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Numbers Game - Numberama for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lars Feßen located at Zum Erlengrund 24, 48712 Gescher. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I liked this game at first, but it became frustrating. It is extremely long and time consuming and seems no solution/winning it. The app keeps track and helps find numbers you missed (helpful) but it also keeps adding numbers expotentially. This is a never ending game.
Excellently Done! Is not very often that I rate an app. This is the exception! So we'll done: NO ADS; explanations are great; play is simple; good for cognition but never leaves you feeling "helpless" or over challenged! Play can be very long, but it is not frustrating. I've tried other apps and been very disappointed. Download this and enjoy a challenging, thoughtful game! Kudos to the developers for this excellent offering! ❀️
Excellent game and great not to have any adverts. No clock ticking either, so you can relax and play.
The "moving" is not working properly. I spent a hour to understand the rules and it is clearly not working. Same pair combinations sometimes allow but sometimes are not. Expecially the moving from different line levels. Maybe I still did not get the idea? In that case you should wright the clearer help or even to create some training.
When opening the game, the options for playing are plain and clear...ie. random, etc. HOWEVER, when an option has been chosen the game doesn't open. It just stays there with choice explanation. It doesn't open the choice that has been made. It's a lot of hit or miss on choosing the mode. HOWEVER, this game is TOTALLY addictive. I work 3rd shift in a nursing home and have played this game for over 6 hours a night. Love this game! Love the free hints!!!
I have played this game many years ago and so I do know it is solvable. This game is fun until you realise there is no possibility of solving it. I have tried too many times and with too many strategies to know it is made that way on purpose. Shame. It certainly wasnt worth the hours I invested in it.
Fun game, I gave it four stars originally because I hadn't seen the 'clear' button. I was getting a bit bored of having to scroll up through completed lines but then realised that there was a solution to this.. Thank you Lars, this game is certainly getting me through the hours that the world is in lockdown. Stay safe all 😊
Starts you at the top if you move your phone too much. Very frustrating! If you uninstall and then install, you don't have to swipe your screen 300 times to get back to where you were.
My first review was 1 star but seeing other positive reviews I thought I'd give it another go and now I am enjoying it. The instructions need to be a bit more accessible for the game to be enjoyed.
I find it appears to be easy but soon figured out it will definitely challenge your brain. I have to admit, I've used the hint button a time or two. All in all I enjoy it and could even see where it could possibly be used as a pattern learning experience for our new virtual learning. Just an idea...
It's great for loosing time and makes brain be active. Love it!! Just installed number game 2. Thank you didnt know about it.
A good game - I'm getting into the game. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is less pleasurable because of the difficulty. I had played for weeks before I finished a game on my tablet, but I downloaded the game to my phone and finished a game within the hour. I'm wondering what the difference is.
This is my first experience with this game. I am enjoying it, except it never seems to end. You have to press check when there are no more combinations which gives you many more numbers, and I can't seem to figure out how to end a game without just ending it
It's so enjoyable without the ads bombarding you all the time. I can feel an improvement in my every day life in noticing,recall and memory. Intense but fun. A good way to play.
Fun and addictive, at first. After you beat both levels (1-18) (1-19) the game is basically over. To replay, the game keeps giving me a starting board with only 2 to 4 numbers which is easily finished in a few moves. Why not have random numbers at each replay so you can actually play the game more than a few times?
It's exactly as my childhood game we played on paper, just on phone now. Amazing. Got adicted again πŸ€—πŸ₯°
Love this game! It helps calm me and get my brain going for the day. Also I love how you're given hints freely without ads, speaking of ads I've never got one. I think I'm obsessed with this game. 😁
A really fun,game. Question for you. Why don't you have covered numbers disappear and uncovered numbers move up so you,don't have to scroll so much to find out if there are still matching numbers?
This game certainly challenges your patience ive completed all except the 1-18 but if its become unsolvable then i want it to tell me ive been at the same level for almost 3 days totalling approx 24hours and still cant do it but i enjoy challenges but not if its become immpossible.
I really enjoy this game. I would recommend watching the tutorial as their are moves that I wasn't aware of. Brilliant game, very therapeutic.
