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Oil Well Drilling

Oil Well Drilling for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rollic Games located at Esentepe Mahallesi, Talatpaşa Caddesi, No: 5-6 Şişli, İstanbul 34394. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Let's start off with when it works the game is fun. There are many ads, but I am ok with that. My issues are the absolutely horrible amount of coins earned while not playing the game. Also it tends to crash. Two stars because when it works it's fun.
Nice time wasting game. Fairly straight forward game play makes it really easy to enjoy stress free. Sometimes the ads won't load for free upgrades or to triple your money when it gives the option but usually corrects itself with a reload of the game. Will probably buy the no ads option soon.
At first the game is fun. After each level the drill seems to struggle and no matter what level your upgrades are you are back to square 1. Very boring after level 5...as the game becomes more of repetition than anything else.
So when finishing a game you ask me if I want to watch a add for x3 money, but before that screen you already show me a add. Horrible experience.
Great ads! Absolutely the best ads I have ever seen. Seriously no reason to rate the game. You will spend 90% of your time watching ads. If you love ads this is the game for you.
Zero purpose to this game. After upgrading a couple of times you easily get to the oil. There's no end goal or progression. And the number of ads are ludicrous, although understandable as the game has no real content.
Can't press 2 buttons without sitting through a 30 sec add. Played actual game for about 10 sec then was forced to sit through 2 adds for longer than I spent in actual game
As others have said there are way too many ads. It's almost like an ad generating slot machine. You pull the lever and see ads. Over and over. My biggest grape there was if you keep playing it you reach a point where no matter how much you add to your Cooling it makes no difference. I literally saved up enough to jump it up over a hundred levels and it's still exactly the same. That needs fixed
Interesting concepts for a game. Highly enjoying. Except i paid for no ads and no extra fuel extra upgrade etc isnt working upgrade isnt working
Can't play the game for more than 2 seconds with out an ad ads after ads after ad it's a shame it's. A great game but they absolutely ruined it
Nice game pitty there is only like 3 levels. The latest update said more levels added but nope the locks still remain grey can't buy them
So, not much to the game at all. Figures I'd pay the 3 dollars to get rid of the ads. Now I can't even get the x3 at the end of every drill. The game screws you out of 3 dollars and gives you less if you pay for it. A little backwards if you ask me. Don't pay for this game unless you want to get a lot less.. it sucks!
Game keeps closing during the many ads that I paid to remove. But they were still just as many. Waste of time and money.
Wow I like this game I played this game iPhone the game it's so much fun I played it and now I make a levels this is so much fun so much fun but I put four stars it's real but so much fun I like it okay this is too long just talk and I just don't know what that's so cute just okay just okay okay Doki Doki bye goodness why wait a minute just crazy game not just crazy game 🎮 I don't got that game to TV] oklahoma Mom this is someone time for this oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness 😂 ok
Etreamly abusive on the ads. One of the ad services never loads either. If there was more content to the game and WAY less ads this could actually become a good game.
Is this a game or a billboard? Unplayable. Ads every 5 seconds just to do one thing for 1 second and back to the ads. I'm not paying for vrap graphics , poor game play, and stupid game engine. Wasted my time. Not the first time too zynga. Untrusted and won't download any more of your games.
3:1 ads to play ratio. It takes a while to get to the bottom at first. But within an hour of play you should be able to play virtually ad free, not even requiring triple score ads. That being said, you have to watch all the ads at first otherwise you'll never get to the bottom. Just keep watching bonus fuel ads and triple cash ads when you make it far or to the bottom. If you find yourself moving too slowly, just burn out your gas or drill to use cash to upgrade. Focus on gas, then drill.
I purchased the "no ads" upgrade however they still give you ads to get bonus upgrades and to give fuel and repair the drill. Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but if it's intended it's definitely not worth $3 to skip 5 secs of ads every now and then.
Every time you drill down you barely make enough for a single upgrade, which doesn't seem to matter unless its the fuel or drill. After you hit oil, it starts the next day and practically resets all your upgrades, without resetting the prices. Where you could go down 1000 feet day 1 and hit oil, the very next day, with the same upgrades, you get like 125 feet and not even enough resources to upgrade anything cuz the prices and resource value stayed the same. Except now you only get like 4.
