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【Office Lover 2】dating games

【Office Lover 2】dating games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by OKKO located at 〒167-0043 東京都杉並区松庵3-40-9西荻窪駅前永谷ビル2F . The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Finally I have finished all the characters it was really enjoyable and interesting I didn't have any problems with the game but I rate it 4 star only because when it arrived at the romantic part I expected to get a least a little more of romance and go in detail But in all it was good
the only reson that i didnt give this app a 5 is cuse when you get the plutinums 4 free they didnt come to me i did every thing i was ment to but ot still didnt come. so i wited even after that i didnt get the plutinums so i cant get the thing that i really needed to get the cgs rout.
I give this game 5 stars because I have been playing okko's games for years. I'm extremely hurt because of the sudden closure of the games. when I was playing office lover 1 it was suddenly closed and I lost all my data. now that the others are getting closed I think I'm done playing okko's sweet romance games. it really hurts to know that the games won't be the same even if they were to make a rerun.
Sorry but I'm quite dissapointed in OKKO. Some items I spend so much time to earn and finally get it, and some item (like hair and dresses) I bought it with money from the event story, and now you just decided to change it all to Honey Magazine and just like that my effort in 4 years were all in vain. Before it was only Decoding Desire and Royal Midnight Kiss, when I receieve notif from Office Lover 2, Sweet Scandal Returns and My Sweet Proposal my heart broke to pieces.
Invite code:7zdjTu. I have to say office lover1 was good, but this one is truly AMAZING! I'm currently in the yamagata route and I love how he is playing a game. Usually you'd have to wait forever for the two main characters to kiss....But not in this route. If you read this route, you'd see how yamagata is playing a game with your character. And later on you two might just fall in love with each other.😍😩💯
Ok this rpg is awesome. But I'm going to be real bout the whole invitation code thing... we put these up here in the hopes that one of y'all sees it and uses it to say "hey I know this person" we get free stuff and you get a new app on your phone... that is all we know... you may potentially get things for using our codes but No one can ever be sure... use mine if you want... I don't need the free stuff, but if you are curious or just want to be generous here... xPEMKZ... have at it y'all.
I'm love this game and am greatly enjoying it. I love the avatar, the clothing and accessories you can from your avatar, the characters, their stories, the events, everything. My only real complaint here is I really wish you'd make these damn games SD card compatible. Other than that I have no real problems with your games. Anyways here's my code mzPBrr please feel more than welcome to use it and thank you!😂
I LOVE this GAME! The stories Very CUTE! Now Playing "Ritsu Tachibana's ROOT." And I must say- I L.O.V.E how they made his ROOT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You should Play HIM!. Btw! For those whom are new players of this game - And you don't know where to put the code. Go to "My PAGE". Scroll down.. till you find "input Invitation Code." And PLEASE! USE MY CODE: [ xWR2hr ]. And have fun Playing!.. 😋😉 Sorry for my English. I'm not really good at that language. 😀😁
I think this app is the best game ive played out of any other otome games. I get relly excited when i have to play this game. The best route there is the the whole game would be kakerus because he takes actions right in the start of the whole route and kisses us knowing our feelings for him.
Love this game and the storyline is good. Great plot and some characters are interesting. However the mc is so helpless and clueless
I like this game a lot, is not the usual soap opera you find in games such as Episodes etc. I find every story enjoyable and i already finished Kakeru's and Yuusuke's routs, which are so...unexpected. Currently im on Ritsu's and i am already surprised by the first 3 chapters. The con with this game is that if you lose one answer, you lose all the special scenarios (or gain it if you pay real money or make platinum). Over all my character is cute, the stories are great and everyday login gift.
My invitation code: heQ3FC. Please put this in and receive your gifts. Hope you enjoy :). This is really an awesome game. Although if you don't clear the gacha and receive the rare item at the end of the story, but still, the game's AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME! I absolutely live the storyline of each and every character. But I gotta say, Kakeru and Tachibana routes are the boldest and best!!! They're just amazing! Hats off Okko production. Keep up the great work and bring us more games like this. Thank you 😍😍😍❤❤❤
I thought that the game's icon is nice so maybe the game would be better. But it is not how it looks like
Absolutely love it!!! This is my all time favorite game, so it is that much shocking that this game will not be available anymore. I am so heartbroken that I can't even explain. Anyhow, it was a wonderful journey. And I'll look forward to OKKO's future games.
I mostly love everything in this game, except grammar.. characther so cute.. I'm on tachibana route now, oh don't forget to invite my code : VDZnNf, you gotta enter it in the beginning at tutorial mode.. we'll both get cute avatar and other prizes...
Please don't cancel this app. I really loved it and I wish to keep this with me throughout my life. Please grant my wish.
Disappointed, your bug fixes just deleted all my work in game, all friends and set me back to square one, like I haven't been playing for months. Its done the same on my sweet proposal and sweet scandal 2 as well. Your games are great, but your bug fixes leave much to be desired. : /
this game is very addicting actually and it provide great story and graphics as well as the special events that you will really look into.
always been my fave, one of the first otome I enjoyed playing until now. lots of good event and cute avatars
How to get prize. Go to MY PAGE. Scroll down. Input invitecode. Place my code (please?) And voilà. This is my first Otome game and I must say I'm OBSESSED. I have downloaded other games just like these after it but I think this had by far the best and most amazing storyline. Highly recommended.
I did not like that the MC is judged on her appearance & has to change herself to fit in. She is so insecure all the time about herself and her relationships. She is not honest with her own feelings and does not speak her mind. I believe that if one does not embrace oneself as they are, the foundation of love is then not built on mutual respect and admiration, both of which are very important to me. I am sorry, but I will not play this game anymore once I finish the current route.
My invite code: iRAqdn - please use it to get rewards for both of us! I love the graphics, various characters and the stories. By no means childish, the plot has me on edge all the time, and not only while playing, but also in between getting story tickets restored, dreaming and imagining how things would turn out later. A real treat and pleasure for overly-romantic me!