Brilliant. No ads, way too addictive. Even though you don't win for ages (Or never in my case) it's still soo enjoyable. Advise to change the background to white to stop square eyes! I'm not a game person but this has had me hooked for days! 5*
Totally love this game..have a little bit of trouble understanding some of it but it will come with practice... You become so absorbed in playing that time just flies by... It really is a terrific game to play. Great for increasing observational skills. This one is certainly a keeper for me. Great job Devs!! πŸ€ β€οΈπŸ’‹
Super addictive and calming. Wish there were like 3 helps per round that we could get rid of some really annoying numbers. We could earn one extra after for example cleaning 10 rows. Wouldn't become more addictive? 😈
Great game, well worth downloading. i particularly like the different modes, thr ability to change the text and background colours. I have played with game before and I really like it. This feels like a well-built and planned game. No ads too! My only puzzle is when it says I should download the game to see how my stats compare to others. I have the game doenloaded and cannot see the comparisons. However, this doesn't take away from the 5 stars.
You want to be frustrated for about 6 days before being SO satisfied at the very end? This is the game for you! I have a love/hate relationship with this app. It's great for passing the time but when I'm up to line 2000, I cry every time I have no moves left. But then I solve it! And the top-notch euphoria! I'd like to see maybe different color schemes!
Addicting and Brilliant, but with one tiny flaw. I don't know why, but time flies when you play this game. I find myself saying, "Just a couple more lines and then I'll close it", but never happens. The only thing that would make this better is when you complete a row, it disappears. I don't like scrolling through rows of crossed out numbers, but otherwise, I love it!
The game is relaxing, but there seems to no objective. Developers say there is a solution, but it seems unattainable, unless you "look up strategies". Just beware if you want a game you don't have to research to play.
Extremely addictive and fun. It doesn't look like something that would be tons of fun at first but it actually is really enjoyable. I could play days none stop. I notice people have a problem with certain number not appearing often on the board, the game works by duplicating your leftover numbers and adding them to the game in order when you click "check", not just random nums. So if all of a certain number are blacked out in the first few rows, you'll never see it again on that game. That's why
Awesome game no adsπŸ™‚, especially compared to your competition. I wish there was a scramble option and fading the numbers out instead of highlighting them is confusing. NO ADS is a huge plus for you.
It's a fun game and doesn't take much of the phone storage, actually compared to similar games it takes almost next to nothing. I really enjoy playing it before going to sleep, it's calming.
Addicting and Brilliant, but with one tiny flaw. I don't know why, but time flies when you play this game. I find myself saying, "Just a couple more lines and then I'll close it", but never happens. The only thing that would make this better is when you complete a row, it disappears. I don't like scrolling through rows of crossed out numbers, but otherwise, I love it! Hey Lars! I didn't know that's what that does! Well done my friend. You've created the perfect app :)
I've played this game several times. I've noticed that 9s, 8s and 7s don't show up often. You have to rely on duplicate numbers to clear parts of the board. I do like this game. It is a challenge.
Love this game. I can play forever and enjoy every second. One of the best things is you don't have pop-ups every minut telling you you have to buy power or boosters or extra anything.
Enjoy this game and find it relaxing but found I was never finishing a game. Looked through other players comments/strategies on internet and found helpful information not to eliminate all matches before bringing up new numbers. Have restarted my game and hope to finish a game using these strategies. May give more stars later if succeed. Thanks rootbeer.co.nz.
Strangely powerful and addictive. Managed to clear the board after quite a few hours and restarts. Interesting that the whole process is totally simple and deterministic, but hard to calculate and optimize. Still, somehow one gains the intuition and gets better. Most interesting.
Very fun game, but I kind of wish that instead of removing only full lines, clear removed any sequence of 9 cleared blocks. This way would not disturb the order of the numbers in sequence, nor their position in their columns, while making it easier to see the numers.
This is a very simple and very fun game! I enjoy games that take my mind off things, and this is perfect for that. I could spend hours playing this and will enjoy it a lot. It is very similar to a game I made up in high school math class to waste time, and I was so excited to see someone else had a similar idea.
