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Not Not - A Brain-Buster

Not Not - A Brain-Buster for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Altshift located at 1 place Francis Ponge 34000 Montpellier France.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is crazy it gets super hard but if you know how to do it its super fun. Can you not not not not complete this fun and not not crazy game
It was fun! It was irritating me at first because it was too confusing. But as time passed, it got challenging and I like challenges. It's just there's too much ads
Very silly concept taken so far as to create a mind shattering puzzle. If my life would depend on running on the correct side of a cube I would thank Not Not for the much needed training!
It's eh. I guess if you have issues reading or following instructions you would have a hard time with this game. Kinda easy, not a real challenging game.
Awesome game. Uninstalled because ads with sounds. Ads with sounds are ALWAYS louder than game volume, even when volume is turned off.
Lol im noisy when playing this its a nice challenging reaction time test and also a brain buster. The sounds are good, its good and peaceful and it just makes it better with head sets, ear buds, airpods earphones... (idk the word im going to say) its pretty funny for me when i get the wrong one xD. And my only prob y 4 stars is the ad banner its disturbing bc when its aesthetic then theres an ad:/ plz remove that. Anyways i recomend these people gonna test their reaction time and stuff:)
This game is amazing this game makes some moments very intense and my heart just beat real fast love thie game. I usually don't rate any games or apps but man!! This game is on another level
It is amaizing . I like it . It is a good teacher for the brain and it makes you confused sometimes . I like it very much . 🤗🤗🤗
Oh god. this game make me challenge my friend. i love this and i will going to purchase this game at nintendo switch so my family can play up to 4 players in one console screen. Keep it up witb your hard work!
This game it's so fun yet pressurising at the same time,makes me feel smarter each time i win a level. THIS IS ONE OF THEE GREATEST GAMES EVER, wait - correction - IT IS THEE ONLY BEST GREATEST AWESOMEST FANSTICAL SPECTACULAR GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED!!!!
This is very fun and very... Hard.. but the most of the fun! It's quite confusing when you see the "not not up". The "not not up" is actually UP.
Ad is breaking the game. In certain levels the pop-up ad will shrink the actual game screen to about the same size of those ads that are usually on the bottom of the screen, leaving a massive black gap in the middle, rendering the game unplayable. Don't get me wrong, the game is good, and I would even pay money for it, but a gamebreaking glitch that happens so often is unacceptable.
Great game, very challenging, most of the time my mind ends up knowing what the instructions are but my finger does not not have a mind of its own. 5 stars!!
Just passed the first level,so a bit early for an in-depth review. Fun time-pass, wakes up a sleepy brain. More to follow?
I absolutely love this game. It easy to understand but gets hard real easy. Adding all these double negatives makes your brain break and i honestly haven't seen a good "puzzle" game since.
This game helps break barriers of current mental health , for me each game pushes me of my comfort zone and forces me to think. it gives me anxiety after every game i lose forcing me to complete that level no matter how frustrated i get hence help increase my tolerance and patients. Its a good remedy for anger management issues and anxiety problems.
Shiity experience!!! Really was enjoying the game a lot but there's an ad of some app called Hago. It literally block the entire screen and you can't even close the ad. Close the app and relaunch and bam, its there within the next 5 seconds.
I love this game, and I have a one major piece of criticism. The app erases my progress from my previous session. Please fix this. Thank you in advance.
The game is awesome, but there's TOO MANY ADS. (original review scored it 4 stars but today I downgraded it to 3... and then uninstalled.) Ads at the bottom of the screen at all times, but that's not a big deal. What sucks is getting served an *unskippable* 30-sec ad after (nearly) EVERY SINGLE LEVEL ATTEMPT. Don't forget you can gain continues by watching those exact same ads too, so what difference does it make? Often, the ad is as long as the amount of gameplay between ads! It's absurd!
This is the best game in it's class for me personally I use this as reflex training or reaction time training for video the logical and reflex this give is really amazing. The ads aren't annoying it's not that too expensive if you bought the ads removal also you support the devs. I really love this game it also support controller so for those who use controller and still want to train there reaction this is a must thankyou notnot game🥰.
