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Is a Role Playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. located at 東京都港区芝5-37-8 バンダイナムコ未来研究所. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It looks like things are on track for one of the best gacha games, with Yoshi-san at the helm now. The biggest complaint I have is that global (English/French/Korean) version seems to have terrible purchase options for gems, especially in comparison to what can be seen in Japan/on Japan.
Great game! Just wondering tho, I bought an item, like a statue that came with a code to get the western style Luffy but when I went to redeem it, it said I couldn't do it cuz I wasn't in the right country, if there is a way to fix this, that would be very much appreciated. Great game love it lots!!
I love one piece. If you love it you will love this game too. Exciting way to relive the story and fun to play. Game style is intuitive and heart stopping trust me! Looking for new way to play? Try this!
I love it! I like collecting the characters, putting together new teams to get through challenges, and there are lots of rewarding events every month. The game has only been getting better these last few months. I'm totally addicted. One problem is that I would like to spend more money on this game, but $20 isn't even enough for one discounted pull. Makes it hard to spend any money when $20 isn't enough to really get you anything.
Hello, I never tried this yet so please fix this, whenever I tried to play the game it always say "under maintenance" even though I waited for 5 hours, can u tell me what's wrong??
So this game is a great game that I once LOVED. However, it's clearly becoming more profit driven. I understand a company exists to make money, but the way they are doing it with the recent Carrot sugofest is angering all of their customers. Do you think players want to spend money for old characters? Each sugo is "boosted" with new characters with such lackluster rates. The batch released in the previous sugo is nowhere to be seen. The equivalent of $50 nets you 2 new units out of 22 units. Bad
over the last few months I have Uninstalled and reinstalled this game several times. each time it refuses to connect past the notice page telling me I must be over 14. I really want to play this but not being able to get on at all is frustrating.
By far one of my Top 3 favorite games on the phone. For starters, it's not purely money based just to progress like a lot of games are. Which of course is a biggie, at least to me. Not only that, but you don't even have to of watched this show before to get into it and get going. Personally I love the show, but even if you haven't seen it the games story mode follows pretty accurately giving you a pretty good idea of what's going on. The Gameplay is also different than any other game I've played.
needs UI improvements like a separate inventory box instead of mixing them into the character box because it gets incredibly annoying to have to stop and sell fodder units every 2 seconds when grinding. Also some improvements to filter like rarity would be good. and last but not least a x2 speed feature would be amazing but other than these issues and complaints it's a fun game.
I would give this game a zero star if i could. Stuck on loading screen can't even play.Don't bother guys,they haven't fixed it for over a year
I normally don't like the anime games. So at first I downloaded this game to just give it chance. And we are here. I loved the game and frankly speaking, this is the only anime game on my mobile phone. My only hope for the future is that we can use more characters on our teams than just five for now. Thanks to the creator for this lovely game!!
This game is FUN! no joke! though getting really good pulls are hard, still! It would be nice if you guys could "atleast" let us have 2 of the same character (but only once per team) like say you want to have 2 luffys and 2 zoros but you can only choose 1 of the 2, same with support, if you pick a luffy for support and have a luffy as captain or other then you cant have anymore doubles (more than 1 character). Thanks and keep up the good work 👍.
This is probably the best One Piece game. It's got pretty awesome art and the gameplay can get pretty complex and rewarding. Because of how many elements there are in the gameplay it can be overwhelming to new players and most players will feel the need to do research on how to play 'properly', which can be good or bad depending on yourself. Whether that's youtube, reddit, or databases. Recently there's a new lead producer for the game and we're in a golden age it seems.
it's great how interactive the game is.so many characters and forms. my biggest complaint is the loading screens. and DL. sometimes it just loads n loads. nothing happens. I wish they could clear that up. if it were for that and easy 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ esp for OP enthusiasts
has many characters each with unique artwork and abilities. keeps up to date with anime. but gameplay is repetitive and very difficult to keep up with all types events. free to play friendly but those who pay have a better chance of aquiring stronger characters
A must have game for any one peice junkie. Tons of fun with new adventures added regularly. There are plenty of new games coming out all the time, but this app seems to be a cut above the rest
It's actually a pretty good game. I'm a fan of anime and a gamer, so I was expecting this game to be a money sink, but I was pleasantly surprised. For a free game, this is quite amazing. The ones behind it are genuinely passionate and fair, you can tell. 11/10
This game is great i really feel the path on finding one piece. It truly make you feel like you will become king of the pirates!!!
Awesome good combat style. The animations are really good as well, especially the character's special attacks
One of the best mobile gacha games, it has it's flaws but somehow like every couple of months i always find myself redownloading this game and falling in love more. They truly put so much love into this game that it's hard to call it a mobile game.
It is a very great One Piece game. I wish we got something like Treasure Cruise to be something even bigger for even Playstation or PC. It is very fair and I only gone through broken unfair quests at times but soon as you get yourself strong characters you fully upgrade those unbeatable battles wont be such a pain. Rate drops for ultra rare characters are fair as to keep somebody from being too strong. Rainbow Gems can be earned fairly too and its not heavily monetized. You will like this game.