Great game that you can play either to relax (there's no timer or limit on number of moves) or to really engage with it to figure out the most effective strategy. It's satisfying and fun either way. No intrusive ads or notifications, and it barely uses any permissions. (Thank you so much for all of that!!!!) The settings easily let you choose things like whether it should be fullscreen, and the colors, including the background. (As someone with visual impairments, this is especially useful).
Similar to numberzilla and take ten but different. And different enough to make it interesting and make you use different brain parts. Love it.
You'll like this game if you like sudoku. I've spent way too much time on the puzzles not wanting to restart out of frustration. FINALLY beat 18&19&quick mode. Love the game.
Definitely the best version of this "Take 10" type of game in the app store. Wish it allowed last and first number to match, as that is how I was taught to play, but that's a very minor thing.
This game can be quick but not very often, usually it takes quite some time to solve the puzzle if you can. Good luck this could drive you crazy.
Thought this game would be sort of a mindless number puncher, but quickly realized that it was more. The game is super fun and keeps me entertained for hours at a time. I have not yet run into an ad which is a major bonus these days. Actively supporting the developer for this reason.
the tutorial for starting this game is pretty thorough. the concept is weird to get used to if it's the first time you play a numbers game of this type, but with just trying the game out some along with the tutorial, i learned how to play. there seems to be no intrusive ads either! the game overall is a fun thinking game and actually a favorite now!
I like this game but there is a big. Sometimes numbers on different rows that should link don't. I've checked and double checked it's not me and it isn't.
If you are a math or critical thinker this will keep you busy. Or on a simple note if you just like to check of matching pairs that will work also. I really enjoy trying to statistically match the numbers
It has potential, but... The rules/instructions are definitely lacking in detail. It's VERY inconsistent in terms of when it let's you cross out numbers. For example, one move it won't let you cross out a seven and the end of one line and another at the beginning of the next line, but then the next move it will let you do it. Makes it very difficult to strategize. Also, is there an end to the game??? So far, not that I can tell. Correct those three issues and you may have a winner.
I completed 1-18. It was difficult but as long as you learn as you go, it's possible. It is certainly a brain teaser and you can easily lose track of time. Highly recommended
Love the no frills game. Love that there are zero ads and zero permissions. The only draw back is that I love color. This is just pen and ink. Which is perfectly functional, but I wish I could scratch numbers out in a color...
Wish instructions were a bit clearer regarding strategy and the reason for 1-18, 1-19 and other play. I'm new to this type of game, sorta finding my way through with added frustration of remaining numbers.
One of my all time favourite game ;) This and the new version are equally entertaining and a must have for those who enjoy numeric puzzles
extremely cool concept and even better execution this game is super challenging and not for the average person. I love it extremely and am addicted to it since the first time I played. and I am usually super critical of games and how they are designed. this one I have zero complaints.
Is it just me?? Been playing for forever - does it end?? Keep clearing what's available but not getting anywhere. Addictive but having no goal sucks!! If I could, I'd send you a screen shot of my total stats. There are no game to win. I have played for many weeks only to not have a game end. What's with that?
This is seamless, simple, yet challenging. I do not remember ever having to watch an ad. If the puzzle is too simple for you, you can make it super lengthy on purpose, just to have more complexities in solving it. You can also get there by accident, and it's truly as described. You can easily spend hours on a single puzzle. Great for getting your mind more focused, wonderful overall.
I really did enjoy it for awhile. Then I got frustrated with the length of it. I went to the blog to check out the strategy but its still too long. It would be nice if there was a short, medium and long version.
Pretty good turn-off-your-thinker game! I've never been good at Soduko or any math in general. This is a basic game of matching. HOWEVER I haven't quite figured out the "wrap around" matches. I think I've got it and then I miss it. I'm still on the beginner level or lowest level. I'm afraid to advance! Haha. Oh! And it's FREE!!
This game is difficult but also easy? The instructions were a bit much to understand at first but I spent a lot of time hitting the hint button till it made sense. Now that I get it I can strategize and dont need the hint nearly as often. I still have yet to complete a game and I've played for like 6 hours (honestly probably closer to 8?)! But it's fun and I really enjoy the challenge!
