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OG West

OG West for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Blue Ultra Game Limited located at 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is going downhill fast so many bugs plus events no longer happen it's like the moderators have gotten bored and gave up on this game
Just love it. Yes you need to spend if you want to be powerful but you can still survive and have fun and develop without spending anything
Lots of game problems don't spend money on this game what ever you do . Each time we have a update you struggle to get into the game again not just me lots of people
1 * because I can even play the game as soon as I got done with it loading it would just turn off and go back to my home screen on my phone so I'm uninstalling it and never going to install it ever again because that's just stupid it sucks
This game is designed for pay to play people. The developers are greedy and money hungry. If you dont spend money, you cant possibly get strong enough to play. Too many unfair players in all states that bully and harass smaller players to the point that all servers are now dead. The only players left are the ones that have spent money to be strong and are basically ingame terrorists. Do what they want or get attacked all the time. Negative ratings are needed to accurately describe this game!!!!
Only giving 4 stars because i havent played longer than 45mins yet. Over all the game is very explanitory and easy to work your way around. The only issue i have is i cant seem to chat with my "gang"(clan). Im not sure if i need to be a certain level first, but i will figure that part out. Over all experience, so far, is 5 stars but only gave a 4 due to newness. Otherwise i would suggest this game to anyone!
It a pretty cool game. Alot of inner game functions. Allow you to team up with other gangstas over the web. Raid other towns and have shootouts 🤠
I love this game, everything runs smoothly and the developers and players are really friendly as well as helpful
It's a good game. I have enjoyed it so far. Had some issues when I first downloaded but have not any since then.
New to the game but so far so great!! Nice detail, story line, walkthrough and help guide. Indepth game not your shallow 2 minute run n gun. Kudos to the creators
The game is good but there's a bug and the character conversation keep's on repeating and it's not letting me close it.
Good game graphics not to good but story behind it makes since and the characters voices need to be not so cringy but all around good
Love the game, i would recommend this game for anyone who like likes strategy building games. Super addictive!
Really good game ...teleports are hard to come by but other then that ...I love this game and the graphics
Developers need to have more control over some tactics players use in the game. Many people quit due to those tactics
Developmenters are trying to kill off state 2 due to there errors merging all states into 1... lol contacting you is Worthless...Let me guess. You will send it to the developers. And they do nothing
The game reaches an obvious point where you need to throw down some $$$ to continue to be competitive. That is fine. I do not mind the P2W aspect a bit. However the inability to solve simple issues such as not being able to donate to my alliance I find unacceptable. If you are going to throw money into a game, do yourself a favor and throw it into a game who's developers have a clue as to what they are doing.
New November update breaks the login process on Android devices. If you cannot get back in game, download an .apk version 1.300.315 (September 2020) from a non-official website.
I would give 5 stars for the game in general. But take a look at the games your competing with, there is no Durability and such (basically limiting you to the amount of gathers and attacks). That's very stupid. Resources on dead accounts build fast unlike our own bases. So the need to farm/attack is mandatory to build up evenly without major delays/rss costs and wasting time. So other than that...the game is immaculate. PS: Make the game widescreen so there is more visibility please.
pretty good game,you would do well do download if interested in western and building games however I do think it could be more interactive maybe dating feature to more advanced...
Lost account's with the forced update . You get a response from the help email address , stating they will send it to the devs, but as per normal devs do nothing. This was my main account that I had spent money on. It is day 43 since the forced update Error / Bug and still no joy. Skip this game
only thing I don't like about this game is because it called OG west everything else is cool about it but the name doesn't fit it
Since new update can't do anything no events taken me back to my old account I don't want and now can't get back to the account I do want. I can't get in touch with you on facebook I'm not on it!
I feel like the mayor of this town with help from a finger. I tell you what it's fun to build and send gunners to do the heavy. Almost like the King of my little town.
you start playing and it's fun but then the toughest group comes out of know where and wipe you out then have to start all over now the creators say put up a shield but shield cost gold and gold cost real money I think the creators are the toughest group so you will spend money don't waste your time could of been a fun game
9/19/20 most of the glitches have been fixed. Hopefully the improvements will continue. And maybe an event or two.