Turn data/wifi OFF if you want to even try and play this. Then after level one, you'll probably delete it. Poor execution of a cool idea.
Got to day two, and would not let me progress. The lever would just disappear. This is more something I'd play on a browser(if it worked) then download and play it.
This game is just, No it's really not possible to play at all, you see after 1 drill it just throws you into an add it doesn't give you an option to say no. And at least 86 percent of the time your "playing" your watching a 20 - 40 add so this game has a cool consept and seems fun but overall it just makes you wanna break your phone or something because the amount of addsnare just horrible. So if you can play 1 minute or more consider yourself VERY lucky.
It keeps crashing in the tutorial when I hit on the truck, and I have a really good phone, idk why it won't work
Game needs a lot of work. No way to get to main screen from drilling screen without failing in the game, absolutely useless function of gathering coins from oil wells (10 coins of you hold it for 10 seconds, takes thousands of coins to upgrade your drill), and there is no progrrssion to the game. You can unlock other parts of the map but they don't do anything different. Way too many ads, I paid $3 for no ads but with such a broken game I regret it. Don't make my mistake, pass on this app.
Too many adds, adds while you play on the screen, add to get more coins and add that just popup while you are playing. If you want only adds all day this game is perfect for you.
Is an alright game, just way too many ads as well as after buying 3 areas you can't purchase any other place
Game was fun at first, but now it continuously glitches and does not allow me to collect my money or continue to the next sequence. The drill finishes and just keep spining at the top...
Like most of the reviews on here this game is very much "pay to play". It forces you to watch an advertisement after 1 or 2 drill sessions, it taunts you throughout your "drill sessions" to watch a video to give you more fule and if you do watch the add the reward for watching a 30-40 second video is almost nothing (about 1/10 of your fule tank), the rewards for drilling obviously are designed to get you absolutely no where with out watching an add video which BTW those are not very rewarding.
Love the game but after i paid 2.99 for no ads it no longer lets me watch videos to triple my coins or get more fuel when i run out while im digging . i shouldnt have spent my money
As expected, ads everywhere and turning on airplane get rid of them but glitches the game so you can earn any money.
Ads! Would you like to play an ad simulator? No, you get to watch an ad with that. The gameplay is literally 30-45 seconds followed by multiple ads. Close out the ad? You lose all progress.. uninstalled not looking back.
Over simplified controls, non engaging gameplay, and ads. I'm supposed to be drilling for oil, not playing "ad simulator"
Airplane mode people. Youll get no ads. Also the game is decent. No penalties for broken drill. Oil rigs you get dont auto mine and are a waste of time. Please fix that. Make them upgradeable or something. Time and patience o feel i can mine forever.
Game constantly crashes when watching in game ads to continue drilling, claiming x3 gold...whats the point!?
This game looked fun through an ad of another game so i installed it and gave it a try. Not even 5 minutes and 5 ads after each drill. Game is low quality and extremely BORING Spend your time on another game. This one tries to get revenue from little effort.
Ok, so, one complaint in particular... After I do a drill, the 2nd time around it refuses to give me my coins, and this is a repeating process, so yea, that's the only complaint I have because it completely ruined my experience since it takes time to drill and then the game refuses to give you your coins.
Seriously, how am I supposed to rate a game BEFORE I've had chance to play it properly? I'm sticking to MobilityWare games.
Crashes constantly. Have a Samsung galaxy 9, and every time I click on something, it freezes and crashes. Probably for the best, seeing that most reviews talk about the game being plagued with ads
Game asks you too rate it every other go, it's constantly asking you to watch ads for rewards and if I didn't have an ad block it would probably have non-stop ads anyways. Plus it's an idle game so it's ok for like 10 minutes then it gets boring.
upgrades didn't take effect after approximately 1 hour of playing, and also there was no option to watch videos for bonuses
First I thought it was a good game to pass the time how mistaken I was!!! Soon as I closed the app for the first time and reloaded it I can do a drilling level hit oil then GLITCH!!!!! It will not let me go beyond this point!! So for that it's a 1 star would be less but I got a couple levels out of it and enjoyed them. What a shame.
