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Oceanhorn ™

Oceanhorn ™ for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG located at Romanstr. 7-9 80639 Munich. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
BEST. MOBILE GAME. EVER. This game was my introduction to Zelda. At first, when I got past the Demo Island in the game, I was sad that I had to pay to carry on. But after being convinced that the game was going to be good, I bought it. The game totally lived up to the expectations that I had. It destroyed those expectations. Everything about the game was great. The story was was AMAZINGLY written, music was beautiful, and the graphics are great for mobile. Overall, TOTALLY recommended MUSTPLAY.
Honestly it was suspicious finding that every single one review was ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . But after playing the game I see it absolutely worth it!! great "Zelda" look alike game with nice features and concept design.
unable to play, every time i try and open the game it force closes it. I have tried re-installing and still does not work. Maybe an issue with bluestacks? I would like to play it...heard good things about it
it's not bad. camera view kinda makes me feel dizzy.. the control too. not that comfortable. but overall it's not bad.
I really like this game, I rate it four stars because you cannot play the whole game, you have to pay for it. I am 13 so I can't, I think I will ask my dad because I can only play for like 5 mins and then it is pointless. 😭
Honestly the most boring game I've played, Just running around hitting things, awfully easy puzzles, boring boss fights, low amount of content and a pointless level up system. Don't play unless you enjoy the less than mediocre
"Oceanhorn is a free to download premium game with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full version." So it is not free untill you buy it then it is free? Dont get your msg..
I hear that you can use a controller and that the controller is the only thing that has the ability to dash, I don't have a dash button in my controls, please make a update where it has a dash button or else I feel rip-off because what if you need to dash to obtain something in the game to progress. Please respond if you DO have a dash button.
I don't want to support dev that abandoned game and release sequel exclusively to other platform. I regret purchasing the game even though I really enjoy the game. I wouldn't even looks it's way if I know this is how Cornfox & Bros treat Android like this in the first place. I know it's not FDG's fault but I can't help rate 1 star only.
you didn't feel like making it obvious that this was a demo, and the real game is 7$? thanks for wasting my time and data.
This is an amazing game. I am waiting for the next one tha ks again. Btw, please consider removing/lowering the unlock price... Thanks again
I loved it. No regrets about getting the game. The game ran smooth. It had good controls. But if you're ever going to put Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. Please do so quickly! I've been waiting over a year for this! But, even though I beat the game. There was still many more things to do. I would say you put a lot of effort, TOO much I'd say. But don't get offended. It's a compliment.
the game is great, plays very nice but i had to buy it for the second time when the full game became an in app purchase. if you like Zelda games, this is what you're looking for
Excellent Zelda clone, a match for any Zelda. Apparently influenced BotW: Dark Beast Ganon is basically Giant Boar Oceanhorn. Cons: single fixed camera angle (even 1-2 others would help), jump is an item and not a dedicated button, need to grind even to get the coral sword "missiles of light" by lategame. Hope the sequel's great -- skeptical of the caster gun and the full 3-D. An AoL clone'd be baller! New bug: as of sometime since July 2020, starting offline can revert the game to trial mode.
wish I hadn't purchased this.. freezes. force closes. the general movement of the character is unresponsive at times. I want a refund!
Played this back in summer 2013. The musicand the storyline composed one of the best summers I've had in my life. Highly recommend the full game!!!
It was pretty interesting at first but then it gets too complicated someone needs to have a lot of free time to play this game but I mean a lot of free time. Sometimes you get stuck in tight corner you can get out cuz the character is not allowed to jump. So you are forced to shut down the game and start over. And sometimes you get glitches very annoying. waste of my money I regret getting this game.
(Tutorial) Game runs smooth, action RPG combat has good range and timing mechanics. The character movement is a bit lethargic, facing is difficult to control, and can't jump or climb. Also, not a fan of the character appearance, but overall good game graphics.
I really like the game especially the graphics but the joystick movement is really stiff and difficult to get to move easily in my experience.
The game is great. The puzzles are not really hard and the NPCs you meet are charming. I grew up playing games and it doea remind me of other games i have played but I feel that it just adds to the reasons i like the game even more. At very least try the free chapter and give the game a shot, hopefully you'll like it as much as i have.
