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Old Man's Journey

Old Man's Journey for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH located at Museumsplatz 1/e-5.3 1070 Vienna Austria. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Beautiful game. Unique almost. I also like it doesn't asks for stupid pointless permissions. Money well spent. Thank you.
The art was gorgeous. It's the main reason to buy the game so I wasn't disappointed. The gameplay itself is tedious and repetitive with very little feeling of reward. The only thing that kept me going is that I wanted to see the remaining cutscene animations. So 5 out of 5 stars on art... 2 out of 5 on gameplay.
Beautiful and Heartwarming! Some of the puzzles stumped me a little but it's very relaxing and not too difficult
A heartfelt story of moving forward while remembering the past. Relaxed gameplay paired with stunning artwork make it captivating. Landscape puzzles are challenging enough to engage without frustration. Though a short ride, the journey and it's destination make it an enjoyable one.
Beautiful scenes and a sweet story although the game is very repetitive (moving hills up and down). Good one for kids to know the circle of life.
Would not recommend and if I knew about issues would not pay full price for it. Takes too long to load and the one time it loaded crashed about 30 seconds after. in the time I had with it it looked good but animations were not very smooth and clunky. Tried everything to get it to work by clearing cache, data and force stopping it. Seemed to be unstoppable to get working. Looks promising but would like a refund.
Very beautiful slow peace game, spent few months to finish. Play once a weeks, and the graphic is beautiful and simple enough for everyone to play.
Wonderful game, short (90mins) but has a very poignant affecting story. Consider buying this instead of watching a film at the cinema.
It's a beautifully drawn world with and interesting story line. It's a geometry puzzle with great movements and structure thinking. Very relaxing to play.
Wow, came in not expecting much and finished it as one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Nice and calm puzzles, great story told in a unique way. Worth every penny.
Echoing what many others have already said, this is quite a short game but a brilliant one. The narrative is excellent with never a word spoken, yet the story is well portrayed and will pull at your heart strings. Beautiful graphics, soundtrack and gameplay. It's definitely worth playing.
The amazing illustrations combined with the mechanics and the beautiful songs create an incredible atmosphere!!! Definitely worth the price!
Beautiful, striking and whimsical, this is one of the most unique abstract artwork I have had the pleasure to view through a highly immersive puzzle-adventure game: it is challenging enough without being unnecessarily frustrating (if you want something leisurely). Storytelling is effectively straightforward and intuitive that it is clear how the player needs to proceed without instructions. Music score was apt and not intrusive. Great work, team!
Seriously as graphic designer & animator, i really impressed and love this game. Beautiful and fun! Recommended!
A very beautiful and moving visual novel. If you go in with that expectation, it'll be worth your time, and you'll have some landscape /sheep moving puzzles to go with it. But if you expect a traditional game, you should pass on this one. And... While it moved me, I have to admit the story was rather predictable. Plus... It might be seen as a minor nitpick, but the game play had no real connection/symbology to the story. Still... A game worth its price. It delivers where it matters.
Waaw, just waaw. A simple, but intelligent design of puzzles. The story just pulls you in and touches the heart. Beautiful artwork, that has you staring and looking for all the details. The music that accompanies it makes the game even more immersive. This game is one of the best Indies I've played in a while. Hope the team creates others like this. Amazing job.
The art and music are nice, but the gameplay is shallow and tedious. Even the narrative isn't particularly engaging. It's essentially just a silent story about an old Frenchman wandering the countryside and reminiscing about his past. If that sounds entertaining to you, then maybe give this game a shot.
I'd love to give 5-stars to this game, but it's just not enough. Artstyle is simply incredible, 6/5. Those hand drawn locations are beautiful. I also liked subtle but enjoyable animations. But the rest is just ok. Gameplay is getting tedious and repetitive and the music is nothing special. Final of a story is kinda clichΓ© (but I guess it's realistic). I think It would be better as a comic book.
This is more of a graphic novel, but I enjoyed it. I only wish you could replay the memory scenes, I missed a few of them because of real-world distractions.
Worth the money. Great story. Just so you know, there's no violence. No attacking, no searching for items, no enemies, and no points to score. But just an old man who can manipulate the earth so that he can continue on his journey. In a way I guess there are puzzles or problem solving. It was sad and and beautiful. I won't spoil the end. Thank you for a great couple of days. Very unique indeed.
I did not personally enjoy this game, but I'm giving it a 5 because it is undeniably well done. I finished it. I found it infuriating and at times self-indulgent, but also worth playing. You must be okay with a deliberate, slow pace and very little guidance. In exchange you get an undeniably great, if sentimental story.
