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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Birdy Dog Studio located at Moscow, Profsoyuznaya st., 110-k. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can say that when I needed help these guys did so in the fastest way possible.I would really like if the automatic Aiming button was still around. The controls of this game is not good enough to not have auto or assisted aim. I like the new look but I don't like how some things now take longer to make every time I build it. I see many new things in the game and like it, yet I'm worried about the future of this game. This was a good example of how games should be, but lost a bit of the spark.
There is ads inside the game but google play did not make the tag under the install button. The game basic resources like rock and fiber is hard to find because it's randomness. The depleted tree did not reset unless you re-open the game. Fishing is in the middle of the ocean while swimming is ridiculous and also the fish is rarely appear. I have snapdragon 712 which can perform high end games and can't stand the max resolution of the game. Overall: it is obvious the dev only want your money. โ˜†
This is very Good But A big problem is this it's Graphic are totally weak. In the Game you will see a tree in which you can also see behind a lot of trees. It confuse us so we can't play with fun.
I like the game but could you maybe add rain and a water collector, So we dont die of thirst that easy. Maybe you could add a little leaf and stick hut that you can build. (I forgot the name of it.)
The game is amazing just wish it had more places to explore and it cost less gas to get from one Island to the other. very fun game wish that I could find how to get those coins easier, wish you could build on the already built places like the garage but it doesn't matter because it just makes it so that I will have to make my own from scratch which provides a greater game experience, love the game wish there was a second with a little more in it.
Hello I've been playing this game for about 2 years now and I love it but I'd love it if you updated the game a bit better like different animals to hunt or new food types anything would be great,it's a great game don't get me wrong but it gets boring doing the same thing over
I love this game, but there's a bug thought, you can't hit animals until 4-5cm away from you and the predators can walk on water so it's not that easy to get away that easily but it's still a great game though ๐Ÿ™‚
The problem is that there is no multiplayer to have friends to goin,but if you will update version 3.00.9 to make it a multiplayer version i will give a full star !๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
I think there is a problem in the game . The bow was better than present crossbow . When I shoot a arrow I have to wait for reloading . And in that time my tagret like deer escapes And predator like fox attacks . Very sad about that . But this game is the greatest survival game . I love it . And I would be very happy if we can earn coins by watching videos .
Its okay that I found my items in my inbox, but the items that I haven't taken out there before the last update is gone. Some of them I bought with coins from watching ads.
Ok. Its an ok game, but you loose almost everything when you log off and back on, even after saving. I saved and signed out, came back a few hours later and i lost 30 cans of gas, 5 stacks of wood, 20 rope, 10 cloth, my clothes, fiber, metal axe, pickaxe, and my machete. All if it was in a chest.
Pretty good if you like grinding all day and making sure you have spare tools because oh boy they break really fast. At first that was annoying but then got used to it. Please add more durability to everything. And also, why is charcoal so common yet there's only one use for it and that's building red brick. Please add another use for charcoal. May I suggest, making charcoal as a flammable item meaning it counts as fuel.
Amazing game but๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ .1 please make coins more accessable like every after a level we can be given some coin.2 please add more cars like trucks, SUV and many more.3 please improve the controls for the car and in the boat please fix this. please
I do like the game but acquiring fiber is much to harsh you can only get it from trees when you chop them and no other option for getting fiber for example getting by shredding a log. If it had that and didn't glitch on the energy bar I'd have given it a little higher rate
this an awsome game I love how when your by a dangerous animal you ataked but you have to run as far away as posible to servive.
This game is the most amazing survival game , the graphic is good but less loot , and also if spark plugs and all the car parts can be rebuild, i will be happy ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
It was a great game untill i crafted the colt twice and then some how the gun just disapeared twice. Its not on my gun bench, not in my back pack, not anywhere in my inventory. Im so bumbed out im thinking of just deleting the game now. I spent hours mining the rock, and it took an hour to melt the rock into metal and then another 18 mins to craft the gun, and it just disapeared If anyone can help me with this problem please help! If not then Ill just delete the best game I ever played.
I like the game. Just the stuff is a little bit too much. Like just one stool is like 1000000! Wood planks. It's just too much. This is getting a little bit long. But I'm saying that you should turn down the prices. Cuz that is a little bit unacceptable. Yes unacceptable I said it! I might just uninstall the game. No game has the right survival stuff that I need. I crave a good game. A game that allows me to survive. Without high prices. I hope you understand.
Love it. However for some reason soil is not showing anywhere on my map, very frustrating. Otherwise wonderful game.
