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One Clue Crossword

One Clue Crossword for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by AppyNation Ltd. located at 23 Adelaide Road Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV31 3PD United Kingdom. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Brain teasing at its best. Really works the mind getting all the clues from just one picture, fun and annoying at the same time. Really works your brain.
I love this game it's challenging and relaxing but often I click get more coins for video and its grey try and try again but same result . I don't have the money to put in to a game so I'm penalized for not spending money and for playing offline no other option but coins or tokens for videos online
Great games and app just way too much advertised messages that interrupt the game. It is so entertaining that I can't stop playing it. Very good crosswords to solve and easy way of getting extra coins. I would recommend that to all of my friends and family. Just download it to see how good it is .... or rather how good you are??!!??
Only downloaded yesterday but so far so good. The levels are in chapters and at first glance u just assume it's a game per chapter however, there are multiple levels per chapter. Great graphic not to difficult either
The level of ads is getting out of control. Close to uninstalling. Also, you don't earn enough tokens to keep playing with how many some boards cost. And you only get 2 coins for a correct answer but a hint cost 50, seems a little out of balance there. Would be amazing game if these three things were fixed.
Interesting game. Just started to play. Addictive. Good game. For watching videos, 10 tokens instead of 5 tokens.
Freezes and closes constantly. In the past five minutes, the game closed over ten times. A shame, I quite enjoyed this game on my last phone. Too bad the developers don't want to get with the times.
great game but not enough tokens to play additional games after you complete the answer. need bonus puzzles too.
Great game to exercise your mind. The only complaint I have is how many tokens it take to play a puzzle.
I really like the game but beginning today(3/3/2021) it won't stay open. I try to start the game and it closes almost immediately.
This app keeps force closing and freezing up. The last update has too many bugs in it that needs to be fixed
Game is good but u have to spend a lot to get enough tokens to play as the game goes on should be more ways to get tokens
I used to love this game, every day I would do the word of the day, then watch an ad and 15 free tokens. The problem now is, as soon as you have watched that ad, it thinks it's time for an ad, and they can be 30 seconds long with no escape option. Get WAY too ad hungry so I'll find something that isnt.
love the game definetly makes you think about the question and answers.There are to many ads and each clue does take 50coins from you.
Well it's small challenges and takes some time to finish the puzzles, not easy to figure out some of the words from one picture. But I love the stickers in it!
Love this game! Sometimes, however, there are words in the puzzles that are quite challenging and I can't figure them out without using several clues. Also, the puzzles start to cost a lot more tokens as you progress. Overall, I really enjoy this game and I recommend it to puzzle lovers! 😊
I like this game but I don't like how it uses so many tokens for the puzzles. it usually always takes bout 2 days to finish a level. but other then that I enjoy it.
Decent game but they just want you to buy tokens. When you get to chapter 2 each puzzle costs more than 10 tokens so you can only do one maybe two a day.
Mostly a great game. Once you get it into your head that not all the answers are literally in the picture but can be heavily related to it, then puzzles become much easier to solve. For example a picture of a chess board may have many of the shown pieces as answers but also may have answers like 'game' or 'pastime'.
One Clue Crossword is fun, relaxing and a great brain exercise. The background music fits in perfectly with the game. I used to have this app on my tablet years ago and just downloaded it on my phone a few days ago. It's like I never left. I highly recommend!!
This game was really fun to play until I got a new device. Lost all progress and the tokens and coins that I bought. In addition to this the ads are back and support are not interested in helping. Just want to scam you our of more money.
I really love it only the fact that you have to use so many coins to find the letters but it's a great way to expand your vocabulary it helps pass the time if you're bored would totally recommend
Only been playing a couple of days but quite enjoyable so far. Yes there are a few ads but that doesn't bother me really as the game is free.
Amazing and fun plus it makes you think which is why I downloaded it. All round a great app to play and it's a must get app in my book
The only thing I don't like is having to fill out a survey to get more coins/tokens or buy them. I don't do surveys and shouldn't have to pay to play. Otherwise, this game is awesome and I can't get enough of it! It deserves five stars otherwise.
very relaxing and makes your brain work. I dont usually like crossword games, but this one is keeping my attention. tge ads aren't really all that much, just after a full round. just a few of the words can get confusing bv is why the 4 stars and not 5.