The games was fun until... Pay to Bully and Bark orders unskilled, name stealing, children came in with lots of money. I watched Noobs & others get their butts kick before they even get to the fifth level, they all quit. And, Other players know you stoled a name they will make them suffer for it. Player's name or Guild name is their reputation, and not there for dumb people to steal their identity in the network games. Think for yourselves & stop stealing others names.There is other names!
January 27 update.... chat causes game to crash. Clicking account causes game to crash. Once again devs try to fix one thing and screw up 2 more
Avoid this game at all costs!!...it is dead and even the basics dont work. Devs have killed the game!..This company should be banned from Google Play.
It's a good game should add videos to get free loot or something like that and have a shooting contest to earn loot and other rewards also group challenges in the clans
after recieving a response from OG West developers all issues were quickly and fairly resolved! excellent service great people skills with all glitches fixed after reporting them! Great team to work with!!!!
Fun, addictive game. Always something to do to pass the time. Not pay-to-play, but a definite pay-to-win structure. Basically AMS with a wild west theme right now, but the game is young. Having more ways to customize your building layout is a plus. The recent addition of duels is a neat twist as well.
i like the game alot!, keeps me entertained and it helps to kill time.. if you into wild wicked west then i recommend this game
the price of packs are too high for what you get, plus there are multiple bugs the developers don't fix.
Just downloaded an started playing a little bit ago. But so far game is interesting with good graphics. I did like how game steps u through first few missions to help show us what to do and where its located. Also seems like this game will have alot of little side missions on top of main story line missions. Nice
Too many bugs in the game..... No matter how many times I buy gifts for babe they are not available to give it... I bought them with gold bars, won them by defeating wendell and also waiting for days and buy them from roses but they are not available to give them to babe. Frustrating, too much wastage of energy and time while playing this game
They say they fixed crashes but they did not. I can't even get 2 minutes of game play. I have restarted this game 15 times and I am DONE! It crashes even when I tried to complain about it. I will wait for a reply here before I throw this app out. Update soon!!! Too late, closes as soon as it opens! GOT RID OF IT! JUNK. And don't tell me it's my tablet because it's not. I play "ARMY MEN STRIKE" and I have NO ISSUES. FIX THE GAME.
I'm tired of games forcing me to build in certain areas or certain ways. I want a game where it says you can build this stuff and I have a choice where it goes. This gets a one-star because it's no better than all the other games that are identical to it.
If you allow the players to create our own characters (with various options), I'll give you 5 starts.
Don't give up on game. 1st make the game interesting. To invite new player. I saw that new player leave after completing the tutorial part because of boredom. This is a great game to be honest been playing this for year. Built for money player, yes pay to win. But dev gave chance to those who don't spend. They create the train for it. All I can say is this game need more competition. Make KILL Event open for all state. Every week. Orevery other week. For now what I do to help is give 5 star.
Another point & click game. If I wanted to play something like this I'd play Minecraft... & I don't play Minecraft. But at least I could control my character! These games are becoming WAY too common. The lazy persons game. Also, the art on the collectable characters ranges from cartoon, to basically an actual picture with really crappy art for the clothing. It's like they had MANY different people in character art concept building. Lol! Point & click, point & click, listen, click. Uninstalled...
i cannot login since u have done update all in chinease tried my goodle account dont work 2 years for nothing 5 nov update plz help me get my account back
copy paste of z girl with west theme, and the worst? copy the same an nothing bug that tell you there's building you can build but you can only pay real money to build it.
Lost all my accounts here I have 3 accounts and can only get 2 of them back. I am still waiting for my 3rd account to come back
Was 5 stars but now 1. If i could give 0 i would. The developers ignored the players ideas on how to make the game better. They killed them off by having kill events 2 weeks into a new state. Opening new states too soon and then merging them so nobody had a chance to grow. They have now abandoned the game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
It is a very fun game with cowboys setting and many more . 10/10 would recommend to anyone who just like west games or anime game .
