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Office Lover : Otome dating sim

Office Lover : Otome dating sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by OKKO located at 〒167-0043 東京都杉並区松庵3-40-9西荻窪駅前永谷ビル2F . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I want to say I like this game but I haven't even had the chance to get past the first page. I can click everything except the button to start the story :(
This game is such a pain in the *ss🤧 I just installed it and I tried to play it but it only shows a purple wallpaper and a loading signal.........😖😖 I really hate it 👎 I hope they fix it bcoz I was really determined to play it.....
I really like the story line so far.. Though, I don't like that you only get a few tickets and usually it leaves you hanging.. it's not to much of a problem but it's annoying sometimes
Please help me. 😭 I've installed and reinstalled the app many times but I can't seem to get past the loading stage 🥺 I was soooooo pumped up for it. I'm soooooo disappointed. 🤧 What a waste of data😓
Downloaded, then shortly after downloaded update- now I cannot get past the initial screen. I try to continue in but it doesn't do anything, not even give me an error code or failed connection message. I also try to log in thru Facebook and it allows me to input login info but instead of logging me in I get an error message and the app closes out. please fix!!! I love these games!!
My first Otome game turned shallow. Do we seriously need to pay for everything? if I remember correctly the old progression system was with tickets that would reset in the morning every day, correct me if I'm wrong on that. I'm saddened to see this new system and I was really looking forward into rereading Omi`s route. Why did you do this? Okko? : (
The game and story are fun, but the hearts never refill. I'll watch a video to get 30 hearts, but gets me through like 5 pieces of dialogue.
I was excited to play this game, but like otjers have said it stays on an endless loop at the loading screen and doesn't go any further than that. I'm disappointed because I really eanted to play it. It would be nice if the developer fixed this.
I love the story so far, but I recently purchased a secret story in chapter five and now I can not advance to read it or any thing further it keeps telling me there is a sever error and the app closes. I have emailed customer service twice now and have not gotten a response. If this issue is not fixed I'll have to uninstall. I will change my review if the issue gets resolved soon. My user ID is mw10houvli7f.
I love the game, but I HATE having to wait for my hearts to come back because I don't have money to pay for more hearts.
i think that this app is very good but i think ill wouldve loved it even more if u can read more and not like the 500 hearts that go away really fast. and i would also liked it that if we watch the adds we would get about 100 hearts and not 30. im only sayig this because u have to see a lot of adds to get a lot of hearts.
It's really nice I really appreciate it but It sometime cause problem in my phone and I had to restart my phone I had this at least 3 times a day.
Hey, I don't know why i can't save my account and I wasn't even able to play chapter 1 i several times tried but i can't play please fix my problem
This was actually my first ever otome game, played in about 8 years ago, more or less. I actually have finished all of the routes, and I'm truly in love with Shiraishi. I was so disappointed when I re-download this, and the gameplay is very different :( I just want to play with my old account in the old application :( I even paid for the Christmas special Shiraishi event :(((( I'm so sad I can't replay it because the system changed so drastically, like they only care about money now :(
I couldn't even get past the menu no matter how hard I tried. I don't recommend. I love otome games so I was especially excited when I found an office love otome but I was quickly disappointed.
It a good story I know this because I had this app before but it not working when I try to download it again but the farest I get is the continue button I can press every thing else but that.
It's not very impressive.😕 More like honey magazine. 🥰If you made any kind of game, make like honey magazine.😀 That's my suggestion.🧐
Cool game. Something about the tapping to get to the next dialog sometimes a bother. Not sure if this is a glitch or a part of the game control. Either nice story so far.
its awsome and the writting really brings out the situation in detail and its awsome but the back ground is white with a red question mark in the middle on the background on my phone i dont know if this is normal but i hope theres a explanation.
Why the update make the game become worse!!!!!!! Currently I'm play the Kagaya route of chapter 8, it loading and I cannot played it at all. And if I having low internet, the game loading make me to wait like 1 hour or maybe cannot opened it at all. I hope you can fixed that, I love the story line. It so good, but the game it so suck!!!!!!
This is a perfect app for me, the character 's have great features and the graphics are pretty well done I think this is a great app.
