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Off-Road Travel:4x4 hill climb

Off-Road Travel:4x4 hill climb for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by ADQUANTUM LTD located at Boumpoulinas, 1-3, Bouboulina Building, Flat/Office 42, 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very poor graphics and enormous ads. This is not a game. This is ad app with elements of game. I'm not sure this app was made by humans. It's awful.
Fun simple game. Would've rated it higher but its so ad heavy that i knowI'm going to get sick of it pretty quick. Everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING has a ad attached to it. It's excessive
The bug is fixed, I was able to finish the maps finally. Just one strange thing. On 1-7, the game says I need to collect 3 keys, but I find no keys on the stage. The more strange thing I fail the mission, but still unlocked the next stage. Same happened on second map(desert). The keys is missing on stage. I will update my review if there will be changes with the key locations, but I still recommend the game to every off road fans, because really great :)
Needs lots of work! Can't connect to FB... just spins for a while, fails, then asks if you want to connect again. Videos don't work most of the time, but you still have to sit through 30 seconds of a stupid TV telling you the video is loading... and, even though you wait, you still don't get the benefit.
Game is fun to play but way to many ads you have to watch a commercial to race then watch a commercial for bonus money then you race then you watch a commercial after the race then you watch another commercial after the race to double the xp 4 commercials for one race are at minimum 2 if you dont want extra, deleting game and any other game I see by this company I will not try they only care about running ads
it's a fun game, but there are way too many ads. I'm spending more time waiting for rhe ads to clear and rhe game to load than i am actually playing the game. I'll be happy to give it a 5 Star if they relax on the ads. If they don't I'll probably stop playing altogether because you can only be forced to watch That Olive Garden commercial so many times before it's time to uninstall the game.
Won't loadnext level after 45. Dont know if that is the last tracker not. Won't let me sign in just let's me use guest login but my other games will let me no problem
Its Fun but I've made 2 purchases that say no ads if you purchase. Well I still have ads!!! So I lower my star rating!!!
great graphics and a nicely updated and more modern version of a classic cell phone game but has way too many commercials and wants to access too much private information for no reason at all.
Fun game with good graphics and fun music. Lots of cool and unique vehicles and massive jumps and fast pace.
Would be a good game except you have to spend more time watching adds than playing. It even makes you watch an add half way thru a race section. Takes away the fun watching a 30 second add every minute of play. Uninstalling and going back to Hillclimb2 where you can race alot and only watch occasional adds. It's a pity because your graphics are good, but too greedy on the adds for me.
Buggy, physics glitches. The city levels are near unplayable with the monster truck. The additional tasks always fail even if you do what they say. Has the potential to be a great game. Also a lot of ads unless you pay to remove them and even then still a lot of ads after every round for ad ons
An absolute battery and data guzzler. You cant do anything in the game without being harassed by 400 adds. Will be uninstalling
This game is OK at best. It needs serious improvements made to the physics. It has graphics I could describe as close to what a ps2 console would have. Controls are poor.
Can't login to save progress and ads don't work to get extra stuff fix i think it could be a good game
great game i like playing it i just wish it had more levels to enjoy ive beat all the levels and now just go back and play them over again
I don't see how you could pack anymore ads into a game, seriously. For example, if you want double points(coins), I understand that. But having to watch another 30 second ad afterwards to get said double coins?, Come On. Anytime you select anything it's an ad. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. And no I'm not going to spend money to stop the ads!
it is pointless to watch the ads for "the gifts" you will never receive them. even the ones to restart at a check point
When you turn the sound of it should be all sound not some sounds. Not talking about music. I turn sounds off and music off and still have sounds. Probably be 3 or 4 stars if not for this issue
Can't login with Google or Facebook. Also one of the challenges description was in Russian and I can't read Russian.
wanted access to my google acccount, one minute of play and four minutes of advertisments, way too many adver's, DELETING APP
I like the game alot but if your going to base the game upgrades on videos watched then it helps if there are any to watch πŸ€”πŸ˜’
it lags here and there. also it ask me if like the game and it will keep asking. due to what i mentioned, three stars.
