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Numberzilla: Number Match Game

Numberzilla: Number Match Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by LiftApp LLC located at Lift App, LLC 16 Kalvaryjskaja Street, office 262 Minsk, 220004, Belarus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love the game but the past few days has some problems . When you delete a number, it disappears ,you won't see it again when you add more. Its a tragic loop. Please fix it asap .
Relaxing and simple to pick up and put down. Ads can be random back to back, but gives you a break from the game. If you pause, back to back, you'll get ads. Game gives you options to get Hints, undos and bombs to remove 9 squares. However, it supposed to be 1 ad per 1 bomb, but i have to watch 2 ads before i get one bomb. Tried the weekly subscription and its not really worth it. Also, i cancelled it today, which was my 3rd day for the free subscription, and it still took the 3.99 for it.
Fun game, but I spent more time watching ads than playing. Uninstalling. Editing to respond to the developer: The game itself if fine, but the amount of ads players are forced to watch is ridiculous. I understand watching ads to get power ups and between levels, but multiple ads popped up during each level. If I added a line, I had to watch an ad. If I wanted to shuffle, another ad. If I played for ten minutes, five of those minutes were spent watching ads. That's a deal breaker for me.
I really like the game but there are ads every time you turn it on and I had to watch three ads just for one bomb. The game also crashes spontanously. I understand the need for ads but this is excesive. It interupst the experience.
Obviously, not random numbers. Fun game, but don't expect to win. Really ticked off cuz I paid the price of game so I would have no unsolicited advertisements. Don't want advertisements from developer also, unless I choose to for power thingies. Get rid of your sales and I would up the stars.
I really like the concept and game play, but I absolutely CAN'T NOT stand the number of ads! You are given the option to pay for hints, or watch a video. But once you run out of moves, about every 2nd time you try to add more numbers, it MAKES you watch a video. Even if you just got done watching one. It's ridiculous!
So far the game is very fun, so far no glitches. i will give it a week to see if i continue to enjoy it to consider paying for ad free. Thanks kim
a fun game but the ads are problematic. For a certain function you need to watch an ad, which is no problem. But after watching this ad it tells you, you haven't fully watched it and it will keep making you watch ads over and over again till it finally works. Even though all ads have been watched fully. Don't mind ads but this is just ridiculous! hoping it will be fixed or else hoping to find another fun game to play.
Decided to uninstall sight unseen. While it was downloading, I read the reviews. Decided not to even bother to open it because of the overwhelming issues with ads. I know that's how developers make their money but I've never witnessed so many complaints about ads. Maybe there's a similar game without excessive advertising.
Ads , ads and more ads. Way too many ads. No matter how many times they say they have looked into the ads, they don't change. $10.00 to remove ads??!!..Way too much for anyone on a seniors income, disability income or any lower income.$ 3.00 would be more appropriate. These each robbed a star from rating. I can see ppl. Looking for a new game if these ads keep up.
Major crash for no reason... Ever since the new update I can not play. It opens and then crashes. I can't press play at all. I really love this game. I hate that is doing this. Please fix soon or I will have to uninstall.
I love this game....but it's glitchy. I paid $3.99 for 100 hints and it still hasn't given me my hints and its been over an hour. I need the developer to tell me how to get my hints or refund my $3.99.
its a good idea, and the graphics are nice, but it's way too hard too win. There are also SOOO MANY ADS, and each one are 30 seconds long. I would pay to have no ads, but that would be $10. overall it's a good idea, but it needs some fixing.
Literally my favourite game! However, I have purchased Hints on 3 occasions (I always purchase 300 at a time) and only receive 200 of them. I would really like to receive those hints I paid for.
Good idea but extremely poorly executed. First off, way too many ads (an ad after every 2 moves). Secondly, the rules are far too rigid. It should have been better if it followed the rules of matching pairs where it limits the pairing to anything within 2 turns/corners.
I paid for the no ads a few weeks ago. I had to reset my phone, today, connected to FB and I am getting ads. I'm not paying again! Other than that, I absolutely love this game. I get lost in it for hours
Extremely addicting, there are alot of ads, I get a lot of undo credits but don't ever use them. Starting this am I can't even get this to open, I've deleted and reinstalled several times with no luck.
So many ads. They want you to pay $14.99 to remove them. That is a ton of money for a phone game. Then they give you a "discount" so its $10. That's too much. And the frequency of the ads makes the game unenjoyable. It disrupts my thought process. It could be a lot of fun but right now it's not.
I used to really love this game, but I kinda stopped playing for awhile, and recently (past few days) have been trying to get back into it, but it's really hard to get into a game that has ads all the time, and has pop up ads for package upgrades that you have to buy (three in a row, that you have to close each individual one), almost everytime you press a button. Still like the concept and the game, just think it would be better without the ads. Uninstalling for now, because I am not impressed.
It is a great game if it would work correctly! When attempting to get a free bomb it says 'something went wrong' . It took me ten times to get one free bomb. I think this needs to go back to the developers for further coding or get some adds that work!
