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OctoHits for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Yso Corp located at 2 rue malleville 95880 Enghien les bains France. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Tried to play the game, but when I try to go to the next stage an add pops up evey time. I suggest that you don't play this game unless you LOVE to see ads and no gameplay.
I am frustrated by the low quality of the tapping. Instead of being centered on the user's finger, it is centered below it, making it an unwieldy system.
I previously rated this app 5/5 two years ago yesterday, but I only did so because I had purchased no ads as I don't mind understand developers need money, and paying for an ad free experience isn't too much of a hassle. I deleted the app a month or two after that, but I decided to download it again today, and I was greatly disappointed. Not only were there more ads than the game previously had, but now I can't even restore my purchase of the ad free upgrade. Deleting once again.
It's great in concept but the game in It's current state is not so great. The game has a very low amount of content and would be much better if anything happened.
It's a great game and I enjoy playing it. But for a start there's ads constantly which makes it unbearable. And then the game progresses so slowly because of how expensive the upgrades are for the little money you get. And on top of all that the game is called octo hits and at lvl 100 I'm still no where near being able to change my shape from a triangle so the name is wrong.
Thought it was gonna be a fun game but then I noticed this game took ads to a whole new level. I play a level complete upgrade hit play again and immediately get an ad. Every level there was an ad. That's not fun at all. Uninstalled
Way too many ads, could be a fun game but every level I passed presented an unskippable 20 second ad for each maybe 10-15 second bit of gameplay.
The concept of the game is pretty good. But you need to get rid of some ad's im getting more ad's than gameplay. But im not spending money to get rid of the ad's on a game that i will eventually get rid of.
Holy ads Batman! Banner, ads for bonus, interstitial ads. And the option to pay for the game says $0 and loading and does nothing when you click it.
It could be fun, but why? It's useless that you can press next level, if it also gives a add. Idk how to explain but next level = ad. Bonus = add. Pretty annoying
This game is decently fun but it has wayyy to many ads. After every level which takes like 5 seconds there is an ad. Do not download.
Don't waste your time. Ads constantly bombard you and the no ads purchase is permanently"loading" so you couldn't pay the ads away even if it was worth it.
Would be a fun game, but it is full of ads. Add after every level, ad before every level. And the ads last longer then any of the levels do.
The amount of ads is ridiculous. An ad everytime a new level loads is unplayable. Why make a game if nobody can play it?
It is very bad with ads everytime, I can be fixed without so many ads but for now, save time and dont install.
Wow! what a joke. Every single level is an ad, you can not play a single level without being bombarded by ads afterwards! i couldnt event play the game for 5 minutes not like i was actually playing the game for those 5 minutes. The idea of gameplay is somewhat interesting but the game just feels poorly and lazily executed like the developers didnt even try, the game felt sloppy and boring. Save your time and dont download this game!
I should've listened to the reviews. There is literally an ad after every single level. Can't enjoy it with that many ads
Can't really tell if the game is good or not because every time I push the play button to start the next level, a darn ad plays every single time. Please fix this.
This game is only enjoyable on Airplane Mode. Besides the ads, there's constant notifications saying stuff like IRONSOURCE NETWORK LOADING AD or IRONSOURCE NETWORK FAILED TO LOAD ADD -50XX. I bought the remove ads feature to bypass this issue and these stupid notifications keep showing. I want a refund.
Too many ads. Each 10-20 second level required a 30 second add inbetween. This isn't a game... it's an ad stream with interruptions for game play.
Game itself is fun, but to do anything after a while you have to watch ads, and there's an ad to start the level, or after ending it. Never both, never none.
I like this game, but every time you touch the play button there's an annoying AD, at least put an ad after every four games.
Way too many ads. Watch ad for bonus and then another to play level. I don't mind watching for a bonus... but to watch when i want to play? I watched more ad time than game time
Its a good game and very time worthy but it takes way to long to get money after the first couple of size upgrades I'm on area size x8 and it takes forever to get enough money it's going to take so much longer just to get my first block type change I think you should find a way to make it easier to get money, ex. Every level you complete you gain like 0.1-1% more coin bonus or something like that.
Ad trap. There is an ad before every level and overall gameplay is not worth the level of ads. Remove the banner ads and make the ads once per 5 levels and youll have a solid game.
This game is quite enjoyable but the amount of ads is ridiculous!! You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game
I wish I could enjoy the game but it gives you an advertisement between every level. Each level takes like 5 seconds then to do the next you gotta sit through a 30 second unskipable ad. Unless you wanna fork over the cash for no ads your not gonna have much fun.
This is a money grab with Ads. Every level is an ad. Thats a joke out right, I'm for supporting the developers but this is a joke. I could see if it was complex but its not. Nevermind you can't even remove the ads because the payment options are all stuck on loading. Probably going to be some BS payment option whenever it does load. Save the trouble and don't download.
Lots of ads and currently there's no way for me to make it ad free (which I don't mind paying for) but the button in game is broken and constantly "loading" so it's really slow progression and quickly loses my interest
The List Of Le Problems: 1-Ads Cause Ads Make A Terrible Game. 2-Your Ads Make It Harder For Me To Play Dan The Man. 3-Kinda Boring Cause There Is Not Much To Do. I Rated 5 Star Cause I Wanted It To Be Helpful. Plz Fix The Problems Of My List. -Magos Little Brother, Angel.
It was a fun enough game last time I played it, though you always had to turn off wifi/internet in order to play it properly. For most people thats a downside, for me it just means that I get to play more than most people. I give it only three stars because of the amount of ads last time I played it, but if you see past the ads it is quite a satisfying game to watch (never get triangles, they mess up the trajectory of your balls)
Works but every second a little popup appears saying, "IRONSOURCE/VUNGLE_NETWORK STARTED/FAILED TO LOAD AD" and it is still doing it AS IM TYPING THIS. SO NOW MY PHONE IS ALWAYS SHOWING A POPUP. VIRUS.
Add after every level or action, and half of the ads freeze the game, and they are 30 seconds long. Terrible. If there were no adds, it would be a good game.
Another perfect airplane Mode game!!!! It's hilarious how stupid people actually are, they cry about ads while they can simply turn them off lmfao
I understand ads in game, but that doesn't mean every round i would like to watch 10-20 sec of ads. Non ethical, ad skip not working
Garbage. I'm sorry, but it's not worth it. Literally just change the name of this game to "forced advertisement simulator 2021" and be done with it.
Can't even play the game with the amount of ads, even if I don't have connection they still seem st appear. Unplayable
I had this game a long time ago, and just recently discovered it again from an ad. I couldn't remember why I uninstalled it, so I got it again. I remember now. 20 seconds of content, followed by an upgrade screen. On said screen you have the choice to watch an ad for more money, or leave without watching it. Whatever you choose, you still have to watch another ad. More than half of your time in this "game" is spent in ads.
Its not a bad game to waste some time but when you play online you get forced to watch an ad when start a level as aposed to choosing to watch one for a boost. If you play this definitely play off-line.