I like the game, but it seems like i loose everything when it updates. I havent played for awhile since i got a new phone. I saved my game on my old one and it didnt transfer to my new one.
Horrible update in this new update even though they tell us there are zombies only hornet island it is false. They are also there in farmer's island. I saw it myself. It was right in front of my house. It even killed me. Zombies can appear anywhere they want in any island. Birdy Dog Studio is wrong about them being found only in Hornet Island.
Is a great game but... most of the stuff you craft costs a lot of wood, stone or other things. Another thing is when you get coins from videos, half of the videos dont even give coins. Also, you can't linked it to facebook, or anything so if you do let's say buy something and accidentally delete the app, your money went down the drain.
Buggy nightmare. Can't hit animals from 4cm away yet they can attack me from over a meter away, predators pass through the walls of my building and can run on water so there's no getting away from them, food and health kits don't even replenish you enough to justify getting them, and half of the resources aren't even in the game (looked online to find clay and soil and there simply not where they're supposed to be on other people's games).
So much addictive game. But have graphic bugs like Rabbit name doesn't show on killed rabbit and I can't get its meat. Animals are floating above 5 feet high sometime. And animals half body can move through walls. Please fix it.
This is a really great survival game, the only problems I have are 1. You lose items you pay for with real cash, if you die (really don't like that) 2. You barely get any fiber when you cut trees (you need a lot to craft other items) 3. The map is practically useless **edit** Paid for another gun to kill zombies, got killed and went back for backpack and it wasn't there. Don't waste your money!
The graphics are cool, but pls make it multiplayer. Me and my friends would love to play this together! Also, please fix the Fiber thing. You can hardly get any and its quite useful.
This was the best game ever. When it got updated and looked awesome, I was really happy. The only thing I'm sad about is that since the update came out, my save data got completely erased on my Dad's phone. But, it's ok. Great game.
I am very disappointed that after the update that there is now no watch add available to get free 10 coins but I don't want to pay for and purchases in this game so can you please put the watch adds back in.
Real nice game till you get attacked while in a menu and lose all your stuff so ok gotta go get your stuff back but cant attack the animal that killed you so ya die AGAIN and completely lose everything you just did....stupid
So far I'm enjoying this game and have been playing for a full day. Only issue I'm truly having is with cooking meat on the campfire. I know how to put wood in the slot to get it to light up but I try to put my meat on and doesn't work. How do I cook my meat?!?! Only complaint I'm having and not even a game complaint, I'm sure it's user error. Can somebody explain how to cook meat on the campfire.
Changing my review from a 5 to a 1 due to a recent update! I recommended a lot of people to play this game a they feel the same as I do as we lost a lot. As I'm speaking for myself, I lost more than half of my stuff I had in inventory as well as I have to rebuild my 3 story house! Let alone when I have to tear down most of my home due to where you guys screwed me up on the update...I am not able to retrieve the materials like I was able to before. I even put over $200 into this game! I emailed..
Good game now I've got used to it. Graphics are good. Both me and my son play the game and we thought it would be cool if there could be a multi player. So both me an my boy can play together.
That's a good game graphics are great and controls are very smooth that's a great game in all survival games available on playstore so I am giving five stars I hope that other players like this game I suggest other players to try this game and I also suggest you to try its next part as well its next part is not survival but its open world I hope that you will like it's next part too
Bug problem with crafting barret ammo in gun bench it's icon is a p90 and says item ammo-barret please check id for barret ammo.I want to use the barret ammo!๐Ÿ˜•but I still like your game alot but one update just if there was a multilayer and survive with your friends!make sure to check all the game id's are complete!and ok!and some thing nicer update that can be added to next update remeber the update from 3 years ago where you can find a bunker with password people would like that for๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
this game is impossible. it takes ages to find resources to build an axe then you cant find any water and die it's impossible. once a boar finds you he will keep following you and biting you till you die. there is no knife at the start of the game like most people say. you have nothing at the start. its incredible tough trying to find all the resources without dying. theres not enough water bottles anywhere you energy runs out so quickly too. it's such an infuriating and agitating game.
Love the game but I want to be able tok take the boat between the islands. For some reason there is a invisible wall stopping me limiting my ability to get I'm important supplies like dirt I can't find on farmers island. Fix this please.
Sort of fun to play, (except the collecting sticks and rocks part) but it doesn't really have any overall goal other than leveling up. Deleted the game because when getting killed by a bear, the backpack was irretrievable and I lost 4 levels worth of crafted items.
