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Nitro Nation: Car Racing Game

Nitro Nation: Car Racing Game for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at PΓ€rnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only reason why I'm giving it two stars is because you should be able to use your money you earn from the game and not with special cards for upgrades
Love how you can customize with different colors. Pearl and carbon are my favorite. I also like the realism of the gearing. If you got the right gear setup and some trick heads on a real car with 350 to 400 hp. You can make other people. Trailer there car, and they could be pushing a couple hundred or more horses. All the hp in the world with no torque is a waste of money. Thanks for the fun guys. CUL8TR
The best car games so far.. I'd never play car games for so long like this games. The multiplayer is good good not gonna lie. I've also already make a purchased on this games because this games just stole my heart.. damnit πŸ₯Ί. I recommand for yall to play this games. Come and race me my guy
Honestly, I love this game. At first I was going to say that it wasn't rewarding enough but no, it's all about Grinding and it seems possible to progress without having to pay. I like that. It'd be awesome if the cars sounded less robotic and there were more body kit customizations
It takes up a lot of space play is nothing special not worth it. Save yourself some time and space and download crs racing. Not bad. Just not worth it. .
Had the game open for less than a minute today and already interrupted by 4 popup offers. I haven't even tried to do a race yet, I'd rather close the game than get a pop-up for another offer after every race. These have been a major annoyance for months now.
It's a good game needs more classic muscle cars and I would lov e to see an 80s De TOMASO Pantera GT5S and maybe the iconic shelby 427 cobra purchasable through the game not real cash that would be sweet also to throw some sleepers in just to trump people like the 94 ford tourus SHO H.O. because I'm a trans am and mustang owner and I've been smoked by one of we can't forget the Buick GNX or The Olds 442 if your going to have musle cars involved. If your gonna have a trans am you need a 442
Solid racer, though some of the dl items can get upwards of pricey. Gotta grind some without spending, but it's tolerable. Everything else is exactly what i'd expect from this type of game. Overall, I have to say job well done!
I just got back on the game after about a year not playing. Glad I still had all my cars that I worked hard to build up and the few that I spent cash to buy. Really disappointed to see the flaw where an opponent disconnected and still posts a time in a race. If they are disconnected, there shouldn't be a time to post...
Great game.Realistic and providing your freedom of what to do in the game.You can play on different tracks,and lengths. The small updates along the way really shows how the game is progressing along your yearny to the top of the drag strip .I personally don't like the drift mode just because I have had this game for so long for me that it seems invasive ,wierd perhaps,meh... I don't know.I really recommend trying this game because this game is like one of those rare ones you are searching for.;)
This game is a great game but don't waste your time with any of the Tapjoy offers to earn gold because I'm playing Tycoon casino right now I'm at lvl 20 which is past the first achievement and I have not received my gold and I'm two levels away from reaching 25 which is the second achievement and I still haven't received any of my reward's so do not waste your time with any of the rewards except for the ones where you watch a video to get Rewards
Great freaking game. I mean this is my Zen, my go too. However, currently there is something going on with the platform, like a bug or something, I've even deleted a whole bunch of stuff just to be sure with 2 GB to spare so plz NN.....fix these issues so I can get back to this awesome game.
Love the game. But have no clue to why it keeps shutting down on me randomly right in the middle of a race.
Terrible, steals you upgrades when you pay for them. I purchased a package and next time I logged in it started from the beginning and I lost everything I paid for.
Awesome game, this game has potential but the developers have wasted it with too much in-game purchases and nicro-transactions, like c'mon I know you needed money and stuff, but please take it easy on the premium stuff, make gold easy to get, or just make cars easy to get too, there's too much potential in this game, but the only problem are with the developers, so please take it easy on the in-game purchases...... plsssss
Pretty decent game, dropped down a star because I find it unfair that I paid gold for carbon parts and when I repaint they disappear and I have to pay for them again, should be something that's saved and should never be paid for again.