This game is extremely addicting! Even if you're new to the One Piece universe, every chapter literally goes through every episode until the current day. Super fun and immersive, you get to hear and experience ALL of the characters in One Piece. Cool gameplay concept of timing your attacks and strategies on which character's attacks to use for every battle in the moment. Careful if you're not caught up with watching One Piece because you may get spoilers! A game that is true to One Piece!!
It's the most amazing game for One Piece fans! It provides an amazing nostalgia feeling for those of us who have watched/read the story a long time ago. It's downright fun to play, there's always new content, even if you finish the story mode (which I haven't). A very tiny improvement could be made in the navigation, to allow to edit the crew before a battle just like in Treasure Map. But it's very minor compared to the greatness of the game.
Troubling times ahead with the Korean merge and unequal distribution of resources. If you are looking for a fair playing field relative to other players, you wont find it here. Decent outcome with the Korean server merge so far.
love the game but after the recent update, it keeps crashing if i happen to click the home button of my phone. it usually doesn't happen - the app will continue to run in the background. hope it gets resolved soon. can't get my one gem for review now too ):
Good game but I suggest that this game should have a free character everyday. So that everyone has an equal chance to keep up even without gems. There should also be a synthesize of characters where you combine characters to get an improve one or the same quality. And can you make a super evolve for sanji reunited.?
Amazing game play. Lots of options a long the way you create your own crew and story. It doesn't get 5* because I don't know if there is any possibility to fight against other players
One Piece Treasure Cruise is a great game for lovers of the Series! The story is effectively told, and the battle system is easy to learn and difficult to master. The one negative however is that the grind is a little much. With the anime having 900+ Episodes, what else can one expect but to have a long story campaign as well.
I just recently downloaded it but so far it wont even load for me. I get to the title, tap to load into the game and it just sits there with the Going Merry bouncing for a minute then it stops. Music keeps going though... I do want to play it. I just wish I knew what is wrong with it...
Just downloaded this app, and can't even get past the first loading screen, just stuck on still connecting, tried both mobile data and internet connection neither worked so can't even play this game. What a waste. Pls fix this so I can atleasy try this game.
I love it! I like collecting the characters, putting together new teams to get through challenges, and there are lots of rewarding events every month. It's been a bit turbulent lately, though. Lot's of downs with little ups. One big problem is that I would like to spend more money on this game, but $20 isn't even enough for one discounted pull. Makes it hard to spend any money when $20 isn't enough to really get you anything.
I love this game!!! As a One Piece fan, i think it's very rare to find any games about the story, let alone any good games at all. The setup did confuse me at first, but i got used to it and it is actually pretty easy to use. If i could give the game a 5 star i definantly would!
great game, only criticism i have is that if the app is put into the background it crashes. even ignoring a phone call will crash game. this didnt used to happen.
a bit pushy in events to try and make you want to buy gems, but that's fine if theres something for free with every event, which usually there is.. fun and addicting, lacks a little bit of tutorial but reddit is very helpful with helping learn the game.
A fun, interactive game. One piece treasure cruise is definitely the game to play on your smart phones, for any anime/one piece fan. Also they up date nearly every character out in the anime and hopefully soon where the manga is.
lots of characters and the story is good for reminiscing. and like the show, it doesn't seem to be short at all. game play us pretty repetitive though.
Love how its pretty much the story condensed into a small phone that can be picked up any time you have time or are bored, controls are simply just tap and go, and if you want to get nerdy really put some thought into your team build.
Great game and the story is on point... Like literally, as a fan of one piece... I think that this is the perfect blend of gacha, story and everything...
Fun to play, love all the characters available. Good for casual play too, I log in less than most I imagine. A little complex in some respects but so long as you aren't the type to min/max abilities or powers and such that's easy to ignore.
If you like/love one piece then this is the game for you. Hundreds of one piece characters to collect and use them to build teams to beat all different pieces of content throughout the game. 5 star imo yeeeee
I love this game, but been investing a lot to get pirates i did not want or need. All in all great game and just for an extra, please help me obtain a suga 6 star blackbeard than ill be so satisfied.Thank and keep updating.
one piece treasure cruise is a great game some concepts like fusing and team building can be a little complicated since it has been out for a while . There's a lot of online forums that can help with this and a good group of people willing to help. Every event or quest you go on has a different weakness to characters based on their type so one team may not always work depending on their type.
Very smooth and enjoyable, great variety to the different charcaters in the series as well many fun missions. That said once you make it past the main story encounters I feel like the amount of content is mundane and boring at times, which is not great for it being the only thing you can do outside of the story.
I've played this game quite a bit, both off and on, and this is definitely one of the best gacha games I have ever played. Not only does the gacha feel fair, and the combat is extremely responsive, but as a game set with the entire story of One Piece in mind, this really does a good job exposing people to the almost daunting amount of content from the manga and anime while keeping things both manageable and fun. Highly recommend this for both fans of One Piece and gacha games in general.
