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Is a Puzzle game developed by The New York Times Company located at 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After the latest update the app crashes every time I try to open it. I tried deleting cache, restarting the phone and uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail.
I've had a lot of fun and the puzzles are pretty satisfying to clear. Some times jumping between areas can be annoying and the keyboard feels small on my phone. But I haven't seen a better crossword app and I think it is one of the few apps on my phone that is worth money.
Good interface. Issues with account sync. The puzzle interface is great. The only problem I have is with failure to sync data with my account on a web browser or the app on other devices. This has caused me to lose solving streaks that were otherwise intact.
I just love the NYTimes crossword! Nice and light beginning the week and by Saturday it's a challenge! But Sunday will always be my favourite 🙂
Much easier and cleaner interface for the games than the one you reach through the main NYT webpage. Recommended!
Flawless. I've been using this app for years. I can't remember it ever crashing. For subscribers, NYT releases their new puzzles on time, without fail, but with archives going back years, I almost always have one going. I have seen very rare puzzles with graphics the app didn't support (it'll tell you), and I've switched to the web version. I wish the Windows version still existed....
Latest version seriously broke. It magically lost my strrak on Nov. 2. Worked fine yesterday on my Samsung tablet. Today it still works on my phone (lost my streak) but crashes on my tablet even after restarting and reinstalling. Using the puzzle in the NY TIMES app still shows the correct win count.
I am having the same troubles in Spelling Bee as others have described; the word list and points from the previous puzzle are not clearing, thus messing up my list and points for the current puzzle. Please fix!
Spelling Bee is more stable than accessing it from the e-newspaper version (which is quite horrible), but... Three observations, 1. Does not refresh at a regular time (even though this is stated), 2. Does not sync in an appropriate time with the electronic newspaper version (it can take hours for words to be added), 3. I have tried to add words such as 'evictee' only for it to be rejected, but then shows up the next day in the solution. I would think NYT could do much better than this.
Hands down the best crossword app I've found so far (especially re: quality & value for money) but still has issues. First, the in-app keyboard doesn't always register taps, which is very frustrating. Second, it doesn't make sense that the archive section only has the daily & mini but not the bonus, acrostic, or variety crosswords that are in the main NYT app. The main NYT app has 20 years of those bonus, acrostic, and variety puzzles in their crossword archive. Please add them here too!
This is a great app access to all New York times puzzles from the crossword of the day to the spelling puzzle to the minis well worth the subscription price
I'm not interested in pop culture or major league sports. A majority of the clues in these puzzles focus on these topics. Yawn. Wish someone made crosswords based on facts, literature, science, geography, non-pop music, etc.
All of a sudden, my device can't have the puzzles, tho it has the nyt. Now the puzzle app lost my streak. Sucks!
Unable to sync subscription... Have played every day for months and now, all of a sudden, it won't let me access the puzzles I'm still laying for... Not sure what's up!
So disappointed. I have been a subscriber for years with no issues, and for the past six months I have not been able to access the app without it crashing. A waste of a subscription now and I won't be renewing.
Android phone version, you can enlarge the grid but you can't enlarge the clues so the letters are too small to read if clue has many words.
It's what you expect. Crossword is smooth and good UI. Lots of bugs with the Spelling Bee - sometimes doesn't refresh to the current day's puzzle.
Since latest update, can no longer read the Wordplay blog. I follow the link from the Puzzle Info section and it initially loads, but then disappears after a second or so.
A recent problem with this fun app crashing upon opening on some phones has been fixed (YAY) and I have resumed my everyday challenge- I'm a lightweight so I do the "mini" puzzles not the full-on bg dog versions, and enjoy them immensely. Typically in 2 minutes or so I can flex my (aging) brain muscles and do my part to 'stay sharp' mentally. This is a fun app quite enjoyable. It has a way you can have it 'auto check' your answers as you type them, if you put in a wrong letter (or word) the offending squares have a red diagonal line through them, so you know you need to try something else. This is an optional setting in the setup (you can disable). Highly recommend!