Awesome game. Tons to do. Lots of cars. Plenty of free bonuses. No need to spend money to be competitive. My only complaint is with the upgrades. Why is the only boost option a supercharger? Why do cars that are turbocharged stock use a supercharger when you upgrade? Why not bigger turbos? Also, why does a rotary get piston and valve upgrades? Other than that, fantastic game.
Love the gameplay, love the way the currency is set up to make advancement in the game tolerable. Theres only 2 reasons i havent given 5 stars, 1 being theres only one way to get weight cards and its not often you can do so. And 2 i would like to see more affordable customization options for the higher level vehicles. Otherwise this game is one of my favorite mobile racing games! Well done.
I Agree with many others. Matchmaking system uses Algorithm. Expect to lose 50% of time. EDIT: "Message to KI/Devs fix payout for Stages 7-8 careers, payout was kick in the teeth not worth it you only get 500k for those stages. Can't Advance stages. Liked app but Cars ain't worth the prices they charge after A1 Race classes."
Well looks like I'm changing my review to a one-star for now. because I just tried to log into my account from my new phone and it's saying it doesn't recognize my email... I know its the right email 100%.
Remove the stupid emotes!!!! Edit: Yeah but we don't want that, it's a racing game, not bloody Fortnite Edit 2: The cars need to all be available for cash, not ridiculously high amounts of gold that you can't get without spending real money. Some of the sounds need to better represent the cars. If an opponent has disconnected, you should get the win, not finish first and then be told you lost after the opponent posted an invisible time Nerf cars like the Drag scirocco, B1 Camaro Foose etc
Can you add the wheelblur back it makes the game WAY more realistic also add the Agera back too because... ReasonsΒ―\_(ツ)_/Β― Also can I have a free 2 year subscription? I'm a big fan of your game. Graphics are that of Forza Horizon 5. Also add ALL the old cars back. People would like them better too.
My review would have been better but the fact that your storage is full the hole time is like a joke bc you lose so much parts bc it is full.. further the game is ok
I love that theres no gas limit, so you can race as much as you'd like. Everything is split into classes, the upgrade system is like loot cards that you equip to your ride, and it is luck based. Career is split into classes like everything else in the game. Great, great time killer, and car customization is expensive yet only limited to your creative ability. If you customize, you'll figure it out easily enough.
It's a grind hard kind of game, hate it or love it but I enjoy it. I do think the community vinyls should be updated sooner and integrate the money currency into the customization, I also think the lower class vehicles should have more of a use than 8hr+ tournaments that have little reward. Events to keep improving all your cars in divers ways would be more fun and I haven't ran across any other drift specs besides the first one you get for free then having to sell the car because it's junk (:
Very fun game! However, it needs updates like more variety of music to listen to.. Also can yenz add all the not so famous like Donk Muscle Cars & Classic Hot Rods . Ps. Can yenz upgrade the graphics and make it so there is a option to race who ever we want like someone from facebook ext...
The game is really fun and it really makes me get into my inner gearhead but I would either like gold or parts to be more accessible since other events tend to increase the difficulty and makes winning harder plus the in game market doesn't help much since players would inflate the prices on parts that don't necessarily have good specs to them and it's even harder to find parts for cars that aren't in season anymore
Seems to be more of a money grab than anything. Graphics are great but you quickly notice that you will need real money to get anywhere. RESPONSE TO DEVS: it's not based on skill when you make it to where you have to spend days on small races just to get the next car to continue career. Then some cars can only be gotten with gold that costs 300-600 gold and you can only get a max of 5 a day. So where's the skill? Anyone who pays out the as* has a extreme advantage over anyone. Stop lying!