Do not enjoy it because it freezes up all the time have no problem with my internet it's the game itself I sent feedback but no changes it is a fun game when it works only frustrating when it freezes
If you must experience what it's like to drill a hole straight down, make minor upgrades, and drill another hole slightly deeper right next to it, download this. And open it in airplane mode. That should entertain you for the 3-5 minutes it takes you to reach the first milestone. What's the second milestone? Literally the same as the first. You keep all your upgrades, but you somehow manage to burn fuel and overheat at the same rate as you did when you started the game. Not worth your time.
Way too many ads. Game could be fun if you didn't have to sit through 15 seconds of political ads for every 10 seconds you play the game.
I had to watch a Ad just to give a review.. In one drill you can watch at least 10 Ads and the when you want to earn extra money the button doesn't work or the fuel button does work.
Never seen an openly downloadable game so glitchy. Absolutely will not go past 2md well. Continually freeze when you return to surface. Galaxy s20.
I will start off saying this is actually an enjoyable game but every time I click no thanks to doubling my money with an ad it just buys whatever it wants and I don't get the pic what to buy it's honestly frustrating if this can be fixed I wouldn't give it a five star but till then it's not the game for me.
Way too many ads and as soon as I bought the no ads I then no longer had option for extra fuel or bonuses including the free level ups on components. I have emailed the developer directly and will update upon their response
Way too many ads and the game didn't even work properly. After each "run" it would ask if I wanted to watch an ad and double that "run's" earnings and if I said no, I would get nothing instead. Not to mention the prompt ad that followed every time. Don't play. Just don't. Call your grandmother, or learn a new language, heck you'd be better off staring at the wall than playing this game.
One of the most ad heavy games I've ever installed. It's not possible to complete the first level without watching at least 20 full length adverts!
Terrible game, long ads every 3 turns. Forced watch time. Game doesnt let you keep coins unless you watch an ad to double. So either you watch an ad to uograde or an ad to get coins to upgrade
Paid to have ads removed as they were extremely frequent and obtrusive. Within 10-15 levels the levels stopped become more difficult which meant I could subsequently beat every level on the first attempt without buying any upgrades. Not impressed, don't bother wasting your time.
Constantly asks you to rate the game if you rate it anything but 5 star it skips and won't let you rate it the no ads is a scam also
Forces you to watch ads after each run, then won't let you watch ads for the triple rewards or free upgrades or extra fuel. Also has banner ads permanently at the bottom of the screen. I wouldn't waste your time on this game.
To many adds , more ads then game play. Then it freezes up when you start making $$$. Not worth it. Add it to the scrap bin not to play.
Repetative app closing for no reason couldn't even make it passed the introduction. It not like I'm on an ancient phone either I'm on a moto g power.
I've never had to leave a review on a game before. But I feel I have to with this one. Its overall a amusing game but OMG. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. The owners of this game are strictly money hungry.
Utterly boring. Hold, wait until you run out of fuel...watch crappy ads...buy more fuel...hold, wait til you run out of fuel...as infinitum. Complete waste of time, unless you like no skill and loads of ads.
Dumb. Buying no ads, dosen't mean no ads. Still end up having to see ads every minute of game play. Save your time and money, look elsewhere.
Played game was likeing it . But got tired of all video watching . Bought the no ad . Now cant collect . Extra coins or gas .
Do you LOVE watching ad's....then this is the game for you!!! You watch an ad for EVERY thing you do and if you had to step away dont worry they will play the same ad 10 times in a row. They could easily call this game dilling for ad's.
It's fun. It's also somewhat mindless. I wish there wasn't so many ads but I understand this is how the developer makes their money..
Good to start, but now the game won't go any further than day 5. It just crashes after starting that day.
Are we playing a game or watching ads? Every few seconds there are ads, if you do get to play there are ads during and even banner ads.
What the hell !!! I paid for no ads and im still getting them on my screen and being forced to watch them in between every round... MONEY TRAP !!!!
It doesn't work. I drill a hole once I run out of fuel the trusk moves and resets. Then that's it I can't drill I can't watch a stupid add...nothing. it's just stuck there. Was hoping this was going to be a good game literally.. legit review.