I think it's a really good game I love the graphics and all that stuff but a crossbow seems a little off with the site and is really hard to get food or water other than that it's a great game
i really love the game in general however after the last update i lost some of The things i had or made like my sledge hammer and other things... also after the last update if i don't have space in my inventory the things i mine or get are just completely gone instead of dropping to the ground... i had grown onions but the two slots for onion and it's "seeds" were full so when i harvested it i lost the seeds and just got the onions.. i hope you fix this and is there anyway to get them back?
This game is great so far liking new update ,graphics..Do wish we still had auto am for guns though..an wish could add more than one rottweiler on an island..tried an it would let me add two to an island..Though its a great game yall are doing a great job..
Helll. I loved thos game. But them I found our a zombie was after me. I was relaxing, sipping away my morning coffee, and then all of a sudden a darn zombie appeared. My heart rate went up. It really scared me. I thought this was a somewhat realistic game. GUESS NOT. Please make an option to eliminate zombies. Gracias.
Hi somebody help me to explain this game the help in the setting cant help me to know what this game really is..I've spent a lot of time collecting woods and stones but I cant see where are the other materials should be found all I see are banana,wood,stone,drinking water that's it ...its very fun in this game but if this will happen the gamers feel bored thats it
Everything is great but it need more updates more often bc I started to get bored of this game and like you can't watch ads for coins also I can only play for about 10-30 minutes before getting bored so add some new stuff but otherwise ok game and please fix the bug where u can't chop down trees more then once and then have to leave the game for more trees
Too much good game ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡. In it, graphics, bird sound, real environment so, i love it. But, I want a bike and plane in the game in next version to Birdy Dog Study. So plezz add these thing the game.
Like the game but you can't get coins anymore, and please get rid of the zombie, s they walk like zombies and then run at you so fast,there is no need for them.
Theres a problem when I fire the crossbow at certain animals, it's a direct hit but when the arrow hits them it seems to glitch through their bodies ๐Ÿง. Also how can I build? When I try the place the wall the bottom won't work/it won't place.
Its fun the graphics and the weapons but this is a hard game like if your crafting a stone axe you need 25 woods! and 15 stones! even in guns like a one sack of gun powder in 1 ammo! i wish to this game that could be a little easy so I'm gonna give this 4 star
Impossible without spending money. If the wild animals don't kill ya, you'll die of starvation or thirst before you can collect the necessary resources to hunt, and if by some chance you do manage to get a crossbow and arrows, the deer are Soo skiddish that you can't get close enough to them to shoot them. Oh and when you finally do, and you manage to hit your deer, it runs off. So you chase and blow thru all your arrows and resources and still have nothing to show for it. Don't waste your time
great game but you should have a start off with more metal just in case your boat breaks also I found a glitch my game my boat gets stuck are you always go to the island with the fuel thing and then when I go to the other island with the car not the starting Island but the other Island my boat just gets stuck I think it's a glitch
It is a good game, it has good graphics, but it is too hard to get all the things that you need to survive, if you don't have money, then you'll die, you can't kill enemies from a long distance, and if get close to them, they'll kill you.
this game is amazing and deserves 5 stars. I used to play the game time ago and wanted to return to it, but the new update is straight up horrible!!! :( every change I noticed yet is awful and ruins the whole game for me. but the worst is how the hut and everything got removed on farmer island! It was my favorite! and It doesn't even let me build it back myself, so basically you don't let people try to do something about this horrible update. PLEASE actually FIX IT SOMEHOW.
I was loving the gameplay. Graphics was ok. Then I drowned my car and needed to respawn it. Then I realized that I need gold coins and there's no way to get them unless I buy them with real money. Alas, uninstalling....
This is a wonderful game. Controls are awesome and simple gameplay. Those who wants to get the feeling of survival on isolated island this is a great game. Few updates required: while destroying building atleast half of the material should be retained, commands for dog, ability to climb trees. And Rewads for level up should be better like gun/electronic chip or iron bars/ plastic etc. Keep going.... good luck.
The game is amazing ๐Ÿคฃ , it is hard Like you Live in Ocean in real Life for, example: you Like to go to Coral island you need to ride a boat, But my problem is if the boat gas are empty where will you get a gas of your boat. Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ !!!, this game is very bad than other games. But, Don't worry i Like,Love,Enjoying,satisfy,very proud of it. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜ for making this very famous ๐Ÿค‘ and flamingo ๐Ÿ˜‰.
