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Noonkey – Healing Tears

Noonkey – Healing Tears for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by POOM GAMES located at (Address) 230, Simin-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I absolutely cannot get enough of this game. It's amazing for depression and has some really sweet quotes and the meaning behind it is so powerful. I also LOVE the fact that there are no ads whatsoever, unless you choose to watch them! Overall, this is a beautiful and addictive game I just can't seem to stop playing. Keep up the good work y'all. You've got all of my support ❤
I like it, when i got this i was really sad because my family just found out that my great grandma passed away. So i got this game i made me feel better a little bit but it is going to take much more to make me feel better. The only problem i really have with this game is that you have to click or tap all-the-time add someting to do it for you.
This game has so much potential, however, that's being wasted, it hasn't been updated in aaaaages so there are some issues. I think it'd be better if you could customise the crying girl with upgrades and clothing or maybe decor for the background, an maybe various music choices for the background. All these things may have been added in the Healing Tears 2, I don't know yet, but that's what this version is lacking. Not much too do tbh. Unlike your Pretty Yoga game, I love that one!
I love this game!!! At first I was like: what am I supposed to do? Then I just tapped and tapped the screen I began to understand the game. It's really addictive. And it's so cute it's like I'm litteraly living in a sad but happy dream. And it's so nice of you to give free gems when watching adds or just opening the chest. I love the game a nd the story . Although I want more life in the story like when u just started I would love if for example the fairy would tell that if Noona cries the tree of happiness will grow . It will be so cute if it's like that. And add more of a story type thingy if u want.
Short video from the bird it doesnt work, and i cant get gems. Ill give 5 star if the video works. Im just playing for 10 minute and only watched 1 video from free recharge. After that theres no more video and my internet connections was fine.
I love the game. My only problem is when I use the tear multiplier my game froze and I went from 23.3B to 1.4B it's a hassle to lose that much progress. :(
I do enjoy this game so far. It's very good for if I need to sit still and have to do something with my hands. It would be nice however, if the character could be changed from Noona to a guy or something like that. Not unlocking- I feel that might make the wrong impression, but it could be more relatable if it it weren't just a girl. I do really enjoy the game right down to the color scheme but that is the only thing I would add.
The music is beautiful. Sincere. However, the dialogue might be changed to something better, for example: "It'll get better soon." "Crying means you are healing." I highly recommend you take out: "I'm so tired. :(" Take out the :(. Please.
Very relaxing and colorful! Not something to be very excited about but it is really nice for a tapping game!
I love this app but everytime i click the Free Recharge or Watch Video to get gems, there's nothing happens. I know it's hard to develop such apps but can you please fix it? And can you include accounts? Just in case a player's smartphone crashed or formatted, we can continue the level that we are playing before the circumstances. It's just that I love this app of yours/your team. ☺😍
It's amazing,I've played this game whrn I was 8 and always loved it. It is a bit hard to grow the tree tho.
I've played this game for 4 years now, and I love it, it helps you heal. It's so sweet and cute! It's fun and I just love the girl you play as!
it reminds of how i feel everyday ill play this when im upset and feel like crying really good game i recomend to people who hasve depression
More thorough explanations on what benefits upgrades provide would be nice, as well as more fairies to obtain would be nice. This is a great game, very relaxing. But also, being able to trap the tree regardless of the fairies would be helpful. I can't get any of the hearts under them, especially on the right side. It's a little difficult to tap the screen over and over, as I have a degenerative disorder in my hands, so the above things would be helpful!
An adorable combination of cute and cathartic. Its okay to let those tears flow! The angels and fairies are there with us and we nourish the ground we cry on. May we grow as people. Thanks!!
Oh i love this game so much. But i unlock all the features and levels in just 1 week. So i wonder maybe update more fairies, how about add more different trees and change the girl clothes more. Maybe change the chair where she sit or add rain, stars. I cant wait for the next update
The game crashed and lost my progress between level 115 and 131. Edit: constantly crashes and looses my progress
Well I actually enjoy this game. For some reason when you don't want to do anything this app is a recommendation. But can you also add more like interactive features such as talking with noona or anything else. And adding a male gender for exemple. Thank youu
This game understands my feelings. The game is very insightful. I think .. this game alone should be my friend
The buttons glitches out sometimes. It is manageable with resting the phone but after Tear level 200, the ad buttons (bird, free recharge, and gem ads) work. I cleared my cache and end task the game. It didn't fix it. I did not reach the 25 ad quota either. I wonder if the gold hearts can appear on top of the fairies instead so we can collect the hearts on that layer easier. I love the idea and art of the game. The music is nostalgic. It helps my depression. I hope the button works again or allows sync data so I can reinstall it if needed.
