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One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0

One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by OASIS GAMES LIMITED located at UNIT 702 FOURSEAS BUILDING 208-201 NATHAN ROAD KOWLOON HONGKONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game some bugs. Just tried to use 10 recruit tokens I recieved a moment ago and as I did the game was loading, asked me to reconnect and when it did they were gone. Used with no characters recieved and those arent very easy to get UPDATE: 9-10 I checked after and I did not , for sure, recieve the 10 characters. But I will send ingame Again so you can look into it.
It is a very good game. No ad interruptions and they always give out an update when needed to either fix or add new content. Plus they compensate for maintenance in-game. Haven't gotten bored yet and that days something.
It would no work I would log in and 1 min later it would crash of freeze and bring me to my home screen
I loved this game, well that was until it started giving me legendary a to fight while I don't have a single one, along with how the enemy team gets way more turns than you do. Please make it more fair and don't give the people who don't have lengendarys, lengendarys to fight
Game is great, nothing amazing like the bleach one but its great. The summon rates are lacking really, i could spend several muti-summons and get more green units over blue and very rarely get purple ones as this what makes this game ok. Bleach had higher rates so you progressed at least, and summoners war made all the units very usable no matter the stars. Now this game does do a great job with hubworld stuff, its very clean and fun. You will hit walls often though, so be warned
Constantly down for maintenance/update with no warning. Edit: wow really? Have to create a seperate account and run a seperate app to find out they the servers are all going down for hours? That's your answer? How bad are you at code deployment? The in game mail shows up after the outage. How does that help?
Remove that intermission BS you guys put up. You make the game look like a scummy fake game. Stop it forced video ad watching just degrades the value of your game. Stop it.
Haven't played for awhile. I had a good roster too. I come back and update to this 2.0 Now apparently I have to start from scratch. Kinda sucks.
To be able to play the story of Saitama is really great, the developers captured the anime pretty well, but the game it self is pretty boring since pretty much everything is automated, you just choose the level which you wanna attack and that's about it, I also don't feel the passion to wanna get stronger in the game since the characters and equipments drop after every single level (which takes like 20 sec of being AFK)
Game starts off really good but when you deside to put money in you get nothing of value...put in over 400 pounds and I got hardly anything back so please don't waste your cash........ Update.... I tried putting more money in and got very little....£800 down and I've nothing to show for it....... PLEASE DONT PUT CASH IN as you WILL regret it
Its a really good game for One- Punch Man fans and Its really fun, still some network issues here and there but apart from that I love this game.
The card pull and and shards are actually not that good. I've been stuck for days because I can't pull any of the same characters at all.
Good, but you won't stand a chance against AI (single player) of same lvl to you. They score far more bonus hits and will constantly land crits with almost every attack, whilst you could go through a whole fight without landing one. It's rigged as hell, probably to get you to spend money but still a good gacha despite the far lower chances of scoring RNG bonus hits/crits than the NPC
whatever man. It's just a game. best of luck getting to use the character u like. On top of the already rare chances of getting a purple+ "card". U gotta get Multiple purple+ cards of that character for it to be actually Usable. *ok Nvm 4* was way too high of a rating. Just did a total of 15 rolls and got 3 purple cards. and All 3 of em are characters available in the "mall". nice. Gr8 gAme!! Ahahahagdjsvdje
Game is very similar to Bleach Immortal Souls, just not as good. I want to like this game but it's just not there yet. For example you can't pick who your team targets and is random. I used auto and that takes away from game play. Road to be strong is repetitive and gets boring, more a chore than fun. I love One Punch but not this game.
Rescuer nerf has been implemented which has halted progress for the majority of players, resulting weeks/months of setbacks. Extremely aggressive and over the top microtransaction have been implemented over the last few weeks. Community suggestions and quality of life improvements have been ignored for months. Plenty of people have been quitting or suspending payments. Game had potential but was ruined by a greedy development team.
I'm very happy to find this game 🙏🏾 Easy playing, beautiful and simple interface, with storyline 💯 Reminds me some games I was playing earlier, but this one don't have some options to play, and that's because it's not pay to play game 💯
This game is very enjoyable for me, and all the updates and events are awesome. I see many people who struggle to pass the story mode and leave negative reviews. I don't agree with this at all! Some people go as far as to say it js necessary to spend 1000 dollars to progress. I have done just fine without paying. I'm on chapter 15 without paying and I still enjoy the game.
