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Ocean Splash: Puzzle Games

Ocean Splash: Puzzle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's pretty much like every other match three game. Except, the unending advertisements come on at such a loud volume regardless of having the volume off or turned way down. So after about the 3rd or 4th audio assault, I am uninstalling.
Since the new update, game won't open . I am disappointed. I was enjoying the game so much . Please fix this.
The game was fun and challenging for awhile but as you get to higher levels there are too many glitches to allow a player to advance. All about paying money to buy enough coins to advance at that point. Computer does change the number of plays you have and goes to ads in the middle of play. There are better games that follow the matching objects theme than this, imo.
...It's a matching game. No points for originality, but I must say the game is exceptionally smooth and snappy. As an amateur programmer, I really appreciate it when a developer takes the time to do a good job. Gameplay-wise...there isn't a lot of strategy involved, mainly because every move triggers such a massive chain reaction that the board is completely different afterward.
Nice bright graphics and straightforward gameplay. Pure match 3 with no lengthy story attached. Update: I've played dozens of other Match 3 games, but this is the only one that has stayed on my phone. It is the perfect Match 3 game for me. Very challenging puzzles, simple and unobtrusive music and sound effects, and regularly updated with new levels.
Good game , had a glitch but this company responded politely. This is a great matching game with oodles of levels. I've passed the last level, they added today's last level is 1240....passed it! ADD MORE LEVELS GUYS
I have played many match three games and this is by far the best one yet! I even leave the sound on because the popping off the bubbles is appealing! Would give it ten stars if I had that option!
Been having issues for days. It freezes when an ad tries to load. So before you can even play one level it tries to play an ad. Game stops responding and have to close app. 1 week and one update later and the ads are still not loading half the time! Can't play once the ad fails to load the game freezes! Fix please!!
Its a fun little game in the beginning. It gets harder. My complaint is not giving you ANY WAY to aquire some semblance of points/coins to use when your up against a roadblock. I've never seen a stingier game. Move on..... Gummy drop is a better game.
Sucks!! This game is rigged against player. No reward given 4 winning rounds/levels. Spin wheel rigged, always lands on the 1 coin reward, rigged, skimpy; not even a handy helper reward, none given thru-out levels!Rigged so player can never 'select' the 1 of 3 so-called 'gift' boxes which only appear every 10 or more rounds, that contains the largest prize of only 3 coins, player may manage very seldom to pick the 1 that contains 2 coins, but NEVER the box of 3!! Even the buy pkg is skimpy!
This is actually a good match 3 game.... it's a challenge but also a good learning experience lol. You do not have to watch the pain in the butt ads just for a short time because you can back out of them, that's a plus....it reminds me of " The little Mermaid movie ". Conc shells are a cool as hell.
One of my little kids made several unauthorised purchases on this game whilst playing with the phone. I submitted a request for review but they took $80 from my account. I would strongly advise not using this app...even though the game is ok. 🀬 Cook Apps owe me over $100.00 for unused credit and will not return the money I would not download any game as they are a rip off
Again, I started playing this game after work to relax while watching television. The entire time the ads are political. I tune out with games to get away from the chaos of the world, but I've watched the same 2 video of President Trump and Cindy Hyde-Smith on this app for hours now. I'd give it a 0 star if possible.
This is a fair game. It doesn't cheat you or force you to buy things to move on to the next level. Yes there are a few commercials however for the most part after a few seconds you can tap on the X and get back to the game. After all the creators should get paid for creating a fun game. Well done :)
I absolutely love this game. It's challenging and fun to play. It's a great time killer. You get so wrapped up in playing it that you forget all about anything else going on around you. I recommend this game to anyone looking for this type of game to play. It's engaging and never boring. It makes you wanna pass each level to get all the rewards and find out what the next level is like. Thank you for creating such an awesome game !
I normally love Cook games however this one has a ad that I can't get out of. I tap the x to go out when it's done but it takes me to the play store. Fix it and I'll be back. Uninstalling for now.
Thought this game would be better than many of the other "pay to play" games, but sadly I was mistaken. Played level 18 numerous times (and used all my boosters), and still couldn't get more than 2 stars. This is the second game from these devs that I have uninstalled in the early phase of the game for the same reason. I think it's time for me to automatically pass over any game by these devs. It's a shame as the graphics are nice, but I am on a limited (disability) income, and cannot afford it.
4 stars for nice graphics, fun play for about 79 levels, and not completely annoying ads. But not 5 stars because of total frustration for the last 4...just can't afford to "pay to play"...
It a nice relaxing game enjoy a lot and any age can play 😊 I suggest everyone try it you will have fun
This game is a great one to learn on. It gets progressively more challenging a little at a time. Makes it an enjoyable experience instead of being so frustrating that you end up spending money or deleting it off your device.
A fun match three but it is very hard to "X" out all the ads. Could be made easier but I will give you a 5 star for the game play! Thank you and I will hang in until my patience runs out!!
I guess my settings on my Kindle just don't work for this game. It's fun, but I can't get full potential for this game and can't get ads to get my free shots to end games. So I will uninstall.
It's a fun game but how do you earn your coins? Every time I push the free coin comand it tells me the ads are not ready. When it does go to an ad, watch it and never gives me the coins. Nothing to work for is getting pretty boring.