So much fun and so much to do. At first its kind of overwheming and confusing trying to figure out what does what in terms of leveling and evolving but as you progress you learn and most times its all set up for you or explained. Truly a spectacular game that I can spend hours and hours playing without getting bored. Thank you! Arrigato Onigashimasu
Have been playing Treasure Cruise for over a year, enjoyed the gameplay, spent so much time gathering and upgrading crew members, now it won't even load? Its the only game I play, Whats going on? Please fix it quickly, my crew needs me...
Watching the amount of characters I get over time is great. love this game Edit: This game is so difficult but so rewarding, consistency and knowledge about the game really makes thing easier.
The storyline and battle system are great for my opinion, and most of all, the events are great too, gives a good amount of rewards. How I wish to understand Japanese in order to play the JP version and have more Rainbow Gems for more pullings, and my only problem is the rates. Please improve it by just a little, I know I'm not in the right to say this as I am a F2P player but, just a bit of an improvement and the game is SO GREAT. But still overall, really, really great game. Thank you, Bandai.
The only thing about treasure cruise is downloading make sure you have enough space on your phone other than that it's one of my favorite anime games. It's amazing!!!
At first the game is odd, cause it plays different from dokkan (which doesn't take skills to play), One piece treasure cruise does take some knowledge and you need to know what you are doing at times and I like it, forces me to go from character to charater which is good and at times annoying, Fun game.
needs UI improvements like a separate inventory box instead of mixing them into the character box because it gets incredibly annoying to have to stop and sell fodder units every 2 seconds when grinding. Also some improvements to filter like rarity and type would be good. and last but not least a x2 speed feature would be amazing but other than these issues and complaints it's a fun game.
Thank to developers for making this game ... However it's just another character collection game using One Piece platform. No real reason to hate though. If we're able to create our own character, recruit our own crewman, sail in our own ship, rise our own flag, it's will be more awesome. Current character from One Piece should be helper in battle or just guide us in this journey. Thank you again for this game 🤩
I would have given this game a 5 star rating, but it won't work. After getting to the connection screen, it stops there, I also tried reconnecting my WiFi, but it comes with the same outcome.
Game's a little bit faster to load up thank before. Good game to pass time by. It's a little bit confusing when things changed but will get used to it. I still wish that they can make a separate box for the evolvers, manuals, etc so that it doesn't take the characters space and will have more room for actual game characters like the one they have on Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle.
It's a good thing that the game recognized how complicated it is to play this game since there are a lot of reminders or guide that is goven to the player. So for me it made it easier to understand it and aside for that there are a lot enjoyable contents that the game provides other than the main story which is kinda cool
it's real good. so many freakin characters your butts gonna fall off. playing this game will change your view on turtles. black beard can suck a fat one. stay in school kids.
This game is similar to other gacha's but, it's a lot less punishing and way more rewarding. It's an all around fun experience to play, and nothing is quite as enjoyable when you really need some One Piece content.
Love the game mechanics and amazing graphics, fan service is through the roof!! It's a gacha game but, lets face it, what isn't these days?
One Piece is fun and addicting. If you are a One Piece fan you will love the artwork and getting your favorite characters. Recently for Android users there is a bug that will crash the game if you tab out. It gets frustrating to reload the game every time I tab out.
I love this game. While the lines of speech are not perfect, it is still enjoyable to play through the One Piece story. I wish that you could fight other players, and if you can, I haven't figured it out. I think that maybe you can have tournaments that people can attend to show off their skills, and you can add a reward at the end that people can try to claim. That is just an idea, but anything that includes pvp battles will also be sufficient.
Great game. Love the art and character design. Thank you, developers, for creating such great concept art of the various characters. Best mobile game I ever played. The new update has now brought a lot of easier access.
Great for one piece fans. The free to play model works fairly enough. They give you plenty of gems to try the shop.
This feels very nostalgic since I grow up with One Piece. It's one of those gacha games, so you shouldn't expect too much luck with charas. Playing it for the fun of it, and have been having a great time doing so.
game is getting better, lots of content, lots of oportunity, but the rates are still kinda low. getting units becomes hard and sometimes one can even get units from like 1st year. Could it be possible to limit sugo fests with units that have been released from a months past instead of putting the entire batch.
The game is pretty well put together, graphics are nice, and the gameplay is solid. My only gripe is the sluggish menus and occasional lag.
The game is pretty well put together, graphics are nice, and the gameplay is solid. My only gripe is the sluggish menus.
This game is a good time burner. Found it to be a little more complex compared to other one piece games, but once you got it down you're good to go. Enjoying all the new features!
I like this game, it reminds you of the story and its easy to get great characters without spending a lot of 💰. This what I thought until i lost my data and they couldnt help me recover it. I tried to supply them with as much information as possible, but they kept saying they wanted the user ID. Please tell me who ever looks at that number. I never even thought to look at it. its been about 3 weeks with no progress. I'm close to giving up which is sad because i love the game.
Fun. Intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it gets easy. Make sure you follow the online guides they help alot!
Terrible rates, poorly managed content that leaves you nothing to do for weeks and then too much for a week. The recent Carrot Sugo made myself and others quit because of how terrible the rate was on the debut of the legend. Developers don't listen and don't care for player's concerns either. And the ticket rewards for events are rigged for old legends. The reason that most long-term players are still in it is either because of a sunk-cost fallacy or that they love One Piece too much to quit.
