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Odyssey of the Ocean

Odyssey of the Ocean for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by TORNADO located at Building A, R&F Center, TaiJiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was good for the first week ,now everything has gone belly up .the red dots that tell you there is a reward or an action to do are consistently on , will be deleting soon.
This game is nice with some small minor issues of not being able to edit column settings. I would give it five stars for not asking me to rate here.
This game is one of a kind! Think of Uncharted Waters, Tides of War, and mix them up in a hero collector! Give this a fair try and you won't regret it!
Can only give 4 stars at the moment as thereWas a few problems when first downloaded but it's a new game and a lot have been fixed now and the game is quite good still some things to sort like match ups I'm a low level player yet get matched up against a mega player in arena hopefully they will sort out to help new players .
Reminds me of ocean legend. Graphics are decent, but gameplay follows the new model of full auto in battle. Just another money sink in my opinion.
I have no clue why people are rating this game low it is great so far. Great graphics alot of missions and easy flow to help you learn the game.
uninstalled, started on server 5, bought the first recharge pack, after a few days server was laggy and unplayable in uk made a bug report that was never aknowledged, changed server to server 3 and after a game crash lost my new level 15 character with another starter pack... lost money twice, stay away from that game
Honestly it is just another game of war aspect with the designs of heavily pushed towards microtransactions. After the fourth day the game lost its appeal. The arena matchup is joke, my opponents are currently 300k more in power which surely promises my defeat so my bother attempting. The rewards for completing missions is uninspiring. Training provides little in rewards. Finally only a one minute speed boost unless you paid for the upgrade VIP again heavily microtransactions.
After playing for 1 month and spending 500$ in this game if you want to have heart attack download this game, very bad updates worst support team that always give wrong informations and lies, and unfair treatment you spent money they give you worst loot while other nations get better loot for free if there is - 10 stars rating that will be enough for this game
I've played for about an hour. Good gameplay, great graphics. So far my only complaint is how long it takes to do stuff as every click needs to load, and that takes several seconds each time. SUPER annoying.
So at first, I gave this 5 stars. But I've found two things I have an issue with. One is the hot items don't show what port they're hot at. Yes, there is an inquire button, but it doesn't always give you a port. Also, in the arena you can't battle others that are ranked closer to you; it only shows the first 300. So you have to wait to really use this feature.
So ive been playing for a week now. I like the game. I really do. Heres why im giving it 1 star for now. Theres so much in the game that has zero explanation. The merchant ships i send out collect millions in profit yet i never see a penny of it. Hot items at any harbor NEVER list a harbor youve been to . Every single item, and theres thousands, will all say unknown harbor. But it tell you to inquire in the pub yet doesnt tell you how. Everything you do in pub changing nothing. Very frustrating.
Great game so far. Time will tell though. It is still good, so try it. Cannot complete treasure maps. Treasure Guard is too strong, 5 maps wasted. Since last update.
Trully beautiful game, although I expected more cusgomization of the ships such as sail colour and flags. Nonetheless its still a top notch game and a good one for me.
Lag on world boss is rediculas was fine up until past 3 weeks can click challenge boss and not go in to fight like 5 times then when do get in stuck on start fight button. By time boss is done I get like 2 hits in. Also too many dead players ships on the sea that never move just getting in way make us click to plunder to be told taget has left sea. Well if they not on sea remove there ships from sea too. Such a failing game proper wasted time here :(. can no longer access the boss any more
After playing this game for 3 days, I have to change my review, it's a awesome game, so many things to do, it takes a little time to know about the rules, different quest's, and what to do, but once you get all that down, you can't stop playing it, great game!
Server 7 down for 2 weeks now. No response from developer after many attempts to contact them. I still have not seen the gems I purchased 11 days ago. Like talking to a wall if I submit a complaint. 2/2/2021. They apparently got tired of my complaints and won't even let me login to the game. BIG RIPOFF. Would not recommend this game to an enemy, let alone anyone else. Down 80.00 dollars that could have been spent on something I could play. 40.00 of that I have never seen after I purchased it.
Pretty disappointing, no real strategy or skill involved, its about chsnce and wallet dont even stand a chance in the "arena" which you have to beat the 300th player first and is next to impossible without spending $$$, you can't even stear the flag ship in battle
Worst!!! I can't connect to the server.. again again network failure.. but my network connection is fine..