Great game, easily worthy of 4.5 stars, but too many ads and way too many in-game promotionals. There are already optional ads to get hints. I feel like if I'm watching those regularly there's no need to randomly hit me with them the rest of the time. Also, I get ads make money, but the pop up reminders of the in-game things you can buy is just as bad (if not worse). I can't leave the screen or walk away for a minute without having to go through the whole cycle every time.
Used to really enjoy the game. After the most recent update the game crashes as soon as it opens. I have tried reinstalling and still the same.
You lose points when you leave the game. This game takes forever to complete sometimes hours. I cant sit and complete one game in one sitting. I was trying to figure out why I'd have 20000 points then log back in after going to work to lose half the points. Its very frustrating. You shouldn't get punished when you pause a game. Some of us have lives and kids and can't like sit at this game 24/7 Update I just logged back my running 4 hour and 19min game and I have zero points! How the hell!!!!
I LOVE ❤️💕 the new music in!! So cute and relaxing. It feels more like a game now... Before, I would play it silently and start to zone out into the wall of numbers; now I feel more engaged. I bought the ad remover and it was so worth it. Now I only watch ads to get Hints. I do wish I still had the chance to watch ads for more Undos, but I usually find some while playing anyways. Makes me consider my moves more carefully. I will play this game for hours!!!
It offers an option to have no ads, I paid for that but I still have ads. That is not right. Deceptive advertising "no ads" means you still see some ads, ripoff!!
This would be way better without the insane amount of inescapable ads and I'm pretty sure a lot of the music, even though it's so nice and soothing, is straight up from Finding Nemo. The game is really fun if you actually get to play it. 🙃
I like the game, but it has a really annoying bug. In the midst of the game, it'll open Google Playstore as if I clicked on an ad even though I did NOTHING. And this is a puzzle game where you'd be taking time to think about your next move, but then your thoughts would be interrupted by the game suddenly opening up Playstore on a random app page. Not cool.
It is a little hard and can get very, very frustrating. It makes me mad a lot because when ever there is no matching numbers anywhere, what are we supposed to do. This can also be a very good game though. It's kinda a game that Will test your iq and throw some fun into it.
Absolutely love this game very addictive and passes the time, only downfall is the price of in app purchases. £4.99 for 3 bombs daylight robbery
It's a pretty good game, but the color scheme of classic mode *really* messes with my dyslexia. The color scheme in survival mode (where each number is a set color - 7s are always blue, 8s always green, etc) is a *LOT* better, but the gameplay isn't as interesting as classic mode. Honestly, if classic mode just had the color scheme of survival mode (or the option to swap to it), I could see myself sinking tons of hours into this game. So, I guess maybe it's a good thing that's not an option...
update: took one star away because the game keeps erasing my score. //It's a fun game! Very addictive, very time-consuming. Not recommended if you hate losing - some parts are designed to be unbeatable to goad you into buying power-ups (I haven't). Don't take it too seriously and set up an alarm clock to something lol
I remember there being a few ads when i got it a year ago. I had to get rid of it for space, but now it's all ads. Gamez with little to no ads are hard to find. You only get those in games like Among Us and Dead By Daylight. And 10 dollars for ads?! No way! The removal of ads shouldn't be that much! 2 dollars is way more reasonable! I remember this being such a relaxing game, but now it's not. The ads are outrageous. Relaxing is not the vibe i get from this game anymore
UPDATE 9/15/20: Sorry I'm late on updating my review, been having sketchy (at best) internet lol. I'm thoroughly impressed at how quickly LiftApp LLC responded to my review update on the 9/10/20!! Best part? After years of leaving reviews for games I've tried, they are the first to actually respond! Therefore, I'm upgrading my review!! UPDATE 9/10/20: I'm liking it just fine, except for way, way, WAY too many ads!! Just starting, hence rating of 3. If I like it a lot, I'll update my eating!!
The game play is good but I can't rate this game higher because the ads are beyond annoying. I understand they want to provide a free game but they make it unplayable as your watching ads more than playing. Plus if you want to support the devs by buying the no ad feature it's an insanely scam and overpriced $14.99! That's basically buying a simple basic not really much complexity game for $15... I can buy full story driven pc games for that price or cheaper! This is a scam!
I would have given this app 5 stars, as I really enjoy this game, but you have to wait through a 30 second ad for EVERYTHING you do. If I'm in the middle of a game and just pop over to something else quick (like an email that has popped up) I have to wait through an ad just to restart my game. I understand ads to regenerate un-dos and hints, but for crying out loud-- to RESUME my game?!?! I just had to watch 3 ads in a row for it to let me just resume my game. Cmon...
I used to love this game. Now , all of a sudden it keeps crashing. Idk what happened or what triggered it to crash every time I try to play it. If u were to figure it out and fix it it will definitely b my favorite again. I'm actually already anticipating missing this game. I already do!
The ads make it unbearable. And idk if I'm just too stupid, but I've never once managed to clear the entire board, I have to restart every time (which means an ad). Also adding a line means an ad and sometimes, just because the game hates you and really wants to destroy its own flow: ad.
