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One-Punch Man: Road to Hero

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by OASIS GAMES LIMITED located at UNIT 702 FOURSEAS BUILDING 208-201 NATHAN ROAD KOWLOON HONGKONG. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun game, has a few problems with crashes and such, but one really big problem I'm having with it, is I decided to buy a limited time offer for $5 something, it didn't work so I decided to leave it, a few hours later I check my bank account and it made 3 purchases. Do not buy anything from this game, you can make it through just fine without buying anything. Please let me know if there is a way I can get refunded for my money the game took.
Despite various problems, some lag, and initial login issues, the game is very good. It's got a large variety of game modes, and even though it's not the first of its genre it's still unique, since is all one-punch man based, which makes it awesome. Although getting decent heroes is pretty hard, a 0.5% chance of getting 2* heroes from normal recruitment and 2% for 3* heroes from advanced recruitment make the game totally odds based... But i still love it. Hope it gets smoother in future updates
Its pretty good but, it keeps crashing and the chat is an absolute mess especially when trying to look at a profile. And my name is usually never mine when trying to talk. The gatcha is alright the odds are something that could leave many people aggrivated (like me) but its a challenge (not a very fun one) but it might be fun for people who like grinding and getting to the top of the boards.
I can't get passed the login screen as it says network error, I have read some other reviews and seems to be a big problem. In one of your replies you said it won't be solved until the optimised version is released, this is the ONLY version
Graphics worthy of a 2012 phone app and more bugs than Georgia in July. There is little to no actual balance between the characters and there are, without a doubt, teams that cannot be beaten. All four songs are fine enough to constitute having 'music'. There seems to be no logical order to the gameplay. Within the PvP arena, you'll often find combat buggy to the point where you are penalized for a victory. I'd say this game is a cash grab but there's nothing worth paying for. Wait a while here.
It's a nice game, but there are a few things that make it annoying. 1. The energy recharge time is too huge. At the moment is 15 minutes. To recharge all the energy, at my current level, it takes 24 hours. 2. The evolution in the story is going easy untill chapter 5 where it becomes really difficult to beat. You need to grind a lot to get the heroes, the accessories and evolution materials, then you need to grind again to bring the heroes and accessories to the necessary level. And other problems
Redo Problems: 1 Lag and crashing every 20 minutes. 2 Story difficulty, its just gets real hard real fast. 3 Character balance, rarity doesnt really matter from what ive noticed. 4 In game purchase prices, every Gatcha game has this problem. Pros. 1 It can be fun to play. 2 Its one punch man. Tone down some of the difficulty fix the lagging and crashing problems and ill change my rating.
I really like the game. As a fan of the show it is pretty cool to have this game. As a gamer, this game does leave a lot to be desired. The one thing that is most annoying is the time that it takes to upgrade accessories. It takes way too long. Devs please consider a different system. It recently took 5 minutes to upgrade a batch of accessories. Maybe make it a background process so people can do other things while the accessories upgrade? Or just make the process quicker.
I loved this game while it lasted! Was playing it since launch. Stamina does recharge slow until you get to higher level, then you can recharge stamina alot quicker going through the mini games. Unfortunately, they had alot of bugs that constantly crash during games, and then it would give issues to login. I'm at the point where I can't even login to the game. I'd rate this much higher, but if I can't even login, I can't consider this as playable and would not recommend. FYI, I'm not the only one
Now, I'll most likely rate the game higher as I do like the look and easy and understandable look, but every time i get mid-way through a cut scene, the game would immediately crash. Now it could be due to the old LG phone i'm using, or its due to my limited remaining storage. And even though i'm using wifi it still does it either way, any ideas.?
