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Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time

Oden Cart 2 A Taste of Time for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. located at 東京都墨田区吾妻橋 3-3-2 吾妻橋アドバンスビル 5F. The game is suitable for Teen (Use of Alcohol) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Didn't expect to play a game more calming than Hungry Heart Diner. I love this game. If you play this game for a calming story, to take a break from your rush daily activity, and tired for having a fast things to do, this game is perfect for it.
Nice sequel to the first oden cart game. For those who haven't played the first game, I highly recommend that you finish the first one first. The prologue of this game gives a beautiful finishing touch to the first game.
I'm sorry but this one is a step down from Oden Cart. In the first one you could choose as many oden as you wanted plus, that actually made a difference on which customers came to your cart. In this one, you can only choose 3 and it makes no difference. So, the slightest bit of control we had is gone. I haven't actually finished the story in this one but I'm pretty upset about changes. I'm sure the storyline is great, you've always been good at that. But the changes are disappointing.
Such a delightful game to play. Graphics are really cute and each character's story is so interesting. Although you have to wait quite a while to hear a new gripe for each character, it's really worth the wait because I loved each and every one of the endings! A few that were really touching or even a sad, but the best one of all was the shop owner's ending. Thank you again for another wonderful game Gagex!! :')
This is an amazingly unique game which I love. I consider it as one of the best and would totally recommend it. In this game, you are able to watch a story told in different parts, while also selling oden! I also love that there are no ads. 5 stars for me, as I really enjoy this game.
This is a very mice game. Not very fast paced but you will like it and wait for the story. Takes time but the stories are also good, of simple people but with unexpected twists. Its overall a ver nice game to play. Its better that oden cart 1 because I liked how it is set in the past.
If you like nice relaxing games with cozy graphics and interesting storylines, this is definitely for you. Enjoy. Thanks for making sequel! Yesss.
Really good I only have one character ending and I already feel like this game is the most beautiful game on the app store I told my sister about it as well because it's such a good game more stuff like this should be on the app store 😁
Love the BGM. That's all though... Everything is just a repetition of the first one with a little change to the stories. Gets boring pretty quickly. I play it just to listen to the music, which is nice but even that doesn't last. I wish I know how to get the music, is there a way?
The sequel of the previous game, right? I really enjoy it! Just as much as the previous one, or even more! The stories are enjoyable and very interesting. I learnt quite a bit while playing. I really hope many people who play this game could enjoy it as much as I do! Thank you so much for the game! I wish I could look forward for another awesome game!
System wise, its more boring than the first game. Also harder. There isnt anything too surprising too bcs pretty much they like repeating the first one. But the ending is very satisfying, so I ll give five star for that. Thanks for the game though.
I played the first game years ago and stumbled on this one by chance. This has a great story and a surprising, yet heartwarming ending. It certainly takes a while to finish a character's story (Sometimes I would shout "oh, come on!" when they left before saying their final line), but all of them are very worth it. I highly recommend this game if you like slow-paced, story-driven games. The only issue I have is that the money system is kinda pointless.
To begin with, this game's really great because it feels like you're really on the game, interacts with the people and listen to their gripes like in real life. It also has smooth gameplay, simple controls, nice background music and such good character designs and illustrations. Also an idle tapping game which made it interesting, the plot and the story is great and to be honest, this is one of the coolest game that has made my day. Keep it up, game dev. More power! 😁
Great game with amazing atmosphere and interresting stories to unlock. Nice connection with the original game but not too similar. Runs with out any problems.
Okay, this game is super relaxing and heartwarming. No, playing the original oden cart is not mandatory but it's better to. And make sure to try out the new items at least once when you restock your cart. Because new characters are unlocked when you put in certain new items for the first time.
Definitely calming and beautiful... But... There is some problem. 1. My progress is not saved automatically when I quit the game. I don't know how to tho. For example: I just met the one-eyed samurai, then he left a few minutes later, I quit the game, and when I play the game again, he was considered a new character. Same goes with some characters. (edit!) I complained about how one of the characters don't have after stories after i completed theirs. It supposed to be like that.
My second time playing this game. I love the drip-feed style of storytelling, I love the art and the music. Please, creator, do another game in this series!
It's a slow but comforting game. I've enjoyed playing since the first one. I'll give full five stars if only I could choose more than 3 types of oden, there are 8 places available, why only 3?
I love the style of these games, both this and the original. The whole idea is to listen to people. There are no contests or events, it's just telling you a story using funny, relatable characters. I was so glad to discover this second game. It has the same format and feel of the original. What a wonderful game.