Way too many ads! And it's $10 to get it without the ads which in my opinion is too expensive for a matching game...I'd bet they make most of their money because people pay to get rid of the ads so they can actually play a full game without having to stop 10x
I enjoy this game. There is a glitch though. To get additional bombs for free you must watch a video. I find that each time I watch the video to completion, I STILL have to watch an additional video THEN it awards the free bombs. I figure ya'll owe me at least 5 bombs today! Again, I do like the game.
Fun game. But don't bother paying for the no ad option. It just takes away the option of getting 3 free hints despite paying $10 ... Little greedy. Reply to developer - I've tried and it just comes up with the three options to purchase more hints.
Concept is great but the CONSTANT ad interpretation takes away from the enjoyment of the game. I don't mind watching ads for games but the amount in this game is beyond acceptable and the cost of ad free is excessive. Deleting
On one hand, I really really love this game. However, oftentimes when I open the app, I get an ad. There are so many ads in this game, most of them not optional, that make it nearly unplayable. Unless the number of ads goes down significantly, I can't give the game any more than 2 stars.
Can't even play a game/round without ads. Unbelievable. Put ads between games, not 10 before you even finish the game.
The game can be addictive but after playing for a while it's boring. It's just clicking numbers over and over with no end in sight. Unless I missed something. Uninstalling
I downloaded this game. Paid for ad free. Game quit working. Uninstalled. Lost my ad free game. After reloading game twice it continues to say you must watch video. After the video is over it says retry. Then you watch another video, continues over and over again. If you can get the game to work it's entertaining and fun. But not enough to deal with the game issues.
Constant ads. I don't mind then here and there but this has one along the bottom of the screen AND every time you add, pause, change levels, etc. It's more of a time- killer watching ads than actually playing the game. Even the game gets monotonous. It lost my interest very fast. There's no real challenge.
Was ok at first. Lately I have to watch ads twice bc i guess it doesn't register the first time. Super annoying and the reason I'm rating it. Also there's a glitch where I will clear numbers but they don't actually clear, but I think i still get the points? I'm cool with it but it's not correct. Good concept, poor execution.
I enjoyed the game until an irritating bug kept repeating the same previous numbers in identical sequence when attempting to add more lines. Uninstalling.
Love it im so addicted to this game i even got my daughter interested & she plays as well. We can play this game all day. I do have a question what are the little flowers on the number board for sometimes if there are four example 3 5s in a row & u double tap the 5 by the little flower it will just get rid of that 1 5 & then i can match the other 2 5s together. Its happened a few times I'm just not sure how it works as its not stated in the game play rules. Thank you... Still Loving the game
It's a cute idea of a game but nearly impossible to play. Same reason everyone else complains about. Youre constantly stuck behind ads. It always feels like the game is against you to purposely make you pay money. No thank you.
The game doesn't work. I try matching numbers and adding to 10 and I can't get any of the numbers to "trigger". If they would trigger properly then in would be an incredibly fun game! Perhaps implementing a click system. Instead of dragging two number together, which does not work with even numbers right next to each other, you could click the numbers. Either way i was so frustrated they wouldn't trigger i quit playing after 10 minutes.
This game is so addictive, I love it. However, there apparently was an update this weekend and now I can't open a game. The app opens, but when I click on an option to open a game, the app closes. 😔 I reinstalled and updated the app and it is working again. Thanks!
I really enjoyed this game and paid to have adds removed. When my phone died, I reinstalled this game and adds are back. Not going to pay again to remove adds. Company reached out to me after this review and fixed issue.
I greatly enjoy this app. The reason for the rating is due to the fact that I paid for the ad free in app purchase, but after I have switched to a new phone I can find no way to restore it with out paying again.
It's just ok. Game was fine I enjoyed it for the most part but there are far too many ads. It would be nice if there were more options to clear some numbers as well. Like clearing entire rows or columns, something other than a block of 9. Gets boring after awhile. I will be removing this game.
After I Read EVERYONES feedback, I understand their fustration. WOW the amount of add,you can't even play for 5 seconds. Uninstalled the game after 5 minutes. Very disappointed. Bad set up & not enjoyable if each second move you make, ADDS POP UP.
I really love this game, I liked it so much I paid for the no ads upgrade, but when I upgraded my phone I lost the upgrade I had paid for. I never pay for games and dont want to pay for the upgrade again. It lets me play a game on my spare time in between my young child and a new baby.
Good game overall. I don't see too many ads which is nice. The only thing that is making me not make this five stars is that in the game description it says you get daily rewards. I play everyday and have yet to see a reward or a wsy to get one. But other than that I do love this game.
Way too many ads. Totally ruins the enjoyment of the game. RE: response from the developer. I understand the need for advertising to pay for free apps - but you must find a balance when including ads in your game. Too many, or too frequent and they are just annoying and people will uninstall / not play your game. Better to have a million players with just one ad every 15 minutes than 100 players with an ad every 30 seconds, and a big uninstall rate. Try playing your own game and see how annoying it is. Between the ads and over-pushing in-app purchases you have gone over-the-top and will reduce the number of active users of this app.