Love this game but after every race there is a ad that pops up and never fails every single race a ad pops up cut th ads down to a minimum 1 every 5 sec is absolutely ridiculous
Its paid to win...very difficult to play if you dont purchse anything and to make money is difficult especially when you have to buy a new car....i would like to see more Ferraris and Lamborghinis added aswell as other car brands....its a good game but you need to focus more on people who also dont want to purchase anything...thats just my opinion but overall its a good game thanks.
Love it. Its nearly perfect. My only non-like about the game is the sound of the cars. They all kind of sound the same. And the audio is really grainy sounding. Other than that its a seriously fun game.
This game, is great. It's got Great Graphics, Different Tournaments, Challenges, Drift Series, And plenty of opportunity to win money and gold. However I feel like when we watch a video for Gold/Kit upgrade. Instead of 1, do 2. Because Upgrade kits are the hardest to obtain. Also lower the price range 4 cars They give 200k for completion of career series. Than to buy next car, you need 400k. It's a grind. But all in all a Great game. Also add the Supra again, I really want it
There are people claiming that there is "hacking" or "cheating" happening on the game and are incorrect. Cars jump around on track or sometimes never leave the start, but still win, because of poor internet connectivity. They are still racing on their end, and you on yours. When racers win with a lower powered car, it is because they have tuned their car and/or because of their launch and shifting skills. Tuning means almost everything in this game. I have been playing this game for years.
Always cost money. Can't get anywhere unless you pay pay pay. I uninstalled and later decided to try it again. They offered a deal on a car- I bought it for 4.99, and then it said to log in. I hit "new player" and the game started over and I lost everything!! Trying to contact these thieves is a waste of time!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! Check out their response. Been playing again, pay and pay is their motto, grinding for money takes longer than forever. To bad they're so greedy
Excellent live dual battles were you can put online bids. However the experience of trying to gain gold coins is made too demanding and the company's you go through can make life very challenging and cause many problems. I however like the other alternative methods of gaining gold and which is also made available using selling a particular items online, the game structure they have with a dismantling Car structure can be very detrimental to the car meaning I tend to avoid such prize opportunity.
I've been playing this game for years now, my only problem is the adverts keep popping up when im trying to play. We know of the new items on offer you don't need to keep reminding us of them with so many pop ups
The game is stunningly beautiful and way more fun than CSR2. Here's what is NEEDED. Please add a global chat, that would ADD a community. Also, please allow us to be able to add (after each race) friends. It would also be nice to see some sort of "point-to-point" racing. Example: Racer gets to checkpoint, then the next racer goes from there to either the next checkpoint or the finish line. But please add a global chat and a friends list. Other than that, amazing 5 ⭐game. "F-U CSR2" πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°πŸ€ͺ
This game is really fun. I enjoyed playing the game. It teaches you about how tuning works which is a really good idea. I also enjoyed the cars in the game. Two things I am sort of disappointed about. Why are there only three cars in the S1 that you can pay for and the rest are rare to get. It makes the S1 class kind of empty. Also I have another question, why are Lamborghinis and Ferraris not in the game? Is there an issue to adding these car brands?
I'm not satisfied with updated version it takes too much time to process the game and in game functions but previous version was most wonderful.Today I updated the version and these problems came out. Hope you will work on that.Overall it's best game to play.I'm loving it to play this game.
At first is fun, but it isn't anymore. The server can't identify and choose high rivals to face in. Sure lose bets n cash, every rivals is super high ratings how to race. Pls teach me how to race or is this a developer trick. So sad about it n is also Too many ads
Dev team was extremely responsive to play quality and login issues. Game is very fun to play, albeit very tedious at higher levels which requires alot of grinding to advance. This should be expected in most games and can be worked around with some in game purchases.
Excellent game. And whoever say that there is a glitch or something dont believe them. This game should be 5star rated. No pay to win. Excellent algorithm and physics in game. High-end graphics in a freemium package. Superb. Bravado. A leap from 2d graphics by creative mobile.