Fun relaxing way to end the day, with all that's going on now. Takes your mind away from other things. THANKS! !
Lol this is the same game as the treasure match game. Which is fine. Its a good match three and good for over a hundred levels before becoming to hard and costing money to continue.
Haven't been playing the game very long but so far good. There is a lot of advertising between games, but other than that it is an OK game to play.
I could live all the annoying ads until they started serving ads that you cant exit out of. I had to restart the game every time. Bad, bad, bad.
The game itself is fine... A typical match 3 thing... But coins are just about impossible to get without spending real money and when you DO get a chance to acquire them (once a day from what I can tell)....you only get two or three which isn't enough to do anything with. The graphics are pretty cool though... (I like them, anyway)
If was fun for awhile, then a couple of problems popped up. I'm guessing this game doesn't play on Kindle very well because it's off kilter, so to speak. I can't play the bottom row because the help tools are in the way. But also, when it gives me the option to have free plays if I watch an ad, it keeps telling me ads are still loading for several minutes. I've loaded and reloaded several times, so I'm done with this game. It is good, though.
Parts of board overlap each other. Can't see full extent of the page. View is only long ways of phone.
Your games have become lame, 3 of your games are exactly alike. My favorite games was water splash but I had to quit playing because the game hadn't been updated in years, a lot of bug issues. And you started putting ads in.
It's a really good game for a while. I'm past level 300 and now it's just been repetitive and has been for quite awhile
You can actually see the game being controlled by the computer. It makes sure you have no chance of advancing farther than they want you to go. 18 lives and every booster you have to clear a normal level match 3 game. come on now. Matching 3 liked colors or shapes is not rocket sience. And please stop trying to get me to buy pay as you go games.. I gave google play a bad revue and now it's gotten even worse the game is very glitchey now and packed with even more ads for thier newest game
Enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I'm on level 160 i clear it . But cant get pass it if anyone does please tell me how, i been trying for two months. I did tap the updated one today still have problem please can this get fixed I ready like the game. Thank you Sorry I'll Delete game.
Like so many games: you start off winning a lot but then it hits a level you can't get it past unless you pay. I uninstalled it and will continue to uninstall any app that isn't up-front from the beginning. I don't care for apps that lure you. I don't have a problem paying for apps, but I won't ever buy one that utilizes sneaky tactics.
The adverts are getting hella ridiculous. Gameplay is always shaky because of ads. HUGE data and battery hog. Uninstalling.
Not sure what suddenly happened to my game, but now when it loads, it displays the levels list, but nothing responds to taps except the ad at the bottom of the screen. Really disappointed because I was really far in the game.
brings up ads, when the ads are done, can't dismiss them and move on to the next game without shutting down computer and restarting. To be fair, I don't know if it's this game or just this lousy chromebook computer.
It is decent, like just about every other Match 3 type game can be. Even ocean themed ones. Regardless one thing that lowers the otherwise perfect score, is that there is no way to disable hints. Let us have time or at least the option to look and see for ourselves the next move. Don't hold our hands doing it.
I downloaded the update a few days ago and ever since then, it won't load the ads you can watch for more moves. It needs to not come up as an option if you can't use it.
I would recommend this game as a classic example of the pay-to-win match three genre. It's just a re-skin of the same type of Vegas-glitz loud, fun puzzle that starts out simple and quickly becomes impossible to win without opening your wallet.
Updating rating . Gave 5 star in past . Give 1 stars now due to new double increase in annoying aweful ads please do something about it , if you choose to continue this approach to ads I will delete the app
Ads are skippable, and the game doesn't do addictive, casino-style extortionary microtransactions like some other games *cough*(CandyCrush)*coughcough*. That's all I wanted. And the sound effects are satisfying, with no high-pitched "GREAT!!πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸŒˆπŸŒŸ" after every dang combo.
I wasn't able to get past level 1300 so I don't know if it and I couldn't update it for more levels. I don't know what that was about I'm not playing the game anymore.
I play ocean splash everyday! Thanks for sharing!! I am a bit dissapointed when game asks me if i want to double my winnings for the round and i do the request...then sometimes i do not get the bonus..,but, i am still very pleased about playing!!!πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸŒ πŸŒŸβ—β—β—πŸ’žπŸ’‘
Starts off fine ..the higher you go it freezes and you can't move onto next game ..can't get out of the ads and got sick of All the fake money grab ads about obese people losing weight by drinking some concoction. Robbing people of $$$$ with stupidity ...good bye
I like this game. Wish it would let you put your items where you want instead of getting randomly placed. Then I would LOVE it.
Quicken loans as come up and there is no way to get rid of them unless you close the game completely. Other than that, good time liller
A fun match three but it is very hard to "X" out all the ads. Could be made easier but I will give you a 5 star for the game play! Thank you and I will hang in until my patience runs out!! I am still giving you a 5 star as you have fixed some of the problems but I am still having trouble reading some of the material due to the size of my android screen. But game play is still alot of fun! Thanks for that!
It wasn❜t five minutes before a menu appeared with outrageously priced –and necessary if you want to continue on- items was shoved in my face. And again, with the bombardment of hints☑ Give us the option to disable them😠⚠⚠⚠