All of the 30 second or 1 minute ads make the game near unplayable. Also there tends to be one number that is left out (in my case it was often 6) which makes adding up to 10 for some numbers difficult (in my case an excessive amount of 4s). *EDIT: Apparently i missed the part in the tutorial that explained that when a number is removed from the board, it doesn't come back.* I was still addicted for a few hours, but all of the ads took up too much time. $10 to remove ads. I'd pay $3, maybe $4.
Keeps crashing. Tried deleting and reinstalling and it just gets to the main page and crash. Can't press anything. Update: just updated it, will update if anything wrong again.
Fun game with far too many ads that disrupt too often to enjoy, and way too overpriced to even consider the no ad option. Pity, as its a great game. I'll stick to soduko, at least I can finish a game without being interrupted ever 5 minutes.
Great game, I love it, play it every day. I'm changing my previous rate (2 stars) because I changed phones and the game didn't recognize a purchase I had made... I sended an email and they quickly responded with a solution. I still give it 4 stars because it should be automatic.
Although I really enjoy the game itself, to say the ads are excessive is an understatemt. Need to use a hint in your inventory? Watch an ad first. Need to use a bomb in your inventory? Watch an ad. Undo? Ad. Every other add row comes with watch ad. They are excessive and long and greatly deminish the enjoyment of the game. I love working with numbers but don't see the purpose of the concept behind abusing ads. I understand the purpose of ads but there is also such a thing as overexcessive.
Obnoxious amount of ads!!! Fair enough, ads are expected for free play since developers have to make a living, but perhaps try to find a better balance.
Fun game but unauthorized charges on my account. Beware, I had first $7.99 charge and then $19.99. I did not agree to this. Such a shame because I liked this game. I am uninstalling it so there is no chance of them taking more of my money. I also have to jump through hoops with PayPal and Chase. So frustrated!!
Love the game, but after buying a new phone it seems I will have to pay again for no ads. Update...thank you for sorting the problem out for me
I was really enjoying this game until something happened with watching the ads to get more help or bombs. The ads come on but don't get the three ideas or bomb.
So the game is fun and mind numbing. I do get annoyed with the ads and I understand they may be necessary but I think there should be an option for players to watch a series of ads to get perhaps 30 mins of ad free play time. Also, when playing survival mode there is a weird glitch where after I have gone through the ads that pop up I come back to the game and the numbers have been rearranged to match up. While this may seem like a neat advantage, I find it takes away the challenge.
I really like the game and want to be able to give it a good review. But when I play in the classic mode no matter how many rows I add there are no 9s and the 3s have also disappeared half way down the board. Makes it almost impossible to get rid of any 1s or 7s. If there is a fix for this I would give it a better rating.
I like the games a lot, but the amount of ads to play is just too much. Sometimes even two ads go off every time you pause the game.
I played this game a really long time but uninstalled it since there were just too many ads. No i wanna play it again but cant. I installed and uninstalled it a few times now, go through the tutorial and then it crashes. Every single time. Please fix that!
It's a fun game! Very addictive, very time-consuming. Not recommended if you hate losing - some parts are designed to be unbeatable to goad you into buying power-ups (I haven't). Don't take it too seriously and set up an alarm clock to something lol
Good game. Simple format, yet challenging. Passes a lot.of time. Would be 4 stars, but... Becomes ever-more ad-y. Want a new line? Watch an ad. Or two, one of which is usually an ad to remove ads. The irony. Want some hints? Watch an ad. Doing alright by yourself? Get interrupted by an ad. Too many ads become invasive and defeat the object as I'm not going to see any now I've uninstalled it.
I find this game fun and helpful at the same time. I was recently in a car accident where I recived a sever head injury so I'm using it for memory recall therapy not just for the fun. Thats just a bonus. I was glad to find this game.
The game doesn't let you get free hints/bombs anymore, it's just "buy stuff". Or "ask friends to join", which is precisely why it doesn't work, as you need friends not only to join, but to authorize through FB. A shame. It was a good game.
Extremely cute and brain development game !! I really like this game and characters. Each time I play I do not have the heart to quit! Really good and the best game ever. Thank you verrry much
Back in June I had the no ads+ boosters medium purchased. But now I get ads every pause or changing game modes. I enjoy playing in pass times or destress in between classes but the game isn't recognizing I had bought that no ads promo.
If you're the sort of person who can play sudoku, tetris, bubble bursting games, puzzles and more for half a day or more, this is for you. It's thoroughly enjoyable until you wonder why you're starving and haven't peed in hours and wow, is that the sun coming up? You started playing at 7pm! Infinite mode isn't truly infinite, but I played for ten hours before reaching the max number limit, so thank goodness it's not infinite! Not many ads, no annoying music, short tutorial, good graphics.
