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Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory

Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Gismart located at 22 Great Marlborough Street London, UK W1F 7HU. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the best oil game i have ever played in my life. i recommend this game to all the people who love idle games
On my asus tablet, the oil tycoon lags a lot and returns me to my homescreen of my tablet very suddenly. If u fix that bug I will give 5 stars. It crashes too much. On offline, it doesnt crash for 5 mins. On online, it doesn't go past the loading screen.
Something somewhere went wrong, after reinstall, I started over, till there no issues. But now instead of getting diamonds for parts that I already have, I only get rubies.... Although is says diamonds..... So down to 4 stars for now
i did not like this game very much while I like all the all tycoon's game but this game do not have any interested it can be more interesting by allowing workers to work , yes it will be more interested because they work very fast and this game will having more workers then it wiil be great game in the world when you upgrade this game then tell to me
In the vip store I remember you use to be able to buy the no ads with your diamonds can you put that back on there where you can do that
I would give you 8 stars but you have so many ads that I can only give you 6 stars. I am so hooked on this game that I really don't like playing any other games but this one.
Game is fun but it still fails to start and crashes immediately on launch. Even after the latest update. I trust that this will be fixed (hopefully very soon, as I am bored)!
Latest update just makes the game crash. Any features added are irrelevant since you can't access them.
Its an ok game but what the hell are the ruby's for i don't know if I missed a pop up or something by after playing for a while and getting 20 ruby's I still have no idea what to do with them
It's a really fun game to play and it's fun when u are bored just play this game then u wont be bored x
Great game. The ads were avoidable at first but now there'd been a few pop up ads here and there that piss me off but nothing to be a deal breaker. Very addicting and i highly recommend it.
TLDR: Need to pay to get free diamonds. Was a decent time killer, till I got to unlock the underwater area and realized, need diamonds to expand to actually pump and collect the oil. Went and unlocked the moon, with the same result. Trying to figure out how to get diamonds, I noticed you are suppose to get diamonds, from duplicate parts. I sent inquiry to the developer, why I get rubies instead of diamonds? Their response was, diamonds are only free in the jungle area (last area) to unlock.
Good game for a while but there seems to be no way at all to earn blue gems without purchasing them with real cash and now I can't progress without them so I will be deleting the game as I'm now stuck.
I love this game 30 or 15 secs ads 5 mins auto pump ..and i got my first mil dollar at the casino. So im gonna rate it 5 stars☺☺
I like this a lot the grinding side is a favour of mine although I have VIP but it does not stop taxes which I find annoying please fix is this
Okay, so I have had to spend some cash on this game to make progress on certain areas, namely the submarine oil mining area however I enjoy the game enough to where this is irrelevant. I do recommend this game to anyone who enjoys tycoon games.
If I could give a 0 start I would I purchased a $20 diamond pack a week ago and still have no received the diamonds or my refund nor have I heard back from customer service.
Every time I'm starting the app it kicks me out and I get to the menu and the co and I get a blue screen
this game is quite good but the reason i rated it four stars is because theres no offline earings but the rest of the game is good
this is a really good game but I have run into an issue when I use the spin wheel in the casino I have spun it over 50 times and I always get the low cash prize or oil and it is starting to bug me a bit.
This could be a fun game BUT almost every action requires you watch a 30 sec ad. One of the worst i have seen. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game.
It is fun and as you progress you make more money and after a few days you have a large portion of money and you can buy stuff and level up
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good game the game is like bussinessman game
Dont mind adds abut at 5 am in the morning no option of mute as all my games are fully mute are a bummer i just woke my while house with the adds sounds
Overall, it's a decent game, really easy to follow, and for what it is the graphics are great, and...not to be a grammar Nazi, but good grammar goes a long way, the text in the game looks like a five year old wrote it, seriously, and I'm pretty sure there's no five year olds developing games
If you are 10yrs old or have a low IQ. this the game for you. adults will find this boring and childish.
This game is super addicting and is really well made, from the stock market where you sell, to the gambling. I love this game and I would love to see more updates in the future, especially new areas, as I just downloaded this game today and I'm already in the military area.
Why so much ad bro there's to much of them I mean I'm a kid so I can't pay VIP and remove ad so if developers remove ads that would be good otherwise it's so so good I'm addicted to it leaving this rewiew hope you see hope you reply bye🤗🤗.
Jesus! So many ads! Cool game ruined by too many ads. I click through ads all the time for goodies, double rewards, etc., but this automatic ad every couple minutes is ANNOYING.