Love the app! Feature request: different "success" color for filling in the grid unaided *after* the official day (blue feels unfair!) I feel so proud when I finish a Thur or Friday without checking, but as a parent of small kids I don't always get to do it "on time", do it's kind of sad to see it gets the same blue box as if I had checked/gotten a hint. I'm not saying it should be yellow, but maybe a third color? Thanks for considering!
I loved this app. But since 11/15 it will not open on my tablet. I see others with same problem. Where or what is the fix? I've done the same things rebooted, reloaded, and cleared the cache.
Love the app...just wish I could print from it. The other issue is when the constructor uses an entire word or any symbol that can't be put into the clue electronically. Thus, preventing the solver from getting credit for completing the puzzle. Very irritating. That and Will Shortz's inappropriate permission of the use of Fibonacci Series! It's the Fibonacci Sequence! It will become the Fibonacci Series when we add up all the terms in the sequence.
App and especially spelling bee do not reload automatically each day. The new puzzles for today (4/19) cannot even be downloaded.
Spelling Bee has issues refreshing each day which often makes it impossible to see results for the last installment you've been able to access. I was advised to reinstall the app yesterday. I did and things were working well, but today the app won't open at all. I can't even see today's crossword puzzle. Error message says "crossword keeps stopping." Very frustrating! Tried to reinstall again, but to no avail.
Love the crossword. Spelling Bee is a mess though. One day it works fine, the next it has new letters, but still has the words and score from the day before.
I love this app and used it every day. Suddenly today, I can't open it. I uninstalled and reinstalled but the same thing. It pops up and very quickly shows some message like ' can't share screen' and goes down. 😟
Update: they finally fixed the startup problem, but the update erased the past 5 months of puzzle progress and solving streaks. Months of effort, gone because NYT appear to hire their programmers from ITT Tech dropouts. Was a fun app, but the most recent update is broken and the app won't even start.
Love the mini. Its free and my kids in different states and i play every evening. Great way to keep in touch. Thank you.
I've been using this app for over a year and have grown to like it more and more. It has helped me become a better solver. In regular mode it will congratulate you when you have the entire puzzle correct. It has other features that help more but will invalidate the time and your streak will end but using those more helpful modes can help you become a better solver. The info icon can help too without invalidating the streak.
Really annoyed, latest update doesn't allow me to view wordplay blog, page keeps loading then going blank and won't load. Will change my review back to 5 stars once this is fixed. Super annoying as it's clear from other reviews this is not an isolated issue.
Love it! Never gets boring, even as I get better and I learn new words and factoids. Perfect pandemic hobby!
It's all the NYT Crosswords for the last 25 years, with the new puzzle of the day every day. The app works perfectly. The puzzles range from easy (Mondays) to very difficult for most solvers (Saturdays). Sunday puzzles are only about as hard as mid-weeks, but the grid is larger, so they take longer, and there is often some kind of trick, or theme, which can make them harder until you figure it out, and then it can give you a leg up. NYT generally publishes the best crossword puzzles in the land.
Since the update of Nov.16 it is impossible to access the games in the archive. The puzzles show but clicking on one results in the app shutting down. Please fix this.
For some reason i can't replace letters even though it's not showing i completed the puzzle. Not happy since I'm on a streak.
I love the app and use it daily, but can't give it 5 stars due to bugs. Whenever there is a crossword with squares needing multiple letters, invariably at least one of these does not display correctly. Also sometimes I can't access Spelling Bee properly unless I open another game and use the menu. Otherwise it's great. A subscription is cheap and worth getting.
The puzzles are great, but the lack of parity between this and the iPhone app is discouraging. I'd like to be able to see my stats in app!
I love doing the daily puzzle as well as going back into the crossword archives all the way back to 1994!