Ads, ads, ads. I felt like I was playing Lily's Garden I had to watch that ad so many times. Not to mention the attempted upselling to avoid seeing ads. No, I am not willing to pay $4 a week for the ad free version. Uninstalling.
Yes you are always looking for feed back from those who play your game to make it a better ....but what do you do for the people playing game the higher the levels go the cheaper you pay but you want the public to tell you how to make your game better......(three words) pay better money) Your making money no matter if you fix game or not the money you receive from commercials does not go down but your customers money goes down...you want people to play your game pay even from start to finish....
Too many ads. I like the game, but often when you hit add, the numbers repeat or are exactly the same. The numbers aren't evenly dispersed, I've played entire games without getting certain numbers (8s and 1s in particular) which makes it more difficult
I quite like this game but there are beyond too many adds and when I went to purchase the 200 hints it took my money but didn't give me the hints and I also tried to purchase the no adds for the discount of $16.99 but it charged me $24.99!! I don't mind paying for hints or to remove adds but the pricing for one is ridiculous and for another thing I don't appreciate being over charged!!!!!!!
Too many ads & weekly fee to turn off. It's a simple game and fun, but ads every corner. I get ads for hints and maybe after finishing a level but ads during game play, ads every time you switch back to an existing game. Too much! It would be worth paying a few bucks to get rid of, but it's a weekly fee. Really? It could not have cost much to develop this game. The points you earn don't even get you anything.
Am very happy with game, but I paid to not see ads anymore unfortunately I am seeing more than ever, very frustrating, please refund my account if this is to continue....
I can't decide what rating to give this. It's been my favorite phone game for a while now, but my biggest issue is that sometimes it decided to just restart my game on its own. When you've been working on the same game for weeks (which I like), it's rather infuriating when this happens. It does have a lot of ads but it's the perfect game if you're the kind of person who can't sit still.
The game itself is fun and challenges your brain. It would be a great stress reliever if it weren't for a 30 second ad playing after every move you make in the game that isn't matching numbers... I would never be able to recommend this game to anyone simply for the fact thst the ads are so ridiculous. There are plenty of other fun brain games that don't overload you with ads. And I think $10 is pretty steep for such a simple game. I'd rather play a free sudoku game with fewer ads at that rate.
Love the game. Hate the ads. And even though you connect to your Facebook, it doesnt save your progress. I had bought 50 hints recently, had 30 or so left, had to get a new phone and when I got relogged into the game, nothing. So not only are you bombarded with ads constantly, you better hope you don't ever have to uninstall then reinstall your game cause you won't get back anything you paid for
Wayyy too many ads. I wasn't able to learn or enjoy this app, because I grew too frustrated and annoyed by the ads. A lot of apps are now taking advantage of the amount of ads they play and this one is no exception.
This is a cute game, and it would be fun, but there are so many ads, it makes it frustrating and completely unenjoyable. Every time I got out of a pause menu or anything, I got an ad. The ads are also long. To get rid of the ads, it costs $10 or a weekly payment of $4. I wanted to wait to leave a review, but I just cannot sit and play if I keep getting constant ads. Especially when there is a banner of ads already.
Good presentation, interesting take on the number puzzle, but I'm sorry, $10 is not a reasonable price to pay for just removing ads. Also, the game has an element of Pay-to-Win given you can buy bombs with real money to solve unsolvable parts.
Fun game to kill time with. Unfortunately if you get a new phone you have to pay for no ads again. I'm tired of working around ads because I refuse to pay again. And every time they want me to pay the price keeps going up. In my opinion this game sucks now.
Great little time sink, only issue I have is that sometimes after opting to watch one or two ads to get 3 hints or 1 bomb it doesn't give me the reward. Not a big deal though!
Very entertaining game, the ads are minimal and you get rewards while leveling up and in between. Definitely would recommend it to everyone...Makes you think and relax at the same time...
Fun and decent time waster absolutely ruined by constant ads or popups telling you to buy something or buy the ad free version.. And no, it's not worth $15 to disable them either. Incredibly disappointing.
Um... Was fun in theory. As you add more rows, you get less matches in order to clear the board. I added more #s like 5 times and had 0 matches. Even used hint in case I missed any to no avail. I love # games, but this was not fun for me.
This game is addictive but the ads are annoying so I purchased the game with no ads however, it only appears on my phone and did not transfer over to my tablet. Also, as the game progresses, you have to scroll up and down like crazy to see all the numbers. This becomes tiresome. At some point the game should rescramble the numbers to tighten up the board.
This game is just ridiculous. Waaaaay too many ads, they want you to pay for nonsense, and it's really not relaxing with all the pop-ups every 30 seconds. I recommend downloading Numbers Game instead, it's free, doesn't have ads, (or maybe they're so few and far between I've forgotten) and it's much more smooth game play.
Liked the game enough to pay to get rid of the ads. The only problem is, that also eliminates the optional ads you can watch to get boosters. Now, apparently I have to pay for those too? I just wanted to get rid of the ads that it forces you to watch during game play.