I understand that. I'm buying them for extra blueprint spots. I buy 5 one day because I need the extra room while racing. Then I use them blueprints later in the day which opens up my slots. Then I come on the next day just to realize I don't have 15 open slots any more. I just know now, I won't be waisting tokens on them. When their full, its time to quit the game. Other then this issue, it is a pretty decent game.
Good game, but it almost forces you to make purchases in order to be somewhat competitive against other drivers.
Definitely THE BEST deag racing game on android, ever. Great gameplay, the customisation were cool, and of course this isn't a pay to win game, with the right tuning you can defeat anyone. Some suggestions though: 1. Add a mirror all, and layer function for decals. 2. Lower the mechanic cooldown. Great job, and thanks for making this awesome game. Edit: Got a little trouble with my purchase recently, and wow the support team response were great, and my problem fixed in less than 24h.
Really fun game and awesome graphics. I really enjoy the continuous game play compared to similar games where you have a certain amount of fuel and after using the fuel you have to wait to build fuel to continue racing. The only criticism I have for this game is they could make it a little easier to earn coupons for the individual mods. Especially since it takes money plus x amount of coupons to install a mode. Other then that the game is a great game.
This is a really bad game. You need stupid shards just to upgrade your car... Like I want something that's realistic not something where I need this part and that part and that part just to upgrade one single part. And then gives you 69 thousand for the most basic half ass vehicle yeah real fun. They just want your money. Not everyone is rich @nitronation! I didn't ask for the free stuff cause you always give the minimum amount like 500 every race... Like tf that's no excuse
Too money oriented, definitely a pay to play. I've played for 8 months without spending a dime but have had to watch hella videos and play other games to get coins to advance. Csr is better
To many ads for in game purchases. Every time you change menus or finish a race there is an pop up to purchase a $50 car that is easily beaten by any other car you have spent 10 minutes using.
Games fun, wish the cars would have a notice if they can't be customized, b4 buying. Car trade market, bought a cpl I didn't like afterward. 400000 to buy, 75000 (+upgrades) sell, kind of hurts. An old skool deep wheels.
new review of this game i give it 2 starts because of the way the multiple player is set up i have spent money tuned the hell out of my car and i never get lined up in a fair race dont waste your time or money on this game Update 12/20 Had to start over and even more pay to win in this game than before still fun but upper class career is ridiculously hard and you almost have to spend money or wait a long time to build a car fast enough to beat the last of the career
Definitely no doubt hackers in the game, when they match same exact car as you and you have over 50 more upgrade points ( 101 compared to my 156) and they still somehow manage to beat me after raising stakes..... explain that. He knew he would win. Impossible for him to have the same exact vehicle with less upgrades, and smoke me by over 4 seconds. Get a grip nitro
Strange game logic and mechanics, the more you upgrade your car, the harder the offline opponent will be, 610 power car matching against 910 power car and expecting us to win? Upgrade kit that can only be received once you completed race every few hours? Overpriced car? So much to complaint about, the dev is so greedy that every thing costs gold, and it is so hard to get it unless you exploit it. Fix this game
Update: support team clearly still defensive when called to the carpet with proof of an issue but they have responded and we're compensatory in the matter. The game is definitely solid and fun. Just would be nice to see some more professional customer service than "impossible" when the photo evidence shows it is possible. Either way it's been mitigated.
I hate this game. The only people who can get far are buying in the real world or they are cheating. I think guys that created this game are a big joke. I advise people not to buy or support this game and it's counterparts.