There is much to this game for me to still accomplish. So will get back to you on that front. But i believe this is a excellent game.
After playing the game for months this is my final review the game have lot of technical problems, offers not worth it and take long time to refresh (55 days?), and as far i saw there is unfair playing regarding each kingdom because some kingdom get more and better loot than the rest
Lovely game for bullies and masochists. New players are defensless against every other player in the game, nothing more than piggy banks and targets.
A wonderful remake of an ancient browser game hereby becoming a 2,5D exploratory adventure almost with same 2,5D from Diablo Expansion. Exploration kings of small navy ships are fascinated by the periodical fights-trades-navigation-exploration-research, build, advancement, development, investment they make every next minute. All along with a shinny musical background. Nice game. Can get even better to full 3D for players with good phones and more dedication to the game.
Not many pirate games out there and most of them suck. However, this game is the exception. Good game and lots of fun.
Great game so far. Fun and interesting battles. Lots to do but at your own pace. My only negative comment is that the server connection constantly lags out whenever you do anything. Maybe you can get a hosted server for North America so we can have a smoother gameplay experience?
Garabge. Cyber bullying. Get attacked without choice or warning. P2W players sit at ports just to attack you and steal from you. Only made for P2W players. Sucks.
Very good game i like trading , i have a few recommendation for this game 1- To hire a crew such as warriors or something like warriors who can be with you and the captain is the one who lead them 2- making a trading ship so when you are moving you have a crew of ships , ships for defence , attacking and trading 3- the ability to build factories of your own in the countries , so there is your own product and other players has the ability to bought from you , i have more but limited words.
Total waste of time now..Update screwed the whole balance of the game. You no longer can decompose gear..so no upgrading to better gear your power takes to big hit. normal progression stopped, as chapters when 50% more difficult. No catching up now, as the rich just get richer..k
Fantastc game but the stamina takes too long to recover so find myself with nothing to do for long periods of time so gets boring which im gutted about can onlybreally play once a day im looking for a game to keep me busy exactly like this game but with more to do. Ive been off game for sleep and logged in to find only recovered 50% of stamina
what happens after update? u increased difficulty battle? port, boss even campaign battle harder 3x times. player before use to solo boss now cant even survive more than 20 second.
Ok I originally gave it a five star rating..but since the Arena is way to unbalanced, with no chance of winning if you are low level or not a p2w type a player. I am ranked at 7243 and I have no choice to fight a tank 300 or less players..how the hell is that fair?? If you guys balance that out and make it where you fight within 10 levels of yourself. Then that will get a better rating. All in all, it is a pretty fun game to play.
Play freely gives it a great feel. Arena needs work, you either have to wait until you get good ships or spend due to having to fight so much higher rank than you. Other than that no major issues for free players.
Downloaded and i had no idea what was going on other than being forced to do certain things with no idea why...i lasted 15 minutes before i got bored with it...uninstalled..
A little laggy but I love that it's so different. Great job. Update: No longer opens. Stuck on the loading screen.
Great game.cool graphics.easy way to get gems.like how your able to get them with out buying.game developers did a great job with this game
Great game so far. If you like pirate games this is by far one of the best if not the best on the app stores. Easy to pickup and fun to play. The UI is nicely designed. The game is user friendly and dont have to spend any money on the game to advance like most other games. It's a slower pace but not necessary to spend money to advance. This game is definitely a 6/5 stars. Cant wait to see future updates.
Have played many games like this, here is good for thought the game is painfully slow even at the get go. I could see most people loosing interest as I am already. Either run the first 4 to 5levels as free speed ups or give out more speed ups. Back off a little on package prices or back down on amount jewels needed to finish upgrades or whatever. Remember your not the only game in town GoodLuck.
Fair game, free to play. If you have enough time, you can be the richest captain in the world. ps: need more load capacity and stamina, pls
Just started but so far so good, will take back a star or 2 if things don't develope , keeps you entertained so far for me , New Update: Arena is Unplayable sinse you can't reset your opponents to one's that are about same Power as you so you lose 20/20 . Ports for Trading should show where the best price to get for your products but instead shows unknown and to inquire says nothing even if you spend gold .All in all, the game is pretty good so I'm going hunting! . But taking 2 ☆ away