Dude I love your game its also very easy to earn money you will start with 1 pump then a few days later u already have an oil empire also I have a request since call of mini zombies don't have multiplayer anymore please make a call of mini zombies but better and with multiplayer and also thanks for making this game keep up the good work and I will wait for my request ro be responded
It feels like i spend more time waiting for 30 second ads to finish than i do playing the game. Its fun, every 30 seconds. And then its boring for 30 seconds. Then its fun for 15 seconds, then boring for 15 seconds. Fun 30 sec, lame 30 sec, fun 30 sec, lame 30 sec, fun 15 sec, lame 15 sec.
It was a great game at first, but when the updates came in, the game suddenly crashes 1 second after startup
i liked all the old versons better when the new map came in and had taxes i was still ok but when you started locking stuff and getting rid of stuff and did the research lab thats when i deleted the app
I think the 2x thing is quite annoying whatsoever right while I'm playing I really don't need yet another video. Of course getting the bonuses from the ads well when they finally decide to work its nice to have 3x oil 🛢 💰 and so on. Anyway there's room for improvement right ✅ .... there are plenty of plus ➕ as well.
What is the point is spending money to remove the ads if every action still requires you to watch an ad? Aside from this theft of money it is an overall good game
Gets tedious and old fast. It might be fun for a week or two and if you're dumb like me you'll pay to get little perks but soon you'll regret it. I came back to this game after months of not playing it and it was even worse and annoying than before with their automatic ads that pop up. I declined to see a video to boost my profits and one popped up anyway and NO boost... 😒🤦‍♂️new updates made it worse...uninstalling🥱
This stupid game sucks it nearly took me 1 day to download it, not the wifi is bad game is bad I wish have improvement
The game itself is fun but the constant ads to multiply your earnings and the insect flying around with a free diamond, which won't go away until you watch an ad just kills the game
The game was nice at first, but now i can't even start it as the game crashes at launch. I've read the other reviews and i see its a reoccurring problem as well as the ad issue. Just some advice, people don't like interruptions. Make ads optional instead of forced, so no pop up ads. As long as they are optional people don't care how many ads you put in. I'll change my rating to 5 stars as soon as i can get back in.
Play any other idle game than this one. A Dark Room, Swarmsim, Kittens Game, Adventure Capitalist, anything.
Great game. Can you make a buy diamond with money option?. So we can invest and it will become realistic
Nothing but ads. Need diamonds to upgrade but only way to get them is actual $$$. Very bad game. Wow this game is BAD. Daily bonus has a "you loose" spot that it lands on most days. I could go on much more but it's a waste of time.
boring.. no idle collection... gotta watch ads or make purchases to really advance... in case you game creators haven't noticed, we are getting tired of pay to win/progress games.
I got this when it was early access and then lost my phone and then I just downloaded it again and now there a ads every 10 sec when there use to be none except for special things so sick of my old games that didn't have ads being ruined
The game was good at the start when I bought the automatic pump it set my extraction from 4k to 910 not good all the process went down and in the store it still says the level I was at and still the extraction is 910 something is not right
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Actually really good. An idle game with varied game mechanics. Good job, please don't be secretly my data to the highest bidder. Cheers!
I love it it's one of those games where you can delete it and re download it and repeat it's super addictive to play I just love how fun it is..
i cant load my last account in here. 😤 im so frustrated because i already unlock most of the places and the blueprints here. please help me dev. 😔
I got to buyimg the clicky upgrade and now when i load it game just shows a white screen 😢😢😢
It is okay but the fact is you have to pay to expand then, if you reset to get better and faster production, you lose all you spent on actual production so don't spend gems expanding till you max out multiplier.
This Game Is......SO THE BEST IN MY LIFE! Even Though Ads Come Out I Deal With Them! So Much Money Coming! Thank You So Much For Creating This Game!
I really wanted to like this game because i am an actual oil field worker,, however the math for selling oil to money is WAY off. Just sold like 1.6 million oil at $57 and got $600k. This has happened 5 or 6 times now. Also the videos to get time 2 rewards always freeze and are a huge pain in the azz. Pretty much makes the game unplayable.
The only complaint I've got with your game is that you keep asking me for feedback ! I like the game but if I keep getting pop-ups asking for feedback I'm gonna change my review from 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to 1 ⭐ ! So far I'm kinda enjoying your game. So please STOP asking me for feedback!
This game is made by scum. Everything has a psychological niggle to bother you no matter what you're doing. A power bar that starts fast and slows down at the end so you feel like you're almost there. Ok buttons that won't show up for a few seconds while the play ad button is available immediately. Things like that. This game was made to extract money in the forum of addiction, not fun.
