few pages. The writer clearly had no idea what they were doing on a technical level, but judging by the other reviews, they knew how to write a good story. A pity I couldn't find the patience to read it
Text is small and hard to read and uses words the average reader wouldn't even understand the meaning of.
I honestly love visual novels and this is one of the greatest I've ever read. The story had everything you wanted. It had comedy, sorrow, joy, passion, and most importantly character development. I've read over 30 visual novels in my life and almost all of the ones I disliked had bad character development. I feel as a writer you should make your characters develop and grow as people. doing this brings life to your story and makes it easier for other to relate to. so enjoy follow readers.
Absolutely beautiful and brilliant, this story legitimately change my life and made me realize so much, i highly recommend playing this, you won't regret it, the soundtrack is also perfect, everything about this visual novel is perfect
For a free visual novel this deserves to be one of the best. You might cringe at the start but I recommend finishing it. A day or two and you'll see how good it is.
sharp, smart and fun! characters are easily distinguishable and endearing! background music is also on point!
All I can say right now is the fact that these are brilliant in a way that I assure you to not be in the most predictable way I've ever thought. It hit me in the feels for knowing one of the many lies that relates to me and haunts me personally. That one can desire for truth to be lies and for lies to be truth. It has given me much food for thought that I'll need to process them adequately for a better review. For now, I'm probably writing this with the most sincere expression of thank you.
This game is probably tied for the best mobile visual novel I've played together with Sepia Tears. The story is amazing and only made better by its good graphics and great music. Highly recommend.
I just couldn't finish the game because the english writing is way out of league for my understanding. All the characters are bunch of wiseasses with their next level english and deep ass monologue. The story wasn't that interesting too. But I like the characters and art though, but alas as I said I just couldn't understand them often. Overall, is just too much for me. This game is not for average reader. If you love a next level english writing, you'll like it probably. It's just not for me.
OTL is definitely one of the best free VNs I've read in a long time. Lots of humor and storytelling all wrapped up into a short 8-10 hour read. Highly recommend. (Also the soundtrack is free on Steam along with the game)
For a free game, it was very well done! Plot was intense enough and quite mind convoluting actually! Certainly was food for thought. However, it can be a little dry/heavy if it were to be completed in one seating so I suggest reading it bit by bit. Also, it's basically a novel but with pictures and music so don't expect to "play" anything.
I've read the pc version of this novel some years ago and I'm installing it in my phone to read it again. The writing is very well done. The fact that it is a free to play novel is mind boggling. If I could give this a 10 stars I would
A visual novel with a great story, the occational non cliche twist, and solid art. Not a "choose your own adventure" sort of visual novel, but very entertaining if you like to read. 5 stars!
The best visual novel I've read so far, really great story and music, reading it was really worthwhile, thank you very much for this amazing work of art.
I'm absolutely blown away by the amount and quality of the thought-provoking themes present in this game, I don't think I've ever come across any game like this before. Some of the themes explored, though universal, really resonated with me and helped me gain perspectives on life that I had never thought of before, and for that I'm truly grateful. The entire story is extremely well written with a lot of care put into every word. The characters are very nuanced, and I loved the art and music.
Good app, I like it but it's mostly a story than a game and even though I like Luce, I'm gonna marry Claire. That's why it has 4 stars. Anyway I'm looking forward for that One Hidden Truth thing.
It's a beautiful game, one of the most professional looking on this platform. I loved the music and the general atmosphere. I laughed, I cried. Download it if you haven't already!
Honestly i loved the concept. It had merit. But the ending kind lf felt half assed(sorry🤐🤐). i wish there was an ending for all of the heroines. thats all. and best of luck to u
This is the best visual novel i have ever read thus far, would recommend going through the visual novel to anyone and everyone. 100/10
I don't have any reasons to give this visual novel a bad review it's really interesting and i surely won't forget the story and also the soundtrack is so beautiful
enjoyable visual novel, sometimes i think about stuff written in here. its quite interesting. its not only good game, but a really good visual novel/story.
It was so good that it finally got me to write a review for something on the appstore. This game is beautiful, it's art, it's music, it's story and characters. The story was beautifully written, and included themes that really got me thinking. Oh god and the music, the game wouldn't be as good as it is without it. One song in particular "In a Sentimental Mood", everytime I listened to it, there was just this tightness in my chest, it got me so emotional. Read this VN, you won't regret it at all.
Didnt play for too long it just seemed to done on. If I had mor patience I would enjoy it definitely but it was definitely too drawn out.
Absolutely beautiful storytelling, easily one of the best VN's I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Your given amazing character development, a simultaneously gorgeous and heartbreaking storyline, and lovable characters that are near impossible to forget, not to mention the music. The themes presented are very thought-provoking and relatable, although they are heavy, and could be a bit much for some. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to anyone in need of an amazing and intriguing read.
read this a couple of years ago. Felt like reading it again. Man this brings back some feels. 100% recommend it to anyone who's up for some gigs and some deep psychology.
The main character is a pompous ass, and the writing (especially in the beginning) is too pseudo-intellectual, but if you can stick it out a bit, the overall story and characters are interesting and you end up at least understanding the MC and his approach to life. Beautiful art, nice music, and the additional "One Hidden Truth" scenes after the ending really enhance the story.
Love this Story! You have to really play through the whole game several times to fully appreciate how the story comes together. When you do, you will see how glorious it is.
TLDR: it's a great VN that makes you look smart when you recommed it to people. And it's free. Honestly, this game's a trip. As a visual novel, the dialogue's witty without sounding pretentious, the music mostly complements the scene without becoming over-bearing, and the artwork's better than I'd expect from a free mobile game without gacha. Besides the lack of a log button (auto saves work to an extent), all my critiques would be nit-picks of story elements and personal taste.
Spicy little VN. Nice twists, good characters, however there is one image I've yet to unlock, the one where the MC is on the rooftop with Claire. Maybe the DEVs can give me some insight? Great VN overall, the psychological themes were explored well, though I did skip quite a bit as I tend to realize when the events presented are important to the story and when they aren't. Good job.
One of the most beautiful thing I have ever read. The amount of love that went into making this VN is so obvious. The characters are amazing and I love every twist and turn. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
One of the best VNs I've ever played. Memorable characters, clear story, excellent writing. Do yourself a favor and play this game.