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Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game very well made, its unique as well as a good story line. One of the best thing about it is you can play offline during those little gap times when you couldnt pay your phone bill lol. Good job guys I look foward to more games from you.
This is a really fun game with many different weapons and is a quality strategy game. There is no other game like this (at least what I have played) because it takes strategy and combines it with a shooter game. The only problem is that it can be repetitive and the campaign missions have a short wait timer after completing the previous mission. Overall very good game.
it's a very good game . action & rpg loving gamers will love it & certainly should download it to play. I also think it has got a good gameplay . the story is good enough and it certainly will run on most of the devices. so it's a very good packege overall. most of the people is complaing about this & that but stop complaing & play the game throughly
Very good game, delves one into the plot immediately after the first launch and guides you through the mechanics of the game.
Incredible game with some great strategic elements. This game is full of content, good variety of troops and a rewarding progression system. I've put a long time into this game and am yet to get bored. Please keep adding more content to keep people playing!
Honestly a really good game, I love the combination of strategic decisions, and actually going into first person battle. I love all the options, variety, style, and the features of the game.
Just downloaded the game after a while and played it for only 2 training missions and the 2nd mission finished it told me to upgrade an unit but after that when I clicked the barrack, but I couldn't tap anything or do something not even backing out of the menu, and I'm stuck with it until I reopen the game but to suffer the same problem over and over again.
I used to play this before, after 1 year I came back on a new account and got back the same feeling as I used to be. The General of a great army ready for battle.
I love this type of game, wish it could be transferred to PC or console, you get an extensive RTS system that works beautifully and a good "hero" unit that can be controlled manually or via the RTS system allowing you to plan out and control the battlefield in new and entertaining ways. Overall this is as n amazing game if you like shooters or real time strategy games.
Great game. But with the latest upgrade there occure some faults when you want to watch ads for gifts. The ads dont show up, you dont get your rewards and the possibility to do the action again is lost for the amount of time it takes to perform that action again. I dont know if its is clear what im trying to say but its pretty frustrating. But in general its a very good game!πŸ‘πŸ»
Movement and fighting is a bit difficult, i end up running around the battlefield like a headless chicken blasting away at everything. but it is entertaining. just wish the planning part was more along the lines of planning which units move where and do what.....would make the game a lot more fun and tactical.
It is a great game but ever since the last major update I can not open the chest you are supposed to get after so may days. I have not played since because I am behind and need to supplies. Please help. It does not matter if I am on wifi or data. I would love to play again
Overall a great game. The story is immersive, but difficult to understand early. Progression can be slow, but it's not super grind-y. The controls are easy to learn, and the different 'classes' help satisfy most playstyles. Not a fan of the most recent update, which got rid of a lot of the gold collection, but overall I'm impressed that this is a mobile game with a console game experience. Good work.
really cool game, FPS and RPG type Cival War game. Very complex, makes you plan moves carefully. Great grafix, controls take a little bit to get use too, its not a simple game thats for sure. i like it!!
fun game but there are lot of bugs 1.units will not do the amount of damage the are supposed to (i once had a group of 9 level 1 militia men to 120ish damage in one hit)and sometimes you'll lose the ability to changle you're angle also their are severl bugs with shields
It's safe to say that this is the best mobile game ever made. It's a breath of fresh air compared to most repetitive mobile games that bombard you with ads and Micro-transactions. The concept is really cool, the controls and gameplay are great, and It's just a cut above other mobile games, Hell, A PC version might even contend on steam. Best mobile game you'll ever see, I definitely reccomend playing it, It won't disappoint.
Ok i got to say i dont give review that much, but when i give they are only for the games i love. This is the best game ever like ever. Game has no pay to win, it gives you free items like epic one for free just for playing this game! Currency is easy to get free sometimes and its really good to see such developer. This has also the best gameplay ever, i mean the stratergies you can usee in this game are the thing that attracted me to the game. The letter capity is filling but i could go all day
Unable to open 250+ skirmish crate Great game, a lot of bugs and pop up ads though. Game itself is fun, I've been playing for a while. Controls are easy, action and strategy are both on point. Progression is a bit slow if free player. There are a lot of noticeable bugs which require game restart. TON of pop up ads. Every chance they get it's an ad. Most notably when you minimise your game. Sometimes ads cause game to crash. Make game paid (like $4.99), get rid of ads, keep the loot boxes if you must, and keep progression system which is fair enough i guess.. And fix stability!
