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Nowhere House

Nowhere House for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dark Dome. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Add a donate button! Another great game from Dark Dome. This one was much longer than Unwanted Experiment, yet just as fun and well drawn. I found all the owls and re-entered the house after beating the game to get the second ending. But when I went to the well, there was a bad glitch where my game froze and I couldn't do anything except go into settings. It autosaved, and clearing the cache didn't fix it. I had to restart despite being so close to the end. Despite this, I still give it a 5/5.
I really enjoyed this game! My only complaint was that it was very difficult to keep the 3 different dimensions straight. There were times where I knew the answer to a puzzle but had to waste a lot of time trying to find wherever I needed to go. Overall loved it. Great style and great story
Exceptional puzzles with less jumpscares, better than unwanted experiment, almost on par with cube series. Controls are a bit buggy (sometimes not responsive). Ads are not intrusive at all, only once every 30 minutes and it's only a picture, not a video. Waiting for the next series~
Keeps you hooked you need a good memory to get through. The fact that not all artifacts get used creates that niggling what did i forget buzzer in my head when things get tough. Nice graphics matching the scenes well. Some of the details is hard to read on small screen.
This is the best inkagames mobile game so far. It took me a day to complete this but it was all worth it. The plot of the story is really amazing. You need to have a very observant eyes and critical thinking to solve this which I'm really into. Thanks inkagames for this amazing experience
Loved it! Great and engaging storyline, creepy ambience (particularly the background music), easy smooth controls. It takes a while to crack certain puzzles, leading to temporary frustration. E.g.- one of the lock codes came from the clock reading. Clock read as something, but the code was of an hour later. This got me stuck for sometime as I couldn't figure out why the code wasn't working. Otherwise, I loved the game. Almost right there with Rusty Lake games. Eagerly waiting for the next game!
I didn't particularly like the gameplay because even with hints I often couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing. My main grievance however is that with the app open I couldn't access my lock screen, any time I pressed the button it just opened right back up to the app.
Pretty good for a freebie...but the odd confusing lack of attention to detail by the developer lets it down.
Amazing game. I love using pen and paper and this was the perfect mix. Beautiful illustration and just creepy enough
Excellent, excellent game. Well thought out, at times a bit too convoluted but there's hints, and interesting story. The only, ONLY qualm I have with it, is that closing out on "Using [SPOILER]'s body, it was easy to [SPOILER]" (and its implied implications) ends the game on a bitter taste and a disquieting note, not of those I signed up for. Maybe rethink that? Other than it, flying colours, incl. the repeated chances at the finale, and the extra content.
Very good! I followed dark gnome here from the flash games I used to play when I was little and, just like back then, the game is amazing and the puzzles well thought out. I really enjoy their content so I might be a little biased. But it's definitely worth the try! Love their games!!
Wow. Just wow. If you are into this stuffs all about magic or witches and so much of mystery go for it. I enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to see how the control works like the items in the inventory but it's not difficult at all. You can also get the hints easily in the options. It's fun to play and I did not face any difficulty.
nice & short game, remind me with Rusty Lake game. Hopefully, the next game will more longer and complex
Awesome game, the puzzles are creative to solve, you might get stuck at the beginning but don't give up. I only used help once. The story and extra puzzle at the end it's a nice touch. I have played other games by Dark Dome and this es my favorite so far
Dumb. Can't solve anything without the 30 second ad clue. No hints or obvious choices. I love puzzle games but this one was frustrating, and I stopped in the middle of playing it.
Brilliant, such a well done puzzle game. Every bit as good as any Rusty Lake game imho. I will definitely be checking out Dark Dome's other games and can't wait to see what they come up with next. Keep up the great work!
Loved it! Nice graphics, interesting storyline, logical puzzles, which are not that easy to crack if you are not attentive, game is not short, enjoyed playing. Definitely waiting for more. The hidden owl is a nice reference to Rusty Lake. Thank you for the great work!
Very complicated! I almost lose my mind but It's so cool like another game its end up with you get out of the house but now we are actually so stubborn because get in the house back! And I like the illustration! With symbol, time and more it's giving me a spirit to play more yours game! I already play 'the girl in the window' and it's really cool! Not sound weird for me to forgot that i was dead!😂
This is a really good game and very similar to the Rusty Lake series. Although I have said it is a good game, I got very frustrated early on with the radio and walkie talkie puzzle. Having watched a walkthrough, I realised that turning off the environmental sound (music) meant that I didn't hear the music playing on the radio which was a bit of an issue! I now have the environmental sound switched on but it maybe something that needs fixing.
VERY good and fun has a good plot twist and is my and my friend's favorite game of dark dome and they should make more games and a sequel to this one where she tries to get Merida and Delian and something happens but great game.