I simply LOVE this game it's my favorite!!! I never thought such a game of tapping would be that fun. I really really really love it. It's not just a great time killer but also very fun!!! It also makes me feel better. I'd give it a million stars. Thank you so much for making such a game 😍😍😍
For a day I thought it was an interesting game until it reminded me of Abyssrium where you have to tap your screen about 40 million times. How healthy is that is for our devices? Probably not good. Deceiving to think the items to purchase with gems are only tear points instead of items to put on her. Boring. What's the point of this game? Uninstalling.
I really like the game but the menu for purchasing gems constantly pops up on screen, when I most definitely didn't tap it. Makes it difficult to play. It is not the free gift that is popping up. It is the actual menu to purchase the gems.
I love it. Now for me, I've never had the best childhood. In fact it's one of the worst ones. And I've cried so much that I'm not able to cry anymore. So playing this game let's me cry through it. Thank you for the game
It is such a beautiful game and it is so emotional. Think while play this game I cried.so much be yet it made you feel good. Along with the amazing graphics this has to be one of the best games I have ever played.
I love the game but it seems to crash quite a bit lately. It will freeze and sometimes in a day I'll watch just four videos then it won't do anymore videos for hours. So I don't know of that is suppose to happen. And when it freezes I'll loose all of my flowers and tree hearts. It gets frustrating after a bit. But overall not a bad game.
I don't know why but this game helps me control my depression. It keeps my fingers moving and the upgrade system feels nice. I wish that Noonkey had more animations, dialogue, and customisation to it.
Love this game so much, but it would be perfect if you have cloud save and google play achivements to stored our data online. It would make me cry if i already goes far and must uninstalled the game and want to continue on another device
Awesome game, it's super cute but as far as I understood one is not able to get their data back once the person decides to get a new mobile? It'd be sad to loose all the progress I have done so far. Furthermore, the app sometimes crashes when I use the "light"-mode (the one which gives more healing power).
It's OK to cry. That's right. But It could be better when there's an adventure on your next game. Colorful backgrounds, stunning graphics and cool SFX. I wish your new game will release immediately as you can do it quickly. But if you ask me, is it interesting? Yeah it does. Nice simulation game ever!
I download the app and I feel so addicted to the game and my progress were soooo far , but I quit the game for a while because I need some space.But when I download the app again because I missed it so much i can't synchronize the big progress I've made so far(TT) to my phone. Andone more thing,a story line would be nice 🤔🤔. But so far , So sad 😔😖😢
very cute game. she just sits and cried. poor girl, will you ever cheer up. Just exhausting to constantly tap, but I like this game.
Didn't make me feel any better u think I'll stick to watching horror movies gen watching some girl cry. Love the art in all but the music I'm sorry but its tacky. Get some decent music not some elevator music. Otherwise besides that its all right. Wouldn't use it for when your sad tho.
OMG POOM GAMES THIS IS SO CUTE AND COOL I LOVE THIS GAME I WILL PLAY THIS GAME EVERYDAY NOW THANK YOU FOR MAKING A GAME I ACTUALLY LIKE xD But it can soon get boring so i ended up actually getting rid of it but goit was really fun to play.... :/ Hope you understand POOM GAMES
I can't help it, this is just so cute! It helps me and I bet us all when we're depressed All we have to do is press this app, and start playing, let cute little Noona do the sadness for us. But I kinda wish someone would walk up to her and tell her everything will be fine. It'd be adorable~! Other than that, I love this game!
I love this game! The art style is so cute and the colors/music are very relaxing. I just really appreciate that there's a game that teaches people it's okay to cry your sadness out and that one shouldn't be considered weak for doing that! I'm sure the second season will be great too (will have to download that) but hh overall congrats to the dev(s) great job! Love it!
I was really excited about this game as soon as I saw it. It looked gorgeous and I have always adored tap games like this. Unfortunately, Noonkey was nothing but a disappointment. Unlike the other incremental games which continue to progress when the game is closed, with Noonkey time only progresses as long as the game is actually open and taking up battery life and system resources. If you leave the page, time freezes, which means you only progress as long as you do nothing else but keep the game open. I cannot stress how terrible that is in a game like this. It feels like you are making no progress unless you chain yourself to this game. I really did feel like crying when I played Noonkey.
I love this game. There is only one flaw I ssee. When the tree gets hearts on the top and is covered by fairies, you can't really collect them. If this was fixed I would rate it five stars on everything.
This game is by far one of the best games on Google play, I love the moral and it looks amazing. The back ground music is soothing and lovely! It is ok to cry, the game is also fun and hard to put down. My only complaint is it does feel a little slow. I want to give little Noona a hug!