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Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™ for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AndromedaGames located at 서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been a long time fan of the web toon and thought this game was going to be epic. This game is far from epic. Instead of the same visuals or at least the same quality visuals and effects I got whatever the hell is in this game. The combat system is meh and controls are really clunky and bad. I guess if you've never seen the web toon or anime then this game would be fine, nothing special. There's alot of alot worse games but in the ultra competitive mobile gaming market being meh is bad.
Needs better translation. Game mechanics explanation sucks. When resetting game data you need to download something again which is absolutely slow for 32mb. Tried resetting more than 20 times for the best 3 draw and never got either raizel, muzaka or frank. The game is absolutely bland and only sells because of the manhwa fanbase. Newbies are not even pumped with so much rewards to bait them into playing the game. Pros: Game loading is fast and wont eat up your battery.
Good game but whats weird i can only play it when I'm connected in WIFI. I cant play it when I'm using my cellular network..
I miss NoblesseM. They just ended it for no reason. NoblesseM had better graphics too. I don't like the fact that Shinwoo is stuck as my character avatar. I would rate five stars if he wasn't forced to be my profile character. If I could change it to someone like Rael, I would rate five stars.
Confusing and character aesthetic looks like ass. Webtoons, please put your characters back into Hero Cantare. They did them justice back there with visuals, passives, and skills. As a Noblesse fan, I can not tolerate this travesty. A good 30 minutes of play is all I could give.
Although, it has no story, overall, it is still great. One more thing. It says meet all the characters but where is Rajak-nim? Where is the Former Lord, the father of Raskreia? Where is Raskreia? Where is Gardia? Although, the power of the granddaughter of Lagus wasn't showed, where is she? Where is Karias-nim? Where is Cadis Etrama di Raizel's brother? Where is Takio? Where is the 3rd Elder? I do understand that it is still being developed, I just can't help it since it says meet ALL in the vid
What's wrong with this game-? , why i can't log in with my Facebook account-? Please solve this problem quickly, because it really annoys me.
I'm really enjoying this game. It fun as well as easy and it doesn't force you to spend hours of your time playing it just to get ahead. So far the game is proving its worth the pre registration and install. The only problems I have with it are 1. the drop rate percentages in hero summon aren't the best and 2. which is jus my bias as a fan who reads Noblesse is that a favorite character of mine is not in the roster, weird since the character in question works so closely with Tao in the series.
Fantastic!!! Love the graphics and the characters that are available. The game play is on the simple side, but fun none the less. I adore the fact that the characters are in chibi form. Everything about this game is awesome and well worth the wait. One small thing that I did notice that would have been helpful is if there had been a tutorial on where everything was and the such, but with enough exploring it's easy to find everything.
Good Start; Long Wait - Glad that this came to Global. I love the AFK features to this game, as it suits my work schedule perfectly. I really hope this game stays for a long time. I will review again as I play more.
Still a little buggy. Sometimes i dont get my rewards and there is still some glitches. Heard some players have been using a glitch to cheat. No storyline to this, eventually gets boring as there is nothing else to do besides level your players
Im playing it having alot fun as well. The only problem i've found so far is the explaining of game mechanics cause i had to find some stuff out my own way. And then theres the pvp. Personally i think u should make it more based around the level that you are so your not a level 10 going against a level 24 cause either way its not fair for the lower level
This game is ok. It's pay to win and you can earn a lot of 5 stars fast but compared to someone who spends a lot of money on this game, you will most likely lose. I CANNOT seem to play this game on 4g unlimited LTE at all, and I say that because it tells me I can't connect to the server when I am outside using my data with full bars which makes me frustrated. The game is simple and later in the game it eventually becomes a bit more boring and more of a waiting game to do more stuff. Don't play
There needs to be a button where we can level up some stuff quickly that still requires to level up one by one which is annoying to do since I want to enter, do stuff, level up stuff, and then leave instantly, and also please make it possible to change Clan name too -Leader of clan "Royalty"
The game would be enjoyable if not for the crashing and freezing, which forces you to close the game, that randomly occurs while doing some tasks. It is most common in C-tower fights and in arena matches. The crashing and freezing is part of another problem, expended token and ticket events do not get refunded and you don't even get the failure reward after forcibly being ejected. Until these problems are I can't in good conscience give this app more than 4 stars.