For everyone out there not "getting" it: you're not stupid, you just may not have enough patience. The more you play this game the more it forces you to see things in a new perspective. It's like untangling knots, you find that piece that's holding part or all the pieces locked and you work on it until other pieces come loose. You'll sharpen your strategizing skills & extend your attention span (if you have one--of which I didn't at first). Its strangley entertaining & rewarding but not fancy.
This is a sweet little game that I have spent way to many hours on. No blaring adverts to distract you, well thought out instructions, simple is best. The only suggestion I have is to add a "moves left" button or indicator. That way, you don't have to resort to using the hint right away.
Very simple but very challenging. A good diversion. I'm not sure why you can't choose the first and last number as a match (can't wraparound) but doesn't take away from the game.
I love this game and appreciate not having to deal with annoying ads. EDIT In the column mode, the clear bottom removes the rows, but I thought that per the instructions the clear button is only supposed to remove the columns. Please let me know if I need to reset the app for the mode to work correctly.
I enjoy the game a lot but on multiple occasions the check button just presses itself! I was on 10k numbers and then next time I checked it went up to 41k. Thought it might have been me. Then got that down to 35k only to wake up to 140k...I'm gonna have to restart now and I was on the same game for days. I moved my buttons from the top to the bottom cause it randomly pressed buttons when I was just hovering over the screen, like Undo and restart, and I don't have that issue on other apps.
If you can afford to lose several hours of your day on a regular basis, have a go with this. It's very simple to play, but it can (and usually does) take hours to complete a round.
Well designed app. Directions, controls clear. I got bored with the word games after completing 6 completely. The numbers are a nice change, even from soduko. Even though the numbers are the same, it's amazing how many combinations you miss no matter how attentive you try to be. Good job designing a simple but challenging game!
Would be a nice if you could have an auto-check whenever the only possible move is to check. Maybe this is in 2.0? Can't see version 2.0 in the apps store in Canada
Fun to play, but I find it ridiculous that after 62 hours of playing, I am still NOT even close to finishing the first game!!! The only way for me to finish this game would be to uninstall it!!!
This is seriously a great game. No ads? I love it. Very addictive and no glitching whatsoever. The only thing I might add is some sort of feature that eliminated a nine block of numbers maybe once or twice per game. Thanks for making a great game!
This is a great and addictive game. And absolutely no ads. Thank you. But I wonder, has anyone ever finished a game? I have spent SEVERAL hours playing with no success. I wish there were more moves allowed to speed up the game. Also, I wish a sepia colored background was available to help reduce strain on the eyes.
The game has both landscape and portrait making you rotate the screen. The game you are playing is not saved, if you have to go to another app (phone, text etc) you have lost the game. The help is to easy to use, have a 30 second cool down between uses. Need a way to get a number out of the way, good place to have AD for reward. I give you 2 stars for the game itself.
Well, this game is hard. Tons of other games lack challenge. This one does not. I love it for its simplicity but also its intricacy. Highly recommend. It also never glitches, takes little room on my phone, has options and settings that are worth noting (like the color options!), and if I get too mad at it, I can START OVER.
This is a great game. Really enjoy it. My only complaint is that as you move on through the game and have to add rows the amount of added rows increases. I use to be able to wide down for 30 minutes playing and now it adds so many lines it takes way to long. I dont want to lose all my progress and start a new game.
I feel like I would really enjoy this in my free time but this app and others I have tried when I play a game little to no 4's or 7's will be on the board, meaning I am forced to match the 6 with 6 or 3 with 3 and makes the game far less fun cause I feel like I'm getting cheated.
Love this game. Just started I like to play 2 weeks before I leave my review. So far the game is great.
Enjoy the challenging game, but would be extremely unlikely to ever win. Am using it to help grandkids with math and number recognition. Would be great if there was a way to add serial addition, i.e., 5+2+3, to help them further their math skills!! Why no 9's? Understand some principles of coding, but sometimes the pattern seems to get stuck in the same loop!! Overall, it's a great game!!