Too hard now. I've played this game since the very beginning. Every 6 months I pick it up again to see what's new. The loss of ads to gain coins is a big deal because you must make in game purchases to have any fun. Zombies are at every loot site now. That's not fun. Predators guard your backpack when you die. Also, not fun.You have to know to tap on the big island while sitting in the boat to get there. Good graphics upgrade though. I am disinclined to keep playing because its just too hard.
This is a very good game.but in which many things are not found like a microchips,cements,pug doges,car pants. And In game which aim of all loot pleases. Thankes
would have been great if this game would work with my blue tooth keyboard but all it does is the left and right arrows makes the char look up and down very weird if you fix that ill play this all the time. Update: Still waiting on this fix...
Really good game, it's just really hard to kill animals. I don't know if it's because of me playing on android Samsung Galaxy or it's the game, also it says that I can't download it on my device. Anyway, please get back to me or try to update it. I have also seen reviews were they say they any updates, and there is no responses from you're company to people's responses like other games.
I Always Wanted To Find a open World Survival game so thanks for all them updates. I love how you can adjust the graphics like the grass. because now i can find rocks and sticks a whole lot easier.
Its a good game but it wont let me get to the other island im stuck at the spwan one and it goes half the way and i run in to a wall it stops the boat and i cant get past it when i swim
This game is good, however I always have trouble about sleeping, I can't sleep because I don't have the so-called 'coins', I think this will be better when you delete 'skip' button on bed in the upcoming update, that's why I gave 4 stars.
Very good game! I really liked it's a fantastic survival and fighting hostile mobs seems like there's some glitches and very hard to get resources but still funny for me and I listened now that there's second game so I'll try it right now!
Graphics are amazing for a game on your phone. Controls are good too. But there are simply no resources. You only get a lot of wood from trees. But that's it. You have to search the entire island for some stones and are still not enough. Couldn't build much as the island very quickly ran out of stone. Not sure if it was a Glitch in my game or something the developers did to make it challenging. But it was unplayable. So I Uninstalled it.
One of my favorite apps in the Google play store! Very addictive! I spend most of my time on this game! Thanks to the creator(s) for creating such an enticing setting to spend our time in with all the craziness we now call "the norm"!โ˜บ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜
nice game not gonna lie, but its quite a bit buggy and some animals just phase through the wall and solid object same goes for the monster.
The game has good controls and good quality graphics. I just have a problem. Can you please explain how to cook using bonfire. There is only one slot for adding the item in which wood is added to light fire. So where to add the ingredients? When I searched in online, I got the results saying there was two slots one for wood and another for the raw meat. But for me there is only a single slot. Is it the problem of my device or a bug?
Great game it seems pretty good only just started but im have a texture glitch with my truck as soon as its in my feild of vision my textures all mess up and i cant see anything and as a result i ended up driving off into the water behind the house i built and now i cant look at anthing in my house its not cool was wondering if i could recive any help with this
While the game is ok for what it is, needs a better respawn rate for resources or even better make all the landscape usable for different components. Clay from soil for bricks, sand for glass, seashells or sediment for composite media, charcoal can be used for medicine as well as components for filtration, dye and a multitude of other things. Theres potential! The controls could be better and moreso with customization. List is long.
Good game. But i am facing a problem . Even i reinstalled the game and started from scratch. I am not able to craft MP-5 gun even after crafting gunbench. Everytime when i approach to bench and open the crafting option. It Shows only handmade Gun and Handmade Carbine can be crafted ( i havnt crafted them yet) but when i click on MP-5 it shows you need a Gunbench. I am still on respawn island. Please help me
It is only for 4 star because 1. First of all a online mode should be added. 2. More mode of transport like trains or helicopters should be added. At last the game can be awesome if a online mode can be added ..... Thank you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Great game, although im having alot of trouble creating a new one. See i wanted to move to the other island but i left some stuff on the small island, but by the time i was gonna go back i didn't have any gas left so i wanted to restart the game, but im having difficulties with getting to the main menu. Do you have any advice?
the game is alot of fun. Since the new update its still fun. But alot is missing. An i mean alot. An now you caint even cook food anymore. I used 50 pieces of wood tryin to cook 1 fish. An yet i still have the uncooked pomfret. Why did the update break the food cooking mechanic of the game?
I actually like this game but im only giving 2 stars bc when i die and stop playing then start playing again all my stuff is gone. Completely everything. No backpack to find. This also happen b4 and was the reason i stopped. Its hard to want to play if i have to keep starting over.