They, have definitely done a lot better with the tutorial given that before it was hard to understand how the game worked at all. So, for them to improve that makes the game all the more better. Good developments
Great game. Has aweome characters and designs. A great LVL up system. The fights are so fun too!!! Best anime mobile game I have ever played!!!!!!!!
Playing since release. Game has become more pay to play. Has some good mechanics and is enjoyable, but the Devs don't really care and content gets copy pasted from Japan servers including all the bugs they have had...
A very fun and enjoyable game, and a must for One Piece fans! Difficulty can be challenging at times, but not as grinding as some other games. Some story quests can be challenging though.
Game is okay for what it is the main selling point is the IP I'm a huge whale but growing problems in the game have made me stop playing. 1.and biggest, the app keeps crashing on android 9 fixed for a few weeks after reinstalling but it is now broken again I wouldn't mind reinstalling but you lose all your favourited crews and character which take hours to redo each time. 2.low communication with community (streamwas step in the right direction) 3.rates are low and getting lower especially TM
Old school 2D tactical One Piece team building game. Tap timing mechanic makes the game more challenging and enjoyable compaired other apps. Can be P2W influenced with the constant flow of new characters released in monthly Sugos, but, theres plenty of F2P characters
Great game to pass time. I'm glad that I'm getting more legends without spending much. I only wished that we here that are playing the global can get the characters that are exclusively found in the japanese version.
Honestly Im having the same issue as another person who reviewed this. I cant get past the connecting screen at all, havent been able to play period. Can this be fixed?
As a casual fan of One Piece this is an easily accessible game that drags me in and makes me want to play more and more to collect my favorite characters, I only wish it was easier to get higher crew cost as I have got many of the characters I love I just can't use them because of Cost Over
The game is pretty well put together, graphics are nice, and the gameplay is solid. My main gripe is the sluggish menus and occasional lag, though the redesign of the extra islands feels overly complicated to navigate compared to the old style. Before it was obvious what you hadn't done, now you have to cycle through a bunch of different tabs THEN scroll through the quests.
Started playing again and it was better than it used to, a lot of small improvments (auto-play, stackable units...). The gems are still quite hard to obtain in comparison to similar games though.
Please increase the minus CD for treasure map boosted units. What is the point of reducing the stages from 7 to 5 when you have to stall instead? I would prefer it to be 7 stages instead of stalling. Probably one of the worst structure to a anniversary sugo fests or summons I have seen in a gacha game. Ruins the game for a lot of people who have been saving gems for the "best" sugo of the year. Hardly any thought put into our anniversary.
OPTC had so much potential to really improve and turn things around, but Bandai have completely dropped the ball. They don't communicate with the players of this version of the game at all and are constantly nerfing events once we get them so we don't get as much in terms of rewards. And we are constantly not getting Celebration Rewards that other versions of the game get. It just seems like they couldn't care less, and it sucks.
Great game, easy to get into and easily able to get good characters. The storyline is immersive and follows the actual anime/manga (as far as I've experienced) and it's easy to eachieve and power up high level characters. One of the things that makes this game great is the fact that unlike a lot of other one piece mobile games, you can actually get shanks and whitebeard. So, love this game.
Love the Game concept, even when you stay free to play you can still manage to get nice Ingame rewards. The Game mechanic is actually quite nice aswell. If you are not up to date with the manga or atleast the anime of ONE PIECE, i would not recommend to download this game, as it does contain spoiler materials. We now got PvP in the Game and im super stoked to see how it all develops. The Iterface is also user friendlyer now, so its easyer for new players to navigate through the game. Love it
The game that never dies: After leaving this game alone for 3 years I came back and the amount of change that's happened in between is immense. Since, I've been enjoying the non stop new events and content that's added weekly, if not, daily. You will not be disappointed if you like One Piece
It was an awesome experience. I am not too familiar with what needs to be critiqued for games and phone apps, but what mattered was that the game was engaging and enjoyable. I really love how the game really utilizes the in-universe elements from the source material, and as a one piece related app, it's far better than bounty rush.
12 years ago i got a computer and heavily watched one piece, i am now a happy young adult who can find positive and stay positive through anything, manga, comics, anime, games, music, people, really help us, i really hope anime will continue to be published especially ones of this time period lol yes, thank you for your interest, future viz person out.
Bandai please help me recover my account!! I recently had to factory reset my device and lost my progress in the process. However I know my user id. Is there any way of recovering my account?? Please respond fast.
Lots of content, so it can be overwhelming at first. However, once you get the hang of it, it's such a fun game with lots of events and prizes to boost. Of course, it is p2w but without any purchases the game is still great.
What is going on. Everytime i open the game it always says under maintenance. Its been 3 days. I can't log in. It say its only from 4/21-4/23 buts its already 24th. What is this a joke???