Locked me out from my account for no reason claiming I need to log in to my Facebook, (even though I always am logged in) now I can't access my game, as a player from the very beginning it's a shame but I get why so many players are bailing on the game now as gree and oasis seem appalling at running an app Beyond that they are adding random useless modes and making other modes even worse. Shame to misuse a licence like OPM like this
Very pay to play. It takes months to do simple progression. The drop rates for normal characters are only 4% of the time and there's no 10x summon guarantee, so 99% chance you will be ripped off. Would not recommend. I will not spend any money or play the game to satisfy their greed. I quit.
Game is cool and being a fan of One Punch collecting and leveling the characters is so fun and the turn based system is great and really makes you play around with your team for different strategies. But could only give 2 stars. Coming from other afk games, I feel resource starved, which might be due to the lack of events/content, so you just wait for the daily resets, which is vocalised on social media, sadly events heavily rely on spending money
The introduction of machines through the guild has just made me hate the game. Its increased the time needed to play and its really lazy development. I've not spoken to anybody who has liked this at all. You'd really think this game was the characters from One Punch Man but no, they've decided to add bots to level up now too. Awful. Update: the best thing you could do is remove it entirely and focus on making the story mode and pvp better
This game would be great if there was a easier way to get Crystal's and there was a way to prevent you getting duped, maybe being able to turn dupes into shards. Another problem I got is that after playing for 2 hours the game became a "pay-to-win" game. Otherwise great game to play. Good job Devs
I would have rated this a 5star but you guys need to fix somethings. Diamonds are very rare and its impossible to pass on the story mode...Events are also very shortly timed plz check these things and else the game is fun.
Just when you thought that the things are getting better ,oasis decides to give the new characters (and upcoming too) via packs that cost ridiculous amounts of money.Anyway I'm done with this game, I gave it a second chance made some 1 euro purchases here and there but some people like to call themselves developments.Goodbye and don't give your money to games like this. PS Oasis don't try to reply that you hear the fan base and you care.You dont.Period
This is a complete scam. Couldn't win for 3 days until I spend some money. Like how can characters do zero damage
Edit: since the update, I cannot click the link in the supplies to see which characters the supplies help (physical, tactical, fearless, etc) Enjoying the game so far. Though some of the items you can buy with real money are way too expensive and not worth paying $100 for. Other than that, imo, 5 star game. I dropped money into the game, something I haven't done in a while. Thanks for a great game.
Its p2p for sure. I've spent over 1000$ on this game and got very poor service when I had a glitch. Still unresolved. The purchases dont get you very far. The game is just.... yeah you play it everyday and advance but its slow. I've had characters disappear and customer service kinda just blew me off. I still play daily but I've stopped spending due to the... just general lack of giving a care from the support team
As much as I love the game the greediness of the company behind this game is so big ... If they release a limited character - hero, and you buy the pass that's 25 euros.. After, if you want to 5 star the hero(which, that's whole point of the game) they put the parts you need behind huge pay walls... Expect to pay around 250 euros, at least ... Which is crazyyyy... Are you that greedy for money? This is disgusting! And every limited event is like this...
The game is alright despite the slow progression, in-app purchase is necessary if you don't want to be stuck. They started to give away a lot more diamonds then before so that's a big improvement. Thanks for that. I don't understand that, why do you guys advertising an upgradeable Boros while it's clearly not existing in the game?? That's very misleading! If it will happen, make sure you aren't introducing a new character as most of us spent months (and some of us money) in the current version!
I havent paid a penny and in already top 20 in my serer, whomever says its impossible if you dont donate is not speaking the truth. It can get frustrating, as it is indeed very slow (and thus rewarding though). My least favourite thing is that its clear that theres a meta and the other characters just arent that good. Top 50 is 90% Tornado / Genos / Sonic + more choices (Slogrus, Eyelashes, Metal Bat and Metzalgard. Please, balance the rooster so we can play our favourite characters efficiently
Ok good amazing game I read your reply and I understand 5 stars for me. You have so many options on characters it's amazing and easy
Alright here is my take on the "Lent Hero" system. It is a HOT mess, alright i probably say something hood about it, I love the idea of being able to borrow your friend's heros. Thats pretty much it. Now, the ehh...displeasing parts...I understand that there should be a cooldown for those heros i get that part, but does it really need a WEEK, cant it be 1 day or even 2? Google playstore has a character limit so i will continue discussing this the next time you guys respond again.