Loving this game! Better than many picture crossword games I have played. Not very hard to get new tokens
By the reviews that I'd read, I thought this game would be fun but once I started to play it, all it kept doing was trying to get me to buy more counters and unless I did I could not continue with it. Uninstalling now
Just started playing this game so I'm yet to see the cliches but I'm enjoying it so far. The ads are not frequent and the levels seem manageable.
I think you should make it easier to get tokens..if you are wanting us to use them to open new puzzles..some of us dont have money to spend just to enjoy a game. And the ratio of how many tokens you give out to the amount you charge to open new ones doesnt match.
Brilliant game. Helps to challenge the mind. Good game to play with children, helps with their spelling.
It's a very rewarding game. It literally gives out rewards. So far I've won 2 prizes eco friendly washing tablets and a free children's book. πŸ˜€
I really have enjoyed this app so far (1 day). You're given a picture of things & then you get crossword puzzles to fill in, youre also given the letters to use. Sounds easy enough but some can be quite challenging for which you have tokens to help reveal a letter. So far its kept me entertained & I'm easily frustrated & i uninstall most apps but everyone needs to give this one a try!!πŸ˜‰βœŒ
good game.but abit hard when not great speller but helps as has letters there but you have to really look at picture somtimes to get the word and it might not be on picture but to do with it which makes it abit hard but fun as well
it's a good game but they make it really hard to get tokens (which you need to play) and when you do get them and your offered a video to double them it doesn't work half the time. Also you get a few everyday for watching videos but when they decide to put them "on sale" they take those away. They try to force you to spend money. Not everyone can do that. NOT COOL!
This is not boring because I can play it so people can play with all the world want to play the game because it's very built game for the lives of people who have been working on this project and the good news is that I want to do it till I'm finished with it because I can play it through with the lives of people who have been working on this project and the good news is that I want to do it till I'm finished with it so I recommend it to people who haven't tried it like my best friend Andre pott
It's a very addictive game if played for a long time....but the only problem is that this has unlimited adds that appears all the time
This is an amazing app and exercises your brain. It also helps you pick out little details in big pictures. I love how this app is put together. I also like how it only makes you wait around 2 minutes for tokens rather than 5 and then you run out and have none. Excellent and would recommend!!!
Was great till new phone. Had purchased tokens & when got new ph, tokens didn't update with puzzles. Have requested help but no response - disappointed. Would've been 5 stars otherwise
It's a great game to play and I'd continually play, but unfortunately you can't unless you've got enough tokens, which i refuse to buy, so I will at some point just give up because you have to wait a full day to get more tokens to play the next puzzle!
It's an alright game, but everything seems to be geared towards Americans. I was playing a level about money, and as an Australian I had no idea what a dime, nickel and quarter were. I used most of my coin trying to figure them out. It would be nice if you could avoid using such things in the future, it makes it very hard to play the game if you aren't from America.
i really enjoy this game. i enjoy the one word clue picture grouping to solve the puzzle. i do wish the rewards were larger but in getting the hang of it so it has gotten easier..but i already know as i go the whole game will get more difficult...im hoping the rewards gets larger as it gets harder ...but whats a good game with out some struggle...thanks for keeping it graphically pleasant as well. its nice to enjoy a clear clean slate to play upon ..keep it interesting and ill keep playing ty
It is a fun and relaxing game. It is a nice game to play when you are getting ready for bed. It's so simple. It's great for most ages. Super goodπŸ˜ƒ
I like this game very much but I wish you could earn tokens. You need tokens to play each picture. You can wait, watch a video sometimes, or buy tokens. Well, the game for me has been unable to open for more than 24 hrs. If it doesn't get fixed I'll just free up some space. I did like the game, but wish it gave more opportunities to earn tokens or just charge less tokens.
I enjoy playing this game but not enough tokens given. I have thousands of coins. PLEASE give more tokens after we complete games.
I enjoy the game. It gets slower the further you go because you can no longer rely on being able to unlock puzzles with the 10 chips you get. You have to either buy them or slowly earn them over days. Another problem, and the worst, is the SEVERE lack of communication. I messaged them over a month ago and still haven't heard anything back from them yet. I've messaged repeatedly since the original and I'm still waiting!!! They'd have a higher rating if it wasn't for their lack of communication.