This game is super addictive. However, I hate all of the ads and I refuse to pay money to get rid of the ads. When they become too overwhelming, I just turn off my mobile data and put my phone in airplane mode. Problem solved! Great game to have on hand when I'm out and about with poor service too.
This is a relaxing, addicting game, but really hard. I like the challenge, but the cost of items that may help is really high. I've already paid a higher than normal amount to stop ads, so I wish there prices weren't so high for hints and bombs. I have yet to complete a regular level, but I'm still enjoying the game play enough to continue. If bombs were easier to get or less expensive, I would rate this 5 stars.
I really like the idea of this game! I've played it for hours and was willing to pay a bit to get rid of ads. The problem i found after playing for awhile is the same number patterns show up again and again and again. The game becomes pointless when that happens. I've started playing "numbers game" instead, same game, but new patterns of numbers each time. I like numberzilla's app better, but I want to play a game that doesn't just repeat the same numbers over and over.
Update: It finally recognized my subscription a few hours after I wrote this. I was enjoying it and had bought the subscription to eliminate ads. With the most recent update, it does not recognize that I paid for the subscription, nor do any of the store's links to add subscriptions or power ups work.
Fun concept, (the mismatching thing was me misunderstanding the game). I aren't keen on this new version. (It auto-upgraded) i like using the hints to make sure i found all the matches so i add less numbers. And i use the other buttons sometimes too. The advertisements are 30 seconds long and can't be bypassed. They are too long. Should be 8sec. And there are now also banner ads. Greedy. And buying a no ad version is $16. You have overcooked your ad placement. People will go back to suduko.
Not the play, every other time you hit add you get an ad to watch. I get it you need to make money through your free app, but then to turn around and charge $9.99 for no ads is a bit robbery 😑 points for being semi original and kind of fun but all in all a no-go.
This used to be awesome but now I watch ads all the time and I don't always get my bomb when I watch the entire thing. It's annoying. I've seen the same Discover ada million times and no reward.
I love this game but a as I've progressed, I now have to watch two ad videos to get a bomb or hint, and I have to watch another ad between levels, one randomly pops up for no reason periodically, and now I have to watch an ad before I can even start playing the game. You'll spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Not fun anymore. Deleting.
Can be a good game but one ad for every two moves. I get that you need ads for free game but there is a lot of different ways to keep the game going with ads without disturbing the gamer...
This game is so much fun, and it is definitely challenging. I was not able to get invested in this game before I started getting bombarded by ads in order to continue playing! I don't usually take issue with ads in a game, but this was too much.
I do love playing this game, but I'm going to delete because you can't keep playing. I still have plays left and when I leave and go back it wants me to start over. It's very frustrating
I enjoy this game. It's a fun way to spend your time without having to think too hard. I hope they change the "dynamic" game back to solid colors though. I don't care for the multicolor numbers.
As others have said, this is a fun, addictive game. I had paid for no ads and then got a new phone. When I installed it on the new phone I got ads again. I contacted the developers and after 3 tries I got a code that allowed me to have the no ad option again. They kept at it until I had no ads again.
Was my favorite game until I got a new phone.. I already paid to remove ads and now I am being bombarded with nonstop ads again. Wants me to pay to remove them again. No thanks
This is without a doubt the dumbest game. Just a full on visual assault from ads, the game is nothing more than extremely boring and arbitrary. Uninstalling. I hate cash grabby apps. You need money, I get it. There's ways to do this. Not this way.
I like the game it's just another form of addiction in the guise of a free game.I liken it to gambling&casino pennyslot machines> youhave2pay2play2win or in other words 2winyouhave2pay2play BUT IN REALITY YOUR PAYING THEM FOR SOMETHING THEY SHOULD BE PAYING YOU FOR. CUZ THE ADVERTZRS DO1! YOU ARE THE PRODUCT 1st & THE CONSUMER 2nd FREELY PROVIDE EVERY MINUTE THAT INCLUDES EVERY CHOICE YOU TAP, SLIDE, CLICK, SEARCH,watch, play, spell, lookup,downld email, block, post, friend, share, bookmark
Love the app, I love this game, but most apps are super ugly, this one isn't. The only downside is how ridiculously expensive everything is, like $20 for 100 hints/undos half the time? That's honestly ridiculous, it was already $10 (on sale) for the ad free version. Honestly aside from the ridiculous pricing it's a good game.
The game is good when you're actually able to play it. The number of ads is insane and makes it unbearable. I've uninstalled this now because I'm not going to be forced to buy the ad free version.
Loved it for a while I even purchased the ad free thing. Had to restore my phone and lost the purchase... It's ridiculous I paid for it it!!! I promise you this I won't purchase anything in this app again....
They had the right idea making this game but I think the execution was flawed; there are too many pop ups asking me to pay to remove them, asking me to buy more undos or whatever, and the game is actually too hard which makes it boring after a short time
Love this game. Keeps me looking for ways to solve or win. It makes you use looking ahead for moves, like you would chess, except with this it could screw up many layers of no moves possible. It's a slow and mythos game vs. instant gratification is most of our lives today.