I am very happy with this game and i find it really really good but it is very hard to get genos or any good characters
It becomes almost impossible to upgrade your characters I was stuck on a boss battle for a month the story is to difficult it needs to be nerfed characters need to be easier to lvl up it makes me rage now it's just to difficult please make it easier please
Stupid game auto dims all the time...can't make it stop dimming...when it dims I can't see anything...game developer needs to make it so it does not dim
I spent quite a bit of money in this game, lvl 100+ now and I have to say this is a very average idle game. No real events and not as generous as other idle games. I only spent a lot of money because I like OPM. Stopping now because it's really not worth it. *Update* spent some more money with regrets. The developers will keep throwing new types of upgrades at you for $$$. It only allows the whales to far outstrip you in terms of power.
With every update game look better and better after 2 updates it changed they look to really amazing . I would give some sign in daily events more offten but still love this game . Great job . Even after maybe 4 months i still love playing it. But!!!! I am lvl 122 have legendary+ and myth character but still oddysey adventures are soo hard , cant even win 1st battle , so would be great if you change lvls of them because there is no chance unless you are endgame player
You guys adding too much to the game and now adding ads. Its pretty much a pay to win kinda game now.
Quite enjoyable, multiple "puzzles" if you like afk genre along with tactical strategy style then this is the game for you, would like to see a higher rate of refreshing in the stores, shortened cool down time on road the hero made multiple server characters too continue playing for different styles. Great artwork, voice acting has me rewatching the series, sub and dub. Let's add more heros, villains and monsters! Add factions or "association" battles or challenges. Guild group efforts, etc...
this game is rigged . from the beginning you can get some good characters but now this game is unplayable unless you are willing to spend literally 500 to 1000 dollars to buy characters. unless you are a complete idiot I highly recommend that you stay away from this game.
They actually listened and made limited characters easier to 5 star... This was a 2 stars review, now a 4 stars.... I will update it to 5 stars when you will add more bosses that are unique... Or special elements that will set you apart from other games similar to yours... guild wars is a nice touch but the game still feels incomplete!
Good game, fun to play. Getting better as I've played long while now. However I've noticed skip battle option in all modes is very broke. As it ends in defeat always, even when I've at least 1500-2000 power more then enemy. Doesn't work in bot fight new mode and current type battle.
I'm excited for this app but I hate that it killed support for 1.0, especially since I can't bring over my characters from that game such as Boros or Metal Knight. It feels like they stopped supporting 1.0 because it'sthe better version if this game and they don'twant side by side comparisons. I'd rate it higher if they let those of us who played 1.0 bring our character rosters over to the 2.0 app. Update: This app is nowhere near as fun or good as the first.
A fun idle-ish game marred by a stingy, boring gacha. The gacha would be okay if it wasn't so tight with purple characters... and since you need many, many, many character dupes to level your characters, f2p becomes a slog of stalled progress with rare chars you've managed to pull sitting at a level cap. Except there's no real incentive or excitement to whale, because you'll still pull mostly useless green characters.
The game at the moment is okay, has nice graphics. but it's very slow in comparison to other idle games and it has a lot less to offer in game play Hopefully cash, experience, more featu features and general game speed will get better over time. Feels mostly like the game pis pushing for micro transactions. Edit : probably should look into sorting out the issue with spam bots in the chat. Flooding it with shady links. Would assume a game backed by devs like this would be more serious?
There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the game, but it is pretty boring and shallow tbh. Everything feels like a chore to do, battles are pointless because you can't choose who to attack, really - so battles just devolve into "is your team gonna be strong enough" or not, there's no challenge nor is there punishment. I'm sure someone is putting passion into the game, but it feels so barren, shallow, empty that it could serve as a reference for "mindless phone games" just like so many others.
This game has the same setup as AFK arena, and I'm not complaining because I like that game and love One Punch Man. It's unfortunate that the difficulty starts to spike as you get further on. But I think that's mostly me being impatient and not saving up diamonds over a few days. I've spent too much on this game, and while I love it to death, I wish it wasn't as difficult and pay-to-win as it is in the higher difficulties.