It's okay. I find it difficult but that's the point, challenge is interesting. What i don't like is the frequent ads. I'll probably delete soon
It really makes you think about how your brain works! You would be surprised how much you mess up... It is a perfect way to smarten your brain!
Very early in the game but enjoying the brain strain so much I was more than happy to pay the 79p to remove ads and hopefully encourage the developer to do more. Such a simple concept one finger game but seriously tests your ability to read instructions and follow them quickly. Great for keeping my older brain active.
The most creative and minimalist game I've seen in a while. Simple to understand, but sometimes hard to beat. Decently challenging, makes you wanna try a failed level many times, but without wanting to throw your phone against the wall. Love it.
I love how to focus on the instruction. Highly recommended this one. This isn't boring to play. Your mind is working as well and have to concentrate to the game.
I'm really enjoying this game. I have a very slow reaction but now I have an app that helps me to boost it up.
It's really fun and takes a quite amount of Brain power to get thae hang of it, but once you do the game finds away to make you think harder, keep up the good work
I do not not like this game! You better do not not not not download ths game because this is not not not very bad and confusing but not not addicting. One thing that is not not very disturbing is the ads loading make the game not not laggy. I do not not not complain for showing ads but make the ads not affecting the gameplay because it is disturbing. Thanks. -2 star for the inconvenience
I can deal with ads, but today I wanted to play it, and it's just showed me black screen! I was able to see only the very top of the game. I'm very disappointed, but I still love the game! Upd: I tried to reinstall this game a lot of times, but problem is still there. Please fix this in the next update!
from the first few times of playing the ad at the bottom would scroll down then the whole game would minimize into the icon bar at the very top of my phone screen. cant get it to change and have to restart the whole game. not worth it.
Already recommend it to my sis and friend!!!) I'm not sorry for downloading "Not Not"! The creator is genius! Well done! Soooo interesting! If you fond of complicated but interesting puzzle for your brain you definitely have to try this game!!!! Thank you so-so-so much!)))
This game is a great way to practice logical thinking while also offering a thoughtful progression on the logic that should follow. I would suggest completely completing one column before moving on to the next.
Great game, I really love it, got 17% in but something has cause the entire game to shift all the way up to the point wete I can only see a very small band up top and the rest of the screen is black. restarting the game does nothing and the game is now completely unplayable for me.
truly is mindboggling! tap the back button on your phone once you fail instead of "close" to skip the ad. if you're doing gold of course, because thus you'll have an opportunity to start anew without ads.
This game seems well built and polished. It offers a banner ad for dev remuneration, however i did not spend enough time to see if there were forced ads. Despite being polished this puzzle game is exceedingly boring for my taste. Basically swipe the cube in the direction that shows onscreen. Zzzzz. I'm sure lots of people will like it, and I'll watch this dev for future, hopefully not so snoozy, games.
This is the one you can opt for if you like passing time playing arcade games. The best I've experienced. And yeah it's not not amazing 🤩. A really new and innovative game. Loved not not.
TOO MANY ADDS!!! When you lose you have to sit through a whole minute of adds. No skip or closing them out. Not a bad game but I hate this app because there are way too many adds. Even for a free game. It's like they sold out to all these companies. It's ads with 20 seconds worth of game in-between. Uninstalling it now.
Game is fun challenging, timer count down around it square. You swipe up when it says not not up, you swipe another way if it says not up. Just have to continue training your attention to it until you finally able do it and it get harder too. sorry for remove few stars due constantly ads at every time when games over/ended
I have paid to remove adverts, so why are adverts still popping up? Very disappointed, if you still going to show adverts even after taking money not to show them, then you should refund my money.
Its a mind catching game. It is very different from other games. It reads your swipe and alternates the next swipe.
Good concept so far, very similar to Reaction Time. Basically it's simon says on a timer. You do what the game tells you within a few seconds and you get to do it all over again instead of dying. I redacted one star because when it tells you something like "not left" or "not not not red", doing nothing kills you. Doing nothing is an option, and you guys even use it as a command. Make the act of nothing an option during "not" scenarios and you get a full five stars @devs.
Amazing .. Very interesting game ... All about how concentrated r u and how sharp ur brain is .. Loved it 💗
Really good game needs a lot of concentration and read the tutorial before you play however fairly good game and really recommend.