Well so far my impression is kinda meh, there are not alot of waifus which if im honest is all i care about. Collecting cute waifu. And the game seems kinda hard. Manage to make it to only chapter 3 then hit a hard wall where i have to grind hard. And the worst part of the game is that there is no way to grind up the materials you need to rank up and upgrade your heros. The only way to get them is a random chance in a random mission which makes it so hard to increase power so change that asap
Was beyond excited for a one lunch man considering we have no more episodes to watch. started the game then soon realised it's a energy based game,..... a wait to play game,..... the worst any game can possibly be. Such a major disappointment. Deleted the game after this rating so sad to have such potential and throw it away for a wait to play game style.
Not very good. Its got all the standard free to play cash gimmicks. Limited stamina, loot boxes for characters, and quick level items. The worst is the gameplay, its dull and simplistic. A high school student could have made this, Ive played Flash games that have more depth. One Punch Man deserves better.
After waiting for roughly 15 or so minutes for the game to load, it finally did. But then crashed straight away. 10/10 would play again. I have the latest version of the game. And i can guarantee you that my phone is not the problem here. A quick response to the developers... dont give me some automated message. How the duck am i supposed to "Enjoy the game!" When it literally doesnt load, and when it does, it crashes?
Cool loading screen, unfortunately that's all there is. I have left the game running for over a half an hour thinking maybe its updating or something, all I get is a perpetual loading screen. Tried 3g, 4g, and local networks. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Sent support a screenshot of the loading screen, not sure that's really going to help anything. No error ever pops up to take a screenshot of, I get nothing but a loading screen after login.
Game is fun so far. Has a difficulty curve but you have to upgrade your characters out of battle and stay ontop of that. It's a gacha game, but so far I've had pretty good luck and they start you off with a good character. Havent spent money yet, but I am early in so I'll find out how far a free player can get. Again, it's fun, theres a lot to do. Nice time waster.
It's a good game so far but needs a bit more work. But please and I say this with complete seriousness your stamina regeneration is horribly slow. I can sleep for 8 hours and it won't be full. 15 minutes is way too long for 1 energy recovery. I get it if you want people top buy diamonds to get more but damn.... at least 10 minutes MAX.
A game shouldn't need permission to use my microphone, access my files/photos, and access my calls. After denying all permissions, the game won't load. Why are you trying to access so many things you obviously don't need? Also, error meesage READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE keeps popping up after denying the permissions. The game finally ran after allowing all these stupid permissions.
Super long grind with minimal rewards. Stamina recharge rate is horrible. The chances of getting a decent character are slim to none. It was fun for the first few days then I hit a crippling wall. No in app purchases are even close worth the money. Graphics and gameplay are pretty good, but that's about it.
Great game but many flaws.. the game has so much potential, but the fact you have to wait so long to get energy to even play the missions is where it fails. I dont mind having certain missions costing so much energy to play, but when the game takes 15 minutes to get just 1 energy back.. 😒 normally i love gatcha games and i still love this one, however i can see myself giving up if every day im having to put my phone down because i did 6 missions and now have to wait a day to do another 6 or 7.
I didn't have problems connecting like most. I was able to play, but it was very lackluster. The game is new, so I understand. I don't want to influence people negatively, but it was very underwhelming. Auto-combat system where you can click an ability once enough turns have passed. Explore by moving on tiles. Every monetization possible including a battle pass. Limited character Roster in Gacha. Could be good in the future. Not good right now, in my opinion. Will return at a later date.
I dont want to give such a bad score, but when i try to get on the game i cant even play. Its saids login successful, but it never goes past the loading screen. I have my phone set to turn off the screen after like 20 minutes and it still didn't work. I let it set thinking it just needed time to load. Plz fix this if you can. I was looking forward to playing. I love the anime, and when i saw the trailer for this game i got hyped to play it.
It's fun and nice to collect well-known characters from the series. However, the graphics feel dated and the stamina regeneration takes far too long compared to other games (1 stamina each 15 minutes) and the interface makes going through certain menus cumbersome. The battle system is also somewhat dependent on luck.