This game is really fun, however I can't give it 5 stars because of the amount of ads. You need to watch an ad to do anything, even pausing the game for a couple seconds you need to watch an ad to continue playing 🙄. Super annoying. *Get rid of all 30 second ads. You already have ads on the bottom we shouldn't have to watch a 30 second ad to do anything.
Could be a fun game. Difficult to tap the cells, the whole board moves instead. Ads are so aggressive I didn't bother getting out the stylus. 3 minutes of play time and the ads were too much.
Not only are there so many adds but everytime you leave the app when you come back the game moves things around. I used a hit to make sure I don't have any moves before adding more numbers, I get side tracked and close the app. When I go back in it tells me I and now missing all these pairs that are line and line above where I was before.
Addicting love the game. HOWEVER.... I bought no ads forever but when I got a new phone, it didn't switch over. And then one day I get a pop up saying that it noticed I got a new phone, and asked if I wanted to revert. Im Thinking finally! But nope, didn't switch me back to no ads forever. BUT WHAT IT DID DO WAS TAKE AWAY MY 300 (APROX) HINTS. NOT HAPPY. I WANT MY HINTS BACK AND NO ADS FOREVER ON WHICHEVER DIVICE OF MINE I CHOSE TO PICK UP.
Addictive. Fun. Simple and we complicated all in one I'm waiting on my payout to post to my PayPal account. Once it does I'll change my rating to 5 stars..... I received my payout for playing this through the cash em all app. Thanks to both apps for the entertainment.
I am so frustrated with this game. I play for 60 seconds and an ad pops up. This is a promising game but it is no fun to have my game interrupted after every 2-3 moves I make! And this is no exaggeration. I will be deleting the app. I've seen many people post the same thing. Maybe I will try this again in 6 months, if the developers listen to the players. 🙁
Have been playing this for months and apart from increasing numbers of ads (which was bloody frustrating), it's been pretty good. It appears to have updated and is completely non-functioning. The app opens but I can't go into the game or anything - settings included. It then just crashes and closes. Bugger really as I've been enjoying this game. Will give it a few days to see if issues solve and if not sorted then will be uninstalling.
The game itself is fun. I iike the app but the one downside that I don't like is that even though I have paid for ad free, that doesn't include their ads for the game. Any time you pause or minimize for any reason, one of their ads pops up. I know it's minor but it is annoying.
Good game but a little confusing at times. What I can't work out is how the little different coloured shapes on the grid affect how the numbers can be matched at times. You can have the same number on each row at each end and neither can be matched together. Im sure the shapes mean something, but the Internet neither the instructions give me the answer
Would you like to play a game? After this short ad! You made 5 moves? Continue after this short ad! Wanna buy no ads? Wanna get 3 undos? You turned on airplane mode? Well we will just make it so you can't win! Its a great game and I love it, but there is just TOO MANY pop-ups and ads.
I used to love this game. It required more thought than many others. But since about two months ago the frequency of having to sit through ads greatly increased. Now I spend more time watching ads than in game play! That is wrong! Especially because the change happened during the pandemic. Many of us turn to these games to cope with the issues raised by isolation, such as depression or loneliness. But the increase in ads just adds to the depression. I thought we're all helping each other? No.
I was having problems after the new update so I uninstalled and reinstalled. I lost everything that I had I am starting all over again. I am surprised that this game does not save the progress so that it can be played on multiple devices. Please fix!
I like the game, but the fact that the numbers only go up to 7 so far, is frustrating because I have a bunch of 1s and 2s that have nothing to match to. Plus there are no 4s, so what are 6s supposed to match to, that aren't doubles? I don't understand that.
Far to many adverts. At one point I only had 3 turns before having to watch another one. At £9.99 it is too expensive for an ad-free version. Uninstalled after about ten minutes and around a dozen adverts. Choose one of the better alternatives that allow better uninterrupted gameplay.
So I get doubles and sum of 10s, that makes sense, but when hints have you take out numbers (usually doubles) that are nowhere near each other without explanation and you try to duplicate same play and its a no go, hmmmm, what's up? Also the ads are just ridiculously high in number of times they pop up. Thought this could be a fun way to pass time, now I'm regretting downloading it.
I would rather feed myself glass shards using my bare feet while doing a handstand on the freeway than play this game. The ads were tempting but before I even got to play the game I was bombarded with in game promotionals that pop up every time you enter the game screen. To make matters worse, every few minutes an unbearable ad plays, disrupting the music I play on another app as to distract me from the horrible sound design, which only fills me with more contempt.
Fun game. Can't play along with audible, YouTube or other media because of the frequent ads...probably about 30 to 50% of the game time is consumed by ads. I get that they need to make money, but they're being greedy.
I do not recommend unless you want to fork over $10 to remove ads the game is pretty hard to actually enjoy playing. Not worth $10 since I have been playing for a good week and find the game impossible to actually become interested in. Has to be be better games in the same genre. Would rate negative stars if they let me.
