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Oil Hunt

Oil Hunt for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PlayFlame located at PlayFlame Rakvere, L.Koidula 33 Estonia, 44018. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Had fun playing this game but since it's the same thing tapping, wishing the tube will reach the bottom, I eventually got bored. Earning new characters is quite hard. There's a bug that the oil percentage isn't moving up but get to unlock a new world. I also turned off my WiFi to avoid the ads cuz they just kept on coming every few minutes.
Okay, First of all, I have played this game before. But now, when I reinstall it, it's not letting me play. It's then kicking me out for no reason. I do enjoy the game, personally, but I wouldn't play it every single day. It's not that addicting. I am looking for games to kill time, so that's why I came back to the app to play. I could have rated it 3 stars, but I honestly couldn't find myself attached to the game. I'm sorry for the negative review.
Overall the game was interesting and i love it, but i hope u guys can fixed the LOADING part, taking so long time, and this make me annoyed with the game. I hope u can fixed it by asap .
Soooo yah.. Looks like a fun game, all the reviews say it is.. Too many bugs and stalling out.. can't even get it to start. Sorry gonna unistall. :(
total waste of time, it doesn't have any depth to the gameplay, only press the screen, if you are accurate you get some oil, if not return to the start and repeat...
Nice and a relaxing game but toooooooo many adds... plz what's the need of this much adds that we r not able to play the game..... very much time is wasted in adds and you can also not come back....I am uninstalling it
Well that sucks... Obviously you don't read everyone's feedback but I'll say it anyway... There are no upgrades on the pole to make it extend slower, so people can actually get a chance to get 100% Oil, nor is there any pole upgrades or different displays or anything... I played for 10 minutes, yes it's challenging, but probably too challenging for a beginner...
you would make it better by keeping different gates in different places and also by adding some powers to the characters. This would make your game hit
Addicting but too many ads. Every fail is followed by an ad and it gets very frustrating. But I see the potential of the game thus 4 stars.
okaay! so i downloaded the game yesterday. but i never got the chance to play it. it wont open. keeps on loading which never ends. many people complaing about ads in the game. i will feel glad to see an ad at this point! the freaking game is doing nothing but showing loading screen.
To many Ads. After game over there is one non skipable ad comes(24sec) after watching that ad it again ask to continue game watch another video ad. You should maintain right balance of fun and monetization.
i did a in-game purchase but i still get ads, this is not right, it even says no ads after making a purchase, also rhe restore purchases button doesn't work
So addictive. The graphics are on point and each time u go passed the oil it frustrates u but u still want to play again nd again nd again. Overall amazing game👌
This is a super cute game. I find it relaxing. It's like I get in that repetitive vibe &quickly found myself with more perfect hits than anything. Def a good way to occupy down time or just decompress.
really hard notvknow when to release exactly kind of annoying and too many ads its way too much also some of it are unavoidable. I don't recommend this at all.
really addictive, love it. It would seem I've clocked it though and on the last map it stops giving you a target percentage of oil to collect. need more levels please, fun game 😊
Great fun game for adults and kids! Easy to learn and control but still hard enuf to make u keep trying to get it right!!
Wish I could give the game 0 stars. Insanely dumb plot, graphics are bad and no matter how long or short I'd make the poll, it wouldn't work. Disappointed.
Extremely boring. Seemingly no change in gameplay, so if you like it when you start and see yourself doing that forever, this is the game for you.
game to good , addictive too. but the game is not opening in my mobile. since from installation i have played only once , the game was stucked in loading screen only. please solve my problem.
Game seem ok enough but WAY too much ads. And they were ridiculously long. By the second stage, i uninstalled. Sry
It was OK. It sure was a Fun game, and was a little addicting, not to mention good Graphics. But, The User Skins are a little Creepy and the Layout of the game is Glitchy. Buy Only if youre bored.
Annoying to say the least. Ads every 30/45 secs of playing? Even if you turn off your wifi! what is this?!? Is the ads imbedded in the games code??? Uninstalled as fast as i installed it. dissapointed
fun addicting game but there are way too many adds. I understand that's how the developers make their money but every time you "lose" you have to sit through a 30 second add.
Can't stand forced ads. If the game is good, I can take one forced ad maybe very fifteen minutes. This ad is mediocre, and it forces ads every two minutes.
very nice grapics. i like your able watch ad to continue playing of you miss instead of restart. but just suggestion..maybe you should make for every perfect hit someone gets a special token free.. so if they miss a pit they can use token option or ad to watch if they choose not to use token first.
this game dose not allow u to play. i install it it is successfully installed and begins to load and it loads up to play screen but then kicks me back to home screen of my phone. works great on my fiance's phone but won't on mine i have tried to uninstall and reinstall multiple times still the same issues
WAY to many adds! To frequent and too long! cool concept fun, easy quick game but impossible to play. Uninstalled after 20 minutes and 10 adds. Nope!
It doesn't load properly so i cant account play it but it has a good art style, so the real problem is being able to get in the game.
idea is good but lots of bugs. Oil percentage on main screen does not change automatically on game over. No option to remove annoying vibration on heaven oil drinking player unlock. No back button on tutorial screen. Takes too long to load.
Bad but interesting. Takes too much time to load. Almost 3 minutes. But once it starts running, it will keep you playing.
Had the game ages ago and used to work fine. Went to redownload it, now it just sits there on the loading screen and does nothing the whole time
Game wont even let me play. Crashes as soon as it starts. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall but it did the same thing. I was disappointed.
I don't think it's a good game it makes me feel offset every start up. It is fast at first but when it reach 90% the system stuck up. I don't recommend this game it's a waste of time and effort to download.
I like this game but it's a bit laggy in between switching to the other rig. But overall, it is quite a pleasant game.
Ads every 2-3 times you mess up is frustrating. Really only one mechanic: hold to elongate a pipe to reach oil. I got bored relatively quickly. Also, achievements dont work. Made it to the third level without getting one and the two with trackers still read 0 L of oil collected.
The game doesn't start which is a huge problem because I can't even play it so i can't sat if it's good or not, but honestly it looks fun haha 1 star lol