Personally I like tycoon games, but I would place this one in my top 10 for the fact that it goes about it in a different direction. Having to pull a lever down and up may get some people to not play it. For me tho, it's a new experience and I love that. It's unique and I commend the producers of the game for that. Plus you can go idle and let your tanks fill up so that when you come back, you're met with a lot of oil for a lot of money. Also it's time consuming for when you're bored.
Giving me notifications while I am playing the game to come play the game. I know I can turn off notifications, but honestly, I'm probably wasting my time with this game. I'd be better off with a game that will exercise my mind than make it lazy and idle.
I've spent money on this game it's been a great way to waste spare time. I saw that there was a update. So I updated the game, now I cant even launch the game as it crashes every time I launch the game, I've even restarted my phone & uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem persist. I've even tried my best friends phone that's linked with my google play store account but it continues to crash. Please fix👍
Good gameplay, with different aspects in other areas, however could do with indicator on map area/map button to say upgrade is available for purchase
Not fun anymore the game just crashes while in the loading screen the update made it worse👎👎👎👎👎 Please fix this and i will turn it to 5 stars thank you if you read this
I used to play the game and was gonna jump back in, but the game won't restore my purchases....just a little annoying, rating 3 stars if you fix my account you will get 5 Edit they changed the way you get the pumps so no issues here
Well it a real relaxing game I was prety far in the game and wish I had waited to by any off shour propertys. I got my wish accidentally deleted my data. Now I'm back to level one this time I'm taking my time
I have a great idea for a game. It's called "let's leave the "watch an ad" buttons alone but hide the regular progression buttons for everything until a few seconds when they magically appear. This way, the user will get tricked into thinking an ad is the only way to proceed. Additionally, let's make some buttons make you watch an ad without even informing the user, oh and there's no way to back out of the ad without closing and reopening the app, oh and also have ads in between gameplay too"
Very very worst game with lots of ad while playing. I have posted same review earlier it self, they replied me via mail they give a remedy to buy ad free version in play store. Very worst reply form the app management.
This is very nice game I love this game I am already like idle games so this is very nice game and here was not get mb this game
I recently updated this app and started getting full screen ads on my phone at random, even outside of the app while sitting on the home screen. I never opened Oil Tycoon since it updated yet my phone's task managers showed its process running almost every time I checked, and after force killing it. The full screen ads have stopped since I uninstalled so I am 95% sure this is the culprit. Very concerning behavior considering this game didn't require any specific permissions.
When I open application it will opened for 30-40 second after that it automatically redirect to home . Why it crash severel times
The ads are wow. Whoever their ad service is needs to cut down on the political ads. Between all the social media platforms, I've seen more political ads in this game than the rest combined. I play games to escape reality, not have it shoved in my face. No other game I play comes close to this. Disappointing because it could be a fun little game. Hopefully they address this.
Yes the ads are a bit much but from other games with ads on them this one seems like the most reward for your ads. I find myself zoneing out and just playing for a couple hours not that bad of a game honestly
The frequency of forced ads is unacceptable. I've drawn this conclusion after twenty minutes of play. Update: I removed ads by removing game. So much better now, thanks.
You are given an ad for simple actions, at random, and to make money. 10 minutes in and I've had enough. Make them optional, not forced.
Insane amount of 30 second ads. Ad after every move you make. Just to many ads for me. Cant really give review of game play because spent more time watching ads.
the game is really good but you should make so you can prestige more often i cant prestiege and i dont make enough to make any progress
This is good game and not as simple as it seems. There are plenty of goals and aims to achieve and always something to do. The only things I would see changed are the ads, you should have to confirm you want to watch one and the really annoying fly, this should leave the screen after a limited amount of time and straight away if you click no but it doesn't.
I said a reason that was good but this is a bad reason you put adds for everything and it is glitchy but you clearly never played the games I listed because one is a gold mining game and the other is easy to get oil in. So yeah also quit the forced adds they ruin the games. The response is dumb as the games I listed two games that are similar yet way way way way way better this game sucks there are too many adds and the people reading the reviews do not care about the people playing the game
The game is boring when u play on it for a few minutes u need to add more features if that is done I Could edit my comment to 5 stars overall it's a great game with great graphics and etc...