Game has issues like when you get loot box game just goes to an ad loading screen which never loads & you aren't allowed to open the box so you lose rewards
The upgrades don't seem to affect the car. Achieving bonus task (3 somersaults) never gave me the rewards. All the races are quite the same.
You can call this game "commercial break or tv" this is barely a game inside overkill ads. Oh but yes you can turn off ads if you pay. Time to uninstall.
Hard to play game if everything you do requires you to watch an ads. I understand a few adds to play a game but this game forces you to watch ads all the time and makes playing game pointless.
Get rid of the multiplayer game until it actually works. You can almost never leave the starting line without the race ending. When you can, you get the wrong prize for winning. I'm embarrassed for the developer.
fun so far but I cant open the free stuff by watching ads. it just say commercial break but then goes back to the free screen and doesn't give me anything
Really ticked off that it won't stay logged into fb. And won't combine the progress either. I passed all levels with one start signed in and list it. Played for another hour or so because fb was signed and when I eventually quit playing and shut it down. The next time I opened it.....what do you know. Progress gone Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
good so far, game play is very enjoyable. definitely considering buy the advert free version but I use the adverts to get bonuses that I can't be bothered waiting for.
I think that at some point its "supposed" to get past a load screen. But I got impatient after a couple times of waiting five minutes. So I never actually got to play it.
Absolute waste of time, ads upon ads every 2 minutes, when starting a level, when ending a level, when upgrading your vehicle. Like 20 min playing the game, and no less than 30 ads... Don't bother trying it.
i played this on my tablet but it freezing up. now thats its on phone better now. this is a cool game. itll keep me occupied
It was going okay until you started taking upgraded vehicles away please let me know why i will update my review but until i get it back it will stay the same the vehicle is the bravado truck can you do it
Not a bad game. But very annoying when you complete a level it crashes & I don't get to collect anything for completing the level, can't save progress with fb or Google. Uninstalling, will try it again when it's updated. And so the developer knows, I can't send a crash report because it doesn't give me the option to do it. So please don't email me asking for it because I can't give you one.
it's a really nice concept for a mobile game. its alittle different then most hill climb games. The menu system feels like it needs to be made more user friendly. the ad based reward system messes up, does not give rewards when you watch an add but gives you the option to watch another add. the graphics are really nice for what it is. rough around the edges but worth a play for sure.
It is a GREAT way to spend time while in the subway, airport, or while waiting for the wifi to reset....
deleting game. it bombards you with ads after ads. then when you turn your internet it allow you to play for a bit then stops you from playing because it wants to bombard you with stupid ads. I get that's how they make there money but this game just to much of the ads. would be ok game would keep it if the cut the ads down by at least half
The game cannot be logged in from my google account, and only gives an alternative to login to fb. I don't wany my games to be connected to my fb.
I especially enjoy the controls, very responsive to all commands, the graphics are easy on the eyes. Playing the game less than 3 minutes, I knew I was hooked. To the ones responsible for creating this game, Bravo "everyone" Bravo!!
It's a pretty good game to help pass the time. You do feel at times to NEED to pass the course. Lol...I'm 58yrs/M and its enjoyable when I want to play a quick game.
I can't get the game to load after the first tutorial level I've closed out of the game and reopen it uninstalled and reinstalled and it still will not load
i played this on my tablet but it kept freezing up. now thats its on phone better now. this is a cool game. itll keep me occupied. The one thing that really gets me is the time limit all the vehicle that i did unlock seem to never make it or if go to fast i over shoot keys,gas sometimes the money boxes. I say x the time limit. For instance 100m to 1500m next track the same way but trickier etc. Keep the same format but lose time limit thank you
great game but i have never seen so many ads anywhere. after this one i will not download or support anything from these guys again. There is making money and then there is being a rediculous pain in the ass. obnoxious....
Horrible ads are stupid amounts if you wat anything decent in the game you need to spend real money not worth it that is why the 1 star
This game is crazy I watched over ten movies trying to get the lootbox and would watched more to see if I would finally get it but I figured it would never happen. lot's of movie to watch to get ahead. Other than that great graphics cars look real. Need more customization for the cars.