Really enjoyed this game while restricted and locked down during the pandemic. Perfect for someone who wants a game to play for 10-30 minutes each day. While the game is designed to be pay to win, you can certainly have fun and make slow progress for free. The devs do listen to user feedback and do a good job of balancing pay to win vs free to play players.
A fun game but takes alot of grinding, if your willing to oyt a lott of time into it even being free to play is possible though there is a cap to f2p.
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THE BEGINNING IS A SCAM TO MAKE YOU THINK ITS A FAIR BUSINESS MODEL. Late game sucks. As many have mentioned before me the game is based on putting characters together to upgrade them. Problem is at this point is need way too many characters to upgrade my team you will get stuck and forced to pay. Sad since the beginning seems quite fair. But it gets really bad later with all the materials you need to upgrade ur character for a minute improvement in stats.
The company is too greedy, and pushes you to pay for things far too much. Low drop rates for your investments, and generally not very friendly towards free to play players. Gameplay is too slow for an afk game, and can get boring very quickly due to that. I love the series but this is just a cash grab. I want to like the game, but Devs are far too greedy and therefore progress is too slow and unsatisfying. An edit to the response: No tips needed. Just be more generous with your drop rates.Easy!
I like OPM and afk games, which is the only reason I'm still playing. When 1 character is all you need to get past most of the game. And all others are held back because of the lack of that character. You have an issue. Terrible tornado= beat most of the game, so far. Nerf her or make other aoes as powerful. Horrible balance of characters. Fix your game and maybe I'll spend some money.
It's amazing until it gets very grindy nothing bad to the devs tho it's an amazing game besides the grind and the lots of similarities to afk arena
Grindy and expensive. Prices are ridiculous but if you want to play for free then expect a HUGE grind with tonnes of rng. If this wasn't one punch man I'd have given up a long time ago.
The game is fun and addictive but you'll get to the level 80ish mark and realise it's just a money grab. The promotions every 20 levels are impossible to keep up with so you end up with somewhat of a stalemate experience unless you pay mega money. Somehow the game creators couldn't strike that sweet balance of p2p but primarily f2p for the long grind, like in clash of clans for example. People will get fed up with the game and it will forfit the classic status it could so easily have had.
Struggle between 2 and 3 stars as it is a very average game with below average progression. The game isn't that fleshed out and doesn't keep you playing. The incredibly repetitive nature of it can be a turn off at times. The afk aspect is tossed on, and not well thought out. Overall the game is a Ok if you really like OPM, but if you aren't playing it because it is based on the series I would just say skip it, other afk and chase game crush this one in every aspect.
SCAM!!! Game is good but admin/service is pretty bad... Contacted them few days ago about a refund because I've purchased the wrong pack. No respond and no answer. I DID EMAIL YOU GUYS !!! The event is ending soon so I can't even purchase the pack I wanted.
The game starts off well. You progress quick, you get some epics along the way, and then you hit the lev100-120 wall. The only way to improve is to play the Gacha game. I spent 15k gems that I had saved over 3weeks and... i didn't get any characters to progress my current team or any character to level past 120. On the surface this game is good, but down in the core it is bad. This is a spit in the face compared to Bleach: Immortal Soul.
Has been fun for ages, road to strong has become massively imbalanced to the point I regret spending money on this game. Is a bit too hardcore/ pay to win now. Response is not even for the right game.
Been stuck on the same level for weeks now. Paying won't upgrade my character enough. Not lucky like lower level players with better drawn fighters. New update made Tournament Store characters twice as much... that's irritating. It's all irritating, currently. And I've not received items purchased in store but still lost my diamonds
This game is bad. It will require you to spend $$$$ money to keep up or pass story in the game. After I complained here, my pulling rate is even worse. Nice job.
Really amazing game that as a one punch fan is one of the greatest games iv even played sadly tho its impossible to connect to the game through data for me at least 😢
Fun! Play on and off! Just made a couple purchases and happy with it! I have severe anxiety and battle with depression too. But this game helps me get out of my head and to feel better. Thank you and I don't believe it's paid to play I mean kinda every game is! But I've had no trouble yet with leveling and I've gotten a few good characters. Thank you for one punch man it really helps me!