So far it's been a pretty great game! The puzzles have just enough challenge too! It would be nice if clues didn't cost so much though.
Nice enjoying playing it with friends and family members. The more you advance the more it becomes enjoyable. The only issue is when you run short of tokens need to wait before you can get some. Apart from purchasing tokens there should be otherways to get some instantly so we dont need to stop playing. Anyway it's a kind of mind training app i personally suggest that a kid's version should be available for parents to teach their kids some basic spelling and vocabulary rules. Well done good wor
Very good game for word games lovers. It makes you think. Some answers are easy some not so easy, a very nice mix.
Trying to enjoy the game, watched bunch of ads for rewards but then you get spammed with forced ads which you cant skip and last for ages. Talk about ruining a game for greed.
I like this game my only complaint so far is really stupid it I wish it automatically went to the next word to solve. I get tired or having to select each and every word I need to solve.
Challenging, yet fun. Not a huge fan of the forced ads, or that you can only get rid of them by spending real money.
It's quite a nice game. Challenging, but a few things could be improved, like when it's two words in one line, like "bigears" in an elephant puzzle, without any indication of such. That's misleading and frustrating. It would also be nice if you could shuffle the letters that are provided like you can in most word games.
Meh, got pretty far, and some of the words are so dumb, like not really related to the picture it's astounding. Play it and see for yourself, the answers sometimes are so barely related to the picture it's frustrating.
I really enjoy this game. It keeps my brain active but sometimes it keeps me awake at night. It's addictive but good fun.
Banner ads, reward ads, 5 second ads. Too many ads!!! Stickers, daily rewards, can't skip them and take up 20 seconds each while interrupting the flow of the game. Pointless and annoying. Oh, and you are invited to watch ads to increase the reward. TOO MANY ADS!!! Game design 101 : Let the player play the game. It's so cluttered with ads and pointless reward content that the actual crossword game feels like an after thought.
It took a short time to get comfortable with the game and can a little challenging like the nuts & bolts one but overall great fun
Barbra Streisand's Woman In Love springs to mind, the line "Over and over again". How many times does an ad have to be shown in succession and not clicked on to download for it to be clear it's not something wanting to be played 😑. If it wasn't for this fact I would have given 5* as I don't mind ads as long as they are different each time. Can you not find enough advertisers which would allow a different game choice each time I click on the 'Watch videos to get 5 free tokens' tab? PLEASE!
Really enjoy 'One Clue Crossword' app; but, feel the player should be awarded more coins when puzzles are solved. Also, a big downfall is - players are forced to view ads. So, NOT my thing!..I can understand and appreciate the fact that selling ad space keeps the game running - but, seriously, this game FEELS more like a 'game of viewing ads'. This fact really sucks enjoyment out of playing this game..
Would be ok, but often has words that are not in the image shown. An example was a hotdog picture. Both red and ketchup were solutions but the hotdog image had only mustard..... That's a silly example but there were many others and it makes some levels nearly impossible
love this game. there's almost always something to do. some are easy, some are challenging. good time killer
It gives you a picture which helps with the idea of finding out what the word is and I like that because it makes the game a lot more easy there for giving you a lot more fun. Which matters to us
It's good but when tokens run out you can only replenish up to 10 and some of the levels cost more so you have to keep watching ads or buy tokens
I would have given it 5 stars because it's a great game. However, if you upgrade your device, game progress can be transferred to the new device, but tokens and coins won't be transferred.
Great game... Althought it could be better by giving you more options to get tokens , if game gave you more easier options to get tokens woukd of given 5 stars
I love word games This is fun..looking at a picture and trying to find the things on the pic. Recommend to everyone Grade 9 and up
Fun and addictive. Only issue is the tokens are very hard to get and the further you get the more tokens are required to continue. Making tokens more easily to get would make this game more worth while playing. If the token issue is sorted I will give 5 stars
A great game. Challenges the mind. The right level of difficulty. Highly recommended. I could play it all day. It is good to pass the time. It builds spelling skills. It is a game for children, teens and adults.