Honastly its fine but pretty boring including the paid version if ur gonna ripoff loz atleast do something diffrent or intresting why should any one play this when the could just download dolphine emulator and play loz windwaker for free! Or get a n64 emulator and play ocarina of time one of the best loz games for again for free again not bad but barely worth the money
This is by far the best mobile game I've ever played. Well worth the $5.49, and then some. Runs smooth, great story and execution, very satisfying puzzles and map layouts to explore. Graphics look amazing. People who give this low ratings are just too cheap to support an awesome game developer, and crying that the full version isn't free. I really respect the developer for having zero ads and keeping the game clean and professional, and I'm more than happy to pay for the better experience.
Good games comes for a price... Great game, decent story, plays well, biggest of all no pay-to-win mechanics... Completely offline, so doesn't requires a persistent internet connection... People wish to get this for free, which isn't fair for the developers... I wish if the sequel of this game Oceanhorn 2 gets an android port... Keep up the good work dev team... Good luck
This game is really reminds me of zelda, and the graphics are cute and colorful vibrant, plus the music sounds on the game is very relaxing, gameplay wise, but sometimes it is very hard for me to move the character, virtual joystick would help though. One question: if I buy the full game, I can always install and uninstall it anytime? Without needing to buy it all over again devs??? It is one time purchase for the full game??? 🤔🤔
Amazing game. This is a $5 masterpiece that is amazing and affordable with great bosses and items. Just don't run out of bombs in the first dungeon or you'll get softlocked.(Review based on 3 years ago)
I love this game! Great job Cornfox! Want more! I really wish Oceanhorn 2 was on android though. Please consider putting it on the play store. But any way awesome work. I defently got my moneys worth out of that!
Awesome stort Awesome concept Great Graphics And everything is nice. Just it worths to be bought with money. I bought the full version amd it's quite satisfactory. Overall great game. Good job 👍👍👍
One of those rare gems of the play store, an exquisite find indeed! I just wish I could come across something like this but with more realistic graphics, more powerful/satisfying fight mechanic and stronger upgrade system. I just wonder why every time I come across these games they're always cartoon-ish and as if they were made for children. Give me Conan the savage sword where he tears the heads from his foes with his bare hands and cuts a path through hoards of demons wish his sword!👹🤺☠️💪🤦
The best game I've ever played. One problem - way too addicting. I would give this game 3000 stars if I could. If you haven't downloaded Oceanhorn, you don't know what your missing out on. Great gameplay and storyline, insane music and amazing boss fights. There are puzzles, multiple islands to go to, different weapons and magic to choose from, NPCs that you can talk and interact with as well as side missions that are not essential to the storyline but may help you greatly. Oh! And the graphics!
i played the unlocked cracked apk from AC market and still dont recommend this game to kids even tho theres a kid in game thumbnail. You get a sword and shield and bombs to use against enemies. Thats 75% of the game right there. The other part is very short load times between areas (really, why?) and some areas can be so large and so forth that it feels like playing an oddly made Tomb Raider 1996 clone just much worse. Controls: Hold your finger at the bottom left of screen and move it in circle
Well for 1 you can't just pay to play most of the game that's for other things, 2 if most of the game is locked by a pay wall make people pay for it you haven't changed that since 2013. Either make the whole game free or make people pay to download.
i want a refund , the game get stuck s all the time in black screen , i dont want it , i want my money baaaaaaack
Give more draw distante to character and there is no dodge action to avoid damage and movement button is like dragging the character back it is like we feel heavy to move character due to these it has low rating please improve these to make it great .
really great game i finished it in just 2 days.. i also found out that there will be an oceanhorn 2!! i wonder when will be the release date.. can't wait!
I noticed this game is on PS4 so I bought it there now, but if you want the mobile version then grab it here. Smooth gameplay and some seriously nice graphics. The game's story grabbed me from the beginning. Reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Nice little story. I wish I could go further. The controls were very difficult to deal with. It is easy to fall into a spike trap or to miss a shot when sailing due to the sensitive controls. I finally lost patience when I had to escort the girl through the cave. She would often stand in the way of monsters when I tried to attack.
