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No Limit Racer

No Limit Racer for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fast Free Games located at Etlik Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After each crash you're stuck watching an ad for 30 seconds. Not fun. Spend more time cruising other games than playing this one.
Loved the game. Only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is because there's not many ships to choose from, not many power ups, no achievements, and not much to keep me going after i buy the last ship. Other then that im hooked. Very addicting. Can't wait to see what future upgrades have in store!
Amazing game Fun for hours. I'm so bad but I can easily reach four thousand metres. I wish there were more choices of paint jobs and power ups in the in-game store. For example you should be able to choose your own paint job or decals in the same way you can in black Ops three. Definitely. Deserves five stars either way
Would be quite good fun if it didn't play a 30s ad after each crash (which is every 5 seconds if you suck like me)
This game is splendid. I really liked it, but there didn't seem to really be any achievements in it. Admittedly, you can buy a few new ships, but that's it. There wasn't some sort of upgrade system (think Temple Run) to make you be more successful upon further upgrade. Other than that I loved it.
1,256,227. That's what the score was telling me before the game froze. Apparently, the game glitched and I can't seem to collide into the obstacles anymore. Now I'm literally in a No Limit Race. It could've been a good game. But yeah, collision needs to be fixed.
That star is just for graphics, no more deserve it for advertising after each failure. And stright uninstall.
This goes out to Evan W, just because you cant mute a game doesnt mean it deserves 1 star, it's a fun and semi unique game with decent music
The only thing I don't particularly like is the fact there no "options" section, for stuff like, for example, music controls and sound controls. Also, when I got the game, within less than five minutes of playing it, I encountered a glitch where I couldn't die/crash. Oh, and I saw this on another review, but I like the idea so, instead of tilting the phone, you should be able to tap the sides of the screen, or as I mentioned earlier, have an "options" section where you could choose to tap or tilt. I really like the concept of this game, and am gonna still play it, but I just thought I would give a bit of input. Mainly wrote this because of the glitch though.
The stupid thing glitched and I became invincible. Finally got board at around three hundred thousand. Nice try guys but FAIL!
The graphics are very smooth like turbofly but needs a lot of things to make this even better for starters it needs Google playstore log in for scores and achievements then it needs items which give you extra boost along the way and also more different tracks and a option for touch controls and pay to get rid of the annoying ads.
I have a million shillings in the game but ive already bought everything. Could like increase difficulty and also have online competitions
This game rocks like matallica. It is ab the best game ever. I love it I love it and I love it.m, kay. Thats all I got to say about that. Ps. Its hard like a potatoe. I love it play it or get lost. This is the best game ever. If you hate it your a retard. Taste like bbq chicken. Looks like a potatoe. Smells like cabidge. Sounds like beeny wheenys. Im fat dont judge me. Ps. My name is MAD MAN,!,,
I very much dislike this application. I do not recommend ANYONE to install No Limit Racer. The issue was the advertisements; they opened each and every time I crashed into a beam.
I love this game I've been deleting and redownloading this game over it's the best all I want to know is what music you use cause I might use them in the game I might make
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I have really enjoyed this game. It's well made, intense, and has held my attention very well. The only thing it needs is more customization: more vehicle models and color options. Other than that though! Yeah, terrific game, well worth playing.
I've been playing it for about 10hrs in total, I like the game a lot and it is a good game, but it lacks some content. IMO, it needs a few basic buttons like pause and toggle sounds and effects, and the more advanced stuff may be added too like when you pick up those bonus points, they should mean something, not just to be at the end for nothing (try using it for boost or something like that), might be several other things like checkpoints and lives, and to count travel distance. Good luck updating.
Excellent game, highly addictive. If you get sick of the adds just turn your data off and don't be on the internet and bang.. no ads!!?