Hey there. The game is pretty nice, although many things remain unclear. First of all, optimize the quantity of data, used to connect to the game. When I am loading the game, I can do everything, but nothing updates. I mean, I can send resources to power plant, and I am sure they were sent, but my game does not update it at all, and even though at some point most of the interfaces will load properly, these first things that I've done after loading the game - will remain non-updated. I hope you understand what I am saying. I am fixing this by going straight to world map after loading, and waiting until the middle coommand centre, or whatever is there, is loaded fully. That means I can play without faults. I believe there is a fairly large quantity of data that needs to be synchronised between server and my device, and while this process is not ended, my app sends the signal to the server but does not get any feedback. And it doesn't get any feedback for that function until I reload the game. That's the first thing. I have couple of more things to mention. Please write to me.
the dev are lazy!! this is a west game, but there are pics in reports showing helicopters and "monsters" that having sayings like zombies from another game. pathetic and lazy!!
Can't say the best mobile game, but it looks good to me. The producer has been working hard to make the game better and looking forward to it.
so far easy game to pick up. seems like all games of this genre. we will have to see what is to come in the following days.
Was loving the game until..... When i started trying to upgrade buildings i didn't have enough mats. ok that's fine. but it refuses to let me use resource boxes in my inventory even though I have plenty of space for them. this happened multiple times with diff. resources. outa the blue every now and then it finally worked, but not for long.
From my first experience, it was okey. I leveled up my buildings before getting out of the safe shield.... Then, BOOOM!! Money spending players come in with 300k+ attacking a lvl 7 base. Then why are peace shields so costly along with teleports.
There are the ones who must have 10 million power more than everyone else . maybe have a fair level cap or make it so big spenders cannot attack players much smaller untill they reach a resonable level .
It's addictive and fun. It has great graphics and I love the fact that you actually get to go against other players. Great gameplay.
I do not write reviews on games... but this game right here is so much fun. so much little details to it.. alot to it. I love you are free to place buildings where ever you choose. I like that the community can talk about a hero in game if he's good bad ect..I shall continue to help support this game please keep up the amazing work. I would be looking forward to apply for gm if the option becomes clear! thanks for the game!!
This is one of the best game i played, i really enjoy playing it. Thanks for making this amazing game.
Typical pay to win game. Doesn't have limits so it makes free players leave in droves. Cool concept though
It's good so far, no ridiculous demands eg resource to build ratio ....... so far like I said no need or want to spend money straight away to play
Wish i could pick negative stars. Game was stolen. I'm on my 1st day and they want me to purchase a pack for buildings and such that I need to move on properly. Nope. Goodbye
Played games that's similar to this game. But none of them can hold a candle to this game. OG West has a nice concept to it. Easy to play and easy to catch on. Great design and graphics are not bad. My opinion you should download the game. Period.
I played for awhile. It is identical to Last Shelter Survival, except with an old west theme. My problem with it is there were not enough new players being brought into the game, and there were only a few states to choose from. We were pretty much left with one big alliance in our state and no competition because there was no new blood coming in. The game got stale for me and I ended up uninstalling.
Read everyone's comments developers! We do contact you directly time and time again and still no fix, no direct reply, no compensation, no refunds. Yet you continue to take people's money knowing the game is seriously flawed for months now.
It's a great game, only just found it today. But it's highly addictive because its got great graphics and also amazing responses to gameplay.
the game is young but has a lot of potential. easy to play just takes time to build. great game to play and pass time. only concern is you really cant teleport at least for free when you join a gang leaving you pretty much all over the map. So far 5 stars from this player! awesome work! love it
Whats with all the updates that say fixed some bugs but noithing changes? Why does the devoloper pocket all the money instead of advertising the game? Why is there no events? I played the game for a year and disappointed that the developer changed his name 3 times and gave up on making the game full of people. Instead its been dying from 30 states down to 2. Wake up dev!!!
Spent a year or so playing the game only to wake up this morning and find all my progress gone, developer's don't care and seems like they've been trying to kill the game for some time now. Was a good game, not anymore, don't bother, complete waste of time.
a good pastime game, the tutorial at the beginning is a bit long and gets annoying. And it reminds me of a cowboy Farmville.
Not doing this purely for rewards, I genuinely enjoy this game and am very curious for updates on the future. Well done
You really dont need to play at all to enjoy this game, but you should to support it, it's really great !
