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Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG

Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Flaregames located at Kaiserstraße 146-148, 76133 Karlsruhe. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 8.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's a bug when using Lifedrain. The character may stuck when pressing the Lifedrain button (too long?!).
Broken gamesystem from lvl 1 until max at 360. Selfdefeating gameplay. Zero replayability. And after more than a year dev still havnt realised this. Guess they dont play.
Enjoying this game so far overall - the only thing I don't quite understand is how this app says it's not compatible with my newer phone (Motor G6 Play running Android 9) - but is compatible with my old Samsung phone running Android 5? Definitely not a huge deal or anything, maybe there's something I'm missing on the newer one - just didn't make sense that it doesn't work on a newer phone (maybe just not new/fancy enough? ) other than that being my only issue I've had, great job!
C'mon guys. Is it really essential to have online only? The first one was offline completely but with this one you need a constant internet connection which i don't like at all especially when in the description says there is offline when theres not. Thats the major flaw of this game. I don't see any reason for online only aside from multiplayer. I would give this an 8/10 but i can't. The online really overshadows it so its a 4/10. If possible just restore the offline mode please
Awesome gameplay, lots of fun. The only thing i would recommend is to give female characters more love. In character creations we need more options, and those thick eyebrows aren't feminine at all. And changing the victory dance to something more girly would be most welcome. Keep the good work. It's a great game :)
Honestly a very fun game, I was searching for a good game I could grind on mobile and I found this. Loving it so far, almost 5 stars, the only things it might need is a more coop feel / experience and cosmetics, no matter how good you are you mostly end up looking like a peasent. Summary: great game, lots of fun, might need to add a thing or two.
I love this game its amazing .much better then the first yes much better and more fun. Its like a nother world of adventure.
the progression system is messed up. want to level your wepon? just need coins! oh and gems, oh and anyther thing! want to keep that wepon? to bad, cant afford to. the game play isnt hard yet it makes it frustrating because of this. make is easyer to level up.. this really is a 5 star game if they fix this cash grab thing
so this game is really fun. Not a lot of customizations and I'm not going to lie, there is no endgame at all. But dispite that, it doesnt eat up a bunch of time so I can play it and put it down, so I just keep playing it. It would be nice if theyd add a few new pieces of gear, but there is just enough to keep trying new builds for a while. Great passive time killer.
Our son is disabled and will need care his entire life. He loves this game but we didn't realize there were in game purchases and he spent over 1500.00 in two weeks. The developer was VERY understanding and refunded the charges and just removed everything he got as well as banned parts but we do not mind for the stress we were feeling from the charges was killing us. A+++ to the developers and company.
It looks promising but i haven't even been able to go past the loading screen for the first time, it keeps showing me the connection error and it's not my internet because i can run all other games and apps i have without a problem
Not getting the item showed on completion. I've played and used the whole days worth on this one level for the item and I never received it. Plus I've used hundreds of gems also doing so and can't seem to get the drop. I usually get some other good equipment but not the one as advertised.. Toooo much lag, this ground detail/motion makes for bag lag, plus need a graphics quality to turn off animations and such
I have fun with this game, but the silver key req' t is stupid, let people play! If I complete a stage, I should get the loot. At the very least, I should get the XP, this part is completely idiotic. I won't be changing the 1 star until this is changed, I'm just glad I haven't spent any money on this game. Part of your description is "grind dungeons", you can't do this with a 20 min reset on 1 key.
1st game is by far much better, seems like it has turned into a p2p. the skills are great but that seems to be the only improvements from the 1st game, you get nothing for clearing floors only bosses. which doesnt give you much. def is not a nonstop knight. I havent played long enough to deal with the other aspects of the game but when I do I'll be sure to edit my post but from the looks of it, it's a star game at best. if this is your first playing a Nonstop knight I'd recommend the 1st one.
I love this game so much I would love to see more additions leading to perhaps a non-stop zombie game I want to be the bad guy
Really loved the original game. Was enjoying this one for roughly an hour and then, BAM, you're outta Keys. There's no fun if you are getting nickel and dimed constantly.
I will choose 4 stars because the game is online i think this game is more fun if its offline i played the nonstop knight 1 that is so great so i will recommend to developers please make this game offline
Good game but full of bug abusers, plus I lost my account when reinstalled. Update* the game is very addictive the only problem is how big is the difference between those who pay, and when I say pay I mean alot, at least 25/50€ a week minimum. The rewards between VIP and free players are insane, when you get 30 of something, they get 300.