You explore islands where you fight monsters and solve puzzles. Along the way you collect health and spells. The graphics are good but the music can get a little annoying. I played all the way to the end but got stuck on the final boss, but that's mostly because I'm bad at aiming with touch controls. But the game was still a lot of fun and worth the money.
I enjoyed the demo, so bought the full game, and played it for a while. Then I came back later and it tells me the area of the game I'm in is not available in the demo only the full game. There's no 'restore purchases' option that I can find, leaving me with a game I paid for but can't play. Very displeased.
I am totally amazed by the quality of this game. It is perfect in every ways from the graphics to sounds to the gameplay to the controls to the storyline. It should be the editors choice game if it hasn't been already. Truly a remarkable game !!!!!!!!! I am so hooked!!!!! A big thank you to the producing and creative team.
Buggy. Love the game overall. Right now I'm having an issue with a spell that is necessary to complete a puzzle. I've put 14hrs in and this is a barrier to continue. Very frustrating. It needs to send a heavy object to activate, and it just keeps sending light things. Give me a Rock! It used to only do rocks. I miss those days.
This is terrible a freaking full game putt a full version and we have a waste of time downloading this freaking game soooo lame!!!! Why do you need to freaking!! Putt a full game!??? Soooo lame if you put a full version that is free then we rate this game a 5 star
ive been playing this for almost 6yrs, its ok that i have to pay for it to play the whole game... and so i introduce this game to my 5yrs old son and we both love it... i know many android users love it too so how come you didnt release us the part 2 and only IOS users can only have it... ITS UNFAIR!!!
This scratched my Zelda itch and only for $5. Only thing that could make this game better would be a better fighting mechanic. other than that, great game for mobile.
Great game I havent downloaded the full version yet I would like to know if you can get different outfits as you play the game and or differnt swords and shields overall the game runs smoothly and it gives me legend of zelda vibes and yes im getting full version soon
The game is very good but the thing is the free version is a little bit short that is the thing about this game they need to add half of the free version soo makes it way better but sadly it was this short
Its a very pretty game i love it .i played full game . It is full of adventure of one boy of ancient ones. Only required that it should free all parts nat money requirements , otherwise it will get 5⭐, all islands are very mysterious having lots of finding staff , all four bosses are not bad get difficulties to defeat them by the way it was great experience. I can't forget it . Thanks to get or make this game
purchased the whole game. but im stuck at the beginning were it will say free version over purchase full game again and an error occurs that confirm i already bought the full game. help
it was a good storyline but it diddnt lead me to want more the free trial was good but it should be longer.i didnt buy the full game because i didnt think it was worth the money.
Hands on One of the best mobile games I have ever played. Good storyline and amazing puzzles. Had a blast playing it and would definitely recommend giving it a try. I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 after hearing that the sequel to oceanhorn is exclusively for apple arcade which really makes me sad. This means that to play oceanhorn 2, I'd have to purchase an IOS device as well as purchase apple arcade. Did not expected the developers of this game to take an action such as this.
I was a little late to the game, but I wanted a Zelda like experience. liked the challenges, puzzles, sword play, weapons, travel from island to island and ending with an epic batter. My only issue is I could not play this game without attaching a controller. On the mobile version there were tasks that were just too difficult. The mobile version doesn't give you the ability to dash, doesn't provide the broken compass and doesn't give the same store option as on the PS4 or steam platform.
Can't continue playing after I kill the last boss, I'm at 57% im not done yet and island i didn't make yet. When u finish the last boss it forces u to start a new game, u can't just go back into the game and continue......terrible idea
This is a fun game you can pick up and put down. Great to simply pass some time. I would highly suggest giving it a shot. Somewhat Gameboy era zelda feel, some decent puzzles, overall pleasant visuals, and decent story. I don't think anyone could really be that dissapointed especially for a mobile game.
Very impressive game in terms of graphics and how the gameplay flow, nice game (very addictive), can't wait to play the next version of the game (oceanhorn 2) wish to be available on android phones❤
The push action buttons were easy to operate except the free movement slide and the boat camera. The movement slide was the most horrible and disgusting to operate. It ruined most of the gameplay and story by not able move the character at random moments, randomly moves by itself, slows the character whenever you need to move quickly, and not moving at the right direction. The gameplay was tolerable where a few fixes need here and there. Otherwise the graphics and story is satisfying to play.