I enjoyed the game until I found the zombies . The crafts are to much to gather. Ans combat is trash there are no kiteong patterns or ways to avoid attack while you damage the enemy. I want to find a game that tones down the crafting and enemy's and makes it easier to build a house. One of the main reasons I had a look at this and the second game is because it had a house building aspect this game is one that you have to stick at.
I would lower the prices for everything trading wood to just get boards to build my house alone is WAY too much. If you die everything drops and then you half to go find it again. I wouldn't play this game
This game is the best mobile game I've played. However, there are some problems that I want to point out after the update of August 2019: 1- One can't drink from fresh water from waterfalls. 2- The stone hatchet and other tools like bow don't move while running, rather they stay still, which looks unreal. 3- Some tools require too many components. That's all for now. I'll update my review whenever possible. Update: The rock bug is fixed, I can find plenty of 'em now. keep it up guys.
I really enjoyed this game. However, it keeps on lagging and I had to lower down the graphics. I like the older version better because you can actually hunt animals there but in new version you just can't hunt them without a bow or a gun. Zombies only reside in Hornet Island but for some reason I found one in Farmer's Island which is pretty traumatizing for me because the zombie came out of nowhere (I'm already at lvl. 6 that time). There should be guides like how to create this and that.
I love this game so much, it really is like minecraft! I wish somethings didn't take so much wood planks but despite that I'm still enjoying working hard to gather everything I need!! I can't wait for this game go grow and expand!
This is super super hard can i just get 5 coins via watching ads and the stupid hogs and dum bears and stupid wolfs they keep attacking me every time i die i loost all my items but why don't keep my stuff or the stuff of my first play and i need tons of stone and wood to create stone axe or stone pick i wish it can be easy with less ingredients and i want to have a gun in this game so hard to get a gun
I love the game but i would want the button to be kinda bigger?and pls add a thing where you can choose your character man or women and please add some okay clothes to them so they arent naked.ty!and the knife kinda brakes pretty fast but not that fast.?
This is the best game ever!! BUTTTTT THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM if the car falls in water you cannot get it out of the water PLEASE FIX!!
Really good game, it's just that there is a few minor issues in the game. Well firstly, sometimes when I try to move inventory items into different places it won't even let me drag them! Also, when I try to eat consumables or switch to one of my tools it won't let me do any of that! So anyway, please get back to me and fix that problem. And one more thing I want YOU to ADD, that is the curved stone foundation. Please add that it would make me happy.
This game is great but if tv and computer is added it would be more fun and if steel uses less metal fragment and less charcoal these resources are rare and plz add plants for decoration in house and tv uses 10 strained glass and 20 metal fragment it could also use couch for house interior and more vehicle like honda civic Plz do it all and i gave you five stars
Great game only a few problems like re spawning a car with laod like minerals from the mine is impossible because my car was stuck in the black rock at the mine and won't come out please fix this respectively
Add another island. Make truck parts last longer. Add a chopper for advanced players. We need more exploration options. Perhaps a new island could have more unique structures and friendly humans (AI) with very few attacks from creatures... Just some ideas for you... I could make other suggestions as a friend if you want to message me. ๐Ÿ‘Œ The game has a great concept and much potential. ๐Ÿ‘
this is by far the best game the only thing is you should not have the player gather wood gas stone just to use all of it to get 35 to 50 wood planks and it takes days to buld a house or bace but other then that it is a great game I'd love more updates with new locations maby a store or something it takes forever to find rubber almost in possible to get this game is the best I've ever seen you'll love it to I'm 100% sure of it but it needs a online and offline mode.
Old game was better,you was able to find more supplies and the big building was better to,now it's just boring.bring in more standing building's to go through for stuff.
I like this game and i wanted to raise it to 5 stars but theres a something op things here like the zombies zombies are so op they can dmg you while your running and also theres a places like a unaccessable places like the circle thing in the mountain and the airport in farmer island please fix it and make a more craftable things
This game so awesome awesome The graphics is so.............amazing!!! Its really look like the real life Thank you for make this game can you update this too The game it has everything like cars,guns,more And can you make cars crashing physics so the game will totally look real life.
It is the best survival game I have ever played.But it seems we aren't getting more updates in 2020.And it has been a long time since the Devs have promised us a multiplayer.We want multiplayer.Because this game is perfect for multiplayer.Devs seems dead in 2020.We need the Devs alive and start working on the game again.