Great puzzles, bad app. If you're thinking you can use this app and work on puzzles on different devices/desktop, you're out of luck. Sometimes it syncs, often it doesn't. It's really irritating. Adding the bee was nice, but about half of the week it doesn't load that day's bee, it gets suck on yesterday. No amount of cache clearing, logging out/in, etc. solves any of these problems
The spelling bee part very often fails to update, leaving me stuck only being able to see a particular days puzzle for several days in a row. Very annoying.
I am having the same issue as A Dunne. My subscription is current through Google until Jan 2021 and cannot access app. When I try to subscribe, prompts I already have account. When I try to log in, I am just looped back to my free trial has expired and given option to subscribe. N Y Times cannot help because subscription is 3rd party thru Google, and of course there is no human working at Google to help. Need someone to offer solution or refund my money!!!
Best crossword app I've found. I would love a feature where you can compare your performance to that of the broader user base (i.e. completed faster than 95%, 5k completed), but overall this app is excellent
Have for the daily mini. It's become a ritual. I feel myself gradually getting better. In app purchases for other cross word puzzles are dumb though when there's so many other ones online for free. I guess people will pay because of the nyt name
Great fun, every day. Wish the puzzle titles were shown on the "what I would otherwise call the title page" we click on to start each day.
This is one subscription I use every day. Smooth controls are great, but let's face it...it's all about the content. I love being able to do the current day's puzzle and also work backward through the calendar.
For the subscription price of $40/yr this app should be flawless and it's nowhere near that. The touch recognition on the keypad is terrible. I'm constantly having to go back and delete/add letters that I've typed (I know I've typed them because I can feel the small vibration from the keyboard). Occasionally when I type a letter, the larger version of it that is only supposed to be there momentarily stays there, covering the next clue. The Spelling Bee also does not work well.
I enjoy this app a lot but wish the spelling bee would update correctly. Sometimes it doesn't update and shows the previous day's puzzle, along with the answers for the same puzzle when you click "yesterday". Clearly this is a bug but still, it'd be nice if they fixed this since we're paying for a subscription.
Aside from a few inabilities to replicate the print version. It's a great crossword app. They usually do a very good job describing what print looks like to help solve.
Used to be able to play the mini crossword and spelling bee. With this update, spelling bee is no longer offered for free. The web version stinks because it stops you after a few words and asks for a subscription. Meanwhile, the older version of the app works fine.
I love the New York Times Puzzle app. My day is not complete without working the Daily Crossword Puzzle, the Mini, and the Spelling Bee. Nice to see one can now work Sudoku on mobile devices.
The app is so incredibly buggy to the point where I can't load today's puzzle because it just keeps showing yesterday's. And I pay for this...
Love the app...just wish I could print from it. The other issue is when the constructor uses an entire word or any symbol that can't be put into the clue electronically. Thus, preventing the solver from getting credit for completing the puzzle. Very irritating. That and Will Shortz's inappropriate use of Fibonacci Series! It's the Fibonacci Sequence! It will become the Fibonacci Series when we add up all the terms in the sequence.
I use this app every day. The crosswords work well, but Spelling Bee is inconsistent. For example, I have not been able to access today's Spelling Bee. It just brings me to yesterday's puzzle, which is complete. I already finished today's crossword, in contrast. This isn't the 1st time this has happened. I usually have to close & reopen the app to update Spelling Bee, but today, nothing will work to update the game.
I love the app. Allows me to do the puzzle every day and keep up with my streak. I would love if they added stats to the Android app.
The app is crashing and showing a blank screen every time I try to open it. I used to use this every day and now it's driving me crazy. I've tried hard stops, uninstalling it, etc. It'll only work (briefly!) if I uninstall it, install again, and log in, but then starts crashing as soon as I leave it to do something else.
I love this app - when it works. It has not worked for many days now. It does not open at all, displaying "crossword has stopped" immediately upon clicking the icon. Please fix! I really thought it would be fixed by now.