This game is pretty entertaining except for the fact seem to the moon base rig since it's access point keep going behind the main base button
its a fun game to pass time with but i wish i could pay to remove all adds like the video reward adds i am V.I.P i thourt the V.I.P would remove all adds
Nice game..but need more optimizing and better playing ideas like press button and machine work automatically... and thank you developers...
notifications saying "Your containers are full" or "come back for a reward" are blatant lies. This was a good game but now has too many adds.
I was enjoying it and I worked hard to save up for upgrades but it made me unable to get an upgrade already bought before with in game money and it wouldn't let me pay with in game money on one of the upgrades so you can't even buy the same upgrade twice. That sucks . I'm uninstalling.
My only issue is if you click out of the casino game on accident, you loose the money you won. I won 50k on roulette and I closed too early and lost the winning money.
It's fun to play but I just wish there was something that could automatically collect your gems when you are off line
Ads. Everywhere. Buy VIP for "no more ads".. ads are still everywhere. Speed up chest unlock timer, ad. Open the chest, ad. Bonus for each pump pull, ad. 3x the pull, ad. Automate pump pull, ad. Speed up auto pump pull, ad. And each of those last 5 minutes. So plan on spending 2.5 minutes every 5 minutes of play watching ads. On that one screen. After you pay for VIP.
If you like ads, you'll love this game! You can't do anything without watching an ad. Most ads are from 30 to 60 seconds long. Uninstalling now.
lost all my saved data due to having to change phones as my old one broke i was so for in the game now i have to start again so im not wasting my time on this game anymore
Verl cool game. Only one issue. The way I understand x2 income is it doubles your previous income. For example it goes from 1 to 2. From 2 to 4. From 4 to 8. From 8 to 16 and so on. This game adds 2. From 4 it went to 6. From 6 to 8. From 8 to 10. Which they would change that.
The advertisements are very disturbing in the game play and they cover the part of the game ... Which is very irritating
Good fun time waster, definitely one of the more in depth tycoons because you sell oil instead of just sitting there getting money.
worst start game ever doesn't show how to make money to upgrade all you do is pull a leaver repeatedly to produce oil get chest that takes an hour to unlock unless you watch many ads you are a dumb developer for this game is only for the money
Why is it that even up to today's update, if you buy the house and stuff with diamonds the first time, why you have to buy the again with diamonds instead of the in-game money, same goes for the researched pumps and barrels, it is as if the player got alzheimer and forgot everything he had after reseting each time.
This game does not work on my Samsung galaxy S10+ 512GB storage and 8GB MEMORY that I get is the start screen and then back to the desktop FOR 3 MONTHS ALL IT DOES IS CRASH.. Ok now on my tablet which is a SAMSUNG galaxy tab A I could play this game as yesterday and last night I did the Dumbest thing I bought the VIP and CRASH now I login game opens just fine but what ever you do just don't Touch the screen because yes CRASH and then you go back to your DESKTOP SO I MAY HAVE TO CANCEL MY ORDER
It's a nice time killer, and I don't mind the ads, but now I think I'm encountering a bug. It's not allowing me to watch ads for bonuses to oil barrels, cash, or rubies, and it's a bit of a hindrance for the way I usually play the game. I hope that this gets fixed, as it's a really fun game to me otherwise!
Great game it's fun and not boring. It's easy grinding money to buy stuff too plus there's an entertainment section. But I have one question how do I unlock the Accelerometer Pump in the game. Thank you
The plot is great but like 99.5% of most games 2 get any where it's play 2 play not as bad as other's ,I would give a 5 ☆ if you had an option 2 trade rubies 4 diamonds apart from that nice job LOVE 💘 it keep it up awesome guy's
This is such a good game I love it and it is so addicting, never gets boring for me and it could jeep me busy for hours. Would recommend to so many people
I was very happy with game but what I dont get is I just got my first double money basically I restarted and it said a google signin error so I deleted and redownload and now I have to restart from scratch it's like I never played I even signed in to my google account this will mark the second time I have restarted very disappointed plz get back to me with help or advice
Too many ads. Never seen a game with so many. If you want the autoclicker active for 5 minutes you have to watch 2ads of 30 seconds , and if you want a multiplyer on them , another 2 ads of 30 seconds. Seriously , review the game ads or the timer on them. I will uninstall it , although i like this kind of gamea
But there is one problem when we sell the oil we don't get the amount of money that we have the amount of oil well I rated it 5 star because of the gameplay graphics and make the workers do the oil thing I have may other games but this game is the one I love and this game idle success I am almost there to finish it I hope this game get's better rate
It's very slow to advance without advertisement bonuses. I found it just painful with my Adblock enabled. That said, it is fun.