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Oddbods Turbo Run

Oddbods Turbo Run for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by goGame located at 51 Tai Seng Avenue, #B1-03, Pixel Red, Singapore 533941.. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun. I play the game with my kids. The only issue I experience is a loss of progress the next time I go to play. I have lost unlocked Oddbods, oddbod cash, and upgrade progress.
I love this game! Got it expecting I'd have to pay real money for like, everything but that was not at all the case. ODDBODS RULE!
Game plays great, but the adds over fill the game and make it hard for children to navigate. My son clicked through an add and ended up spending money on the game. Very disappointed....
I have played hard to collect 52 oddbodd cash only for it to be erased completely out of nowhere. I also won Newt during a spin but after logging in the next day she disappeared. This game is unfair and will force you to spend money for the sake of playing other characters. Total BS for a kids game
This game is really good but I can't download a character. The Wi-Fi speed is over 35 Mbps and I downloaded but it still doesn't work. Please tell me why I can't download the character.
My in game id is QR20-GJNW After the update i cant use my slick character which i have invested heavily in. The error box read my internet connection is unavailable which puzzles me. I cant seem to download the character or any other chatacter. How do i go about resolving this issue?
My 3yr old son loves oddbuds and i got him this game, made some online purchases for the characters but keeps saying theres a download error. Went through all the troubleshooting steps with google play store and still no results. I email u guys and all i got back was an email to take a survey. Should be 0 stars for all the time i wasted
I really love this game and I also love it's show,now I have 3 oddbods that I have been unlock I got Fuse,Bubbles and Slick.This game is really fun to play I hope someday this game is still exist in the future.Keep it up and always be bless full.
Our 3 year old got ahold of the phone and within minutes spent close to $900. We contacted Google who told us to contact the dev within minutes of this happening. It has been almost a month and we still don't have our money back. By law underage purchases have to be refunded. We keep getting a response saying they are investigating it. Please be careful with this company!
The app was nice and my son really excited to play.. but very disappointed coz i have made a purchase it twice from my account and have been deducted for me to unlock newet and slick character. There was net issue popup say that dowload is fail due to internet problem whereas internet is perfectly fine. Hope can fix / refund it.
I love the game but there are some things that I don't like about the game. I don't like that you have to pay oddcach to get other oddbods.I olso don't like that there are lots of ads otherwise this game would of gotten a 5 star rateing🌼
Very adult and unacceptable adds on this supposed kid game, very disappointed in the adult ad with foul language! HOW DARE YOU!
Does not have too many ads but keeps asking me to purchase stuff and one miss tap an d your in hot water :p
Great game, the kids love it Paid for Bubbles and Pogo and they disappeared. Contacted thr developer who advised they re added the characters and thjs did not occur. Beware if making character purchases as it can disappear and the kids end up upset.
Hello Team, overall odd bods as a program is awesome, we all in family enjoy it a lot. But when it comes to play game - while installing my little one likes to see THE SAME poster/ updated picture of oddpods in games which are published in posters, for example, odd bods in surrounding of snow, standing one after another, and so on. Could you please suggest us how can we get this.
This game is fun and love the characters and i got chirstmas fuse, but then today it doesn't let me in its been taking forever, what happened goGame, can you tell us what happened😟
Like the characters and the game play. But I DO NOT like the fact that I have to purchase the same powerups over and over. Come on guys...
The game is pretty exciting, so why I give it only 2 stars?! Long story short my son asked me to unlock one of his favorite Oddbot so I finally payed for unlock the Captain Jeff but guess what less then 12 hours later its get lock so my son couldn't play it any longer unless I will pay again. I'm very disappointed 😞
Its so good especially cause its offline my friend is the one who told about this game anyways but I'm sad cause he is my friend in class and someone took my spot which is next to him and I'm sad nobody to talk to and what would make me happy if you give the free reward cause I did the review the same thing happened today where is the free reward
I love playing this game so far i unlock bubbles my favorite charicter ao i am haveing a lot of fun i do not have any issuse with the game
These devs do understand children play this game right? So why are there no parental control settings to block them from constantly opening the store to buy stuff? Use your heads...
Ever since downloading the latest updates, I can no longer play any of the characters I purchased. Keeps on prompting me to download but when I do, it says there was an error downloading and to check my internet connection. I have strong WiFi! I've already uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but same issue still. It's getting really frustrating! My nephew loves this game and is extremely sad that he can no longer play any of his favorite oddbods! Please help!