Enjoyable time waster that is rather addictive. It doesn't seem as though all numbers are represented in equal percentages, though, so I end up with a lot of combinations that can't be solved, making this a neverending puzzle. Still enjoy it though.
This would be a lot of fun if the game would at least let it look like I might have a chance. But the way the numbers line up and wont let you match them is stupid and frustrating. I love challenges but this is not a challenge when i have to use the help button for almost every move..... like 99% of the moves. Would NOT recommend this game unless you want to always feel defeated.
Omg! I love this game! Its very fun! Some of the games can be very long and others short! Just when your getting ready to give up all of the numbers line up and BAM! You win!!!😁😁😁
It is a fun game, however even in Quick Mode, Random numbers disappear when next rows are added. The last few games I played was miss 4, 7, 8. I ininstalled due to the game shows the same #'s over and over while in the other modes. I reinstalled because I read your comment to another view staying to try Quick Mode, Random. Please update this and Ill be all over the 5 stars for you!
Can really get stuck into this game but just doesn't ever seem to want to end. Maybe I'm doing something wrong my first try but still a nice concept and enjoyable.
highly addictive as you can play it for a couple of minutes or 30. more importantly no adverts or micro payments. great simple easy game for more intelligent people
So addictive! So much fun and nice to let the time pass. What I love the most is that there is no time limit. Do it in your own time. Even my 7 yo joined me and found this game fun.
So addictive! This is hands down the best game I've come across. Especially when your passing the time. I've had people ask me about it as I've played it in waiting rooms. (Ignoring the fact they're being nosey by looking at my screen in the first placeπŸ€”) This game will trip you up if you're not careful by missing a combo. I like that you can anto clear filled lines as well. Every time I actually win a game the feeling is euphoric! Another bonus -- NO ADS!
I never leave reviews, but this game deserves one. It's amazing. Very simple, but yet you get addicted to it. I've got to thank the developer, for having created a free game, and without any ads at all, and no in-app purchase. I really hope he gets to make profit from the donations. Thanks again for an amazing game! I'm wondering if anyone got to actually finish it. I apparently spent 6 hours playing, but still haven't finished my game
Fun and addicting. The only games I've won though are if I clear the numbers right off from the beginning. I've played a game for several hours and the puzzle just got longer and longer.
Totally addictive!! Easy to understand the concept of play.. but gets very challenging the longer the game lasts. Keeps me going for hours. I love it!! πŸ‘
I love playing this game. It is nice and simple. Easy to learn. No annoying ads or music to distract you. A great game to pass the time and sharpen your mind! I love it.
I really like this game. It took me a long time to get into it. When I did, it was hard to put down. I really like how it saves the game for you. Because it's so long, you can pick it up when you have time and get back to work. It's perfect for when you only have so little time. Also, it really helps to calm you brain down to sleep. It's not too complicated but engaging enough to be enjoyable.
Burned into my screen, was fun but ruined my screen Update: Not an issue with the app but my phone. My apologies. Great game without ads
They schould close up used lines. To much looking back..but fun . I enjoy it. This is an up date ive played far to many hrs and dont believe you can win im leaving to find something else. I also lowered my rating. They should close the lines and move them so they get together i have alot of lines with 1 number and no way to clear them.
I am really enjoying this game. I played another one that was similar but with it when the pairs were found there was a shadow where they were. This game is easier because it blocks out the numbers in black so for me it is a better game.
No ads!!! Thank you! A lovely little brain game, that is far more challenging than it first appears to be. If you like patterns, and engaging your brain, you'll enjoy this one! Patience is a must, to beat this game. I'm sorely addicted - thank you developers! 😘
I really got hooked on the Numberzilla version of this game. This I discovered this version and found the graphics more appealing. I'm still waiting to see if the have a "shuffle" level which might be a deal killer. L.G
I am enjoying this game; it is a good balance between a little brain power and not having to think too much for me. Good for unwinding. Improvement suggestions: instructions could be improved; you need a way to access main menu at all times without coming out of game; you need a level with a quick(er) win or it can feel like you're never going to complete the job.