If your looking for a Western game, your in store for one of the best.Jump right in and command a town,expand it,and kill enemy's.Pull up a chair and get ready for an adventure.
The game is fun, It is a pay to play game it's not free. In or to have certain buildings you must purchase them. When you make purchase of Gold hero's packs you chance of getting A Gold is 2%, purple 33% and others is 65%. Well I have yet to get a S1 or Gold hero from purchase. Customer service has already been reprimanded from Google and removed from Play store, once. If it was for the Devs it would be a great game.
Game is ok, devs update regularly but still lots of bugs, devs hit and miss replying to problems and not really helpful with responses...the packs are one of the most expensive ive seen in any game. The monthly pack needs to be at 1/10th of the price. Not even close to enticing people to spend lol. The game needs more events, State 3 has candieland coming but 4 weeks in and the games getting boring.
great story / building up a western town game. Cant wait to see what player that is way higher takes me out and I never play again. I'm really not into pvp, but if you like the west and playing pvp and building a base this game is for you. I wouldnt down rate a good game cuz of pvp. so it gets 5 stars from me
Devs have stopped responding to ingame messages/reports. Once was a great an fun time has been going downhill after the last month of no actual fixes. Game glitches/freezes. Chat freezes an have to reload the app to fix. Longer loading times now. Its like they don't care anymore. I've spent quite a bit on this game an now its just happening where they won't receive another dime from me. Be careful of pack misleading.
Did really like the game but since last Friday a update happened and most people in our state lost the chat and cant play the game right . Parts missing in the game and no fix no matter what you do to it . Don't waste money on the game i am level 21 but game thinks I am level 3 and no one seems to be able or want to help to fix it
Loved game till everything turned to japanese. After the last update when I open the app I get japanese logins so I can't get in the game
This game seems pretty cool good graphics seems fun haven't seen too many Western games like this and the music is great also like when the game speaks so you don't always have to read everything and gray color in the game the graphics are really good it seems like this game just keeps getting better and better
Best mobile game I've ever played. Everything is polished with updates and events happening all the time.
Love this game is well developed also like it when you meet new player's from around the world they help the gang get started and a great family and friends.
last weekend I upgraded the game.. it restarted me on a new when I went to switch over to my other accounts it imediatly bound the new game over my regular accounts.. now I have lost two of my main accounts because of the new upgrade.. the devs need to fix problems before they start adding new stuff to the game ..
Reinstalled on a new device and it bound my account to a new game rather than loading my original bound account. Lost all my progress.
Waste of time. Do not play. After several merges with older states it is impossible to defend yourself, even after I was the rank 1 player in state 30. You're constantly attacked by aggressive players and the only way to buy shields is to join trains and obtain gold and are attacked for joining trains. All my friends quit, I quit. New players are not welcome in this game.
fun game little slow in growth and slow march speeds attacking npcs. but Dev is very good in updating and fixing issues when notified.
I love the game and the graphics and the goals which you work towards..only thing is i have to buy a pack just to get large stables and not big on research ...other then that....really great game
Used to love playing this game. Since the last update, everything sucks. I have 2 accounts. Both have been bind. Two separate emails. Now can only log into 1, if I'm lucky. Thanks for ruining a good game. I don't know what yall were thinking with this update, but you just killed your app.
I like the game and the way it looks bit it's clear that it's far from done. My first couple of problems comes from heros, story, and texts in general. I think the texts should stay regional because I'm tired of reading and hearing texts that sound like they were auto translated from every language before it got to english. After the first three initial promotions of soldiers they all are the same. Except for the calvary because they only have one! That also stands with the heros too.
Game is ok, still buggy...devs started off ok but have already stopped replying to issues...once my issue has been resolved i will edit review. I won't be investing any more money until this is done. Edit: Funbucket Server 3 Europe. Edit Edit: Nevermind taken to long i've uninstalled.
DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME DONT PLAY THIS GAME YOU ONLY WIN IF YOU PAY .the cost of packs are really high, you dont get much in them. its a PAY TO PLAY game they just copied THE WEST GAME. Gathering times are ridiculously long and the events are boring. Really game needa alot more work and less pay to play features
Not getting credits for lvl up meetung hall,mine is not open lvl 15 meeting hall..not getting credit for ball and cup game..game has a few bugs that need attention...pls help
Lost access to my account a few days ago that I've got money tied up in game made me restart and no response from email sent to the developer and no access to in game support after update Edit: I have tried to contact you on all available channels ( Facebook, email, and ingame support) still have not had any response in several days.
I usally dont play these type games im a western fan i watched alot john wayne films with my uncle alot of times when i visited but this game its a hell lot harder others games like these u need lv ore,wood,metal or whatev in it so there easier and other don't have a emotion system to the faces effect what we earn i built a oil rig i supposed to get 6500 red face -6500 i get NOTHING in game money IS A MAJOR DOWNSIDE TO THE GAME u guys just r just GREEDY as hell i wouldn't recommend it at all
great game, semi time consuming if you want to get really stuck in but once you progress a little less so as things take longer to build/research so you can just pop in every now and again. keep an eye out for great deals on packages they often have them for under $2 DEVS are active and game is constantly improved and tuned. many rewards are given away each day and they're not stingey on handing out game gold you can even gather it with your gang. this review is not a paid promotion lol.
kill off state 2 due to there errors merging all states into 1... lol contacting you is Worthless...Let me guess. You will send it to the developers. And they do nothing.... Is it safe to spend money on the game now ???
Its like playing zeus but with an old west feel to it. The dialouge is on point, its not corny or over the top. The game mechanics are clear and easy to follow.
Super addicting and cool. Always works for me; plus the updates are good. All around a well-done game!
Game could be great, but there are so many bugs, barely any players in most servers, no new events and contacting support is a waste of time as they do not respond. Also the in game purchase package descriptions are often misleading and you will not get what the description said. I would demand a refund for my money spent but as I said, support will not reply.
dont download this game dev keeps messing with everything theyll lock you outta your accout or change something mid game or during a kill event and customer service dont even respond to glitchs or bugs now so total waste of money and a free to play game.
After being completely devastated back to back by players who are way beyond my level, and having to attempt to rebuild the weeks if not months of progress I've made I have decided this game is not worth playing. High level players prey on beginners, making the game impossible to advance in. Doesn't take long till they completely stop your progress unless you buy very expensive subscriptions or packages. The game becomes unplayable after just a few hours.
I'm new to this game I'm at level 5 right now. Some graphics are good. The gun fight I'm still getting used to it the pistol is in different places so beware of that . The alliance has been good so far.
This could be a really good game if thought had gone into the way players interact. Unfortunately, it is going the same way as many other apps. One group gets strong and relentlessly attack everyone else, regardless of whether they have been attacked. You are left unable to build, research or develop heroes. The heroes you do develop are kidnapped in raids and effectively gone as you cant revive if they are not dead, unless of course you buy a potion. No auto shield for attacked towns.
its good so far but please change to where you can put the phone to the side youll be able to see alot more
Game has gone down hill of late. Members are all quiting. They need something to bring new players and also keep long time players interested. In app purchases are not worth the gains promised. I did enjoy the game when we had events. The social aspect is good.
Fun and time consuming so far, but still fun. Graphics are pretty good and the game play is a little different from other games like it.
Great game, needs tweaking on the gang help button, shouldn't have to swap screens everytime you help gang members, but all around a great game
So many bugs with this game. And what happened to your game Zgirls 2? The email address connected with it doesn't even exist. You guys are bad developers
This game is great to play to pass the time and have been wait for a game like this to come out thanks guys defo download this if you like building games 5 stars from me
Very much unrivaled character or tough RPG game. Not as much. Developers, make it a priority model. Don't be bummed. Pay your dues. Cya Drew M
This is the second time the game developers have abandoned the game. They do not reply to in game or direct email messages. It has been a very long time since they started any events in the game. Many players have quit due to the lack of support. The last time they abandoned the game they only came back after it was removed from the app store. They then sent a rude message to the players about reporting them. 7/15/20 Update: The developers still haven't responded to ANYONE. Game is dead.