I'm not much of a mobile gamer but it will be cool if u had events in a freeroam mode when some players are cops and if u speed or run a red light u get a ticket or start a car chase. If that dose not interns u add the black on black interceptor from MAD MAX the road warrior. Idk just some ideas
Cars are not consistent, with no upgrades my car runs .800 difference, thats a big problem, with the same tune and parts and launch still wont run consistent times and now everyone is beating me with a almost full second between us!! Your stupid game thinks im faster than i can actually run, and i lose every race, is this how you treat people that pay for stuff? Smdh
This game would be fun if you could make more money/credits and gold so you can ACTUALLY AFFORD the good cars , its not fun seeing all these nice cars and you can't get them without actually purchasing stuff.........
been here since beta awesome as hell needs sum trucks tho how bout that new ram trx with the hellcat motor anyway last update or so my s8 edge on android 9.0 aint workin rite it lags n freezes real bad now BUT!!! my note5 on android 7.0 works just fine no problems so i doubt its my device so dont say it yep seen on fb group others havin similar problems so can ya sort that my COPO needs finishin thanks see yall on the track
First time gave it 3 stars and now it gets 1 because just had money spent in this game and still stuck. Great graphics and game play but still have to spend money on in game gold! This just feels like one big scam for the creators to make money. Really not cool!
The overall game is top class but the only downfall is that the game is easy for the first few levels and then all of a sudden it's ridiculously hard. There's no smooth graduate up building and this causes for one to loose interest. Hense it being deleted off my phone twice already and downloaded for a 3rd time now, im so familiar with this game already im a pro, Lol. love the new editions and add-ons though, keep it up. Game profile name - GearRatio. Check my silver golf 7R out😁
Edit: Decided to try this game again for the 4th or 5th time and still the same story. You go 50 races without getting beat but then all of the sudden you can't win a race. It's crazy. The game will put you up against people that you can not possibly outrun, no matter what the devs try to tell you, because you can't be too fast in their minds without dropping $$. If you don't pay and get too good at the game and start beating people who actually pay to win, then that's just unacceptable. πŸ’© Game
Really nice game engine, with mostly smooth processing, has some glitches that make the game freak out. Overall a fairly good game, that is slightly unbalanced and favours the pay to win player. After your respone it became even more clear that VIP aka PAY TO WIN PLAYERS have the ultimate advantage, a person wants to play the game and enjoy balanced gameplay, however VIP benefits puts even unskilled players leap years ahead of anyone else. To gather funds is nearly impossible. Thus 1 star! 😡
Good game very fun very fast cars I like it a lot but there's e 2 problems 1 when you get to a higher level you have to pay double the money for the car and 2 it takes a lot of space it take up to 838 mbs on your phone that's a lot of storage space used If I get other phone I'll get the game again but for now my fastest car is 8.888seconds 1/4 14.665 1/2 and 22.566 in 1 mile so enjoy the game but you wont be able to have other games on your phone
Love the game. It has its complicated parts, but over all it does have ez of use. Like the way you can personalize your car. I am not very good at it (usually) but was able to make a bad azz Evel Knievel inspired Barracuda!
The game has regained its former Glory and cool again but I like to see a new lotus (2008 model) I lost my progress but it was restored and I feel happy that I can still play this game
Not bad overall, faily easy game to play. The controls are easy, but it dose take way to long to earn the cash required for the more desired cars.
since December 2020, the game getting lag. my setting display change to low condition still lag, my connection on good quality still lag. okay, i'm out from this game..
LOVE the game. Exciting, entertaining and addictive. things I don't like about the game are, this game drains my battery like a muthasuka. For real. The money to takes upgrade is acceptable but the winnings are a drip (not drop) in the bucket in comparison. If you don't spend your winnings properly in the beginning, you will be (almost) forced to spend REAL money to progress later. Game itself is amazing but the pace of progressing is making it boring.