Only one drawback, As you progress, the jump for the cost of a level outweighs what you earn but a great brain teaser and time filler.
Great time killer. It's harder than I thought it would be and it's fun to play. If you like to use your brain...I recommend that you try it.
This game is so fun and it challenges your brain. It's a pain to get tokens but you still get a lot sometimes! I play it every night with my family and I love it.
Fun and challenging. Wish it gave me more rewards. As a newbie, I need more hints as to what is in the pictures.
would love it if you could select puzzles. I want to use it these for my esl class and think if I could select puzzles based on the pictures I can make sure they're on the theme of the class
I am about to uninstall this app. Good app, but as others have commented, there ar far far too many ads. Unless you're prepared to pay, you have to watch adds to get the tokens to keep on playing. You watch an add, then they show you another one anyway. This has made the game unplayable as far as I'm concerned. A good game ruined
In order to play you have to have tokens an each level costs several tokens, up to 30 on alot. Tokens arent offered nearly enough. Otgerwise im enjoying this game
It is very fun I love it so much just sitting and using your brain it's very good game I dare you to install it right now
Thought it was good.. redeemed a free gift and they started taking a subscription! At no point was that explained. SCAM ARTISTS!!
Fun and challenging at times, but not so hard that it's frustrating. I don't use hints, but there seems to be help available for folks that do. I recommend this game.
Nothing wrong with it. Just very American. All phrases you won't think of if you live in any country other than the only free one (aside from all other countries)
Still not happy, I got offered a free crossword, via watching an advert, as soon as I excepted, it backed away from the offer, but still wanted me to watch the advert, NOPE! I am willing to give it another chance, but only one more...
Really good game...not into a lot of these games but this one is challenging. Have to think outside of just what is in the photos, and it can be complicated, but I enjoy challenges like this.
Great game to pass the time, sometimes gets hard but clues are good and easy to get coins to help you πŸ‘ x
Very good game of crossword puzzles. I am enjoying this app. Edit: I have finished the whole puzzle. Took me about 2 months of playing on my spare time. But I had so much fun the first time, that..I am doing it all over.
Used to enjoy it but now it has ads that really makes game play less enjoyable and makes me just stop playing. I shouldn't be forced to watch ads
What a clever idea not as easy as it looks which makes it so enjoyable but why isit so hard to get tokens
Amazing game,enjoyed it a lot but I wish there was an easier way to earn points or at least get more points for an answer but other than that it's a really good game
Awaiting more puzzles in both modes if possible. have collected thousands of tokens and coins but no new puzzles. Have finished all puzzles again.
Love this game. Great time waster that gets you thinking more that any match 3 game! Something you can get your friends involved with.
Very fun little game. However sometimes they choose the stupidest words that aren't really related to the photo. Just lazy.
I love the way this reintroduces the idea of a crossword puzzle. Using one photo to pull all the clues from is an exciting twist to the puzzle style.
Would have been good but you can only gain 10 tokens without buying more and second level puzzles cost around 12. Not free
Good game, makes you think outside the box. The limit on amount of tokens building up is a pain but easy to get plenty more while watching ads or completing challenges. After the first round there are very few puzzles that can be completed for 10 tokens or less which is the max when you come back to the game, but still happy to play along for now.
Surprisingly I really like this game!! Just wish there was other ways to win tokens instead of coins so I can play more rounds in one setting!!
What a GREAT game! It is like a crossword puzzle and a 4 pics, 1 word game - combined together. The player is given one picture, then a grid with no clues! You must solve the puzzle looking at only the one picture, carefully finding everything associated with the picture. It is really fun and VERY challenging - even for seasoned puzzle players! I highly recommend this game to all Play Store users!!! Cheers! πŸ€“
This game is so fun and addictive. Some levels are harder than others, but overall, great game. Highly recommend.
I have only been playing this game for 30 minutes and so far it's a keeper! You have to figure out what the word is and then know how to spell it. It's a fun way to keep your brain stimulated!
I liked it and played it often at first but having to have so many of the purple tokens to play the next puzzle was getting frustrating, while I have several hundred gold coins for "hints" I couldn't even use. Maybe make the tokens you win as prizes after finishing a puzzle as much as and as often as the gold coins🀷 I don't see how ads should stop this from being possible
Started to play this game because of a TBI. Good variety of puzzles. I'm liking it a lot, daily player.