A beautiful and sad story, that many family around the world went through. A fathers duty and a grand dads soft heart. Finished it in hours, left with a smile and nostalgia for your next tale.
beautiful Game with great music and wonderful story line....but which the difficulty level was upped...and wish their was more things to uncover and possibly Achievements to earn...noticed Steam and other platforms do???? Little confused on why this go dropped??? What drew me to the game originally was the art that Reminded me of one of my favorite puzle games Lumino City... Same feeling... Little more complex Game mechanics.Game is refreshing and simplistic... Was just wishing for a little more to gain that extra 🌟.
It ain't a game. It's an experience. It's beautiful, yet somewhere it touched the heart with a sad note. More than worthy of every penny it cost me. Lovin' it! UPDATE: Lowering 1 star because the controls and gameplay has started to feel laggy. Also the phone has started to heat up. I have played heavier games, but this doesn't happen. Please fix it.
Wonderfully drawn art and an style that makes this game stand out. The actual game play loop (raising and lowering hills) gets a little tiresome. There are some odd design decisions, like falling down waterfalls being what you are supposed to do, but as an overall experience its good. I quite enjoyed the man revisiting his past as he travelled.
This was such a delightful, peaceful, and beautiful game. Each level reveals a new part of the old man's story. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and you can tell the developers put heart into this game. It's worth the money and it's a fun relatively short game (15 levels total!)
Everything about this game is beautiful. Even the puzzles had a little challenge to it. I hope to see more from these guys.
I enjoyed this game more than any other game I have played on a phone. The graphics are beyond what could be imagined, for me. And the meaning felt through the game is human. Thank you for your time and efforts,
The game mechanics of constantly shifting hills and tapping to move can be tiresome and repetetive, but the story with all it's beautiful imagery and emotion make up for that. It was a pleasure to experience.
This is one of the most precious games I have ever played. Sadly it is way to short. The graphics are amazing. An idea you are welcome to use. Make a game where the character uses a wheelchair to get around. The mechanics of that would fit right into this style of game. I want to say playable artwork. If you need free insight into wherlchair use, I will playtest and offer input as a wherlchair user myself. The fact this game is about love and cherishing one's life experiences is epic.
a truly touching game. I didn't expect to get this type of emotion out of a simple game but I did. would wholely recommend.
Great way to pass the time waiting for appointments. Best part is no need for sound since there's no dialogue, only music and you can mute that. That said, this game is a great game for stroke, brain injury, and others who struggle with aphasia or other communication disorders. Thank you so much for developing this game whether it was intended this way or not.
I don't know what to say .... i downloaded the demo first and next 15 mins i purchased the full version...You guys did a great job πŸ™‚
Very nice and emotive. Lovely scenary and music. Only problem I had was that either the Old man or the sheep got stuck and had to reinitiate some levels.
I'm completely in love with this game! Everything is perfect. The art, design, colours, simple but kind complex in the same time on gameplay, beautiful and relaxing soundtrack, and a lovely sad story! I wish it had more than 15 parts
This is a beautiful game with a heartbreaking story. It's a bit short for a paid game, but I'm all for supporting indie developers. The gameplay isn't very challenging either, but it isn't advertised as super challenging though. The game is what they say it is in the description.
This is a visually stunning, beautiful game. The music is lovely and adds to the charm. The gameplay itself is smooth, very interactive and challenging, so it's not boring. I found myself happy and smiling while playing. Wonderful game concept with substance (a bittersweet story). Bravo! Please we need more games from you!
This is the most beautiful game I've played. I loved the story and couldn't stop until I found out what happened. I LOVE the art of this.
Amazing. I wasn't so sure about it first 10 min but then the story pulls you in and its absolutely beautiful. Clever puzzles, stunning design...tears on the end!
Extremely beautiful graphics and relaxing little game to pass the time. Touching story through memories.
Such a beautiful game. Every scene is basically an interactive storybook illustration where you manipulate the environment in simple puzzles to progress. It's charming and heartwarming and I recommend it to anyone looking for a non violent gameplay experience. Edit: I just finished this game and it had a phenomenal ending. I hope this team makes many more gems like this!
I hate giving this one star. The artwork & animation is stupendous! An engaging story & sentimental but after a few levels it gets extremely hard & infuriating. You have to find the EXACT combo of moving the terrain in order to keep moving forward. The level with the thunderstorm & lightning was it for me. I couldn't find the right combo to go forward & on top of that you have bright lightning flashing every five seconds! You can't scroll to see ahead. Everything else? 5 stars.
Such a delight playing this game! I hope to see more games with a soul, like this one, in the future!
Ive only played 3 levels but had to review and say how engaging and stunning the game is. The music, the artwork, the little touches that make it magical like being able to interact with many elements of the game. Very emotive and immersive. Exactly the type of game ive been looking for.