My phone reboots when im in a middle of a race!! Didnt happened with other versions..only with this version!! I hated this game but than i started to like it.. infact love it.. but with this going on.. im thinking of uninstalling the game.. please fix it cause its an exciting game!!! Thanks
Just started playing this morning and if you're one of those people that gets peed off when every time you hit a back button or click on something they try to sell you in-app purchases then you may want to steer clear of this game. Graphics good gameplay good but damn every screen you go to they try to sell you a mechanics package for 50 bucks and a car for a hundred bucks it's a game and I don't know if I like it yet so no I do not want to spend that much money. Ridiculous
Nice game, cool cars but some problems .Matchmacking is bad you get matched with cars twice as fast. .Im in B and B1 race career and the upgrades get more expensive and expensive cant afford it. .If I complete a career stage the finishing price is less than the car price so a bit more racing to do if you want the ride SUGGESTIONS .Add real car sounds! .Add some bikes THIS IS IMPORTANT! Take of the decal in which a woman is wearing a 'bikini' πŸ‘ Otherwise great game ❀ CHEERS!πŸ‘
Great game still learning it. Some mechanics of game are a lil hard to navigate but other than that its fun
This game is comparable to going to a restaurant and being given the power to choose all your ingredients and how your food is made and then being served a plastic unedible dish. This game is so horrifyingly awful that i am at a loss for words. The virus I downloaded last week was a better download than this game. I'm not even sure if this can be called a game. Please save yourself the time and continue on in your search for a fun game.
So I finally got the help I needed over the pricing issues that I had before. At the expense of my password. They forced me to log back in through Google, and I had to set up a new password. I talked to them, they resetted my password again, and had to log back through Google again, and set up another password again. Really shows how full of **** their customer service is
I'm playing this game since a year...this game is neither good nor bad... The game has many pros & cons, this game has good graphics, very good controls, when it comes to gameplay here where the actuall problem starts you litterly find difficulty to win the online races ...... The developers still need to add new cars & some good customization,( good body Kit's) ... But this game is very addictive....
Very Good Game. It has a lot of content i like it. But i hope DEVELOPERS NOTICE MY COMMENT because i have a problem in match making like, i have Volkswagen XL Sport 500+ cogs but my opponent is B1 with has cogs that closely same as mine, and im always lose because they're stronger than me. And PLEASE REDUCE MECHANIC TIME, Because my cards is getting stuck in my inventory because the mechanic is SO LAZY. Please fix this i hope you'll noticed it. Thank you!!
Its a very fine racing game on mobile, with countless hours of entertainment BUT it is very expensive, with even minor things costing a lot of real life money. It is optional of course, but its set up so that at least every now-and-then you have to purchase in order to take real advance in the game. One can spend 3-400€ in game in a few days, without any problem. And that's unacceptable for a mobile game. Its a good game, but it is immencely overpriced, for in-game upgrades and a chance to race
Excellent game overall. Looks great and runs smoothly. Online matchmaker can be a bit brutal sometimes when population is low, but generally works well. The drift controls are my biggest problem, as the default mode is incredibly clunky and I seem to be unable to change them despite other options being listed. 4.5/5
Awesome game. Great graphics. Maybe it's time you guys got a few more body kits and different rim options. Keep up the high quality and standards...
I just haaateeeee hate hate hate this game ..... U can even able to download this game in one day πŸ’―πŸ˜•πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜” I thought else again we can move anywhere .... But it was a racing game As it has 804 MB but it doesn't work that well.... I can have this game in just 20 MB πŸ’―πŸ€£ I suggest you know download this at alllllπŸ’― just don't!!!
Finally an incredible car game, that satisfies all of my passion for car's. Drift or drag... it's by far the best racing game, on my phone. Please, download this game. So the developers can, only make it better... It's an easy 50% better than any other game I use to play. The mods, and tunning and the amount of different races available.. Will keep any car fanatic, busy for hours and hours... 10/10
Game gets more grinding as you go on, standard for mobile games I guess. They just raised the in game currency cost for their premium loot box (elite crate). Also a lot of B.S in the live races where you lose to inferior cars and vehicles lurch forward out of nowhere to pass you. A few weeks ago I might have given a 4, but now I feel a 2.5 is appropriate.