Do you like Lots of ads? This game was decent. There weren't a lot of ads. Now after playing for a few days there are ads everywhere. Have to pause? There's an ad when you come back. Have to add a set of numbers? Wait first and watch this ad. I usually don't mind some here or there but this is overkill.
Game is fun and all, but wayy too many ads and in-game promotionals. Other than that, I personally haven't run into any other problems.
Enjoy this game a lot. I paid for no ads. But recently got new phone and all progress plus no ads didn't transfer. Disappointed Edit They replied to me and its all sorted now
I really like this game. However, since the update, you can't get free hints. Previously when you used the last hint it would have a popup asking you to buy hints then after Xing out of that screen a option for free hints by watching a video. Now it doesn't work that way and if it gives you a video it doesn't recognize that you watched the video and you can't get the hints.
Liked it at first, but now that I'm not paying the premium membership fee every week I'm pretty disappointed. I've paid for hints 3 seperate times, and the game says I have negative 85 hints and won't let me use any of them. The ads are excessive and ridiculous and as much fun as the game is, it's not worth it.
Worked great until 2 days ago... now it crashes before you can open it.... played it for the past 6 months and loved it... going to delete it now.... no use keeping something that crashes every single time you try to use it.
The settings make no sense, it's not clear what "random" and "0-19" mean in the Choose Set menu. It's not even clear what "choose set" means. The font is also not very friendly, 3 and 8 look a lot alike and it can get tiring to look at very fast, especially as the board gets long, but it's nice that different sections are different colors so you can keep track a little. Lost a star cos the Dev's response addressed none of this
Is it even possible to "complete" a level?? Either way, full of ads and subscription offers... Most games aren't even worth playing because of the over saturation of ads, and money offers.
Lackluster and confusing. It's cute overall, but that adorable round font makes it very difficult to tell numbers apart. 9 looks like 6 & 8,3, and 5 are all similar. It would be great if each number had it's own color. It's also designed to force you to need bombs (i.e. pay money) as it stops giving you certain numbers after a time. I'd add dozens of rows but still somehow never get a 1, 7, or 8. Different modes are never explained (what does 1-19 even mean?) and hints don't show the best option. I'll edit my review based on the comment left. I do feel that even after going through the tutorial, if im still confused on the game mechanics it's probably not a very good game.
I loved playing this game and would have given it 5 stars, but since the latest update the game will not start. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that helped, but no joy 😒
Great game but there are way too many ads to play for any extended amount of time. Very frustrating. Either spend the $15 and buy the game or don't download it.
I don't feel that it is necessary for game notifications to be anything other than silent and minimized on my phone. When I have to change notification settings three times because the developer keeps adding new notification categories to make sure I see their notifications, the game gets uninstalled. No thanks!
I'm really trying to enjoy this game, but it's very unsatisfying. It's algorithm never puts two numbers horizontally next to each other, which means you often get locked into a repeating pattern where nothing matches. It'd be great if the numbers were more random so making matches wouldn't require hours of staring and never being able to clear a level.
the game was fine but there is no point if you clear the board your game is over and you dont go to a new level or get any achievements and if you dont the games is just endless. I dont know if I'm winning loosing or even if I have a new high score. there are badges but again I dont know what I'm supposed to be doing to win
This game is more addictive than I expected. It helps that it has really nice contrasting colors. I'm visually impaired and contrasting colors, particularly light type on a dark background, is what I'm able to see best. The bold font is helpful too. I love the cute characters too.
Boring after a while and constant adds are super annoying. This app is a mess. I had to play an ad to "shuffle". When ad was over all the numbers had disappeared off the screen! Uninstalled.
I did love this game until the update yesterday (hence the 2 star rating.) It's now making me watch 2 video ads to acquire 1 bomb. It's always been one 30 second ad until yesterday. Please fix it, or I'll have to say bye to this game.
I finally paid for the version with no ads. But then when I added the game to another device (both are signed into Facebook so it should be connected). I shouldn't have to pay 2x. For the same account. That is very irritating. Other than that, this is super addicting.
I tried once to pay for a few bombs and 100 hints. You charged my credit card twice, just 1 minute apart. On top of that, I was never again able to earn more bombs watching videos, and the hints turned Grey even when there were numerous pairs on the board. There is no place in the app to contact you for problems or feedback. The longer the game was, the less likely i was to win. I'm hoping you will refund at least one of two payments. I'm not going to play any more.
There's too many ads for this to be fun. Great game in theory, but the ads ruin it. Even after denying a prompt for more hints by watching an ad, I got to watch the ad anyways. And the prompt to purchase no ads is but costly not to mention far to frequent. And if you click anywhere on the ad, even next to the tiny little X, it will proceed to payment.
I have a very mixed experience, this is a really interesting game and I would have happily have kept it installed but I'll be uninstalling after this review. The game is really enjoyable and fun to play but the amount of ads is over done and the ad removal microtransaction is extortionate. Its really quite sad that a developer has to charge a $1.99 ad removal for $9.99. Shocking buisness practice.