So there is a glich on newt when I got her she was not working it said download error and Christmas Fuse can you see what is happening but really love this and and all the oddbods and all the characters and I watch them every single day they are my favourite ❀ but I hate these gliches in this game it annoys me but that's pretty much it and I rate this app a 1 million but I cant do that so I'm just gonna give 5 stars also you can't change your name when you put a name it just the same but bye!!!
Silky smooth graphics and play. However, ripping off Sonic the Hedgehog much? Don't worry as lots of things have ripped off lots of things. Star Wars was a rip off of Star Trek, Dune and 2001. 5 stars denoting exemplary and stellar effort.
Sorry but this game has to get a five-star because it's a good game but it kind of copies the Sonic game and it is very hard to get new people but it's very it's very fun I wish you could just add it to people that don't have the game like the fire 7 tablet because my little baby has it but he has his fire 7 but he doesn't have it he doesn't have the game so I wish you can I wish you can you know add it in the fire 7 that will help me a lot
My daughter downloaded this game and I saw her playing it and thought it looked cool. I downloaded it to my phone and love the gameplay. My only suggestion is please let us do different courses each time we run. The same course over and over gets repetitive and boring. Other than that it's great!
Copy of Sonic Dash.Didnt even load and it give me ofers.Ad after an add.Evry thing looks unfinisht.Animations are blank and are lafebly bad.Giving you only 1 character and others cost in game curensy whic you geet wery litel of.ALL charcter cost and you rerly get 1 oodbucks in a level.This sholdend be gived to kids full of ofers and ads.Fells like a cheap copy of a better game.
This is my game that i played 1.This game is amazing but i'am almost unlocking All the oddbods and 2. i got slick from the daily wheel and 3.and i use advertising/ads to doubled my coins and my odd cash and 4. I play to get the puzzles and get my reward until i finish the puzzle And last but not least 5. i always put my wi-fi on to have All ads to get oddbods/coins/cash And happy holy week
I like this game because it is awesome but we don't know how to get money and keep on running and running with on that oddbods By the money isn't there 4 stars
But why we purchased using credit card.. Successfully paid and confirmed and all that.. But after a few minutes.. The characters that i purchased gone.. Need to pay again.. Whay?????
The game is good. I like sorry about the 4 stars because evrytime i reach the city level it lags, like freezes then continues, then freezes again. You should fix the game cause there is defintley a bug inside, i want to by the rest of the characters but there expensive
Game doesnt always save your progres. After buying with money i still have adds. Until the developer solves the bugs related to progress loss i recomend you to stay away from this.
Great for the kids. Could be improved by fixing the bugs when ads freeze and you can't get the free spin or carry on running.
This is the worst game ever. This is an exact ripoff about the game "Sonic Dash".Everything is exactly same! I would give it 0 stars but to rate it I have to give a star!Never download this game if you want to be the part of a cheaters group.
Can't download Pogo even if I already got an stronger connection. Now downloading stucks at 0% and making unique things impossible to be seen. Other things: 60 cash for characters is too expensive, the game is boring since there are no things other than completing easy alien challenges and jumping trampolines, and character upgrades and unlocks should not require an internet connection.
Such a fun game but can you make the cardboard costumes only cost 20 oddcash and can add many more characters 1. DJ Fuse 2. DJ Pogo 3. DJ Slick 4. DJ Zee 5. DJ Newt 6. DJ Bubbles And many more and another pls add cardboard newt, zee and jeff thank you It A very great game people should download it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
This game was running well for a week or so but now it isn't. While playing game it will just blink/flash constantly and freeze up. Even updating tablet system game isn't working.
I really love this game also my sister love it but I never play it or download. It and thank you for the game I will give that 5 stars . But is it on app store and Google play store? but thas it have multilayer because I don't know if it multilayer. but good game I like it thank you for the game. But wait it can now download thank you! .
2018: Party monsters,2019:Ghosts,2020: Pirates. Oddbods halloween πŸŽƒ. When I update the game it does not update so I just try a lot.
Crappy tech support! Not very helpful in restoring my previous purchases. ... Never fixed my account.