Initially mind boggling but after just half an hour I was addicted. It's a strange game to say the least, all I can say is that I am constantly playing it, tbh I am not sure that it is even a game but I love it.
Simple relaxing game. I like playing in the evening while winding down and listening to a podcast. I especially like that I can keep it black and white as it is easier on the eyes before bed.
This is a very addictive game. Cool that you can set your numbers to the color of your choice. Makes finding the numbers easier. Very good for concentration.
I am getting the exact same sequence of numbers repeatedly. First it was a sequence that nothing matched, then a sequence of all numbers all lined up and could all be deleted. This happened on a few tries to play the game. I tried random after I posted this and it was ok for a bit then did the same thing.
a lovely little gap filler. great for when you have a couple of idle minutes. enjoyable. easy to pick up and not so easy to put down.
The game is a challenge, and I enjoyed it. The only issue I have found is once you win in Quick mode there is no save feature, so when you exit and reenter the screen populates with the same numbers that you just solved, so you solve over and over again rather than beginning a new game.
Challenging. After days and hours of playing it never comes close to being complete. Just more and more new rows added. The satistfaction of finishing for the time given to the game would be worth 5 stars.
Great initially, then stopped working as expected. Now allows me to solve a few lines, then stops the game, displaying message that game is not solvable.
Love the game. Great time filler and engaging. One suggestion for future versions: maybe add an "are you sure" confirmation to the "Check" button. Since it effectively doubles the numbers in the game, it can be very easy to accidentally multiply the game board. Im currently working through a game with 123,000 numbers. This is after I worked down the last 100,000+ numbers down to about 62,000 and then hit "check" without realizing it.
I loved it until it changed, everything was black & white and I could see all the numbers, then it went to just a handful of visible numbers in different colors and the rest have disappeared. Nothing in the instructions about it. You had a good game but it just lost me.
brilliant, absolutely brilliant, simple but not too easy, I really enjoy this game, if you enjoy games that make you think...get this!
So addictive! It can take a long time to solve some of these, but I just see it as a good challenge. Clearing numbers higher up the column is so rewarding. lol. Would love for empty rows to clear themselves automatically.
I've been playing this a lot and only really won a few times. It would be nice to know when you have got to the point where you cannot win and you don't have to waste your time playing. When you have hundreds of lines and you have to scroll up really far to see what numbers are higher up this is a bit irritating. Could you not remove all the full lines so it is easier to see what it higher up.
Challenging and fun time waster. Just wish it would have better logic for when it's unwinnable. Due to the excessively long wait time for the hint, this game gets annoying when there is too many rows. There is zero reason to disable this feature behind a timer. It is my biggest complaint about the game. There are also times when the hint feature timer never lets it unlock which is a pain when trying to confirm its time to add more numbers again.
I love the game & I'm addicted to it. The only thing is, is there a way to win? The numbers will never all be gone, will they? I have tons of lines & don't seem to make any progress. Cant seem to add it anywhere else, thank you for the info. Will def check it out. TY
Frustrating!! I've been playing for a week but going to uninstall. There is no sense of progress or achievement. Gets a bit pointless!!! Good concept but needs to be more achievable.
Fun butttt, I can't get past level 1. I often play numerous games, may I'm not smart enough to actually win one of the levels lol. I'll uninstall only because there's no point in playing if I can't winπŸ˜”
It's fun, but I hate how after you match all the numbers in a line the line stays and is just a big black bar. So you have to scroll up or down to see if there are any matches. If the line would disappear after it's finished would be a great game.
F this game! It's addicting and you'll want to finish it but you can't! You get really close to finishing it and it'll give you a new set of numbers that don't match and they pile up! I haven't slept all night because I need to finish the damn game! Covid will be cured and another pandemic will begin before I finish 1 f-ing game!!! Would play again if I ever finish this one!
I have downloaded a few versions of this game and uninstalled them as I spent most of the time looking at ads. If I could give you more than 5 stars I would. Hope you do more games along this vein. Thankyou for a great game. Simple but also very challenging experience.
