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Nonograms 999 griddlers

Nonograms 999 griddlers for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Seventh rank located at 兵庫県神戸市灘区灘北通1-4-4. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall ok but one significant flaw, multiple times over diff puzzles, when you fill in "1" - and there is only 1- it doesn't "grey out" the number to show you've correctly completed that portion of the pattern. So if a ten block column is 1,2,5 and you fill in the 1 block, it doesn't update. On the simple lines it doesn't cause an issue but for the majority of the puzzles it will. So despite being a decent version of this genre, this major flaw hence only 3 stars and will uninstall it.
Loved it... Just completed Various2 England? I'm sure that it's UK. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are in this picture. Is it possible to correct this error? Fantastic. Updated and corrected this. So I have reinstated the 5* rating again.
Love this app to relax but still exercising my brain. Not bombarded or interrupted with ads all the time, very few ads. Didnt give 5 stars because some of the pics are hard to visualize what exactly it is when done, even when it tells you the name. Love that there are endless puzzles to choose from on all different levels.
Best nonogram game available. I was playing a different one before this that constantly required coins. Love that this one does not. Have started to see a few ads, and I'm ok with it because of such a high quality game. I like how the x auto fills, and the back button is pretty ingenious too. But I don't like how each of the buttons can overwrite each other.
The actual game is really good and addictive. However, I've been playing it for at least a year now and over th past month or so it's started to randomly crash. The games will just close for no reason. Sometimes it'll do it once and then be fine for a while, sometimes it'll just do it immediately every time I open the app and I'll have to come back to it later. It's really frustrating. I've reported it several times.
Not a huge fan of the control scheme. How do I describe this? I would like a way to paint an area a separate color to see if it would line up with the numbers of the puzzle before confirming the action.
It's fun but once you get to the 20x20 I find a lot of them unsolvable without using hints which I don't want to spend money on. And ads break the puzzles a lot. Any time an ad plays the next puzzle will be blank or half the numbers will be blank and I have to restart the game.
Proposed changes: 1) Free Hints [there are several other nonogram apps with this feature]. OR, win coins for solving each pic. 2) Add a third button for "maybe" selections [again, this feature is in many other versions]. Once a line is filled with the appropriate number of boxes/spaces, you are not able to add more boxes. This is frustrating when rearanging where you want to place your filled boxes; add a "maybe" box, or a new colored box, instead of having to delete filled boxes. THANK YOU!
Game wasn't working and appreciate that developer fixed and replied to my previous review. It's a fun logic game. Layout, control and number of levels is great, and better than many others I've tried. 4 stars because there is no zoom option for puzzles larger than 20x20. I can only use cursor for those and it's not as enjoyable.
Really nice, as others already said, ads are non intrusive and you can play as long as you want. Only micro transactions are when you need hints
Good game but there seems to be some sort of random clicker that clicks the screen often to try to open the ads that keeps messing up the puzzles. Very irritating
I just finished all of the puzzles, so I figured I would write a review. This app, in my opinion is the best nonogram app on the play store. The joypad is superior to touch and drag that most other nonograms apps use, especially for bigger puzzles. Another positive is just how much content there is. You won't be finishing anytime soon; I have probably spent hundreds of hours to finish the game. Two negatives are lag on larger puzzles and glitches (restarting the app fixes glitches though).
By far the best pictogram game out there and I've tried loads of them. Good controls and a massive library of puzzles!
I love this app; I used it when I had an iPhone & immediately downloaded it when I got my new Pixel. I do have one tiny issue with this version though - the ads on the bottom of the screen are not scaled properly and cover up part of the cursor (which makes it hard to play when I'm accidentally opening a new screen multiple times while trying to sopve a puzzle)
A passable nonogram game with a large number of puzzles, unfortunately there are far too many ads and no in-app-purchase option to turn them off.
Very challenging puzzles, minimal advertisement, and loads of content. This game will keep you busy for years.
Was interested in playing this but it started glitching right away. Closed out of it and tried again and the same thing happened.
This review was a 5 but now I am almost half way through the puzzles and am looking at upgrading my phone I have come to realise that there is no way to move my progress to another device. Both myself and my husband have been playing this for years and to have to start again with a new device is ridiculous! How can a game in 2021 not link to something for game progress? Would not recommend for anyone in future
Love this game. My only critisism would be that once a block of numbers has been completed, that number turns to purple in the instruction line, which is not clear to see against a black background. Its a game that needs some thought and I'm addicted.
I love this game but in order for it to be 5 stars from me is: 1. There really needs to be a zoom in/out button to make things easier. I just spent 20 minutes on a part of a 30 x 30 puzzle that with zoom, would only take 5 minutes. 2. There needs to be more hints and ways to get hints.