Heavily monetized, prone to crashing and painfully slow gacha system which forces you to spend diamonds for pulls which only give you pieces of heroes, this game came out limping in the shadow of a great anime. The anime has a tier system; why not push that system with the gacha system instead of forcing someone to drop +20$ for maybe 1 hero? The game also crashes often, almost randomly at times. Even right in the middle of battle. If you're a fan, prepare to be disappointed.
I want to say to the game developers that such a hot IP will be destroyed once it does not meet the public's appetite. Card and turn-based game have been criticized for a long time, but this animation IP turn-base is the first choice. Don't ask me why, Saitama defeat everything in punch. It's really difficult to do action. I hope the design team can do more hard work and bring more attractive elements to the game. I hope the game can be even better, and retain a lot of players.
Looking at gameplay alone, Road to Hero is great. Outside of that, it's a cash-grab heavy Chinese style gacha game that is under the genre I call 'recharge games'. These games will push microtransactions in your face and slow down progression to do so, giving the option to just pay your way through everything however indirect it is. F2P is possible as I have done so in a game called Naruto Online, but without a community to recognize the grind of F2P players, it's not worth the trouble.
This game is genuinely fun but it is a grind. A few changes could be to decrease the time it takes to regenerate stamina also to decrease the time it takes for arena fights to recharge. They take way too long and they hurts the playability of the game. It forces us to either spend money to recharge which is way overpriced, or put the game down. Also, your hero pass, the time it takes for new missions to pop might be a little too long. But that might just be a "me" problem. Otherwise it's solid.
Although it may annoy me sometimes when it crashes, It is still a work-in-progress. Overall I really enjoy playing it, the game will save your progress where you last let off in case you crash, and it still gives you items and info on based your progress and has lots of room to grow for a gacha game...people have to remember it is still a growing game and isn't fully finshed patching itself up while traveling over seas over all I still love it and hope people give it a chance, hope you all enjoy
Game is a lot of fun for those who have seen the show, the voices, animations and graphics are fun. Gameplay starts easy at first but it gets complex and more rewarding once you start to understand gear, skills ect. I can't wait to see them add more characters, collecting and training them is also very rewarding.
Great besides fight arena. I love the game and have been playing it quite a lot over the last month. But fight arena needs to be changed a lot. I think the star ranking system needs to be changed. I get out of rank 25 up to rank 24 and then people go from having 10k points to 150k points. So at that point i cant play anymore because ill just lose all the games. Then i log on the next day and im back down to rank 25 again... i just think the progression and rank system need a rework.
The game was loading for more than 5 minutes which was really frustrating so I stopped. Please resolve this issue, thanks. UPDATE 1: I have sent a screenshot and the information regarding the matter. And yes, I downloaded the most recent version. UPDATE 2: It's been working since 5 days now, thanks for the fix. Really love the gameplay.
Just amazing honestly. I hope the character selection doesn't die down, I feel that could make it a little boring once you get really far. You'll probably have to do collaborations with other anime at some point to keep this going. Once we get all of the characters and accessories, 5 stars etc, then what? That's my fear. However, the Saitama Game board, game style, things to do, all exceptional. ❤️
Updated Review Previously 1 Star - After turning off wifi the game loads fine with no issues. Enabled wifi in game, lost connection and could not reestablish. The game play campaign follows the storyline of the series. The rest of the features are quite entertaining and there is a small variety of things to do. Seldomly, the app randomly closes on it's own. If you are in the middle of a campaign, you won't lose any progress. However, if you are in the middle of something else that took you lost.
Like the game so far, some crashes here and there which is slightly frustrating. Stage campaign difficulty scales preeetty hard so maybe adjust the balance there, but otherwise it's good. Also wish there were more characters but I'm sure they will be added once they work out the bugs first which makes sense cause the game was released like two weeks ago. Keep the updates coming devs, you're doing great! TL;DR: Ok.