I love this game. It gets hard. It's frustrating when you get within a few swipes of gold and you miss. Reminiscint of Brain Warp.
Same as last worst review screen is too small to play 😢 gave 2 bc the time I had playing normal (25 sec) was really fun.
really fun game, so far estable too. recommended. just the ads in the free version are really annoying. should balance how much ad content is shown if possible of course.
it's a great game to develop your response time, like serious improvement in my response time to anything after i have started to play this game well
It's fun in order to win I feel like I have to calm down while on pressure in order to win and that is a good skill to learn
the game is so amazing. every mistake we do is a silly one. but the only complaint about this that there are many ads that irritate me everytime. so i request to please reduce ads.
Pretty good game but, it doesn't give you enough time to read the directions on the screen when it says to do something. Not Not Red or Not Up or something, sometimes itll say Not Red and Not Not Right but you don't have time.to read it. I understand what it says and what it means, it's just hard for.me.to.read.it.in.time.
This game probably could have been great if it didn't force an ad to take up over half of my screen and make the text of the game unreadable.
I like how the game really puts your reaction speed on the test It gets harder and harder, making it more interesting
I love this game because it challenges and tricks your brain and I think it makes your brainpower better and shapper
First played this on the Switch and thought if this game is in the playstore. Very addicting and challenging, good time killer.
I'm hooked!! I downloaded about an hour ago and I can't put it down. I keep saying one more level...then one more gold...then new levels...then i have to get all 3 gold in one column. I usually don't play too many games or I get tired of them and delete it because I can't find the right one. I am certain that I found it now!
I installed it just a minute ago and I'm on level 5 now. 😂 😂 Totally a game that would train your brain. I love the negation in it. Thank you for making this app. ❤️❤️❤️
Good to pass time, gets frustrating but u get the hang of it as the levels increase. Fast paced and a good brain game. Simple stimulation.
Extremely hard ngl. I don't know if it exists but i would recommend (example) "not red/red" in another color
The game gets my heart pumping, requires concentration and coordination which I love! simple but beautiful interface allows you to enjoy the game much more! great game.
the worst ads ever. They come DURING my game and i had to lose because thz game continue in the background and i had to wait until rhe end of the ad. I CAN'T FINISH A GAME
Outstanding ----One of the best brain games in the play store for exercising Logical Part of the brain,,,we can say the creator of this game as THE MASTER OF CREATIVITY thank you
One of best and greatest game in play store, wow this game is amazing, its makes brain sharper, sometimes i get angrier, sometimes i freeze bcoz i don't have time to choose left or right😂
Way too many ads everytime you lose you have to watch ads... had to delete it straight away. Basically every 30 seconds you have to watch 30 seconds ads and I just started the game.
Follow appropriate directions with using your finger! With very twist, such as liar, void, and impossible mode! Very satisfying :)
Fun, and just hard enough. Great mental exercise, and when I make a mistake I at least understand why, and how to fix it.
What an awesome game. Good for training that brain of yours and is also a cool way to get relaxed with that meditating music in the background. Big props to the developers.
This game is so fun! I've struggled with my lefts and rights for so very long, this game has helped me tremendously!
I just started playing the game. For the content itself I would give it a 4+ rating, however after my fifth play an ad popped up at the bottom which left 80% of my screen black. At the top of the screen one can see the game in a shrunken version... however it's unplayable. Even after closing the app and restarting my phone didn't help.
The game is honestly extremely fun and it's a bit fun seeing how the game predicts your next move. The only flaw is that you get ads forced on you, yet you can cancel those out which is awesome. 5 star game for me definitely
Its hard i love that and requires fast thinking which can help develop the brain some way just perfect👍👍❤❤🔥🔥
This game is amazing. I challenging but amazing. I keep losing on not left idk whyy I keep thinking go left. I decided to play it on my broken phone its to amazing not to not try. (I just confused my own self. Anyway its amazing the ads don't bother me but I love a game with a challenge. 5 stars for how amazing this game is.
Concentration is the secret of strength n success..... Then best recommend game, I have ever come across.....