I love these games this is just like Rise of Empires and Last Shelter Survival, i definitely will enjoy this game, dont listen to the negative comments i HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who wants a GREAT strategy game! ❤😎
There needs to be more ways to get hero medals except paying money on the monthly hero development pack, i have run out and i won't be spending £22.49 per month, its ridiculous...i will give it a week to see if anything changes if not the p2w will be to far infront and i will quit. Sort it out your killing your game. I am torn leaving a bad review as state 3 is in desperate need of players and don't want to put people off, but changes need to be made.
Updated last night loads people can't get into game just before ke event also and I don't have Facebook installed so that's not the prob at all . If not fixed before latter today all the work in tje game i have done will be a loss
How do I load my bound account on a new device ( phone upgrade) no option in the account settings. Am I really forced to restart. What's the point of binding an account if you cannot load it.. anybody?
After spending countless hours (and money) into this game, I'm done. Gangs are exclusive I was in a great gang for a while then they merged. I would try to ask questions because there is a lot in this game to learn that they dont teach you in their "guide". The gang didnt help me with the questions I had. I tried to use their search for resources but everytime I would "farm" out a spot the game mechanic suggested it would be someones own personal farm and then the gang would be pissed at me at kick me out... WTH!!! The system is broken, there's so much that needs fixed and I get it, its a work in progress but COME ON, do a better job at explaining the rules, create a better guide and explain things in more detail. Unless you're already established in this game or have a decent gang to hook up with dont bother with this title.
This is a game I can get behind. It's been a while since the last time I played a game online It's fun and addictive. Great game.
Would be nice to have app developers show actual game play in there ads. This game is a carbon copy of a 1000 other games out there. Very disappointing.
After months of devs being mia, the bugs are getting ridiculous they try to fix one and 2 more show up. Been waiting on a bug fix so that as r5 i can rank my gang members for over 2 months now. Can't make pyroxene to upgrade the few buildings I have left to upgrade, and battle speed buffs haven't worked in months
The game itself is great, but if a whole gang got a called worthless that needs to get leave a state, just because these money'spenders have an issue with 1 single person in an alliance. Than I can give no good rating. We are all humans from places around the world with our own mentality and cultural differences. it's only a waste of time if almost 100 f2p quit just because 1 person with money don't like the leader of the Alliance these f2p had.
I stopped playing recently. It just got boring and even though I tried to build up everything, higher level players would just come a take what they wanted. Very much a pay to win.
Lazy programming! They seem to have copy and pasted from another game(Zgirls). Some dialog are either translated poorly to english or still remain from zgirls talking about brains and zombie related stuff. There is a lot of pictures from zgirls remaining in this game. You seemingly get nothing for multiples of the same characters. However I gave it a few stars for makeing some of their characters look like Hollywood stars from western movies.
So far I am loving this game. It's your classic MMO type game. You build your base, upgrade things, train troops and gain power to become stronger. I am loving my experience! If your looking for something fun to play in your spare time or are an agressive mobile player I would go as far as to say that this game is for you.
this game blatantly stole the picture of their icon from the game Hunt Showdown, which i might add is a far superior game than this mobile garbage
Just another reskin of so many other games like this besides it should be a red flag for you if a developer uses false advertising and/or doesnt have any ACTUAL gameplay up for their ads or screenshots. Also just like others have said this game is strictly pay 2 win if you want to do anything then you gotta pay or else your time is just being a farm for someone with a bigger wallet. It's why I stop playing these games
Was fun and i gave it a top review. But the more i played i started to be targeted by someone with a higher rank every single day! It got to the point i could no longer play since i was always low on supplies. So yeah the game is fun but the people are trash. Hope they fix this, cause i refuse to play such qn unfair game where higher ranks bully the newbies.
Best game i have played in a long time. I love that its an old Western Style game, and i would definitely recommend it.
so far fairly cheesy dialogue and the female characters are ridiculous...but that makes this building game fun. total escapism! I'm goin' in for more
Very fun and engaging. Devs engage with community freely, and answer even the smallest questions. Really good interaction with company and gameplay is great.
I can't get into game since update I have contacted via facebook which they told me to go to the support banner, I did that too but still not fixed.
Really glitchy. After less than a day my chat window disappeared, my babe option disappeared from the meeting Hall, and a drop down menu stopped working.