The app was working reasonably well until last week but now crashes every time I open it and just shows a blank screen. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it still won't work. The subscription is far too expensive for this to be acceptable.
Works exactly how it should. Your puzzle saves here for use on PC and vice versa. You MUST have a subscription thru NYT to access the puzzles. Rebus option works fairly well, but could be more flexible.
Like many others, Spelling Bee is now broken for me; doesn't refresh/clear down each day. Also, legitmate words often not accepted. Come on NYT and do something about it. How else will I get daily confirmation that my brain hasn't turned to delicate, iridescent dust in lockdown!?
Works as it should. Frustrating that I can't get my stats on the Android app. Also, for some reason, there is a small but noticeable lag in typing answers, which is only a problem when I'm trying to speed solve (in which case my time is consistently slower than when solving on a computer or a third party app).
My app isn't updating for the Spelling Bee, it's leaving yesterday's words and points in while giving me the new puzzle. I've deinstalled and reinstalled but no luck. I now have three days worth of points and my word list is huge and it doesn't make sense.
I enjoy these puzzles very much, but recently I was charged for the 1 year subscription, up front; which was fine. But I cancelled the subscription so I wouldn't be charged again next year. Suddenly, none of the puzzles would load anymore. I kind of think I should get a refund since the puzzles aren't even working
I love the puzzles but Spelling Bee is not refreshing itself with the new game...just adding new puzzle words to the day's before. I've reinstalled and rebooted and it remains unplayable.
Great app for NYTimes crosswords. I wish it had a "print" function for those days when I want to use pen and paper or co-solve with someone else, using the website for this is a pain.
Will not work without having to use the virtual keyboard on my chromebook. I have to get to it by logging onto NY Times website, then going to the crossword. Works fine on my android phone.
12/20 Got a new phone, even with logging on I have a "free trial" button and no access to the help contact. App not working on my Android tablet today 11/15.
Working fine until 2 days ago.. Now will not open. Cleared cache, reloaded but nothing working. NYTimes help advise not working. Have to stop my subscription soon if can't use it.
Why does NYT treat Android users like 2nd class citizens? The navigation on the Android version is practically nonexistent while the ipad version has a variety of handy buttons for moving through the puzzle, changing direction, etc. It is very annoying to work with such a limited tool. Plus the grid and letters are smaller and hared to read.
This is worth every penny. I've been wanting to improve my NYTimes crossword game for a long time and Covid and this app have given me the opportunity to do so. Being able to do it on the phone rather than on paper helps because you can switch easily to Google, show hints, check squares, words or more, and read the comments right from the app. I'm finishing Monday to Wednesday on a regular basis now, and finally making progress on Thursday. Get this, it's a lot of fun!
Spelling Bee app is seldom reliable. Sometimes refreshes a new puzzle for 5, or so, days in a row. Then 2-3 days of not refreshing at all. Also, don't even bother with pointing out legitimate words that aren't accepted by the game, to the section that encourages it... their reply is a pre-formatted email telling you "thanks for the input - but, no thanks".
What's not to love? Challenging puzzles daily + archive + sharing scores with friends. Easy to use. Love the solved tune!
Great app for years, suddenly keeps crashing and destroying my battery. It's been a couple of months now and I don't know why they can't fix this issue.
App closes repeatedly. Won't open. New problem as of Nov 15, 2020. Previously had no issues with this app on my Android 7.0 cell phone device. Update: Crossword v. 3.3.2 Nov 17, 2020 patch appears to have resolved crash issue.
Spelling Bee game won't update to the next day's puzzle. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app, which is ridiculous. This should be an easy fix.
Here's the thing: the free version of this app is OK. There are better crossword apps out there. I would absolutely pay for the subscription if it was reasonably priced, but it's not even close. 7 dollars a month or 40 dollars for a year? For crosswords? I just bought Miles Morales on ps5 for 10 dollars more than that. Come on, be reasonable. Who has "40 bucks a year to do miniature crossword puzzles" money these days?