One of the best nonograms games I've played. Good controls, lots (and lots) of pictures, and a good amount of different sizes.
So since the last update, when I try to make a line going upwards the game just auto-clicks whatever ad is present on the screen. This is a pretty annoying glitch, but I still love the game so I didn't change my review. Could you please look into this?
I cant or the life of me, figure out how to zoom in. Very hard to do large puzzles bigger than 20x20 because of that. Otherwise this would be getting a solid 5 starts for sure.
Lots of nonograms, which I love. Their should be an option to make the whole grid bigger not just the numbers. It hurts my eyes after awhile.
I love the ones with 25x25 and 30x30. The pictures are not great and all green but I don't really care. I wish you'd make a lot more of these big ones. Since I started these, everything smaller is no longer a challenge. But apart from that it's a great game, plays offline, and doesn't take up a lot of room.
Takes a bit of getting used to how the game works as a whole in terms of where to place squares and what not, but once you have that down it becomes seriously addictive and you can see first hand your progression as certain grids become easier to figure out.
This is the app with the best interface IMO. Tons of puzzles ranging from 10x10 to 30x30 with a convenient cursor for larger puzzles. I wish there was a way to select puzzles by difficulty rather than size but that's a very minor point. There are few adds.
I forgot about having this app. I am having a great time with it. Puzzles are not overly difficult, but there are a lot of them.
Enjoyable game and beat version of this puzzle that I've played. Would be nice to have a "zoom" option as it is hard to see the tiny squares on the larger games
I love this game, not too many ads, developers, please keep it that way. It definately makes you think, only down side is the grids can be small on the bigger puzzles, but I use a note 8 with stylus, which makes it a damn sight easier than sausage fingers. Also the callibration on most of the bottom right sides of puzzles can be off and very frustrating. Itherwise wxcellent, keep up the good work.
Good picross app. Tons of puzzles and the ads are obnoxious. The cursor system is hard to use at first but is very convenient on large puzzles.
Liking this so far ! Especially, filling in the crosses for you when you complete a row. Adverts are not too intrusive. Haven't had to pay for anything else yet ...
A lot of the puzzles would require some guesswork to finish which is not ideal. 👎 There's also no way to cancel the selection (except undoing/redoing). There's also a bunch of settings which is quite overwhelming. It took me some time to find how to reset a game. I thought the reset button was to reset the settings to default. The few things I like on this game are (1) there's a lot of puzzles, (2) it can save multiple unfinished puzzles.
This is a very entertaining game to play, though it does glitch sometimes after completing a puzzle, so I have to open and close the app. Not a big deal. I wish it were easier to check for mistakes on the whole board, but I guess it's just the nature of the game. I usually have to reset a puzzle anytime there is a mistake because the game doesn't tell you how many mistakes are on the board. Lol. Just don't make mistakes and it's fine!
This game... I've been playing a bunch of nonograms lately, this one is pretty frustrating. The sound for hitting a box sounds like a double click, the controls are entirely too sensitive, I believe there should be a back button to retrace your steps, the inability to build before you erase on a completed "line", is pretty frustrating as well.
Only an occasional ad after completing a puzzle. Game controls are by far the best I've found for this kind of puzzle (I've tried prob 10-15 different ones). And the number of puzzles/levels/images is HUGE and still more added all the time. Oh, AND you do not have to complete an image/puzzle. You can leave it and do a different one and return later. I'd give it more stars if I could!
I love this app, better than others because it's simple, a lot of puzzles and no extras. The only problem is that there's no backup. I recently changed phone and the idea of starting from zero puts me off a bit, especially because it will happen again the next time I get a new phone. It would be the perfect app if I could do a backup or link it to an account.
Love the puzzles but I wish there was a way to zoom the board (not magnify the num9, i know how to do that). I don't like using the cursor, so i can't do the puzzles over 20x20. Please add a zoom!!!
it's the only nonogram that has a "big mode" for the bigger picture. the app itself is the best on the market hands down. but the ugly side is you can't transfer data from one device to another.
Due to the size of my phone's screen and the inability to zoom in the game I'm only playing the 15 sized squares, but they are enjoyable. Zooming so the larger sizes could be played without a magnifying glass would be excellent. ETA: ran out of 15 squares fairly fast, the bigger ones are unplayable on my phone without the ability to zoom them in, so uninstalling the app. A real shame, it had a good interface.
After two years I'm still playing this great game every day! It's a fun, simple and addictive puzzle app with no nonsense and lots of content. The interface is excellent and the cursor key option makes control easy. My only gripe is the ads: they're not too intrusive but sometimes when loading a new ad the app either lags, which is quite irritating when it results in the wrong boxes getting filled, or even crashes (luckily all progress is saved). I'd definitely pay to remove the ads if I could!