Great game with a few hiccups. The controls and sensitivity feel wonky, I've gotten used to it but that doesn't mean I like it now. The in-game sounds don't stop playing when the device screen is off. And the multiplayer needs work; like public rooms and listings. Otherwise, a game worth supporting. Really, this feels like a full-fledged game fit for PC. No limited energy, no pure gacha orientation, and it's fair and fun. I just wish that you can fully forgo ads entirely when paying.
Best game in the world. You can plan your own strategy and then can even fight in the battle itself and also can give orders to units. Totally love good, the devlopers are so good you can just get stuff without paying and can receive 2 rewards everyday, amazing. The game is awesome but I still want to a multiplayer battle and training field because I got the tank and I want to see it in battle but I never get it, so can you all pls make a training camp where we can see our troops in action.
To begin, tutorial was hell. I get unresponsive screen 3 times and each time I had to restart game. Everything is overwhelming and you need to spend a great deal of time to learn the terms used to refer anything. No training scene where you can train to use controls, you just have to play skirmish to train which ends very fast and learn little to get used to it. Then screen goes to upgrades etc which doesn't make sense when you don't understand it
The update is good. Only one concern about the update, the weekly merchant/miner isn't available to claim the gold even I have a strong connection. I'm afraid same thing will happen to monthly one.
This is a really great game. Original and very entertaining. The campaign battles are very fun. I think however that the game feels restricted by its time period and I think it would be worthwhile making an update or new game featuring a more advanced war period like Ww2 I think this would allow more interesting battles and strategies.
This is one of the most well-done games I've played on a phone. It combines strategy with third-person combat, and it adds a fantastic cover system not unlike gears of war. I don't write reviews very often, but this game was so good I thought it deserved a five-star.
The gameplay is good. The only thing is that the ads that comes on after the battle is done keeps freezing my game. All I see is black screen with the sound replaying. I tried restarting it and it still does that. Please fix it!!
I was kinda skeptical that this game would be boring and exactly like all other games. But it's not. I love the different controls and the layout of the game. I definitely dont regret downloading this.
We can safely to say that, This is a decent game, with Great controls, Great features, and all and All, Great game, however Your OverAll score on this game Has 1 Tiny issue, Multiplayer, You should add servers And Other stuff, Alot of us are In a Difficulty of finding Friends In each server, So please, Add a Server list and This will be a 5/5 star review. Another disclaimer: I loved that This is based On another Reality, Instead of the Traditional Civil war style, It's like WW1 In Civil war.
Very rare i make a comment for a game. But with this game "superb"! the graphics, the the enemy strategy, the whole thing. I spend long time searching for a game like those zero hour generals type. Love this game!
Every aspect of the game is good, but not perfect. Controls are a bit messy, AI is goofy sometimes and will you guys add a 60 FPS option for the game (would be nice). Good luck on further improving the game! :D
Great game. Might be better if u could make a huge update. Lan multiplayer for survival or pvp because i really want to play this with friends but we cant. Not pay to win and is really good. Graphics is good. Needs a bit of optimisation for phones with less specs. Add more missions. Pls.
There seems to be a bug were everything is blown out and very low quality. The scaling is also wack as you can't see all of the things displayed. But other than that a good experience.
This game might be quite confusing at first but you will get use to it after 1-2 hours. The game doesn't have a big payment wall and it usually gives you free gift that contains a whole lot a super good stuff. And this game is way too addictive, strategy and big brain.
It is one of the best, the only problem is sometimes ads pop up if online which you need not to be. Controls could have been better to make the experience great.