App would be great if it let me access my subscription.. multiple attempts to get it to sync with my NYT account, but no luck ( including password change, reinstall etc.) . Keeps defaulting to a trial subscription which is not only temporary but limited. NYT tech leaves a lot to be desired( also impossible to link my subscription to google news)
I wish I could access the site's other games, such as tiles, sudoku and vertex with this app. And the spelling be feature is glitchy. I can only access the letters from the day before. As a result, I use the app for the daily crossword and mini, but swirch back to the website for the other games. (I do have an older Samsung tablet, so that might be an issue.)
I used to do USA Today puzzles, but The New York Times crosswords are a cut above the rest. The app is flawless. I love how it keeps track of your gold star victories and can give you little hints when you need them.
New issue - Full size crossword no longer loads. Long standing issue - Spelling Bee does not load daily. Only intermittently. Please fix.
Great access to the Times' daily crosswords, its immense archive, and some other games. Low bandwidth usage. Some bugs re. tracking streaks, but that's at the site, not in the app. App works well except for regular keyboard flakiness: keypresses produce haptic feedback but don't enter anything, so must be reentered; or a random letter popup gets stuck and has to be cleared. For the keyboard issues I deducted one star.
Make sure you use the right email account and all your dreams might come true. Great app if all you want is the crosswords. I paid for the other games and have absolutely NO access to them. This app has no link to anything but crosswords and spelling bee. I want to play Tiles.
The leaderboard system is buggy, and you can't arrange your purchases to see which packs you haven't completed yet. Otherwise it's a good app with great puzzles.
I love this app except that Spelling Bee does not refresh each day. It's like it's stuck on the old day and often will combine scores from the previous day to the current day. No amount of refreshing or uninstalling/reinstalling seems to help. Otherwise the app is great. No problem with the actual crossword at all.
I got a new phone and can't restore any purchases... Not the first time this has happened and I'm really disappointed this is still an issue 7 months later. Also, some packs are randomly missing for purchase? Sundays 2, 4, and 5 are available but not 1 and 3, for example. Weird. Hopefully can get my purchases restored quicker this time, as it took a month last time.
Crossword updates daily like a charm, but Spelling Bee will only update every other day. This is a pretty expensive subscription... It should work! My news subscription to the NYT updates Spelling Bee daily, but it glitches. This app doesn't glitch, but also doesn't update. Frustrating!
Same problem as stated above. App won't open on Android tablet (Galaxy tab A) but will open on Samsung Phone. Please fix. Received email today indicating a fix had been installed. To quote Bill Murray in Stripes - "That's the fact Jack." Thank you. It's nice to know that these reviews are read.
Lots of fun; however, the app has been unable to be opened on my tablet. It continues to tell me that the app has stopped, then it tells me it is having problems. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but I'm still receiving the same errors.
Loving this app, but today's spelling bee includes yesterday's words. I can't get rid of them. Hope they fix this bug fast.
Spelling bee app won't clear the words from yesterday. I've force stopped the app and cleared the cache, nothing gets rid of them.
One of the best crossword apps you'll find in the app store. The only things keeping it from a 5 star rating are the inability to rotate the screen horizontally when playing (I like to cast to my TV, so it would be a great feature!) and how many Americanisms there are. Some crosswords have clues like "Republican Senator Newt ____", and as a non-American I just have to look the answers up. It'd be much better if they were a bit less US-specific.
Crossword works fine but the Spelling Bee game is now broken. When I launch Spelling Bee in the morning, it shows the words from the prior day and mixes those "old" words with any new words found on current day. The app shows the count (sum) for both days and assumes you've reach queen bee since the word tally is large. This problem started about a week ago.
Spelling Bee continues to combine the input feom the previous day's game with the current game making it impossible to use. I've reported this several times and still no fix.
