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Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy]

Nova Storm: Stellar Empire [Space War Strategy] for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Valkyrie Strategy Game located at Sector A, Tianfu Software Park, High Tech Zone, ChengDu, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I changed 5 to 3 star for bad support team. I asked them is that a bug when they not share the damage taken among those joined a rally attack ( as I know now they not even deal any damage, only the 1st slot do all the job. They just share the job to the next slot when the slot infront fall, so that look like a sequently individual attacks not a rally attack). And after 5 days the support team answer "not sure what caused this". Such a disappointed answer after 5 days long....
When taking my first steps out of the tutorial, i clicked on their in-game promotion banner. Their current package was marked down 6200% from $62 to 99 cents. That told me all i needed to know about this game and i uninstalled. Predatory practices to the insane.
just can't handle forced tutorials where you don't even have to touch the right buttons to do the things... urrrh... pure garbage...
Pretty standard fare here for this type of game just in space, but it's enjoyable. Still learning the ropes but the basics are fairly easy to pick up. It's worth looking at.
Theyre all the same, mmo's sure but this one keeps you entertained and playing. Graphics are cool and keeps ya interested...my fleets are a force to be wreckon with try thats for sure.
I just like it i wish I could be be my own guild each member and wreck havoc but oh well i just like it. I like it in all ways but waiting is hard for me hey guys. Just try a fantasy mmo small game but you might find it attractive.
I've been playing this game for almost 4 years now.. I love it... but after every update it gets slower and makes me not want to play anymore.... why can't you update and make game play faster?
I play a lot of in space games. This game provides create features of base building, ships, resorces ,resarch, free stuff to alliance interactions with members. Must play game. Try it you will enjoy.
Just started so there is still alot I don't know but I'm learning.The translator could do with alot of improvement but the game seems exciting.Hopefully it isn't like some other games,where the powerful prey on the weak and don't give them a chance to develop.Only time will tell.Still,I like it so far..
Mostly a build and farm game.Has a major flaw;there is no gateway protection.Lvl 26 players can happily rape players at lvl 12. You build yourself up for p2w players to crush you in one hit.
great game more should play however spent a lot of money to get reas high up but in 1 event got wiped out, no way Im going to spend that money again, just walked away. Great game but dont use money u will lose it in a flash. Just play lose build lose. Have fun
CANNOT ACCESS ACCOUNTS VIA FACEBOOK!!! FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME it appears these Devs have abandoned this game. dont bother downloading
pay to play and very much a bully game so far... not even allowed to stop some one farming a resource tile by of your own alliance without being demoted for what defending alliance resource? no more buying on the game.
After the update I cannot log in to both my accounts on different starzone. Both Starzone 4 and Starzone 26 and naturally by the time I can log back in my base will be robbed of all resources and ships. This game used to be great but again the developers are either too slow and stop caring about their customers.
Plz give more event and if u could add heores like in lords mobile thank you and now Plz the network server is no longer working and the translator is not working either could u plz work on it
great graphics and fun play very good,when updates that do not allow you back in to game. This makes several times they have supposedly fixed the entering issues and the cheat hacks and have yet fix either correctly every update you do it causes ability to log in
Wholeheartedly and very well thought of there's a lot more to the gaming part and to think things out I can't quit playing
good game, find peaceful zone to grow, player attack often had to grow base. expensive if constantly attacked,
Crashes, time disappearing from second robot, daily completion saying haven't completed and already have done so, no shields given at start of game and lastly force closing out of app. Major fixes arr needed.
good game, good attention to detail, game play like all the others you only progress fast if you buy upgrades
I am set to loose EVERYTHING since the update i cant even get into the game to put a sheild up during the kill event which starts in 2 hours!!, if there is compensation i hope it is enough to cover the loss of 400k in fleet power?? It shouldnt take this long for a devolper to fix the problem, whats going on guys??
I rarely give any game a 5 rating but have been pleasantly surprised with this one. So far there has been no hitches, the rewards are generous, and gameplay good. There are online purchases but so far these are not intrusive and there are smaller low cost options for those who would like to enrich the game but not spend too much. I have not needed yet but would be willing later in the game if needed.
I made a purchase 3days ago never got it game not playing don't buy nothing you want get it missed all events got attacked can't do nothing.Sad game not even fun anymore!!!!!
Build a base just for it to be mercilessly raided without any limits by a nearby higher level paying player, all this in sprite-based graphics. If you want a skill based version of this game with 3D graphics - try Narcos or Drop Assault instead.
Really great, I like the fact that you can easily get time skips in the game so the game doesn't take an eternity to do something, like the graphics, the font is just a little small, otherwise I can do almost everything I want to do on empire kind of games
Log in is sorted,thanks.However-all feets defeated in my absence;half lost to scrappage...Any chance of compensation in lieu of resources I couldn't gather in the interim.Plus for fleets lost? Seems to be a case of 'oh well!never mind' Most games do this automatically now...
This game far surpasses others of it's type. Learning the game is a bit hard at the beginning but I do like the fact that you can stack your extra builder. Time for researching and upgrades could be reduced significantly to keep newer players interested.Also setting the initial shield to last until level 8 will encourage those same new players from leaving because they were relentlessly attacked as soon as they reached level 6.That's what happened to me but since I've had experience in a similar game that I've since given up, for this one,I knew I had to build up my Ships and defensive power first in order to deal with what I expected to happen.Fortunately I was able to survive without loss and gained my first 500 kills :)That said,I would gladly recommend this game to anyone interested in space warfare. You don't have to spend money to get far in this game especially if you join a good Alliance but since this is a way for me to unwind and since I don't spend money on anything else,I don't mind spending a little to enjoy myself even more. Excellent and enjoyable game,once you figure it out.