Nice Game And Can u do a pogo event because i unlocked 4 characters fuse,pirate zee,christmas fuse and slick and i want is pogo i dont like to spend my oddcash so i wante a pogo event thank u.
Pinaka magandang laro sa buong mundo is the only one that can take a look at this one of these sites and the more I you get can you be a bit more careful on what you are looking at for and how what you want to be able you offer to try etc etc and then how to make a good fit and what you want for your younger ourselves and how you can get build up a new business in the new year or so that you will may be able 2020 to be a good boy or and your whole family can be a better fit for your family and
Good game it's super cool but I have one problem why all character is 60 to buy please turn only to 50 ok answer me on my comment please please please
The new characters are working after the update and my daughter is very excited to use them... And thier new cars... Thumbs up nowπŸ‘
Can't stop playing till completed the oddbods characters. I gave 4 stars coz many times my last saving was lost. And i don't why it was happened.
It's awesome but when I got Newt from the prize wheel, the next I woke up, I had to buy Newt, and I also got 10 odd bucks but now I got 2, can you please fix this glitch, Thank you!
This game is fun and so cool😎😎😎I really like this game, but on the next day when i open this game the name i enter changed and the avatar, i don't know why, plsss fix it and why can't i buy the character any time,i want only i see there is coming soon, come on,plsss fixe this game, plsss tell me if i still need to play online or offline
You start with Fuse you have to have 60 oddcash to get 1 more oddbod it is like minion rush!! You can spin to get oddbods too Also sometimes when you fail you can press an add button so you can keep on running.Really fun soooo fun
Cool, also I thought multiplayer would make the game something like the world's best game But still I will give 5 stars cause it's my favorite cartoon!
game won't work properly, not on iOS, not on Android. In app purchases will go through, then it will download upgrades forever, and the game will freeze up STAY AWAY ( costumer support will provide you with a broken link to let them know about any issues)
You copy sonuc how to beat the robot fish and you put a surfer and you jump and do moves in the sky sonic dash first to do it so [email protected]@@@@@ delete this game
This game is my favorite of the lot but every time I watch an ad while the internet is on the ad doesn't open and I don't get the reward
Is this a joke. When I buyed Lunar bubbles when I leave the app and open again I think this game is scammed bubbles again is not unlocked.!!
My daughter finally saved up enough cash and unlocked Racing Newt after a few months of playing. But when she tries to use the character she gets the same issue that you see posted here a hundred times or more that there is a problem downloading the character. The developers should not have characters for sale if users cannot get what they pay for once spending in game currency.
My little 2 year old girl loves the oddbods and loves watching me play this. Only complaint when I try to do the free coins, 2x rewards and free continues when I die it lets me watch the video then it doesn't give me the free coins , 2x rewards and exits to main menu instead of letting me continue. Fix that and I'll increase my review stars
I love the game it so many characters but I'm not give 5 star because sometimes it's so boring because it's running only I'm so love it's but still that I'm not what game ended
Please refund my R140 or give the pirate package that I bought. I emailed you more that four days ago and you are not answering. I also ran and won Jeff but duh, I used him for few hours and was taken back, you are so bad! Refund me
The app is great but pls fix a bug when I unlock cardboard bubble I tap play it have download screen I wait 1 hour it not working pls fix it if u fix I will give 5 star
The app was nice and I did unlock Christmas fuse newt and slick but I was gonna play with slick but... I could not because... there was a net issue when I checked my net work the net work was good but I can't play with them . Sorry for 3 stars but... please fix to get your 5 stars back from me. Not only sl8ck but rest of the characters that I can't play instead fuse pls fix it thanks for reading
Nice, the lag is gone in the next update, now it's smooth But looks like there are still many bugs, last time i got a character from an event, and then after few days it's gone, i need to buy, is it temporary?
This game scammed my free daily spin! I finally landed on and unlocked a character and then the game froze and now it is not there. None of my video ads ever work either!! Cannot contact support because it fails every time it loads!
I like your game and it has lots of fun characters to play as but when i go to shop it makes the game glitch. Can you fix that . Thanks for reading
My daughter absolutely loves this game! It's very addictive and fun! Customer service is amazing! My daughter loves to try to get as many coins and odd cash as she can so she can get more fun odds. Highly recommended!
Oddbods is my favorite cartoon, all the characters are cute, especially Jeff, and the game is really fun