This is great game for improving memory, spelling, knowledge and a great way to pass time and learn things at the same time 😍
One of the best picture puzzle one word crossword that I have ever come across in my many years of trying many different types of crosswords . Will definitely be telling my friends to give it a go πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘
overall experience is really good. Enjoying the game and the puzzles. Keeps me going for a while which is what I like.
Love this game so much... there's only one downfall... it doesn't give you the opportunity to get more coins
downloaded solitary and played the 3 required games for 8400 free coins which I didn't receive and this is the second time this has happened, probably just need to uninstall this game.... stop lying. I done this for the second time and still did not receive the coins they promise...😑
Good and additive game. We needs tokens to play the new levels which are very difficult to get. U should get more option for making tokens.
Don't bother with this game. Ads. Pop ups. Too many things to tap or watch or collect or... Just let me play the game!
Love this game. Played it years ago on my Kindle. Glad i can play on my phone. Essy to play keeps your mind busy. Like the ability to get free tokens.
Amazing Game! The only downfall is when getting to level 3 and needing 10+ tokens to play a stage and only receiving a max of 10 tokens in regeneration progress which means you will be forced to watch ads to recieve to correct amount of tokens to proceed. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue. Other than that, it's a brilliant game to pass the time!
Love the gameplay, it's really fun but you can only play one or two crosswords a day due to how many coins they cost and you don't earn enough without paying and buying. Disappointing.
Pretty good game. Makes me think. Probably a few too many ads for my liking, but at least they don't interrupt the game play. Enjoying it so far.
it's an okay game but they make it really hard to get tokens (which you need to play) and when you do get them and your offered a video to double them it doesn't work half the time. Also you get a few everyday for watching videos but when they decide to put them "on sale" they take those away. They try to force you to spend money. Not everyone can do that. NOT COOL!
It's fun but hard to complete some crosswords, leaving u stuck in same place for days...needs extra chances of winning clues
I love this game....but it keeps logging off. For the last week I haven't been able to play. I can't even get on the game unless I try 10 to 15 times. Please fix the issue. And I will gladly give a better rating.
Hard but fun. You need to really look at the picture and be able to see items in the letters. Me, not doing so good, but getting better. Look at the pictures!!
The gameplay is perfect. The tokens are terrible. You need tokens to play levels, and they recharge over time to a maximum of 10 but most puzzles cost more than 10 - some of the puzzles cost 30! You can get more tokens by watching ads, but they also have pop up ads in the game. So if you want to actually play the levels, you have to watch tons of ads. Not worth it which is shame because I really love this game.
There are regularly words that are only tangentially related to the picture, there's ads after nearly every puzzle, qnd there's no setting to turn notifications off in the app, I had to block them in phone settings.
Great game really addictive. Only issue I have it the fact that the levels get more expensive so you end up using all your tokena fast it's like the game creator wants you to spend money on tokens so it ends up not really being a free game. So that's why I give 4 stars if this was changed it would deffo be a 5 star. Still worth the download really gets your brain ticking.
If they're only gonna allow so many coins, the shouldn't leave so many words completely blank and the words should be more on topic of pic!!
Amazing this is the best game. it is a great way to pass time. It is very addictive. Thw puzzles are amazing.
Awesome game. I'm addicted to it. Sims of the puzzles are a little difficult but that just makes me think more. Great job to the developers.
This game could easily be a 4 or 5 if it wasn't for the advert bug/flaw. Everytime you press no to get more tokens by watching a video it still puts an advert on with most of them being unskippable.
Really fun game. It's a great game for a stupid charger that it's counted as a USB charger because it doesn't take up too much power.
I love the game mostly because its simular to a skeleton puzzle. Every answer will be pictured, sometimes descriptive words. The hints are cheap reasonable and plenty to redeem. I do wish you didnt have to use these jewel type things to open crosswords. Again there are plenty available.
Awesome fantabulous game love it i love it i love it i love it thank so much for this fantabulous game just now started playing and enjoying it so far.
love crosswords and find this game challenging. the only downside is trying to get the tokens needed to unlock the puzzles.