Very interesting game! I liked it very much. But I would love to see what happens in the end. Wish there was a part 2. T^T
I think my review got deleted for some reason😒 All i said was that it was going fine until the last time i played and the app stoped working right in the middle of the game and kicked me out twice. When i finally got back in all my progress was gone and not sure if i feel like starting over ughh. It seems like the auto save feature might be scewing with it, it really slowed the game down and took forever to save. It's a really good game though and i wanna play their other games too, hopefully.
I really do love the games themselves but this is the second one from these makers where on half the ads that you have to watch, I cannot exit the ads. I have to restart the app and try repeatedly until it shows an ad that allows me to close it when it's done. And just now, I tried to get back in to do the same thing, and while the "hint" button works, nothing else is working (i.e. I can't click on or select anything) so I can't play. If the game functions for you though, I do recommend.
Its perfect!!!for me that is....Its really good bcz it doesnt run out of ads for hints its the perfect game for ppl like me who likes escape games...GAVE 5 STARS FOR THIS... although i really hope there's still more...ciao
This game was incredible puzzles weren't to hard they were just right and if stuck wasn't impossible to get help. I loved the graphics an story was amazing great style!
Absolutely stunning concept and great visual. Really enjoy the story and all the little things that helped to solve those puzzle. Wonderful job dev team.
One of the more detailed and lengthy escape games i have played yet. Seems to lack puzzles but it makes up for it w/ item finds. Even has a neat story too. I like the graphic style personally. Overall i'd give this 4.5* so I'm rounding up to 5*, very well-made.
The artworks are really great, just as always! The story is great too, the gameplay is fun and it even have multiple endings! I love it so much, Dark Dome really have the potential to be the best! I'll be waiting for the next release! P.S: What is the creature behind the brick wall? I can't seem to do anything to it My suggestion: It would be great if some of the dialogues have a little voice act
Another OUTSTANDING game!! I cannot say enough good things about Dark Dome's games. I love every one of them. Actually, I do have one small gripe - I'd really like a "No Ads" button! I'd love to kill the ads and more directly support the devs.
A good point and click escape adventure game. The game controls are quite easy with intermediate difficulty level. Graphics are cool. Even if you get stuck hints are available by just watching an ad. Overall loved the gaming experience. 👍😊
Very enjoyable and intelligent, but not TOO difficult puzzles, I needed a hint a couple of times but I reckon the developers deserve to have the ads watched a time or two at the very least.
Bloody awful!!!! 4 minutes in and the code won't work on the cupboard lock. Absolute waste of time, cheap and nasty graphics reminded me of a very basic computer game from years gone by. I've played hundreds of point and click adventure games and this is gotta be way down the bottom of the list.
delightfully surreal, such a magical experience. i really loved the multiple endings! the puzzles were challenging and a few had me pretty baffled tor a while, but the hints were perfectly useful when needed, and finally cracking them was super satisfying. i really love this studio's games, and i'm so excited to see more from them in the future!
Wow. This has been very interesting. It gets thrilling just when you thought it's yet anothet cliché game. Really stands out from the rest. They're right, Dark Dome games are really great.
Good game ruined by some puzzles that are impossible to know how to do. No hint, like what to do with the dice you find, or hints that are not actually helping. Seems they went with the" let's force them to watch more adds to finish it" this time
Superb! I've played all of the games released by this developer and I must say I'm really impressed! I have this app pre-reg and was not disappointed. I also liked that they fixed the ads system since in the previous game, the screen is stuck on the ad screen and makes me lose my saved data. Hope for more growth for the dev team!
Honestly all was going good with this game up until it stopped. When I gave the lady her cat, the game got stuck. I kept opening it from the saved game but it keeps getting at that point. I even start the from the start again but it doesn't matter. Their's a bug in the game.
I love this game so much, enjoy like watching some movies!! Waiting for your new games even it must to pay it worth!! Plus **spoil warning** It would be great if have a game for help two who still trapped 🥺
This game is so AMAZING! The puzzles are soo much fun!The most thing I loved was that you can get hints easily not like other games. The idea of the story is so Wonderful! The end is so unexpected, too. I wish they can make more games like this.
Awesome! Great animation, challenging puzzles, there's a few ads, but probably 10 or less for the entire game. Just downloaded another from them.
"This the second game I've played, that doesn't work. This just like that game 'The lady in the window' the walkthrough for these games is useless, because the clues are totally different.
I really love all of your games and this one is no exception. Thanks for letting us get some hints because these games are crazy hard. The story is amazing and so are all of the graphics. I hope you make some more so I can keep supporting you. I also just love the way you always have us decide uor fate at the very end its very stressful but very needed. I really love all of your games and hope you can create more.