Race controls and graphs are fine, my only complaint is the computer match procedures, sometimes the computer match you to a faster car 4 or 5 times. I would like to see only two time rematch then you get a car closer to your speed. I think the 4 or 5 time rematch forces you to upgrade, don't like that. That said, the game is additive, have fun.
As far as I can tell, everything about this game is great. Graphics, controls, visuals, audio, etc. Granite, it does become difficult to upgrade your vehicle, and the races become incredibly challenging once you get to about stage 7, especially depending on what vehicle you choose. But, other than that, great all-around game. Highly recommend.
Abaolutely one of the best racing games I have ever played. Staging, graphics, realism, physics, and all other details about this game are almost spot-on! I would definitely recommend this game to anybody that loves racing, cars, or speed! The only downside of my opinion is that sometimes when you try to shift it does not respond so you have to tap the shift button again. I do not know if it is just my device or if it is a malfunction on the games part. I would definitely love to see updates!
Very good game but would be great if we able to challenge our team members or friends in real time multiplayer battle like other games. Please add features like online notification in team chat & option to challenge team member in real time multiplayer battle. Play this game since 2015
Really wonderful game.. Only thing I can really say is maybe more opportunites for people who cant afford credits for upgrades and advancement.. Other than that it is a wonderful game.
I think that being able to exchange upgrade kits for illegal boosters would be a useful feature in the game. Here's what I would suggest for exchange prices: (double the price seems fair too) 20 engine kits = 1 race fuel 20 tire kits = 1 illegal tires 20 nitrous oxide kits = 1 extra bottle 10 transmission kits and 10 weight reduction kits = 1 delay box I hope you will consider this update and I figured that they should be a little expensive scince they are a little hard to get by other means.
The game is free so you can not complain. Graphics are good. It is fun to play. One thing though. When upgrading, it would be nice to tell others what the upgrade does. It's mechanics. And maybe tell what the different colors on those little cards you receive are for.. other than that it is really good for a free game. This was just a suggestion not a complaint.. thank you
sweet game! I love the graphics and gameplay. Its easy and fast to play so you can jump in for a quick race here and there all day lol. I do feel theres a bit too much pushing on the marketing side, but its managable... AMAZING APP!
I got ripped off completely through an in app purchase. It kept saying to retry and I did. My bank account was charged and I did not receive my purchase. I very much enjoyed this game but I just lost money. Also it would be nice if you could could make it so players can stand a chance, an option to bracket race a cpu. I love this game but it makes me sick because I've had money stolen from me (twice) and it's nearly impossible to progress without paying.
Awesome graphics, fun and very detailed, that alone will keep you hooked.. 5 stars from.. Well put together drag racing game.....
Its very disappointing that im unable to get my rewards in Toyo drag series. Despite trying multiple times. I'm just done with it. Hate it.
Awesome. I like all the new changes. Unlimited race and drag, what could be better. The help center is excellent! Highly recommend anyone who loves to drag and drift to give Nitro Nation a try and you won't regret it! Excellent work NN Team.
The game is fun but the company is very money hungry. You need to spend money just to complete the regular season because the cars costa fortune and so do all the packs. I'd rather spend my money else where I'm a game that is fun And let's you progress even of you don't spend money
So the game by itself is good I guess... Problem is, if you want to continue the story you'll have to make online races with bets And you will surely race against a cheater that will disconnect and won with a worse car than yours... BUT, the developers tought about this and added a help center with a q&a and a live chat. Problem is, the live chat is not a chat (and is not live either). When sending a message the live chat will answer with a q&a article and close the chat. Too bad the game was ok
This game is like a love/hate for me, graphic is good, but this is my most game PAY to win I've even seen, coilovers put on market on max price by bots only for make spend real money, that i don't do. If you don't pay a bit or maybe a lot you can't go ahead soon, I'm talking by years of playing. And please fix that flame from the regera exaust, it's WRONG! Farewell sale cars are pure thrash, i hate it! 99,99 euro for the Senna...at least in csr2 was for only 17,99 euro. Very greedy developers CM
Simple pay to play game.. no adds is good bit have 2 in game currencies, need both to purchase new cars, makes the game impossible without spending your hard earned... pity not a bad game if people that made it weren't greedy dogs
This game is rubbish no one even races they just disconnect from the race and then some how still end up with the win, it would be a good game though if this problem was fixed
I really like the Style, Graphics, the Menu of the game, the cars, and much more. I would have given it an amazing 5 star, but since it took a while to download, not much of an update, I'd like to suggest make it even more realistic like Ashpalt 9. Overall, the filling of the game are spot on, near the future i'll update my review if only the game has changed :)
Very fun game, it is almost the best game. Just download it. But an occasion dealer will make it a lot better, please at an occasion dealer.