This game PROBABLY would be a fun game if it weren't for all of the adds. But wait, you can spend $.99 and remove adds! Sure, you can, but then EVERY OTHER SCREEN IS STILL ASKING YOU TO CLICK ON AN ADD TO GET SOMETHING EXTRA. I'm going back to Hill Climb racing like the rest of you should.
Samsung Galaxy s9- fails to connect to google play games after downloading. I can only do first mission then it crashes on connection as described above
Awesome game guys! I enjoy the variety of soviet classics, touched to the last detail, and the gameplay is very exciting. Great work!
An exceptional game as far as gameplay and rewards system, worth 5 stars. It's not new or problematic to be asked to watch ads for rewards. The problem is an as after every run, then asking to sit through another one for the reward. The ads make you money, but your greed costs you know rating. Ad ratio makes this experience ridiculous, and a great game not worth it. 1 star.
So far I like it, I've paid the $2.49 aud to remove the numerous ads but I like 4WDing and this seems like a fun game (though I've only just started). It also seems to be a better version of Hillclimb racing, a game I quite enjoyed.
I would give 5 stars but the game does not always load the advertisements for bonuses I've had to restart the game several times just for the game act the way its supposed to
A giant ad disguised as a game. you can't do anything without getting spammed by a banner trying to make you watch an advertisement. Don't waste your time.
I like the game. I'm a little frustrated when i see a luxury hummer and no ads that you can buy for 3 bucks (real money). the car looks like an H2 with racks and off road protection. after buying it, go into garage to see the new purchase and you get a patriot that looks nothing as advertised. no rock racks, it looks more like an older version of a 4 runner.
To many comercials, then you watch them and you don't get the rewards. Other than that I enjoy it put it down sometimes.
Game needs some serious work. Ads don't play for rewards, only guest login is available, won't let me login to FB for rewards and the game crashes frequently. Would be a good game if these issues were fixed. Uninstalling
It's okay for a free game, so there are also tons of ads. There seems to be a glitch wherein you frequently won't be rewarded for watching an ad(I've watched at least a dozen ads to double my race prize or unlock an upgrade and nothing happened).
This is the biggest let down yet....wont let me login.....all ads fail to give rewards....dont even bother...a money pit/ waste of time. Cant use google OR facebook to log in...all fail....a shame for a game that I thought had potential.....
Game is fun and the cars are well designed but the ads are a killer. Even made a purchase to remove ads and I'm still having to skip them just to play the game. Sadly would not recommend at this time
Great game very in-depth I love the minigames like push the ball and fragile object carrying.. come play
either let the app see your personal details or it wont let you play. letting the app see my email and such does not bother me, but when the only description is "personal details", i cant accept that. why is that needed to drive a vehicle horizontally across screen?
So far so good, the vehicles are not so tip over prone in this version, so you can actually injoy racing climbing and driving around.
Not worth the bandwidth. Game has ads almost everywhere, can hardly finish a race without three to five ads. I tried a feature where you get free upgrades for your car if you watch an ad. I watched two ads and it still cost in game cash. Uninstalled, I have better things to use that storage for.
Good game and fun to play but you spend more time watching ads than getting to play the game. Would give game 4 stars but knocked it down to 2 for ads.
Love the graphics. Would give more stars but way too many ads. When you spend more time watching ads than playing, the game isn't worth having. Sorry
Turning off sounds should actually do something. Plus the music at the start of the game is infuriating and it took a while to get to a point where I could turn it off.
Not a bad game controls seem to be good you can upgrade your vehicle paint. Haven't made it far yet but there seems to be lots of levels to play plus side quests. Definitely worth checking out.
it would be a better game if the in app videos would work for the bonuses. you have to cut the game completely off and go back in by that time you've already lost the Bonuses. **NEW UPDATE** is really NICE however still the problem is still THERE!!
Way too many ads, I understand the need for ads but not this many. You spends more time watching ads than playing. Uninstalling And the devs only answer is buy an upgrade, news flash irritating people is not the best way to get them to buy upgrades, making a game people actually want to play is, there is nothing in this game that makes me want to play it enough to buy any upgrades.
if I could do negative stars i would game loads then freezes repeatedly have to close out and reload about 8 times before it works for one game
Love this game, especially the variety of vehicles, but I am unable to login via Google or FB. Half the time the videos will not play, causing me to lose rewards. ☹☹☹
I give it a 4 star because sometimes when you try to watch an ad for bonus coin or prize spin, I'd doesn't give you the prize for watching the video. kind of annoying but other than that this is a fun time killer.
these games are not designed for your enjoyment. they're designed to make someone rich by sucking you into their advertisements.