I've played Hungry Hearts previously with my sister when I stumbled upon this after months of being depressed. It helped a lot to keep me moving, especially at days when I really feel like I shouldn't. There's a nostalgic vibe that's present in almost every Gagex games— something that inadvertently warms the soul or reminds someone of better times when it's played. Like you're in a world where you can be yourself, and be at ease with it. Totally recommended. 5 stars!
A free game without asking any real money. Listen to the gripes of reality and a true heartwarming stories. Only a true japanese developers can do this type of game. Nihon, domo arigato. I played all your games and even purchase items from some games which have real money involved.
Another oden cart tales which actually did make me emotional. Thank you for making such games. Unique and so different. The stories, the graphic, the gripes..everything was perfect.
A heart warming game. There were a few instances where I almost cried bc the characters' stories were just so touching. Played through the entire game without watching ads. A true old time classic
I was a fan of the 1st Oden cart, and more than eager to try its sequel. Sadly, this game kinda destroyed what I truly enjoyed in the 1st title. While the prequel portrayed realistic walks of life, this sequel attempts to deliver fairy tales. While I could write an essay (& probably would elsewhere) to lament the shortcomings of this title, the most disappointing aspect is that this sequel downplayed the admirable values of the main character and his family with an over idealistic happy ending.
A sweet little game with a surprisingly complex story. It takes a while to uncover each tale, especially since most of them are in pairs, but it's worth it to watch the pieces come together.
I absolutely got hooked up by this game. It gives me nostalgic feelings. The storylines are great especially the mother and daughter in laws :""). It is so nice to see the characters expressing their personal thoughts and feelings. This is better than any other games i ever played. Good job developers 😀😀.
🌟🌟 What a cute game! It's simple, and not like other Idle games. The story is delicately weaved together and all the characters hint at each other. Despite the simple nature I'm compelled to finish 100% This is what I long for in mobile games.
It's a very laid back game, you can play and then go back to your work and get back at it again occasionally, suitable for light gamers like me! Have played the first one, and I can tell that this one has been developed further. Salute! 👍
I don't understand why people like this game so much. There's no thinking involved. Just sit and click the chat bubbles, doesn't matter which you click. Everything else is automated. The story is sweet but sitting around and clicking through chat bubbles isn't really a 'game'. Am I missing something?
Finally I finished the 2nd part of it. More interesting story set in Edo time. I think I like how the ending of each character goes in this one, I don't have to unlock one ending that should trigger another person ending, but I can finish one and finish the other later to get the ending from both of them. I'm so happy when I read the ending, he (MC) deserved happiness
For me this game is interesting . i take personal liking to the game and looking forward for another one. i had played the first series and it was really good. I think not everyone can really enjoy this game because its not actually a shop or business sided game but rather a reading pleasure. It's not that addictive but rather you wanted to read more about the character story. It brings somewhat nostalgic feeling when reading and i found joy into that.
It's an okay game, it has nice graphics but it's very slow paced and it gets boring quickly. Hopefully you make another hungry hearts in the future or something like it, that was a really good game, fast paced, can play it for long periods of time and not get bored
Thanks for the story. It really bring me to tears at the ending. It took a bit longer to finish the game than the first one, but I personally like the story on this one better. A simple but great game.
Similar in nature to oden cart 1, as the premise is generally similar. A brief storytelling game that expands each character's depth and storyline as the game progresses. Simple yet pleasant!
This is such a wonderful game. Like the first Oden Cart, you get to uncover the stories of the characters in the game by serving them food in your cart. The game is simple - just set up some food and come back often to tap on the story snippets. It's a great narrative game anyone can enjoy!
When the sequel begins with the oden owner now living with his daughter, my immediate reaction was this is truly the best the game had offered. But I was wrong. IT GETS BETTER. SO. MUCH. MORE. BETTER. The various gripes are even more funnier, even more sad, and packs a whole lot more of heart and hope.
This is the third game by this company that I've played and I love it. I've never played anything like these games: relaxing, but engrossing. It's low stress, but high content. I look forward to playing everything they make.
This story was really heartwarming. Oden Cart 2 improved much more than the previous one. The pacing was slow and most of the times I completed the story related to one character and the second was completed much later but in Oden Cart 2 the pacing improved a lot and when I completed one character's story the ending was not shown till I completed the gripes of the character related to it. Really loved this game. Thank you GAGEX for this game.
Step down from the original. The ad at the bottom is place in such a way to trick you into hitting it when you're trying to select a different app, and you selection of ingredients makes zero difference. As a result, your time is mostl wasted on characters whose stories are already completed but who insist on coming to your cart.
So.. you kept touch the bubble chat and then what? You change your oden menu depends on who's your customer and then what? You've make them regular at your joint as they spend a lot and then what? Good BGM, good artwork but somehow this game are confusing me. (It this because it was too easy and simple maybe?)