WHHHY? last update suck -_-" Its hard to get royal token now, that mean hard to create / recharge equip, now u need 2 tournament (two week) just for getting random equip? Really? Gimme back 250 royal token system for 1 tournament please (。ì _ í。) New: we can't even leveling without key now, delete this (¬_¬)
Great gameplay, good sequel To the original. Two complaints. The rate how silver Keys regenerate is ridicilously low, 1 per hour. Also there is a limit of max 10 Keys so the daily playtime is extremely limited. It Forces one To stop playing the hame, really bad design. There is no point To play if you cant open boss chests. Seconly, long loading times especially after beating a boss. Due To tose 2 flaws I gave 4 stars, otherwise it would be solid 5 stars. Hope you can fix those
Best mobile game ever this is the one game i feel i dont need to spend money in and it is a lot of fun and theres the keys which open chests and you get a max of 10 but you can still play without them
I love the game itself, however, the key cooldown is too long and going to next map is too long. Otherwise, its a great game
Good game, but the silver keys limit afk progression. You gain experience for levels completed, not for enemies killed, amd the rewards require you to use timge generated keys to claim. Preferred the previous one for afk play, but this one improves a number of things since then.
last time i gave 3 stars. after re-installimg few days ago. i have changed my mind. it is a great game. skills are amazing. weaponry and getting gear is simple. awesome job.
P2w 100% the people that pay for the top chests and gear dominate and continue to get rewarded because they always take the top spots in any competition if your an f2p player find something else
This is definitely one of the few games that I keep on my phone for over a month. It's not pay-to-win and its VERY addictive. I have only 2 problems/complaints: 1) Its very laggy during game play especially during nodes in a tournament (it could just be my phone, but I'm not 100% sure) 2) The weapons/armor gets a little bit repetitive. Maybe some new gear? The drop rate for Rare, Legendary, or Epic isn't insanely low (of course it can't be to high). That's about it. Amazing game.
So far so good. No complaints except loading times which might just be my old phone. If the game continues like this it will be a great one!
Great app but wont load since last updating it. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still won't work
Nonstop Knight 2 is a one of the few games that I have ever been excited to see come out. It is a beauty of a game (both in graphics and gameplay) and can be played very frequentally for a fun experience. The only complaint I have if any is the key system. I understand that it helps players who are not able to play as often and prevents extreme growth in competitive players tournaments and stuff for infinite loot and what not. I just am not a fan of "limiting gameplay" if you know what I mean.😀
Great at first, but the game has become a classic "Pay to win" game. All you have to do is buy your way to the top. The game was good for about 2 weeks and beat the game, bow all there is to do is collect bounties and play in never stopping tournaments. Boring and underwhelming. If they added more to do and cut out the play to win, the game would be worth playing. You literally pay to win tournaments. I'm not spending another dime on this game.
Played game for 1 week. I enjoyed it, but advancement and customization (equipment drops) are limited by keys distributed on a real time cadence. Thus, you can only advance by buying keys or by waiting. The keys open random drops, so you end up with just choosing the best of limited random drops instead if choosing a goal and farming it. After a week the game started freezing on startup. Deleted, reinstallled, still freezes. 2 stars instead of 1 because I would play nore if I could.
So this was my last chance given to the game, after finally getting good set and etc. another problem came.. hackers. A lot of people with mods, are getting in the tops, getting me down from the hard worked top 1, in just 1 day, appearing from nowhere in the top 10. This is bullsh*t, still great potential, but it's a weak game :). Bye
Keys system kills the whole expierence. I've been playing a week and it took less than 20 minutes to do everything I was able to for the day. All chests open, all keys gone. I see myself getting bored and stopping soon unless active play becomes rewarding passed 10 keys a day
I liked the go for broke style of the first Nonstop Knight as well but they did a good job keeping it fun while making it more of mobile type game with more cumulative progression- you can go faster if you pay but not much of the content is behind a pay wall
I had no problems really before the big update. But after it, I can't seem to access my guild because it just glitches out until I select a different tab. Other than that I like the update (besides the fact that I have to upgrade my whole pyro set again)
***Need more storage for equipment sets! And more end game activities*** Fun! It takes patience to level up good armor and weapons and to get keys but you can also spend real money to do it faster.
Edit: they responded and suggested I try out a different mode while keys were recharging. I tried the new rumble mode and am getting beaten senseless by the same 2 players over and over again who have leveled their weapons a ton but armor none. Another complete fail from this game lol. I really want to like this game, but there are some insane design flaws preventing it. The most glaring issue is that the energy system takes 1 hour per key, which is absolutely ridiculous and greedy of them.