Finished the first 3 missions, liked the concept, then an ad completely broke the game where basically it is filling up 90% of the screen and i can see part of the game in the other 10%, but cant do anything to get rid of it
PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ADS! My three year old nieces have been having nightmares for a week now because of that clown ad on one of the games I was playing next to them. And then I let my 6 year old cousin play a different game and the add came up again, it scared him so much. Keep the one with the shark, but that clown one was awful.
One of the best time killers ive wver downloaded? also the ads have been fixed in the most recent update, just look in the Whats New? section.
A very solid fun little game with a new twist at every step and you beat by getting better, not by anything else.
Frustratingly awesome!!! Really makes you Not Not Think.... Trains your brain to think quickly, recognize and act. I think this game is not only fun and challenging but good for anyone wanting to sharpen their minds!!! Remember...3 Nots is Not 2 Nots is!!!(play the game, you'll get it!😉😉)
Best game ever it's so awesome and it keeps me busy. Even tho it is a little bit hard that is what makes it addicting. And I enjoy the colour of the game.
It literally makes you forget all of your stress and attracts your complete attention towards itself, SALUTE TO CREATORS💓
It's fun and kinda hard, but i still love it. I can challenge myself play the extreme mode even though i know i'll lose. But anyway, keep it up!
Great app!! It's such a good app to pass time and practice your reaction times, such a simple and fun game which runs perfectly and I could play for hours!
worst appp!!! when you are about to finish the extreme level, ad appears in your screen and fortunately you lose the game !!! please dont install this app
It doesn't seem hard at the beginning but then it gets pretty hard it's fun and addicting. not sure if later on they add more things are not but if you don't I would add numbers and shapes and a bunch of other things just as you did with the colors. But if you do already in there later levels than is perfect!
Overall, I got a seizure, three strokes, a broken hand, two burst blood vessels in my brain, loss of mobility in the left leg, lack of sexual libido, hairloss on both forearms and right leg, and just recovered from my anaphylactic shock, great game!
I truly love this. Your mind has to be very quick. What just got me was the NOT NOTHING command after the nothing. You have to really concentrate and be quick because you only have a very few seconds to move. This game is absolutely brilliant.
A really fun game. The only reason I wouldn't give full stars is because an ad plays after EVERY SINGLE ROUND. It's quite frustrating but whatever.
Best app to increase your concentration and focus level ,before studies play it for 5 mins and you will be super focused you will not feel any distractions..I AM HAPPY BY ITS EXPERIENCE
It really gets makes you think and it's those times when you fo the opposite thing it tells you and the timer is abit fast but that goes towards alittle of reaction time so you've got to think fast and act fast. I do love the game nothing needs to be changed, it's really fun and all the things I just listed a couple seconds ago and that's why I gave it a 5 star rating.
I'll be honest I got bored by level 3. The game play was simple and fluid (in a good way) and well done devs for the Decline personal ads (I hate games that didcot you too agree to sell your details). But thinking fast isn't a puzzle it's a quiz show... I want something to challenge my thought processes not my reaction time.
This game pretty much tests your ability to think fast and strategies your techniques throughout your experience. It's very addictive and I promise you you will get back to the game (whenever you feel like just playing a game, looking for a challenge, or if your just bored). It's as addictive as geometry dash. There is a few things I'd like to point out though which is the ads in the game with will appear every second game, but other than that, this is the game to get. You will not regret it.👍
Brilliant brain stretcher! Deadly combo of applying logic and hand-eye coordination. I only started but Logical Hard level is already brutal :D Only one thing: not the game you'd want to play when you're sleepy xD
one of the greatest games on the playstore. It starts off with simple instructions until it gets harder and harder. Not only does it make your skills in following instructions better, it also improves your reaction time and how fast you can read and understand a sentence. 5 stars would recommend, this is one of those games that you needs to be in your games list. (and also, minimum ads!)
Updated review: I still enjoy it, however I do have one suggestion/flaw with the game. A lot of people usually go for the gold status for each level, I'm assuming, and in that case the free hearts you guys give out should still let you get the gold achievement, otherwise for people who are trying to do that, there's really no freebies in the game.
Super fun and I've only played for 5 minutes. Not to many ads but they could be less. Pretty challenging even though it's so simple. Good game overall.