Its fun for a while but after a certain point even spending a little money doesn't help you progress. I got stuck on a level for 2 days dropped 20 bucks to boost my team and still couldn't beat the level. I am still shocked that after all the waiting and then dropping some money(I've spent around 150 on this game already) I still can't beat this level. Its still pretty enjoyable tho and there are other things I can do. Overall I think they did a good job with the game and continue to work at it
Edit after 7 months: Really loved the game, but make no mistake, it is pay to win, no matter how lucky you are you can only progress so much and its slow as hell without paying. 1 star goes for the horrible customer service, I spent a lot of money in this game and the only time I made a wrong purchase and asked for a refund from Google Play minutes after I was banned from purchases in game and my paid active subscription was blocked if I didn't returned the money to the company. Extortion much?
While the gacha can be worth it and I mean rarely worth it. They messed with the shards. I've been saving the purple character shards for months and when I finally use them I all I got were purple fodder. This game is a joke now moving on to something else. I get the whole it's a free game but making the ceiling ridiculously high in terms of pay to win is ridiculous. I would rather spend 10 dollars to buy an app with more features than play a free one that demands hundreds a month.
At this point i give you no stars. I have been sitting here for 30 minutes waiting for this game to load up. It does an update, loads the data then begins to do another update. Tell me why it couldn't be done on the first time around. If this happens again and i am unable to play the game iina timely manner, I'll just uninstall the game and discontinue any and all games you create. Cause if one has that problem they all have it and thats how I see it.
Stop sending the same notification repeatedly while I'm trying to sleep. I've turned off notifications for now but there's really no reason to send out the exact same notification 5 times early in the morning in the first place. At this point you're just filling up my notifications section before I even get a chance to dismiss them.
Good fun active game... but exceptionally greedy... really really greedy. Hence another drop in the star rating. In addition the recent changes to the game have really started to make the game fiddley and difficult to understand, lots of confusing data, add on abilities and bizarre game modes. It feels like a chore to play.
So a quick edit to this review, after the most recent update for some reason now the game is refusing to open or even get past the title screen, it doesnt even load fully anymore or let me play it crashes after a few minutes of trying to load
I've like this game a lot, it's much better than a lot of the other games like it. Most games like this one are pay to win. games shouldn't require you to pay $100 every single day to get anywhere! I'm already at stage 14-25, and I haven't spent a dime! Very great game. If I were to suggest any character it'd have to be Drive Knight. And maybe add Elder Centipede as a troll boss!
It wont connect to the internet for longer than a minute after that i disconnect and have to restart the tutorial
I have been playing for months. Spent a lot of money. For the first time ever - the game is asking me to enter my Facebook login information (password included) inside of the game to access my account. Not opening the Facebook app to authorize - enter my info in game. Why does a game need my Facebook password??
I definitely loved the game, made several accounts to explore it and experience it better. One of the best i tried of this type, all until i reach lvl 50. Is not just a gap if you pay or not, which would make total sense, but you just cant stack enough characters to upgrade them. I have plenty of everything without paying, but its impossible to grow my characters. Again, amazing work, i just gotta wait for an update balance this. Keep the good work.
Spent money in game. Poor customer service. Got banned on making further purchases because of an issue not my fault. And was proven with screen shots. Because of 10 bucks was refunded to me. Will remain banned until i pay it back. On something the game messed up on and i only wanted once. Lol i woulda spent more than that on other ingame items and have too already. So thank you for stopping me to spend more money on yalls.
03/12/20 The games in-app purchases are too expensive. 09/12/20 I have updated to the latest version and I get an an error message when I open the game. The message says failed to update hot update files. How do I fix this?
Way to expensive. They come out with new characters but they only last 30 days so unless you wanna spend over $500 you can't max level them
This game is great if you play other Gacha games or don't have much time to play. You can get heroes for free but it takes a long time to get dupes but it's possible. The only issue I have with this game is when I'm playing PVP or sometimes even story mode, it stays on the character wallpaper and it doesn't go away until I reset the game or sometimes it doesn't even let me click on the game buttons until I reset the game which can get really annoying.
Very good game. However, after a while you hit a steep hill were you need to grind alot or spend money. I've been stuck on the same stage fore over 4 days with no sign of progress. Other than that, a great game if you like the idea of building a team up to become more powerful.