The game is fun to play with. Though, at times the so called confirmed loot does not appear and this bugs me a little. Other than that, overall a great game.
I loved the original Nonstop Knight, and I think the addition of the new modes areas and customization works really well! I have two major complaints with the game: one is that I should have the option to not automatically use a key. More often than not I want to save my keys for higher-level chest instead of wasting them on the early chests, such as in the conquest nodes 1 and 2. Second is that there should be an option to Auto fight bosses; especially since progression is locked behind chests.
Not a bad game at all I really enjoy playing it, but one thing I don't like is how long it takes to get keys back it's an hour for every key and for a game that's called nonstop knight you sure have to stop alot and wait but over all it's a good game
In rumble/pvp is so bad algorithmmake no sense. the damage received by the enemy was like nothing, but the damage enemy generates is more than 80%n even though the chance to dodge and block is high. And every match, more often against the same opponent for example if i win/lose against A in swcond match it will against A again.
I am a Big fun of Nonstop knight 1. and this second was also awesome. the only thing doesn't good for nonstop was for the key.. it should be obtain through monster drop and not just pay to play. dont be like Ubisoft game. please be different as the original concept creator.. love the game..
Hello this game is really so many Many good i really like it but i can't inpress this games graphics and this intro please inprove ment this things give high quality graphic design pictures but game is so good please make a battelroyale game we can think to high-quality battelroyale game like free fire like fau g make like any thing highly built ( read my rate and reply me )
im finding the game very addictive! well done. but my main areas for concern are that we need to get more varied loot. i seem to waste keys on chest that give useless armor, we should should have at least 20 keys for a good play session, with 10 keys i can play for barely 30 minutes at a time. the tournaments are nice side thing to do but give us more to do, MORE VARIED BOSSES, im tired of fight jansson or elite goos. but anyone on the fence to play the game, do it you wont regret it!
If you said so.. the game needs constant internet connection for the events to work.. but I highly suggest that the worlds itself can be playable offline.. the other game modes like tournaments, carnival, etc.. I think that they can be started by going online and be able to continue to play the progress offline.. like what the boss hunts on the first game do.. Can be started online, can be played through offline and connecting to internet again.. I'm not changing my 2 star rating!
It's a really fun game so far no forced ads and pretty decent. Give it 10 minutes and you'll want to play more
this game is have potential, but they should add aim with skill before spam, and add jewelly like ring or necklace, and they should add skill improvement support like spectrum wave that combine with aoe skill can make skill aoe following near target, you double spam improvement make spam projectile skill become instant double cast
Much less rogue-like than the original, i hit gear cap pretty quickly. Not much after that except grind 2 armour sets. Short game overall, I like nonstop1's way of soft restarts while keeping gear
I have been really enjoying the game but the mint status disappearing each tournament ruins the effort and experience. All the time spent building the set I want and then can't even use it in the next tournament. It makes grinding to get good gear valuable for a week. Tournaments just become a major waste of time then.
The keys are way too long to regenerate, a few minutes playing and your done. Totally NOT non-stop. The developers doesn't do anything to those who cheat.
Installed last night and played for a bit. Was a lot of fun! Went to open it this morning and it stalls on the loading screen at roughly 90%. Game won't load even after clearing app cache.
So much thinks are different from Nonstop Knight 1 i have think legendary items are the best but the mint legendary items are better . I love the game is so good but we wait Nonstop Knight 3 when we can alone control the Worrior .. Have fun guys 👍♥️
This game is fun but i rate it 4 star because its to long to reproduct the key so maybe you can make the key reproduction faster
Great game while you are playing and up front they give you like 20 keys to open chests which is great until you use them. You need three keys per "node", as they call it and not level, and if you have no keys left it takes an hour for one key. Half of the time the gear is useless because I have stuff with better stats equipped already. It is online also because of tournaments and stuff which is fine but there should be a way to play offline.
Honestlythegameisbecomingboringaftera month. And its DEEPSHIT and disappointing in badlands because of no rewards, please give rewards after node 90. I would also like to add a suggestion, i hope you make another rumble that we can control the skills. So it would be a real pvp rumble. But the rumble now is good though but it would be excellent if we can control the skills. And maybe the directional movement too,you can add it also to rumble. And jump movement too. Honestlythegameisbecomingboring
Awesome game!!! I started playing Nonstop Chuck Norris so it's similar but way different. It still kicks ass! Great job devs! I will definitely check out any other games you've made because you killed it with Nonstop Chuck Norris and Knight 1and 2. (Super sad to see Chuck go)
Easy game fun to play but something has gone wrong with the rumble rewards and now error 503 ... game will not load I I think I might loose my progress
Gets a little repetitive, good time-killer. What happened to the Daily Epic Chests with the latest update though? That's what kept me playing at least once a day.
