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Nonstop Balls

Nonstop Balls for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ThinkCube Inc. located at 1108-250 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 4V6. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun... problem is the difficulty rises exactly with your upgrades so you never get ahead. Seriously, there is no progression. Upgrade 5 times... blocks are '5' times bigger... brilliant
This game is very fun and I like how it has challenges and free play. The big problem is that there is an ad after every single round. Rounds are only a few seconds long sometimes. An ad every two minutes or in order to get more stars would be fine. Even every minute would be a significant reduction.
Well first of all you get so little stars and it takes so long to upgrade. And also there are way to many ads. Sure it's good for the creator but no one's gonna play your game if there's to many ads.
Pretty annoyed paid to remove ads and it still carries on to play ads. It also wants to charge me again to remove ads. Seems a complete con to me.
Fun game and concept, always loved these games. Biggest problem: the value of the blocks scales with ball "power". I.e. when balls do 2 damage instead of 1, the first blocks of the game are harder to break. Completely pointless for the upgrade system.
The balls should shoot every certain number of seconds. Waiting for them to come back defeats the purpose of games like this. The permissions are ridiculous. Calendar? Calls?
Play area is extremely small, my fingers are huge so its hard to play sometimes, I feel like I am not progressing one bit after a while, and annoying ads too, before even the end round animation its complete this game spawns an ad lol.
I'm really not a gamer, told myself I'd never download games on my phone. THIS game changed that. I had a VERY high score when it started freezing on me. I uninstalled it and reinstalled with 0 points, I don't even mind as it's game on again:)
Though I enjoyed it a lot in the beginning, then realized the more we upgrade the speed or power, the more difficult tiles we get in the beginning it self... So whats the point upgrading? A tile that required 30 hits in the beginning will require 50 hits if u upgrade. Lame...
6-25-2020, 6 months later still no update. Game is still choppy on Android. Update 12/21/19- Game is basically unplayable after the latest Android update. Graphics is very jerky. My current high score is over 700 million, now I can barely make into the 10 million range. Hopefully an update is coming.
Terrible game upgrades do nothing as bricks get tougher after every upgrade. Getting stars from play lvls... Forget it. Quicker to watch adds but as said even that's useless as bricks get tougher after every upgrade so no real feeling of progression.
Honestly the game has potential, but it is almost literally impossible for me to progress anymore. Every time you upgrade the damage you deal per shot, the minimum requirement for damage to destroy the FIRST ROW of blocks goes up by 2, and everything behind the first row goes up exponentially. It's almost completely unplayable. And there are too many ads.
really enjoying the game but some of the adverts are absolutely not apropriate for children. An ad for an app called "Moments" shows two people having sex. Not a good choice of advert.
You upgrade firepower and speed and the amount of balls, but the difficulty scales to keep it just as difficult and you never get further than you did the last 300 times.
fun but you always lose in the end no matter how much speed,balls, or firepower you have. when you up firepower the block count increases also kinda stupid.when you start with six balls you can get just as far as with 20 so basically just a time waster
Unplayable after the latest Android update. Gameplay became very laggy. Please also do something about the game being able to fit in full screen without that awkward gap at the top and bottom.
the game is horrible. The game is designed as an AD machine, and there is no progression when you upgrade your balls, when you upgrade them, the game scales up the blocks so its like you didnt upgrade your balls at all. all that changes is the number on the blocks, the game is supposed to get easier, so you could go farther than last time, its not supposed to stay the same.
Graphics are really good, Also i liked gameplay, but i give 3 stars becouse of Crashing and Glitching, i'm sure and tested with Iphone, HTC and Samsung and there is same problems. my vote will be changed if the glitches and crashes will be solved. thanks.
Too many ads. No matter how many upgrades you get the game lasts the same amount of time. The game speeds up and SLOWS DOWN when you don't keep up. This game is nothing more than a money ad grab.
Good game but... please remove the ads after "Game Over". I mean when player does not want to get the second chance. If not, please at least give an option to skip the ads. I am perfectly fine with ads for when I want a second chance by the way. Please consider this request. You already put ads at the bottom of the screen so removing the ads after the "Game Over" screen is not a great loss for you I hope. Yes, I am aware that I can disable my data or my wifi. But I hate to do that everytime I want to play the game.
I used to love playing this little game. Decided to come back to it, and wow. So unplayable, even on an s9 plus. I've cleared background tasks and it's no better. What did you do to ruin it ?
Do not spend any money on this game. Any advancement that you make in the game is negated by an exact difficulty increase in the blocks. If you increase your Firepower by 1 by paying for it the blocks will also increase by 1. I have tested this over 150 in each possible area of advancement and no game was either any easier or harder than the last or lasted any longer than the previous one. Upgrades in this game do absolutely nothing because the difficulty exactly responds to that upgrade to make the game is equally difficult each and every single time.
Horrible progression. This is the first game I have seen where difficulty level is notched up at the beginning when the player level up the shooter. For example, if the firepower deals 3 damage, the starting balls need 3 damage to destroy. If it feels 5 damage, starting ball needs 5 damage. Way to go on making the firepower upgrade feel useless. Control is not smooth as well. The only reason why I did not give one star was that the concept was interesting.
why whennyou upgrade does it just increase the number of hit points on the enemies?? pointless to upgrade and it takes way too long
When you buy a power-up the difficulty increases with the same factor. So there's no real progress. Game always ends around the same spot because of this. Only score is higher because of the multiplier. Could have been a highly addictive game but without real progression and way too many ads it becomes a stupid repetitive game.
ok so I never rate games, but I had to on this one. at the beginning, it is extremely difficult and hard to preserve through. the idea is a get good one, but of the ads simply went away, and the game was more relaxing to play, I would rate higher.