Have been enjoying this app for a couple of months. Now it won't open, crashes before it loads. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried clearing the cache, etc. Apparently I'm not the only one having problem. Can't find a solution.
The spelling bee game updates maybe once every three days for me. Apparently I'm not the only one that is experiencing this. Edit: fix by force closing the app and swiping it out of your recent apps. Finally, re-launch the app. It should update the spelling bee game.
An excellent app that makes solving daily and archived crosswords straightforward. The app also contains several daily non-crossword puzzles that are a lot of fun.
Love doing the crosswords as it keeps the mind sharp. Just have to remember to spell the words the American way not the English way which can be challenging at times.
The Spelling Bee game refuses to update to the current date nearly every single day. Have to force stop the app to make it change to the current date, and sometimes that doesn't even work. Daily Mini puzzle never seems to have this issue, although it does refuse to display the bottom row of my keyboard when I open it. What's with all the bugs, and why no updates to fix them? (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9)
Tons of crossword puzzles, with a range in difficulty. There also seems to be a pattern for when different puzzles (such as same word appearing in multiple single cells) appear but then it's inconsistent. Sometimes wish we were told which kind of puzzle it is.
I spend entirely too much time on this app between the crossword and Spelling Bee. I only wish they'd add the LetterBoxed and Tiles games.
Really liked it until they changed Spelling Bee into a web app, since the performance is worse and it prompts for a subscription after like five words.
Spelling bee never works. Some days I get 2-3 new ones. Some days it never refreshes. Sometimes it combines two days into one word list. Like today I have a new puzzle but my results from the last two days are also in there and it says I am Genius but I only found one word on today's puzzle. It's a mess.
Also finding that the latest update broke the Spelling Bee. It is not clearing yesterday's game. It's just adding today's words to those that I found yesterday. For a moment, I thought that I'd hit the jackpot when I was greeted with the Queen Bee designation (I was close. Missed only 2 words)! The message also directs me to the crosswords, which I do, but not right now. I like to start my day with the Spelling Bee. BTW Uninstalling and reinstalling did not do the trick. Please fix ASAP!
The Spelling Bee game frequently rejects words (like "daylily" or "Illiad" )which are valid answers as "not in wordlist". But then the next day they are listed in the Yesterday answer list. This makes it impossible to get perfect a score. The Mini puzzle often uses the identical clue for a word as was used a month or two earlier. It is almost as if the are auto-generated. The Midi crossword puzzles demand extra money after the first 15 are done, not what I expect from an app I bought already.
Would be five stars if you could see your stats on Android like you can on the iPhone. Very disappointing, seems like it would be an easy feature to add.
There has been an ongoing glitch that prevents the app from opening despite reinstalling it etc. I'm getting very close to canceling my subscription, even though i love NYT crosswords. I wish NYT would respond more urgently to this issue.
Overall works well. The dark mode is great since I play at night. However, the spelling bee is broken; it is completed every day with a perfect score before I ever open it.
Cannot enter multiple letters or numbers in squares. Used to have this functionality but it disappeared
As others say, the latest update seems to have added more bugs than it fixed. Now spelling bee doesn't even show up by and much of the rest doesn't work at all.
I love this puzzle! Best crossword ever, and great options settings for playing. I love autocorrect because I would NEVER be able to finish the hard puzzles if I didn't know when I made a mistake
Tracking of streaks has flaws. I am showing different totals on different devices. It has twice delivered the wrong puzzle, then called that a broken streak.
Pain in the neck because it rarely updates to the present day, preferring to return to a puzzle from yesterday or before. I have to go to the NYT website and access the games from there, which do update, so what's the use of this app?
Visually clean and the app works smoothly in general, except sometimes the login screen appears when navigating between the crossword and the home screen. Wish more games were in app form - and where is Letterboxed? Can only get to it through other web games.