Really good time killer. Maybe work on adding in some more abilities to use. Overall good game though.
Really like the game,only a few issues I have. Keys take too long to replenish. The pvp event doesn't allow you to control special abilities,which sucks because the AI doesn't always use them. It's also a bit difficult to stack up gold being that upgrading costs gold and gems. Iso wish you could customize your characters fave a little more. But other then that,it's pretty good. 👍😁
I really like the game but cuz of lag I can't enjoy the game players hav this prob like year and they didn't fix it yet so they don't know how to fix it or they don't care I wanna play the game but sadly can't so Uninstaller edit :who said I hav connection problems?
8ts a good looking game, easy to get into. But there is a problem I have. The keys take way to long to get. It can take around 5 hours to get them, if you don't buy them.
Interesting change from the first non stop knight, but the keys, those damn keys, why did you introduce that system it literally kills any progress in the game. There's little to no point to keep going as soon you run out of key and each key take 1h to come back unless you find them in watch an add chest or some small event that take a stupid amount of time to complet. Id enjoy the game if it wasnt for that key and chest system that kills the game...
Overall the game is really entertaining and nice but when I watch an ad it glitches with a black and white screen. And it may take time to beback to normal. Please fix that.
What is this? It's not "Non-Stop". There are stages, not the same floor style like in the first game. Sure you can fight on one floor for an hour or all day, but you stop getting exp as soon as the boss light is available. This franchise took a backwards step here. The idea is cool, but the game is not up to the title. This should have been called "Nodule Knight".
Too many changes to make it a pay to play. Was good before the latest updates. If you are new to the game it will take you forever to be able get any decent gear with how the devs have made changes to increase the resources you need too progress.
Pretty fun but too much tap unlike the first nonstop knight that keeps on running and running and running
Was perfect until I realized you needed silver keys for chests which are basically essential for progressing, but the problem here is how long those keys take to come back, and yes I understand it's an idle game but at this rate it may aswell be an uninstall game! You're gonna waste half your life trying to get anywhere in this game don't even bother installing.
I've played a lot of games since the HTC hero - and I still even download some of the older games I've played for nostalgia sake. Nonstop knight and NK2 are probably one of the better games I've played for mobile games. There's honestly hardly any complaints on my end. Minor bugs and tweaks would make this a 10 ☆ game. This is definitely one of the best time passing games out there. Great work!
It is relatively easy (too easy?) to get to, and defeat the last boss (item level 360). After that, whats next? Maybe collect all the different outfits? Very poor legendary drop rates, without favoring missing items make this tedious and extremely boring. Buying a 1500 gem chest did not gain a new legendary or epic, but it should. Basically, its fun until you beat it, then the game breaks down and its really boring. Also, the game mechanics are broken if you partially level down.
NK2 is almost identical to NK1 apart from 3 things: -The godawful menus and loading times -Two player dungeons -A map system The map system I'm not too fond of as it kind of ruins the "nonstop" aspect of the game. Alongside the annoying menu and unholy loading times make it feel VERY slow. The characrer feels even slower and you can get stuck in a LOT of places When you DO get into battle, I'd say it's a lot more fun than the first, now with the new spells/ abilities. 6/10, has potential
Game starts out pretty fun but quickly turns into a money grab, seems to be no ongoing development of the game.
Honestly, this games sick as hell, if you like active/idle games with lickrgn and progression it's a perfect choice to add to your collection.
The only reason this game doesn't get zero stars is because of the glimpses of gameplay I got through it's constant crashes and failures. Everytime I tried to lose a level the game would crash and I'd lose resources. Honestly an utter failure.
I think this would be a better game if you control the character autoplay is not too fun pressing buttons for special actions get boring real fast just a suggestion.
Really fun mobile game that gives you enough options that you are not forced to engage in microtransactions. I appreciate the developers for that and it's an amazing deep game you can get for free.