Played this game for a year and some, one update and all my hard work has gone to waste, triple story villa with glass walls, fully furnished (kitchen was my best work yet) a glass encased elevator, well and an almost complete 5ร—6 2 story brick bunker on top the waterfall- all gone! Didnt get my stuff back from all my storage boxes and basically have to start grinding just to delete peices when ideally moving all the resources into my inbox would have saved me from hating this game now.
Great game and when you going to release the multiplayer? And when you add multiplayer please add friend list and a menu and accounts to save our worlds and play with that world any time
Lot of people here says there are some issues about the last update so it means lot of us are still playing this game until now so please fix those issues. I really love this game it is the best
I like the game but it looks unfinished and potato like.i would like to see a update that improves gameplay, adds new stuff and please add a way to craft items that you can't craft because it is so hard to get resources. Weaken zombies (makes them slower and weaker). Make workbench that lets you craft items you can only find.
I really like this game. Can you please fix this game so I can watch ad for FREE coins!!(: I will rate it a 5 star if you fix it? Coins cost the kind money I don't have, plz make the game better so I get free coins.
Beautiful game especially with no ads and it can be played offline. However, it is quite challenging to collect items around the island.
I love this game. Its probably the most challenging sandbox game i have played on android. I would compare this game to minecraft and 7 days to die. It could use more adds and maybe a daily log in bonus. I can't wait to see what the next updates bring. I would suggest ladders and a chainsaw.
Slow. Also, I have put about 15 arrows into one rabbit without any effect. I'm not going to continue with this game if even the most basic shooting weapon doesn't kill a bunny. Glitchy. Definitely not worth the download
It has changed a lot from a bout a couple years ago when I first played but it is still fun there is rarely any ads there's a couple of glitches and it is kind of laggy but apart from that it's fun 90 percent would recommend
Very addictive, I have put hours into playing it. Would like to be able to alter the landscape, dig a surface flat. But over all as many as there are out there I find this one the only one I have decided to stay playing.still playing it tried ocean is home 2 not near as good I would be willing to invest in a upgrade with more islands and maybe better furniture packages as well as other things or even more hidden treasures as I have explored most of the big island and I know every bit.
So I do like the game but it is missing some things that could make it better. One thing is that I think you should render the tools and what they gather a little better like when you use the knife or the pick on trees that you should get more fiber than wood and so far I have tried to use the pick on some of the big rocks and it didn't work to give me stone so that needs some fixing then I think it would be nice to be able to choose the camera view when in the vehicles.
Problems: map can't zoom in, you should show health bar instead of numbers, show damage when using guns and crossbow etc, add air planes which you can fix at the airport when you reach at least level 20. Good game
It is a very good game ,but can you please add a multiplayer mode into the game so that we can play with our friends and family members amd have lots of fun.
This game is the best survival game I have ever played The cars Is awesome the boat is perfect don't even get me started on the building it's damm perfect. but there is one problem I do not know how to get coins and we the should be a way to disguise as zombies . O well I am wishing there is a way to get coins .๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก I mistakenly restarted recently and I have built and gathered resources and I could even could even conduct electricity but I mistakenly restarted please someone help me
This game could be great . The problem is in the building phase. This could be fixed if there was an view option to move the camera up down or side to side during the build phase.
The game was fun and enjoyable to play. Thus, it does have a really good sound effects and a nice virtual look. It looks like real.
I really hoped this game was great. But instead it wants unnecessary accesses, and terrible terms of service you have to accept before you can even try the game to see if you're interested in even playing it. ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Best survival game I have ever played ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘... Just the problem is that I dont know where go get some substances like glass etc...Just fix the problem maybe add a helpbook where we can search from where we can get substances...Yes that would be perfect...Also please just add 10 levels because to get weapons we need higher levels.. And also please add more animals to make it more fun. Besides it is a very fun game... Every person will love it who is looking for strategy and survival games.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
The game is very good and realistic it would be more better if you add more things to it like if we cut trees the should fall and vanished and islands should have more things and there should one more island and vehicles . You should add this things 'I am serious about this'. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜กmain is the tree should fall ok๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
If you could make it so that we could restart that would be asom because I'm stuck and need to restart please and thank you (people who whant to doun loaded the game I think this is one of the best survivle games in the world that I have seen on mobile devces) downloaded this game. :) Also please take the zombies out
Game was very dun before the big last update, since then game went down hill then jumped in the ocean and went lower. I see thet made a new version and gave up on this one, I won't play this again and I don't think I'll try the 'new' one
I love it, It so realistic and it so cool to have such a game.What I don't like about it is when your car drown in the ocean you must pay for it to respawn.... But it's a great game to have ๐Ÿคžโค๏ธ
Its almost perfect game. I just wish that there is more islands and make it more a realistic island like many trees and vines and more animals and i wish there is other people there and its good i recommend it to every people if you are looking at a good island survival game. Thanks
Thanks for your reply, yet I just found out that whenever I place an item to repair in the bench it doesn't show me what resources are needed to fix! I have to say that the new graphics are much better and the newly added stuff are also good but unfortunately the gathering process became slower and now I have to rebuild everything I had before the update and also I lost some of the items that I had. Please fix these issues to make the game fun again. Thanks
Love this game, the building aspect still needs work. When laying stone walls and foundation im unable to move them up and down which has resulted in an expensive build and walls that are not level, when i try to place another wall in hope they will blend to same height it dont work, and theres no slightly bigger or smaller walls than the half wall option. Fox fur needs a purpose, i have a good collection of it and nothing to use it for. There is other stuff but running out of spacing.