Enjoying the game so far. Only reason not 5 stars as there's not as much of a gap between adverts as I would like.
Way to many advertisements i am deleting the game because of that. I get you need to make money, but you can't even enjoy the game because of adds!
Okay but buying the no ads doesn't stop the ads. U like other games the buy no ads only stop some of the adds not all. Game is okay and a little repetitive.
Worst game I have ever played!! It might actually be fun if every 15 seconds you didn't have to watch an add to continue, and the adds are 30-45 seconds long. Also god forbid you accidentally hit the tiny x wrong to close add you have to start all over again. I "played" for like half hour to give it an honest try and am deeply disappointed!! Great concept terrible execution!
If you want to download an app that is primarily about watching adds, more than actually playing the game you downloaded, then you will absolutely LOVE this app! It is perfect for you, because it is jammed packed with adds!! Even when you dont request them, or decline to watch one, it still plays an add for you! How great is that?! *sarcasm* It even will randomly pop up another add after just finishing an add! This is a great app to download for adds!
I like it but I wish that it quantifies how much fuel you have and how much you more fuel you get with a a bigger tank. It seems a little vague. The locations for digging a well could be more thought out too, like have a map. Being able to switch from land well digging to ocean could be cool. Maybe even throw in some history if you decide to make a map. Also I can't get onto the app it closes every time I try.
Poor. As a software beta tester, this game was clearly developed by amateurs. They are not interested in the game. The only point to the game is the number of 60 second ads they can display. For every step you take is a 60 second ad waiting to be shown. Its not enough there is an ad banner displayed at the bottom. They must show a 60 second ad on every step of the drilling. By the time I reached Day 5 in the game, I have counted 96 60-second ads. It's not a game. Its ad platform....
It's fun while it's not crashing. It sucks when you are half way down to the oil and it just freezes up solid.
LAME! There is no "skill", "talent", or "technique" to this game. Until you "earn" enough to jack up the fuel and cooler levels, you will NEVER complete a level, regardless of what you do, or how you do it. Nor are there any significant rewards. When I finally did make it to the oil, it squirts out, and goes to the next level. Woo-hoo. And, as has been said,, ads after every attempt. And any other chance they get. I certainly expected better than this from Zynga. Don't waste your time.
Is the no ad thing a con? I enjoy the game, but I got fed up with the double and sometimes triple ads. So I purchased the no ad option for $2.99. It is obviously $2.99 wasted. I still get ads. For instance to get triple rewards, I have to watch an ad. The idle (X) tycoon series doesn't do this, so I wonder why this developer does. I also do not like how to go back to the world map or utilize the currency earned I have to shut the game down. There needs to be an option to go to the world screen.
Interesting game. Found a bug. Bought the no ads option for $2.99 and yet still have ads. Got it because ads lag my games recently. If possible please fix or refund please. I enjoy playing this so far but can't play longer than 2 minutes so far because I lag out.
Am I doing something wrong? Why when it says I will get 1000+ coins from the level I just did, it just disappears? And why can't I upgrade my drill/cooler/fuel every level? It's just chance that you'll be able to upgrade, yet again, tell me if I'm wrong
This game is bad, the progression is slow, the levels dont get interesting. If they had the oil deeper and just slightly harder then it may be more interesting. But no, this gam, after you reach the oil you go tk the next level where you go like 5 feet and get 10 dollars and the next upgrades cost like 1000.
For 10 seconds of gameplay you gotta watch a 15 t0 30 second ad, completely frustrating and not worth the time!
Basically stops working at a certain point, your level ups stop affecting the game play, so many ads, you start to think 2.99 to remove them isn't so bad, they ask for a review every drill and when you ignore them, pop pop, the game Basically breaks. Ultimately fun, pointless game, easy to win levels (just upgrade fuel) and you will feel a sense of accomplishment until again, it doesn't matter if you upgrade after a certain point, they just spam ads, pray super hard you will spend money.