It is confusing at the beginning, but seems lots of fun! 10/10 for an one piece fan! After ~60 straight days, I still enjoy this game!! Events are nice and frequent!! ~Coming back after 310 days of logging in, all I can say is that I like this game a lot! Very fun with great community! Awesome game! ~over a year now and still I'm having a great time! The community is awesome as well!
most addictive game i have ever played. spent well over 400 bucks on it already! xD I may have a problem. Anyway very highly reccomend. they update constantly with new missions and they have a wonderful support team. i actually enjoyed this more than one piece worldseeker
I'm relatively new to the game itself, but from the week or so that I have had it I really enjoyed it. Not to hard to learn, but also takes some skill as you have to tap at the right time for the chain attacks, & other things. I have yet to pay a single cent and I have two fairly decent crews made. I personally have not seen a single ad while in game. I think this is one of the strongest free to play games on the store.
So far this game is dope!!! I really like the gameplay and how vast the character selection is. I recommend this for those who are looking for a casual game to kill ur time
This is a very fun game to play, the creators always try their best to make the game fun for people who play the game.PLAY IT!! You will love it,I gurantee it!! \(^o^)\
Addictive, for those who can face challenges of collecting gems and waiting good events to spend the gems. Complex, but fun, you'll get to understand stuffs better, although need some times. But getting better through event after event. Can't wait for the 11.0 ver like JP ver.
I have been playing this game since the first year. Even without any knowledge of the One Piece world it is phenominal. One of the best games ever, regardless of platform! Have been playin RPGS since forever: video games, pen and paper, etc., and this system is the best.
This is a very fun game to play, the creators always try their best to make the game fun for people who play the game.PLAY IT!! You will love it,I gurantee it!! \(^o^)/ <3
i love the game its fun to play but there was an update a few months ago and it stopped being able to load into the game instead i get stuck on the connecting screen for 20 minutes until i give up i would really like to play afain please fix this bug
the game never loads, after the pop up about there being content that can be purchased it just never moves on from the intial load. tried to uninstall and install multiple times abd still nothing.
Very good game with lots to do, if you are a fan of one piece you will love this game. It sticks with the story to the T! Absolutely great mobile game. They give tons of rewards just for playing. You don't have to pay to win like other mobile games.
Lack of communication with community, banner with unbelievably poor steps, and quests related to these big events have been very lackluster, copy pasting events from JP to Global have been awful when changes could have simply been made (or communicated), and it looks like the merger for Korea and Global will be quite unfair. Please make better changes Bandai! Please!
I love one piece this game if awesome if u do the story and want to relive it I would give this 5stars but I'm not sure how to do stuff and I have been playing for 4months. It's got plenty of characters but I don't understand the color difference and couldn't find anything in game to explain it to me. So in short good game I don't understand stuff maybe u will I'm gonna keep playing it ether way so join me
truthfully, bottom of my heart, this game is so outrageously dumb sometimes. like i cant even put into words the way this game upsets me. anniversary pulls.3X the rare... nothing... nothing... nothing... literally . Garbage
pretty standard gatcha game, you probably want to be fully caught up with the manga before you play or prepare to be spoiled by your pulls. Seems to take a lot more skill than your average gatcha.
3rd review, still playing after 3 years. Still by far the best mobile game if you're looking to play something both casual and in depth you can go in as much as you choose and still have a ton of fun
Awesome game... got hook to it since playing... however the cost of purchasing rainbow gems are quite steep... in future hope developer can look into it...
After leaving this game alone for 3 years I came back and the amount of change that's happened in between is immense. Since, I've been enjoying the non stop new events and content that's added every other week. You will not be disappointed if you like One Piece. UPDATE 2: New legends with unique mechanics are hitting the game now. Every month there are two events that are a grind but well worth it. This a great game to get into when you're bored. UPDATE 3: Good luck with the grind
The game is fun, addictive, an overall a joy to watch your favorite characters from One Piece duke it out I love all the new features they bring out an its even more of a joy when the special events drop! I must say its definitely a must have if your a fan of the series!
love the game but, do you creators think you can use characters with the same name on the same team please. I have a pirate king luffy and luffy where it says Monkey D Luffy- 4th gear. so if u could update that please I would love the game more than I do.
Is a great online game I love it the new version is great thank for this game is very entertainment. I like every aventure and the effect of the characters the new update are great every detail is top notch thanks for the great game I ever play. the new upgrade will give me space for more charaters and to save more items to power up new characters.
I have played this game for 3 years now. its overall fun and enjoyable and new features constantly added. but once past the beginning becomes difficult to gather and save gems with huge fests being constant and pull rates for newer chars are often horrible causing countless dupes.
This is a very good game! I've played it off and on for years. It is very f2p friendly and does not require you to pay. There also aren't really any ads. While paying will make gatcha more successful, it is still possible to get amazing pulls without paying. It isn't that hard to aquire the currency either. There are so many different modes to the game as well.
Okay first of all I would like to say that I use to get stuck at the first loading screen when I first try this game for two day but I accidentally start the game while my VPN service app in on the third day.well what do you know,the game start like any other game while the VPN is on.since then i I always turn it on when playing this game.that was a month ago,now I'm past impel down level already, this game is addictive.long live one piece.thanks bandai for this great game.
very fun game. only been playing a few days and already have some highly evolved cards without having to spend. only slight thing i dont like is the pure amount of downloading you have to do to play each levels.