Everything was fine until I lost my phone and installed it on my tablet. After that week's maintenance I was then locked out of the game. I tried emailing and haven't gotten any kind of reply, not even an automatic one....I was hoping that although my phone probably got stolen, I could still play my games...but now I'm locked out and can't figure out why or get in touch with anyone. I had even spent money on stuff in the game, probably around 40$ or more. I have basically spent 40$ on a game I can't play... so it's fun, but something you're completely unaware of could get you locked out... I'd change my review to 4 or 5 stars....but I literally cannot play the game, even after spending some money on it...
I love the characters Im so glad this game came out try it its fun. Those people whom say this game isnt up to snuff just havent spent enough time and played the game so what if it may lack things just remember its a newer game it came out three months ago give it a chance before you rate i mean if its still not your cup of tea fine but dont bash the game.
Do not spend money,. There was glitch for people to get unlimited 4-5* units and people are top rank because of it. No compensation for the bug. Wait for a new server if there will be one current server is garbage bug abused rankers.
Very fun.. Cute chara.. Its just need some balancing on the hero.. Star eidan too OP.. N i think we can win with 1 hero that max on rank UR.. Thats not balance..
Don't buy ANYTHING. Bought Monthly pack and less then a week stop receiving items from the Monthly pack. Game is also filled with HACKERS. HACKERS never get BANNED(for real) just 15 minutes (soft ban)😒 can't play.
The game is getting boring and dead and repeatable i sometimes forget to sign in hopefully you'll get something new
I love Noblesse. As such, I was so excited to play this game. Free Frankie made me fall in love. Then came Raizel and I was fangirling... Until I realized a single thing. It does not seem to have any context or story. Its just fighting blankly for god knows what. I mean sure, the logical path is to advance, but as an official game of Webtoon and with an author that made an awesome story, just WHY doesnt the game has ANY story?! Closest to story I found was the tutorial.
Sucks.... dont play this game. rigged gacha, have 20 ssr char but no one in the rate up banner... n the worst part is, gacaha faction, yes for sure cost higher than normal. normal 300dm, faction 450dm.... but thats a trap too. when u summon u never get char from rate up faction. if u wanna play just play it.. dont put ur money un this game, even only 1$. bye
So far the game flow feels very fluid, not much ptw aspect I'm seeing which is HUGE. Just play the game and you'll be able to advance through it quickly. Very generous on the premium currency and drop rate on heros. All in all pretty solid game
Greatly entertaining! Good graphics. If you haven't yet, download webtoon for some free manga/comics!
Pros: So far it's pretty fun. If you've played tap titans it's kinda like that but without rebirthing. The tutorial Isn't long. Cons: There are certain game modes that require you to turn your phone landscape and it occasionally makes the game crash. I'm not saying you can't play it without spending money but looking at the rankings you can clearly see you will never get far without using the gacha mechanic often. Gets boring fast.
Just another idle game, was hoping for more given the hype around the Noblesse IP. Not the worst idle game I've played, the UI makes since but really wish it was a different style of game play
Worse game ever for Noblesse, better playing the previous one. The one with 3D char, but lack animation. And this one is the worse one, no story, only idle attacking game. Poor Noblesse, if you can't make a game like Exos Heroes or Kingsraid type, do please make a game like Epic Seven or at least like Brave Frontier. Noblesse should have a better game than this one.
A decent idle game with less interesting mechanism. The only reason i gave three star only because i able to collect all the primadona characters lol. The character model design are awesome but the gameplay is rather too boring and bland. It rather a direct copycat from other idle game Try to add some features to make it different and unique from others
Thanks for this game. I'm a fan of Noblesse & I've been playing this game for weeks now. The gameplay is great. I don't have to spend hours playing. I hope I can finally get Muzaka 😃. Looking forward for more characters on your next updates, especially Raskreia, Rajak Kertia, Takeo, & Dorant; & that you'll add more features like skins/costumes for the characters, & that the heroes can evolve/awaken, & can have combination attacks. Overall, 5 stars for this!
at first it was fun and im a fan of noblesse but so far all games that came out wasnt up to snuff. there isnt much ways to get stronger and after a certain time say after lvl 30 its super layed back even for a idle game. combat is honestly garbage as well as pvp. in pvp some char are op when they use a shield i believe and you can beat them but you only get a min for time and thats not enough.overall this game needs change which prob wont happen anytime soon
Do NOT buy any of their in game purchases! I bought a monthly summoning ticket pack and I stopped receiving the tickets after just 4 days! I emailed them three times for help and couldn't get a single response back. Very sketchy!