Good game, would be good to be able to shuffle letters and also a feature for clues for each word (maybe a pay-for feature using coins)
Great game easy to just need to remember that some answers aren't necessarily in the picture but about the picture.
I quite like this game but it's also a completely transparent cash grab. They tell you it's free, but what they don't tell you is that it becomes impossible to get enough tokens to actually play the game. Little ads and bonus games and a word of the day may give you 10 tokens (not always) but eventually puzzles require 50+ tokens to open. All while the game blatantly tries to get you to use real money to purchase tokens.They could just charge a couple bucks for the full, unlocked game and just you know, let you play. But no. There isn't even a mechanism where you wait 24 hours and it will give you more tokens to let you keep playing. They literally want to force you to pay to win. It's disgusting.
Fun game but I had to uninstall because the token cost is too high and the cap is to low. The company hasn't updated the game since Sep. 2020.
So far, not a bad game. Kinda hard to get tokens and the individual games cost a lot of tokens. Other than that, I have enjoyed it.
This is a fun game and can really get you thinking and concentration really good for passing away time and really gets the brain going. The only downside is that you can't earn token's which would be great if there was a way to earn them instead of just waiting all time.
Nice game. Slow to start. Tokens are hard to get. Cant seem to increase no matter how many puzzles i complete.
Fun game that is very addicting. My only complaint is how many points you use per game. Lose the point systm and it would be 5 stars.
Keeps you thinking, focus on the picture and all of its individual parts. For instance you may see a child playing with blocks but they will be asking what color the blocks were or what room he is in or how old he may be? You have to think about all the possibilities.
I love this game. But I'm giving it 3 stars because it's a pain to get more tokens. Sometimes you get them from completing a level, sometimes not. And you get a daily "gift" of 15 tokens, but most of the levels are at least 40 tokens. I'm sick of doing 30 mins worth of surveys just to play one level.
It makes you think.it keeps you wanting to do more. It teaches you things you may not have known.i didn't know much about chess now I do.
It is a really good game! I can't put it down. But there is one problem, for me the clues are a bit hard. If you could make them a little easier that would be great but over all it is an amazing game!
I have watched loads of ads to get tokens to play the games and I don't get half of them waste of time
Very fun and interactive game. Love the fact you can watch ads to get more tokens and coins. Not for someone who doesn't really love crossword puzzles.
Challenging but very addictive. Great game. You really have to look at everything in the picture, I mean everything. Best game of its kind!
this game is different from other games and I'm really enjoying it why don't you give it a try especially if you like anagram brilliant. 4and a half stars well no one is perfect!
I love crossword puzzle games and by far this one to me is the best. Not too hard and not too easy. A great game for seniors to keep their minds active. Great job!
Not too bad, it's only a little annoying having to wait for my coins to refill to play. Having a replenishment cap of 10 makes me grumble when I need to use more for 1 puzzle though.
Loads of ads. It's a shame as there is a decent game underneath all the ads. Tried again and there is still loads of ads.
Fun straightforward game, only criticism is that you can only play for a limited time at once without running out of tokens. Then have to wait quite a while for them to renew or watch lots of ads. But game itself is good and app runs well
It's a nice game. Peaceful music. The puzzles are challenging enough to make to you with for it but if you just want to pass the time you can earn enough coins to buy letters without spending money. If you do spend money for points you aren't paying to win
I love it! Picture is the clue for all the words. It is a quick game. Few ads. Good graphics. Easy to play!
I'm enjoying the game but dont like the fact that the maximum token you can earn without a win is 10 and that's not enough to play most of the puzzles. I know this is to try and get you to purchase tokens, but not everyone can afford respond money on games. That's why a lot only download free games.
A really great game very relaxing once you start the game you don't want to stop playing very addictive πŸ˜€
NOT ENOUGH TOKENS. Game started off brilliant until you have to wait until the end of time for more tokens. Will be deleting now.
Thought the game was going to be a great way of exercising the brain, however after a few levels I realised that you have to pay for credits to be able to move forward on levels. Disappointed as initially it was an enjoyable game.
Quite a time waster!! Quite glad of running out of tokens and having to earn them as otherwise I'd spend even more time playing it!