When I first install the game I had trouble with how much data im getting and it took me a rather 2-3 hours to download, but it was worth it, the gameplay is solid, the recruitment process in still working on how it works, but I am seeing myself playing this for a very long time.
Update: Worst. First, Bandai causes a glitch that generates free gems. Then instead of simply reversing their mistake, they leave the players in the dark for 7 days. And when they finally take action, instead of reverting us back to our old gem audit, they take them all. I would not have used my gems if not due to the gem error, which is 100% Bandai's fault. Terrible resolution, customer service, and communication. Horrible treatment of its player base. The game is a 4/5, the company is a 0....
Great game with simple mechanics and good learning progression. Doesn't have to be P2W. If you are a One Piece fan and want a fun time killer this is for you!
Hello, I really like treasure cruise. I have been playing it for a long time, but all of a sudden I cannot log into the game! The loading screen will continue to stay up and never go to the opening download menu. Can you please fix this?
it wouldnt load but then i just left it on while it was frozen and it finally worked and hasnt had any problems but then all a sudden a few days ago it just would not work at all and i had two gear 4 luffys and all 3 admirals and a bunch of other characters im so mad and displeased im telling all my friends to get rid of the game
I've been a player of this game since it first came out. There have been very turbulent times but it still holds up as an incredible game. The f2p content is enough to defeat and farm everything in the game except maybe the Garp Challenge 15 but that is an unreasonably hard mission by design. The gameplay is smooth and not too easy. There is no team that clears everything so you always have to come up with a new team and a plan on how to use it. You're given 10 free units please retry for G4.
Honestly a beautiful game, I've enjoyed every second of it. however it is quite a hastle to get gems. I'd like for there to be events (maybe daily) for gem(s).
Latest Update: Thanks to the SNS function, I am able to backup my savedata securely to a platform in case of changing devices or uninstallation. I have not tried to uninstall and reinstall to test savedata retrieval yet, but I believe this time I can recover my progress and all that I have purchased for; which is quite a lot of real cash. Game is overall great in addition to the backup function mentioned above. I am a One Piece fan! You don't need to buy content to play this game for free!
I love this game! It's an amazing experience that gives you lots of characters of the anime to play here and you have the possibility to have lots of variants (with really good designs) that will help you with some of the hardest levels in the game, also if you believe that is a pay to win game, bandai respect your wallet and you will be able to get some of the best units in the game just with the gems that the game gives you without expending any money.
A fairly fun game with a ton of great characters. It's not too hard to get strong characters or ones that you like. My main complaint is the cost of gems. I'm not unwilling to pay money in a game but it's about $30 for a single 10+1 draw.
Great game, love it, hope this app gets more regonition, though couple problems, I never got the evo skulls for the straw hats, then after I got to the timeskip area, they didn't give the the skulls either, so now I'm stuck with enies lobby story straw hats but I'll never be able to evolve them, please, I really need help with this bs.
Only been playing for two weeks but the game is solid so far. Lots of great bonuses for beginners. The only draw is that the game has a lot of features that can seem overwhelming and confusing sometimes.
The fact that we can play this game along with the plot is really great... While the events can get though it's still fun. And I even got a Yonko during my first recruitment....(It was Big Mom so I kinda have mixed feelings)... Leveling up in the beginning is also quite fast... All in all a great game.
Confusing layout i joined for a gift redeem code on instagram and couldnt find that and i get draw tokens but no way to use them or figure out what they're for. I like the game but the overly crowded display design makes it near unplayable for a first time player
For what it is is it's a fairly good game. I do have some issues with it though. I HATE forced gatchas. most characters are locked in one gatcha or another. I would pay extra just to get the exact characters I wanted. A good thing is if you are determined you can get enough premium currency to do a rare pull through normal gameplay. Another thing is you really need to join a community to get the most out of this game. I recommend one piece amino. Twitch is also a decent place for community.
Pay 2 Win. This game started off as a tribute to One Piece. I played it for years. I loved it. However, after playing for over 4 years, I can SAFELY say DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. It has become a CASH GRAB. There is no reason for "Gem packages" costing $38.99, $49.99..... $99.99! Do not download. Not only will it take hours to understand how to play, it will cost hundreds to be competitive. Stick to the show. Or try another game.
Apparently the devs don't want to fix the lag on Android. Ever since they release Roger and Oden on the New Years banner, the Android app has suffered from a 2 second lag between most screens. It has been over three months with no fix for this lag. You will find numerous posts on the One Piece Treasure Cruise subreddit. This is not an isolated case. This will stay a one star review until the devs fix this. Phone that I am using: Google Pixel 3 Android OS version: 11.
I've been reading/watching One Piece for a very very long time, and I am more than satisfied with this game. It's ever-changing, challenging but fair, and it captures the series in a way that is engaging and respectful to the source material. I'm happy it's here to get me through a long work day. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 😎 🥰
It's a pretty good game. Although you gotta to save up and not fall for temptation! For it has been better to save up gems and summon on the big sugo fests for more results. With the new producer change, this game has been getting better by the week!
honestly game would be 5 stars if i didnt lose 100's of hours of progress... waiting for it to be recovered otherwose great game, probably spent about £5 on this game and never felt like ive ever needed to spend to play.