The app is good for doing the crossword. It doesn't have all the games like the website. It also doesn't show statistics. And the streak code is flawed because I have a longer streak on the website than what shows in the app. But good effort for simply solving crosswords.
I have a year long subscription paid until 4/21, but today I suddenly no longer have a subscription. Very aggravating. Update: Please fix the app! I can't access my subscription!! 8/14- Wow, I can't access my subscription on the App, and I can't seem to get a refund of my remaining subscription. Emails just go unanswered. Don't waste your money! 8/18/20 Uodate- Unbelievable! Now they say they have no record of a subscription on record for me, even though it's recorded in the Play Store!!
I bought an annual subscription, and this stupid app is now telling me that my free trial ended. When I hit the Subscribe button again, it says I already have an active subscription. I love paying money for a service I can't access, so thanks for that.
I hadn't received a new puzzle since the app updated Friday (it's now tuesday). i finally tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it refreshed. last update was terrible. This has been working flawlessly for a few years but I guess there was a recent update and I haven't received a new puzzle since Friday!!! It is 10 pm so i should have both Saturday and Sunday by now. Really disappointing. I have been doing archived puzzles.
Good for the x-word, but not the other games. Most of the other games open in a browser window (even though they work in the regular NYT app?), and some games in the NYT app are entirely missing from the x-word app.
I love the new york times crossword and spelling bee as well. The app simply doesn't work. Spelling bee only loads with today's puzzle about 5 percent of the time. Most of the time you get an old one, and it doesnt properly update your progress on different devices. Recently, the crossword puzzles have simply stopped working at all. I can atill see minis, but the daily and all the archives just dont load. You click them and the app just indefinitely displays the loading sign
Crosswords great but the Spelling Bee doesn't refresh everyday. I have to Uninstaller and reinstall the app everyday. ANNOYING!
Fun but recently buggy. The big puzzle won't load anymore. Haven't gotten any notification saying it's a subscription issue, so not sure why I can't get the puzzle to load.
Great, love all the games in the NY TIMES games app. I wish there was a way to play more than 3 Sudoku puzzles a day though...it seems like that should be fixed.
The Spelling Bee puzzle updates itself based on its own strange whims. Currently mine is still stuck at the puzzle from four days ago, and this is after I've tried everything from clearing the app cache to restarting it multiple times. At this rate I'll only have access to one puzzle per week, unless I uninstall and reinstall the app every day, which is incredibly annoying. Considering this is a paid app, you'd expect it to work a little better.
Great daily crosswords, with increasing challenge as the week goes on. The "Spelling Bee" game is also great, although I have to close the app a couple of times to get it to update each day. The archive provides endless opportunity to binge, too! I recommend this!
Overall, I love the app. But I've gotten into the spelling bee game and it's no longer updating in the app. It gets stuck on the same day for several days even though the crossword updates.
I have been a subscriber for most of the last decade. There is no other crossword app out there that is this easy to navigate. The puzzles themselves are always a blast and I am totally addicted to the Spelling Bee game, which is an added bonus.
Very difficult to work on a phone. Squares too small! Took mutiple tries to select a square or change from across to down clue.
Clean interface, good selection of free puzzles as well as daily puzzles for subscribers. Gold standard of crosswords.
Loves this app until this last update! Now spelling bee puzzle wont clear. Instead, the new puzzle appears but my list of words from last time is still there. Please fix this! I paid for this for spelling bee!
I have paid for the subscription and have been charged but the app still says I need to purchase a subscription to play the puzzles. I have tried logging out and logging in, restoring my purchases and closing the app and reopening it. Something is broken here and I have no idea how to fix it. I will have to charge back the yearly subscription I purchased if this is not resolved very soon.
I have had this app for years. It may be the last update, but the crosswords have stopped loading. This is not the first time either. Very annoying.