For every 30 seconds of gameplay you get 10 seconds of ads. To put it in other words after every time you dig you get forced an ad(skippable but still 10 seconds)
Not too bad as a time waster game but like all games unless your willing to fork out some cash you have ads every 2 mins
If you are thinking of downloading this, don't. I finished two levels and they were identical. You would better spend time staring at a wall and thinking about your life choices for half an hour than playing this peace of thing that comes of bulls ass game.
Ads. ADS EVERYWERE! This game has decent potentinal but fails at all of it. This game has quanity over quality. The levels are plain. Boring. And The Ads just want to make you fall asleep. This game is plain bad. Nothing to enioy from it. Makes you feel like a robot.
Animation not so good. Routine game, You actually do nothing. There's a high chance of game crash whenever an Ad is ordered. 30 second Ad made me uninstall.
Day 19, about an hour IRL. I didnt need to upgrade anymore because I hit oil everytime with fuel to spare. Drill upgrades stopped changing looks after awhile. The sound effects were nice. Eventually the only change was my bank account, the most I could do at that point was upgrade the cooling to make it faster but there was no goal anymore. Maybe add different truck graphics to purchase, or perhaps different maps and ores, add a depth upgrade and maybe some fossils. Solid game just needs refined
It's a decent app for killing time, but the amount of ads is insane! You drill, and when you're done, ad. And after that and you gotta watch another ad to get a bonus. The cool down mechanic is a joke after the 4th oil well. Not very worth it to be honest.
Way too many ads as others have said, but that's what airplane mode comes in handy :D Withouth the ads its just not a very good game, the idea is neat but very poorly done. Buying 80-90 upgrade levels in a skill and no difference? What a joke! The only upgrade you need is lvl 30 fuel and yoy can drill every level. Buying drill upgrades is almost a waste and buying cooler upgrades dont decrease how fast you get overheated. All you do is drill at the speed that doesnt make you overheat. No progres
Day1) I turned off the music in the game and it keeps playing even if I close the game and I have been listening to Humpty Dumpty music in my car for 30 minutes straight without stopping day2) I now uninstall the game and the stupid song is still playing. Day3) emailed the company and messaged them on instagram still no response yet!. Day4) the game music is still playing, Day 6-7) still play the music after deleting unused data and no developer response😤.it's now 2 months in I still hear humpt
I paid for no ads hoping to be able to skip them like some other games and get the benefit of those wothout havibg to watch anything, but I was wrong! The game simply switched to "offline mode" which means I can't click to watch any ad and I can't get any benefit, just as if I'm playing offline! Such a loss of my money! This is NOT what I was hoping for!
Unplayable! Ads every 15-25 seconds. I've spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Anything you try to do you have to watch an ad if you have to put more gasoline in your drill you have to watch an ad you want to upgrade your drill you have to watch an ad, if it asks you if you want to watch an ad and you say no thanks you have to watch an ad.... Absolute GARBAGE!
Constant ads and screens asking to rate it. It's literally a game where you hold down a lever for 10 seconds and then watch 15 seconds of ads.
Fun for a few minutes, but after the first few levels the game doesn't really progress any further. The wells don't get deeper, the drill doesn't get any better even when upgrading, and the challenge is gone.
Do you like ads and want A LOT of them? This is the game for you! You'll get to enjoy so many ads. Thanks for this horrible experience.
It crashed on me. I got to the second day and it crashes everytime I drill. It was fun for a while, despite the constant ads. Game has no goal or tasks to preform except collect at the oil rig and drill. Like I said it was fun at first but crashes so I will have to uninstall until it is fixed.
Worth 0 star but there has no option to give.. Is this a game or bunch of ads, don't u have minimum sense in game to create something worth of playing. Ads in game is common but shame on u total time spent in watching ads rather than playing game... Do u create game for watching ads. If you want to waste your data then download this game..
Terrible. I cant think of better example of developer laziness. Foliage and 3D assets constantly glitched, to where I was finding bushes underground. Progression was near non existent. You might as well start the game over after finishing a "day". Why are there even days? Nothing changes, your stats just get set back to zero, but oh, you keep your money. By day 6, I was finishing lvls in less than 10 passes. There's nothing unique about the different locations you seem to go to. Waste of time.
Bought No Ads, now when ads are supposed to pop up, it just glitches the game. No chances for fixing my drill or refueling it. If this were fixed, I'd give 5 stars.