I absolutely love the game. Why rate 1 star? Because I absolutely hate the stamina system in this game. 15 minutes for 1 stamina is way way waaaaaaay too much. Change the stamina recovery time to 7-8 minutes and it should be reasonable. Or lower the stamina consumption cost for each stage. Currently it's getting super annoying to wait a whole day for me to play the game again. People, including me will lose interest in the game super fast if this keeps up.
connected to Wifi with strong signal, but game won't move passed the loading screen. Something is clearly very broken with this game as this seems to be happening to a lot of people with different phones in different countries. It's clearly NOT Wifi problems, but something bad in the code
Well I can't get past the title screen it just keeps saying network connection error, I'm on WiFi it doesn't make a difference either way. Shame because I was looking forward to playing this.....UPDATE what a shock they don't read reviews, just been told to try playing on Wi-Fi, literally just said I'd tried that lol
I love the series and love that this game has abilities and quotes that accurately reflect those within the series, but the game really just wants to starve you of important commodities to make you feel like you need to pay to be rewarded properly. This game has the potential to be great. Unfortunately, there is a significant imbalance between f2p and p2p. Even in p2p you don't get much return for what you pay.
Turn based games are a dime a dozen. I was excited to see what this was about, being an OPM fan, but I was VERY bored. I watched more than I had to tap. The graphics were cool, but the overall gameplay fell short. Would have preferred something more interactive. I give it two stars because of the graphics, also if you don't want to pay attention much and like turn based games than this might be your cup of tea.
The game is grindy. They stole mechanics from Puzzles and Dragons, Terra Battle, and SAO Mobile. Tutorial doesn't explain, but your goal is to sync up your character effects (float, repulsed, etc) to activate your other characters traits. This is how you chain 15+ combos. The game itself is fun, although know the grind you're getting into. You will feel like a boss for the first 5 hours of gameplay and then hit a wall where you just collect daily. Learning to abuse combos is how to advance.
Ok, the games graphics are pretty good, but the gameplay isnt great, wyy does it automatically choose targets? No point in that for this type of game. Another thing, Its a one punch man game, but you dont have Saitama as a playable character. Honestly, shouldve let Bandai do the work, even tho their games are trash, they at least know what should go in a basic game like this.
Today, I played for 1-2 hours. The style of cute version is acceptable to me. Apart from the fact that there are many small levels in each level and there are no specific features and differences, the game overall is OK. Seeing those bad reviews, I think they are really unreasonable. If you don't like card games, why do you bother to come here to complain.
Please remove the ridiculous permissions. I am unable to play this game because I don't want to compromise the security of my phone. It just keeps popping up asking me to aprove the permissions again and again. And in regards to your reply to a similar complaint - I've tried on WiFi and I've tried on 4G and I have the latest version of the app.
Pretty fun so far but there's a huge pay wall. Once you deplete your stamina, the game is basically unplayable until you recover some. Which takes 24 hours at my level to recover to full... But of course the game let's you pay to keep playing. I cannot rate it higher despite my bias towards this game. I hope that they fix this issue, just simply make stamina come back quicker or make it possible to actually do stuff without it.
The first time I run the game, i did not allow this game to make phone calls. As soon as Im on the login page, i cannot tap any of the menu so I restarted the game. This time, i allowed the game to make a phone call (which I find weird for this kind of application), then immediately i can navigate through the login screen and was able to select a Stage. I was just wondering why are those permissions necessary?
I initially gave this 2 stars, but felt it deserved an updated review as I understand it better and it has had some vital updates. The gameplay is brilliant and if you know how to use your stamina correctly and farm opportunities, to acquire new characters, you can easily play for free. It takes a little while to get your head around some of the intricacies, but once you do, it's absolutely awesome. Definitely a must try for most mobile gamers and OPM fans. Nice work guys...
Great game An overall great game, but I have 2 complaints. The despatch is only used for getting rewards, I'm not saying the rewards should be more, but it should also give some exp to the characters so that we can level everyone up easier, the xp should be small amount so it won't be broken. The next issue I have is the energy system. It is too hard to get energy and the stages use a lot. The regeneration rate should be at most 12 minutes, so we can play more when we wake up instead of 5 lvls.