Well I bought the game and tried opening it and out just glitches out before it even loads the main page. Not sure if it's just my device or what but I'd really like to try out this game.
Poignant story. Game play was challenging, at least for me. Getting to the end gave me a feeling of accomplishment, but also curiosity. What will the next chapter of the journey be?
Not my kind of game. Did not like moving the background to progress your character. Neat concept, great graphics, feel good vibes. Just not for me on the movement. Thats all.
a real jouney decorated with splendid paintings and touching stories which might happen to anyone in this world. Cherish those who love you and whom you love.
I love the art style in this game and the ending actualy caught me off guard. The sound design is so well put together I just love everything about it
As the other reviews mentioned, the aspects of the game are repetitive, but I personally enjoyed it greatly. Do not play this game if you are hoping for interesting gameplay, it is more of an emotional journey with the character rather than a game.
Just beautiful - the story, the design, the music. Felt reminiscent of a studio Ghibli film or a bittersweet french movie. Loved it.
It was a lovely game. Made you think without being overly difficult. Thoroughly enjoyable and worth the money.
Great game and such a relaxing experience, highly recommended. Instead of considering it as a game, I feel it is more like a journey/ a story. I love it.
The artwork is amazing! Some of the puzzles get you thinking and I did struggle a couple of times, but overall its a good game
It's so beautiful, the drawings, the music... But sometimes it gets exasperating πŸ˜‘ with the hills mostly, like you have to pull them down to be able to walk somewhere else and stuff like that
Brilliant, atmospheric, beautiful, short, well worth the time and the price. A happy, life affirming, wistful game.
It ain't a game. It's an experience. It's beautiful, yet somewhere it touched the heart with a sad note. More than worthy of every penny it cost me. Lovin' it!
I never finished this game and uninstalled it long ago. It was fun for a little bit, but between the weirdness and bad controls it got to me after a while.
Unplayable level due to bug. Beautiful game that is ruined by a bug. Half way through I'm stuck with no way to get out of a bug. I keep telling dev to stop being so confident. You need to always leave a way out.
Beautiful animation, stunning music and unforgettable characters. The story is told through pictures only, and you help the old man through his journey to unlock important memories of his family by changing the landscape. I felt like I was playing a film. Thank you for this incredible game!!
Wanted to like this nice graphics, but mostly touching screen to find what to do which was nothing much.. Got aggrevated and deleted...
an amazing game with great graphics a, super soundtrack and easy, efficient controls. I have nothing bad to say about this game and whenever I'm bored or feeling down I go back to my favourite levels and play. Definetly a great purchase.
the most moving emotional game I've ever played on a mobile device!! congratulations on your fantastic, thoughtful and touching game brokenrules!! can't wait to play what's next!!
A beautifully designed and drawn game, but as others have mentioned, the gameplay is quite repetitive and way too easy. It's better to look at this as interactive art, and as such it is lovely.
A simple mechanic and a basic tale are really only augmentations to Old Man's Journey's main attraction, which is its beautiful rolling pastoral. This is a wonderfully pretty game. Presented in a hand-painted style, it conveys the simplicity of a children's book, with the complexity of a layered world, based on an idyllic French countryside. The old man ventures through quaint villages, hardy country roads and breezy seaside lanes that offer wheeling vistas and outdoor scenes. He is assailed by weather and he comes across ominous ruins of an ancient land. Sometimes he stops to do a bit of people watching β€” young lovers, a working man, a bad tempered old woman β€” and as often as not, these remind him of his own past, and off we go to the land of bittersweet memory. Through these vignettes, the simply drawn old man becomes a whole human being who has lived his life and made his own choices, not all of them wise. Throughout the story, it's not clear how much of his life is a source of regret, and how much is an acknowledgement that he is who he is, that character is destiny. This gives the game an added feeling of narrative depth.
I Recommend this game if you have a potato phone and want to play a gold adventure game plus the soundtrack sounds really good, just buy it on sale
Is there a reason why the game I just bought keeps popping up with (unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped)? This makes it very hard to enjoy gameplay with this happening every 5 seconds... Please fix
its hard for me to call this a 'game' because a game implies user interaction that is, usually, far beyond, just navigating and click-thru scenes... wasn't alot of gameplay involved, more like scene watching with a dash of navigating the character
Very disappointing. "Gameplay" consists only of raising or lowering bits of countryside to allow the character to move to a different area of the screen. Game only took more than five minutes because of the still cutaways and the time it took to load. Have given two stars because the painted sceneries are OK to look at and because I applaud any games developed that do not involve violence and scary things, but the price of this, for what you get, is ridiculous.