I absolutely love this game I am totally addicted the only downside is you can't earn very many tokens So I always have to stop and come back the next day you can purchase tokens but I think their price for the amount of tokens you get is a little high considering you have to use so many of them for one puzzle. if you buy three hundred tokens you get to do maybe four puzzles when you get up to the higher ones and I just don't think it's worth the price. sucks for me. lol
I have only been playing this a short while and I can not put it down. Excellent game and not many ads.
This is actually a brilliant game but utterly ruined by the playing interface. Slow slow slow. Hard to get tokens, which you need in ever increasing quantity to buy each puzzle, but you are showered with coins which you don't need. But the real horror is the amount of ads. Often multi layered so they take ages to get out of. Offers you to watch an ad to get coins or tokens. You say No. But you get one anyway, just slightly shorter. Whole thing is a con and I am regretfully uninstalling.
It puts a total spin on the traditional crossword puzzle. It also builds up your brain power as well.
The game itself is good, the issue is the amount of ads, also that many of the ads to double the rewards play the video without giving up the reward
Not a bad game if you like guessing the answer from a picture. Biggest pain is the amount of ads, one after another, literally to a point where I've stopped playing as they're a joke!!
very addictive game. this is the second time ive downloaded it. wish they would have just added more challenges so i could have just went on. oh well still love the game.
Love the game but it does tend to crash out at times so that's a bit annoying. Also I'm English so sometimes the American phrases or words are difficult to guess.
Overall, I really like this game. It is quite a challenge, especially once you get past the first level. Your only clue is a photograph, and the words you need to fill in the puzzle can be found by observing all aspects of the photo, not just what you see! My biggest complaint is that it is sometimes hard to come up with enough tokens to work on the next puzzle, once you've finished the current one. This game is much easier for those who are good at anagrams!
Fun and challenging. Great time killer. It's very engaging, just wish there were fewer ads. Super fun.
great challenges, good for keeping the brain active. Way too many ads (after each puzzle) and it's the same ad. Puts me off playing regularly.
It's not a very easy game. It needs concentration and common sense... Once you start it's difficult to stop... Only I wish the points were more.
I was enjoying this game, but in the second chapter, the levels start costing more tokens than can be built up by wait. Meaning you MUST watch videos or pay to get more tokens. Uninstalling now.
Not a bad game. Some levels more tricky than others which is to be expected. No bad for killing a bit of time
I downloaded this game a few days ago. I really enjoy playing it as it is challenging and fun. But in order to play, you either have to wait until the next day for more tokens, which could give you anywhere between 15 to 45 (from my experience), buy them- I've spent $6 on buying tokens, but they go so fast and you cant earn but like 5 back, OR watch videos (I think up to 10xs) for only 5 tokens per video. The tokens are overpriced, & earning them is close to non existent. Not worth it.
In general this is a fun & enjoyable game it gets your brain working the only reason I haven't given this game 5 stars is because I feel like you shouldn't have to pay 5p coins for a hint it should be less & when you start the game maybe there should be some coins for you to start with..then again I'm not the game expert so what would I no lol..I have only had this game 2 days and already I find it hard to stop playing it some times personally I think people should download this game..!!
Good game, but some of the words don't make sense with the picture. Feels like grasping at straws to try and finish a thing. Ads are annoying and take forever but the doubled rewards is nice. Constantly feel like I have to use coins to know what the answer is, the rewards of coins for completing isn't enough. Uninstalled.
Quite enjoyable. Know will be out of tokens soon, unsure what I'll do then. Never get in app purchases. NEVER.
Really fun. Like the whole design of it and the fact each puzzle is based off just one picture. Makes you think. Isn't frustrating
I really like this game. Tokens are a little hard to get .you have to watch lots of ads which I don't mind if you want to play for free.
Fun game. A number of people complain about the scarsity of tokens but if you play smart, you can accumulate lots.
Really enjoy the game find it brain thinking and fun,this is the fourth time I have down loaded this game and still enjoy am glad they have updated it the only wrong thing is more adverts
Fun and challenging. I miss the bonus puzzles. There aren't any in mix-up mode. Ads are frequent and repetitive.
Challenging puzzles, but I keep running out of tokens to continue on. Have to resort to taking surveys to earn tokens. Not doing that! Finding a different app.