Hey!! Plz fix the problem......i really fall in love with it.. but after 6-7 days of playing i found that the game started to lagg very badly....no game booster or etc can fix my problem....so plz fix it....i really want to play it...it is very addictive ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜..OR PLZZZ UPDATE ITT!!
You have to "allow" access or else you cannot play the game. Birdy Dog Studio says "You can just dont give these permissions to app and nothing will change" so don't download unless you want to give permission to all your information to your google account so it can access/edit my personal info, emails, contacts & photos. Heck No! Horrible app if they want that much control over you and your information. Immediately uninstalled & for your own personal identity protection, DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME
Nice game but gets boring eventually. There's not enough content, the only actual humanoid creatures are zombies, you can't communicate with the outside world and I can't watch ads for coins anymore. I'd have liked to see living humans in some strongholds like maybe a base in hornet island or if you could add something like a plane so I could actually make the journey from island to island instead of simply fast travelling. I always enjoyed making journeys in games instead of fast travel
Yo loved this game, but i'm currently mad, bc i parked the car next to the ocean, on the beach then it sank into the ocean tf, i'm mad cause i can't get it back. there's only one "save" spot, so that's suck
This game is amazing of all of my games I love this game so much I deleted my other games it does not have any ads and that's a lot more better yeah but I love it so much it is amazing game make sure to download it check it out it's fun
Changing my review from 5 stars to 1 star, few days ago i uninstalled the game for some reason and today i installed it again but couldn't load my saved game data..lost my house, crafted items everything... ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–
I love this game but I have been waiting a long time for you guys to update it. It needs more content and things to do. Add some optional quests to do.
Promising but with relies too much on farming, I like these kinds of games, its very intuitive, however its a pain to get items like fibers and rocks. They just dont spawn.
Nice game but the worthogs always kill me when you get close you lose your materials when you go back to get them the hogs gaurd it it's fun and the animal are hard to kill so it's hard to get food that's why I only gave four stars but it's amazing love it
After the new update, both of my homes are completely screwed up. All that work gone. Why? I worked so hard waitimg for an update, got the update and now this, i wish i could show a walk-around video. Horrible. So much time and money wasted.
First let me talk about crafting it take alout of recourse evry things take alout and there is no enough rock recourse like rock metal clay etc need to be more and the crossbow doesn't hit the target alout of the time even when it teaches him and the reappearing table doesn't make sense the reappearing must take little amounts of recourse not the same to craft a new one with hands and the fuel goes alout faster and the parts are hard to find and make and they break fast make it last longer bt gg
Semma game!!!. (Great Game) I love this game so much and play it after my online class What is thing to improve the graphics in things game. Thats it all the best devlopers!!!!.....
Okay ..good game just like the second one so basically the have linking issues .The expences of things i spend hours chopping wood .150 - 50planks .Then one small storage box is 50planks!! . no fibre .It would take weeks to advance and acquire enough metal for one gun ....without bullets .The map is ABSOLUTELY USELESS . Sighhhh....been waiting for an update
It was good at first but then certain things through out the game pissed me off could you please add automatic running make the dog more effective and accurate and why do i have to pay for my truck respawn if i started with no money or what so ever its a good games love how it came so far keep up the good we're do i get the important stuff without paying all the time like metal and ect
Gameplay is acceptable but inventory stucks I have to restart the game to make it work... The things made me most angry my brick furnace disappeared....๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค and some time enemy makes damage from without touching me...