I don't know which country made this game but the English dialogue is awful. If you are going to spend a lot of money and time to make a game, at least do a decent job on grammar and spelling.
seemed like fun game,i bound my account and tried to start a new one,it kept telling me that i must bind my account and that that operation can't happen,so delete and move on
Look up RXL-Realms Blogger to read a full review.. Game is back. Star Zone 34 was set in stone. The throne is being shared amok multiple allied alliances. There is no room for rookies. Game is buggy and can go down for days influencing your VIP streak, your possible days of growth before the reach of immigrants from other Star Zones and that kills off promising alliances. The staff members promises of support are foul.
Great game, it takes a while to upgrade your facilities, but it's worth the effort. you must protect your base against pirates and aliens.
If you don't want to get screwed,then don't bother installing this game.Developers used to be helpful,now they just don't care.With the recent mess, they caused with their previous 64bit update,some players couldn't login to the game.So naturally they got screwed by those that could.And what to the devs do?They give reimbursements to players from the latest zone.The rest of us only got a,'have a good day' message and some of us got a measly 100cr.So don't waste ur time.There are better games.
For some unknown reason, shields of other players are being sabotaged. Only specific players in zone 20 are being targeted & singled out. Reported to tech support but no action from them. I remember when the game was still on early development, a base named Boom came out of nowhere in zone 1 & attacked other bases but his power would rise up easily despite our counter attacks. Once found out, tech support admitted that Boom was part of the dev team. Just play fair & fix this shield problem now.
Everything is good apart from the money grabbing stuff but that's become standard and even the cheaply made games demand from $5 to $100 and those don't last even for a few days. Isn't it the same as paying for good reviews when I'm offered premium items or credits for free when I give a 5 star review? The world is in chaos with the economy struggling to the losses further weakened by the worldwide Corona virus crisis. Every gaming company is on a high these days as people stay home and play.
Well balanced game, but customer support and development work is lacking. Bugs are being exploited and devs aren't fixing anything.
Galaxy commando - Nova Storm same game! it asked for major upgrade which left you no where. I had time and money invested two different players and left me no where now I can't get on with either game. really strange! now galaxy commando isn't on Google play store. really disappointed! what happened? ???? I have 2 Samsung tablets with Google and Gmail accounts. Not sure but maybe you can fix. I know it was working on both tablets and accounts before new upgrade. Thanks I hope you fix soon. God bless you !
Used to play ark of war and liked it but it was a very unbalanced game, I'm 3 days into this "version" which is very similar but more balanced as far as getting raped by bigger players go aswell as not as much of a heavy need to spend real dollars
the game is fun, well balanced and enough to do. Early game (at least for me) has no spam attacks so you can build up in comfort. Enough options to relocate in case you do get spammed. The game has some desynchronization issues you have to close it completely when you switch apps and notification sometimes don't show up, but nothing that will hamper your enjoyment. Tastly 2 resources that are used for base building are RNG or rewarded it would be better if you could manufacture them
Fantastic Story in the beginning. Love the colours and animation. Throws me back to space invader days. Really loving this game.
What a great game! Exhillerating and fun to play. didn't take much to level quickly. play it and have a blast.
I just started the game and so far so good .. already in an alliance and meeting new people.. although I'm confused about what to do really.. also I can't seem to bring my all army to the stargate . but the game is good in basics .. nice graphics too . I think I'll stick around for a bit longer and see for myself.
Awesome game, highly addictive and competitive but only you're into these kinds of games.You don't have to spend on this game if you want to get far. Just join a good Alliance.That's the key!The translator does suck but at least the developers are not making it too difficult to get far.Commitment is what you need in this game.The best space game I've played on Android so far.
Game no longer works! Been playing this game for 5 years and it just stops working and no one can log on.
DO NOT INSTALL!!! There are Russians who use an instant repair bug to win. You can't fight them. The issue has been reported and the developers are silent. Terrible game!
Updated game no longer works. Paying player here. 4 days and still nothing. Looks like you wont get any more of my money. Time to move on, thank you, you have been replaced.
The Trackers and Tracers of United States of America that are assigned here in Philippines should give the VIP Boosts to me. This game have a VIP Level System and I'm a VIP in the game. Upgrade my Touchscreen Phone into a VIP Touchscreen Phone.
Build your space base and increase yours Fleet forces and research stronger equipment. The only negative is the time it takes sometimes to research things and build as you get into higher levels. A little confused about battles and when it's okay to do them with my alliance but other than that it's a fun game.
why do all the availible strategy games use the same template.... this game is not bad but its not unique either. its different enough to qualify as a independent game but to similar to other reskins for me to invest much time into it. but i have to admit if i hadnt been exposed to the legions of reskins of the same old strategy game template i would have probably liked it.
It was good at first but if you're not willing to spend money to get up to par with others or up for being farmed until you reach high ranks your screwed. Was good until lvl 8 and could not get any more res at all to lvl higher. Worse than game of war.
Easy on the battery, runs smooth for being an older phone (4yr old LG Tribute HD) & I love the Starcraft style going on (Hope Blizzard doesn't notice the obvious "inspiration" style similarities")
Soooooo boring. Just another basebuilder with nothing going for it. The battle system is stupid, literally a visual of ships shooting - not interactive.