I used to love this game but recently it has become more and more apparent that no matter your strength or formation this game holds you up from progressing (to try encourage p2p) like a claw machine at the arcade. It is literally impossible for me at 11500 strength to complete levels that players with halve the strength have seemingly completed, I also suspect that certain top players in each server are fake accounts edging slightly ahead of you constantly to also entice p2p. It's a shame.
the game is entertaining, but I think it would be more fun if the final attacks had an anime-like animation or zoomed in on the character
I spent quite a bit of money in this game, lvl 100+ now and I have to say this is a very average idle game. No real events and not as generous as other idle games. I only spent a lot of money because I like OPM. Stopping now because it's really not worth it.
Its super basic just like every other idle game out there. The UI is also very meh at best, the heavily encourage spending as most idle games with the 'vip' levels...but the ui is so garbage that you cant even find it anymore.
Game starts off really good but when you deside to put money in you get nothing of value...put in over 400 pounds and I got hardly anything back so please don't waste your cash........ Update.... I tried putting more money in and got very little....£800 down and I've nothing to show for it....... PLEASE DONT PUT CASH IN as you WILL regret it The shop is completely fixed too.......this game will do everything to take your monetly......be warned
Help! I'd like to give this game at least four stars but since the latest update the game has CONSISTENTLY CRASHED on my GOOGLE PIXEL phone. I have found out that others with the exact same phone have had the issue as well. I don't know why this is happening because my phone is brand new. Please address and soon. I love this game
The Limit of friends is clearly 30, but I can't go past 13 friends. Such a simple thing shouldn't be having issues. Also I lost my 1.0 account, so definitely 1 star. I would give 0 if it were possible. Edit: I've contacted support and haven't received a response since last week, so support doesn't care either. Edit 2: Support told me to try the new game, with absolutely no fix to my issues. It was some BS blanket statement telling me to screw off and don't bother them with the 1.0 account loss.
It's a very fun game but please consider doing more events and making it easier to earn diamonds and recruit characters (smaller prices, better chances at getting elites), otherwise I can spend 10K diamonds and not get a single elite character.
I don't know what other people are talkin about it keeps stopping I reset my phone restarted the app everything and it kept stopping nothing worked and somebody said they spent an entire month on the same level and couldn't pass it ya its bad
Drop rates suck and they refuse to do anything about it even after every post on their facebook mentions it incredibly hard to progress after first beginning stages
I used to play AFK arena and liked that game, but what's better? The same basic gameplay but with One Punch Man (be honest what wouldn't be improved by adding OPM?)! My only problem is when the game crashes during a pvp match I'm about to win costing me the match. Which tbh could be because my tablet is on the older side. Still a great game that I love. People saying it's pay to win are wrong. A little effort and learning on your part and you will do fine.
Great app and really enjoying the grind, my only issue is on the intermission theater, the only ad it loads is for "the yutes high grade currency" . It doesnt play the advert and doesnt allow my to collect the reward, its been like this for 4 days now. Please can you sort this bug
I love the game but the problem is that there is a hotfix download in game which I cant pass through and I get timed out of game please fix this my internet is good so I dont think it's my internet's fault
Edit 3: Down to 2 stars, TLDR; big issues untouched, very p2w heavy. Player since day 1. The core experience and early game is still really fun and addicting but endgame progression is a joke. Rewards are significantly too low to allow players to progress. Events are very rare and are very p2w heavy. Nerfing heros and buffing enemies, further pushing back the playerbase. Worst chat out of any game in existence. No report/ignore functions, constant bot spam and terrible filter that censors.
A fun game been playing it for 6 months now and still haven't got bored yet while it is a bit on the pricey side I have no problem supporting the devs in making further improvements to an already enjoyable game. Hopefully sometime in the future maybe you could do a one piece version of this game I would definitely be interested to play that xD.
Fun game ruined by greedy developers. The game itself is fun but for a "free to play" player you hit a pay wall after maybe 2 days. I cannot progress any further right now until I level my characters, to do that I need to collect my AFK rewards twice a day to get 2 levels up which is nothing! Might aswell play AFK Arena at this point. The alternative is too spend hundreds in real money to get some sort of progression which I refuse to do, due to their greed being so apparent. Quite sad.