Not a bad game. Decent gameplay. Hard enough to have to train but not farm heavy. However, upgrading items become a HUGE pain and the success/fail system of upgrading them is annoying at most and cost way too much $$. On the same not in order to rank up items of course they all need to be maxed out and did I mention the success/fail system.
Great game play and love the hero collecting element. The game crashes alot though and I'm only able to play a couple of minutes at s time before it crashes completely. It's really Ruining my enjoyment of what appears to be a good game that follows the series pretty well.
Cannot play. Developers released a game that cannot be played. Keeps responding the version is ready, but its been many days since and nothing is being done. Forget it. Review update: Emailed them as stated below reply from the developer. It has been a few days, no reply. As I said forget it.
This is an awesome game. My only concern is that I would like to be able to decide who I attack I would like the option of the auto attack or to manually attack so I can focus on one target if I chose to and not just randomly attacking. Cause that holloween mission where you had to not destroy or hit the pumpkin was crazy cause I could not control who my guys attacked. Other then that small issue. It awesome 👍 keep up the work this is one of my favorite new animes
Couldn't even get into the game raised the point and they responded quickly. But couldn't help in any way. Game needs longer before its playable. Pre registration was pointless. After response edit: changed to wifi and on network. Reinstalled app multiple times still the same issue. Issue with server data.
Changed review from 1 star to 3. I can now get past the loading screen and gameplay is achievable. There are clips of the show which are funny and fun to see. The offers are very overpriced though and not looking to play another P2W game with arena winners having no skill, only deep pockets.
As for why we can't use Saitama Sensei, he can defeat any opponent in one punch! What if the players can operate Saitama, how about balance of the whole game? PVP depends on who will do it first? Or is it only one paying player in one server can have Saitama? So what's the point of the game? I think it's a very clever way to set the character as an assist in fighting to eliminate enemy in one punch.
It's a phenominal game, mechanically. It's free to play curve is moderately steep and it's grind is long for a mobile game, but it still manages to reel you in with it's great combat. However, the graphics leave something to be desired and the lack of content updates slows down the game considerably. All of that considered, I loved this game and spent a lot of time on it.
It's a game with a neat license, though the gameplay isn't really new. You wait as your characters auto attack and use skills when the meter's full. I did think the combo attacks where the others join in based on the condition of the foe was interesting, though not enough to keep my interest. The characters you get rely on random chance, though I appreciate that you can level up less rare characters to be powerful as well.
It took longer downloading then me deleting it. It's an okay game. After all, it is free. There isn't any actual control of fighting because you select what to do. I'm more into being able to control what the character does. This wasn't for me but give it a try and you might like it. ****Also did not understand why my phone calls had to be accessed in order to proceed to play.
Previously, the game had a login issue which has been fixed for a while. it is a kind a grind heavy game you really have to level up characters and equip amd level up accessories. The reason i gave 4 out of five is that last semtence. Leveling up accessories, takes for ever. I think that there should be a multi select for levelling up items. As for levelling up characters, it takes way to long to get xp items. A daily log in with xp items would be nice.
This game is pretty damn fun. When I start the game most of the time I can't put it down. I just looked at the reviews and I really wish people stopped rating the game so horribly just because the game the came out a week ago is having bug issues. Its expected really. This game has some serious fun points but the in app purchases can be a bit pricey. Other than that they just need to clean up the game and I'll say this will be one of my most played gacha games.
I love the game, but am pissed there are too many servers. So when my server dies I am stuck and all my time and money dies with it. How is this fair? Is it possible to add a feature to transfer servers? Maybe if server has space you can jump to and from servers? I will probably quit playing due to this fact. I dont want to lose out on the true competitiveness due to the fact I'm on a weak server.