Good puzzles enjoyed the story. Nitpicking if you switch to another app it needs to fully reload and there is a chance your progress will be lost. Some will enjoy the whiny violin music luckily you can turn it off. Well worth your time
Wow, how great this game is, one of the best adventure puzzle games, long and interesting enough to keep you excited till the end. Challenging, but can be easily completed without any hints. I really wish Dark Home continues creating products of the excellent quality, I'm waiting for new releases, wish soon play their new games!
The graphics, animations and atmosphere are fantastic. The puzzles however not all logical, confusing, making it frustrating at times. Still many thanks for the great game.
Really good puzzle game by no means easy and did need a hint a few times but I enjoyed the challenge. Hope there is more to come
Games from this dev always has an old point and click, flash escape game vibes I could find from ArmorGames or Kongregate. I really like the storyline. More than enough gameplay. Thanks devs!
This game is totally amazing. The puzzles itself is challenging, but not too hard. Its perfect if you want a relax-type puzzle game. The story is quite interesting. The hint is also useful when you stuck in some part of the game. The music fits the game perfectly. Totally recommended
Omg I absolutely love these games and the story lines. The puzzles were great, some more challenging than other but none the less super fun to play!
I've played the first two games from Dark Dome and was excited to play this one too. You guys rocked this one ♡ I love the graphics, the storyline and the puzzles. I will continue to wait for more games coming from your company.
Excellent puzzle game, I enjoyed every minute! After discovering the other DarkDome games recently I pre-registered for this new one and was so excited to find it installed this morning that I opened it right up and couldn't put it down all day! Really good length for a free game, fun puzzles, fabulous graphics, ads are rare and unobtrusive; truly the perfect embodiment of everything I love about mobile gaming. Keep up the amazing work DarkDome devs! Can't wait for the next installment!! :)
Almost perfect game with good plot, nice graphics and meaningful hints. Ads are not annoying. And the game is not as dark as others of this kind. Enjoyed every minute of playing. Good job!
The first challenge of the game was to order the jars on the shelf according to the picture. I did this and it didn't work. I watched an ad for a hint and it told me to do exactly what I had already done but it still doesn't work. I'm sure if it worked it would be a good game but I will never know
I actually love this game like the previous ones (Girl in the window & Unwanted Experiment) in the first half, this game was working well and hadn't any issues. But in the middle (I've already got the cat & hat) the game stopped working. I can't click any object or moving to other room. I've been cleared the chace and any junk in my phone but it keep bugging. I've played (again) the other 2, they still fine. How it can be happen? Shoul i restart? :( ps: I've sent email to you, but no reply tho
Loved it!!! Reminds me a little of Rusty Lake games which I also love. I also really like that there's a couple endings and that there's a little extra when you finish!!! Can't wait to play more games that come out!!!
Gameplay is as good as Rusty Lake, and it's longer than Unwanted Experiment! Excellent work on this game. Good puzzles, good atmosphere, decent story. Well worth a playthrough.
This game is fun and challenging! It is a bit longer than some, so there is a lot of good play time there. It does have a few ads that pop up at certain accomplishments, but its not enough to deter from the game. Some of the puzzles are a little harder. You definitely need to remember what you've seen and think on some, but they are pretty much all relevant. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to playing their other games. This one was absolutely fantastic!
It is an extremely fun game i love it it is really sad that there are only 3 games but they are very nice games and they are interesting to play i hope that dark dome makes more games like these cause i loved these ones i played all 3 qnd enjoyed them but i was sad we i heared that there was only 3 games plz make more off these games and i will play it and rate them 5 stars ✨
Update: *Restarted the game. Well worth it. Awesome game!!! looking forward to your next project. Am definitely a fan of your work. *I am so Very Upset!!! I played for approximately 2 hours, during which time, I saw the game saving periodically. However, when I restarted the game, I had to start all over again from the beginning!!!!! I AM. NOT GOING TO RESTART THE GAME!!!!
Played all games of dark dome this one is so interesting one love it I hope developer will make more game like this this one is tricky one but so interesting I like it very much
Great storyline! It wasn't as easy as I expected it to be but it wasn't too difficult either. I guess, I just miss the small details. That's why whenever I get a hint, I would immediately say, "Why didn't I think of that? How did I miss that?" I hope you can make a part two of this wherein Adria saves the Meridia and Delian. I will be waiting for your new games. 🖤
Addicting and not like other escape games that is very easy to guess the next steps. Good graphics and quests. 5/5 stars! Download it!
I loved the first 2 games. This game does not disappoint. Puzzles that u really need to think through, and many times just clicking things. I had to use the hint button a few times but the story behind the game is quite amazing, especially the "secret" ending.