After a free trial , if you want to continue you have to pay for this . But believe me , your money is not wasting. The game is truly an amazing & epic , I've ever played. So, I suggest don't think too much & yes- Go for It ; you will love it then ...🔥🔥🔥
It's good but the full version is paid so nope I ain't buying it I'd rather buy a nintendo switch and zelda breath of the wild than playing a paid game that's not even as good as other games like zelda than playing a game that you need to pay for to play the full version.
A really great classic gameplay. I love that you will not be told about every moves, but instead solve the riddles on your own. Some puzzles are simple but some are quite challenging, which makes the gameplay even more fun. I wish more Android games offer this kind of offline gameplay. I don't mind spending money to buy those games as long as I can enjoy a true adventure.
Movement is difficult, would be better with a static radial. Also feels like the character is top heavy and turns in a big arc not on a dime like a regular person, making movement unsatisfying. The singular action button scheme makes interacting difficult and uncomfortable. The level design of the first area is constricting and claustrophobic. All in all, a game that could be worth it with tweaks or for people without preference for tight controls. Personally, I uninstalled after 15 minutes.
This game is incredible! Beautiful graphics, great gameplay, it's challenging and well worth the $5.49 I paid for it. I'd recommend this game to anyone. Well worth the money!
amazing game!! and I would love to buy the full version but I dont trust ingame purchases, cuz last time I made an ingame purchase the game stole from me and I dont want that to happen again, so can you make a paid version on the play store? I would love to buy it!
Excellent...closest to The Legend of Zelda. Though the battles are repetitive, except for the bosses and the challenge battles. 10 times better on the Switch console; well done for a phone app.
This is a good game with a great story and nice graphics. However, every shadow in the game looks like a shadow from window blinds. Also, it's a little hard to get used to the fact thay you can't jump, because the map is 3D and steps are low.
I paid for it but then uninstalled it by accident and am reinstalling it now, but it's trying to make me pay again. The gameplay isn't too amazing and isnt worth £12 total.
A stunningly presented game that unfortunately lacks focus and the ability to engage the player. What strikes me about Oceanbore is how incredible slow and dismisal almost every aspect of the game is, as though it is a purposeful attempt to make a game you regret getting. When I mean slow I mean everything from the story pace to the player's movement, he walks like he's either half asleep or has lead in his shoes. There is also very little in terms of wayfinding and the mystique of "adventure" leads to annoying obfuscation that leaves you wandering around aimlessly. Also who's idea was it to make you wait for the "fast travel" between islands. Don't buy it, try it, then forget you played it. Also beware, Google doesn't give refunds so be very sure you want a walking simulator where you don't fight anything and have no idea what's going on,
A good game, but has bugs. In particular, there are certain graphical 'artifacts' that appear randomly on many locations - huge white stripes across the screen, and a huge rhombus-shaped white thing in the middle of the screen when towers/sword shoot projectiles. I contacted the dev about it, almost a week has passed, still no response.
It's quite nice I had never been played this kind of awesome game before. But this said about purchase to buy the chapter 2 . Those who don't have account like me will not get chance to play?? 😬 If it was given a chance to play 2 like 1 in normal way then , I will be more happy.
I rate 1 star because i bought the expansion and now i cant seem to get in the expansion part again, this sucks! It would be nice to get a responce from the game makers, also i cant seem to find a way to get a refund. Very disapointed, because the free version is super cool!
Game is fun and all, worth the money. However I have to give it two stars as the Cloud Save option doesn't work properly and i constantly keep losing my save file but my achievements still show. It never goes past lvl 4 and it is very fustrating. Honestly not worth playing on mobile until this issue is sorted out.
Dont bother! Ripped off! Purchased the game and it was saving. Now it only has one game at level 3 when I was on 4 and had achieved 782 gems. Now I have 40. And asking me to purchase again! Uninstalling. Also the controls suck!