Good game but I noticed one flaw, once starting the game I noticed on the board some of the numbers where never appearing so I kept resetting (I also noticed when I do that its the same starting numbers πŸ€”) & I noticed the 7's didn't appear so reset and it was 6's and this made me frustrated! I also uninstalled & installed the game again y9 see if that helped which didn't! Don't know if anyone else has had this issue! I love this game but these flaws/bugs really annoys me lol
What I love about this game is that this game is a conundrum because every time you press 'check' it adds numbers but then after a few hours of constantly playing I realized that even if I got down to 1 line this game would make me press 'check' which would go on until I finally finish the game after a lifetime and it is a waste of time but just because of the fact that the creator of this game is getting playtime off of this it's genius which is the reason I rated it 5 stars and the crazy thing is that there is more than one game mode meaning that most people won't get past the first one (dramatic music starts playing) am I right or what?
It took a little while for me to perfect my strategy, but when it happened this game became so fun. Sometimes a single game will last several days for me as I work through the rows, but the challenge makes it enjoyable.
I really do enjoy this game but I 100% agree with other reviews that suggest once a (horizontal) row is complete, it should be eliminated. Having to scroll all the way up and down takes away from the game play. 5 stars once that's fixed! Read a reply that stated to use the three lines clear button and it worked! Cheers
This is the best game app I've used in years! No ads, very relaxing, yet challenging. No glitches, different levels! I can't put it down. If you aren't quite sure how to play it, just get started, you can always begin over. Once you figure it out, you won't be able to put it down. All the other developers should take notice of how an app is supposed to work! Thank you!
This is the most relaxing, brain training, uninterrupted game I have ever played!!! Highly Recomended!
very frustrating. ..but in a good way! dont think I'll ever crack it, but good brain puzzle. How refreshing not to be bombarded with Ads!
Would be 5 stars, but it really bothers me whenever i try to play a new game, the numbers are always the same which makes the whole game the same. When you realize this it will make the gameplay very boring and short lived. It also cant ever be beaten, because they will always give you more and more numbers. I understand numbers are infinit, but this is a game. It should have a way to be beaten. If theres a way to give gamers a new game with different numbers in different rows, let me know
I really like this game, especially the fact it has no ads. My reason for giving 4 stars is that it would be great if the lines you cleared disappeared and also what level you're on. All in all its a very addictive game and the minutes disappear when you start playing.
I love this game but twice now I have went on to it and it's restarted which is really frustrating especially when I've cleared hours of time on it and then have to start again....
You spend forever on a puzzle and it never goes anywhere. No winning or losing. If you happen to get close to winning for some reason it auto fails you to a lose. It's absolutely dumb.
I downloaded this app and a similar colorful app at the same time. This one has not bombarded me with ads, suggestions to buy or any other annoying disruption. I find it very hard to put down. The only "complaint" I have is that I have not been able to find the object of the game (other than removing the numbers). Is it supposed to clear the "page" completely?
Fabulous game I love this number game, it's one of those games that you start to play and the next thing it's 90 minutes later. The premise is simple, but the resulting game is addictive.
Interesting game, but it seems like I will never clear a board, which makes it very frustrating. My current game has nearly 400 rows yet not a single 8 or 9. How are the numbers generated? If its supposed to be random, it seems VERY strange to have two numbers not show up once so far
Just LOVE it, beautiful in every way. No annoying adds,or irritating background music. Very very addictive. Totally Fantastic.
Exactly what I was looking for! No sounds, no flashing lights, no begging for stars or pushy offers to buy power ups. No ads ad nauseum! This is a minimalist, well thought out puzzle that kept my ADHD brain involved for hours. Kudos to this developer. Thank you!
Lars, thank you for responding so quickly. I went into the settings on the game and changed the full screen mode and it made a HUGE difference! Thank you so much! [[Good game just getting irritated while playing because it keeps pulling the notification bar down while I'm playing. It only happens whenever I'm playing this game, never experience it when using any other app I have. I dont know if it's a bug causing it, but it would be nice if yall fixed it. Otherwise I'm gonna delete it.]]
I love this game. If possible, could the lines delete once they are empty. It's A LOT of scrolling to match numbers vertically with the empty lines in between numbers. Thanks for the feedback. Totally worked! 5 stars!!