Im playing with it now but, couple of things need some polishing to make this game better.1) MILITARIZE THE VOCABULARY - many of the TERMS used are more civilian instead of being military. 2) The INSTRUCTIONS and TIPS are too long which it should have been DIRECT TO THE POINT. The method or style of writing ate very oriental while the game is western-based. Just can't stand sometimes reading to the end of the sentences
This is the game that i was searching for! I love that you have army to fight, control them, even make plans. But my file got reset suddenly for no reason. But i recommend this game if you like war tactical like game! 10/10
Easily one of the best mobile games out there. gameplay wise it's very fun and doesn't require for any in game purchases offline campaign is quite good however multiplayer is a little lacking And the convoy system rewards playing the game long term
Stunning Graphics, Exceptional Controls, and Incredible Gameplay. If you are into games of this genre, I would highly recommend you to try this game out, though I will warn you that once you start playing...you might not be able to stop
I tried to play this game on another phone but it would always freeze or it would be extremely slow. But other than the graphics the game is extremely well made. Great job. Edit: I now see that there has been a major graphical update. New Edit: l have a request for the developer, could you give the ghoul unit a special ability, like when it kills an enemy, the dead enemies join the ghoul unit, increasing its health and unit size. Also the vampire unit should turn dead enemies into ghouls.
Had to change my 5 star to a 1 star because the game doesn't run on the Google Pixel Slate (crashes at startup). I sent a message to their discord about this weeks ago but nothing has been done to fix it. Around 90% of apps now run on the pixel slate just fine. No games from Foursaken Media seem to run on it.
Best game for an offline third person shooter and I have some issues about the flashes because I play the game sometimes at dark places and it hurts my eye and the auto aim is really bad to handle like really bad for sure and my suggestions is that I want to take control of any kind of unit other than my Nobleman and the gold is pretty cheap rewards while in battle and by watching an ad and I want to buy some new and powerful units but it's too expensive just for hard to get gold. Game is BEST!!
If anyone is curious about this game, it's by foursakenmedia ENOUGH SAID I LOVE THESE 4 BROTHERS. I have been dedicated to them for years and will always play their new releases. They truly are a hidden gem!
fun and exciting game with original concept, however there are wayyy too many ads. after every battle there is an ad, and if i don't specifically click on video to double xp and silver i have to waste time sitting through an ad. i would rate this game much higher (4 or 5) if there were significantly less ads. ads have caused every crash i have experienced. but again i love the concept and the gameplay.
I love this game. It is one of the first strategy games I have played, and I was addicted. Has third person battles along with tactics. Many reviews said that the graphics werw not as depicted, but it automatically adjust graphics based off your phone or device, so it was because you did not have a good phone. Keep up the good work! Would be great if a multiplayer mode where you battle other people in large scale battles, or a multiplayer where you fight random battles, but the person who plans the tactics was a human not an AI was added, but its still a great game! I was genuinely impressed.
This game is fun... For a while untill you get unskipable ads well I know you need money but man you don't always need ads and unskipable ads like jeez that's too much and if you win or lose you still get ads the only solution is to turn off wifi but like we still need wifi to get notifications so if you change it I will maybe give you a 5 star
I love this game. Could you add a mode where we can make our troops fight in a the sets of maps in the game? a little battle simulator. please. otherwise, I love it
Really good game but here are things you should add to the game (chapter 1- civil war alternate universe ) (chapter 2- ww1 alternate universe (Chapter 3-ww2 alternate universe) (Chapter 4-the cold war alternate universe) (Chapter 5- survival in the aftermath of the cold war alternate universe) (Chapter 6- the future) I hope you guys add this to the game, take your time getting the materials,equipment and money for this update with these 6 campaigns l have just said and have a nice day devs!
this game is ok i have a few suggestions 1 please let me aim freely and move freely 2 make switching targets one tap 3 when I won't to switch what side of the screen i move from and look from 4 give me a hud window that opens up when i tap a enemy unit and give me a list of my closest assets I don't thank iam gonna keep this game like not easy for me to play make my suggestion happon I'll redownload later real talk
This is the game I have search for a long time. Just like, while we are in battlefield we are commanding the armies. The only things that problems me is the control, please add more button and make the player can manage the button by them selves, like changing the buttons posisition. Thanks. And the adds is too much. Right. Thanks again.
very good game. I love the combat style,and the amount of levels. great storyline and seamless controls. multiplayer has its problems and I hope soon troops have more dialogue. primo
Read this!!!Very good game! Good graphics good control. Very generous when giving ammo and upgrades and not everything had to be paid with real money. A very fair and amazing game. Only one bad thing is that you can't play it on LAN. I hope the developers update it and add this nice feature. And I hope they add a first-person view feature too. More power to Noblemen!