Paid the stop ads feature, now can't fix drill, can't get more fuel, money generation is slow, games takes 10x longer to play. Going to uninstall and get money back.
Can't even get through 1 drilling without 100 ads, space it out a lot more, people may play longer. Uninstalled
This game has so many adds they put a small window for constant adds during game play then an add at the end of a 10 sec level.
Read reviews first... I should have taken my own advise. Paid to remove ads but theyre still there and more frequent.
Actual a really good game especially if you wanna pass time by only problem I can find is when you run out of gas or once you finally reach the oil the game doesn't go any further maybe it's just my device but it just plays back ground music and removed my drill from the ground but never starts a new round please fix
Way to intrusive agreement. No need to contact so much data just for the game. Wat to many adverts - 10 seconds of game followed by 30 seconds of adverts the game only loaded. Not worth it.
I paid for the no ads and it hasn't worked so if this isn't gunna take the ads away can I have my money back!!!
Exactly what it's intended/advertized/destined to be; A simple yet engaging tap game that you can ultimately get what you want out of. I would imagine the average person plays "as intended" with little regard for destroying the drill as it really doesnt matter and is going to happen at some point anyway. I however, choose to closely monitor the drill integrity and overheating status in order to squeeze every last millimeter out of my drilling session. OUT OF CHARECTERS! HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE!!
Way to many ads. Makes the whole experience boring and annoying. There's a stupid excuse out rolling around stating that ads are so the creators can make money. It's just taking advantage of people and there money.
80% of my time is spent watching ads and 20% spent drilling the same holes for oil. No point to the game aside from making the player watch ads.
I was asked 3 times in 10 minutes for a review. All times I gave a 1 star rating due to the ridiculous amount of ads. Each time I had to watch an ad after giving 1 star.... not to mention the requirements for each lvl are stupid high.👎
I was enjoying this game until ads started popping up regularly. I'd you actually want people to play your game and still earn a profit leave the ads to the users choice, not every time they click something. I have now uninstalled this.
It's sad really this game could be really fun however the amount of ads makes it unplayable. You might think you could handle the ads but after two days you realize you can't.
after some levels , all levels area same and when you increase power ,they just cut money and power is same and next levels are also same.. boring after 1 hour of play
The only star is for idea! The ad amount is so bad that you cant even enjoy the game! Guys seriously, you are ruining the experience! Don't be that greedy and pit ad on evwry single click!
I paid the No Ad fee....Now I can't triple the coins or get any double the gold... WTH... Needs a update ASAP
Game is fun yes but ever drill give you 10 coins why does it do that it should increase every time you drill from 10 15 20 and so in but it doesn't so why keep it at 10
After every level....a 10 second ad you can't skip. Then if you want to not grind the game... Another 30 second ad. What a joke.
Ridiculous game. What kind of game tells you to upgrade everything the first time you play also im not watching half a dozen ads just to get through the first level
You pay for the game but still get adverts, can't even return to top and buy upgrades/fuel without having to start all over again. When you go for fuel top up you have to watch advert (even after paying for game) and even then you get enough to last 5 seconds to have to watch another add to get more... And again only lasts 5 seconds. Proberly the worst game going.
I don't normally write reviews but this time.... Omg.. Every level you play which takes about 15 seconds to complete, you need to watch an ad that's about 30 seconds long to continue. I understand the developers need to get paid but this isn't the way to do it.
Incessant adverts even after paying. So fed up with adverts, literally every 30 seconds, I foolishly paid for the Ad Free version. ONLY IT ISN'T AD FREE. Also the game is extremely boring.
Rated 1 star because I couldn't rate it 0 stars. It's all about watching ads. Save yourself time and disappointment and don't bother downloading this horrible game.
Boring unplayable trash. A level takes less time to complete than the advert you're forced to watch takes to finish. "Would you like to watch an ad?" "No" "Too bad watch it anyway". Minimal effort to develop a playable app. Maximum effort to jam pack it full of adverts for revenue.
Forced ads every 10 seconds. Very boring game play. Not a lot to do. You pull a lever, wait 10 seconds, watch forced ad, upgrade your drill, repeat.