Once you get to a certain level the game play levels off. The game itself is good, but certain things realllly suck. The biggest item that sucks is removing stones from equipment. You need crown coins and those are by far the harrrdest things to get. Whenever you do, it's only 5 at a time. And to un socket a stone it starts at 20. I want to remove a level 3 and it cost 60. Also skills don't always attack at enimies. They sometimes dart off in the opposite direction. Those are my biggest gripes.
edit: Ive played the game for a while now and while it does have the appearance/style of the first there is a lot missing. Normal mobs dont give you anything but fill a progress bar to the boss, you need keys to unlock boss chests so it makes you play Less by halting your looting, and it seems there are no pets in this sequel which is a bit disappointing. I loved unlocking pets in the original, I remember when the owl was added via fan choice, I hope pets may be added at a later date. :(
Too much time between updates and end game is stale... Devs gave up. ... Loved it! But the endgame is a little bit lacking. The whole point of endgame is find new builds and get gear, but farming items is very inefficient. Even farming the very last level does not yield much success. And while the new tournament gives you something to do, it requires you to find new gear. So it's kind of counterintuitive. Please add more endgame content and ways to farm better gear. Shop is a bit pricey.
There has been no content updates ever since I started playing. Every week is just some greedy carnival battle pass. Game could be good but devs don't care.
The game is amazing, only thing I personally dislike is the lack of enemy variety. Maybe adding some more mobs in to fight or special mobs as bosses would be awesome. Fighting the same mobs over and over again is kinda boring
It's a great game...the only issues I'm really concerned about are, the keys takes too long to regenerate, hence less playtime. And It consumes a lot of battery. Maybe add a graphics option and add an offline reward thing like the last game, but all in all.. it's a great game, so keep it up 😁
Devs ruined game. There was a major update that slowed the game down dramatically, but you can buy your way to it being like it was, kinda. Every update since has only made it worse. No need to download, new players stand no chance to win tournaments and progress is slower than ever.
This game is good I enjoyed it for awhile until it started crashing and freezing. The game won't even open anymore it just crashes! It also takes forever to load! I wouldn't spend your time with this game if you can't even play it!
Uhmmmm... what the heck? Im already starting to love the game but there's this bug that keeps happening where the game wont load... I actually waited for about 5 mins and my internet is fine too, but it still wont load, so I have to reload the game, which is kinda annoying... please fix if poddible😊 Thank u.
The key system makes the "Nonstop Knight" mostly "Stopped". Very boring, very quick. The grind to get to each boss is so short and rewardless you gotta wonder why it's even included; just go straight to the bosses.
Can't load old game. Returning user, getting Google Play Games popup, but game is stuck on loading screen at ~80-85%. Issue persists even after reinstall. Also sent the text above to support. They said they don't understand my request. But neither did they answer after my further explanation.
The game is now nice and all but please select the videos used for ads. Some ads are too long(1 min.) that the game force restarts. Don't include these videos, use only vids that are 30 secs or below. Also ban the hackers that are ruining the integrity of the game, there are so many of them.
Cant even play it, stuck on loading screen. I have stable connection. Nothing works please find a way to fix it.
Actually it's a fun game overall but developers should change certain things such as the silver keys why we have to wait an hour for a key in my opinion you should make easier to get keys in the game. Another thing that I want to mention is in PvP battle why we cannot use skills as we want I lost too many games because my character is not using proper skills while he was in the battle. That's all thanks for your attention this game is so much fuuun.
Managed to play through the first few levels and was thoroughly enjoying it. It reminds of an arpg such as Torchlight without the need to move the character yourself. Highly fun and addictive until when I tried to get back on after an 2 hour break it just keeps giving me a connection lost message and then crashing. Such an unfortunate problem as it seems like a really good game and would have put more time in. Will have to look for something else to eat up my time instead now.
The core of this game is surprisingly fun: fight monsters, get loot, upgrade, repeat. It's like a Diablo game but with simplified combat: you move and attack automatically but use skills manually--which IMO works better than more involved combat with frustrating touchscreen controls. The major drawback is really long load times: loading a dungeon floor takes 5-10 seconds, which gets to be a lot when completing a floor only takes about a minute. With some optimization this could be a real gem.
It's a good game it's just that it asked me to update and it says error so ye but it's a cool game I like how u can create ur character in 2 but in one u couldn't but it's a cool game.