While this is a great game I purchased the full game nd now the games telling me to buy full version again so it's a good game... Actually no it's a great game but I rated to stars because the games asking me to buy the full version again and to the game creator please fix this for me and anyone else who's gone or going threw the same problem Thank you
I purchased the full game, was a little afraid it wouldn't meet my expectations, but it did. It's truly what they say it is and before I've seen a walkthrough to get 100% completion. This is worth the price. If you can afford to this game, give it a try. P.S.- I used PayPal, and this asks for access to your information, so guess you actually need PayPal for this to run.
I would give this a 4 and a half stars if Google would let me, "why not 5?" Well the game was clearly made for smaller phones bigger phones like mine are fixed to bigger aspect ratios(this is more mildly annoying) people like me have big thumbs I try to use the stick but the aspect ratio the game is running on pushes this stick to far towards the middle of the screen and so when you think you are running away from one of the little beatle looking, you are more or less furiously walking away
I give the game 4 stars because it is a really fun game and I play it a lot but what I don't like about the game is that the trencher boots let you jump one block forward but they can't let you jump up and forward I hope you can upgrade the trencher boots
I love this game! Great job! Want more! I really wish Oceanhorn 2 was on android though. Please consider putting it on the play store. But anyway awesome work. I defently got my moneys worth out of that!
what a fantastic little game. the controls are smooth but the movements are sluggish. graphics are nice and has a nice fable vibe to them. I recommend
It's a good adventure game. Just need missions more clear and rea I'm now stuck, cause I don't know what I need to do ;/ Otherwise beautiful game !
I like the game but only giving a 4 for the slide feature. Doesn't work well, slows down. Also wanted to point out that I was asked to verify my purchase when I resumed my original saved game and could not continue. I was asked to repurchase the game (I see other people also had this problem). To fix it I had to uninstall and re-install the game.
if you are a wind waker fan just don't install it, you'll be disappointed. You are better off playing the real deal instead of this pure copy
Awesome work,Love the story and game play.Umm I think that ultimately you could have made it free and charged for in game items,secret levels maybe merchandise.But I hate to get into something and run into road blocks.But super work I can dig it.
Amazing game but i just dont like the fact that you have to pay just to go on your first adventure but overall the game is amazing and i would love for number two of this game and i do recommend it i promise you that you will enjoy it. And also one more thing can you please add a joystick or a thing to make the character to move because it hard to just slide on the screen.
Very cool game, I think it was really worth the $5.49 I paid. I really enjoyed playing it, the graphics were great, the controls were a little off, hard to use, but whatever, you're never going to find a perfect game. I'm patiently waiting for ocean horn 2 for Android.
Not made for Android Touchscreen phones. This game is made in such a way that it cannot be used on Android Touchscreen smartphones. This is a console type game. The controls, the game screenplay and story, the bosses all are inclined towards console games. If you want to play this game on your cellphone, you better buy a separate controller for this..
The game is great, the in-game payment/unlock that makes it virtually impossible to play on a device with more than one account on it really sucks.
This game was very nice and awsome to spend time but unfortunately i was able to play it only 1 hour then i went to sleep and the folling day the game started to crash and take me to homescreen
The game is beautiful overall I should give it 5 stars but the problem is when you fall into a pitfall inside a cave you cannot go out unless restarting the game and sometimes when I restart it my save game just save in the pitfall so I have to restart my gameplay. Pls fix it so I could give it 5 stars because it deserve it.
I REALLY love this game. It was actually my childhood. This and minecraft. But srsly this game is SO fun with the touch controls. Its really simular to zelda and ive been a zelda fan since i was 5. That was 17 yrs ago man. Long time.
Excellent Zelda clone, about as good as any Zelda. You can see that it influenced BotW in a couple ways. Dark Beast Ganon is basically Giant Boar Oceanhorn. There are others but it's been a while. Cons: single fixed camera angle (even one or two others would help), jump is an item and not a dedicated button, need to grind even to get the coral sword "missiles of light" by lategame. Hope the sequel's great -- skeptical of the caster gun and the full 3-D. A Rygar/Faxanadu/AoL clone'd be baller.
I changed from one star to 5 stars. I realized you had to be high to whoop ass in this game! wish there were addons or a bigger version. come on guys give us a new updated game like this. I'll purchase right away if i have to! PEACE AND LOVE BRO!