The game is ok . Not the best ball game out there but pls change the ad for the game . I was playing another game and an ad for this game popped up and personally I found it sexist as it was basically show woman are so much better then men.
As we attempt to upgrade, the same level gets harder. I never met such a cunning set up. I see no point of struggling for stars for the upgrade..
Not a bad game but there's no point in upgrading the ball because the game automatically scales difficulty to match, so your weapon never feels more powerful. Too many ads too, but what else is new with mobile games?
Nice game but upgrading is not something that takes any effect on the game as you only increase the hi scores. Is not becoming easier so to last longer your play time and enjoy some brick smashing. Not something i will keep playing.
The game does not work right with the new version of Android that was released in June 2020. Please fix
Been playing for quite a while now, building up power, always trying to break my high scores. But what good does it do when you upgrade your power but the point scale decreases? No way to extend your high scores like that. Come on, man, get it together.
I enjoy this game when I'm actually able to play it but I'm getting very angry that after every single time I lose a challenge you show the same ad showing some girl in tiny little camo shorts twerking her butt in my face I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A BUTT TWERKING WHILE I'M PLAYING A GAME. If I wanted to see that I'd go watch porn not open a game. Otherwise ads are ok but can they at least not be totally perverted ads.
Its alright...i would probably like it better if the block health didnt increase so often with upgrades because i feel i get to around the same distance each time which makes me feel im not getting anywhere and it also takes so long to get stars unless i watch ads...but now i have to watch so many ads as i play just to upgrade more....to me not worth playing so someone else can make money
Upgrading does nothing, as you improve the starting numbers just get larger leading to absolutely no progression. Ads after every action, Ads to upgrade, Ads on defeat. Ridiculous, don't waste your time.
Couple problems. One, it is laggy 100% of the time. Two, the amount of hits the blocks can take scales with your firepower so you are always struggling even with your three upgrades.
The overall game is good, but there seems to be some bug..... whenever I reach score more than 2M, there is a way to get one more life by watching an add, but it didn't seems to work almost 99% of the time.
Really fun. I purchased the no-ad version a while back and the game crashed yesterday. I was hoping it would fix itself but hasn't yet. I reinstalled it but it has started me over and wants me to pay again. I will email support and update once it's resolved.
I like these types of games but the endless feature takes the cake. The best part is no forced ads or transactions and simple gameplay. I just wish it were a bit easier to control the cannon. Other than that, perfection!
So when you upgrade the difficulty also rises. But it feels like w're not upgrading anything at all. The blocks's hot counts are such a pain that you dont feel you upgraded. You upgrade to make the game easier instead it gets harder. When you thought you progressed a little but you didnt. Also, the power up in-game is so rare almost feel like there are no power-ups.
The game is surely addictive. But how am I supposed to defeat 12k block when mostly all around it are 1k and above 😂 not to mention the speed the block going down is also ridiculous. Hahaha. I regret upgrading the ball because all the above happens due to the upgrading. 😂
Upgraded fire power to 1400 and all the sudden the fire power is back to its original scale in hit points and the blocks start off as 2 and 4 points like when I originally started playing, where as the starting blocks points before this screw up were in the thousands. It's also been crashing 4 out of 5 times since upgrading to 1400. Definitely needs an update and a major overhaul. Good thing I didn't put money into this. This glitch would've been expensive to those who have...
Like everyone else said there's constant ads and also the controls for me. What does this game mean by "non stop balls" if I only started with 4 and I can't get anymore...other then I guess destroying the bricks that show a number on them but either way, you can't expect players to load into a game and know what to do. I might just be blind or dumb but I'm pretty confused as to how to get "nonstop balls"
Find it very hard to control you have to move the gun and tap at the same time 🤔 not a very good idea
Games are a bit too short (I'm at the beginning). The gameplay is a bit too easy (no such skills required). Maybe there are a bit few stars.
I love this game but I HATE how many ads you guys have inserted. I have grown to hate this game purely on the fact that there are ads, some of them unstoppable for 15 sec. It would have 5 stars, otherwise
I love this game, but it does get super boring once you get 3000 points... and while i do enjoy it, there NEEDS to be an update to this game.
It is a decent time-waster game, however still getting ads popping up after every game, even though I have paid to remove ads. This lowers enjoyment drastically.
The game is more ads than a game, nobody wants to play a game that has an ad every minute and the creators know this. Ads are expected but considering the frequency, this isn't worth even downloading
I PAID for no ads but some time later, I had to uninstall and reinstall because of a glitch. The paid version was no longer active on my account and when I contacted the developers, no one got back to me.
It's was awful. It's was slow, laggy, it crashed a lot, and there were constant ads after every single try. the whole app is just annoying and not worth the space on your device.
Fun game. But I paid the dollar and change for 500 stars and they weren't "delivered". Also to exit the game isn't very intuitive. I've had to hit the home button on my note 9 to exit.
Add more cannons to the game. Make it also a multiplayer game and also an online game that we can play with friends and make the challenges easy and make more cannons to buy and friendly cannons and also enemy cannons and put all the latest balls and cubes and also put men who are shootin shapes with their numbers thanks kind regards from umar lalldin and make it the latest game ever again than even more people will join in
upgrading balls results in the bricks upgrading also. making the upgrades essentially meaningless as just as many ball stikes are required. paying for upgrades is a complete rip off as it doesnt change the game at all. you are better off never upgrading
no matter how much "progress" you make the game still cuts you off at the same general area, every upgrade also upgrades the blocks themselves. game has potential if they'd put some time into it..