Small suggestion: the device with the music and the radio are important for the story. Hence their sounds should be independent of whether you disable environmental sound or not. I play without sound and so do most people. So if some sound is essential it should unconditionally play. ☺️
Absolute pleasure playing this especially the last little bit of the game was truly gripping ! Really looking forward for more games for you guys ! Great job !
I randomly was recommended these games as I am an avid cube and rusty lake fan. Really enjoyed the first 2 games of these (pre ordered this one) and had no issues/glitches with the first 2... but for some reason, on my phone, I can't get past the candle part (lighting with the lighter) sequence doesn't work.. also, some of the puzzles etc seem just random as and don't have any clues etc in the books.. I don't really want to go back and re-start this entirely!!
Great job! This was the longest of your games that I've seen. Though there were still places to expand further (ie: cave?). Enjoyed the 3 characters & options/puzzles in the 3 dimensions. Some clever puzzle variants. I look forward to playing your future games. Thanks. 🙂
Everytime I put in the code at the closet doors it doesn't open even when I go watch a video on YouTube to see the right code... I have the right code and I put it in but the doors still don't open this is honestly trash
Definitely worth your time. I came across this game looking to see if there were any more rusty late games or updates and whatnot and came across this gem. There are two other games from the same developer I'm playing unwanted experiment now I hope that they come out with more. The artwork is fantastic, the storyline is great, and I really found it captivating. Definitely more than your regular Escape team thank you so much for making this for us :-)
This game was absolutely phenomenal. It had me stuck a few times, but man this game was amazing. Just what I needed, and I 100% recommend it.
Interesting game until the last second! Couldn't stop playing until it was finished. Great story line. Seriously, amazing!
Excellent game!! Really have to shackle yoir brain when it comes to certain puzzles specially when you travel the dimensions! This definetly needs a sequel!! A sequel where Meridia and Delian's freedom will be the priority!! And include more back story if ever! About Meridia, Delian!! I cannot wait for more hames in the future!!
Warning, got latest update hoping it fixed candle puzzle. It erases your progress. Previous Was great until the candle puzzle. I cannot figure out the logic behind it, even after watching the hint and numerous external walkthroughs. Cannot see how the curtain relates to the candles. Even copying results from others doesn't help. Cannot get the grate to open. Completely stuck. Echo comment on clock puzzle, it is off by an hour.
This game is so interesting I love it! It's not like any mystery/detective game I played. The fact it's a story based game also peeks my interests. I would love to have more sequels to this!
Game was good. Pretty challenging. The reason for ads are clearly and well explained. I rated it low because of the game and they are associated with. Problem is the mysogonistic ad they allow. Some makeover game where the woman is nasty and trying to impress men. Ugh. It's the only ad and it's dehumanizing.
Didn't like this one so much - too much running around and switching levels. I can never remember what was where. Felt a bit random. But generally I enjoy the Dark Dome games. Very Rusty Lake-like.
Wonderful game! Nice atmosphere, nice plot, nice drawing and sound. Very good quality. Eagerly waiting for new games from this studio
Just perfect! Creepy atmosphere, great story, challenging puzzles, alternate ending... It's one of the very best escape/puzzle games out there. The ads are unabtrusive and the hints give exactly what they promise. I love this series! Please keep adding games!
Difficult at times without much description for each task, but as you think about it more, you then realise the answer to each puzzle is quite simplistic yet logical. Great ambience, excellent storyline, an amazing escape game that I highly recommend.
Stuck. Put a bucket into sink, touched the tap, it says no water, no way to take the bucket back. Left the bathroom to explore ways to bring water into sink. Now the bucket is GONE. In other ways a decent game, although puzzles are very alike: codes and keys.
That was really unexpected! Loved the graphics and really great puzzles, ads not too intrusive and very helpful hints. But the story was really what made it: the right amount of eerie. Very satisfying: absolutely loved it (despite having a difficulty remembering where things were when getting items, but that is me...)
I've played "the girl in the window" and "unwanted experiment" but this one was even more interesting than two others I enjoyed it very much thanks for your amazing game
This game was awesome. It kept my mind stimulated. It was like no other escape game I've played before, and I played them all!!!! It's fun that the puzzles are easy if you think out of the box. And that kept me playing!!! Ohhhh also loved the secret ending. Please keep coming with more games.
I enjoyed playing this game even though the puzzles are a bit hard, but it was challenging tho and I like these kind of games. Everytime I get a hint I'm like, "Omg! Why didn't I thought of that??" lol. //Spoiler (?) What I like about this game was the part before the ending where the two officers don't see any person inside the house even tho the mc was there. Didn't thought that you have to be quick in that situation, but I solved it anyway. Overall it was fun and would recommend this game!