So sad that it's not the full game. You should have upload it in full version. This game is just making us download it without knowing it's not the full game. You can only purchase the game by buying it. With that, im suggesting that game should have price(not free) so that others will not expect from it.
I like it, so does my 5 year old. However I've managed to get stuck between those square things that you can push and I can't kill myself and afraid that the game was a waste of money as I can't see a way out of this predicament.
I love this game! Honestly i wish it was free but the demo is amazing! It tells that the rest of the game is going to be Amazing! Although i didnt buy it still its great!
This game is amazing and one of my all time faves. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is bc I had 2 islands left to go. Not knowing any better I went to the island with the last boss and once there you are locked into fighting him. So I missed part of the content and it also puts you at a big disadvantage bc I could've gotten a useful weapon on the island I missed. You shouldn't be locked into fighting the last boss when you missed part of the game.
Awesome adventure, great graphics, unique and exciting missions, new abilities from time to time !! What more do you need !!! And did I mention the great story line and, easy but brain goggling puzzles!!!! This is by far one of the greatest android games of all time
Best game i played it three times. Beautiful graphics i seen ever and heart touching story. I am big fan of this game and waiting for its part 2 launch in android.
As a non-payer I didn't complete the whole game but I definitely appreciate the game play and story line. it first started a an anime opening and that's when it attracted me. This is the best open world game I have ever known. But I suggest to check on the subtitles as it sometimes mixes with the background.
don't understand the bad reviews,i downloaded the app and paid for it completed the whole game it's one of the best games I've played in a long time and I no issues for those of you who couldn't make progress u have to do everything they ask you to do and find going to one island to find something and bring it back to the previous to get the next mission and unlocking another island excellent game long and not to difficult 👍👍👍😁
Fun little adventure that reminds me of zelda. i played through the whole full version of the game, and the game extends pretty much as expected.
seems like a good game from what little i got to play. you really should put the part about it being a demo version at the top of the description though because i wasted my data downloading it just to find out you have to buy it if you want to actually play. if you like the legend of zelda then this is probably worth it since its just a gigantic ripoff of several zelda games. its like the grrat value brand of the zelda world, not the worst but still not the best. Worth paying $5 for though.
I don't compare this to LoZ at all. The second version on xbox and apple tv is much better than this garbage. You have to pay for the actual game. The second game IS MUCH BETTER! It's an addicting game with good visuals. (The second one not this garbage)
This looks like a good game but again when i tried downloading this game google was steeling my data, it will het to 99% then restart the download. This has happen other times with other games and also on other divices so its clear the culprit is google. Its unfortunate for the developer who misses out.
There is no ads, and micro transactions aren't aren't shoved in your face. This is a great Zelda inspired game and the graphics and gameplay shine.
I love this game but.... Well the Apple Arcade exclusivity for the sequel has shown me this company doesn't care about its consumers. Sadly recommending you avoid buying this. Shame as it is an extremely good game. One of my top mobile games in fact.
This is a very FANTASTIC GAME!!!! an addictive storyline and stylish music all should try it because it is a great game
THIS GAME ISNT FREE! You don't even get to do any sailing and you've got to pay for it smh might as well just put this game in paid category not free,, complete waste of my time. If I wanted to pay for a game I wouldn't be looking through free games just saying. I HATE companies or people that do this type of misleading, its just a type of lieing and you should be ashamed
You play the demo version it's good and then you go to purchase it but just for one time journey.you cannot continue to play it afterwards.such a waste of money .very disappointed.
Dont waste your time unless you're planning to buy the full game. The free part is only a short demo and it wont let you play past that. Great game, beautiful graphics but it's sad that you cant play more for free.
i have played this game before and forgot to rate this. I highly recommend this game if you like zelda and it have a decent good story. wish they could make a second game.
OCEANHORN™ game is good and addictive but need to open first! I played the first part and felt gameplay is good. But when I knew that it is not a free game & have to buy, I felt sad. It is said that it is *Teachers Approved, but with money, it is not fully approved. Many children don't know much about money and should click purchase and buy the game, later their parents will be in disturbance and sadness of money gone, from innocent ones. It is a v.good game but need to free first for 5 stars⭐
It is very good game to play☺️.Like storyline and bosses and cutscenes😌. I loved it so much😍. I will suggest you to try it at least once🙏. But the price is a little bit high🥺. So if you can afford it the play it☺️☺️☺️.