The hero collecting and afk aspect of the game are fun and make the game worth returning to. My only complain would be the uninteresting items and opponents/villains. I'd like it if the bad guys tied into the background plot a little more to make since and make them unique as much as possible. Also more varaity in item buffs and their effects. Train hard, Bandai!
Very fun game! Sadly it's pretty much pay to win, especially in the endgame. You don't need to invest money but without it you'll be making waaaaay slower progress. Still a good game with good characters and stuff!
A decent game if you like the series but might be a bit quirky if not! I've played since the beta version and there are many improvements made/ongoing, which is great!
Good idle game, very enjoyable and I spend a lot of hours on it. Downing my rating because the scam bots are getting worse and there is still no proper function to report and get rid of them. There is some p2w but you can also f2w (takes a bit longer). The artwork is great with awesome animations and ok voice-overs. I'm not sure about character balancing.. The scam bots are a nightmare and perhaps add a little more dialogue and voice-over to the cut-scenes
The game is really fun and I want to give 5 stars but sometimes during the story mode if you didn't get a specific character or characters you would be left at a stale mate stuck for multiple days but other than that the game has a decent re-cap on one punch man and the events are always a gold mine in tools to help you progress.
The game is fun overall. It takes a while until you are able to skip battles, usually around there you hit a wall until you are able to level up all characters. The worst parts of the game so far: Bad luck in pulls (different accounts) I went 3x2500diamond pulls with no purple but at least diamonds gathering only takes a few days. 2nd: the synergy for team bonus' relies on using only certain characters, so you're not really able to mix it up. I think there should be more combinations
Been playing this game for over two month, and recently I decided to drop the game. If you are f2p player, then you will do the same thing as I did. After playing this for two month, everything seem repetitive, I am just doing the same thing over and over again. It just become more like a daily mission instead of playing for fun. And believe me, if you are about to spend money in this game, if u r not going to spend more than 1000 bucks, it will get you nowhere.
Very fun and challenging it suvks but when your stuck on a stage YOU REALLY GET STUCK I've been on this stage for 5 days lol
Good game. You can get a long way without paying but if your looking for something to do for 20-30 mins in a day it's a good game
Was fun at first, then it gets repetitive and nearly impossible to pass on the story mode. I have spent the past month on the same level while advancing characters only to fail every time. Probably made this way to control the amount of work they have to put into creating levels. Regardless, it's sort of fun if you feel like playing short term
Misleading sales, bad customer support. Be careful what you buy, they word things vaguely. And there is not many tutorials on combining characters and critical things you use expensive items on. If you contact customer support, they will not help you, and just will say; too bad, better luck next time. Expect to spend a lot of money if you want the nicer characters and items. Its more expensive than other freemium games.
Since 13th Dec the game keeps disconnecting, nothing wrong with my WiFi or 5g/4g, please fix then I will change rating. PS I can't get to tech help due to this issue.
The game is very fun to play, but recently I have been experiencing trouble logging in, and the game constantly restarts/resets the app. This is frustrating. Fix it.
This game is 100% pay to win. The top spending players which can be found in their tournament rankings have spent an excess of 100thousand dollars. If you want to promote a character max out. Be prepared to wait over a year or you are spending atleast 5 grand. you can literally spend 150dollars and get barely get a useful item. The game has " complete characters" expect to pay 10thousand a character. or 3 year wait. if things are not purchased you find nothing to do for weeks.
It's my 3rd day playing, and although a good game, there are bugs. The most recent bug continues to disconnect me (I'm on a secure wifi connection) and in a game that requires time in order to be able to compete in PvP such a bug is a hindrance.
I love this gatcha game. Im free to play and yes, I get stuck on occasion, yes I have to wait a bit to progress and think about my formation. No it doesn't ruin the fun to have to work/earn your rewards. I play everyday, my partner said its becoming and addiction :D The game releases new updates and areas every 2ish weeks giving out some pretty good rewards. I think for new players you definitely need to do your research on which characters are essential e.g. terrible tornado, sonic, genos etc
fun game mechanics, with strategy involved. There's obviously pay to win benefits, especially in pvp i guess. The game is still somewhat accessible to everyone (a.k.a. I've seen worse), but you fall behind without paying. It's nice that there's no grinding for levels etc, but it creates situations where you have nothing to do. At some point you're stuck at a level you can't possibly beat with any strategy unless you wait a week for your characters to get stronger; or pay.