I thought I'd get to serve the food, but all I needed to do was click the dialog box. Gets pretty boring fast.
Another wonderful app and I love how the ending became as well. Please don't stop making these, I love how they come together, even with the time and patience put into them. Thank you. Also I hope the apps you created can be converted to English so I may play them as well
Played this one through twice now. It's a good one. The ads cause the app to freeze when the reward is a frenzy, it's too bad but it's not essential to gameplay.
Such a good game with interesting stories and decent graphics. Took me a whole week to unlock all customers' gripes and see the endings. I dunno if it's from the customers who repeated the same gripes over and over, or I was just being too laid-back while playing this 😂 If you're looking for games with fascinating plot and relaxed gameplay, you should definitely try this one.
Another storyline-base game from Gagex. I always love their games and stories but for this one, it's more passive than it's other games. I would love if it has more activities like the Hearty Heart's Diner.
I recommended this game! The story is all so wholesome and heartwarming! Truly a very nice game, especially if you like wholesome, intriguing, and heartwarming stories. The ending is really nice too.
Like its predecesor, this one is a masterpiece as well. I loved all the heartwarming tales. Played it a long time ago and played it again recently just so I can listen to their stories again. Simple and nice. :)
This game is clearly inferior to its predecessor in many ways. Not only are the mechanics worse, but the storyline in the 1st one was somewhat linear in that you had to have a certain loyalty level to get certain gripes, and it allowed you to experience the story from start to finish. That's all thrown out the window here. It's random. You have to go back later to get it in order. Not everyone has an ending story. The expectation was high after Oden Cart 1 and they gave us less this time around.
Great continuation! What I thought was great at the first game, they managed to make it better in this one. The story aspect was satisfying, introducing some fresh stories while finally tying up/ concluded the story from the first game. Gameplay wise, the Developers changed the restock system, making it a bit helpful for the Players to progress faster, even with the help of Ads. Overall, great experience and I would recommend this game, alongside the first one!
Such an enjoyable game! It lags a little bit with the same gripes being repeated a lot, and there isn't many combinations of oden to restock from despite there being many different types, but once you clear each gripe and get each characters story it's really worth it! My favorite customers stories were the doctor and eye patch samurai. The ending was so sweet and slightly emotional; each story was to some extent. Totally worth the time it took to finish the game :)
I played hungry hearts diner and it just made me crave for more. I found this game by chance and took me some month to decide to play it. I loved it so much, though it did take days to get all of the gripes, I just love thee twist and turns in each character's story, including the old man. It gave me a heartwarming feeling and a smile as I finished the end. The art style were so pleasing and really well made, the food looks so edible and I just love everything about it. Thank you for another journey :)
Definitely a great sequel to the first game, though the ending still leaves a lot of questions for me... Mostly concerning what was on his mind, from the first game, before he got sent back in time and how none of that really came up again after he made it back... Also, in some of the preview pictures, there's scenes that don't show up in the game anywhere (like the one of, I believe, the doctor walking home... Wasted, I think? And the White Samurai facing off the Eye-Patch Man is different too)
It's very interesting to recover the stories hit by bit just like in the original Oden Cart game. I find it very relaxing but I think the descriptions of the Oden leave me with more questions than answers since I've never tasted it. Is it crunchy or soft? I can't tell.
Enchanting & brilliant game that keeps you coming back. Its laid back and relaxing. I looked forward to playing every day. The characters are a blast & the whole storyline definitely keeps u wondering what's coming next. Whoever came up with this awesome game..." You're amazing & brilliant! Thank you. I, along with many, would love more like it. I hate that it ended.
The graphics are great, the story concept is something new to me, however the gameplay... is not my cup of tea. It gets boring cause there are moments of "dead air" like you just stare on your screen cuz u had to wait for the characters' interactions (or gripes as they call it). I wish there is more to this game that would deal with those moments. But I guess some enjoy that kind of "laidback" game?
The best Oden Cart for sure! The stories are much more interesting since the time travel twist, they're more fantasy like and mysterious. Plus the characters are the most charming! The twist in some characters are also interesting, even inspiring in some. My favorite out of the 3.
The graphics are cute and pretty, the controls are good, the music is soothing, and the story is going really well too. I like it. But one thing though, the game is a little too simple, there's not much you can do except of tapping the speech bubbles.
Downloading this for the 3rd time. I think I played since 2018. Then play it again last year. And now. Can we have Oden cart 3 please? Or hungry hearts 2. I download hungry hearts more than 5 times already. I just wanted more.
I've played the first one recently which completely amazed me. Not this one is also amazing. The storylines are great and I love the graphics.