Honesty to myself I like this game the only part that brings on a challenge for me is that there isnt much a variety of classes I mean.... There's standard, ranger, support, and anti armor and one last grievance is that I feel like they're making the game a little too much steam punk but overall it's a well made game mostly based on the Civil War Era (American Civil War)......... Just to be precise
I had downloaded this game while ago when I was looking for WW2 games and when I found it the first time, I just skipped over it but the next day I came back and then finding myself playing it ALL of the time. An apsolute master piece of a game and I really think anyone should try it.
very fun, decent gameplay,very free to play. some controls can get annoying or easy to confuse but overall I enjoy the game and have been been playing on and off for several months.
When I Buy The GEORGESON TANK With Just Saving Up Gold I Love This Game More Why Cause Before I Use Mods In This Game I 'm Sorry But I Realize When I Saved More Gold I'll be Able To Buy The GEORGESON TANK... And I'm Happy From That And Is Any People Playing This Game Until Today??? I’ll ALLWAYS PLAY ON THE ASIA SERVER Let’s PLAY!!😍😍... And Also More Uptades To Come And Im Waiting For The New Updatesss
I love this game so much since i first played it. Noblemen: 1896 placed me as a noble, but makes me feel close to my army, it's not a standalone game. I love the graphical quality even for low resolutions. The guns and technologies are unique too! Thank you so much Forsaken Games!
Worst game, its very hard to control and to aim and its hard to shoot the enemy while walking and most of all there is no realistic beacause their is no free walking or like an adventure its just a pure battle you are just like playing counter terrorist game that you can only walk,fight and play if you start or click the start battle. The graphics not good
Great game, can't really find any problems with the game other then no multiplayer and stuff. Is it possible to have a custom battle game mode where you can decide which units go to a certain side, along with the ability to make the unit bigger by adding more people to it.
Fantastic gameplay! only suggestion, maybe a crouch button? it can get a little annoying for trying to run or move. Also, would realy like some more multiplayer. At least local so you can play against friends in similar fashion to the campaign.
A strategy and shooter combination. The developers took some inspiration from the Team Fortress games. This game is all good and no pay to win, just play to win. Excellent job, to the Developers, you get a 10/10 from me! Needed this, lately I've seen games from Developers that don't know what they're doing and make trash games, this game is so good it's therapy.
One of the best mobile war games in my opinion. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is fun and addictive. There's a lot to do and its overall one of the best games in my opinion, would recommend!
this game is great, every battle is exciting you never know whats gonna happen. the game was confusing at first seens there are many things you have to keep in mind. especialy that part where you have to plan your attacks before going onto the field. but as time goes on, you get use to it. im now on level 37 and ive only had the game for 2weeks.
I can't continue the game after the 2nd training it just stuck at the barracks, I'd like to give 5 star but because of this problem i can't Do it, its just a waste of storage to my phone when this isn't working properly or it has bug.πŸ˜‘
been playing on and off for about 2/3 years, developers seem active and involved in the game, whole game got a massive overhaul! with that said, there is still room for improvement. just had a battle in hard campain where i got attacked by 4 armies, and i bought all supplies and support units (except elephant) and game was lagging almost to the point of being unplayable :') smtms when you teleport youre stuck in rock. controls feel "sticky" at times.in game "day" i cant see my units supply etc
It's a good game, with unique strategy and shooting mix... But I don't like it that I sometimes get bombarded by ads but there are no ads when I want them. I'm okay with ads, so don't just be picky about them and send 'em my way. Also, I'm not able to save the gameplay on Google play games. Fix both these problems.