Good game,Really fun and entertaining. A really good strategic Game. Can play against friends and many people around the world
Fun game. Slow progression though. Once you get to a certain level, there's not much to do apart from click and collect your gear and xp. I wouldn't mind if I was able to grind for extra items.
Tried logging in on a new phone, lost my account, contacted support, received no help. Don't spend money on this game otherwise you will lose your account
Enjoyable game. Been playing it everyday for over a year and still not bored. Only downside I find is the fan base seems to be a lot of moaning at the developers, who seem to be doing a great job.
Pretty enjoyable was thinking maybe you could add in a new guild boss or troll boss thing with saitama as the opponent you see how much damage you can do in 5 rounds before he 1 punches your team. Atleast people will be happy that saitama is included more.
Been playing for months and as much as I like the game I dont see myself playing much longer because I'm stuck on world 12 with my characters elite+ and all the good equipment costs diamonds and you dont get any of the characters you need to get anywhere. Always want you to buy a pack and I've bought plenty to get where I'm at now. I'm tired of throwing money into a game where I'm still not getting anywhere. I liked the game alot at first.
Great game. The getcha system is not too rewarding (doese not give you super rare units too often to make it unrewarding when you do get one) and it's not like 7ds grand cross in witch you will never get anything good. And the game play is nice. I enjoy seeing the charictors fight.
Honestly one of the best games I have played on a cell phone. The content is updated constantly. In app purchases are there and kind of pricey, but not a total must. If you play every day, you will be rewarded. No ads really. Follows the anime which is awesome. More chances for character development and move selection would be cool. Would definitely recommend.
Can we please have other ways to farm for upgrading materials, gear for champions. I keep my fingers crossed that the next update will bring these features but nothing so far. I'm at a point were buying new champions in the game hardly make any sense to me if I'm going to struggle with upgrading them. I'm looking at the store right now and i have the money but there's not really anything that appeals to me. In short the in-game store has items but do they really matter to me? NO! The store has a LOT of ways to get champions but what is the point of getting these champions if I will never upgrade them? I love this game but it will come a point were even my love of the game won't be enough to make me stay and play if it stay like this
I have played this game since beta and feel my review is a fair reflection of the game as it's stands today. Far too many nurfs and changes. Change can of course be good but, when the community as a whole are asking the developers not make the changes being made as it's driving people away both in their discord server and raising tickets, just to be ignored. The changes are causing bugs and long maintenance downtime. I eagerly await the generic response from the team in reply to this review...
Great game, plays like most games of the same genre and is not heavy on the micro transactions to progress through the game ( excluding pvp ). I have spent $1.39 Cad and i didn't need to and have not hit any walls that have lasted more than 2 days.
Was a fun game but after this recent update just a cash grab. Now epics have a chance to be upgraded rares and it really kills the game. Saving up too just not improve your team sucks, and I'm not going tp throw money at a game like this. Do yourself a favor its fun when you get epics but with what they did with the game buzzkilled the playability a lot.
I like this game. This game is not taking too much time to do all you need to do, but there is no possibility to report bots, which are spaming their websites all day and night. This makes me really unhappy, coz issue like this is not sorted out for very long time.
As much as I enjoy playing this game some levels in the story mode are straight BS. For example, my characters are strong enough to play the road to be strong mode but not the story mode. This is funny because the levels of the villains in road to be strong mode is about the same as story mode but for some reason, the villains in the story mode are much harder to beat. Also, it's so hard to promote certain characters as every time I try to recruit characters, I keep getting the same cards 🤦🏻‍♂
I used to say 5/5 but that was before they started locking 90% of event content behind paywalls. As is the trend with typical gacha games, any time something new is added, you have to start again to get the best chance of getting everything. Also the difficulty ramping is beyond a joke. I would give this 1 star but i have too much libe for the souce material
I'm getting a message that my game client is damaged when I open the game, and it tells me to download the game again. I've been playing for maybe a year now and I'm afraid of losing my progress. Won't that happen if I reinstall the game?
I had it at 4 stars but now i changed it because this game just never gets boring for me, it's so fun to play, the bundles and other things like that are overpriced af but i dont even need to buy it because i can just get all the stuff by playing