Your apps were the first I came across that made me fall in love with these games. That was over 5 years ago. I just came back to download sweet scandal and sweet scandal returns only to find they no longer exist. Please, bring the classics back ❤
I'm having problems with the story hearts for 2 days now and earlier I received 1000 hearts but when I pressed accept it didn't reflect on my account and still can't continue reading the story.please fix it.
I really am enjoying this romance story. The texts are very long. You can read a lot every day. And I also like very much that there are many times you have to choose between options to continue the story. I hope the romance doesn't go too far because I like sweet and innocent romances.
Still no update to make this one actually work, but they have shut down all their other games in favor of their Honey Magazine app (which is great and works perfectly fine) and this one which I haven't been able to get working at all. They seem to be fully focused on Honey Magazine and transitioning the stories from the shut down games to that one, so is there even going to be a fix for this one? I keep checking back because I miss those other games, but so far no update.
Rental BF and Sweet Scandal were the first otome games I've played, but seeing both of them down, including this and Decoding Desire being put down for your Honey Magazine is dissapointing to see. As much as I support OKKO, I still do wish to make the games to be separate since I preferred the previous game system. :/
I would've played this. I have no problem with the story or choices, the characters are interesting but I CAN'T play a game with just 500 words per day.. It would just take TOO long. And I usually have a lot of patience for otome games but this is just two short with too long of a chapter so I'm dropping it. Nice story though. Shame.
DAILY HEARTS NOT RESTORED... ADDRESS THIS ISSUE.. i had to uninstall and reinstall the game but still after 2 days same problem was there and i cant read further story
I love the story of this game but I am not able to connect to my FB I'd , I don't know why but some error is coming continuously . Another thing the background of this game fully black some times some people picture will show up but it's really irritating and boring so plz add some pic so, it would be more interesting.
the game itself is very fun I only have one problem you run out of hearts way too quickly it takes a whole day before you get any back if this changes I will give you five stars
Tbh, there still have some problems in the game sometime but when I ask for help it comes very fast and good, I'm touched. and I like the story of the game, Thanks and keep it up for better.
I played this game years ago and wanted to finish Omi's route. But for some reason it wont let me press continue......? please fix it.
I love this game but it hasnt been working for maybe about a month. Who would i get a hold of to report this glitch too.
I played this game once before, but when I downloaded it to play it again, I can not get past the "continue" screen, I can click everything except continue. I also feel like there is a button or 2 not showing on my screen. Moto G7 Power. Please fix.
Everything b is fine but the free videos doesn't work sometimes and in the third chapter I had reached half way through the game when it completely freezed and I couldn't read anymore. It was just loading. I had to replay the chapter again. It was so annoying. If the issues like these can be resolved then the experience of the game could be better I feel.
it's pretty fun but; I hate that you have to wait until your hearts restore cause I don't have money but it's interesting and I really like this game so yes and I like how you pick your boss and I love the game overall so yeah.
Its a pretty flirtatious game...though i injoyed most of it. But to be honest you guys did a great job...thanks for the game.
I played this game a few years ago. the set up for the other romance games are different, I much prefer this one. The graphics are really good to. The only draw back to this game so far is that it is predictable. sometimes you want the surprise or the happy ending out of no where. Can we please have a woman color in a game, the milky white skinned heroine that turning red embrassed thing is played out on all these romances thanks. It breaks up the white is right thing, and it gives diversit
really enjoying the game. however, there was a problem with claiming the gift energy. it didnt get added. i also tried saving the game and had to restart the game but now on very low energy. i wish energy could be won through certain choices and also that some hidden scenes can be viewed on merit.