Love it. Great graphics, great game play. If i had to find something wrong I'd have to say things are to expensive or you just don't earn enough for races but thats all so far.
This game is amazing. So many race events. It also has huge variety of cars in every category. Must try, guarantee you will be impressed πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Confusing set up. Then you spend all your cash building up your car for stage 2 and they won't let you use it. You have to buy a new car. Stupid game. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! Nope, I won't download this one again. My suggestion is stop making it all about you taking people's money and make it about entertainment. Then the money will come.
Love the game but its not as easy getting money plus...we cant sell none of the stuff we dont need for money!!! and its jip giving 1gold coin for expensive race parts.. And grew up racing...when i would rather sell my stuff for the money and not the gold coins there worthless.. And be used fast. Other than those to things color graphi s sounds are very accurate
I've enjoyed playing. Still getting used to navigating the menu. And finding everything. Overall my experience is pretty great with this game.
The game may be great, but their support team is utter garbage. All the good cars are overpriced when unlocked, and their luck system with last card picks is terrible. Why don't they just get rid of that and go straight for the lucky wheel? I mean, if you get the lucky wheel at the last card pick, 90% of the time you would get a car out of it, basically rendering it useless. They need to fix the chests seriously
The worst game ever I made the mistake of of updating my accounts are they took all my money and cars and my vip level 4 and I had the game 4 almost 3 years and just like that it's all gone I spent money on cars and part's now they say provide proof of those things and going to tell everyone I know don't down load this game they'll take your stuff even if you paid for it don't waste time or money !!!! Yeah ok I'll edit my review I still don't have my cars and my money !!!!.
I love the graphics,but I just wished that,if it's possible,you guys add different camera angles and a bit more controll of the vehicle to the players
It's a very good racing game but I think a few more cars should be in the next update and not exotics more older imports like 98 Honda civic an honestly u cant have a racing game without have a Toyota Supra jus saying older legends deserve to be apart of this game apart from few lags now n then I rate u 4 starts maybe a supra can gain an extra star n please ((dont make it a rare car that needs gold or a ridiculous amount of money B or B1 class is acceptable)).
Addictive game but....without extreme grinding, it is a pay to play game. Almost impossible to compete without purchasing gold
This is one of the best drag games on the market! Ability to tune and the freedom to race as much as you want allows for fun gameplay. One thing I would like to see improved would be the "team" aspect of the game. I would like to inspect my teammates cars and check out their fastest times. Maybe even an option to do races specifically against them, not for coin just races for fun!
Fun game. You can do more then a lot of other drag racing games. Only problem for is, sometimes after winning races, I try to watch a video to get more winnings and I'm not able to.
Typical "pay to win" game! Getting passed the first 2 tiers is easy but race payouts never really increase, while the price for cars and upgrades does exponentially. If you have no issue spending a bunch of actual money then this game is great but I'm not that person!
I Agree with many other Reviews. Matchmaking system is very bias based upon Algorithm. Expect to lose 50% of time. To dev's fix the systems Unfortunately is what it is and Tapjoy doesn't payout neither 50% of time still waiting on completed rewards that never got paid out for my work.