A let down to say the least. ALTHOUGH something that would make me play it again would be having your collection not be restricted to the server you chose at first. My whole server is dead so I have no guilds to join anymore but I have so much work done and time spent that I cannot restart just to join another server. Thank you.
Edited : Blocked since the last update - Internal error. This disappeared just like that so happy again :) The game is fun and simple to play with many things to do and I'm guessing a lot of intersting combination down the road. Just one thing that would be worth removing : The game asking for access to media, call and others? What is the rationale for that ?
Great game but there is a catch. So the game is fun even more so if your a fan of the show or manga. The issue is microtransactions. For example the season pass is $19.99 and if you finish the pass you get a 3 star character. The issue is $19.99 every 60 days is costly but it seems like the only way to get certain characters. It was atomic samurai last season and zombie man this season. I have not seen these characters given out any other way. The game has potential just all about the $$ so far.
Update: now its back to the no getting past load screen. Fix this please...im missing my logins. So far it is a great game. Really easy to play. I would classify this as very casual. It is fun how they have the fights it isnt just a click and you fight type of game. Somewhat tactical. I feel that it is similar setup for your team like Naruto Online. It takes time to get good characters unless you fork over cash. Just wish they had .99 option instead of 4.99
I love the game so far, but it keeps force closing on its own during battles. No rhyme or reason for it, it's never the same battle or the same point in a battle. Super frustrating when it happens. - Update : Samsung Galaxy Note 9, newest version of the game does the same thing. It's indiscriminate as to when it happens. It happened 3 times today so far. Once when I was entering a boss battle, twice when a battle was in session or about to end during story and encounters.
I love it! This One-Punch Man game is awesome and a bit disappointing of not being able to play as Saitama. It makes alot of sense why they didn't let him playable because he is really an unfair character, but they did allow us to watch and read his story of Season 1. I hope this will get a lot of stars and a few or couple of updates with this game
Pretty good, definitely recommend for fans of the series. Worth noting that the app is extremely unreliable, you'll play for a few hours and then suddenly it'll crash and be unable to start up again, for example. That was my experience anyway and judging from other reviews, being unable to open the app sometimes is quite common.
This game is cool if you like the show. But if you are thinking the game is gonna be good then don't be fooled. The game still randomly crashes after several updates. All combat is a joke. It's either you way overpower your enemies and win or you struggle and don't win anything. Add to that that the game is horribly grindy with very little progression actually taking place. Don't play it till they make many many MANY more improvements or if you don't mind wasting hundreds of dollars.
The gameplay is boring as the game plays itself even when autoplay is disabled and you still can't control who or when your team attacks. The characters have a 2% drop rate which is super greedy and low for a gotcha game. If you are a fan of OPM this might be worth a try but honestly it seems like a greedy cash grab gotcha to me. Update: $20 per multi where you only get shards of characters 3 at a time and need 30-40 to unlock. More proof of supreme greed.
Event going on is a random chance encounter which is fine expect the staminia system is awful. Meanwhile they have 9 different specials ranging from 4.99 to 99.99 in the "event page". On top of all the other things they try to sell you. This is not a game built to last. 2* for hoping it will be better in a future update.
Not a fun game. The combat plays itself and you cant target enemies or use any real strategy, pretty much everything comes down to dumb luck. The summon rates are horrible, playing 2 days and i think i have only summoned one usable character, everything else is just shards you collect to either create or upgrade existing characters. Not entirely sure what the point of the Saitama board game feature actually is but it seems to be the only remotely fun part of it all
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Cannot get past the loading screen, just lingers there for minutes on end, I spent 20 minutes waiting for the game to load and just felt like I wasted both my time and battery life on this. Why roll out a game that's not even finished.
First off if you are having trouble getting past the login screen/title screen you may have to use data instead of a WiFi connection. You can switch back to a WiFi connection after you've done this. Next, a great game for fans and a good anime game for people who haven't watch the show. Good graphics, and the gameplay is relatively user-friendly. Since the game is starting out of course there might be bugs, but I can't wait to see where the developers go from here!
