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Office Jerk

Office Jerk for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Fluik located at 5375 - 75 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's been so long since I played this game nd it's good to be back. Oh and I hoping you guys could make the game more better by making the graphics look different meaning more He and not pixel if that makes any sense at all
This game is very interesting and you can play it when you are stressed like for example if your teacher gives your homework and you completed it but you didn't want to complete it you can play this game because you can throw things at the Office Jerk so it's a really fun game
Ok but need too many coins for each new items, takes way too long to get coins. Also would be cool to modify the Jerk's looks ;).
This application is a true Classic on the Kindle. I've played it a long time ago and it's nice to come back for Nostalgia sake.
The graphics are horrible! The game is just boring and EVERYTHING costs money 😑 the amount of ads is just stupid! If I could I would rate this zero stars this game is dumb hate it hate it hate it! Do not download DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun. Its. Good time killer and can help you get out some of that anger issues one may have. Also it was an awesome game back in 2005? I think that year. But yeah
I meannn its a cute funny game i laughed a bit needs better quality and differwnt areas an stuff thoo.. long to get coins.. -.- also hate ads coming when tryna play plus takes ages for animations!
It's not nice to throw stuff at people in real life on purpose. But, this app makes me laugh when I do it in here though because of what the guy sounds like when he says, OW, when I throw stuff at him, because, he just says is like "EOWW", that kind of sounds like British accent! Sometimes he says, "OW" in British accent! Which is funny, HA HA!
If I could rate this 0 stars, I would. Before downloading this app my phone was completely normal. But after installing it I played for a while then just uninstalled it. Now even if I am in my home screen I get ads like they are so desperate for money that they put ads all over you and don't even improve the game. These so called "developers" are just a bunch of people who cares about money and not its customers. It was a good game before, now I'm dissapointed. Money really can make people blind
I played this ALL the time as a kid and my brothers and I decided to revisit it. Nothing changed and it's still the same old graphics which makes me love it more. Brought back fun memories
I've had this game for a couple of years now and enjoyed it. But that you have put the ads after you change a throw item, It's just gotten irritating. Im sick of being force fed ads. It was cool when there was a lil ad in the corner but now? Not so much fun .
Extremely good game!!! I beat it and won everything back when i was just 7. I'm 13 now but every once in a while, I'll play this. PERFECT GAME
Did like it until an up date added so many ads it is not worth playing. Also it takes forever to get money to continue playing.
Sucks that only on android you have to work harder to get coins! Not only that on iphone you get more items than android!! Very dissapointing should be the same for both devices.
Certainly a beautiful classic. And, dare I say, borderline nostalgic. I remember downloading this game on my first iPod and absolutely LOSING it when certain objects were thrown.
My Brother introduced this game to me when I was much younger and I just remembered it and how much fun I had playing it. I know it's rude to throw things at people irl but this is just a video game. Also, I don't like it as much as I used to. I find it stupid.
Nostalgic, but it hasn't been touched in years. The graphics are outdated and the progression is really restrictive
I want to like it but it takes ages to get any coins and the coin offers are a complete scam Unless this gets fixed my opinion stays
It's a nice time waster, my only issue is that some of the items that you could get from other games(like the plunger) dont seem to be available anymore
I just want see more to this beautiful game, I used to play lot. But no changes to the game, like more items to trow at him, or something similar to it. #coolgame.
It's all ads. After every throw. Disabling data to avoid them just crashes the game. I'm fine with ads but after every throw is a bit much. I'm not expecting much. It's a silly game but c'mon.
This game has been my favorite since 2016 and its so simple! All you have to do is hit the jerk with whatever item you select! I definitely think this game series has a lot of great potential for other spin offs like "Office Jerk Zombie" or "Office Jerk: Judged!" or "Office Jerk: Holiday Edition"! maybe like a space theme or an art theme!
Very fun app. but the full screen ads are out of control. Constantly pop up when you change a toss item or not do anything they pop up again. Takes away all the fun quite quickly.
So much fun to play and oddly satisfying if you're having a stressful day b/c you get to launch things at a guy and imagine it's anyone in your life that you would like to launch things at LOL.
If I played on iPad is the best because I can get many coins and items on scratch card, if I played on Android phone It's so hard to get coins and items
this game was fun before they put ads all over the place. now if you switch items to throw they make you watch an ad, if you hit him too much bam an ad, this blows. screw you and your stupid ads.
Great app, but the fact I can't click twice without an add popping up is pretty ridiculous. Every single time I click twice to change item an add pops up. Deleting because of this
It's really hard to get coins, only 2 challenges per day and only 1 coin per completed challenge, so you can't buy anything. And ads everywhere. I can't go 2 minutes without an ad and sometimes they overlap, so you have to watch 2 ads only to get more shoved into your face.
Needs to take less storage space (my phone is almost full) and less time to get coins from advertisement. Needs more things added to throw.
Eh its alright it was a nice stress relief I just wish u could earn coins easier and maybe not keep score of how many times you hit him I feel like it loses its purpose.
Kinda fun but the aiming is off and where you hit is almost random. No real precision. also takes far too much time and messing about with videos to get new objects.
This game is AMAZING. I would play this every day if i could. This game is funny and kinda weird. It makes me laugh. Hopefully there will be more updates or content. Thanks for making the game
This game is a lot of fun but why isn't this version as updated as the IOS version we don't get the scratch offs or as many items so can we get that on this version too
it was a pretty cool app kinda felt like a bully i think you should add a back story or somthing to tell us why we hate that guy so much in the game i also think that the graphics are kinda funny and another thing you should do is add more things to it like more tools you can achieve other time like things you can buy that are funny for example like a scary cat or somthing simular
I really like this game. But the graphics are not great. Give it a little update and it will be perfect! Good work.
always been a fun game. the controls kind of sucked. I haven't downloaded it, in years. but, may to see the changes.
I would have rated 5 stars. Could you please add more ways to get coins like endless daily challenges,.... Please.... I love this game.
Fun as can be, just like the past. Kids would love this game. Though daily coins should be increased to 3-5 per day.
The game office jerk is really funny and the game is really realistic so pretty much you just need to throw anything you want at the person that is working.
Me being the sadistic child I was back then absolutely loved this game. I loved messing with this guy for no reason. It might be nostalgia clouding my memory, but I still love it today as a highschooler.
Good game, but the daily challenges do not work for Android devices at the moment. Whenever I click on the piggy bank, it says to connect to the internet for daily challenges, even though my device is already connected. I can access the Tapjoy offers and the videos that you watch to earn nuggets, I just can't complete daily challenges.
Its a good game! but the only thing is that when i downloaded it and played it i could only throw things around. I would love the game is there was a newbie tutorial. If you fix this problem this game is absolutely perfect.
it will only let you what was it that you throw like a party at Hammond the number to and if you got like five in a row then like you had to get the squid and if you miss the school do you have to go back to zero and it was stupid not to like if you wanted something different you had to buy it with money
I want the boss to come out of the office and get angry at Office jerk when we hit the objet through the door window and i like the idea of us doing something bad and the other dude getting the credit i think it might make the game a little bit more fun and less Adds