Pretty good game the aiming system needs a overhaul because it's glitchy. Other than that it's a amazing game for mobile. Update, the game has some bug's that need to be fixed like audio and a few other things like random crashes.
i lost my data for this game progess and had level 71 with all the bells and whisles. this happen when i upgraded my smartphoneto a new one. lost my investmest in time and money. it wont upload my past progess from my old phone. i dont know what happen and im little upset about my this game didnt save my account for this app. please fix i will give 5 stars
This game is very insane! Great developers because of graphics and gameplay! They are also very generous in terms of currencies. They are giving free silvers and golds, not pay to win. You just need to have patience in understanding the gameplay. Great game developers keep it up! If you're reading this I recommend this game to you!
Superb game! Though the controls are a bit clunky (clipping into cover while charging, vehicles getting in the way while ads, intense lag), it's still an enjoyable game with plenty of modes, from third-person survival to a turn-based campaign mode, to choose from! Recommended this to the majority of my friends, they were genuinely interested and one of them already plays this game! One thing I wish from this game is more weapons to choose from; each of the 4 classes is limited to 4-3 guns
Brilliant game, if you're willing to put the work in and fight tactically there's virtually no paywall. Once your units get to higher levels it can get to be a bit of a slog but it's fun all the same. Controls can be a bit sensitive, sometimes you end up doing a 180Β° inadvertently and charging back down the field. It's a bit like Dynasty Warriors crossed with a 1900's Holdfast
I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good strategy game it mashes strategy as a whole there's cards you can switch from an rts to a third person shooter the rewards are really awesome you can get good stuff without spending a single dollar its graphics are really great the gameplay is amazing and its offline which means i can jump in anytime anywhere this game is a total gem.Only thing i'd like is to be able to set the time limit for skirmish and campaign battles. Great job devs
I enjoy the controls except the 180 spin on double tap. It has quality graphics and great use of adds for currency. Bye the way this is easily the ABSOLUTE best strategy game available.
The idea of the game is superb but the execution is terrible. Wonky controls unbalanced units and random crashes and frame drops( powerful phone on lowest graphics still has me crashing once per hour ). The control scheme sucks, the aiming and shooting is okay but the auto aim is awful, enemy AI is BEYOND STUPID, standing in the line of fire of a gatling gun which is completely broken, sniping you from spawn and three tapping you, to kill one infantry. Crashes are constant.
Genuinely, I love this game. I uninstalled months ago (I don't know why), reinstalled a couple of days ago, and I don't mind it a bit. The guns feel a lot more balanced than they did before, and skirmishes are as fun as always. My problem is that when I uninstalled, the problem of crashes was pretty much solved, except for the occasional one. Now the problem of crashes have come back, but NOT as often as months ago. Anyways, good game.
It's a very refreshing game with a nice mix of action, strategy and card playing, and the fact that each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses relative to an opposing unit. All these make it truly stand out among other shooting games. Moreover, might I suggest that the devs add gore (e.g. blood, dismemberment, burns), parts separation for armored vehicles, ragdoll physics and multiplayer servers to improve gameplay experience. Overall a great game with a unique take. Five stars.
I gave you one star because with this last update, not only you ruined this game for people that enjoyed it because they could upgrade with silver, you also put gold for everything and we both know that gameplay alone will not be enough. Like watching every damn commercial was not enough, but you now gave me some fake stupid story how it is balanced? It is balanced only for sucking money from people if they want to enjoy the game further....You suck!!!!!
I love it,the movement and everything is on point,not like most shooting games where the shooter remains on the same position.Great work developers.
I love the game but some lag here and there(mostly when i first shoot). I'm still getting bug where i cant aim without character blocking the whole screen meaning i have to melee or wait till fights over. overall game still nice and getting better which is nice keep it up.
Very fun and entertaining! Something you look for in mobile game. I love how you have the movement board and able to fight real time.
Has campaign battle map tactics. Then go to in battle with FPS or command your troops from above. Unlock units and officers as you progress from Cavalry and artillery to tanks and air support. You don't have to spend a fortune to unlock the game as decent log in and victory rewards.
Its a very good game, revolutionary concept which is very fresh. But it had room to do better, maybe a third person control of troops and control of artillery, but overall, it is one of the best military games available on play store