Are you serious? You get shards of heroes instead of the full hero. The only full one you get is the first one, genos. After that you have to collect at minimum 30 shards to build a hero and you only get 3 at a time. The game sucks. Way to milk a franchise
I downloaded the update, but you guys didn't fix the crashing problem. The update made it worse. It crashed twice within seconds and did not open. Please fix this problem. My hubby has the problem too, and we really love the game, just not the crashing.
Bugs, bugs, bugs! The worst drop rates in any game, so if you are hoping for a certain champ pray he is not 2 or 3 star. The absolute worst part is the stamina regen. So if you are in a hurry to do nothing, go ahead and download. I would also avoid the season pass as you will bug and not get credit for some missions or the timeframe ends before you can complete them; Namely the House of evolution weapon quest.
This game is ridiculous greedy don't pay for there pointless stuff because the chances of getting a good character is so unlikely it will make your head spin. Don't play, grind, or pay for anything, they don't deserve your money or time!!!
A good gacha game but very under rewarding f2p and p2p both you barely get any characters and alot of the time get shards. I think you have slightly priced yourself out of the market and maybe need to rethink the pricing and the actual gains from buying. Gameplay itself is good, challenging like the attacking and the talent trees aswell accessory aspect. It's just the recruiting I believe you have done wrong.
I would love to give this a higher rating since I love the show and the little bit I could play, but the app constantly crashes on me. I don't know if this is because I clicked deny to the managing phone calls thing, but if I find out it is I will be uninstalling this app.
This game is epic, it's such a unique game. I am a casual fan of the anime and seen the first season in Netflix. Even if you know nothing about one punch one this game is a joy to play. The graphics are so clean and the animation is incredble. The game play is also so fun and never gets repetitive. You should download this game right NOW 🔟 /🔟 👊
Game is pretty boring. It's just One Piece Treasure Cruise reskinned. People say this game is unique but how? It's like most other games BANDAI puts out. Diamonds are uncommon to achieve through story and everything else is locked until later on. I'm good not grinding with some second rate characters and I'll take a hard pass on buying currency.
Game still doesn't work on S10plus And customer service is an automated message...how is this an officially licensed game. The creators of OPM made several mistakes here- These people dont even proofread the messages they send on google play lol, how professional. Oasis here's a tip for you...if you are going to make an officially licensed game for an extremely popular anime/manga series, dont make the game in a way that the Creators of said Anime/Manga would be disappointed in you AT LAUNCH.jfc
I was really excited when I heard about this game and couldn't wait to play it but now I can't help but feel angry because when I launched the game, I gave it all the permissions it asked for, received a message claiming "Login Successful" and then I'm indefinitely stuck on a screen saying "Game Loading". I left my phone alone running the game for about half an hour and come back to the same screen, so sad I can't play this game.
So far it is a great game. Really easy to play. I would classify this as very casual. It is fun how they have the fights it isnt just a click and you fight type of game. Somewhat tactical. I feel that it is similar setup for your team like Naruto Online. It takes time to get good characters unless you fork over cash. Just wish they had .99 option instead of 4.99
I love the game and am glad you fixed the game so i can play again.there is a glitch that keeps putting my account to level 1
I sofar think this is a very fun and amazing game. The gameplays pretty nice and visuals are too. My only complaint is that the gacha is a shard system with a small chance of a character. Also idk if it's how it was supposed to work but I pre registered on the Google play store was that how you got the pre registration bonuses because I dont have them yet. Thank you and I reccomend the game
I love One-Punch Man! I'll make a reference. After all, I don't wanna hear you calling out my name! I'm not here for fortune or fame! HERO! I'll stay... until I taste the dirt of defeat someday! HERO! The mortal man I used to be has died, and there's GODs inside my fist tonight! I mean, Johnathan Young said that specifically, but it applies... right? Sorry for the inconvenience... though, keep up the good work!