Game play is pretty good but it will not let me login to Facebook wish you could fix the problem i have sent two reports still no word i would like to enjoy the game
way way way too many adds and forced commercials. I'll stick to playing CSR2. Where the ads are at least optional. uninstalled this P.O.S. game.
The physics arent very good. Since last update, the car I was working towards became a pay real money! And completing the additional tasks always register as a fail!!! Will probably delete soon.
Off-road travel 4x4 is great physics with beautiful graphics game in this category in my opinion it is very good and entertaining large variety of vehicles selection with different class with behaviour but one thing I notice is that I can't login with Google Play game every time I login into game it says error please fix this guys overall I give to this game 4 out of 5 rating
Its ok to be great you need to win at least two or three races and at least 1 level to be able to buy parts & Up grade your car and any in Race Stunts should get bonus screens up to x 10 of your bonus screen score and make game have realistice mud bogging compaticion events & Rockhoppingchalenganges on Big Bonus scores male it really fun and a bit skill points are always a plus also but needs impeoving and i will give a 5 star game for sure but it is easy and sucky right now ok peasnkay
game is cool, but the game crashes almost every other race. game freezes and closes when trying to play a ad. turn on airplane mode to avoid it from crashing and lost ally prohress😲
So the concept is cool but I have to say the graphics could be better. The worse part about the game which the reason I can't bring myself to play anymore is the ads, there are so many and they are rather big ads. It just runs the whole game.
Played for few days and like the game!Unlocking things quickly while progressing in the game.Yes there are lots of adverts but you also get bonuses watching them so all good :)
Way to many ads...i understand devs gotta make a penny. But you can't go between screens without a 15-30 second add.
Good idea, ok graphics, loads ads which freeze the game i.e. the glitch factor is far too high thus extremely annoying. The devs went straight from design to implementation forgetting to actually test the app. Shame.....
Could be a fun game, however, way too many adds. I get you got to make some money, but watching that many adds just to play a game, totally not worth it.
Don't bother wasting your time. I had to watch over 10 adverts to get past 1st 3 races. What a joke. If they ever decide to look at that it could be a great game but till then it just isn't worth the time
Great concept, but glitches and repetitive ads ruin the experience. Love the range of vehicles and modifications. To be brief, it's a little like hill climb racing mixed with spintires. So close to brilliant. Hoping future updates fix the issues, but honestly it's done more to annoy me than satisfy my craving for mud and chunky tires.
It does have good graphics. Air controls are a bit touchy. Loading the game at the start takes forever. And there is a car missing that is required for a level. Sinolpe or something like that. Some of the time required stars are also not being achieved even by beating by 10s Plus way to many pop up ads. I'd say if they corrected the car missing issue, put in a air control upgrade slot to better the the turn rate based on the user, and not use so many pop up ads it would easily be a 4 star game.
Watch in game ads to earn cash or items that never show up. Tried " building" 3 different cars that never show up. Would be great if it worked as it should, but frustrating trying to upgrade anything.
I understand that you need ads so you can earn money but this is RIDICULOUS. For every race you have a 5 sec ad. If you want to tap anything or anywhere guess what?.. ADS!!!!. You would activate ads even for exiting the game, if it was possible. PS - Don't even think of telling me to pay to remove ads. No Thanks!
Seems like it would be a good game from the preview. But after that I cant get it to work. Stays in the loading screen. I have tried reinstalling it and still the same.
I do like this game but I have one issue with it, every time I try to link my account to Google play or Facebook it fails and has done so since I started playing about a week ago, if it were not for this issue I would award it 5* So earlier I formatted my device, downloaded this game again and found that I am back at the start of the game with no way to log in or retrieve my data and I spent money on this game as well to get the extra vehicles which I can prove, vet it fixed or take it down!