I love the game, especially while using an android controller. I love that I only have to pay once and don't need to constantly pay to progress.
Although a generally okay app, the gameplay is very repetitive and overall just boring. For those who have already played games from the Zelda franchise, I wouldn't buy it. A hefty price for a meh game.
Excellent adventure style game! The only loss of a star is how short the game is. This may be due to my level of play or enjoyment, but it seems shorter and shorter each time I play through the adventure. perhaps you could release a version with weekly adventures to complete within the existing maps to keep game play going.
What good is the "cloud save" if it doesnt work? PLEASE tell me I didnt pay for a game without a working cloud save...
Only played the demo but I enjoyed it. Have troubles with the controls on phone, but that's me being an old gimp. Would buy/10 if I had the money.
I really like its Nintendo style gameplay. It must be challenging to kids but I think the game is a little too easy for full grown adults.
I like this game, but the iner face visualy, was not able to enlarge, and they charge way to much for the extended game
Very fun adventure game with controller support and good graphics/gameplay. Definitely on my list of best mobile games period and there aren't that many imo. Serious Zelda vibes.
Absolutely love this game. Excellent graphics, controls and story line. Reminds me of Zelda. So much to do and discover. Highly recommended. Only thing is since updating to Android Pie the shadows seem like they're not rendering correctly.
Overall nicely done game. Although nearly unplayable as shadows are completely broken and I can see jumping ripped artifacts. They are very hard on my eyes. My device is oneplus 6t. Please fix it.
I have never seen this type of adventure game after android games come. Earlier i have played similar game like diamond rush, pitfall(jungle,glaasier,forest) in java phone. But this is a first good adventure game i played in my android... Very tricky puzzles good gameplay, stories....
Amazing game, it is worth the size. Plus one of the games I can actually spend my money on. It is an amazing rpg game and has great graphics.
It's actually pretty good. I have both android and console editions, and the graphics even are better than a lot of console games. The console version is almost the same price, but the controls are like 10 times better. It's definitely worth the price. Just one cool thing would be if you purchased it on another platform, you could maybe get a code or something and get the android edition free. Also, I hope Oceanhorn 2 will be availible for these platforms someday.
Console Quality Game! This is what mobile gaming needs. Console quality games very reminiscent of Zelda but unique enough to not just feel like a knockoff/clone.
I really liked the game until it started inabling me to move and showing me a message to verify my purchase ,but when i try it just takes me back to the title screen. Really pisses me off because i paid the $5.50 for it and i couldve spent that on a game thatll actually let me play it. So if the people who have control of the game see this, id appreciate it if you could reply to this or something and try to help me figure out what the deal is. Thanks
As much as I love playing the game, there seems to be no way to contact for help...and its frustrating to have spent so much time playing and then you get a regular key...which then disappears and there is no way to progress... what a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME AND EMOTION. NOT STARTING OVER. and yes ive checked walkthroughs...did it all, then no key to progress. maybe a glitch, but Never play this companys games again.
Amazing Game! I can't explain anything about it. I finished it after 13 hours 😁 This is the greatest Game on mobile. You should try it
I never liked mobile games on both apple and android stores. But since I played through this game it brought me to the days of my legend of zelda days, since I was a kid. I wish there were more simple and enjoyable role playing adventures games with this gameplay style. Other gays are basic and turn base. We need more like this.
Best game I've played on mobile so far by far. It's a great little game. I liked it so much I got it for my kids on the PS4. Highly recommend this game. Great.
Great game from the demo but won't pay for it since I've seen the oceanhorn 2 and hopefully it will come to android. I'll definitely pay for it and just to be honest you should just make it paid game instead a free trial in the game because the free trial is just way too short. For now, it just like evoland to me but in 3d mode all the time, really hope for the oceanhorn 2
You can't find a Nintendo switch, this is the game for you. I wanted to buy a switch for to COVID 19 and they're all sold out. Just wanted to play something that's not standard Android/iPhone garbage. I searched for Bastion (amazing game for console... Amazing) and Oceanhorn popped up. I'm hooked. Normally I cannot stand cellphone games cause they're limited. This game is it. Graphics are solid. Gameplay is great, controls are good (I'm not playing with a controller), and it's RPG. Buy it!!!
