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Obelisk for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Team Terrible. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is pretty amazing. I love philosophical RPGs. Practically my fetish. Wish it could have a little more gameplay. But it was made in 72 hours and java is quite a pain so I recommend this game
Nice, short Ludum Dare game. Maybe make a sequel? Or maybe you can explain the story for me? I don't understand too much.
This is a beautifully designed game, the visuals are very delicate, the gameplay is extremely smooth, and the controls are very responsive. This needs to be extended either into some kind of survival game or complete RPG. Perhaps do something simple for now and just make it a Raid Survival, see how long you can last with an endless swarm of enemies.
I'm just confused by the point of this or maybe I just don't know how to play... I've gone through the levels about 5 times and every review is calling it an rpg but there is no rpg aspect
So this is a really great jumping off point for the development team. It's engaging and I want to play more, but this particular game is laughably short. Lots of potential, great heart, good solid controls, and an intriguing concept. However it has to be said that there isn't much content here. It took me less than five minutes to run though the whole game and get half way though it a second time before I realized it was a loop. Again this is great stuff, but there isn't a lot of it yet.
Eh it's a game jam game, and not really a great one. Gets repetitive but it looks and sounds and plays alright.
The standard enemies can be replaced by differing ones with varying attacks (i.e. ranged, thrusts, etc.) The art style is magnificent and the story grabs the audience's attention. Though the gameplay time can offer ~15 minutes, this can be fixed by continuing the story as we venture into The Void and finally be able to rest.
Played it, liked it, became repeative and became instantly bored, need a huge over haul. Everything else is fine.
An amazing game, if short. Replayability is surprisingly high. EDIT: Replaying it, I stopped and listened to the music. I can't wait to hear more.
Wth?! The game isn't even finished. There's like 6 levels, you kill everything and that's it! The story seemed like it was about to really be really awesome, but it just dies.
Honestly i dont even care that it was short, it felt like a demo. All im saying is i would like to play more of it with a longer and more detailed story, this game has INSANE potential, just gotta tap into it.
For a game that was made in 72 hrs it was pretty fun. Not sure where there story was going but the basic combat did very well for this game
This game was amazing though it only has like 5 levels and one enemy type the intresting and deep story kept me going along with the great combat system😊
The game is really nice looking and has fluid motion, only the severe lack of content. It's so short and the character doesn't go outside a single room. I hope that the character would get to explore more of such a beautiful pixel world with different environments and obstacles, but the story so far is interesting just really short.
The Game was amazing. It was almost like that one game The One I think haha. Love these style games and hopefully you guys make a bigger version of this.
This game is sadly very short. Unless you don't figure out that the game is a loop. But great design.
This game was the best. I think any rates under 3 stars are probably just angry cuz they can't beat the game. 😂 😂 😂 best 3 day game ever! I would appreciate stuff like different weapons and utilities. And more levels. But overall, great game, confusing story. Good job! ☺
The history may be short, but it isnt, its complex and touching. Its simple. The graphics are well made and everything fits suoer well.
This game is great it is very very short but I believe if we got a sequal to fill in the plot it would be great the combat is awesome a mix of beat them up games with skill I loved the story and the graphics I hope we get a sequal
It's interesting to play I can say. It has good mechanics and it I really think this could make a great story
I would have wanted a more infinite gameplay w/ respawning. However because this was 72hrs that's entirely alright 10/10 Graphics 8/10 gameplay 10/10 on the classyness
A cool game, but because it's so short I would have liked some variety; sometimes I also struggled with the controls.
This game is well made with a very interesting story that is sadly untouched on. I agree strongly with others when I say that this game converted into an RPG would be immensely enjoyable and intriguing. However, I still highly enjoy the base game, it's combat, and it's graphics, although it is very short. If you changed this have into a lengthy RPG, with this game as the introduction, I am 100% sure it would be received very well and would be an extremely enjoyable game to everyone who played it. Please take this, as well as all the other requests for an extended game, and at least consider creating a longer and larger game with story, secrets, weapons, and enemies. Thank you.
Given that it was made in 72 hours, I won't give it the same criticism as full fledged games. Controls are okay, but would have preferred if the origin of the movement was locked or could be locked in a single position. Attacking feels solid enough. The grappling is also a good pick, but having the movement and grappling was a bit unwieldy. I do understand that any other way would not have been as needed, so it was enough for me to move the slightest amount to grapple at a certain thing. The enemies are simple enough for me to know how to defeat them with prediction. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to hit me, or the reverse, but that may just be me. The art is solid and consistent enough that no graphics are jarring. I enjoyed the overall look of the character and really liked how the health was portrayed using the stone and how it replenishes during the talking. I think the talking would have been better if it had some sort of conclusion and or a better dialouge option. I felt put off when choosing the 'wrong' option would just make the conversation end, but maybe it is intentional? At the final dialouge option, I thought that I had chosen the wrong one which caused the loop, but in reality that was just how the game was decided. Is the story decided on, or is this a metaphor for rebelling against your inner self will get you nowhere? Or maybe I'm looking too far into it haha. Looking forward to anything you add onto the game in the future, and if not, any game you happen to make from here on out. Although, I might need a reminder. :)
i respect it, its interesting to play and is easy to beat though, but still good. good mechanics and solid movements.
I love this game and i really hope you make a sequel. This game has so much potential and I do not have enough ways to say I love it please make a sequel.
I love everything about this game, but please continue to develop and add new maps to the current ones.. I downloaded it and finished in just 5 mins... I NEED MORE OF THIS SHT!
This game is awesome and short. It has great potential, and the graphics are beautiful. I hope the developers make a sequel with more gameplay.
Its an awesome game i love the character design its like im unstoppable and the graphics are great you deserve more than just good comments but trophies and pls add more levels☺☺☺☺😃
I would play a lot of rpg games using this character. His design is so flawless and unique and a very nice touch with the grappling hook and sword. I wish there was an rpg with this character, like with an open world, quests, equipments and such. This game has a lot of potential, please don't let it go to waste :(
why 5 ? becuase you done it it's a short small game yes but you done it well, you deserve 5 stars. a nice words and soundtracks BTW what are the names of the first and second soundtracks in the game ? Thank you.