I love the game but my hearts are not coming back when they are supposed to so please fix this caz I dont want to delete the game i'm enjoying the game very much
So this game is a begining of a girl then u name her and meet lots of hot,strong guys (only 3 guys)But this game is good!🙉
I've played this game a while back and wanted to try it again, but i could only get up to character selection when the app would not load the story for me at all, and just exited out of the game. More than once
this game is pretty cool but i wish that the hearts would last longer but besides that its a pretty decent game 😸😸
So far I've only played through Kagaya's route and it's nice... .the plot is quite captivating and the characters all have their charm. However, I'm not entirely happy with the app system and the fact you need to wait 24 hours or more to see your hearts restored. 500 hearts are not that much and even if you can watch a couple ads to gain some more, those go fast with a few clicks. I would reduce the waiting time, for starters... and eventually add more ads to gain hearts.
great but there should be a recharge of 1000 hearts not only 500. but it is really getting into my interest
i loved reading this book but now its not working at all im really upset i dont wabt to uninstall because i dont wabt to lose my progress
I cannot get past the continue screen to start the story. Please fix this. Update: It still does not allow me pass the continue screen to read the story. Whatever you guys did, you really suck at it.
I loved this games because I could ay Omis story over and over again. But no I cannot even start. I select him and tap on "continue" but nothing happens. Everything else works totally fine. It would be nice if this can be fixed.
I LOVE the story. However I'm not a big fan of paying for the special routs. There are other ways of making money that you could implement. ALSO there's a delay when clicking to continue while in the storyline
I love the game I really do but the thing is my heart why can't you just give me 1000 hearts. if you do that then tell me
has updated the app but when i tapped continue the story, it couldnt be loaded at all. I've tried to restart the app, but it seemed not to be working.. Kindly advise please
I was very much excited about this game. But when I tried to play there was only a purpal display and loading signal.It's really very decapointing... Plz improve the app.
I absolutely hate this new update. I can't even choose a character. Nor transfer my data. I wouldn't of given this even 1 star. but i had to put something. If you're gonna do this to all your games, then Im gonna give you a negative review on every single one of them.
I gave this 3 stars because its a nice storyline and interesting characters. However, i want to enjoy these qualities but the hearts finish so fast and it takes a very long time to revover them. Can u pls give give us more time to read the story like probrably make it run out every two chapters or make the time line to recover the hearts 20 mins. I think this will give the readers joy. Thank you and I really hope u can look over this.
I give it four stars because u need to have hearts to keep on going and I JUST WANT TOO KEEP ON GOING!!!!!
I played this years ago (maybe 7). Went only one route because I got busy afterwards but it was really fun. Sad that it can't be played anymore.
I'm loving the story and I am super grateful it's free now but it take too long too read u run out of hearts way too fast
Appreciate the idea. Started 2 of these types of games on the same day so that I could compare them. In the other game, even with all the "tedious missions", am starting on chapter 8. In this game, even with watching ads twice per day for extra hearts (why is there a limit on that? And why is the limit so low?!) am still in chapter 2. Story seems very mild and tends to cut off in middle of conversations. Poor quality of normal route makes me doubt that hidden scenes are worth buying. Uninstalled
This game still does not work for me. I made a review saying the same thing last year and yet no one replied telling what to do! It's upsetting that I can't even play the game now so yeah thanks for no help!
i am enjoying the game but im also very frustrated bc i dont have money to put on it so the secret scenes i cant unlock and it upsets me. . katy
I hate the update, i cant even read it because it takes 30 hearta to read. I like the old system better, where you could read a whole chapter on one ticket. Ive had the game for 2weeks and im still on chapter 2. Whyyy did you update it like this? 😒
OMG, I hated it, I couldn't even read!!, okay so it didn't show me the whole entire thing. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Listen to my advice. And when I pressed continue, nothing happened, and I allowed everything and still, it didn't work. So let me just tell you, it's just a waste of space.
I really enjoy the game. And the customer service is fantastic. I had an issue with getting my daily hearts and i received a response on the same day from support with a resolution. Really great! Would recommend!
I love this game alot, it's just that it's been days since they said they would fix the hearts restoring problem and they still haven't. I don't want to undownload but I may soon. edit: its still been months and absoultily nothing has happened to fix their problem. very disappointing tbh
I was really excited to play this game only to find out I couldn't because the game would not fully load, staying at a purple screen with the loading symbol. I thought my phone was the problem but it seems to be the game itself. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME!
The game it self is very interesting and because I miss playing it again I decided to install the game but for some reason it just don't open its an endless loading.... 😭Please fix this problem its kinda annoying 🙄, why is still not for Android? Only for ios is not fair!!!!!