The game is awesome. But again too many ads, each time I die is an ad. I only play with no connection otherwise is impossible. I would give 5 star wasn't for the absurd amount of ads
This game is really fun, it's living up to it's title, I have a little trouble keeping up but I'm getting better at it, would reccomend
Itwas great before I couln't play because of an ad that would pop up, take up the whole screen and with no close button. Even after trying to close and reopen Not Not, the completely black ad will not stop showing up.
On the last level now, this games keeps me on my toes. Loveee it! I have a few suggestions for more levels: 1. Changing the rhythm and speed would make it a lil more unpredictable and fun. 2. I love the level where you have to remember your next move, would love more variations on that. 3. Would love it if the game makes us of if...then... for e.g. if not not right in the previous one then nothing in the next move. I'll keep adding more whenever I get more ideas. Thanks to the developers!!!
Too many ads. Remove the ads that come after losing every game in the free version. U already have an ad banner below, how much more money do you need?
The best game on play store I guess.It trains you to apply quick logic and learn from your previous mistakes and the best part is that its non - addictive. People are getting very hooked on online games these days, like Pubg.
As challenging as it may become, its amazing. Such a good game, mesmerizing amd nerve wracking at the same time. I cant help but mention the thoughtful process they had while making this game. This particular specialty isnt present in most games. Loved it!
AWSOME, not not right, okay, right, not not not left, okay, not left, not right, swipes right, darn it. Its really fun. Get it. Small devices are better though. Tablets make it more of a challenge. Because you have a hard time using your thumb on a bigger screen. But seriously though, download and have fun.
This game is brain-challenging. It is hard (for me). 5 stars because the UI is awesome and this is a super fun game. :D
Really nice idea, haven't played a whole lot but seems interesting and entertaining. The ads are honestly the biggest letdown - there seems to be an ad every time you lose? There's a workaround which is pretty simple, but I won't say it here for fear of it being patched :3 Anyway, good game, needs less ads (please) <3
This is awful. The game glitches in the weirdest manner by squishing itself in the notification bar. Also the adds pop up in the MIDDLE of the game. Very disappointed :(
This game is amazing but there are 2 problems I have with it: Firstly, there are way too many ads but that is easily evaded by turning off my connection and secondly, I am colorblind and the colorblindness mode still leaves me at a disadvantage. The time isn't enough to read every single word. When you have regular color vision you can make out what's where from your peripheral vision but having to read them makes it use up much more time.
It gets a difficult but i say its a good thing. Bc i has let me to go have more speed when learning something. To give my initial instinct a challenge
It's really engaging and fun. I have to really concentrate on the instructions . It's an amazing app to test yourself I'd say
It testnyou eyes, brain and hand coordination, but its jot frustalrqting at all. Its a really fun game, not only for me but with fam ♥️ Completed it before and now rechallenging again! Looking forward to more levels!
The game is great. My only problems are 1. Excessive amounts of text on higher lvls one couldnt possibly comprehend so fast unless they play it over a lot; 2. Not clear visibility of prepositions "and" & "or" behind the character silhouette, which causes me mistakes.
Brilliant game, occasional adds, however easily tolerated. Actually difficult puzzles, would most certainly, and have recommended
This game is really good for your brain. A lot people say about black screens and ads mid game but that is all fixed and gone. This game is the best game i've ever downloaded.
Respond to commands quickly. Too slow or incorrect and its over. The word NOT might confuse you. Sometimes I have done the correct instruction but my phone has detected the wrong way. When the levels get harder, the commands take longer to read giving you less time to react.
This is the biggest brain challenge I have encountered this far. It literally can bring your mind to it's limits on how long it should respond. Really a great game for a brain workout. Just perfect.
Very challenging at first but it definitely will sharpen your reaction time, concentration, memory, and probably a lot more.... highly recommended
Really good game. Just fair warning--if you're a longtime fan of Jacksfilms, you might get a song stuck in your head while playing this...
So far it's an awesome game. Definitely for quick thinkers!! Challenging and fun. You literally have to be on top of your game for this one!
The game is extremely simple yet quite challenging because of the speed. I like it, it's good to spend the time, but the character makes it difficult to read the instructions, for me.