This game was just amazing!please guys download this game if you're willing to spend some money.This game is complex,amazing journey and story is waiting for you guys love it!!😍😍😍 probably the best RPG game in android.Just completed this game and I'm blown away superb guys just love you,those who play,who created,who praise it and if you didn't played this what you've been up to your whole life!!!
I was shocked that I did not know about this game years ago. It looks cool and all and I would gladly buy a full version if this game would utilise my whole note 8 screen cause these black bars on the sides are huuuge. But since developers abandoned this game.. last update 2 years ago it's really sad that I will not be able to experience all greatness that this has to offer.
Completely disgusting. How dare you compare this trash heap to the LoZ series. Controls are awful and slow, assets are an ugly would-be rip off of LoZ games, puzzles are somehow simple and tedious all at once, and to even play past the tutorial you need to pay. Not even addressing the abysmal "story" and characters, as well as the terrible sense of mood and feel the devs have, this mobile game is an embarrassment. If I could give no stars, or even negative stars, I would. 0/5
high graphics setting shows distorted shadows, so medium quality has to be enabled instead. full screen support would also be great, but it doesn't work for this app. this game needs to be updated, then I might consider paying for it
Played demo. Liked it well enough so purchased the game. Played for a little bit, but now the game doesn't recognize the purchase and won't allow me to continue. Seems like wasted money at this point. Don't purchase this game, but if you want a 30 minute diversion play the demo.
This is the most beautiful looking game I've ever played on any device. What I really love about it is that it allows you to use your PS4 controller and it's just so easy to get used to the controller. Another thing that I love about it is that, it's a very long game. I've been playing for 10 hours so far and I am not even half way. I think that that will depend on how smart and quick you are at playing and solving the puzzles. When are you releasing another game like this one ?
does not save data. if you switch phones a lot do expect much in terms of that. even though it says it does. its a decent game though
This game looks good albeit a Wind Waker ripoff, but none the less interesting. I will say the on screen controls brought me down. I'm going to see if it has Bluetooth controller support before I consider buying the unlock key.
I wouldnt mind playing this game if it was free with options to purchase coins or other in-app purchases. I felt the trial was pretty short and I have no motivation or desire to purchase or continue. Maybe if the trial was a little longer to where you can begin to actually experience the story it may be more compelling to encourage more ppl to buy the game.
The game good but problem is the free trial is so short but no bad the full story is amazing finally the boy meets his father not mother so sad but you don't add boy name sound that was boring you have to make it 😉 good story and nice graphics best marvelous game 👌 😎 and please 🙏 make oceanhorn 2 android 🙏
I love ocean horn but I wish that we wouldn't have to buy the full game, I know that games are mostly like that you have but it but can't a little bit of the full game be free like when your sailing on the boat and fighting a little? I really like the game it's fun but sad that he really never saw his father, I hope that others may want to download this game.
I originally own this game on my Nintendo Switch. It's amazing Zelda-esque gameplay and style always keeps me drawn in to the game! Replay value : Extremely High! Also, to any fans of any of the Zelda series, I would most definately reccomend!
I'm absolutely sick of paying for this game!!! Everytime I change phones, not Google accounts. But yet, still have to pay for it. Everytime. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME if you change phones a lot. You will have to pay for it each and every time. SHOCKING!!!!
very good game but theres a glitch on my game load... trying to get through to get the fire spell but when i push forward the block thing, there isn't enough platform for me to move forward, I did look on YouTube for advice but all the YouTube videos show that theres enough platform to move forward after moving just one block forward, not for me! can't believe i spent £5 to get this far and find a glitch?!?! please advise what i can do without restarting? or offer me a refund!
It's a great game but I wish that the full game was free and the running physics sometimes he would just stop and go really slow. Thank you for your time :)
Not a big fan of the touch controls. Honestly an amazing game but the mobile platform holds it back. I'd play it on the switch if I were you and the sequel is also out on the switch so you can play oceanhorn 1 and 2 back to back!
awesome! A classic zelda-like adventure with some great new ideas. Super fun to play and kept me busy for a good long time.