The game feels much better than the original except for two giant glaring flaws. The first is the key system. Allowing you to only open one boss' loot per hour is... Just pushing you to play less. When each dungeon has three bosses and takes 5 minutes, they want you to come back and play then? The second is the removal of the "non stop" part of the name. The game is broken up into stages and dungeons which require constant interaction to continue, even when nowhere near your challenge level. (Yes, I know there are alternate modes on rotation which you can play without using keys... but they are NOT satisfying)
This game sometimes heat my phone the way i cant describe.. But still iys good, i like it, but i dont know what is the culprit of the heating problem. I play Asphalt 9, Real Racing 3, Mobile legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, and Lumia Saga, non of those big game heat my phone. Maybe its compatibility problem..
Its a realy awesome game but i will Make it to five if theres a update Where you can buy keys for 2k it will be very helpfull but still its a fun Game so four stars 😁😁
It's an ok game, a bit fun, the names ironic, for a game called "Nonstop Knight" you've got to wait for keys to come back so you're constantly stopping and starting the game, it's very frustrating because it's a fun game.
Pretty good but needs some tuning. You will read in other reviews maybe that the progress is tied to keys to unlock chests. Which is true sorta. The devs should change it so it allows you to choose to open a chest with your precious keys after a dungeon. As of right now, if you have a key, you are forced to use it. But if you are at 0 keys you can still play the game, you just can't open chests. This sounds detrimental, and it is somewhat, but not completely. You can still progress and level.
I'm less than an hour into playing and I'm apparently out of keys to open a chest and can't go any further. Great concept, but uninstalling as im not a fan of these types of games that force you to pay for keys, energy, etc. Good luck though.
Don't download. Key system is trash. It's fun until you run out of keys in the first 30 minutes and have to wait hours just get another 15 min of playtime in.
Game is fun, but with the last update, the fact that you need to spend 20 royal tokens to reforge an item made it less fun. If you are trying to milk money from players, you will only lose players. Pay to win games have no future...
This game is really nice im actually the type that likes fast pace action games like this one so its really nice and im not a fan at games that gets u stuck at somepoint and have to grind for tremendous long time to elevate to next goal so i really like the game but im giving it 4 stars cause i wish 20 mins for key cooldown so i can play ur game more and increase my days of playing this game.really nice game
Fun, Fast and Fixating. Fairly straight forward to progress through on and the game play is simple. Very enjoyable dungeon crawler with good alternative game modes included (pvp, tournaments, conquests), my only but of feed back would be too bring down the key cool down time. An hour to wait for a key is a long wait when it's such a fast paced game. Otherwise it has great scale too and isn't too long to get through all 10 levels.
It's a pretty fun game starting out, but once you use all your keys to open loot boxes and gold/shards to upgrade gear, it becomes another typical p2w game. Keys are generated so slow, and the loot boxes you open with them usually contain junk items you just sell for gold anyway. You spend so many resources upgrading gear to get past a few harder nodes, then just end up getting better gear with no resources to upgrade them. Other modes you end up facing a p2w player and get annihilated.
What the heck is this? I wouldn't believe this was from the same developer as the first if I didn't see it at the top! First of all, this is NOT nonstop. There's no offline, which majorly sucks. That alone is worth the uninstall, but it doesn't even have Google Play achievements like the first. Uninstalling this garbage.
You guys should make more games like this. I love this game but its glitching for me and im not sure what to do to make the glitching stop.
Its fun game, but a lot of crapy gameplay things are just really frustrating. In rumble you only wathc your hero fight and sometimes he uses spells and wins with full hp and sometimes he just stand there on mele attack and getting his ass kicked... Just a stupid bot... And this silver keys u need 3 for SUBLEVEL and one level has like 10 SUBLEVEL, you need to wait for day or two. And your equipment cant keep up with your level, you spend all resources to upgrade and 5 mins later you get better.
This game has a lot of potential. I think it should have cosmetic slots to put armor in for more customizable characters, rather than being forced to wear the bad looking armor just to complete a level. They key system is bad. Completely ruins the "nonstop" aspect of the game. And why do the events all have to use keys? There should at the very least be a way to increase your key cap, because playing 3 levels and having to wait 5 hours to play again ain't very fun. I want to go on a RAMPAGE through a dungeon! Not play the waiting game! And finally, the menu. I personally thought it was pretty awful at first, but you quickly get used to it. It's nice to finally be able to see your knight. But the loading times are ABYSMAL compared to NK1. Hopefully this game tries to improve on itself 7/10, still a fun game
Love it so far very interesting game love the graphics and features 👌 but i think the game has somw good potentual if you add guild and chat to the game so the game can be more of a multiplayer online game so we can all interact and play along together just an idea really 🤗 other then that its a good start point but needs some new add ons to the game ❤ plus the keys can you add a way to win them instead off waiting an 1hr or so to get them just people will eventually get bored of waiting
Nonstop knights is a good fun game with cool competitions but for some reason my game just isn't loading on, which is really annoying, so if you could possibly tell me why this is happening that would be great
Ok game at the start.. you will end up having to constantly spend $30+ per week if you want to win tournaments for little boost rewards. The PVP in this game is the worst of any game I have played.. the auto atk makes your hero spam silly atks making you lose or using skills backwards and not hitting anything, really cringy
F2P stop complaining about what we get vs the Pay & Play ppl. That makes no difference 3xcept for the hit on the pocket. Great game, loving it!!!