Hours of mindless puzzles. This is almost certainly my top used app and it allows you to switch off. They do need to look at the ads because they cover the buttons
I really enjoy this game. Prefer it to other nonograms I've tried out. As of late however, I've had a LOT of crashes. So much that my my phone notified me that it was an issue. Also, some grids push to the right and it is difficult to touch the squares on the edge. (November 2020 - has only recently started doing these things)
Well I have to say I really enjoy this one over some of the others, no 'life' system that a lot of others use so you can experiment. Good range of size and difficulty, including multi puzzle pictures
This is a very satisfying nonogram game. Puzzles are far more challenging that the average 15 or 20 grid puzzles. Grids go as high as 30x30. It will take a long time to finish every puzzle, so there is endless play value.
Within the last 2 months a bug was introduced that makes this game incredibly frustrating to play. Whenever I tap the up directional arrow and the x button at the same time, an advertisement opens in my browser. Reading other reviews, it looks like I'm not the only one with this problem. I've played this game daily for years but this bug is leading me to look for other apps.
I really enjoy this game. Prefer it to other nonograms I've tried out. As of late however, I've had a LOT of crashes. So much that my my phone notified me that it was an issue. Also, some grids push to the right and it is difficult to touch the squares on the edge. (November 2020 - has only recently started doing these things) Jan 2021- got new update. Continues to crash after the ad between puzzles. Had started opening ads randomly in the middle of puzzles
Distracting ads banner that persists on the bottom of the screen. Ruin the experience. There are better Nonogram types games out there.
Great puzzles just glitchy when it comes to the game. The game is often filling in squares at random, clicking the ad at the bottom or clicking the cursor option
I'm torn. The game is a lot of fun with decent puzzles and good controls and customizations. My whole family is playing this game, however, I'm the only one having problems with glitches. The are random screen presses. Sometimes, it enters a mark or x on the screen. Other times, the random press activates the ad or switches control systems. I have to have the haptic feedback activated to try to catch when a random press happens. I'm not always successful. Complicates the harder puzzles.
I love this highly addictive game so much that I've run out of puzzles. I NEED AN UPDATE WITH MORE PUZZLES!
Please fix the ads. After the last update the small ad at the buttom plays a video then suddenly blocks my control buttons. Also can you replace the finished block with image. The matrix make the big puzzle loads a quite slow. Nevertheless im still playing it :)
I would give this game 5 stars if it had an option for a darker theme. I mostly play this before going to bed so having ab option to change the background to black or the tiles to grey would be amazing.
This game was cool until it started auto selecting the ads every 5 seconds and taking me to whatever website or app the ad was for
Great game but keeps clicking when I'm not touching the screen! It's annoying because I keep placing tiles I don't mean to without realising and its opening app adverts by itself.
Ads are skippable and there is more than enough nonograms to complete. Have had the app for a year and it is still my go-to time killer
Great app, barely any adverts at all & all puzzles seem to be playable straight away. Also, no lives/daily credits element so you can play endlessly.
I really enjoy this app. I use it all the time. I like the different themes and how all the numbers are visible along the side (not all apps do this). My biggest critique would be the size of the game board. It would be a lot easier to use if the the squares were a bit bigger.
I've played this for a solid year now. I play it so much that my husband stopped playing it because he said he couldn't enjoy it on my level. This is everything that you want this kind of game to be.
A good little time-waster. And so far all pictograms are single solutions, unlike some other puzzle apps. While the app is still a good time-waster, there appears to be an update which, above the normal ads at the end of each game, it now has non-skipping pop-up ads to block your play. This is why the rating changed.
App stats playing music for some reason and won't stop unless I kill the app. Lots of fun until that started happening.
I enjoy doing monograms but find difficulty in reading the numbers once I have completed a set. More contrast against the background would be appreciated n which case I would give it 5 stars. By the way, have you thought about including a save feature?
Good level progression, plenty of puzzles and very little add intrusion. Best pictocross/nonogram game I've seen in ages.
I tried MANY apps. this is the one. it has plenty of nanograms, ads are not disturbing, there are many categories of pictures, the pictures are well made. I love it all. the curser key is GREAT. with that, you wont accidentally tap on the box next to the one you intended to tap. my ONLY problem is that I can't do bigger than 20x20, cause the boxes become so small it hurts my eyes. but hey, there are plenty of 20x20s so I have a lot to play!
Theres so many puzzles that I cant get bored with it (there are ads after puzzles tho but it's not that bad)