This glitch grants you invincibility, the way to gain it is once you die you click on the free resume for watching one video, once you click on this video you exit out of the video and play the game again. This will grant invincibility for a very long time (I was invincible to 18.7mil but I wasn't paying attention to how I died)
Fun game, interesting mechanics. BUT there is an outrageous over use of adds, one forced 30sec add every time you restart a race is a straight up turn off. Played it 5 mins and I'm already uninstalling. Too bad
I don't know how I managed this, but somehow the game stopped registering collisions, so the ship was flying through everything without crashing. The speed became so fast that it was literally impossible to react to. It was going through each area in less than a second. Eventually the scenery vanished entirely because the game could not generate it fast enough. My phone was so hot I thought it was going to explode. Great game though. Perhaps add some jumps?
first of all .... if you little whiney babies dont like the music( i think the music blows chunks ) just turn down the sound. and second. this game sucks. i suggest Race The Sun.
This game is a very fun passtime, if that's a word, and it tests your ability. One thing I can suggest is a game mode where however many metres you travel is how many credits you receive but to try that game mode, you have to pay something like 2500 credits and watch an advertisement. Just a thought! Thanks for making the game btw well done... GLHF
I really love this game it's perfect for me but... The music. It really disturbs me because I like to open my own music from my phone but there is no mute button in this game. Can't find one. Otherwise I would've given this game 5 stars. And maybe make a choice where you can tap the sides of the screen to move instead of tilting your phone. I don't mind that much but I just wanted to point that out. It might be good for other users too, not just me. 😊
Race the Sun is one of my favorite time killers, this is the BEST spin-off I could've hoped to see. I'd rate 10 stars if I could! Can you add more features too? Nothing fancy to ruin the game, but may tap to jump and some ramps, and falling obstacles like on Race the Sun?
Good at first but then you realise if you get to a high enough speed it will go eternally as if you crash into a wall you just go through it and the game won't recognise it as a crash. Basically, fun game but needs more
Didn't turn out to be so limitless. The game has a glitch which allows you to go through obstacles without crashing. It seems to occur when pressing the "Continue" button after a crash, then you press on the repeat button, and it travels without crashing as if the obstacles weren't even there. I eventually lost via the game crashing. I reached a certain speed where the screen just turned white, the vehicle and the distance value froze. A side note.. You're a gaming app, why would you require handling my calls? Makes no sense to me.. Great game though.
At one point in the menu it has a 25 seconds video ad that you can't skip. I pressed the home button to get rid of it, came back, bam! no more collisions. I left it running for the highscore. The speed increases every time you pass a certain score, that puts a limit on the how much you can play it so it's not a no limit racer. Around 10k it became unplayable, around 500k it just became a white screen. Crashed around 800k You can't tap to change direction you can only tilt the phone. The music is repetitive (only one looping song)
You guys this game is free that means that you don't have to pay, I understand its not perfect which is why I wanna tell everyone who is asking for more to chill out. I saw one guy who was asking for a bunch of updates, and I get its constructive but can't you just take a moment and appreciate the amazing game the developer(s) has/have brought us? I totally enjoyed this game and while there is much they could improve on I am just glad to have it the way it is. 😁
This is a great game but there are soooo many knock offs of it. (Spoiler alert) if u die hit the continue for free button and while u r watching the ad hit the home button that exits out of the app and enter back into the game U CANT DIE.
Just a recommendation for future updates, most IMPORTANT issue that needs to be fixed, the Spike like wave needs to be less bombarded with obstacles, merely because its generally too hard for a lot of people to get through because of how fast your travelling. Secondly since this would make passing through easier for people resulting in gaining more points, you should make more HoverCrafts with bonus powerups
I got to over 16,000,000 points and the game was running so fast I warped into like the 4th dimention or something. It's intense.. but I didn't get any points.. it just saved my highscore.. I got pictures and it looks like a ship floating in purgatory
I think it's great , everytime when I play this game I try and break the record.When you are bored this is a game to keep you busy!!!😎😎 love this game!!!!!
Spent so much time to get enough coins for the 100 000 black rider only to find out it's not at ALL like how it looks on the cover. Oh and the ads every two rounds sure is grating. Fun for a short while, not worth it.
I like the game but give more stuff like a gun and make more exitement like a racing mode where you race with other and friends. It is a new game so it opveusly will have some atention. Make guns to unlock to shoot the walls or make the plane to go up and down for more fun. I will install the next update to hope fot more action.