Absolutely amazing, concept is great. Graphics are basic, but visually appealing. I love every aspect of this game. I do have one issue, and that is that Kizuna Clash has a very long wait time for a new one, but I can deal with that.
This game is hands down one of the funnest I've played in, well, ever. No other game has kept me coming back for 5 consecutive years. They keep adding new features so there's always something new and exciting to do. It sticks very true to the storyline. It's a must play for One Piece fans or even just tap timing and strategy gamers alike. A lot of mission clears require planning of your team based on ability. The graphics are so cool and honestly, this game always amazes me that it's free.
I've been reading/watching One Piece for a very very long time, and I am more than satisfied with this game. It's ever-changing, challenging but fair, and it captures the series in a way that is engaging and respectful to the source material. I'm happy it's here to get me through a long work day. :)
As a huge fan of One Piece this is pretty cool. There is a lot to take in at first, so it could take awhile for some people to get used to everything, but its fun and easy enough. My only problem is the rate at which you earn rainbow gems, which I understand are supposed to be rare. One as a gift after the download is mindblowing, though.
Just keeps saying connecting so I didn't even get to play. I waited for hours and hours but it kept saying "CONNECTING". I feel that this app is not ideal.
Even after losing all my progress due to a change of device and forgetfulness on my end, I LOVE playing through this game all over again because it's truly meant for One Piece fans. An Inconceivably large cast and fun, fast gameplay to boot, not to mention how incredibly generous they are with their in-game currency or how active they are with an astounding amount of events!
Good but when i had to resest my phone the data recovery system set in place sucks. i lost everything because i didnt jave. achamce to back up my data because my phone broke out of the blue. if they could link they game up with google play services they could bypass this problem.
This game is so fun, and you really get to experience the story with lots of characters to choose from. The evolution mechanic, let's you see how the characters have grown over the series. Overall this is a great game and I would recommend it to everyone
The game has gotten far better in the past month, but the sore thumb is still treasure map. Its long and irritating to make a team and you basically have to use 3rd party software to set up a team beforehand, and then the teams will take up 6 out of the 8 team slots for 4-5 days .They really need to roll out the JP updates quickly to make Treasure Map a bit more bearable, which I believe make it to where you make teams specific for each Treasure Map enemy instead of taking up tour own space.
Great game, I still wish that the global version can get the characters that are exclusively found in the japanese version. There is really should be no difference between both..
As a big fan of One Piece my entire life and a huge gamer I have to say this is honestly to me one of the best mobile games I have ever played. I love the multitude of characters throughout the entire series being available in this game. So much time and thought has been put into this game and every bit of it is incredible!
I like it it's a good game it's so cool can you please fix the up key please hurry up there I'm so sorry I have to rush you to do the update but I just want to play my characters and see the new characters too too and I love to get see you
It's fun and addicting I love the constant add of new characters!! New Update with new contest is amazing and I love the Rumble Arena based off the Early Arena Episodes in the Dressarosa Arc! The new content ideas are grand! It just makes the game more fun and amazing! The methods of obtaining materials, gems, and berries are a whole lot easier for people who've been playing awhile and gives a huge boost to incoming players! I love the ideas yall we're able to come up with for this game!
warning do not download thid game at all cost, this game is pay to win with a corrupted developers,who doesn't love u as a player but u'r money,i din't think the famous anime one piece would be so corrupted on the inside,i feel sad for the fans who doesn't know the truth of one piece community,these guys are so fxxxng corrupted that i don't know how to describe it,if u are a new player do not play or even download this game also by the way new games are comming like 7deadly sins choose carefully
Tutorial repeats. Game could well be worthwhile but if you have to send a text like a normal person the whole thing starts from the beginning again, clearly unplayable which is sad.
Love the game mechanics, genuinely challenging unlike other gatcha games. Very entertaining to me, looking forward to when I have more characters.
so far i like the art work characters look great interface needs work ...to many windows open on top of each other in the app when leveling up character and stats
I tried to exchange my medal with 400 medals worth character. When I click the OK button, I got connection error. When I got the connection back and click the reconnect button, it said error again and my screen went to OPTC home screen. I checked if I still got the character BUT NO. AND MY MEDALS WERE GONE TOO. PLEASE, CAN YOU DO SOMETHING WITH IT? IT'S 400 MEDALS. I SPENT MUCH RAINBOW GEM FOR THAT AND MY MEDALS WERE GONE WITHOUT ME GETTING THE CHARACTER I WANT.