Games feels alot like videogame guardains! Which is good 👍 I would recommend a story plot or goal to achieve to be engaging in the game. As gameplay is repetitive seems endless. Would get vapid soon if nothing is done. Join Fantasy0. For those looking for a guild. Thanks.
Its a good game but leveling up your heroes is annoying. Im literally tapping hundreds of times just to get all my heroes on a even level scale. Its only 1 level up or max level up. Should be 1x 5x 10x 25x 50x 100x then max. There should be a official discord server and social media sites for this game like Facebook and Instagram
Sorry but NoblesseM if anyone still remember that version is much more better with storyline, nice graphics and much better gaming experience of the series, this can't hold a finger to it just mindless idle bashing with no storyline might uninstalled for other better games...
So exited by this game and i find it has a few bugs and glitches but i find it perfect in every way. Unfortunately as I cannot use an iPhone or the Appstore enymore the game is practically useless. I'm weighting this thrugh crome . To the creators of jobless zero please make it available on other devices like Amazon tablets witch is what I'm weighting this review on
The interface is a bit small and can be confusing, and you can't tap on items to see an explanation of what they do, but overall this is a fun game and I can see myself sinking a lot of time into it!
So It's a good game. Graphics are alright. I haven't seen any ads and in game currency is easily obtainable. It's a bit glitchy when scrolling sometimes.
Absolutely amazing game, been waiting on this since i saw the anime. Not let down one bit. One add on idea Devs adding in a way to level characters through xp and sp without using it all or going tap by tap. Add in a multiplier 1x = 1 lvl 10x for 10 25x for 25 etc. I find myself having to tap on the lvl button way too often. Most of the time people won't want to use all or nearly all of their points on one character at a time. Overall fantastic work, keep it up boys and girls!
I just got Rai and another event character although it took me 150 summons, it was worth it in the end😃 Their character range is good, although they should add Takeo😣The gameplay is fun and exciting, especially when receiving lots of rewards. And I've noticed that in a review it says that the game gets boring overtime, however, there are other quests/missions to complete, and if so, they're offline plays, and u could come back later. Yes, the game lags quite often, but the game is still new.
For everyone wondering devices with low space can crash/lag there will be more characters and missions to come with more items also draw rates will change weekly so better catch draw rate when u can best save up to 10 draws ranks are easy climb im level 70+ and can get in ranks of 100- if u ever need help best get five that has massive dmg than one with massive def ranking up characters good you can rank up them by getting certain amount of them
Good so far! I just wish the old game came back Noblesse M. Hopefully you guys are able to bring it back or do something similar! Not a fan of chibi-looking games
I have recharged Rs 70/- but I haven't received Raizel which I bought. I already reported it through gmail account with transaction bill attached but the money is not credited to my account yet. I appreciate if recharged amount is credited back.
The game was soo nice. I love most of the characters even though low chance og getting main characters of the anime/manwha And plzz fix some bugs like XP never fill up while playing the only way i get xp is offline rewards and also keys and stage rewards in 30/60/90 never fill up plzz fix it. The problem start before the latets update but the current update doesnt fix the problm but still i like the game.. i change my rating to 5* if the bug fiz ty
Great game if you want to do something as you play, its an auto player game. I don't hate it but the summon rates for Rai are so low.
Good Game but can improve please make it f2p friendly the items that we get is too low....ummm lower it again the devs wasn't taking any recommendations in game about improving it can you add 10x 100x in upgrading....also diamonds to farm because its hard to get it if its only get on achievement
2nd review. The games main hub is changed which isn't so bad. I would like to see the return of the 3 or 4x speed for when you're offline. And the character group bonuses. What I mean is certain characters gain a bonus when on the same team that coming back would be cool. And finally the addition to more playable characters if you add that team bonus back since a majority of the needed characters aren't in the game. Please and thank you for listening.