It's quite a fun game with a great art style but the key system really holds this game back. You play for ten minutes and you're completely out of keys and it's basically pointless to keep playing as you can't get any gear, gold or materials. I would happily watch ads in exchange for receiving keys and so would a large majority of the player base. Maybe you could think about adding this in.
It's been almost a month now and can't get the game to work I've looked up on how to fix this loading screen being stuck and none of it work just wished this app would work
There isnt enough keys i need more i play for like 20min a day because its just not worth it passing up on all those chest Other wise the game is great
I have enjoyed this game. The mechanics are perfect for pre-bed play. Keys are too limited. In quantity and in rate of regaining them. Having to choose between level progression of special events sucks. Finding a guild is near impossible. I applied for twelve before giving up and just making my own. All in all, my complaints really only say, "I want to play more, but I'm pay walled". Battle passes and micro translations have ruined every mobile game for me. Also, not an idle game.
The game called nonstop 🤔 so why do i need keys to play ? Other while am playing for no reason at least make it easier to get the key, but it is a really nice game but please do something about the key thing at least make purchasable with regular coins.
Forced tutorial - 1 star. Loading times alittle long but not annoying. Game is fun overall, abit time gated but nothing terrible. Worth a go
Stupidest games ever. At a point when you do have key, the damn slimes are regenerate so fast you will not do anything for hours. Once i let the game running for 4 hors straight, still fighting the same slime. Broken logics. Reduce the regenerate rate of the slimes. Over that they clip through walls. How the fk are kill the damn thing if it is in 3 separate rooms at the same time. After certain level if you get slime on the path, its just better to restart the game than killing it, Annoying AF.
The game is fun and seems great at first, but just when I felt it was too easy, the difficulty spiked to an unprecedented/unfair level. After you beat (if you beat) normal difficulty, you basically cant level up to keep up with the power of the dungeon. The idea and the mechanics are great, but to keep playing you HAVE to pay. You're kind of getting a "free trial" until you reach the 9th dungeon.
A great addition to the first game. I except it will get better. The keys used to open the crates are a little ridiculous, it's NON-STOP KNIGHT not play-for-15-min-run-out-of-keys knight. I get that as a developer you are trying to (and should) make money. The keys aren't it. If you want to have them, instead of having them regen so slowly that I don't want to play, have an option for ads to open the chests. Or just no keys...like the original ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The game can be improved by removing the energy limited rewards, or simply making it larger. I recently started (lvl 8) and having 10 key, knowing that it required 3 keys per dungeon it's just ridiculous
Whould have given it a 5 star if not for the key system which takes away the fun out of the rpg element..people want to play and progress more instead of waiting one hour for a key which can only be used automatically. Started the game completed three dungeons after that nothing to do expect wait 24 hrs for 1 dungeon not worth your time..the chest should at the very least be free for the first run around at each difficulty. Rpg is all about loot if you cant get loot after fighting a boss waste..
Awful game. Its not even a game because there's no gameplay at all you just watch how the player is moving by itself. Boring!
It's a great game but it lacks in a few areas. The biggest example would be the key system, only 1 key/hour?? it takes 3 keys to get all the loot from one dungeon, which means if you only get full loot from a 5 minute dungeon every 3 hours.. So many people have brought this up I can't believe you haven't adressed this issue.. I will 5 star once this is fixed.
Its a good game i say and i ran into a bug sadly on the 900 coin mission! Its unlocked on the first boss castle after second stage and i went quickly through the horde of zombies got like 600 coins and i got teleported i got stuck between a wall and a witch cauldron coudnt move had to wait 40 seconds for the wuest to finish
Overall good, but the rumble pvp turnament AI is so freaking weird, enemies character just keep using skill while my character nearly never use his skill, why can't u control the skill thing is really weird. And the key system is kinda annoying need 1 hour to recharge 1 key and only take 7-10 min to use all 10 key
It's very good game. As John said in his review it's not so hard to get Royal tokens. U can counter Badlands to get it and also if u join a good guild u get 75 token each week.