Game is cool and good to play. But why the game doesn't give you all the money when you watch video×3? It's hard to level up when a game cheats you.
Too many ads for very little game play and it's not really a sophisticated game to be utilizing that level of ad frequency.
The game was kinda fun for the first 25 levels and then it is the same over and over. The wells do not get any deeper, after you've reached level 100 on the drill, cooling, and fuel it almost doesn't matter what levels you get them up to. I am on level 700 with the drill and cooling, and yet my fuel is on level 80 and I will never run out of fuel. I am on level 115 of the game and it never gets any harder. OH AND THE AMOUNT OF ADS ARE RIDICULOUS!
Way to many ads, a level takes 15 to 20 seconds and then directly an add. No fun. Overall after a few minutes the game gets boring
After a round it force plays an advert and then asks if you want to watch an advert for x3 coins. Even if you click no it plays an advert anyway. So no matter what, you're watching two adverts ever round! Don't bother with this game!
The game is simple and fun but it plays an ad after every time you drill and I like to watch the optional ad to boost my earnings in games which means I have to watch 2 ads back-to-back after every drilling If it wasn't for that I would give it five stars Also whenever you get to oil it doesn't really serve any purpose you don't get any extra money for getting to the oil it just completes the stage. The oil pumps just sit there and you can click on them but they only give you 20 coins
It deserves less than one star. When people around you hear the incessant ads popping up literally ever couple of minutes, it's clearly evident it's a PAY TO WIN scam. On top of that the graphics are suitable for a preschooler and no older. Terrible. EVERY TWO MINUTES, oh it's AD TIME AGAIN! And no, no one in there right mind should pay a cent for this cheesy thing. MOVE ON!
5 star fun but after purchasing the no ad it locks you out of x3 rewards and stuff so thats a downer and no more free upgrades... All though the game is great.
If I could give it a minus I would, I had to watch 4 videos at 30 seconds each just to play 1 level, absolute joke. When are the devs of these games going to realise they'd get a lot more players if they just had 1 ad every now and then maybe 1 after each level. Don't waste your time downloading
If there was a way to rate 0 stars i would I only got 15 minutes of gamplay and half of that was ads and as I got to the oil my drill broke and could not fix it. Do not download its a scam!
It's repetitive, too much ads. I reached day 9 got my drill to lvl 100 no change to the appearance!!! This game, just have so many ads
Though I do appreciate the option for no ads, there are a couple of ads that when you tap to start drilling, will block fuel level or just be right in the middle of the screen. Really wouldn't recommend for any phone based users
The game has potential but the difficulty curve is way too bad it gets too tough too fast first day I'll talk funny games next day you can barely get to a thousand Don't spend your time on this game just go and if you are let me give you a tip turn on airplane mode when you play it helps
This is the game that you wish had more to it. Simple drilling games but freezes on day 3 after you complete your first drill. It doesn't reward you the money earned on drill and forced restart.
I respect the efforts of the developer who had done this application but it's boring as we continue the game because there are no extra tasks than drilling. The fuel gets emptied very fast at the beginning of the days. As others said it generates ads too much due to that we lose the interest of playing the game.
It works alright I guess. But sometimes I'll run out of gas or something (that's normal and expected) but then it'll boot me to this map view and not give me any of the coins I earned! Then when I click to go back to the drilling I was doing it makes me run out of fuel or overheat again before I can upgrade. And sometimes it sends me to the weird map veiw multiple times in a row!
Every ad game like this are all the same and very repetitive. Way too simple. And the amount of ads that are on here are ridiculous. After every drilling there is an ad. And then it doesn't even give you the option to not watch a video to upgrade fuel, drill, or the other upgrade. I thought this game was going to be fun but it's literally the same game as any other ad game you've downloaded, just different graphics. There is nothing impressive about this game.
Paying gets rid of the ads but now i cant even use the ads to tripple my income when i want so you would be better off not paying to get rid of ads and will get further in the game.
I can totally understand that this is f2p game so ADs must be included. But, in like 5 minutes of playing i get 4 adverts. So almost half of your time is just watching ADs. Do not reccomend.