Okay I'm hooked! Ever heard the song called (" The song that never ends ") look it up if not. Because this is the game that never ends! Love the game but will drive me crazy if I don't take a break from it lol !!!
I love this game, some have taken 20 minutes other puzzles have taken days. my only reservation is that I used to be able to play random numbers not the preset of 1-18 and that appears to have gone? Tired of playing the same combination over and over. When I do win, I select return to menu and it still saves the last added check of numbers.
Great game. In theory there's a solution but I think I'd find a solution to world peace quicker. Very addictive and easy to play (the hours just fly by). I'll try Numbers 2 as that's supposed to be easier.
The game is simple but addictive. I'd like to have some more instruction like 'best strategies', 'tip & tricks'
Fun, free and ad free. Simple sort of offline numbers game with no ads or IAPs. definitely worth giving a go if you like these sorts of things.
I LOVE this game! No annoying ads, animation, or need to be online; just a good addicting basic game that challenges the mind to find patterns in the numbers in order to eliminate them...
I really enjoy this game it's relaxing and a little aggravating at times especially when you know there's a match somewhere and you can't find it my favorite part of the game is a check it thing it lets me know that they're still something that needs to be matched and then when there's no more matches to be made it lets me know it's my favorite part thanks for putting it in there
Absolutely addictive and for me, it's the new sudoko. Great to avoid worries or anxieties. To plan many moves ahead, instantly takes all of your concentration, diverting your thinking away from any negativities. As others have said, I need to know the end is attainable and perhaps difficulty levels on game 2 will help. Please help - I don't understand the final instruction on game 1. "Numbers u could not cross out will b written behind existing numbers" do u mean above?
Would have gave a five but how u suppose to get all the numbers off the board if the board doesnt have a stopping point. What about levels ? This is a very challenging and addictive game.
Beautifully simple, a great distraction! No ads, no annoying music. Clean & smiple, yet very engaging. I absolutely love it! All games should be this straight forward. Highly recommend
addictive but am beginning to doubt you can ever complete a game, which could kill it for me at some point. first game completed and totally absorbing with no ads no fees. congratulations on a super game. this is going to become a favourite. i would advise anyone to give this a go if they like a challenge.
I will be writing a proper review soon. Firstly I just wanted to comment on a few things that are bothering me. When you use the hint, it doesn't let you tap it again till you've done the move and once you've done the move, there's a 5 second wait time till you can press it again. BUT when you do a move by yourself without a hint, the hint button then greys out and does its 5 second timer. Please change this so you can hint right after you do a move.
I don't see where you pick a game that has different numbers. Regular numbers seem to be l, 4, 5 and 7 with the odd 2 and 8. It gets pretty tedious along with I don't understand crossing out the same number at start and end of 2 touching lines and also the horizontal same numbers. Can't figure out when it works and when it doesn't. This game needs a bit of tweaking!
The game itself is great even when I feel like I'm never going to win. The one thing that I noticed is that when I wanted to confirm that I actually won the game once I went to statistics and it didn't have my only win. The statistics board was unreadable because some of the words were off the left side of my phone. The only thing I remember for sure is th a t it was in the thirties.
I've won one game removing all the numbers and have repeatedly won games using columns in the random mode. An update to my previous review. 4/12/20. I've saved won games via a screenshot and these are the results. I've won mode 1-19 five times; mode 1-18 seven times; quick mode 75 times; column mode 54 times. Time duel games won are not included due to the many different times won. It should be obvious.I play often. Oct. 26. Just continue to enjoy playing this game, all 5 options. Fun winning
Very addictive. I really enjoy playing this game. I haven't had any ads interuping my game play.. I just started playing this game 3 days ago. So far, its pretty cool. I haven't experienced any of the issues others have spoken about in the reviews. Soooooo, so far, so good. Lol.😊
Disappointing. I dropped my original rating down. I'm playing the game, click on the drop down and see I'm working with over 12,000 rows! I previously had less than 100. How can that be? I'm so frustrated. I really thought I had found my go to game...