Crosswords with no answers..? Seriously? So what's the goal of solving these crosswords "puzzles"? How is this a puzzle anyway? A puzzle needs to be solved, there's nothing to be solved here. You just have to fill in all the missing words and that's it. Nothing is going to be revealed. No hidden answer or message.
Spelling bee doesn't update to the current day's puzzle without restarting the entire phone. Closing and restarting the app doesn't update it, it still shows the previous day. Bug needs to be fixed. Edit: now even restarting the phone, logging in and out in the app, and pulling down to refresh the app do not work and it won't update to the correct day's puzzle. 9/20 it loaded the puzzle from 9/10... Google pixel 3A, android 10
Great way to do the NYT crosswords on mobile. While I still generally prefer doing the crossword on the computer due to having a bigger screen, this app makes it easy to navigate and enter answers. Gave 4/5 stars because some of the other games available through the NYT Crossword subscription are not available in the app (Tile, etc). Spelling Bee is there, though it sometimes has issues updating to the current puzzle. And Spelling Bee doesn't even show up on my partner's app.
Crossword is fine. Spelling bee is a disaster like all the other reviewers have said. I do not understand why it is not a priority to fix it given that all of us here are PAYING TO USE OUR APPS. This is really terrible service. I see the complaints go back to January and I just start having problems in mid March. Please fix this mess NYT!
You can only play the daily vertex puzzle, even with the subscription. I wish I could have access to the back catalog of puzzles.
The app is great for the most part, but the Spelling Bee is very buggy. Today, all of yesterday's words plus all of today's words are showing up in today's results and are being added together. I've uninstalled, cleared cache, rebooted the phone, all to no avail.
This is really lacking compared to the iOS version. You can't move the screen without changing the highlighted box which is crazy annoying - please make it so the highlighted box only changes at tap release. There are no stats either (which exist on iOS and online).
Started playing crossword and Bee since Covid and have come to enjoy both games. I dont like that the Bee doesn't always work in the app. It would also be nice to have the other games in the app too. That's why I'm giving 3 stars.
Good app, timely with daily updates and several smaller games to play. Couple requests for settings or capabilities: * Dark mode apply to the whole app, not just the puzzle screen. * Ability to clear the current word or toggle it between pen and pencil mode.
I love the Spelling Bee (the Bee). I am frustrated daily by several bugs that make it impossible to work the Bee on the app. I subscribe to the NYT digital, and I end up going to the Bee through their game section. I prefer the app, as the print is a bit larger, but I enjoy it either way. No problems with the Crosswords happy to say.
Say what you will about the app, but the number of hours I've spent on this speak for themselves. Occasional technical glitch, but well worth the money imo.
If you love crosswords this is a must have app! The mini alone is worth the price of the subscription.
I have to delete it and reinstall it a coupla times a week bc the Spelling Bee freezes. NYT has said that they're aware of it but that's just the way it goes.
Lacks several features available from website. States wrong number for streak. Not fundamentally bad, but needs some work.
Overall, great. I use this every day. Few things that would make this app even better: stats for your personal bests (for each weekday, all time), stats for longest streak, a way to see if anybody in your address book also has an account. There is a bug where future months show "released" (but non-accessible) crosswords leading up to the same current day, clicking any other them causes the app to freeze.
A lot of crosswords available, even in the free version! I enjoy doing the daily mini every day and can compare my score with friends. But why does the daily mini change at 6pm est? Shouldn't Saturday's daily mini be available until midnight? If I wait to do it until the evening, I've missed today's mini and all of my friend's daily scores.
The crossword is great. The app is easy to use. The other games are ok, but the spelling bee is sometimes reluctant to present a new puzzle and I have given up on a couple of occasions. The suduko puzzle is also very well thought out. p.s. some of the spelling bee words are definitely obscure; and less obscure words are sometimes missing. But NYT the only app I use every day. Thank-you!!
So just for fun, NYT decided it would be good to force their own keyboard on you instead of using the keyboard used for virtually every other app? Smart UX design.