Nice game, I liked it. Suggestions:What makes a game more interesting? Just imagine when you set some time milestone to kill boss fight and the lowest defeat time would get instant/random gifts (for eg:5-15 crown coins/1-3 keys/epic items... etc). I hope player's will continue to play & enjoy your game more👍
This game is great, only bad thing is the wait time for keys that take good amount of time to round up and stop you from continuing. Also the new update they just made glitched the game pretty bad, 🙂
Good game, only negatives so far are the key system and variety of enemies. Keys take too long to accumulate and are used very fast. Also you fight the same enemies over and over which tends to get boring and repetitive. Beside that, its a good game and will continue to get better.
Hello flaregames this game that you have made is actually extremely fun and also it is very relaxing only the thing we have to do is tap buttons. This game has very good graphics too I enjoyed it.
So far no regrets playing this game. Simple game play I can relax playing, decent soundtrack and pretty neat graphics. Will have to continue further along to have a more rounded idea though.
Challenging & Fast paced action, previously rated 5 stars, but due to changes in game rules & structure, have reduced this rating! They are always changing the goal posts, and have taken away valuable championship gear previously won! Deleting this wayward unfair game that's become blinded by greed...
Wonderful game, no need to pay to play. Challenges are fun and interesting. Tournaments keep you playing.
Expensive game. Hard to progress without micro transactions. Even spending more doesn't get you very far. You better off buying torchlight 2-3 and a few other games.
The point in an idle game is that it infact plays while idle, meaning it still played while the app is closed. This game Lacks that vital aspect of an idle game. I will not give 5 stars to a game with false advertisement of an idle game.
Guild tab glitches out the game. It freezes up until you choose a different tab. This started after new update
Enjoy the game but WAY WAY too many Cheaters in this game. Developer's seem to NOT care.. They do NOT respond to messages. Frustrating. The actual game is decent though.. I hope they address Cheating players better. It is talked about frequently in Guild Chat. Many players have quit because of the Cheating...!!
The game seems to be connecting fine now. I didn't actually change anything. I really enjoy the game, so I'm glad i can play again.
Not bad so far, will update Could implemt something that keeps your character moving and killing the enemies whilst you're opening your bag
The game is fun but when it costs 60€ per week to be able to participate in the endgame activity, it's just not worth it.
Very fun game, more interactive than Nonstop Knight 1 since there's no auto pilot. Has pvp, cosmetics, pets... No forced ads or anything like that and you can get the premium currency by playing. Overall totally worth your time.
Gets a bit grindy and monotonous. Biggest complaint is you dont even fight new enemies as you level up. Just BIGGER NUMBERS. Huge flaw in any idle game is to change the numbers with little to no change to gameplay and flow. They do this well for the first 6-8 hours of gameplay, but stops progressing when you get done unlocking new stuff. pvp is bland with it being completely idle. ALL THAT BEING SAID the game is definitely well made. It's a streamlined experience so you might wanna try it anyway
I have a clan problem everytime i tap on the icon the game just stops working unless you tap a different icon please FIX this bug i dont want to lose my clan
Its a good game but not quite nonstop like in the name. Unlike the previous game this has a stop like for instance when its loading into the next level of a stage and when it sends you into a map like screen for you to pick the next stage
Only been playing a couple days, ive played a lot of arpgs, there is no paywall i can see. No you cant expect to sit down and play this for hours and collect every treasure, but i see nothing p2w about this so far
I'm four days into playing, and it's pretty good, with a couple of detractors. I like the large skill variety (though they take time to acquire), and the system of progression (very Diablo 3 gear grind), but having to wait a full hour for a boss key is excessive. Plus, there is no way to increase your key cap, or generate keys faster. I think this is, in part, because the design priority of the development team seems to have been the end-game, where gameplay is more about builds of armor than xp
Nice game but there is a small problem, the way to win keys, I believe if change the time 20 min for one key, change 20 minutes for 2 keys, in my opinion is better for the game and players
Great game! Completely hooked. Unfortunately I must say that I wish rumble was based on more tiered fame instead of power level and fame. It's very boring playing the same person over and over and playing people who stack there equipment levels to be very skewed. Could even have better rewards as you get higher tiered.
Game is Good... But if you could put Arena so that players can fight each other and test their strenght it will be Very Good Game..