Okay so far. Been playing for 5 minutes. Wish the rating would of been after I've been playing for awhile.
You get a response from the help email address , stating they will send it to the devs, but as per normal devs do nothing. This was my main account that I had spent money on. It is day 91 since the forced update Error / Bug and still no joy . Now day 107... Still nothing from dev team that error/Bug was sent to. Day 125 now , day 131 ..still nothing. Day 140 now.. Cannot Load Bound Account after updates.. Skip this game.
The game is great but i think there needs to be new regions but not just where the president can live like maybe swamps, snowy mountains, forests and things like that. also i heard a automatic rifle shooting so maybe you could remove that? thanks. Edit:no i don't really want you to delete it, but maybe you can make it better? also im not the leader of your company i mean i don't know what your talking about, that is all i have to say...
This is such an obvious reskin of Zgirls 3. It's so obvious it hurts. Every single aspect or gameplay mechanic is just Zgirls 3 dressed up to look like a western game. And you know what confirmed it? The oil. When you tap the oil icon and a small info box pops up, it says "electricity" and shows a lightning bolt! The exact same symbol and currency name as in Zgirls. You couldn't even hide your game stealing that well. How ironic that you have OG in the name of your game when it's anything but.
Dead server. Noone talks in state chat at all. This is not a fun game at all. I have held out hope that these developers would actually do something to revive the server but the have not. There is 1 player who showed up over night and wiped everyone out and the server went silent. There is no clear way to defend yourself in this game. The game would be great if the developers were not so lazy. I made many attempts to contact developers and they do not respond.
I enjoy this game it's so addictive and i really love the west art style of the games. The gameplay and story is great too.
AWESOME game for troll & bully whales! If your idea of a good time is to be able to taunt & terrorize other players non-stop and constantly beat up smaller players in younger kingdoms, then look no further! This is the game for you! The only real problem is that the kingdoms (States) die off quickly. I wish they would slow down opening States so the new States would have time to fill up more. Hahaha new States can not even gain control of their own thrones. Never been a better game to be a bully
A lot of fun, except you shouldn't allow people to hit no more then 2 lvl's above or below their rank. To allow people to grow their town
Developers run off.... no events anymore update they are back and slowly improving I am.told.the new update does not work? Do you not test? Shame because this is a good game in many ways.
I haven't played this game since the devs broke it nearly a year ago...but I still check the reviews every once in a while just to check if the google police have closed the app and refunded people's money...I know people that spent thousands on this game. I have seen the game change devs get pulled from the play store multiple times. I have no idea how these crooks have gotten away with it for this long.
Well I was a 5 star review, until the 12/12/19 update. No longer able to get into the game. Profile fails to load. I am one of the many who spent money on the game and now unable to work on events I have paid to play as cant login. In game support rarely gets any response. Email about current issue has gone unanswered. Couple days is enough for me to move on to the next game in play store.
I absolutely love this game but for some odd reason I just updated today 09/9/20 and it's in Chinese and it made me start over please I've gotten way too far to start over so please fix all bugs and kick all hackers out.
Its is diff than any other game like this ive played it has my attention when i play not just play for a day and delete i see myself playing this game an maybe even spend $ which i dont do unless i like and play the game which i have to be able to progress in the game not be tapped out on progressing
REVIEWS ARE FAKE! Majority of the reviews for this game have been done with a bot, alot of them say the same thing word for word. Just another poorly made cash grab.
Changed my LOVE IT review to, This is not good at all. Developers have stopped responding to concerns yet we all got an update today that has crippled our accounts. I will report this to the APP store and I will come after every dime I've invested so they could just frustrate us and make us delete and go away. Please fix this issue ASAP to avoid a class action!
Good for a new game,but there are more thinks need to get improvement,btw where is the place that i can give a feedback or advice?
OG West is a fun and challenging game. The story line is interesting, the strategy and game play are great. The graphics are excellent. I enjoy the old west theme. Try it, you will like, too.
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I normally don't like SLG games, but this game is different. It challenges the mind and keeps you thinking and strategizing. GREAT game.
Very entertaining it was until new update. I wasted alot of money on this game and when I have a problem they never mail back. Use to rate 5* but now it's not good.