Game is good however you have to wait 15 minutes for a one point recharge it would be better if it was reduced to 3 minutes recharge to be able to play the story as it requires 6 points to play. Game crashes after an hour or two of playing. Would like to have more characters incorporated into the game also when every I go to recruit characters i have not received a three star character.
The game had so much potential..... But with over 150 servers and no signs of merging. The game is quickly dying and the company Oasis is only in it for a quick buck. 2 months of the game being out and there hasn't even been a new unit banner in those months. I highly suggest you run away. This is a terrible game and I regret wasting to much time on it. Screw Oasis!!!!
I will be honest Opm mobile had great graphics and the strategy idea is kool. Where it lacks is that it is mostly auto battle and does not always respond quickly to tap on skill. The animation of the attacks are not as flashy as the game itself. I am not putting the creator down, As a 1st opm game It is a good game. It does surpass expectations.
I can't even get into the game. It says loading game but never does I waited fir an hour and a half just to play the game and it just won't load in. Fix this issue and I'll think about giving a better rating. EDIT: I did as suggested and yet again still has the same issue.
$49 for a draw 10. $10 monthly card for 1 draw a day. $20 card 4 extra diamonds after clearing chapters. $30 season pass. Another generic gacha game. Look these games may be fun for a few months at most, but after that point you will have to pay to continue getting new content. Every company under the sun are making these cash grab games, theres no depth to any of them. They all have a few s or top tier units that make all others obsolete and they will be mandatory for some of the endgame.
Edited review: previously was about bug issues popping up in the 1.4 update. This game has a good bit to offer as far as taking up your time goes. The pay wall isn't as bad as others say it is, though that largely depends on how lucky you are. This is in spite of the myriad of MTX sprinkled around the game. The issue is the lack of content when you've gotten to the endgame or nearing it, and is also the point when accessories make/break your team and they are so diluted with worthless modifers.
I do love this game, theres alot of action and has many features. I will give it a 4 star instead of a five because it overrided my data, I haven't even been playing for a week and already it has erased all my save files. I lost all my characters along with levels, money, gems, and everything I had. If you could fix this problem thanks! I'm sure you have my save file in your system and if you can restore it I would love it! Thanks! Btw my user name is 'Black Flame'
Fun game. I appreciate they took lines from the anime to voice the characters, but if you understand what they are saying sometimes it makes no sense like: " Kya Kya my name is...". Sure it's his only line in the anime, but it is really frustrating that he doesn't complete the sentence because the game does not have the same context as the anime (getting killed before finishing the sentence vs saying that as you use your special attack). If the developers ever read this: go with just "Kya Kya"
I cant get past the loading screen and it seems others are having the same problem. (I have tried using wifi and have also tried un-installing and re-installing but nothing changed). Please fix this asap because I am looking forward to playing this game. (Samsung galaxy s6 edge)
The game is fun however there are a few bugs that break the game like today when i tried to claim the rewards from the missions that usually take a few hours, it just broke and when i tried relaunching the app it got stuck on the loading screen and this has been lasting for several hours for me at least.
The game is fantastic, been playing for 4 days in a row non stop and I still haven't ran out of stuff to do. The pack probability is much better than other games and it gives you a lot of in game currency by simply logging into the game. My only problem is the servers, if my server lighting max 25, is down I can not simply switch to a different server and play the game while the maintenance is done. Other than this game is amazing.
Fun game if you avoid the chat and ignore the glaring flaws. The translations are terrible because it's a Chinese developer producing a Japanese game for the American market. That's why they want to access your mic and ability to make phone calls. Oh and avoid sever 81. There's a hacker on there who won't shut up.
I love this game. I have an account on 2 servers. One is f2p and the other i pay occasionally. They give you so much free stuff its awesome. And i like being able to try different teams with different people. Im excited to build each character up and im in it for the long haul and interested to see what new characters that they bring in