One suggestion, there should be a little more time for the vehicle to finish flipping. I mean alot of times the vehicle will still have the momentum to keep rolling but pretty much as soon as the roof hits the ground it counts you out. I'd say if it doesn't continue to roll and or stays on the roof for 3 or so seconds, then offer the ad to keep going. Otherwise I think its worthy of being a 5 star game. Keep up the good work.
way to many ads just to get to one race. then at end of a few races says watch ad for lootbox..... 4 ads later still wont open my lootbox. Great game idea but lackluster presentation of it. It offered me option to disable ads for 99c i did, still ads feel robbed for 99c thats bad.
Too many ads and questions for a game that is basically, hold your right thumb down. It's more interesting with your eyes shut.
Im really enjoying this game. My only complaint is, that I'm unable to sign into Facebook, or Email accounts.
Graphics are kind of cool. But the gameplay is pretty basic and repetitive. Couple that with ads after every level and I'm doing an Uninstall. I get watching ad so the developer can make some money but not when watching ads is more time than actual gameplay time. Then on top of that if you find a power-up it takes another ad to claim it!
Good game, looks alright, plays pretty well but I can not get my Facebook to link at all! 3 stars until that is sorted.
AVOID PURCHASES!!! Whilst I was impressed with the initial game play this game is riddled with ads. So much so that I purchased the "no ads" option for around Β£1.50. Only im still forced to watch ads for any upgrades or parts. Tried to contact developers several times through in game option and email but have heard nothing back.
way too many ads..... impossible to get into the game for a real test. Developer.....there are just far too many at the start. its nearly impossible to really immerse in the experience when every option takes you to an ad.
VERY basic game. 2d only, no steering. You can almost play the whole thing by just mashing the gas constantly and only letting off when in the air. The "watch an ad to upgrade\gwt free stuff" option is broken. You select it and wait for "commercial break" and see no ad & get no reward. May be suitable for small kids, otherwise gets boring in about 2 minutes.
SO. MANY. ADS. It forces you to watch ads all the time and then when you want to watch an ad for a reward.... somehow it can't find any. It seems like it might be fun but I didnt want to play Ad Simulator 2020 so I removed it. Intrusive ads like this ruin the game immediately for me.
Not too bad of a game i cant login on facebook or google play no matter how many times I try I can close the game and everything it wont log me in other than hat its good
fun,great way to pass the time,im in a wheelchair an cant do much so i play games on my phone,this is my new fav. easy to play an not hard to make money
Graphics are ok, and gameplay is eay... But, there are way too many ads. You have to watch two ads to get the race perks. Then an ad to double you winnings. Then an ad to open the loot box you just won...too many ads.
having problem watching the videos videos freeze up your phone and you have to get out of the app when you're trying to upgrade the car other than that seems like to be a great game
Cool game idea, but too many ads, before and after playing. Additionally, you're bombarded with in-app offers
After the last update the game sometimes crash when I launch the app. Also the "Moscow" car still anavaliable at the multiplayer
I enjoy the game but it is ad heavy, however many of the ads yield rewards. My issue is with the key challenges in the stages. The text is in Russian, and I don't know what to do, even though my app language is set to English.
Hate that every game on here forces you to watch ads to progress. This game is by far the worst so far . It forces you to watch ads to start and finish the levels. Upgrade your parts once, well screw you, you must now watch five ads before you you can by level 2. You can pay to remove the ads but guess what we will still force you to watch ads because we make more money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
The game is fun but it has a few glitches some of the ads crash and everytimei complete a side challenge like hitting the ball or collecting keys it still tells me I've failed and the login to FB doesn't work
i really enjoy this game.. of course games ask you to rate games too soon..7 minutes in.."are you having fun?.. rate us!!!" but this game really reminds me of that game hill climb... but if that game had realistic..ish...graphics...yall know what i mean.. hill climb was cartoony.
Do not install. This is an advertising platform with a game hidden away inside. I cant log in via Fb or Google play so cannot play the league feature. Keeps tellin me to log in yet is unable to do so. Wish I could give less than 1 star...
game is meh, can probably beat it with the starter vehicle. all the vehicle names are stolen from Grand Theft Auto