I would like it if you could add the snail responder back as everyone has been waiting for it. Also, I wish that the sugo rates were increased for some characters as it is hard to grind for gems. Please mainly bring back snail responder and could you make some colo easier or clashes easier because some of them are hard
I love this game and I screen shot my ID like one of the prompting said to do. I just got a new phone and went to enter the ID, but there's an additional step I was unaware of...you need to send a password from your device to the new one....which I no longer have. All my progress gone! T_T I thought it would for sure transfer like all my other stuff that's through Google play.
rainbow gems need to be easier to earn because it takes a long time to farm up to 30 or 50 or even 5. or they need to lower the price. the game it self is really good and I would recommend it to others
One of the best one piece games out there! Definitely has the biggest roster of chars. Patience rewards. Thanks for the great quality of life updates! Just one major crashing bug needs fixing at this moment.
game isnt even playable anymore i literally download this game last week, had an amazing time then updated it this morning now i get booted off almost as soon as i load in and cant do anything this game was great and i really enjoyed collecting my favorite characters but now i just get to look at loading screens over and over and over hopefully you fix this update soon
Very fun, very different from any other game out there. You'll definitely need to do some researching to understand all the ins and outs. Don't expect to just do huge damage, expect trying to find a way to get around enemy buffs and debuffs so you can do any damage.
A bit overwhelming when you first play the game due to too much things happening. The tutorial doesn't help at all. It's good though they you can play without paying. It's a good way to pass time once you get used to the gameplay.
I've played this for some time now and I am addicted. Somtimes I hate the intro so I skip it. This game is free to play and it is the most fun game I have ever played. The graphics, the charcters and many other thing amazing. In my opinion this is the best game ever. If I could I would rate it a 10 star. If you read this you don't have to install the app but you can if you want to. (Sorry for bad spelling if I have wrote somthing wrong). I love this game and I really hope you do. That's all.
Game that pays with your investment of time, longer you play the better it will be for you. IGC is obtainable through dailies/events. Sugo occur enough to help you obtain certain chacaters you desire. Sie note: it can be difficult to get your "perfect" team together as there are many variations and different types of characters to choose from, can feel overwhelming.
hate this game.... not even connecting... it's taking like forever, I'm really disappointed about this game...😒😒 I like the anime but this game doesn't even worth a trail
I really enjoy the game and I love the new features it has. When I first started I didn't really know what I was doing but with help from friends, YouTube and reddit I got the hang of it. I love the art work it has and I'm glad it has a lot of engagement with the audience. *Sorry if there any grammar and spelling mistakes.
THIS GAME IS A TRICK AND DON'T BE SUCH A FOOL! It's encouraging you ti spend real money and to just download it.It's so fun to play it at the start & they give you gems to use.But as the game passes by,your interest will probably decrease.And the rate to get a strong characters is low.You can barely get enough gems.It's hard to survive and win without spending gems,Trust Me.The only reason why people keep playing this because they love One Piece.Specially if you're not in Japan,Don't Try to play
Quite addicting even though rainbow gems are hard to get without paying. I do wish the rare recruits during certain periods would give better chances of getting very good characters and not so many multiples of the same low recruit characters. That also includes the friend point recruits. Too many repeats of the same low characters owned. Basically, I love the game. Just needs some improvements to recognize which characters we have already and give us chances to get different ones more.
The storyline and battle system are great for my opinion, and most of all, the events are great too, gives a good amount of rewards. How I wish to have Rainbow Gems for more pullings, but still overall, it really is a great game. Thank you, Bandai.
really gives you a detailed experience of the actual anime and gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you get a character you really love in the show. i recommend getting this game if youre a one piece fan for sure or if you want to get into the show.
This is an awesome game, though the loading times are lengthy and the attack timing is more difficult than i think it should be, but it's great otherwisee.😁
Really well-made game. Still has all the gacha mechanics, and the rates are absolutely terrible, but especially if you re-roll into a good start you can do a lot with a little. Plenty of really uaeful units to farm for free too, and a surprising amount of depth in the gameplay! Edig: 3 months later and I only love this game more. Tons of fun.
This is no doubt one of the most complex yet fun anime gacha game that is out there right now just go and give it a try and you won't be disappointed, plus I highly recommend this game to all one piece fanatics out there!
This game is unplayable at the moment. The game is stuck on connecting and will not load the game. If Bandai Namco would fix this I will be joining the game again.
been saying connecting for 5 hours!!!! I put my phone to the side to wait for a while till it does connect but this is ridiculous ...0 stars
what i have played of it i enjoy, but i can see that its not being taken care of very well. i played it, then it crashed. Ever since then it wont go past the "connecting" screen. i really wish they will fix this soon cause right now its the one game i wanna play because i love one piece. but since it isnt fixed, i am uninstalling. don't waste your time until they acually fix the game.
The game looks great and it can be a lot of fun to play, but it takes literally forever to load. Just logging in takes about a whole minute to finish and between enemy-stages it starts downloading again, it is a rather small amount here but it really disturbs the flow of the game and this is a critical error that makes it really no fun at all.
Samsung galaxy note 10+ can't get past loading screen, where it loops music and says "connecting.." forever. tried reinstalling, same issue. tried rebooting, same issue. works fine on my old phone. (rating is ONLY FOR THIS REASON. the game is fun, but being able to play it is kiiiiinda crucial to getting anything above 1 star. sorry!)
Amazing, top tier anime game for a top tier anime. Love the anime and love the game. Although most of this game is tactical and stuff but inorder to unlock items/characters it's hard for ppl who don't spend money, and when u do it has to be around 200 dollars just to get a better chance at unlocking it's kinda sus, but also fun for a ftp like me. Gone down-hill as of march 2021, balancing is very bad.