When is the next update coming? Eagerly waiting, checking everyday. Add some new animals. Add bikes. Where are the adds?. I want money. You can add trading options. Keep it up guys.
i love the game, but. is it possible to have wood/stone/metal requirements reduced some. it's not that i don't mind the time to collect the wood. but requiring 40 planks for one hatchet is a bit much. 150 wood = 50 planks. ouch.. as for construction, never seen items in these kinds of games that you have. elevator, love it. not saying to reduce it to much, would ruin the fun, but can we get more planks from wood. more metal from ore. THANKS
I finally re-installed this game after uninstalled it 2 times. This game is too hard for beginner. The first time I try this game, I was died of starvation because I didn't know how to get food. But afterall, this game is made sense as you play it. I know why most people in this comment section dislike this game, because you must play this game for a long long time. When you want to make a small house, you must collect hundred of woods. This game is HARD but GREAT. (And I don't cheat for coins).
This is one of the best survival games out there you did amazing Birdy Dog Studios๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ but PLEASE up date the game I would love to see some new things to be added such as an option to play multiplayer mode and offline single player mode or add more islands This is a great game if your looking for a good survival game
I like it!!! It looks like real and when we reach higher level the game gets harder and I like hard games.
Started playing and fell in love with it, after finding the building with the containers in it on the main road I wanted to use it as a temporary warehouse, that was until after reloading the game later today and finding 4 hours worth of materials had disappeared and been replaced with random junk. What a waste of time and storage space.
I think it is a fun game, but the grafics are not that good. The game is also very laggy and hard to control for new users, but other than that, I like it.(could use some updates)
I love the game ocean is home but please add more items to design like sofa,tv etc. So that there is so many choices to put in the house to design and please make a choices of Characters Gender if a player is a boy or Girl ..that's all thank you :)
Most of the stuff is fairly self-explanatory but some stuff is really hard to make. Make some of the crafting recipes easier. Example:Fiber. It is pretty hard to come by but for bandages you need a crazy amount of fiber. Also bears and boars are way to aggressive and should be on the other island. Backpack should carry more stuff. also the distance at which animals detect you is too large and walking speed doesn't affect it at all, which is pretty weird. Overall, good but needs some work.
This game is really nice . And plz add multiplayer mode and make some more good graphics if you add more good graphics this game become more prefect.
I absolutly loved this game until a Zombie came out of nowhere and almost agve me a heart attack! Honestly i signed up for a simple but fun survival game about building a life on a deserted island not a zombie appocolapse! This game is so amazing and addicting until a zombie shows up for no apparent reason and adds nothing to the game just kinda ruins the experience.
good game, needs updated walkthroughs for this version, it takes a while to gather resources though. If you die and save the game in hopes to retrieve backpack later, upon reload backpack is gone. Best island survival game it just needs updating
Need improve on some graphics, need improve on how fight when being the game & more smoother car should be driving & home we fine should be we can stay thier input, water need better & not much in grass or anything need prove alot but best thing is no ads lol thanks just improve the game then u will get alot people not to bad of game just lack of stuff in the game bit so far nice just need more several stuff & thing hunt Cook thing to use make it more realistic for graphics some
I had the older version of this game and it was awesome but after the update you can't do anything. It's so difficult to hunt deer and rabbits because they run too fast and it's useless using a gun or crossbow. In the previous one you could lock onto a target. It would be amazing if you brought that back. It is a really fun game but the new updates ruined it. โ˜น๏ธ
I loved loved this game but after the update I lost absolutely everything, I spent real money in this game and now I had to start all over
Very addictive, I have put hours into playing it. Would like to be able to alter the landscape, dig a surface flat. But over all as many as there are out there I find this one the only one I have decided to stay playing.
This game is amazing and fun at fast but gets booring eventually and also i think that you should add more island to make the game more interesting especially in the exploring part about the car i also think that the spare parts more durable and with the resources e.g plastic their should be other ways to get them other than relying on the abandoned houses on the hornert island and you should also add stealth mode for hunting etc i think this game could be better with a few adjustments likethis
The game is horrible. Cant save items brought, resources to build are unpractical, considering what you need to construct. Overall don't bother playing it
I have only one issue... Why can we no longer watch videos to earn gold? like the fact that things change up with each update but please bring that feature back.
It is true survival. Only complaint I have is needed resources to build items is a little high compared to what you can find on the ground. Otherwise the game is good.